Rocket Power: Reggie’s Crush/A Great Feeling
by Chris Wilson ([email protected])

The usually gang of Otto, Sam, Twister, and Reggie were outside practicing
for their roller hockey game against Lars’ team. Just as Reggie blasted a
slap shot at Sammy, a car honked at the kids to get out of the way. The car
had a lot of stuff on top of it and inside. It also had a U-Haul behind it.

“Must be a new family moving in”, said Otto. “He better know how to skate or
he’s gonna get beefed around here.”

The car pulled up to the empty Stimpleton house. The Stimpletons had moved
away a few days earlier to a nicer, more importantly quieter, neighborhood a
few miles away. The car doors opened and out stepped a women and a boy. The
woman was a gorgeous 30-year old blonde mom. She has long legs, a flat
stomach, large breasts, and completely tan. The boy was 14, medium-length
brown hair, 6-pack stomach, and toned muscles, a typical surfer boy. Reggie
immediately noticed him and got a strange feeling in her stomach. She
realized it was the same feeling she got when she saw a magazine with a man
and woman having sex. The boy and his mom opened the U-Haul and grabbed some
boxes. The gang noticed a box labeled “Hockey” and realized he would fit
right in. When his mother and him finally finished taking everything inside
the house, he came back out with some roller blades on.

“I’ll be back later Mom, I’ll get some food”, he said as he skated down to
the Pier.

“C’mon guys, let’s go meet the new kid”, said Sam, “maybe he’ll be the new

Everyone laughed except Sam, who got upset.

The whole gang skated down to the Pier to catch up with the kid. They found
him waiting for food at the Shore Shack, where Otto and Reggie’s father

“Hey new kid”, said Otto.

“What’s up bro?” replied the kid, “My name is Chris, what’s yalls?”

“’Yalls?’ I bet you came from Texas”, said Twister.

“Oh yeah, Galveston, right on the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve done a lot of surfing
there. Not many awesome waves, but I have some experience.”

Sam suspected this kid was just a typical no-brains surfer. “So, I bet you’re
not very good at school since you surf all the time”, Sam said trying to show

“Actually all A’s on my last report card. I’ve got it at the house if you
wanna see.”

Sam was not too pleased when he heard this. This kid was smarter, more
athletic, and better looking than him. Throughout all this, Reggie had been
staring at Chris and daydreaming about him. Chris broke the silence by
saying, “So what’s everyone’s names?”

Reggie snapped out of her staring and said, “I’m Reggie, this is my little
bro Otto, his friend Twister, and this is the Squid, Sammy.”

Sam hated being the Squid, especially since the new kid is the Squid, and
Chris was the new kid. Ray Rocket, Reggie and Otto’s father, came back with
the food and handed it to Chris.

“You know Chris, Otto and Reggie have a roller hockey team. Maybe you should
check it out sometime.”

“Yeah dude, we saw your hockey box, what position do you play?” said Otto.

“I’m a goalie. Hockey isn’t too big in Texas, but where I lived we had a
championship team.”

Sam, who was also goalie, spoke up. “Sorry, BRO, we already have a goalie.
Me.” After he said this he had a big grin and thought, “Haha, there’s no way
this guy is taking my spot on the team.”

Otto was excited. “Awesome! You can be goalie, too.”

Sam was pissed off when Otto said this. “Um, Otto, I’m your goalie remember?”

Otto replied, “Don’t worry Squid, we’ll just see how Chris’ skills are and
we’ll pick the best goalie.”

Sam was thinking he HAD to be the goalie. Chris was just happy to be on a
team so fast.

“Well I got to get my food back home, wanna surf sometime tomorrow?”

“Sure!” everyone replied, except Sam.

“Later bros! Oh and see you later Reggie”, Chris said as he winked at her and
skated away.

Reggie sighed and watched him skate away. “He’s so dreamy...but why do I feel
this way?” she thought.

“Oooooh. Reggie’s got a boyfriend,” Otto teased as he noticed her staring at

“Shut up, Otto. I don’t like him,” Reggie said, but secretly she had a crush
on him.

A Great Feeling

Reggie walked in the door and saw her father sitting in the living room.
“Where’s Otto?” she asked.

“He’s out with Twister having a surf and burger at the Shack. What’s up?”

She felt embarrassed and walked over and sat next to her father. “Dad, the
new kid, Chris, I think I like him”, she asked nervously.

“Really? Wow you’re first crush. Is there anything you want to talk about?”
he asked his daughter.

“ not really. I just had to tell you to get it off my chest.”

He replied, “Ok Rocket Girl, if you ever need to ask anything, I’m here for

“Thanks Dad. I’m gonna go take a shower.”

Reggie went upstairs and locked the door in the bathroom. She turned on the
water and took off her clothes. She looked in the mirror and checked out her
body. She had a normal 12-year old’s body. She had long purple hair, tan
body, and medium-sized legs. But there were two things that weren’t normal.
Her breasts had grown a lot over a year and were a 36B. They didn’t sag, and
they weren’t perky. They were just perfect. Also, she had a nicely trimmed
strip of pubic hairs, which were purple. She had really started to develop in
all areas of her body. She massaged her breasts and laughed as she got in the
shower. She washed her body fully, when she got to her pussy. The entire
shower she was thinking of Chris, so she had him pictured in her mind. When
she got to her pussy, she rubbed it a certain way and waves of pleasure went
throughout her body. This shocked her. She had never felt this good before.
She continued to wash her body from head to toe. She took the removable
showerhead and washed the soap off of her body. She thought about Chris again
while washing the soap off. When she got down to her pussy, she shot the
water up her slit. She got an even more excited feeling. She thought to
herself, “Oh my gosh, I have to keep doing this.”

She finished washing off all the soap, and returned to her pussy. She turned
the water pressure to high and put it directly on her pussy. She had to grab
onto the soap holder to stop her from falling down. The pleasure was extreme.
Suddenly she heard a knock on the door.

“Reg, c’mon, I need to take a shower before the skate competition.” It was
her brother, Otto. She hadn’t realized how long she had been in there.

“Ok just a minute!” she replied. She turned off the water and grabbed a
towel. She dried her body off and then wrapped her hair. She put on her robe
and went into her room.

“Reggie, what took you so long in there? You were in there for like 30
minutes”, Otto said.

“Sorry, I needed to get really clean”, she replied.

Otto left her room and she closed the door and locked it. She always left
her blinds open because the only people that could see her room were the
Stimpletons. She took off her robe and towel and stood at the window. She
looked around and didn’t see anyone around. She went to her closet and
grabbed some clothes. Her typical clothes: Her glasses, a purple rocket
shirt, camo pants, and a pink bra and thong. She bent over and pulled up
her thong, snapped on her bra, and put on the other clothes.

Little did she know, Chris’ room was facing directly at her room. It was just
his luck he was looking outside when he saw Reggie in her window. “Oh wow,
she has an awesome bod!” He continued watching her as she changed into her
clothes. When she bent over to pull up her thong, he got an awesome shot of
her ass. “I wanna take that for a ride later on”, he thought. He watched her
change into all of her clothes and then saw her leave. “This neighborhood is
gonna be better than I thought!”


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