Roswell: The Girls Of Roswell Part 1 - Liz And Maria (ff)
by HaRkOnIn ([email protected])

It's a typical day at the Crash Down in Roswell New Mexico. The place is
packed with customers, waitresses are going crazy trying to get everybody
taken care of. Michael, the chef in the back working the grill was slapping
burgers on the grill and whistling. Mr. Parker, the owner of the place, was
bringing in a big carboard box filled with kaetchup packets from the back.
He suddenly tripped over a mop bucket and fell flat on his face.

Michael: (Turning) Are you alright Mr. Parker?

Mr. Parker: Damn it! How many times have I told you to put the mop bucket
away when you're done with it? That's the fourth time I've tripped over it

Michael: Sorry Mr. Parker, I've gotten kinda busy on the grill tonight. It
won't happen again.

Mr. Parker got up and dusted himself off and took the mop bucket and shoved
it towards Michael and gave him a dirty look. Michael wanted to tell him
where he could shove it, but he wasn't in the mood to deal with Mr. Parker's
crap tonight. He just wanted to fnish his shift, and go out on his date that
he had planned with a new girl he met in school. When Mr. Parker turned his
back to him and walked out toward the front, Michael stuck up his middle
finger and grinned as he took the mop bucket to the back and shoved it into
the storage room and slammed the door. Then he went back to the grill and

Maria: (Walking in with some dishes) Michael, when are you going to get
started on these dishes? We're swamped out there, and we're running out of
clean ones.

Michael: (With an attitude) Maria! Give me a break! You think it's a mess
out there? Look around! It's 10 times worse in here! Get somebody else to
do it! I'm busy!

Maria: (Getting pissed off) Fine! I'll do them!

Liz: (Coming up to the counter) No Maria! I need you out here with me!
The tables need to be cleaned, and we just got another 5 customers. Michael,
I'll get my dad to work the grill, could you just please go take care of the

Michael was mad. He didn't need this crap. But he needed this job to get
some extra cash so he could go out on dates, which was something he wasn't
really very good at. And he knew that if he flew off the handle at the
owner's daughter, he would never hear the end of it, both from her, and
from her father. So he swallowed his pride and threw the spachula on the
floor and blasted through the back door slamming it behind him.

Liz: What's with him?

Maria: I don't know. Bad day probably.

Liz and Maria both gave dirty looks toward the back door as they heard dishes
and pans being thrown around. Just then, Liz's dad walked up behind them.

Mr. Parker: What's going on back there?

Mr. Parker began walking toward the door, but Liz grabbed his arm.

Liz: Uh dad, it's okay, Michael is just looking for the uh... Soap to wash
the dishes.

Mr. Parker: (Curious) Well everyone knows it's always kept in the store
room. I better go see if he needs any help.

Liz: (Grabbing his arm again) Dad! We need someone to work the grill.
We're swamped out there, and Michael had to stop cooking to do the dishes.
Could you handle it?

Mr. Parker: (Smiling) Of course. Boy we may have to hire a second cook if
things continue to get this busy around here.

Later On After Closing

It's around midnight, and the last customer just walked out the door, and
Liz locked it behind him. Then she turned to her dad and Maria, who were
both leaning over the counter exhausted.

Liz: My god! I don't think I can handle another night like this.

Mr. Parker: I know. It looks like I'm going to have to hire some more help.

Maria: (Squinting in pain) Oh Mr. Parker, please do. My feet are killing

Maria limped over to the nearest table and took off her shoes and socks and
rested both feet up on a chair and leaned her head back.

Mr. Parker: Well, I'm gonna turn in. Your mother doesn't like to be kept
waiting. Maria, you're spending the night tonight right?

Maria: I guess so. I mean, I didn't really ask.

Mr. Parker: It's okay, Liz asked me during her break. I'm going to bed,
you two girls have fun. And don't stay up too late, you got school tomorrow.

Liz: (Smiling) Thanks dad.

Maria: (Watching Liz's dad leave) Oh Liz, I need to use your phone. I
gotta tell my mom that I guess I'm spending the night here.

Liz: (Handing her the cordless phone) What's wrong Maria? Don't you want
to spend the night with me?

Maria: (Dialing the number) Oh ofcourse I do. I just didn't expect your
dad to suddenly out of the blue say that I could without me even asking him.

Liz: (Smiling) That's how my dad works, get use to it.

Maria: (On the phone) Hi mom, it's me.

Mom: Oh hi sweetheart, did you have a good day at work?

Maria: (Sighing) Don't ask. It's been a day of hell. Anyway, that's not
why I called. Look, Liz asked her dad if I could spend the night here, and
he said "Okay". So I was wondering.....

Mom: (Interrupting her) Ofcourse sweety, have a good time.

Maria: Really?

Mom: Yeah!

Maria: Thanks mom. But this means I won't be home until tomorrow afternoon.
Since I'm spending the night here, and my shift starts bright and early in
the morning, I'm gonna help Liz open up.

Mom: Alright. Have a good time sweety, I love you.

Maria: (Smiling) I love you too mom. Bye.

Maria hung up the phone and put it on the table. She then bent over and
began to rub her feet in pain. Liz felt sorry for her. Liz always had the
easy job at the Crash Down. Waiting on tables. Maria was always left to
clean the tables off and deal with people's crap on a daily basis. She
decided to do something nice. She left the counter, and walked slowly over
to Maria, who was still rubbing her feet in pain. Liz bent down, and picked
up Maria's foot and sat down in the chair that it was resting on, and put
Maria's foot in her lap and began to caress it with both hands. As she did
this, she looked up at Maria and smiled.

Liz: Better?

Maria: (Throwing her head back) Oh my god. Oh Liz, that feels so good.
Don't stop.

Liz wasn't quite sure how to take that. She couldn't quite figure out if
Maria was talking about her feet.... Or something else.... but all Liz
knew, was that she was getting a little turned on by Maria's reactions to
what she was doing to her. Liz decided to take things a little further.
Since Maria appeared to be enjoying it anyway, Liz reached down and took
her other foot and placed it in her lap, and began massaging both her feet
at the same time. Maria was in absolute heaven at this point. She started
moaning softly. Not sexually really, just that her feet were in so much
pain from all the running around she did, and what Liz was doing, was making
them feel better, and she couldn't help but to just let out soft moans, but
this was definitely giving Liz the wrong signals. Or was it?

Maria and Liz had known eachother every since the 3rd grade, and when they
were little girls, they would occasionally engage in a little sexual activity
here and there. Not because they liked it, but because they were growing up
together, and were curious about their bodies, and we just exploring. But
Maria never knew that Liz loved every minute of it when they were doing the
things they did. It may have been an experiment for Maria, but it was a way
of life for Liz. It became her whole world, until it was suddenly ripped
away when the two of them were separated for so many years because Maria's
mother got a job out of state, and had to go with her. Maria was only 12
when this happened. And now, 6 years later, her she was, thinking she was
just getting her feet rubbed by a friend, but in reality, she was becoming a
conduit for sexual activity. Or so it would seem.

Her thoughts were interrupted abruptly when she felt something different
on her feet. Maria lifted her head and looked down at her feet and was
suddenly thrown into utter shock when she realized what was going on. Liz
had unbuttoned her Crash Down uniform shirt, removed it, and was now
sitting across from Maria in her bra and uniform skirt, her head back, and
was now pressing Maria's feet upon her breasts. And she appeared to really
be enjoying it.

Maria: Liz, what are you doing?

Liz: (Raising her head) I'm sorry.

Liz pulled Maria's feet away from her breasts and got up, but Maria
interrupted her.

Maria: Hold it! I just asked what you were doing, I didn't say I didn't
like it.

Liz smiled and sat back down and put Maria's feet back on here breasts and
continued to massage them and rub them on her breasts.

Maria: (Throwing her head back) Hhhhh oh god Liz, that feels so wonderful.

Liz: (Staring at her) Do you remember this? We use to do this when we were

Maria: Hhhhh yes.. To tell you the truth, I don't know why we ever stopped.

Liz: Well that's easy. You had to go with your mom when she got that new

Maria: Yeah, but I came back last year, and we never picked up where we
left off. I sorta gave up when I came to the conclusion that what we did
when we were kids, was something special that was better left in the past,
and could never happen again. I just didn't expect this, that's all.

Liz: Funny, I came to the same conclusion when I saw you starting to hang
out with guys, and completely ignoring me sometimes.

Maria: (Looking into her eyes) I'm sorry Liz, I hope I didn't hurt you. I
just didn't think you wanted to do this anymore, so I started persuing other
things. Wasn't easy let me tell you. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Maria sprang up from her chair and immediately went to Liz and bent down and
caressed her face and they pressed their lips together in a long passionate
kiss. As they kissed, Liz reached forward and began unbuttoning Maria's
Crash Down uniform shirt. When she got to the last button, Maria stretched
her armos out, and Liz pulled it off of her. They stopped kissing for a
monent as Liz pulled back to see what Maria was wearing underneath her
uniform shirt. And was surprised to see nothing. Bare skin. Full large
breasts, uncovered. No bra. Liz smiled and reached behind her own back,
unhooked her bra, and let it slide between them to the floor at her feet.

Liz then stood up, and both girls, placed both their hands on eachother's
breasts, still in a lip lock state, and began squeezing eachother's tits,
both moaning softly as they did it.

At this moment, Liz realized she was a little taller than Maria, so she
kicked off her shoes, which brought her to Maria's level. After she did
this, Maria slid her arms down Liz's back and stuck her thumbs into the
waste line of Liz's skirt and pulled the elastic outwards, making it
easier to pull down. Liz did the same to her, and both girls' skirts fell
to the floor, and in unison, they both stepped out of them, all while
still continuing to kiss eachother wildly and passionately.

They both then reached into eachother's panty line, and pulled their panties
down and let them fall to the floor, and stepped out of them. The two girls
were now both bare naked, bodies squished together, still continuing to kiss
very wildly and very passionately. As they did this, both girls slowly
kneeled to the floor. Maria on her back, Liz on top of her. When they
finally broke from the kiss, Liz rolled off of her, and laied on her side,
propping her head up on her left arm, staring into Maria's beautiful eyes,
while sliding her hand slowly down Maria's stomach, resting it between her

Suddenly a jolt of electricity shot through Maria's whole body, and she began
to shake at the feeling of Liz's touch. It was almost magic. Liz pulled
away, but when she saw Maria looking deeply, and lovingly into her eyes, she
put her hand back between her legs, this time, she began to play with Maria's
clit between her thumb and forefinger. This caused Liz to spread her legs as
far as they would go, prop upper body up on her elbows behind her, throw her
head back, and almost litterally scream in ecstacy.

This really started to get Liz hot, and made her want to do more. So without
hesitation, Liz stopped playing with Maria's clit, she then put all of her
fingers together, and began slowly pushing her hand inside Maria's pussy.

Maria: Oh!!! Oh my god!!!! Oh do that!! Mmmmmmmmmmm!!! Hhhhhhhh don't
stop baby, pleeeaseee... Don't stop.....

Liz: (Smiling) I won't.

Maria looked deep into Liz's eyes as Liz continued to push her hand further
inside of her. Liz looked down between Maria's legs and noticed that Maria
was bleeding. She started to slowly take her hand out and was about to
panic, but Maria grabbed her hand and shoved it back inside of her as hard
as she could, not appearing to even care that Liz had broken her hymen with
her hand. She didn't care one bit, because it felt so good.

Maria couldn't take it anymore. She suddenly felt unstoppable surges of
electricity shooting through her body, and her whole body began to shake.
Until finally... She let loose, squirting all of her juices into Liz's
hand, and into a puddle on the floor. Liz looked down between her legs at
the mess of Maria's blood and cum mixed and decided to do something totally

Liz reached up onto the nearest table and found a clean napkin wrapped around
some silverwear. It made a clanging sound as she ripped the napkin from the
silverwear, and placed it on the puddle of Maria's juices and blood. The mess
was now completely soaked into the napkin. Maria thought Liz was going to
simply get up and throw it in the trash. But instead, her jaw dropped to the
floor when she saw Liz take the napkin, scrunch it into a ball, and shove it
as deep as she could, into her own pussy, like a tampon.

Liz: (Looking up) What?

Maria: Hhhh, nothing, I just.... Thought you were going to throw it away.

Liz: Throw it away? Are you joking? I want every drop of you inside of me.

The two girls kissed eachother, cleaned up, got dressed, and went upstairs
to the Parker's apartment connected to the back of the Crash Down, and slept
together in the same bed, both holding eachother tightly all through the

The End


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