Roswell: Roswell Orgy (M/F F/F M/F/F)
by DemonHunter

Liz and Maria are sitting on the bed in Maria's room talking.

Liz: I'm so horny!!! I can't get Max to fuck me, he's perfectly happy to
get a blowjob, but when it comes to pleasing me, he won't do anything.

Maria: Michael hasn't fucked me in a while, so I had to take matters into
my own hands, if you know what I mean.

Liz: Now I'm here, I'll take care of you like I always have.

With those words Liz plased her hand between her Friends legs, and began
rubbing the girls pussy through her tight jeens. Maria quickly gripped on to
the brunet's head, and brought their lips together. They kissed with passion
as Liz squeeezed Marias tits through her small white shirt. Maria wasn't
wearing a bra, her nipples were responding to the touch: Becoming hard, and
sticking out.

Liz pushed her friend back onto the bed and climbed on top of her, she began
to rub her pussy against Maria's as they kissed. They were interupted by
Maria's mom calling from downstairs: "Maria, Michael's here to see you."

Liz: Oh shit!

The two girls quickly jumped up, trying two act normal. Michael walked into
the room, suprised to see that Liz was there.

Michael: Oh, I didn't know anyone else was here. I wanted to talk to you

Maria could tell from the look in his eyes what he was there for.

Maria: Hold on now, we could all have fun together.

Michael: What do you mean?

Maria leans over and wispers something in Liz's ear. Liz blushes and giggles.
She then gets up and puts here hand on Michael's crotch, gripping his balls

Liz: We can have lots of fun. do you want to have fun with me?

Michael responds by ripping his shirt off and kissing her pouty full lips.
Maria began to strip off her clothes as she lay on the bed, she relesed her
beautiful tits and started rubbing her nipples. Michael couldnt believe
what he was watching, Maria was playing with her nipples while Liz had
dropped to her knees and undone his belt. His pants fell to the floor, and
she pulled his underwear down off his cock.

Liz: Oooh yea, you want to ram that down my throught don't you? You want me
to suck your dick?

Michael was to shocked to speak. Liz just teased his cock, running her small
hand up and down the shaft, then she did the same with her tounge, after a
few minutes of this teasing he couldn't take it anymore. Maria sat at the
edge of her bed, now totaly naked fingering herself as she watched Michael
pull Liz up to a standing position, where he then pulled her pants down past
her hips, he turned her around facing Maria, bent her over with her bare ass
in the air and a clear view of her tight little twat. Michael Placed the tip
of his dick at here entrance. With on move he rammed it in to her wet
snatch. Maria reached forward and raised her friend's shirt letting out her
firm tits. Michael continued to fuck Liz and squeeze her breasts as Maria
layed back spreading her legs.

Maria: You know what to do girl.

Liz leaned down placing her head between Maria's legs. She began to lick the
sweet pussy juice while Michael fucked her from behind.

Everyone was so caught up in the action that they didn't hear Max and
Issabell walk in.

Issabell: Having fun without us?

Liz stood up, Michael pulled out of her, and Maria covered herself with her
hands. Liz walked over to Max and kissed him hard on the lips, he pushed her
against the wall, and unzipped his pants. Liz saw his hard 7 inch dick, and
quickly climbed on him wrapping her legs around his waist, with her back
against the wall. He slid his shaft into her dripping wet pussy, she moaned
softly as he entered her. Liz began to move up and down on his cock, her
tits bouncing beautifuly as she rode him.

Liz: Oh god! Ungh, ungh, ungh, oh I'm going to cum baby!

After several minutes of thrusting in and out of Liz's tight pussy Max came
inside her, sending the beautiful brunett into a huge orgasm.

Issabell whisered in Michael's ear, telling him how horny she was.

Issabell: I'm not wearing any underwear.

She bent over lifting her dress up showing her ass and shaven pussy. Maria
pulled the dress over Issabell's head, freeing her large breasts.

Issabell: I love doggy style! Please give it to me Michael?

Issabell got down on her hands and knees with her as pointing at Michael.
Maria stood in front of her friend with her croth in her face. Issabell
looked up, and began licking Marias pussy, it didn't take long for Maria to
cum and fall back onto her bed.

Michael slid into Issabell's hot wet cunt, he started to thrust faster and
faster until she screamed with pleasure. Issabell had two orgasms, and then
instructed him to stop.

Issabell: Please fuck my tits Michael?

He pulled out, and she rolled over laying on the floor. Michael placed
himself over her chest, with a knee on each side of her. She reached her
head up and licked the tip of his cock as he placed it between her big tits.
Maria crawled between Issabells legs, and started eating her pussy, while
Michael tit-fucked her. Issabell wrapped her long legs around the sexy
blond's neck, and screamed loud as she had her third orgasm, fom Maria
licking her pussy, and Michael fucking her tits hard.

Issabell: Oh god, Oh yea, Oooo, Oh baby fuck me!!!!!!!

After about three minutes of ramming his cock between her perfect tits,
Michael was ready to burst.

Michael: I'm gonna to cum!

Issabell: Cum on me. Please cum in my mouth, cum all over my face.

Michael shot his load onto her, the first glob hit her left eye, the second
landed on her nose. She opened her mouth wide, sticking her tounge out. The
third shot landed just above her upper lip, the fourth and fifth huge globs
landed directly in her open mouth, as she swallowed that load, even more
poured onto her lips covering them. Liz had been watching the whole thing
from only a couple of feet away, she stepped forward, and leaned down
kissing Issabell's cum covered mouth. The two girls kissed each swallowing a
good bit of Michael's cum.

Michael sat back watching the sexy site, and thought to himself: "I hope we
can do this again."



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