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This is my first story like this so feedback is appreciated.

Rocket Power: Reggie's Afternoon (mf,f-solo)
by PunkRocker6182 ([email protected])

"Oh god. That feels so good," moaned Reggie as she jammed two fingers into
her tight, purple-haired pussy. She was lying on her bed dreaming about
fucking Twister. She had never told the gang about wanting him, but she had
been watching him for a few years.

"Oh shit Twister. I'm cumming!!!!" As Reggie came, she realized that somebody
was watching her from the doorway to her room.

As he realized he was seen, Twister started to run downstairs to the front
door. He felt a hand grab his arm just as he reached for the doorknob. He was
so surprised he spun around and saw Reggie holding onto his arm with a pissed
expression on her face.

"What the fuck do you think you were doing Twist?" Reggie practically
screamed in Twister's face.

"Relax Reggie. I was just coming over to see if you wanted to go play some
hockey. I opened your door and you were masturbating and calling my name so
I thought I'd watch." Twister replied.

"Come upstairs with me," Reggie said pulling Twisters arm. "I have something
to show you."

Twister had no idea what Reggie was going to do to him, so he reluctantly
followed her up the stairs. When they got up to Reggie's room, Reggie slammed
the door. She pushed Twister onto her bed and turned to face him.

"Did you like what you saw Twist?" Reggie asked with a sly smile on her face.
Twister was so scared he just nodded his head. "Well then. I guess I'll just
have to show it to you again."

Reggie walked over to the stereo and turned it on. She walked back over to
the bed and slowly started to strip. She started by taking off her usual
sunglasses. She started to sway to the music as she slowly pulled off her
purple shirt. She then turned around and bent over, pulling her green camo
pants down past her ass.

Twister was enjoying the show. He looked Reggie up and down. "Purple
shoulder-length hair, nice b-cup tits, and a great ass. How lucky am I?"

Reggie continued to strip, pulling off her bra revealing her perky tits. She
slowly pulled down her panties showing a nice purple bush and nice plump ass.

"Wow." Thought Twister. "She has such a gorgeous body."

Reggie walked over to Twister and kissed him hard on the mouth. Twister
kissed her back as his hands roamed over Reggie's body, from her tits to her
firm ass. Twister slowly kissed down Reggie's body. As he got to her tits, he
sucked on both of her nipples.

Reggie moaned loudly. "Don't stop Twist."

Twister continued kissing down her body. He stopped at her pussy and slowly
started to lick it. He started to suck on her lips while rubbing her clit
with one finger.

"Oh Twister. That feels so good." Reggie said as Twister continued his
fingering and licking of Reggie's pussy. Reggie pushed Twist flat on the bed.
She then turned around so Twist could get her pussy and she could get his
dick. She lowered her ass to his face as she slowly started to lick up and
down his dick. She slowly licked the head of Twist's dick, noticing that it
tasted better than she thought it would. She took the head into her mouth and
started to bob her head up and down. She only got halfway down his dick
before she started gagging. Meanwhile, Twister had two fingers in Reggie's
pussy and one in her asshole. Twister started pumping his fingers into Reggie
faster and faster until Reggie was on the verge of an orgasm.

"Stop Twist. I have something better for you." Reggie said, removing herself
from Twister's cock. Reggie turned to face Twister and slowly lowered herself
onto his dick.

"Oh fuck Reggie. You're so tight." Twister moaned as he entered Reggie's
tight pussy. She started to slowly rise up off of Twisters dick, only to
slam back down as hard as she could. She sped up, riding Twister harder
and faster. After a few minutes, Reggie climbed off Twister and layed down
on the bed.

"Come on Twister! Fuck me!" Reggie screamed at Twister.

"I love you Reggie." Twist said as he placed the head of his dick at the
entrance of Reggie's pussy. He started slow, enjoying the feeling of Reggie's
hot, tight pussy. After a few minutes of slow, deep sex, Twister started
pushing in and out of her faster and harder. Faster and faster, Reggie was
thrusting her hips up to meet Twister's fast fucking.

"Oh god Twister. I'm gonna cum!" Reggie yelled as Twist kept fucking her.

"Me too!" Twist yelled back.

"Don't cum in me. Pull out." Reggie said. Just then, her orgasm hit.

"Oh FUUUUCCCCKKKK. I'm cumming!!!" At the same time, Twister pulled his dick
out of Reggie's pussy and started to spurt on her stomach.

"Oh god. That was great Reggie." Twist said when his orgasm subsided.

"I know. Let's do this again sometime."


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