This story if fictional and not to be taken seriously. Its also an adult
story so if your under 18 then please leave now. Contains: m+f, Mf, gang
rape, anal, exhib, nonconsenual.

Roseanne: Molly's Night Of Hell Part 1
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Molly Tilden was very excited to be going to the concert. She dressed up a
bit sexier than usual for the occasion. The hot little brunette was in tight
light blue denim shorts. The shorts showed a teasing amount of the bottom of
her ass. She also had on a black top with buttons. The top was practically
see through and the design of her black bra underneath was easily visible.
She decided against the really high high heels. She didn't wanna look like a
total slut. Instead she went with modest 3 inch black heels. Even with the
shorter heels in her outfit she still looked liked a slut.

She heard the car horn honk and realized her friend Darlene Conner was
waiting on her. She ran out to Darlene's car. Darlene was not the fashion
guru that Molly was. Darlene was dressed in just hiking boots, jeans and a
red button up shirt. She shook her head seeing Molly's outfit. 'Slut' she
thought. Molly hopped in the car and the two were on their way.

The concert was a blast for the two of them. It was their favorite band and
they were actually disappointed when it ended. Molly noticed afterwards that
the band members were signing autographs.

"Oh hey Darlene lets get in line for that."

"No way look at the line Molly."

"Oh come on, this might be our only chance to ever get their autographs."

"Well, I ain't waiting in line but I'll tell you what, I'll give you an hour,
then I'll meet you back at the car."

"Deal, maybe I'll get you an autograph too!"

Molly got in line quickly, excited about getting an autograph. After a while
though it was apparent she was in for a long wait. It seemed like the line
hardly moved. Then after a while they were hurrying things along. The band
members were writing autographs only now, and not having pictures taken with
their fans. Molly was excited that she was almost up there, but looking at
her watch she realized it had been an hour.

"Oh well Darlene will wait for me."

She finally got up there and realized she had no paper for an autograph. Not
wanting to go away empty handed, she thought quickly then unbuttoned her sexy
top showing some cleavage.

"Would you sign here?" She asked the band member.

Seeing the 17 year olds tits barely covered by a black bra, he gladly rested
his hand on her breast while he wrote his name. Molly smiled then checked her
watch. It had been an hour and a half.

"Shit, Darlene's gonna kill me!"

She ran back to where the car was parked. Of all the bad luck, Molly realized
that Darlene had deserted her.

"Jesus this is great, now what do I do?"

She looked around almost everyone had gone. Sure any guy would give her a
ride the way she was dressed, but she didn't wanna end up in the car with a
rapist or even worse a serial killer. Then her luck seemed to be turning for
the better. She recognized a guy from school, a cute guy at that. She made
sure her blouse was still unbuttoned low enough to get any guys attention.
Then swaying her hips as sexy as she could her young body strutted over.

The guy she was walking to was a guy named David. He was a blonde kid about
6 foot 2 and kind of skinny. He was shocked to see this sexy little brunette
coming his way. He recognized it was Molly immediately.

"Hey David, my friend deserted me, I have no way home, can you help me out?"
She gave him her best damsel in distress look.

"Hey Molly, your looking fine tonight girl! I'm sure I can help ya out."

"Great, thanks you saved me from a long walk." She gave him a hug.

"No problem, come on the van's over there."

They got in a van and suddenly Molly realized it wasn't David's van. It was a
van full of 5 other guys. The thought of riding with this many guys got her
kind of nervous, but considering the other option, she realized she had no
choice. So she got in the van. All the guys were very friendly to her. Maybe
too friendly they all seemed to eyeball her like a piece of meat. As they
started home David put his hand on Molly's leg. Molly didn't seem to mind.
After all he was getting her home. Which was more than her friend Darlene did
for her.

His hand went higher up her thigh, inches away from Molly's pussy. Molly
didn't protest and her hand found her way to his leg as well. The two looked
at each other then Molly climbed onto his lap and started kissing him. The
two french kissed and Molly's ass grinded into his crotch. David reached for
her breast under her shirt, but Molly told him no. She wasn't about to do
this in front of 5 other guys.

"Um sorry David we'll have to wait until were alone to go any farther."

"God, Molly quit being a cock tease. Everyone at school knows you give it up
all the time."

"What? I may not be a virgin but I'm not a slut."

"I beg to differ Molly, you look like a slut, you walked like a slut when you
came up to me. Plus look at your clothes, you even dress like a slut! You
probably wanna give up that pussy to every guy in here."

"What? uh look, why don't you stop the van, I'm gonna walk from here."

She saw that all the guys were looking at her smiling.

"No, your not, slut!" said David.

Suddenly hands started grabbing at Molly's body. Hands grabbed her tits
through her top. As she moved to get away her ass was bent over showing more
butt cheeks through her denim shorts. She squirmed all around she put up a
good fight, but 6 guys was too much for any girl, especially a petite girl
like Molly.

Two guys hand her pinned why three other guys including David started to
strip her. Her top was first to go leaving her in a black bra. Her ass was
lifted in the air as her denim shorts came off. The guys flipped the kicking
screaming girl onto her stomach as they got her bra unhooked. The guys loved
the sight of her tight ass in the black thong, and they all got turns
slapping her ass hard leaving it burning red with handprints. The guys
laughed as they heard Molly's cries for them to stop. With a hard yank
Molly's thong was ripped off her body.

They forced her to her back, and the first guy with some help from his
friends opened up Molly's legs. He thrust his cock into her tight pussy. She
screamed out loud as the guy with a cock at least 9 inches tore opened her
tender vaginal folds. Her hands were being held down as her tits were being
roughly squeezed and her nipples were getting pulled on hard. A guy forced
his cock into her mouth, Molly angrily bit down on it! She was quickly knock
back to reality when a gun pistol whipped her face. The guy put a gun to her

"You better suck like a good little whore or this gun's gonna give you
another hole in the back of your head, got it bitch?"

Molly nodded, this time went he got in her mouth she didn't bite down. Seeing
him still holding the gun she started to suck him. She had given a blowjob
before so she knew what a guy liked. As much as she hated it she wasn't about
to risk getting killed by this guy. She sucked his cock hard wrapping her
pretty lips around it and smearing her lipstick in the process. She was
definitely doing a good job cause a short time later he was cumming down her
throat. Molly was repulsed by the taste, but did as the guy with the gun told
her, and swallowed his load. Shortly after that the guy fucking her pussy
came inside of her.

Another guy took his place and he got Molly on all fours. He forced his cock
into her pussy from behind. He was loving the view of the 17 year old girls
tan ass! Another guy got in front of Molly and pushed his cock at her face.
Molly felt the cold metal of the gun on the side of her face and realized she
still had little other choice than to give this guy head too. Her tongue
licked the underside of his shaft as her sweet teen lips wrapped tight around
his rod. This guy, like the previous guy that she gave head to could stand
the pleasure of Molly's warm mouth for only so long. In only a few minutes of
Molly's expert cock sucking he was soon cumming down her throat. Molly hardly
got her breath as another cock was shoved into her mouth.

Hands fondled Molly's small hanging tits as they swayed back and forth as she
got a cock from both ends. Molly felt the guy in her pussy pull out and shoot
his load all over her ass. Molly felt a guy on each side of her take her hand
and place it on their cocks. Now Molly was sucking off one guy as she jerked
off two others with her hands. Another guy slid under her on the van floor
and pushed his cock in her pussy, it was the guy with the gun.

"Ride my dick bitch" he said while pointing the gun.

Molly started to ride him as she sucked and jerked on the other three cocks
in front of her and on her sides. Nothing could have prepared her for what
happened next though. David got behind her and spread her sexy ass. This gave
him a nice view of her ass crack, the only part of her body that wasn't tan
due to her thong bikini. Molly struggled realizing what he was gonna do, but
four guys holding her down gave her no choice. David spit into her asshole
then started jamming a finger in her puckered opening. He then jammed a
second finger in, as the struggling Molly was hit with the pistol again when
she tried to stop stroking the two men with her hands to try and get free.

There was no stopping the fact that Molly was about to be violated in her
ass. Tears began streaming down her face as David started pushing his cock in
her ass. The man below her thrust up forcing Molly to take more cock in her
ass. After a while of the two men pumping in both her holes they soon had
both their cocks buried balls deep in her ass and her pussy. David loved the
tightness of her sphincter and fucked her like a wild animal. Molly felt a
cock in her hand coming, and he shot his load on one of her dangling tits.

The one guy who wasn't in the action quickly replaced the guy who came, and
put Molly's free hand on his cock. David was the next to cum and he shot his
load deep in Molly's bowels before pulling out limp. The guy getting stroked
by Molly's hand saw this opportunity and got behind Molly and forced his
cock into her ass. Again Molly screamed with tears in her eyes in the
pain/pleasure that her ass was receiving. This caused her to stroked the guy
in her hand faster and soon he was coming and shooting his semen on the
brunette's other breast. The man underneath her couldn't stand the pleasure
of her pussy anymore and he shot his load in her pussy.

Soon everyone was getting a chance at Molly's ass, or her pussy. Molly would
now have a cock in her ass and pussy, while she sucked a cock. Sometimes she
was instructed to suck two cocks at once while each guy fucked her ass at
least once and some guys twice. Her mouth and her pussy each got plenty of
cock as well, as each guy fucked the helpless brunette until they were all
spent and couldn't get hard anymore.

A limp exhausted Molly looked at her watch and realized that had been fucked
by these guys for more than 2 hours. She ever so slowly tried to crawl to her
clothes, but the man with the gun had different ideas. He grabbed her and
tied her hands behind her back. He told the van driver to take her to 13th
Street (the worst part of town). He took a marker and wrote on the small of
her back "i like it in the ass" he chuckled as they threw her out of the van
door. Molly, felt her lip bleeding a little after landing on her face, she
was in such pain it hurt to move.

A 60 year old whino was passing by and to his shock saw the body of a teen
girl with her ass in the air and the obscene words written above her ass. He
smiled and pulled out his cock, seeing her young body got him hard quickly so
he started to drive his cock deep up her ass. Molly was so exhausted her
fighting back was merely whimpers now.

"Damn I'm gonna have to go get my buddies down the street to get some of this
ass! Don't you worry little lady (he said as he kept pumping into her). I got
lots of buddies that can help you out with this ass fucking you seem to

Molly buried her head in the hard sidewalk, her night of hell had only begun!


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