Crossfire: Crossworlds - Roswell: Crashdown (f/f,mc,celeb)
by Arcane ([email protected])

Something was in the air. Something uncomfortable, something frightening and
something that no one else around her seemed to be able to feel.

She couldn't identify it but she knew it was there. Like so many things in
her life it seemed to be just beyond her reach. A knowledge slightly out of
her power.

She felt helpless. She felt alone.

And try as she might to block it out, the feeling kept getting stronger until
at last she could no longer control herself.

She ran.

She ran headlong into the desert, hoping that somewhere there would be an
answer, and escape.

The further she went, the more alone she felt until at last there was no
sense of anyone else around her, not in any sense.

Suddenly she felt vulnerable, as if the last thing protecting her had been
the company of others.

But it was too late for that realisation.

A burst of light engulfed her and she was gone.

* * *

The young woman awoke with a start. For an instant everything seemed fine.
She was in her own bed, in her own bedroom.

But she was awake. And she had awoken suddenly. It was still dark, a quick
investigation of a her watch revealing it to be just past two in the morning.
Obviously she was awake before morning. She had not been having a nightmare,
otherwise it would most certainly have been fresh in her mind. Yet something
had woken her up.

A shiver of fear ran through her. She was an attractive girl and physically
small. And she was alone.

She jumped as a sound came from the main room.

Someone was here, inside her flat.

Sheri Appleby was scared.

She reached for her cell phone, dialling as silently as possible under the

The reply did not inspire confidence.

"The network you are attempting to use is experiencing difficulties. Please
call back later."

"Shit." she wore, sliding the phone back in the draw. She would have to try
to get to the ground line to call security.

And that would mean getting into the main room.

As silently as possible she slipped out of her bed, looking around for some
sort of weapon.

The best thing she could find was a torch which she lifted before her,
walking cautiously towards her door. She chose not to use the light just yet,
hoping to keep the element of surprise. As she moved the thought flashed
through her head that it might pay to put on something more than light satin
pyjamas. But her mind immediately countered the idea with the fact that there
was no time.

She slid around the corner, keeping her ears as peeled as possible.

There was definite movement in the flat, movement that didn't seem too
concerned about concealing it.

Cautiously she crouched and moved, wishing that the phone was closer.

She jumped again when she saw the shape. But as she examined it closer it
seemed to be anything but an intruder.

They lay on the floor, almost crawling, disorientated.

Someone's hurt. Sheri thought to herself and for a second she debated what
she was going to do next.

She switched on her torch.

What she saw was certainly not what she expected.

"Katherine?" Sheri looked down at her co-star. The blonde girl seemed
confused, hardly even recognising that she was being addressed. With what
seemed like a weak crawl she pulled herself to her knees and looked up at
Sheri, covering her eyes from the light.

"Liz?" she croaked.

Then she fell flat on her face.

She awoke to blurred vision and a sense of weakness she was unused to. She
also woke to the image of a slight brunette sitting at the side of your bed.

"Good to see you're okay. I tried to call an ambulance."

"No!" the blonde countered quickly. "No doctors."

"Um.. okay.. just stay calm.. Anyway, all the phone lines are down.. Power
too. Lucky I had some candles... Look, do you want to tell me what's going
on. Like what happened to you and how did you get into my apartment."

"Apartment? Where are we?"

"My flat."

"You live with your parents." the girl groaned, trying once to get up from
the bed but finding herself incapable of it.

"I used to. But not for a while. Katherine, what's going on?"

"Katherine? Liz what are you talking about?"

"Liz?" Sheri wrinkled her brow and put a hand to Katherine's brow. "Are you

"No.. I mean.. not now.. I don't think...You should call the others.."

"The others?"

"Max.. Michael.. Maria.. well maybe not Maria.."

"Oh God, you are delirious."

"No. Liz. I'm not.. please. You have to help me.. Something is wrong with

"No kidding."

"It's some sort of energy imbalance. Like when we helped Michael. I can feel

"Katherine." Sheri pulled back. "You are really in trouble here. I don't know
if it's drugs or you're sick or what. But you need medical help."

"Liz no!" the blonde grabbed her arm. "You can't get a doctor. They might
find out!"

"Find out what?"

"About us. Me, Michael and Max."

"Katherine. Listen to yourself. Max and Michael aren't real. You're and
actress not an alien. Get back to the real world."

"Real world? Liz? What is going on here?"

"I'm not Liz." Sheri growled in frustration. "It's Sheri. Remember?"

"I.. can't.. I'm tired.."

Sheri put down her phone, having received another dead tone.

"Look. Tell me what happened."

"I.. I donut know. One moment I was at school, the next I was.. running..
there was something out there. Some force that was reaching for me.. Like a
fire in my head and then it burst, engulfed me. then I was here... where you
found me.."

"Katherine you say you were at school?"

"Stop calling me Katherine. I'm not Katherine."

Sheri felt her concern growing by the second.

"Then who are you."

"I'm Isabella. Isabella Evans."

Sheri bit her lip and considered.

"I'm going to get you a glass of water. You probably need sleep." Sheri blew
out the bedside candle, leaving the room lit only my moon light.

"You don't believe me do you? You think I'm someone else."

"What I think you are is confused." Sheri replied.

The blonde nodded and reached out her hand, holding it over the snuffed

There was a brief shimmer and the flame suddenly burst into life.

Sheri's jaw dropped. She began to wonder if she had woken up at all or if the
was still dreaming.

"How.. how did you do that?"

"I can still do little things. But I'm sick... you have to get the others."

"Kath.. er .. Isabella.. I can't get the others."

"Liz? Why not?"

"Because I'm not Liz... And, whoever you are, you are not in Roswell

"I think you're headache is contagious." Sheri rubbed her hand against her
temples, trying to accept the story she'd been told.

"I haven't got a headache." Isabella countered. "I'm just sick. I don't know
why.. Last time.."

"You helped Michael with the stones in the desert. I know."

"How do you know that?"

"I.. I think you have enough worries. I'm not even sure if you're who you say
you are."

"Who else would I be?"

"It's... look I wish I could explain but.. I think it's better if I don't."
Sheri considered her options. Either this was KAtherine who had somehow
managed to think she was the character she played and had some sort of power.
Or, as much as the thought unsettled her, the sick girl really was Isabella.
She didn't even want to think about how that could be.

"Why don't you just heal yourself." the young actress suggested.

"I tried. It's like.. I don't have any real power. I can do little things,
like that candle.. But.. I don't know what to do.. I'm scared."

The girl's voice trembled as she spoke and a frightened whimper broke through
her front of strength. Sheri was taken back by that fear, something she had
never experienced in Katherine, nor seen in Isabella on screen.

"Whenever anything has ever gone wrong, I've always had Max. He always knew
what to do. But I don't know where he is. I don't know what's going on."

Sheri took the girls hand as she sat at her bedside. Her fear was contagious.
Something had obviously happened to the girl, regardless of who she might be.
The power and communications were still out and Sheri still didn't want to
leave her unattended. She tried to think.

What would Liz do?

"Why don't you take some of my energy?"


"When you saved Michael it was through giving your own life force. And I
know you can make that connection between people. Like walking in dreams and

Isabella looked at her with mixed emotions of fear and surprise.

"If you're not Liz.. how do you know all this?"

"I can't explain. But it might be all we can do."

"And you're willing to do that for me?"

"Of course."

"Are you sure you're not Liz?"

"I'm sure." Sheri smiled grimly. She reached out her hands.

Isabella considered for a second, then took them, closing her eyes.

Sheri's vision was engulfed in a flash of white.

Children in the desert. Max and Michael. Roswell. Apart from the others.
Alone. Aliens. Alienated. Liz. Maria. Complications. Irritations. Alex. Dream
walking. Secrets. Loves. Denial. Desert. Confusion. Walk. Run. Escape. Lost.
Light. Danger.

Sheri fell back to the floor with a gasp. She put a hand to her forehead,
still coming to terms with the link, the information which she had shared
with Isabella. It was Isabella, not Katherine. Somehow it was the alien
teenager, somehow in her world.

She had to close her, eyes recollecting her thoughts.

When she opened them and looked up she felt a sickness welling in her

Isabella was weeping.

Instantly Sheri knew why.

"My whole life is a lie.." she gulped.

Sheri didn't know what to say.

They sat in silence, unsure of what to say next. It was the actress that
broke the silence.

"Well... whatever is going on here... You're real now."

"I'm a fictional character."

"Fictional character's don't usually appear in my bedroom. So something
really wacky is going on and I'm not sure I want to know what it is. But
you're flesh and blood Isabella. I don't surpass you can tell me why?"


"How are you feeling?"

"Better. You?"

"Confused." Sheri laughed weakly. "But I know what you've been through. And
maybe that's why your here. Something drew you to this place.. to this..
world... We just have to figure out how to get you back."

"Yeah. Well I've faced that question as long as I can remember."

"Power is down, Phones are down and a fictional character is in the real
world. Coincidence?"

"Probably not." Isabella tried to get up, paused for a second and the
collapsed back to the bed again. She lay there, looking up at the dark roof.
"I'm still too weak. I can feel it. It's like.. slipping away.."

"Okay.. science fiction.. spirituality.. think.. think... What if your life
force is imbalance with the real world. You're losing power because of that."

"So the longer I stay in this world, the weaker I get?"

"It's just a theory."

"Then why did I feel better after a link."

"Er... my life force is from this world.."

"That's creative thinking."

"Benefits of a college English degree."

"Yeah. I can't believe you're twenty one."

"Belief seems a little tenuous at the moment. You want to do this?"

"We don't know where this energy is going to do Liz.. sorry.. Sheri.. I don't
want to get you involved."

"Involved? You've got to be kidding. Give me you're hands."

Isabella reached out and took them.

Alone. Aliens. Alienated. Liz. Maria. Complications. Irritations. Alex. Dream
walking. Secrets. Loves. Denial. Desert. Confusion. Walk. Run. Escape. Lost.
Light. Danger. Dark. Alone. Confused. Lost. Weak. Tired. Help. Need help.
Sheri. Helping. Saved. Shared Life. Shared mind. One mind. Lost. Alone.
Compassion. Compannion. Desire. Union. Sheri.

Sheri opened her eyes. The hands holding her own were limp, the girl lying
before her asleep, breathing evenly, a peaceful look on her face. Sheri
looked at her for a second, wondering just what happened now. When no answer
came to mind she slid onto her bed, beside the other girl and closed her

Sheri looked up from the table she was washing.

Table? Washing?

She looked around her. A diner? The Crashdown? She looked down, realising
that she was wearing a waitress outfit, the waitress outfit from Roswell.

"Now I'm in Roswell?" she creased her brow in confusion.

"I wish. But no.. You're just dreaming?"

Sheri turned to Isabella who sat at one of the tables, pouring tabasco sauce
over a slice of bread.

"Dreaming? Why would I dream of a place I've never been?"

Isabella shrugged. "Maybe you're not. Maybe I'm dreaming and you're here with
me. I guess it's a side effect of sharing life force."

"Oh.. okay.." she sat down cautiously at the table. "Tabasco?"

"Why not? I don't suppose you have any back in you're flat?"


"Well I'll enjoy it while I can."

"So.. can we control this?"

"I wish.. no, we just participate. It's just a normal dream. Anything can

Sheri leant across the table and kissed Isabella.

She sat back down, tasting tabasco on her lips.

"What was that?" Isabella stared at her.

"I don't know. I couldn't stop myself. Oh no.."


"When Max.. told Liz about you.. well they linked just for a second,. it
forged a link, it said so in the script.. what if we just formed that link?"

"You mean an emotional link."

Sheri nodded.

"That could be complicated."

"I think that's an understatement."

Isabella swept the food off the table and jumped over, taking Liz in her arms
and kissing her passionately.

Sheri's eyes flew open. It was dark, the light of the candle having fluttered

She turned to her side, sensing movement from Isabella.

"That was just a dream right? We couldn't control that."

"No." Isabella admitted. "I guess not. Is it.. natural?"

"What's natural? Sometimes love can feel like the most alien thing in the

"So now.. we have a choice?"

"I guess... what do we chose?"

"I..." Sheri started then leant over and kissed Isabella's forehead.

She kissed back and the choice had been made.

One young women and one young alien, both scared, yet no longer alone, held
each other closely. Sheri felt the heat of Isabella's body, yet it was more
than a closeness of bodies, it was one of minds. Each felt the thought and
desires of the others, knowing what they were thinking, what they were
enjoying. Isabella kissed at the neck of the actress as she rubbed her hands
over the aliens back. The could feel some remains of the deserts dust on the
girls blouse, the fabric crumpled in places.

In contrast she felt the alien hands stroke the smooth fabric of her top,
tracing lines through it onto her skin.

Sheri ran her hands under her companions blouse, reaching and unclasping the
bra strap. Isabella was also reaching, slowly unbuttoning her top until it
fell open. She felt Isabella's fingers gliding over her skin, her stomach
then up over her breasts, cupping them as she drew closer. They kissed again,
while Sheri tugged at the buttons of Isabella's blouse. When they refused to
give way the blonde leant back and smiled. Running her hand down her front,
each button popped out one by one.

"Handy huh?" she smiled.

"Yeah." Sheri giggled in agreement, pulling the larger girl back down into a
tight embrace.

Isabella's hand ran over Sheri's skin, causing a tingle as they went. It
almost seemed as if the alien was using some of her powers to send the
feeling through her. They traced around her breasts, over her nipples and
down again, swirling around.

Even though Sheri was only stroking the thighs of the girl above her, she
could see the pleasure on her face and the actress knew that the feeling
between them was quite literally mutual, a shared mental experience of

Time seemed to distort, stretching onwards as the gentle fingers stroke her
skin, gradually sliding down further and further.

Isabella slid up close to Sheri, kissing her as she slid he hand slowly
beneath the waist band of her shorts. The actress felt the alien cupping her
palm against her damp crotch.

Isabella pulled her lips tightly against hers, silencing a sudden squeal of
delight which came from her.

Sheri felt a massive surge of pleasure flowing through her. Now she knew that
Isabella was using her powers, though she had no idea exactly how. It was
hard to think of anything as she energy waved through her body. She looked up
at Isabella's face, her eyes closed and gasping for breath, absorbed in the
pleasure that they shared. Sheri knew that her own face must look much the
same. She heat building inside her, her chest heaving as it took in gasps of
air. She drew Isabella in tighter, her small arms given a strength of passion
as the lust and desire within her surged more and more, bringing her mind
closer to that of her lover. Then in a burst of white hot passion she felt
their minds fully merge for a fleeting instant of release. Both bodies
shuddered in unison and Sheri knew the orgasm had been experience by them
both. Isabella slumped down on Sheri's chest, the actress holding her tight,
feeling the bond between them, a bond of passion that she had never
experienced before.

She could see in Isabella's eyes, as she kissed her forehead, that the alien
girl felt the same.

Both girls gasped for breath, slowly winding down together from the high they
had shared.

Then they lay in each others arms, neither saying a word, but each seeming to
know what the other thought, a mutual contentment between them.

"You know this can't work." Sheri said eventually


"We'll for one thing, we're from different worlds."

"That never stopped by brother."

"No." Sheri laughed. "But I'm talking about really different worlds."

"Other realities. I know." Isabella leant over and rested her head on Sheri's
shoulder. "But why am I here anyway?"

"I wish I knew." Sheri cast a glance out the window. Somewhere, occasional
flashes were lighting up the dark city. "But I know something strange is
happening. Maybe something terrible."

"Maybe. I wish I was home but.."


"But I like being here too." she kissed Sheri. "For as long as I can, I won't
leave. If something terrible happens I want to be here with you."

Sheri let out a quiet laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"I won't go, I won't sleep, I can't breathe until you're resting here with
me... It's the theme song to the show."

"Oh.. Well.. Whatever happens.. I want to be here with you."

"Here with me." Sheri laughed and kissed Isabella again. "I promise I'll help
you get home."

They hugged together tightly.

Whatever was happening outside, they had all the companionship she needed,
right beside her.


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