This story if fictional and not to be taken seriously. Its also an adult
story so if your under 18 then please leave now. Contains: m+f, Mf, gang
rape, anal, exhib.

Roseanne: Molly's Night Of Hell Part 2
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Molly had already indured a horrible night. A van full of guys had gang
rapped her after Darlene her former friend had left her without a ride after
a concert. The rape was bad enough. What made things worse was the guys found
it humorous to write above her naked ass "i like it in the ass". They then
dumped her body (naked except for her black high heels) with her hands tied
behind her back in the worse part of town.

A whino seeing the beautiful young girl dropped off, was glad to oblige Molly
with the request Molly had written above her sexy ass.

After the whino had his way with Molly's ass. He looked over his shoulder
hearing loud music. He lifted Molly into his shopping cart and pushed her
into the club, it was full of his biker buddies. Even Molly's small body was
feeling crammed in the shopping cart.

"Hey guys look what I got here!"

All the big bikers stopped playing pool and drinking beer at the sight. The
excited drunk dumped Molly out of his cart like she was trash, and not worth
of him to collect. Molly, got a look at her surroundings, then started to ask
the men to let her go, telling them that some guys had rapped her earlier.
She hoped they would call the cops.

All she heard was the laughing of all the bikers. The cops never came to this
part of town unless it was with a swat team. As far as these guys saw it, one
little naked whore was no reason to call the cops, they had other ideas. They
unbounded her hands but pushed her onto the stage. Then they kicked on the
loud music. Molly stood there naked, confused in front of a room full of

"Dance whore!!" Shouted one biker, who then fired a gun in the air in Molly's

Molly was quickly awaken by that shot, she damn sure was gonna argue with
anyone who had a gun, so she started dancing. She slowly swaying her hips to
the hard southern rock music. A look of fear on her face as she perform in
the nude for these men. She started dancing more sexy as the guy with the gun
hollered at her that she better start pretending to enjoy it!

So Molly started to sway her hips more sexily. Even going so far as to bend
her ass over to the men and make them cheer loudly. She fought back the tears
as she started to jiggle her tits, then would squat in her high heels opening
her legs giving them a good view of her pussy that had been used over and
over all night. Then men seen her pussy glistening in the light, assume that
this whore was turned on. They didn't know it was from all the men she had
fuck her tonight. Either way that sight had them all ready for some fucking!

Molly was unprepared as a big burly man came up behind her. It was the man
with the gun. He was a man about 50 with balding gray hair about 5ft9 and
250lbs. The man wasted little time in grabbing Molly and forcing her to her
knees. With the gun pointed to her head the man said to her, "Blow me bitch!"

Molly wasn't about to argue with the barrel of a gun pointed at her temple.
So she unzipped his jeans and acted very much like an eager street whore as
she started sucking off the fat biker. He grabbed her hair and pulled her
close until his pubic hair tickled her nose. It was a good thing he didn't
have a big cock, (he was maybe 5 inches hard) or she would have surely choked
on it. All the guys cheered him on as he thrusting his rod all the way down
her throat and back out again.

As the man finished cumming other men joined the stage, Molly's first thought
was to run, but seeing the man with the gun looking at her intensly she
though otherwise. Hands started coming from everywhere touching Molly all her
over her body. Her tits have at least two hands on each breast pulling on her
already sore nipples. A unimaginable number of fingers were pushed into her
pussy as she had no way of stopping them. Other fingers got put into her ass,
her already exhausted body fights with all she can, but her struggle is
useless and only seems to turn these men on more.

They push Molly over on her stomach. Molly has the first guy force his cock
in her mouth. She still had a bit of fight left in her and bite down on him.
The guy screamed out loud, then rewarded the brunette with a backhand that
sent her falling backwards. Molly never even got a chance to clear her head
as she was yanked up by her hair by the same guy who then punched her square
in the face. Again she was pulled up by the hair as her eyes watered and
blood was coming from somewhere on her face.

"You gonna be good!?" He asked yelling in her face.

Molly nodded. Once again his cock was shoved in her mouth. Molly could feel
the marks where she had bit on him, which was something she wouldn't dare do
again. She sucked him off gently this time as best as she could. She tried
to give him the best blowjob of her life not wanting him to hurt her again.
So she sucked him deep even played with his balls to arouse him more as her
mouth wrapped ever so tight around his shaft. Her cock play soon prove to be
too much for him and he was soon cumming down her throat.

Guys gathered behind her eager to help Molly with the phrase written on her
ass. The first guy entered her from underneath her. He had a cock huge cock
nearly 10 inches and yet he slid easily into Molly's abused pussy. As he
started fucking her, another biker got behind Molly and started to drill her
in the ass. Molly felt two cocks inside her almost like they were rubbing
together but were seperated by a thin layer of skin. Molly was in pain and
was having a tough time breathing with the cock in her mouth and two more
keeping her ass and pussy busy.

This went on back and forth as each man made sure they got to fuck Molly in
her ass. Before long they got tired of her pussy. Claiming she was too loose.
Now all the guy were forming lines bvehind her to fuck her ass while just a
couple fucked her mouth. Whenever Molly got the will to try and fight off
these big tattooed burly men they would knock her upsided the head, and she
would start behaving real quick. Molly took man after man up her ass. She was
sure that her ass had started bleeding at some point from the anal she was
recieving. The hell seemed like it would never end as about the 12th guy shot
his load inside Molly's ass.

The torture was far from over though. These men really liked Molly's ass
cause when they got hard again they took second helpings of it. Not wanting
her to even get a breath in. Before it was over Molly had been fucked in the
ass more than 20 times. Her body lay limp like a rag doll on the stage,
unable to move. The last men came on her face leaving it a sticky mess along
with her posterior. When all the men were spent they tossed her exhausted
body back into the whino's shopping cart. Molly just lay there in the cart,
not even sure if she could walk after what she had endured.


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