Room 222: Alice Johnson (MF,oral,anal,toys,bmail)
by JH

The small slim brunette stared at the envelope and letter. Enclosed had been one fading polaroid and the letter merely stated "Tonight 6 pm at the park by the swings."

She involuntarily shuddered as she glanced at the polaroid for the second time. She remembered when it was taken but thought the pictures had long since been destroyed. She tore the picture into small pieces but instead of throwing them in the trash can put them in her purse. She felt as though her past had come back to haunt her. The letter went in her purse and she left the classroom for the bus stop.

The spring night meant it was going to be light long into the evening. As she stepped off the bus she could see the swings and a number of children on them and parents either pushing or watching. She walked towards the swings but before she had gotten there was stopped by a voice.

"Hi, Miss Johnson. Glad you could come."

She turned and was looking at one of the seniors from Walt Whitman High School that she vaguely remembered.


He smiled. "Yep. I was in your class when you were a student teacher for Mr. Dixon."

"What are you doing here?"

"Hmmm. I thought the note and picture was self explanatory."

She looked stunned.

"Ok. Here it is - I had a friend who collected a bunch of old pictures and lo and behold guess what? There were 15 of these pictures and when I saw them I saw you! Well, I was shocked. I paid my friend and as he never wanted the pictures I now owned them."

She looked at him. "You know I don't have any money." Her only thought was she had to get rid of those pictures or her teaching career was doomed.

He smiled. "Money? I have more than I know what to do with now. No. Not money."

"What then."

"You." She looked stunned but before she could speak he continued. "It is a simple trade. You are mine til the end of the year. Every week I will give you a picture. During this time I will own you."

She started to protest but he held up his hand. He handed her a picture. "Think about it for a couple of days. It is Tuesday. You have until Friday. If you decide no then I take the pics send them to the School Board and we're done. If you decide yes then you tell me Friday and we go from there....and no, this is not a negotiation."

He handed her another picture and walked away.

She stared at the picture.

* * *

Like most times of stress Friday came quickly. Alice went through the entire day without seeing Nick. At the end of the day he showed up in her classroom.

"I can't do it. Please, can't we work something out."

He looked at her. "No, this is the deal and if you say you can't - ok, you can't. I'll send them to the board this weekend."

He turned to walk away.

"Stop." She was defeated and both knew it. "This is between you and me, Right."

He nodded his head yes.

"And I get the pictures when this is done?"

He nodded yes, again. "I have one objective and if you meet this then we're done."

She looked at her new owner. "Ok."

He smiled and handed her a large manila envelope. "I'll see you tomorrow....say, about 4 pm." And with that he turned and walked out leaving her to stare at the envelope.

On the bus she controlled the urge to look at the contents as well as the desire to cry.

* * *

At home she opened the envelope. The first thing she saw was the $500 attached to a letter. In it were directions on what she was to buy and how she was to act. She was horrified by what was in the letter and thought, again, she couldn't do what was told to her. Then she thought what would happen if he followed through with his threat to give those pictures to school board. Her entire life in ruins. There was really no choice - she had to go through with what was asked of her. She grabbed her purse and headed to the door. There were some items she needed to get before their next meeting.

He arrived precisely at 4 pm the next day. She answered the door wearing, what she hoped, was what he told her to wear. She had a red turtle neck sweater and in order to get it as tight as he wanted it was a size smaller than she normally bought. She had a black leather mini-skirt that was so short that it barely covered her butt, finally a pair of stiletto high heel boots. The heel was at least 5 inches high and took a bit of practice to walk in but she finally mastered them. Per the instructions her shoulder length auburn hair was pulled back in a pony tail. The make-up was the last thing mentioned but what he wanted was very vague so she was unsure what his reaction would be.

He stared at her and whistled in appreciation. "Very nice. You got 90% of it right. Very impressive."

He took her hand and led her to the couch. They sat next to each other and he turned towards her. Reaching down he put her hand on the bulge in his pants. She knew what he wanted so she began to rub it.

"Here's the deal. Everything is in this box." He slid a small box to her side on the floor.

She felt his bulge growing.

"How experienced in sex are you?"

"Some but not much. While in college I had some relationships but not many."

He reached down and unzipped his pants.

"Take my cock out."

She did.

"Now put it in your mouth."

She looked stunned but immediately lowered her head to his lap and put his cock between her lips. He felt his half hard cock being engulfed by the warm wetness of her mouth. She gently began to suck while her tongue swirled around his cock.

He looked down at her in his lap and grabbed her pony tail. With a sudden flood he began to cum in her mouth. He held her in place but she wouldn't swallow so his sperm flowed out of her mouth.

When he finished he let her up. She rubbed her mouth with the sleeve of her sweater.

"Go get a towel and clean me up."

After she had done so and sat back down.

"Ok, here are the rules."

"Number 1 - no questions. What I tell you has to be done like I want. Number 2 - You will have to learn how to do some of the things I want. So I will give you some study materials - you must read them and learn how to do what I want. Number 3 - You have to, at least act like you want to do this. I'm not insane or stupid. I don't expect you to like this but you have to act like you do."

She waited - when he said nothing more "Is that all?" the tone was between a sneer and sarcasm.

He smiled and ignored her tone. "Yep. Your motto is 'three holes - no waiting'."

She winced but said nothing.

He got up and was walking to the door. "Oh yea, better learn to swallow."

Before she could answer he had gone leaving her to stare alternatively at him and the box.

* * *

On Monday she stepped from the bus feeling immediately uncomfortable with what she was wearing. The blouse was a bit tighter than she normally wore and the dress shorter but it was what was underneath that she was most uncomfortable with. She wore a white merry widow so tight that her breasts were pushed up until her nipples were just covered by the lace. There were six straps holding her nylons up. She wore five inch brown stiletto high heels. To top it off the make-up she wore was heavier than she was used to. She walked to the high school filled with a sense of trepidation. On the way she passed Nick but gave no notice. Principal Kaufman raised an eyebrow but made no comment as she walked by.

The classroom was empty for lunch when Nick walked in. Alice was sitting at her desk

"Very nice. Not so much the frump and more the doll."

He leaned against her side of the desk and looked down. Per the instructions she had raised her skirt exposing the bare skin and tops of her nylons. As he watched she pulled the skirt higher and exposed her hips. She wasn't wearing panties so the brown soft hair covering her vagina was exposed. She reached down and with her fingers rubbed the lips of her cunt.

He felt himself getting hard.

"Before this goes any further I had better leave." He turned to walk out. "I'll see you after school."

Before she could say anything he was gone.

The day ended and she walked out of the school. Pete Dixon passed her in the hall but other than a "see you later" neither had much to say.

As she walked to the bus stop Nick pulled up in his car a 1967 Thunderbird.

The passenger side window was down. "Miss Johnson, need a ride."

Her first thought was to decline but she knew that was not what he wanted.

"Thank you. Yes" She opened the door and slid into the front seat. When she did her skirt pulled up exposing the tops of her nylons to his gaze.

He stared appreciatively.

"Had enough?" She was on the verge of anger in her voice.

He looked hard at her. "No. I'll tell you when I've had enough". Speaking of which..."

He unzipped his pants. "You know what to do,"

She looked at him - "Here? Now?"

He pulled away from the curb. "In a minute I'm going to throw out our arrangement."

She slid over and pulled his cock out of his pants and engulfed it with her mouth. She was bobbing her head on the hardened shaft.

"Remember what I said."

His cock was buried deep in her mouth. He could feel the orgasm building and put his hand on the back of her head. "Remember what I said".

No sooner had he said it than he shot cum to the back of her throat.

She felt the warm sticky fluid hit the back of her throat and she dutifully swallowed gulp after gulp until he was drained. She licked him clean and put him back in his pants and sat up.

"Open the glove compartment"

She did and a large vibrator was illuminated by the small light.

"You ever use one of those?"

She nodded yes but didn't move.

"Well, don't you want to see if it still works?"

She knew better than to argue and reached for the plastic device. She pulled up her skirt and spread her legs. The hum could be heard in the car and as she touched it to the lips of her cunt an electric shock went through her. She spread her legs wider, closed her eyes and slid down in the seat. She was rubbing the vibrator harder and deeper, finally inserting it into her now soaking cunt. She pressed it against her clit while pistoning it in and out. Her breathing came in gulps as her own orgasm built. The movement of the vibrator became deeper and quicker as she pushed herself into cumming. In a burst there was an explosion in her stomach and cunt. She held the vibrator in place as her legs shook.

When she opened her eyes she saw Nick looking at her with a sardonic smile on his face.

He pulled into the driveway of the house she rented. "You're home. Need some help?"

She nodded no and slid out of the seat of the car. There was a wet spot on the seat where she had soaked through her clothes.

She got in the house and leaned against the door and tried to figure out what had just happened.

* * *

The next day she was getting ready for school when she heard a knock at the door. Wrapping her robe around herself she opened the door and saw a small box on the door step but nothing else.

She picked up the box and went back into the house.

She ended up wearing one of her own dresses. A dark blue in color it was one she had worn on a number of occasions. This time instead of the loafers she wore dark blue 5" stiletto pumps. It was what was underneath the dress that was new. She had a dark blue bra with small cut outs for her nipples. The pantyhose were flesh colored but crotch less. She was forbidden to wear panties so her cunt was open to touch under her dress.

During the day she could feel her nipples getting hard as they rubbed against the material of the dress. All she could think was she hoped no one could see them and at the same time realized that she was getting wet at the thought.

* * *

At lunch Nick appeared at the door. She was sitting at her desk and as he walked to her side she pulled the dress up to her hips exposing herself and the dildo she had inserted deep in the folds of her cunt.

"Nice. Very nice."

She smiled wanly at him. "How long are you going to do this."

He looked at her. "I have 9 more pictures so 9 weeks and all this will be over." As he spoke he reached down and gripped the base of the dildo and began to move it in and out her cunt. "I wonder if this would fit in your ass."

For a moment she was terrified he would make her pull it out and insert into her own butt.

He smiled as if he read her mind. "No. I will see you tonight - say 6 o'clock. Oh, yeah, here." He threw an envelope on her desk. "You'll need to read this before tonight."

He pulled the dildo out of her cunt and put it to her lips.

She knew what he wanted and inserted it into her mouth licking and sucking it clean.

He laughed. "I have to say you are a great learner."

He left her sitting at the desk. She opened the envelope. There were pictures in it and a note. She read the note, looked at the pictures then put them back in the envelope and in her purse. Involuntarily se began to get wet between her legs.

* * *

At 6 pm she heard the knock at the door. As she answered it she stood behind the door not wanting any neighbors to see her. He shut the door and looked appreciatively at her.

She wore a long satin black nightgown cut up both sides showing off her legs encased in black shear nylons. The nylons were held up by a six strap satin garter belt. Her 5' 4" height pushed to almost 5' 10" by the 5 1/2" stiletto high heels she wore. Her arm were covered by black satin opera length gloves. Instead of the child of the 60's make up she normally wore he saw she looked more like a sixty's sex symbol - emphasized by the black high lighting around her eyes, her "smoky eye" eye shadow, false eye lashes and deep red lips.

All he could do was say, "Wow!"

She took his hand and walked him to the couch in the living room.

They sat close and he leaned into her and kissed her his tongue in her mouth twisting around hers. She responded and kissed him back.

Without being asked she lay a hand in his lap and began to rub - being rewarded with a noise at the back of his throat and a growing bulge in his pants. He continued to kiss her deeply. He moved a hand and cupped her breast beneath the warm satin of her nightgown. The nipple grew hard.

She slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his hardening cock out.

She pushed him back and lowered her head to his shaft. She licked up all sides of the cock. He felt her gloved hand as she wrapped it around the base. She moved to the top and opened her crimson mouth into an "o" and slowly let him slide into her mouth. While she pulled him into her mouth her tongue danced around all sides. She moved her hand up in conjunction with her mouth. He felt her as her lips moved with her hand. His cock was engulfed in warmth. He felt himself building up to cumming. She pressed down with her lips and the cock hit the back of her throat. He tried to hold back but her mouth, tongue and gloved hand pushed him further and further. Suddenly he shot off deep in her mouth. She clamped down with her lips and swallowed all the cum in her mouth. She then lapped him into hardness, again.

She pulled off him and straddled his hips. Reaching down she inserted him into her cunt.

He couldn't believe how tight she was.

He heard her gasp but never stopped until his entire shaft was buried in her cunt. She pulled his head towards her breasts and he began to suck each one through the material. The nipples got harder and she got wetter. She continued to lift and fall making his cock slide in and out her cunt.

He reached into the box he had and pulled out a penis shaped vibrator. While she controlled the rhythm at her cunt he placed the dildo at the opening of her ass. Her eyes opened wide and she sucked in air as he began to slide the dildo into her anal opening. No sooner did he have it buried in her then he turned it on. The vibration slammed into her like an electric shock. She threw her arms around his neck but never stopped.

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." It came out as a mantra as the cock and dildo moved in and out her two openings.

He had one hand on her hips and one on the dildo in her ass.

Her high heels were on the floor and she was lifting herself up and down.

As she began to cum he shot deep inside her. He felt her cunt clamp down on his cock and her anus on the dido.

It took only a few minutes and she slid down and inserted his cock into her mouth and cleaned him up. Licking all her juices off him.

She fell back on the couch.

He stood up and put another picture on the coffee table.

"See you tomorrow"

She didn't know if she felt dread or anticipation.


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