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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 17 - Co-Dependency
by Invid Writer

"A blast of colour sparkled in the sky behind Trump Towers before dissipating
into the dark night. "Figures," Andrea said, watching from afar. "I get rid
of the Invid and I'm not even invited to the party."

Another blast of colour lit up the clouds with green before fading like the
one before it. "You surprised?" Aria said standing beside her. "Those fuckers
wouldn't let you scrape the shit off their shoe at this point. Doesn't matter
who you vanquish."

"Yeah, guess so."

"Oh quit your whining. All your bitches in the military are throwing their
own party once the fireworks are done," Aria paused for a minute and leaned
in close. "And I have it on good authority that there's a lot more booze."

"Hah, guess it isn't all bad."

"Come on, let's get over there. I have some drinking to do."

* * *

Andrea was on her third home brewed beer when Emilio, one of her lieutenants
and a former Coalition spy, came up to her. "General…"

"It's Andrea when we're not on duty Emilio. What can I do for you?"

"I wanted to just say thank-you on behalf of my brother. He was in one of the
protoculture camps south of here."

Andrea smiled. "He's most welcome but no thanks are necessary. I'm just doing
what I can, like everyone else."

"Nonetheless," he said with a smile. "Oh, and I have a message for you from
The Emperor in the tower." He handed Andrea an envelope.


Emilio nodded and went back to the party. Meanwhile, Andrea moved over to a
fire, roaring from inside a metal barrel. She turned it over in the light
to see a wax seal on the back of it and the faint lines of ink that showed
through the light paper of the envelope. He probably didn't even write it
himself, Andrea thought and tossed it, unopened into the barrel. She watched
the flames flicker at it for a moment before quickly consuming the paper and
turning it to ash. The wax sizzled and popped before it too melted and pooled
at the bottom of the barrel.

"What're you up to?" Ed said from behind her. Andrea was still staring into
the fire, not looking at anything particular.

"Just letting myself be mesmerized, you know?"

"Yeah, ah know." He walked up and stood beside her. He slowly crossed his
arms and looked into the fire with her. "You don' look too happy for someone
who just liberated the planet."

"I just got reminded of something that's all."

"Ah." There was a short silence, broken only by the wind in the flames and
the general noise of the celebration around her. "So what are you goin' t'
do about it?"

Andrea tore her eyes from the fire and looked up at Ed. "Absolutely nothing.
I'm going to take a break for a while."

Ed smiled. "Smartest idea you ever came up with. Any idea where you're

"I think maybe Cuba. I've always wanted to see it."

"Mm. Good thinking. When are you goin' t' head off?"

Andrea looked back at the flames briefly, and then back at him. "Now."

"Right now?"

"Right now."

Andrea started walking away. She had two stops she had to make before she
could leave. First, was Aria. She found her friend around another barrel with
a beer in her hand. "Aria."


"I need you to blow something up for me."

Aria smiled. "I've been waiting for you to say that. Just point it out."

"Ed knows where it is. It's the cave I found him at, a ways north-east of

Aria gave her a weird look. "You want me to blow up a cave."

"I want you to blow up what's hidden underneath the cave. Take the military
up there with you but you should only need about 100 of them for the mission.
With those numbers you shouldn't encounter a whole lot of heavy resistance.
Once it's done, torch the place. I don't want anything in there to survive.
That means no salvaging either."

"Shit, Andrea. That's pretty black and white for you. Who are they?"

Andrea leaned in close. There was no one around her at the moment. "It's a
Masters base."

"Holy shit. I didn't think they still had anyone here."

"Well they do. And they need to be gone."

"Understood. I'll take care of it right away. But where are you going to be
through all of this?"


"Why Cuba?"

"Why not." Andrea smiled knowing that answer would drive Aria nuts. "Keep
bringing the army north. Pick up anyone that wants to join us along the way
and meet in Florida. That's going to be our new training area."


"The Coalition doesn't have a navy, but if you cross the water, it's not far
from Trump Towers."

Aria nodded. "Sounds like a good idea. If you're not there yet I'll get them
working on some ships."

"Just be subtle about it, okay?"

"Of course," Aria smiled. "It'll be fun running things while you're gone."

"Hah. Try not to screw stuff up too badly."

"Don't fuckin' count on it."

Andrea headed off and attempted to locate Kitty. She was the last person she
wanted to talk to before leaving. "You interested in coming to Cuba?" Andrea
said to Kitty's back once she finally found her.

"What?" Kitty said turning. "Cuba? Now?"

"Yeah, now. I'm taking a break from all this. If you want to come you'd be
welcome to. It'd just be you and me."

Kitty smiled and gave Andrea a hug. "How can I say no to that? What time to
we leave?"

"As soon as you've packed your bag."

"I better get on that then. Kitty took off in a hurry and Andrea went back to
her tent to get her own stuff. She made sure to bring a couple of radios so
she could track down Aria once they arrived in Florida and headed off to meet
with Kitty.

* * *

The boat ride was a rough one but thankfully not as long as it could have
been. There were a couple of small ferries headed towards the island and
Andrea was able to book passage on one.

The two women arrived In Cuba around noon the following day. "So why Cuba?"
Kitty said as they stepped off the boats onto the narrow streets that led up
to the dock.

"Why not?" Andrea said looking around. It was an empty marketplace with
plenty of vendors but many of them were closed. Most of the ones still
operating appeared to be selling seafood or fruits.

"It just seems a little impulsive for you."

"What? You saying I'm not impulsive?"

"No... I mean, you're impulsive about some things." Kitty stopped to do her
best Andrea impression. "‘Let's go beat up the Invid today. No scratch
that, today we're going to beat up the Coalition,'" Andrea laughed and she
continued. "But you've never just hopped on a boat and sailed off to God
knows where before."

"The truth is," Andrea said making her way through the docks again, "that
I'm so sick of being in charge. I've been trying to negotiate with the Invid,
keep the Coalition from killing everyone, including me, and all the while I'm
heading up a training routine for tens of thousands of people. It's just too
much. I need a break."

"Well, the one thing this place should be good for is a break."

"Here's hoping."

"So... Where to first?" Kitty said after they made their way out of the docks
and into the cities open main streets. The town they were in was a good size
and still in pretty good shape. "The pizza place?" Kitty said a little
surprised to see one. "Or the bar? The hotel? The swimming pool? The park?"

"The gym," Andrea said seeing it off to her right at the end of the block.

"Oh yeah, cause we can all have so much fun at the gym."

"Even the Coalition didn't have a very good one. It would be fun to go there
and check it out, don't you think?"

"Uh... It is your vacation I suppose. Tell you what, you go have fun and I'll
bum around some of the shops for a while. We can meet up here again in two
hours, okay?"

"Yeah, you bet," Andrea leaned over and gave her a quick kiss. "I'll see you

"See you," Kitty said and continued her stroll down the street. Meanwhile,
Andrea made a bee line for the door of the gym. She entered and was
surprised to find it pretty empty. There were a couple of women working on
the machinery; one was topless, to Andrea's surprise, and she was working
with the barbells. The others were in tank tops. The half dozen men in the
room were mostly topless as well and working on various pieces of equipment.
What really caught Andrea's eyes however were the body shapes of two of the
men. They were hugely muscled, far beyond anything she had seen before.
Andrea had no idea how they could get so large. Not only that, but one of
them was currently doing arm curls to the tune of 300 lbs a side.

"Little overdressed, don't you think?" one of the hulking men said in
Spanish. Andrea was wearing her skin tight Invid jumpsuit and a pair of jeans
over top so that it wasn't quite so obviously Invid in design. The tight back
fabric material simply appeared to be tucked into her pants.

"Uh, yeah." Andrea said back in English before realizing that she actually
understood him. All her courses with Aria had been paying off. "Si," she

"Right. You some kind of tourist?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Andrea said back in Spanish again. "Why?"

"No reason. Just wondering. If you want to use the gym, go see Eddy at the

"Sure, thanks." Andrea began to walk away but turned back to him once more.
"If you don't mind my asking, how did you get so big?"

"I was in the military. We have the best training program in the world."

"I see," Andrea said and moved on to the desk not daring to press the matter
any further. She traded a few items for a weeklong membership and headed to
the change room. Unfortunately upon getting there she realized that she
didn't have much in the way of work out clothing. She suddenly remembered the
topless woman and decided that if another woman could do it, so could she.

A few minutes later she had stripped down naked and put her jumpsuit into a
locker. She put her jeans back on, still not having anything better to work
with and headed out into the main gym to start using the machinery.

Andrea spent the better part of an hour using all the equipment she had
rarely seen before. For the most part, people seemed to ignore her, despite
her perfect exposed chest. Only a few times did she catch one of the women
looking over in her direction and gazing a little low. Andrea smiled to
herself. It was just her luck that it would be a woman and not one of the
muscle bound men that surrounded her. 'Oh well,' she thought to herself,
standing up from the machine and wiping it down. She was starting to get
pretty tired and noticed a sauna off the main gym. Pleasant memories of her
time spent in the pleasure domes sauna came rushing back and she decided it
was time to relax. She grabbed a towel outside the room, found a place to
change out of her jeans and wrapped the white fluffy towel around her waist.

The sauna was smaller then the one at Trump Towers but just as hot. It was
empty so she sat down, leaned back and closed her eyes. A few minutes later
she heard the door open and one of the hugely muscled men came in. It was
the same one she had talked to when she first entered the gym. He was wearing
a similar towel around his waist. "Hey," he said and looked over at her. This
time he actually did look at her breasts. He didn't try to hide his gaze

"Hi," Andrea said closing her eyes again. She didn't much care if he stared.

"So you want to fuck?"

Andrea opened her eyes and sat up straighter. That was a little more direct
then she would have expected. "My Spanish isn't all that good, but did you
just say what I think you said?" He nodded with a strange smile on his face.
"Here? Now?" She said.

He nodded again. "In Cuba, sex is legal in any place. As is desnudez."

"What?" She hadn't understood that last word.

"To be naked."


"So? What do you say? You and I?"

"Sure," Andrea said throwing caution to the wind. "Why not, right?"

"Indeed. Why not." He took off his towel and was immediately naked. He
crossed the short distance towards her and knelt down to his knees in front
of her. "I am going to enjoy this very much."

"I'd better enjoy it too," Andrea said with a smile.

The Cuban smiled back and put his hands on her knees. Slowly he spread them
apart until the towel around her slid up her thighs and her pussy came into
clear view. It was already a little moist thanks to the heat of the sauna and
the man in front of her pushed a finger deep into her. "Ohh," Andrea moaned
briefly as it slipped in. She was going to enjoy this.

"Hah, we have not even begun yet." He pulled his finger most of the way out
and then shoved it in once more. He continued the same motion for a while
longer until it came out slippery with Andrea's juices. He pulled his digit
out and brought it up to her lips. "Taste yourself."

Andrea shook her head. She'd never liked the idea of tasting herself and
wasn't about to do it now.

Instead of pressing the matter, the huge man moved forward, still on his
knees, and pressed the head of his cock up to her pussy. Andrea looked down
and her eyes went wide. He was huge. Not any longer then normal, but wide.
Wider than her wrist at least. As he pushed the thick head through she opened
her mouth in a gasp. At the same time, he shoved his finger into her mouth
and by the time she could close it, all she could taste were her own juices.

She heard the door to the sauna open, but she didn't care who was coming
in. All her attention was focused on trying to relax herself enough to
accommodate his extremely wide cock. "Unnnnnngh," she moaned around his
finger as he shoved in another couple inches of his member before stopping.
He pulled out most of the way and Andrea let out a sigh of relief before
he shoved in once more, this time, progressing another couple inches.
"Unnnnngh," she moaned again. Her pussy felt impossibly tight and it tried
desperately to close around his dick but had no success.

He stopped for a second after pulling out once more and looked her in the
eyes, still smiling. "Ready?"

"For what?" Andrea said. Her sweating had increased, despite her current

"For the rest," he said looking down. The tip of his cock was just barely
inside her and Andrea had arched her back to try and make the previous
thrusts a little easier on both of them.

"Yeah, sure." Andrea didn't believe what she was saying but didn't care. She
knew it would feel good once her body became accustomed to it.

"Alright, here we go."

He shoved hard once more this time burying his seven inches to the hilt.
"Ahhhhhhhhrgh." A tear slid down her cheek. It was painful to be sure but it
was also fulfilling. She wrapped her legs around him tightly in the hopes of
stopping him from moving for a few seconds.

"What's wrong?" He said.

"What do you mean what's wrong? You're fucking huge." Andrea didn't
even realize it but she was speaking in English now. He obviously didn't
understand the specifics but he seemed to get the message and held himself
deep inside her. While he waited, his hands moved up to caress her chest.
Her breasts weren't small by any means but his huge hands fully encompassed
them, leaving barely a handful for him to play with.

"They're very firm."

"Yes, I know," Andrea said somewhat sarcastically and still in English. She
felt her breathing slow and she relaxed back against the steps once more.
Her legs loosened around him and slowly he pulled out before shoving back in
again. "Ahhh," Andrea still couldn't hold in the moan. Each time he shoved
into her a loud gasp or a deep grunt exited her lips to accompany it.

The whole routine went on for a good ten minutes and it hadn't gotten any
easier to take him. Each time he pulled out her inner walls tightened and
attempted to close but were quickly forced back open again when he shoved
back inside her. "Are you... unngh, almost there yet?" Andrea asked, this
time remembering to use the proper language.

"No," came the simple reply.

"Can you... ahhh, hurry up please?"

"No," he said again.

Another ten minutes passed. Andrea had been trying desperately to hold off
her orgasm so they could cum together but she knew she wasn't going to make
it much longer and he still showed no signs of finishing up. She held on for
another few minutes and then let out a loud, "ahhhhhhhnnnnn." Her pussy
clenched and her whole body tensed as an orgasm washed over her.

As Andrea continued to writhe in pleasure, the Cuban showed no signs of
slowing down. He continued to thrust through her tight, clenched pussy as
if she weren't even climaxing. Her body rocks and then shook with each new
thrust. The new tighter sensations caused him to tilt his head back and roll
up his eyes as he continued to pound Andrea relentlessly.

"Damn-it, give me a minute," Andrea said hazily. He ignored her and continued
to thrust in and out. The continuous motions didn't let her come down from
orgasm and her oversensitive pussy quickly began building to another less
comfortable climax.

* * *

It was nearly an hour before he finally finished. Just as Andrea thought she
was going to pass out, he pulled out of her and ejaculated over her bare
stomach. "Ahh," Andrea sighed as her pussy finally became vacant for the
first time in an hour.

The towel around her waist had long since been thrown aside and his cum
rolled down her ribcage to collect in her navel and pubic hair. There was a
lot of his hot semen and each spurt seemed to reach further then the last.
By the time he was done a couple minutes later her chest and stomach were
dripping with his semen.

The Cuban left, seemingly not the worse for wear and Andrea lay back against
the steps exhausted. "Holy shit," she said to herself and another shudder
washed over her body. Sweat was rolling down her body next to the cum but she
didn't care. She simply lay there limp.

"That has to have been one of the hottest things I've ever seen." It was a
woman's voice and she was nearby. Andrea opened her eyes to see an attractive
Spanish woman wrapped in a towel from her breasts down to her thighs. "Here,"
the woman handed Andrea a fresh towel.

"Thanks," Andrea said not even moving her arm to wipe herself dry. She was
just too exhausted. The heat had given her a bit of a high during sex and she
was having trouble coming down from it.

"Come on, let's get you out of here," the woman said and Andrea felt hands
lift her up by her armpits.

"No, that's okay. I think I'm going to have a nap." Andrea wanted to do
nothing else but sleep.

"If there's one thing I've learned it's don't have a nap in the sauna. Come
on, wrap this towel around you or everyone's going to see how soaked you

"It's just a little cum. I don't care."

"Hah, you might when you're yourself again." The woman grabbed the extra
towel and wiped all the cum off Andrea's torso. "There." She started leading
Andrea out of the sauna and towards the showers.

"Sorry, I don't think I caught your name," Andrea said starting to wake up
from her haze a bit.

"Catalina. And you are?"


"A pleasure," Catalina said.

Moments later the two women entered the showers and Catalina threw her towel
aside. She kept an arm around Andrea's shoulders and turned on the cold
water. "Holy shit," Andrea said suddenly out of her daze. She jumped back out
of the water. "That's freezing."

"It'll seem colder because you've just been in the sauna for so long. You
should stay in it though. You need to get your body temperature back to
normal or you'll be feeling terrible for days."

"Damn," Andrea said knowing full well that Catalina was right. She cautiously
stepped back into the cold shower and finally worked up the courage to put
her head in the water stream.

"You're a very attractive woman," Catalina said watching Andrea's skin get
soaked with water.

"Thanks, so are you," Andrea said returning the compliment without thinking
too much about it.

"It's too bad you've already got a boyfriend."

"A boyfriend?" Andrea opened her eyes through the running water. Catalina
appeared blurry through the water. "He's not my boyfriend. I just met him
today." Andrea suddenly stopped realizing what she just said didn't bode
too well for whatever Catalina thought of her discretion.

"Ah. In that case it's too bad you like men."

"I like both," Andrea said and closed her eyes under the water again. Her
body was adapting to the temperature and it wasn't as cold as she had
originally thought.


"Really," Andrea confirmed. "I'm here in town with another girl and we..."
She was cut off as she felt a hot mouth close around her nether lips. "Ahh,"
she said as her extremely sensitive pussy was tongued expertly. "What are
you doing?"

"Mmm, mmph," Catalina said through Andrea's sex.

Andrea's legs started to get shaky but Catalina grabbed Andrea's ass tightly
to help her balance. Andrea suspected the other woman probably had some
personal reasons for the opportune spot the she grabbed as well as practical

A few minutes later, Andrea's legs collapsed on her as she shuddered with
another orgasm. Catalina caught her and carefully lowered her to a sitting
position as Andrea continued to shake. "Oh you're good," Andrea said through
her shudders.

"The best," Catalina said with a smile.

* * *

Kitty was waiting rather impatiently in the street when Andrea finally got
outside again to meet her. "What kept you?"

"Sorry, I lost track of time." Andrea had packed her sweaty jeans in her bag
and was wearing only the skintight jumpsuit. To hell with it being recognized
as Invid clothing, she thought. No one without a lot of dealings with them
would recognize it anyways.

"That's okay. You're only half an hour late I guess. Not the worst thing in
the world."

"So did you have fun?" Andrea asked.

"Yeah I guess. Except I don't speak Spanish so I had no idea what anyone was


"Have you noticed any of those really freaking huge guys walking around? It
looks like they've been taking steroids for their whole damn life."

"Hah, yeah there were a couple in the gym." Andrea decided it best not to
mention her incident with the man in the sauna unless the subject actually
came up. She didn't want Kitty to start feeling second best again.

"Apparently they all used to be in the military. I guess the military gave
them a bunch of drugs to make them better soldiers."

"How the hell did you find that out if you can't speak Spanish?"

"Oh, one of the guys knew English. I found out a bunch of cool stuff. Did you
know there was an Invid hive just outside city limits? Apparently there's a
whole bunch of them on the island."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. They had some kind of deal worked out. The Invid don't take slaves if
everyone in their prison system does labour for them. Something like that."

"Huh, not a bad idea."

"I don't know, I wouldn't want to be sentenced to three years of slave labour
for stealing a loaf of bread."

"I doubt punishments are that severe, Kitty."

"That's not what I heard."

"Guess we better not break any laws then, hey?"

"Yeah, no kidding," Kitty said.

* * *

That evening the couple found themselves at a bar. It was strange to know the
Invid had really just left but there were no signs of celebration. Again, the
building was strangely deserted. "Do you want to get the hell out of here?"
Kitty asked after about twenty minutes of sitting at the empty bar.

"Yeah, sure," Andrea said finishing off her first beer. "You ready to go?"

"Almost," Kitty said. "Have you noticed how a few women have been wandering
around topless? I even saw one girl completely naked."

"Yeah, strange hey?"

"Yeah. Well I was wondering if you could do me a favour."

Andrea smiled, already knowing the request. "Sure." She disappeared into the
washroom and a few minutes later came out wearing only a pair of jeans.

"No boots?" Kitty asked.

"Nah. It's nice out; there's not a lot of rocks. It'll be fine."

Kitty nodded. "Not as fine as you." Andrea laughed at the bad joke. "Sorry,"
Kitty said. "Couldn't help myself."

"That's okay. Can you believe how dead this city has been? I mean. I've seen
people on the streets. I know they're here," Andrea said trying to figure out
why no one was out doing anything frivolous.

"Yeah, it's weird. And no celebrations or parties or anything. Maybe they
really liked that deal they had with the Invid."

"Maybe," Andrea said and the two rounded a corner. Andrea stopped dead in her
tracks when she saw four of the muscle-bound military men. One of them was
the guy from the gym.

"There she is. I told you we'd track her down. And just like I said, no shirt
again. This chick says slut all over."

"Andrea who are these guys?" Kitty said quietly to her.

"And she's got a friend," the man said walking closer threateningly.

"We'll still have to share, but at least no one will be left out," another
one added.

"Run, Kitty," Andrea said.

"But what are they saying?" Kitty asked.

"Just run. I'll meet up with you at the first hotel we saw coming into town."

"But I don't want to just leave you..."

Andrea noticed the men were getting closer and she turned to Kitty. "Run."

Kitty looked at them and then turned hesitantly back to Andrea. When she met
the other woman's eyes she knew there was no room for negotiation and she ran
back down the street.

"Go after her," one of them said, and another took off at a run past Andrea.

"I don't think so," Andrea said talking in their language again. She ran
at the one going after Kitty and collided into his stomach hard with her
shoulder. He doubled over and fell backwards onto the ground.

"Huh," Andrea said. "You guys aren't so tough after all."

"Oh no? You want to take this one, Andres?"

"Oh yeah, I've got this bitch."

Andres charged but his technique wasn't very good. She kicked up hard when
he approached and hit him square in the groin. He doubled over and before he
could recover Andrea dropped to one knee and grabbed the crotch of his pants.
She began to squeeze and he yelped in pain. "Dirty prostituta," he said
before Andrea, still holding onto his balls, pulled hard forcing him to move
sideways with the yank. She led him face first into a car windshield and it
shattered around his head. He stopped moving and seemed to be fading in and
out of consciousness.

"I don't suppose I want to know what 'prostituta' means? Although I'm sure I
could guess."

The two men remaining looked at each other briefly before charging her.
Andrea did her best to defend herself but the first one she downed got back
up again and caught her by surprise with a right hook to the back of the
head. She immediately felt dizzy and fell to the ground with the next blow.
The three men jumped on her and a few moments later she passed out.

* * *

Andrea came back to consciousness but everything was a blur. She felt a
cord cutting into her bound wrists behind her back and as images around her
started to clear, she realized she was outside of the city on a beach. The
area she was on was grassy but the ocean wasn't more then a few dozen feet

She jumped as coarse hands pulled at the waistband of her pants and slid
down her smooth tanned thighs. Andrea tried to kick but her attacker easily
removed her pants nonetheless. "Guess she's awake again," he said to his two
buddies. Andrea noticed the fourth one, the one she had slammed through a car
window, wasn't there.

"What happened to your buddy?" Andrea said mockingly. "He didn't feel like
joining in?"

"He's in the hospital, bitch."

"So sorry to hear that," Andrea said. "You guys thinking of joining him?"

"Hah, look at that. Her hands are tied and she's still making threats," one
of them said.

"Maybe it's time to show her just how much trouble she's in," the one from
the gym said and he started moving closer. "Open wide," he said kneeling over
her breasts.

"You stick that ugly ass thing in my mouth and I'll bite it off," Andrea
said glaring at him.

"If you bite it off," he picked up a knife from the ground beside him, "I'll
stab this right through you. "I don't think they would have a problem fucking
a dead girl. Now open wide."

Andrea looked up at him and knew he was serious. He shuffled forward and was
shoving his limp dick against her lips. After a minute, Andrea opened her
mouth and he pushed his cock inside her hot, wet mouth. He humped her mouth
for a few minutes but when he realized Andrea wasn't reciprocating, he
stopped and made eye contact again. "Like you mean it now, bitch," he said.
"I'm not even getting hard like this."

Andrea knew there was no other option that would keep her body in one piece
so she licked at the head of his dick inside her mouth and as he began to
shove in and out again, Andrea moved with him, encouraging his cock to its
arousal. "That's better," he said as he shoved his hard member down Andrea's
throat. Andrea gagged as his thick cock forced her throat wider and just as
she started getting low on air, he pulled out.

He held his dripping wet cock over Andrea's face before pulling away and
climbing off. "I hope you appreciate this. That was for your benefit."

"Hah, right. Like earlier in the sauna right?"

"Right," he said simply. He grabbed at Andrea's thighs and pushed them
together before pulling up on them and flipping her over onto her stomach. He
then grabbed her waist and hoisted her up onto hands and knees. Unfortunately
her hands were tied behind her back so it worked out to be more shoulders and
knees. "Man, I haven't done this since I joined the military."

'Done what,' Andrea wondered. Her thoughts were quickly answered when she
felt hands pulling her ass cheeks apart and his wet, incredibly thick cock
press up against her ass. The head of his member pressed up against her anus
and with no warning he shoved it past her sphincter and into her bowels.
"Ahhhhhhhhhngh," Andrea moaned in pain.

"That's right bitch. How do you like having a real man in your ass."

He shoved in again and Andrea let out another loud "Auuuuugh." She did her
best to turn her head and look up at him. "You're sure as hell not a real

"Shut the fuck up," he said and shoved hard again, this time burying himself
to the hilt. Tears were forming at Andrea eyes and she could only hope that
he would cum sooner then he had the last time.

He went at her hard for about five minutes but like before in her pussy, he
was so thick that she couldn't grow accustomed to his size. Each time he
pulled out, her bowels tried to close around the empty space and then he
shoved back in again to tear her open once more.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Andrea said in English when she had finally caught her
breath. It hurt like hell. "Damn-it, can't you fuckers keep your dicks in
your pants for once in your damn life."

"I don't know what you're saying," he said. "But the moans are music to my
ears." He shoved in to the hilt again and this time held himself there. His
balls hung down by her pussy and his pubic hair tickled her tailbone. He
held her against him tightly and flipped over so he was lying on his back
and Andrea was on top. The motion with him buried so deep inside her was as
painful as all the thrusts and Andrea let out another yelp.

"Fuck," she said again as he released her hips and she found herself sitting
on top of his hard cock.

"Your turn to do the work, now. Ride me."

"Fuck." Andrea lifted herself up and sighed as her ass was vacated. With the
head of his cock in her ass, she debated just pulling away completely and
making a run for it but she knew she was too sore already. She would be
slowed and they'd catch up to her. She closed her eyes and cringed as she let
her weight sink her back down again on his cock. "Unnnn," she gritted her
teeth and held her breath until she lifted herself up once more. Again she
debated making a run for it, but again she talked herself out of it.

"Oh man, I can't take anymore," one of the bystanders said and shoved Andrea
onto her back. The man's cock was still deep in her ass but now she was lying
down and it left her other attacker with a clear view of her exposed pussy.

"No," she said worried. "Not at the same time. You guys are too big."

"I love it when they talk dirty, don't you?" He said to the one in her ass.

"Oh yeah," the man underneath her said. "So what are you waiting for. Shove
it in. You too, Terrance. Her mouth is still available. Just keep your
sweaty-ass balls out of my face."

Andrea's wrists were starting to fall asleep underneath her back when one of
the two remaining men pushed his hard cock up against her pussy. He was just
as wide as the one in her ass and maybe even a little longer. "Unnnnnnnnghh,"
She moaned and grunted as he shoved the head of his dick into her tight
pussy. The cock in her ass didn't leave much extra room inside her body and
when he shoved to the hilt inside her sex, she thought she would split right
down the middle. "Fuuuuuck."

Tears were forming again and as she opened her mouth to moan once more she
found it stuffed with the third man's member. "Mmmph," was all that came out
as he shoved it deep inside her mouth.

It took the men about ten minutes to finally find a rhythm that worked for
them and Andrea cringed at each new attempt. She was sweating and her shining
breasts pointed up into the sky defiantly. The one in her pussy finally got
tired of staring and grabbed onto them tightly. It was then that Andrea found
a whole new source of pain. "Mmmmph," she moaned again through the dick in
her throat. Her jaw was opened so wide it hurt and her throat felt raw. She
knew her teeth were scraping along the man's dick but he didn't seem to care.

For the next half-hour, no one came. Andrea simply bounced helplessly back
and forth between the cocks inside her three holes. At one point, the man in
her mouth turned around to face down her body and the new angle let him go
even deeper into her throat. She quickly found herself deep-throating his
monster cock each time the ones in her nether regions shoved in.

Another thirty minutes passed and Andrea felt incredibly weak. Her breathing
was shallow and she felt sleepy. She knew barely keeping enough oxygen to
keep conscious and her constant gagging and hacking around the cock in her
mouth wasn't helping her get anymore. Her chin and cheeks were covered with
pre-cum, saliva and bits of spit-up.

Finally, she felt the one in her ass shove in harder then anytime before and
a torrent of hot liquid exploded deep into her ass. "Mmmmmph," Andrea moaned
through the cock in her mouth before she began gagging once again. At that
moment the one in her pussy came and Andrea was pleasantly surprised when he
pulled out midway through his orgasm to deposit the last half of his seed
over her stomach and pubic hair.

When the second one from her pussy had finished coming and sat back to watch
her wide gaping hole, the one in her mouth pulled out and pushed his cock
between her breasts. Even holding them together he couldn't wrap them all
they way around his dick but it seemed to accomplish what he was going for.
A few minutes later, with a limp cock still pulsing in her ass, she felt a
stream of hot fluid squirt against her stomach and ribs. He then pulled away
from her breasts and deposited the rest of his cum higher up on her torso.
By the time he was done, she was covered in so much sticky goo that she
couldn't even make out her own nipples.

"That was the best fuck I've ever had in my life," the one in her ass
said. He rolled her onto her side and pulled out. Andrea was still weak and
returned to laying limply on her back as soon as he was out from under her.

"Yeah. That'll teach her to fuck around with us."

Andrea tried to say something but nothing came out. Her throat was too
hoarse. With a few more playful squeezes and one guy sticking three fingers
up her pussy just to get a squeal out of her, they finally picked up her
jeans and got into a jeep that Andrea hadn't noticed. They drove off to the

"Shit," Andrea said to herself realizing her predicament. Her hands were
tied, she was covered in cum, and she had no clothes to wear. Not to mention
the fact that she had no ride back to town and her nether-regions hurt like

* * *

It had been a few hours of walking, but Andrea finally saw the town in the
distance. Another hour later she was walking down one of the side streets
trying to make her way back to the hotel. A lot of the cum from her chest
had dripped down her body and slid down the length of her leg but enough of
it was still left to mat down her pubic hair and cover her torso in a layer
of dirty white slime. She was walking more than a little bow-legged but was
lucky enough not to encounter anyone on the streets. Each step hurt and when
she saw Kitty standing outside of the hotel she felt incredibly relieved.

"Andrea!" Kitty ran forward upon seeing her but slowed when she got a good
impression of Andrea's current condition. "Oh my God, are you okay?"

"Peachy," Andrea whispered hoarsely. Kitty grabbed her under the arms and
helped her into the hotel and up to her room.

"Did all three of them...?"

"Yeah," Andrea said. "Listen, if you don't mind I'd rather not talk right
now. I just want to get some sleep."

"Uh, yeah. Sure."

Andrea collapsed into bed, not even bothering to clean herself and Kitty
curled up behind her. Andrea immediately fell asleep, wrapped safely in her
friends' arms.

* * *

Andrea woke up some time in the morning to Kitty smiling at her. "How do you

"Better," Andrea said no longer feeling her sore throat. Her ass and pussy
didn't hurt as much either.

"I got you some pain killers. They should be working by now."

"Yeah, they must be. I feel okay."

"I've already told the police about what happened and they want to talk to
you as soon as possible. They said they would come by and I just have to tell
them when."

"Now is fine," Andrea said sitting up. She looked at her cum caked chest. It
was dry and flaking off. "I'm going to go have a shower."

"No, you have to stay like you are. They said they want to keep as much
evidence as possible intact."

Andrea frowned and lay back down again. "Okay. I'll just wait here."

"I'll be right back, okay?"

Andrea nodded and closed her eyes once again. She must have drifted off
because the police seemed to appear only a few minutes later. There were two
of them and they were carrying a medical kit with them. "Can you tell us what
happened Ms...?"

"Just Andrea is fine," she said. She explained the situation while one of the
officers looked at her throat and then moved on to her bruised chest and sex.

"That's a shame," one of the officers said when she was done. "If these guys
are former military, which I'm sure they are by the sounds of it, there's not
a lot we can do."

"What do you mean there's not a lot you can do?"

"Well, how our justice system works is quite simple really. There aren't a
lot of crimes, really only various forms of theft and assault apply with our
laws but punishments are very harsh. Unfortunately, former military officers
and government officials are partially exempt."

"Exempt? How?"

"The drugs used to increase their strength and agility also adversely
affected their emotions. It left them a little screwed up. So as a thanks for
going through the process to defend our country, the government decided that
a certain amount of leniency would be in order when they commit crimes."

"How much leniency?"

"A great deal, much to our dismay. Minor crimes they are completely exempt
from and major crimes such as murder, rape and heavy assault, they're given
five freebies before being charged for one of them. And even then their
sentences are halved."

"You're kidding."

"I'm afraid not," he said frowning. "So unless these guys have already
committed five similar crimes, there's nothing we can do except put it on

"Great," Andrea said to herself.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am, it's just how it is. I don't like it any more than you

"Yeah, well thanks for coming by."

"No problem. Just let us know if you need anything else. The department
offers free counselling to rape victims."

"Okay," Andrea said still a little depressed about the whole thing. "But I'll
be fine."

"Mm," he said. "You're tougher then I would be."

* * *

It was a few days later and Andrea felt normal again. Kitty and her had
mostly stayed in the hotel and relaxed when Andrea decided it was time to get
back out on the town again. It had been a three hours argument with Kitty but
she finally won the right to return to the gym alone and she intended to do
just that.

Over the last few days she had found out that the town had become dependent
on goods the Invid supplied through slave labour. Now, with the Invid gone
everyone was pretty worried that their economy would fall apart, hence all
the people saving their money as opposed to going to the bar or gym. But to
win her gym argument, she had to give in to Kitty's demand that she leave
it all alone. Kitty had insisted that they were on vacation and didn't need
any extra distractions.

She also picked up some new clothing over the previous days, including a new
tight white tank top and a pair of black spandex shorts for exercising. She
soon found herself wearing just that and walking through the gym entranceway
once more. Inside Andrea gave a sigh of relief to see no sign of the thug she
had met there last time. Andrea did see one person she recognized however.
Catalina was doing leg exercises and stopped when she saw Andrea approaching.
She got up and met Andrea half way. "I didn't know if you were going to come
back here or not."

"Yeah. Made it back. I uh... had a bad experience a few days ago and I've
just been getting better."

"Oh no, what happened?"

"I don't really want to get into it, but I'm fine now."

"Okay, fair enough. Hey listen, I'm having a party tonight with a few friends
that you're welcome to come to if you want."

"Oh yeah? What's the party for? I heard things are kind of tight around here,
money wise."

"Oh I've got enough that I'm not worried. The party is just a monthly thing
that some girlfriends and I put on. No men allowed, if you get my drift."

"Well, I'll think about it."

"I really want you to come. I think it would be fun. Bring that girl you're
in town with too. The more the merrier."

"I don't know if that's really her thing..."

"Come on, Andrea. Make my day. Say you'll come along."

"I'll try," Andrea said smiling at Catalina's insistence. She was actually
kind of flattered.

"Do I need to be a little more persuasive maybe? Show you what you're

"What do you mean?"

Catalina moved closer until she was only a few inches away and Andrea felt
fingers dance on the outside of her shorts. They were moving towards her

"What are you doing?" Andrea asked, looking around to see the four or five
other gym members going about their business. She could feel Catalina's
fingers pushing the tight material into her slit.

"Convincing you. If you don't want a big wet spot in your crotch while you
work out you'll promise to come tonight." Catalina smiled playfully.

"I can't promise but I'll talk to Kitty and see if she has anything planned."

"Not good enough," Catalina said as she started applying more pressure. She
rubbed her fingers around Andrea's labia and Andrea knew she was starting
to get wet. The material was providing an unusual and quite pleasurable

"Look, I can't promise, so I don't know what you're trying to accomplish,
ooo, here." A couple of people looked over briefly when Andrea let out her
"ooo," but immediately turned their attention back to what they were doing.
Catalina leaned in close and breathed hotly into Andrea's ear.

"Are you sure you can't promise?" Catalina grabbed Andrea's earlobe between
her lips and played with it a moment. Andrea immediately tensed and more
wetness poured out from between her legs. There was a small patch there now
and it was growing bigger.

"I'm sure," Andrea said and squeezed her thighs together to try and
discourage Catalina's exploratory fingers.

Catalina breathed into Andrea's ear again. "Sure, sure? Or kind of sure?"

Andrea knew she would orgasm soon and then it was game over. She would cum
more then enough to leave a noticeable wet patch in her crotch. "Okay, okay,
I'll come."

"Promise?" Catalina shoved her fingers hard into Andrea's pussy, imbedding
more of the material into her hole.

"I promise," Andrea said breathing heavily.

"Great. I'll see you at seven. Here's the address," she slipped Andrea a
piece of paper and started walking away.

"Wait," Andrea said.


"You want to go to the showers and uh... finish what we started?"

Catalina smiled teasingly. "You'll just have to wait until tonight." Catalina
turned and left. Andrea didn't get much exercising done after that.

* * *

Andrea arrived at Catalina's apartment just before seven. Surprisingly,
Kitty had been in favour of the idea but had said she would be a little late
because she wanted to attend to something first. She knocked and someone she
didn't recognize quickly opened the door. The woman was black, very
attractive and wearing red panties with a matching push up bra. "You must be
Andrea," she said. "My name's Ashley. Come on in."

Andrea entered the apartment to find four other women present, all wearing
panties and a matching bra. Suddenly, in her tank top and jeans she felt
severely overdressed.

"Hey, Andrea!" It was Catalina's voice and Andrea turned to see her in a
black set of underwear. "Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention the dress code.
Where's your friend?"

"She'll be here. She just said she'll be a little late."

"Ah, excellent."

"So you do this every month?"

"Normally more often actually but we've been busy lately."


"So are you just going to stand there all overdressed or are you going to get
rid of those things?"

"I don't have any underwear."

"We actually have a rule about that. No underwear means no clothes at all."

"Hah, and you just forgot to tell me about the dress code, eh?" Andrea

"Just slipped my mind," Catalina smiled knowingly.


"So get on with it already."

Andrea smiled and looked down. Without hesitation she grabbed the base of
her shirt and pulled it over her head, thus exposing her raised breasts. She
dropped the shirt to the ground beside her and stood there for a moment. Two
of the women were elsewhere in the room but the other three were watching her
intently as her arms went back to her sides and her breasts fell into their
normal position, still firm and pointing forwards.

"Hah, you don't need a push-up, that's for sure," the third woman, Andrea
hadn't been introduced to said.

"Thanks." Andrea wasn't sure what else to say so she hooked her thumbs into
her pants and began pulling them down. At first the slow motion revealed the
smooth curves of her hips, then the first hint of pubic hair, before finally
passing her ass and falling to her ankles. She stepped out of her pants and
kicked them away, now fully naked in front of the group.

"Damn, I hope you move to Cuba," Catalina said. "I'd love it if you could
make it to all of these parties of ours."

"You're not the only one," Ashley said.

Meanwhile, Catalina walked around behind Andrea seductively. She placed her
hands on Andrea's hips and pressed herself up against Andrea's muscular back.
"You still ready from this morning?"

"Are you kidding?" Andrea said turning to look at her.

"Uh uh, face forward." Catalina's hands left Andrea's hips and her body
pulled away.

"Where are you going?"

"To get something," she said musically.

"What are you getting?"

"You'll see." Andrea heard her moving around and about a minute later she
came back behind her and put a hand on her lower back. "Bend over."

"Bend over?" Andrea questioned.

"Hey, whose party is this anyway?"

"Okay, okay," Andrea bent over at the waist.

"Now grab your ankles."

Andrea grasped her ankles now feeling completely exposed. "What are you
doing?" She asked again as one of Catalina's hands slipped around towards
her stomach to help support her.

"This," Catalina said as she shoved some kind of object deep into Andrea's
ass. It was lubricated so it went in fairly easily.

"Ahh," Andrea said in surprise. Instinctively she moved into a standing
position and turned to look at Catalina. Her ass clenched around the object
with the new position. "What the hell is that?"

"I told you, you'll find out. Now get back down there."

"You going to take it out?"

"Sure," she said with a smile.

Andrea looked at her sceptically but bent over again and grabbed her ankles.
Her breasts hung down in-between her arms and she caught Lesley staring at
them. She felt a hand on her stomach again for support and all of a sudden
Catalina shoved, pushing it in another couple inches. "Ah," Andrea said
standing up again. "Come on."

"Okay, okay," she said seriously. "I'll take it out."

Andrea bent over again and next thing she knew the object was inside of her
another two inches. "Unnph," it was starting to get in a little far now. This
time when she stood up she could clearly feel it deep in her bowels, curving
slightly with the changed position of her body. "I think that's far enough,"
Andrea said.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Catalina took a step back to admire her handy
work. The object, which Andrea could now see in a reflection, was a double
dildo and about half of it was inside her. The rest poked obscenely out from
between her tightly clenched cheeks.

"Here, come on and lay down," Catalina said gesturing to the kitchen table.

"On the table?"

"Sure, why not?" She helped Andrea up and lay her down with ass pointing
skyward and the dildo protruding out of it. After she was set up, Catalina
got onto her knees on the table and squatted over Andrea's ass. Slowly she
lowered herself down on the large rubber phallus until her thighs pressed
hard against Andrea's ass. She put a hand between Andrea's shoulder blades
and began to ride her, slowly moving up and down.

The dildo was deep enough inside Andrea that it didn't move out very much
as Catalina did her thing so Andrea simply rested face down on the table,
enjoying the thought of the dark haired woman squatting over her, humping
up and down. Catalina's breasts bounced up and down with her motions as she
drove herself closer and closer to orgasm. Soon she was twitching and writing
on top of Andrea, using her hand on Andrea's back to keep her balanced, as
an orgasm washed over her. "Unnnnnnnhhhhh," she moaned pleasantly as her
climax went on. The other girls had moved on to other things but a few looked
over to watch when they heard Catalina cry out in orgasm.

"That was nice," Catalina said after finally coming down from orgasm. She
lifted herself off of Andrea and stepped down from the table. Slowly, Andrea
worked herself backwards until she too was standing on the ground once more.
She reached behind her to pull the dildo out. "No," Catalina said quickly.
"Leave it in."


"Cause it's fun."

Andrea sighed but left it in as she was instructed. "So, when do I get that
orgasm you promised me earlier?"

"Oh, don't worry about that babe. You'll get plenty."

"Good," Andrea said smiling.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Lesley approaching from
behind. The black girl moved quickly and before Andrea could move stabbed her
through the butt cheek with a syringe. She emptied it into her.

"What the fuck is that?" Andrea said suddenly very angry. She wasn't going to
just stand for random needles of unidentified substances.

"Oh nothing you need to worry about," Catalina said, still smiling

"I doubt that very much," Andrea said aggressively. "Now what was in that?"

"Just a little something to help everyone enjoy the evening a little more."
Andrea felt extremely light headed. "Oh don't worry. You'll pass out for a
bit but when you come to you'll feel fine. No one's here to hurt you."

Andrea took a couple awkward steps forward and stumbled. She fell to the
ground and passed out.

* * *

Andrea awoke on her stomach. Someone was behind her riding the double dildo
in her ass and Catalina was directly in front of her, staring pleasantly into
her face. "How do you feel?"

"Fine," Andrea said smiling up at her. She felt strange. She knew something
was weird about it but she felt absolutely head over tails in love with the
woman she was staring at. "Sorry I got mad at you before I passed out."

"Oh don't worry about it. You just enjoy the evening okay?"

"Okay," Andrea said happily. "I love you."

"I love you too babe." She leant forward and kissed Andrea passionately on
the mouth. Andrea returned the kiss with even more lust and when Catalina
tried to break the kiss, she didn't let her. She pulled her body forward so
she was lying on top of Catalina and by proxy, the dildo slipped out of
whomever was riding her. She pressed her body into the mostly naked woman
beneath her and deepened the kiss. One of her hands slid upwards until it hit
the fabric of the woman's bra and she moved it over her lovers' semi-clothed
breast, touching and groping as she would someone she loved. "Mmmm," Catalina
moaned pleasantly through the kiss.

Meanwhile, whoever was riding her from behind got back in position and pushed
the dildo up inside her pussy once more. Andrea felt the soft folds of the
other woman's labia press against her ass hole and her thighs press against
her buttocks. At least until she lifted up again and came back down once
more, this time with extra force.

"Mmph," Andrea grunted as the hard impact sent her crotch into Catalina's
thigh and the dildo deeper inside her rectum. She continued kissing and
started rocking back and forth slightly, thrusting her pussy against
Catalina's leg.

"You are a horny devil aren't you," Catalina smiled.

"You don't know the half of it," Andrea said pumping harder against
Catalina's thigh. "Mmph," she grunted again as the woman behind her came down
on her ass again. "Who's behind me?"

"Why don't you look?"

"Because then I'd have to take my eyes off of you."

Catalina smiled. "It's Tara."

"What does she look like." Andrea began to kiss at Catalina's neck while she
continued gently fondling her tightly restrained boobs.

Catalina put her head back and looked up hazily at Tara. "She's 23. She has
the sexiest black hair that's flowing down past her shoulders just as far as
her dark firm nipples. Her skin is tanned with no tan lines. She has bright
blue eyes and the most gorgeous breasts in the world. Large, but not too
large, you know? Rounded, with stiff little buds sticking out of the middle.
Her right nipple is pierced with a gold stud and her stomach totally flat.

"Right now her curly dark pubic hair is tight against your ass. I can't even
see the dildo between the two of you."

"Mmm," Andrea moaned near orgasm from her humping and from Catalina's

"Oh, there it is," Catalina said as Tara lifted herself off before coming
down once more. "It's blue plastic and it's shining with all her cum. Her
back is arched and breasts pointing upwards as she's moving up and down on
that dildo. I can't see it but I know how tight her ass is and in her
position it's got to be the most gorgeous heart shaped thing you've ever

"Mmm," Andrea moaned again. This time she could feel Tara's tickling pubic
hairs in the crack of her ass.

"She's starting to get flushed," Catalina continued. "I think she's going to
cum. Her stomach is tighter and her breathing just increased." Sure enough,
Andrea could hear a regular panting noise as Tara breathed in and out. Her
skin is covered in sweat and glistening in the rooms' light. She looks so
damn sexy, Andrea."

Tara shoved down again and this time curled forward, making no effort to lift
herself up again.

"She's coming," Catalina said. "She just leaned forward and her breasts are
hanging down above your back. Her teeth are clenched and she's shaking. Her
tits are shaking with her, even more then the rest of her."

"Unnnh," Andrea moaned as she came as well. Catalina's thigh was suddenly
coated in Andrea's cum. Almost as much as Andrea's ass was coated in Tara's

After another minute Tara stood up and with a long "Schhhhluck" was free of
the dildo. Andrea could feel it rocking slightly in her ass, pressing against
the different interior walls. Her orgasm briefly intensified and then she
finally wound down. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"That must be your friend," Catalina said smiling. "You want to get up so I
can go answer that?"

"Sure," Andrea said and carefully stood. She was still a little wobbly.
Catalina gave her a quick kiss and walked pass her towards the door. Andrea

Andrea walked to the door with dildo still imbedded deep in her anal
passageway. It moved side to side with each step and was one hell of a turn
on. As she approached, Catalina opened the door, wearing only her push up
bra. Andrea walked up behind her and saw Kitty standing in the doorway. "Hi,"
Kitty said.

"Hi," Andrea said back, playing with the latch on Catalina's bra. She got it
undone and it fell to the ground. Catalina only smiled at Kitty and stood
aside so she could come in. Meanwhile, Andrea reached around the dark haired
woman and grabbed her breasts firmly while simultaneously rubbing her crotch
against the woman's ass.

"You've certainly got into the mood," Kitty said, staring at Andrea dry
humping Catalina. "Hi, I'm Kitty," she said turning to the homeowner.

"Catalina," the other woman said. "Cat for short. Isn't that an irony? Kitty
and Cat."

"Yeah, guess so," Kitty said smiling awkwardly. "So, looks like you guys have
already got the party started."

"Sure have," Cat said as Kitty walked by. Cat gave a quick nod to Lesley
and as Kitty walked by her to go deeper into the apartment, Lesley quickly
stabbed a syringe into Kitty's thigh. The woman almost immediately passed
out and Lesley caught her before she fell to the ground.

"What did you just do, lover?" Andrea said to Catalina, still groping her

"Just a little fantasy of mine. Will you do something for me, Andrea?"


"Fuck her for me while she's unconscious."

Andrea smiled and released her grip on Cat's breasts. "Sure," she said and
walked over to her still fully clothed friend. In a matter of seconds she had
ripped off Kitty's clothes and rolled the lithe naked woman onto her back.
Andrea looked down at her unconscious body and smiled. If this would make
Catalina happy it would certainly make her happy as well. Her eyes ate up
Kitty's small, nearly flat breasts, her incredibly thin waist and her tiny
hips. One of her legs lay casually splayed to one side and she could see the
pink lips of her groomed pussy just poking through the short thin red curls
of her muff.

"This is going to be the hottest thing I've seen all month," Cat said quietly
to Tara.

"No doubt about that," Tara whispered back.

Andrea glanced back to Catalina with a smile before dropping to hands and
knees and crawling over top of her passed out friend. The dildo still stuck
out obscenely from her ass, just like a tail and Andrea bent down to kiss
Kitty on the lips. As expected there was no response but she continued to
kiss nonetheless. Once her lips were coated in a thin sheen of saliva Andrea
moved downwards, kissing first at her chin and then her neck.

She soon arrived at Kitty's breasts and kissed at her non-responsive nipples.
They didn't harden anymore than they did twitch as Andrea twirled her tongue
around the tiny buds that topped up the small mounds of soft pale flesh.
Andrea felt herself getting wet again and continued moving down Kitty's body,
kissing along her ribs and stomach. The tiny hairs on her stomach stood up as
she continued downwards towards her muff. She gave the length of Kitty's slit
a long lick and then sat up and pressed her crotch against the redheads.

"Mmm," Andrea moaned as soon as her sex made contact with Kitty's moist slit.
She was so turned on that the slightest touch was sending waves of pleasure
through her body. She pressed her pussy harder into Kitty's until her lower
lips melded into the other woman's and started rubbing herself against
Kitty's sex. "Unnnh," Andrea moaned again as the constant friction stimulated
her clit.

She humped harder and lifted one of Kitty's legs straight up into the air to
get a better angle. Her breasts rocked up and down as much as Kitty's did.
Kitty's arms and head limply moved up and down with each motion, her body
still acting unresponsive. Andrea briefly felt a pang of guilt as she saw
Kitty move at her mercy but it quickly passed and all she was left with was
a feeling of love towards Catalina.

Andrea continued to hump her partner hard for the next five or ten minutes
until an orgasm built up and she tensed up. Kitty continued to lay motionless
as Andrea's pussy pulsed against the redheads' and let out a light trail of
liquid. "Unnnnggh," Andrea moaned again before gasping in a lungful of air.
Her body was twitching against Kitty's and her hand instinctively sought out
Kitty's small breast to squeeze into a small cone.

When Andrea's orgasm has subsided, Catalina couldn't take it anymore. She
literally pounced on Andrea and tackled her to the ground. For the next hour,
Andrea didn't have a minute to herself. When the other women weren't having
sex with each other, they were doing it with her.

A while later, Kitty began to stir and slowly moved into a sitting position.
"Andrea?" She said feeling the sticky caked on cum around her crotch. She
looked over to see Andrea humping one of the women frantically while Catalina
used the double dildo sticking out of her ass. Kitty moved over. "Andrea?"

"Oh, umph, hey Kitty."

"Andrea, we have to get out of here."

"Tell her you want to stay, lover," Catalina whispered into her ear.

"I want to stay with Catalina."

"What? But they just fucking drugged me."

"She knows what she's doing. Besides, you don't just abandon the woman you

"The woman you love?" Kitty said.

"Yeah. You have a problem with that?"

"Why don't you let her stay," Catalina said. "You can leave if you want."

"If Andrea stays, I stay."

"If you stay, you have to participate."

The comment was obviously made to discourage Kitty but it didn't work. She
was feeling particularly stubborn. "Fine, but I'll only do it with Andrea."

"Fine." Catalina stepped off of Andrea, thus once again exposing half of the
dildo to the room. "You can have my spot."

She turned Kitty around and forced her towards Andrea so the two were ass
to ass. Then, with Tara's help, she held Kitty in place while she lined up
the dildo with Kitty's back door. Once the head of the cum slick dildo was
pressing against the lithe redhead's tight rosebud, Catalina grabbed her
thighs and shoved hard until a loud slap indicated her ass cheeks had
connected with Andrea's. "Ahhhrrrgh," Kitty moaned out, half in surprise
and half in pain as she was suddenly filled deep into inside her bowels.

"There you go, enjoy," Catalina said as she gave Kitty's left breast a quick
hard grope before moving on.

The rest of the night went in pretty much the same fashion with Kitty either
on top of Andrea taking it up the ass, or underneath getting her pussy humped
by Andrea's.

Eventually most everyone went to sleep but Andrea still refused to leave.
Kitty's only hope was that Andrea would be more reasonable in the morning.

* * *

"Andrea, wake up." It was Kitty's voice.

"Hm?" Andrea said slowly coming around.

"We have to get out of here."

"Why would I want to do that?" Andrea was looking over at Catalina lovingly.

"Think about it objectively. Would someone you love stab me with a needle and
knock me out? And would you suddenly start loving them out of nowhere for no
reason? Think about it Andrea."

"Look, love doesn't always make sense."

"But some parts of it do," Kitty insisted. "Some parts always do. Do you
remember any of them giving you a shot?"

Andrea appeared to be thinking about it. "I guess so..."

"Why would they do that? Why would they invite you here and then drug both of

"I..." Andrea was looking much more confused. "I don't know."

Kitty nodded, encouraged. "Please, Andrea. We have to go. If you still love
her in a few days when everything has had a chance to wear off then you can
come back. But if not... The risk is just too high."

Andrea looked to Kitty and then back to Catalina. "But I love her."

"Let's decide that in a few days. Okay?"

Andrea paused again but eventually nodded. "Okay."

"Okay. Come on." Kitty stood up and walked to the door silently. The others
were all still sleeping in the main room, but with a little effort, the two
managed to leave unnoticed.

Once Catalina was out of sight, Andrea found her 'love' for the other woman
quickly fading. By the time she had eaten breakfast and downed a couple of
coffee's she wasn't just over it, she was pissed off. "I want to go to the
police," Andrea said finishing her last sip of coffee. "I'm not going to let
her get away with that kind of shit."

Kitty nodded. "Let's go, then."

* * *

"And after that, you two left the apartment without being noticed and came
directly here?" An officer by the name of Joe was talking.

"Not quite," Andrea said. "I still wasn't feeling myself so we stopped to get
breakfast. I guess Kitty was hoping it would shake me out of it so to speak."

"Hm, guess it worked," the officer said. "Look, I'll be straight with you, I
can arrest and charge them, that's easy enough based on your statement. And
if we do find any of those drugs in her possession it is highly illegal and
that would only solidify your case. However, since the Invid left last week
our legal system has been in shambles. They may not get what you would think
to be an adequate sentence."

"How so?"

"Well as you may or may not know, we gave all prisoners to the Invid. The
Invid would then use them in their harvesting fields and in exchange, they
provided us with necessary goods that we couldn't otherwise find on the
island. Now that that relationship is gone... Quite frankly we don't know
what to do with our criminals. Let alone our economy. It's making everyone
very nervous." He sighed and looked between Andrea and Kitty. "I'm sorry,
I know that our countries problems have nothing to do with either of you
two, I just wanted to make sure you understood the situation."

Andrea nodded and noticed Kitty looking at her with a gaze of warning.
Obviously Kitty didn't want her to get involved. "Do you think I could talk
to someone high up in the government? I may have a solution for them."

"Hah, no offence Ms., but unless you have vast resources at your disposal for
trade, there isn't anything you have thought of that they haven't."

"Can you just get me a meeting please?"

He stared for a minute longer and then nodded. "I can."

* * *

/ One Week Later /

Andrea and Kitty were on their way to the docks again with bags over one
shoulder. "So you actually agreed to exchange goods with these people when
they farm them using slave labour?"

"Those slaves you speak of are all criminals. Besides, they wouldn't budge on
their prison policy. They said it's none of my business and they're probably

"Maybe. It just doesn't seem right that you aren't insisting on any
particular rules in this alliance of cities that you're putting together."

"The rules will come. For now it's hard enough to get them all to work
together, let alone to follow a specific set of laws."

"Hey bitch," the voice belonged to the first ex-military man she had met at
the gym. "Ready for round two?"

Andrea turned to look at him. It was just him this time and he was being
cocky. "Besides," Andrea said to Kitty. "There's advantages to playing by
other peoples rules now and then. Wait here."

Andrea walked over to him. "So? You gonna come peacefully this time? Or am I
going to have to kick your ass again?"

"The only reason you had a chance before is because there were four of you."

"Hah, you may be good but I know I can take you by myself. You don't scare

"I should," Andrea said pulling out a pistol.

"And I'm supposed to believe you'll shoot me? Hate to break it to you but
only government officials and military get the five free crimes system."

"Does that law extend to foreign governments on Cuban soil by any chance?"

"There are no foreign governments."

"And if there were," Andrea said smiling. "What do you suppose they'd say.
Would they grant the same laws?"

The man was looking a little nervous, but mostly he was confused. "I guess

"And you would guess right," Andrea said smiling. "I've officially been
recognized as a military leader by the Cuban government."


"Oh yes." Andrea fired her weapon and the bullet struck the mans' leg.
"That's one strike against me. I have four left you say?"

"Ahh," he yelled in pain and clutched his new wound. "What the fuck is wrong
with you, bitch?"

"Just playing by the rules," Andrea said firing again. This time she aimed
for his shoulder and he yelled in pain again. "That's two."

"You're fucking crazy."

"No, not crazy," Andrea said pointing the gun at his head. "But I don't want
to use more then three on you. Just in case your friends and I run into each
other again. What do you say?" Andrea said taking another step closer and
closing to point blank range. The gun barrel was pointed right between his
eyes. "Do I use the third one now? Or save it?"

"I'm sorry okay? I'm sorry. I won't ever touch you again."

"You won't ever be within 100 meters of me, or my friends again."

He nodded in a panic. "Okay, okay. Deal."

"And if I ever find out you've hurt anyone else like you hurt me... Well
let's just say I still have three strikes left."

He nodded again. He looked nearly ready to cry. "Okay, okay. I'm sorry, it
won't happen again. I'm sorry."

"You say that, but you're still within 100 meters of me."

His eyes went wide and he turned, running the best he could on his injured
leg. Andrea smiled and walked back to Kitty. "That was kind of fun," Andrea
said smiling."

"Mm," Kitty said. "So now what?"

"Now we get to Florida. We lost the last week of vacation to meetings and
diplomacy but if we get to Florida now we should still have some time to
ourselves before the rest of the military shows up."

Kitty smiled happily. "Good idea."

End Part 17

Next: There's five chapters left and next chapter marks the beginning of a
new threat. Or is it an old one. The Invid return, but not in the way you'd


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