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Remember that "Destroids" are kind of like cyclones except 40 feet tall
and non transformable. Essentially walking tanks.

And of course the "R.E.F." or "Robetech Expeditionary Force" is the
military that left Earth to pursue the Robotech Masters after the first
war and before the Invid showed up.

Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 15 - Prelude To War
by Invid Writer

Space - Two months ago

The R.E.F. ship rolled helplessly in the vacuum that surrounded it. The
lights were flickering on and off, and on the starboard side, an oxygen
leak did nothing but encourage its spinning.

"Lieutenant? What's our O^2 level at?"

"Uh," Chris looked at the gauge in front of him. "About 50% and dropping
1% every ten minutes. It must be a pretty major leak."

"Damage control reports they'll have it patched up in 15-20 minutes," a
voice from internal communications said.

"Weapon system status?"

"Worse," Chris said. "We used up our last reserve missiles and lasers
are down to 30%. We need a place to restock and refuel."

"Understood. Communications, send a message to the fleet to rendezvous
at point Beta-15." The Captain rose from his chair and crossed to his
briefing room. "Lieutenant Robertson, join me in my office in twenty."

"Yes, sir," Chris responded quickly. He returned to his instruments but
couldn't help a gut feeling that he wasn't going to like whatever he was
about to hear.

* * *

Chris knocked on the Captain's door exactly 19 minutes later. "Come in,"
came the reply from inside. The door opened, and Chris let himself in.
Captain Montgomery was behind his desk, talking to someone on a monitor.
He looked up to see Chris. "You're early."

"Sorry sir, I..."

He was cut off as the Captain raised a hand to indicate silence and
looked back to his screen. "The short of it is that we're in pretty
serious shape over here. Nothing fatal but at this rate we won't be much
use in another fight either."

The person on the other end sighed. "Alright, we have no choice then.
Carry out your previous orders. I'll be in touch."

"Yes sir," Montgomery responded and turned the monitor off.

‘Sir?' Chris thought to himself. That meant he must have been talking to
an admiral. Chris tried not to think about it too much and remained at

"Have a seat," the Captain said, gesturing to a chair in front of the
desk. Chris raised an eyebrow but sat down. Courtesy, such as it was,
was more than a little uncommon with his superior.

"What can I do for you, sir?"

The Captain sat back in his chair. "As you know, that was the second
Invid fleet we've encountered this month." He paused for a moment,
considering his thoughts. "We know that most, if not all of the Invid
have set up on Earth. We also know that they have never been seen this
far out before. In short, the council has come to the conclusion that
there are only two reasons we'd be seeing them out here.

"One: The Invid are expanding and Earth isn't enough for them any more.
That means they're getting more aggressive and more confident.

"Or Two," he said slower, obviously thinking this was the more likely of
the options.

"There's another faction of them out there," Chris said finishing his
Captain's thoughts without thinking.

Montgomery paused for a moment as if to say something but decided not
to. "That's right." He looked away to a painting on his wall a moment
before returning his eyes to meet with Chris's. "I hate to ask this of
you son, but we need someone to go back to Earth and figure out which
one of the two it really is."

Chris went wide eyed. That wasn't good news at all. At least not for
him. "How do I get past the million or so ships in orbit?"

"Well, R&D think that a small ship could get through if you cut the
power system until you're in the atmosphere."

"How small?" Chris said reluctantly. Already forgetting about the
formality of ‘sir.'

"A modified escape pod."

"Phew," that was small. "And how do I get back?"

"That would be up to you to find out."

"And when would you want me to leave for this?"


Chris nodded. "I'll pack a change of underwear and be on my way."

"Good man," Montgomery said and Chris stood. "One other thing though

"Yes sir?"

"Officially this is about finding what's happening with the Invid.
Unofficially, we've been in space, at war with the Masters, for going on
four years now with nowhere to refuel or rebuild or re-supply. The brass
is taking a long shot. They're hoping the Invid will be thinned out
enough by now that we can launch an assault and retake the planet.
Without some kind of lucky break, this fleet will be out of commission
in approximately ten months."

"I understand. I'll learn what I can."

"I'd expect nothing less," the captain stood formally. "And soldier,"
Montgomery saluted him. "God speed."

Chris returned the salute, thankful for the show of respect, and left
the Captain's office.

Trump Towers - Nearly three weeks ago:

Irene was naked, as she had been for the majority of time over the last
few days. It was late in the evening and after a short walk around the
tower's entertainment floors, she had found a couple of people that were
interested in spending some "quality time" with her.

Rob, was a muscular man probably best described as tall dark and
handsome. He was in the process of being undressed by both Irene, and
another woman by the name of Janice: a petite girl with small
everything. She was about 5'6" (although her high heels added another
two inches) with extremely skinny waist and hips, smaller B cup breasts,
a long slight neck, and long, straight dirty blonde hair. Janice was
standing behind Rob, to counter Irene out front and was currently in the
process of pulling his button up shirt off his arms. She was so far,
still fully clothed and trying her best not to stare at Irene's perfect
physique over Rob's shoulder.

Janice tossed the shirt in her hands behind her and began to walk over
to the bed, drawing the attention of the other two. She walked backwards
with a wide smile as she slowly undid the buttons of her shirt. As she
reached the third button it became obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra
and the open shirt now displayed the entire length of her cleavage.

Irene watched from behind Rob and undid his pants button at the same
time that Janice undid the fourth on her shirt. It revealed a slight
crease travelling from between her boobs and rib cage down through her
stomach and to her belly button. The fifth button revealed her
bellybutton itself and at that point Irene had let Rob's pants fall down
to his ankles. She reached around to grab his hardening cock in her
right hand and pump it casually between her fingers. It responded with a
jerk upwards and Irene clenched her fingers tighter around his
uncircumcised member.

Janice was now standing with her calves up against the bed and working
on the last button of her shirt. She undid it and her eyes lowered to
watch Rob's cock poke out from between two of Irene's fingers. Her gaze
then moved up his muscular stomach and over to Irene's firm grapefruit
sized breasts and light coloured, large pink nipples. Or at least, the
one left boob that she could actually see. The other was hiding behind
Rob's back.

She left her shirt on, finished with the buttons and moved her hands
down to undo the one button on her tight jeans. The zipper undid itself
about half way and the two observers could make out a faint whiff of
dirty blonde pubic hair, springing out from the new opening. That
combined with Janice's shirt loosely hanging over her small tits, but
revealing the entire length of her cleavage, belly button and
occasionally a peak at the curves of her boobs, was a hell of a tease.

Irene rubbed her thumb and forefinger around the head of Rob's cock
lightly before taking her other hand and giving her clit a quick rub.
Janice smiled as she noticed one of Irene's fingers dipping into her sex
and reached her own right hand into her jeans. Irene could make out the
faint trace of her finger, disappearing down the crack of her labia and
inside her own pussy through the thick fabric of her pants. Janice's
pubic hair had all but disappeared behind her hand but it was obvious
from the up and down motion of it that she had a finger tip inside
herself and was using the rest of her fingers to rub along the length of
her sex.

"Mmm," Irene cooed quietly, not even realizing she had done it. "What
does a girl have to do to get in there with you?"

"I can think of a few things, if you want to hear them," Janice said
seductively. She was playing games, and having a hell of a lot of fun
while she was at it.

"You know I do," Irene said.

"Hah, you know /I/ do," Rob added.

"Good." Janice said. "Stand in front of him Irene. Ooo," she squealed
slightly as she dipped her finger back in herself all the way. She was a
little surprised at her own wetness. She hadn't been turned on like she
was in years. "I want to watch as he caresses your breasts."

Irene did what she was told and bent her left knee to put more weight on
the one side and thus provide an even more attractive frontal view for
the other woman. Rob was all smiles as he pressed up against her back
while he cupped her tits and squeezed his fingers eagerly around the
large orbs. He pressed hard enough to leave red finger marks behind each
time he squeezed and Irene moaned constantly. Her nipples stiffened and
she got wetter when she saw Janice's other hand disappear into her shirt
to caress her own right breast.

"Come on Rob, you can do better then that. I'll bet she can barely feel
what you're doing now." Janice said squeezing her own breast hard. Irene
and Rob could only imagine what her two hands were up to, partially
concealed under their respective garments.

Rob pressed harder into Irene's flesh, eliciting an "Ohhh..." from Irene.
Being an Invid sometimes had its disadvantages. Her enhanced strength
and endurance also sometimes meant that her senses were a little subdued
as it took more effort to get her to really feel sensations. And what
she was feeling now was bliss. She felt weak in her legs as her breasts
caused a tingling through her entire body. She could feel Rob's cock
press against one of her but cheeks as he continued to rub. All the
while Janice held a lusty look in her eye.

Irene reached down with both hands to massage her pussy while her
breasts continued reaping the rewards of Janice's instructions. Two
fingers on her right hand dipped into her pussy while all four fingers
of her left, rubbed against her clit in circles.

Janice reached for a bottle of champagne on the night stand before
walking over to Irene. She uncapped it, took a quick drink from the
bottle and then turned it on its side to let it trickle over Irene's
face. Irene opened her mouth to enjoy a drink but when she closed her
mouth to gulp it down the trickle didn't stop and instead covered her
face in the white bubbling liquid. Janice moved Rob's hands away from
Irene's red breasts and gestured for him to take a step back. He did and
Janice poured out about half the bottle over Irene's breasts. The liquid
bubbled as it flowed down Irene's soft skin to either continue downwards
along her legs or slide delicately down to her pussy and drip off her
labia onto the floor.

Janice licked her lips enticingly and then turned the bottle on herself.
She only let a small amount out just below her neck at the collar bone.
It created only a single stream of liquid down through her cleavage,
past her bellybutton and straight into her dusty blonde curls of pubic
hair. A wet mark formed in the crotch of her jeans and she moved her
belly button to Irene's mouth. Irene lapped at the small amounts of
champagne there before Janice pulled her away.

"Mmm, that's enough Irene," Janice said pointing a few feet away towards
Rob. "Why don't you get on your knees there and start to suck him off.
I'm sure Rob would appreciate that.

Keeping both hands busy on her sex, Irene turned her defined back to
Janice and reached her neck out, open mouthed towards Rob's dick.

He was still hard when Irene latched her lips around the head. Her
tongue flicked out to press against the eye of his penis and Irene
wished she had a better view of one of them. She slipped closer to him
and let his entire length into her mouth and down her throat. She'd
gotten pretty good at deep-throating long guys and had no trouble taking
his ten inches in. She left him all the way down her for a minute and
with lips pressed tightly against the base of his penis, she lapped out
with her tongue in an attempt to lick at his balls.

Naturally, she couldn't do too much in that department but she was able
to extend the tip of her tongue out far enough to get passed her lips
and run along in between his two balls. "Oh, God," he said watching her.
He was all the way inside and still she managed to lick at his nuts.
"You're a fucking Aphrodite or something."

The corners of Irene's lips curved into a smile and slowly she pulled
her mouth away. She left her tongue out to drag along the underside of
his cock as her lips pressed tightly against it, as if attempting to
pull the skin along with her. Upon reaching the head of his dick, she
pulled her tongue back into her mouth and pressed it hard against the
head of it once more. "Ohhh," he moaned.

Irene pulled her mouth off him for a moment. A strand of saliva still
connected his manhood to her lower lip. "Can I get a little help here do
you think?" She said to Janice with a smile.

"Well, I don't know," Janice said pulling her hand out of her jeans and
moving a wet pointer finger into her mouth. She sucked it dry, "I've got
a taste of my own to savour here."

"Mmm, that taste is for me to savour," Irene said. "But right now, I
think Rob would appreciate an extra tongue, wouldn't you Rob." Irene put
her mouth back around the head of Rob's dick.

"Oh man, I think I'll die if both of you do that at the same time."

"Well..." Janice pondered, pretending to think it over. "I guess I could
help out." She pulled her other hand out from under her shirt and walked
over with a sway of her lithe hips. Even with the top button undone and
part of the zipper down, her jeans were tight enough that they hugged
her butt tightly. Her shirt swayed side to side as she walked, nearly
providing a glimpse of her nipples, but not quite moving over far
enough. She gracefully moved down to her knees and Irene pulled her
mouth off of his cock to smile at her.

Without hesitation, Janice kissed Irene hard on the mouth. Their lips
pressed together, turning into one as Janice opened her mouth just far
enough for her tongue to protrude and run across Irene's upper lips.
Irene opened her mouth to meet Janice's tongue head on but just as she
was about to touch it with her own, Janice pulled away with another
smile. "You're the worst kind of tease," Irene said fully meaning it.

"I know," Janice said and wrapped her lips around Rob's cock. She
couldn't get it down as far as Irene but nonetheless fit half of it
inside her mouth before pulling back to lick at the head once more.
Simultaneously, Irene bent a little lower to take one of his balls into
her mouth and while the two women worked him over, he wrapped a hand up
in each head of blonde hair. Irene's was a pure, golden compared to
Janice's browner colour.

"Ohhh," he moaned again as Janice filled her mouth full of him once
more. "You two are... ahhh... amazing." Irene switched to his other ball
before licking her way up the side of his cock to where Janice's mouth
was steadily moving back and forth. Janice read Irene's signal and
pulled away once more, keeping her lips tightly against him before they
finally got to the end and separated with a loud pop. She then kissed
Irene briefly and followed her lead to the base of Rob's cock.

The two women each took one of his balls into his mouth before licking
up the length of his shaft in unison. Upon reaching his cock head, they
each kissed it intensely with luscious lips on their respected sides.
"I'm gonna cum," he breathed out and Irene licked her way back down to
his balls. Janice eagerly wrapped her lips around him once more and
stroked her mouth back and fourth just twice before tasting the first
stream of thick salty cum. She swallowed the first squirt eagerly and
let the next few collect in her mouth.

When he finished, She pulled her mouth back and closed it. Irene saw her
and pulled away from Rob herself, moving over for another kiss from Janice.

The two women met, still on their knees with closed lips. They kissed
gingerly and then Irene made the first move. She hugged Janice to her
tightly, holding her close by the small of her back and snaked a tongue
out to probe at her mouth. Janice responded, opening her cum filled hole
and meshing her tongue against Irene's. She tilted Irene's head back and
let the full mouthful of cum drain into the blonde's mouth before
breaking off the kiss and pulling away, still licking her glossy lips.

Irene smiled, thick globs of cum still inside her, as she rose with
Janice to her feet. She kept her hands on the other woman's back and
guided her towards the bed until she was standing flush with it once
more. Irene was done with teasing however and grabbed Janice's shirt by
the collar. "What do you think you're doing?" Janice said playfully.

Without a word, Irene wrenched the shirt apart, ripping it straight down
the back and pulled it off each arm. The move forced Janice's arms out
to the side and therefore her breasts high on her chest. Her nipples
were dark but small like the rest of her. Her nipples looked painfully
hard. "My, you are eager," Janice said just before Irene shoved her
gently backwards onto the bed. Irene straddled her easily and leaned
over her partner. She kept her ass high in the air to provide a good
view for Rob as she bent over Janice and backed up to get her mouth near
her pubic hair.

With a good yank, she pulled down Janice's pants and left them on her
ankles, not wanting to bother with taking off her shoes. Janice spread
her legs as much as she was able and Irene opened her mouth to let the
white, gooey cum slip out of it. It landed on Janice's sex and Irene put
two fingers up to meet it. She slid them around her wet pussy before
pressing them inside. They took a glob of cum with them and it helped
make for easier manoeuvrability. Not that she needed it, Irene realized.
Janice was more than a little wet.

Irene withdrew her fingers and replaced it with her tongue, eagerly
lapping at the whole area. Eventually, sending Janice was near orgasm,
she stopped and slid up her body to kiss her on the mouth. Her breasts
and stomach had turned sticky thanks to the champagne and when she
pressed up against Janice it was difficult to slide against her skin.
"Will you fuck me already?" Janice said, starting to get impatient even
with her own teasing.

"Maybe if you ask nicely," Irene said with a smile. A small drop of
leftover cum still hung from her lip and Janice greedily licked it up.


Irene lowered her mouth and kissed her. "Don't mind if I do." She
shifted her hips slightly so that their legs were splayed and clits
pressing up against each other. Irene propped herself on her elbows to
get a better angle and began to thrust rhythmically.

Rob watched the two of them from a chair on the other side of the room
trying his best to get hard as quickly as possible. Damn he hated being
out of the game.

Irene and Janice continued to hump at increasing speeds. Janice spread
her arms out on either side of her in a fully relaxed position on the
bed as Irene continued to dominate the affair. Her large breasts swung
with each thrust. They were so firm that they didn't appear to hang down
any more than if she were standing or laying on her back.

"You have impossible breasts," Janice said mesmerized.

"Thank-you," Irene said as she transferred her weight to just one elbow
and with her other began to rub at Janice's small tits. "Yours are very
beautiful too."

Janice smiled and leaned up to kiss her. "Oh," she moaned as Irene's
pussy rubbed roughly across her clit. "I..." She breathed heavily, "I'm
going to cum if you don't stop."

Irene smiled. "Then cum. We have all night."

As if on cue, Janice stretched her neck back and shut her eyes,
"Unnnnnn," Her nipples was hard under Irene's hand and Irene stopped her
thrusting to give her a chance to enjoy the orgasm. Janice's hand shot
to her unoccupied breast and started rubbing it vigorously.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh," she moaned again. Irene felt a pulse against her pussy
and smiled. Janice was an ejaculator.

Irene felt the lips of her pussy get wet with Janice's juices. Ejaculate
was probably a little overzealous, but there was a pulsing trail of cum
makings its way regularly out of her sex to mingle with Irene's. When
Janice's orgasm wined down and she was back to breathing regularly, if a
little quickly, on the bed, Irene looked over her shoulder to Rob. "You
ready Rob?"

Rob stood up, a hard-on already forming. "For you it's easy," he said
and came over. Irene pulled Janice's hips to the edge of the bed so that
her legs were hanging off, and kneeled down on the floor between them.
She felt the heat of Janice's crotch press up against her stomach as she
bent over her partner to line her head up with her breasts. Realizing
she was too low, Irene got up to her feet, but continued to lean way
over to press against Janice. She felt Rob's cock press against the
entrance to her pussy.

"No," Irene said, startling Rob.

"No?" he said, pulling away quickly. "What's wrong?"

Irene looked over her shoulder to look up at him. "Not that hole."

Rob smiled and grabbed her hips with one hand. His other lined his cock
up with her ass and once the head of it was pressing gently against the
hole, he started to push his hips forward but stopped after a few
moments. "It's too dry. It's not working," he said.

"I can take care of that," Janice said, squirming out from Irene's
grasp. Her lithe body flexed attractively as she moved and Irene got
wetter while Rob got harder. She made her way around behind Irene who
was now on her feet, bent over with her hands flat on the bed. Janice
dropped to her knees and pulled Rob away.

Without hesitation, she enveloped five inches of his cock into her
mouth. She moved her tongue around it until it was wet with saliva and
then pulled out to lick up and down the base of the shaft until it to
was nearly dripping. "Mmm," thanks he said already on his way back to
Irene's ass.

"Uh, uh. Not so fast," Janice said, putting a hand on his stomach to
stop him. "I haven't gotten /her/ ready yet." Without another word,
Janice turned her attention to Irene. Upon turning around, she found
herself staring at Irene's ass, her cheeks spread. She was already
getting turned on again and was more than ready to get back in but she
had a job to do.

She licked from Irene's pussy up to her ass hole and inserted her tongue
inside as far as it could reach. It had no taste to it, (at least no
taste that was different then any other part of Irene's skin) and she
went on, encouraged. In honesty, Irene hadn't used that hole in weeks
since it was completely unnecessary while she ate only the flower. If
she had human food on the other hand, it worked as per normal.
Nonetheless, Janice seemed to really enjoy eating out Irene's ass and
Irene enjoyed it that much more. She moaned in pleasure as Janice
swirled her tongue around, while still inside and sucked on the pink
rosebud surrounding it.

While she continued to give Irene her rim job, Janice plunged two
fingers into her own pussy as far as she could reach. Once they were
good and wet, she pulled them out and moved them to her tongues current
target. She flicked her wet organ around the exterior of the hole while
at the same time, pressing both fingers deep inside her partner, coating
the inside of her ass with her own cum. She then pulled away, gave Rob a
quick suck to make sure he was still wet, and moved her head out of
Rob's route, but stayed inches away where she could get a good view of
the action.

Rob plunged into her ass the first few inches without any trouble but
after he was about halfway inside, he started encountering more
resistance. "Unnn, I've never been anywhere so tight."

Irene looked over her shoulder at him. "That's a good thing isn't it?"

"Oh hell yeah," he said. "It just means we'll have to take it slower."
He pressed in another inch and Irene flinched.

"Mmm," that feels good.

Janice decided it was passed time to help out and while Rob was shoving
inside Irene, she moved her tongue to the point of contention in the
hopes of making things easier for them. She licked around the edge of
Irene's expanded hole and up and down the half length of his cock that
was still outside her. "More," Irene said and Rob shoved again, this
time making another inch of progress. "More," Irene repeated.

Janice's tongue work was definitely making it easier and while she
continued to lube it up, Rob made it another couple inches. There was
only about an inch and a half left now and Janice was looking down in
aroused awe. She licked around the base of Rob's cock once more and then
did the same for Irene's ass hole and he managed to get the last little
bit inside. "Unnnnrrrrrghhhh," Irene moaned out as he finally planted it
all the way home. "Ohhhh," she rolled up her eyes and Janice continued
to watch. She moved a hand to Irene's pussy and began to casually play
with her partner.

Rob moved in and out of Irene's ass, slowly at first but after a while
it became much easier. In a few minutes he was pounding back and forth
just as hard as he would have been in her pussy. "I, uhhh..." Irene was
trying to speak, "waaaaant youhhhh beneath meeee-uhhhh"

Janice smiled, happy to oblige. She worked her way back onto the bed and
laid down. Irene crawled forwards, careful to keep Rob in her ass and
went into the position the two had been in earlier. Propped up on her
elbows above Janice, her breasts continued to rock back and forth, but
this time with more vigour. She also didn't have to put in any effort of
her own to get friction between her pussy and Janice's thanks to Rob's
effort in her ass. Each time he slammed into her, her hips had no choice
but to buck forward, thus sending her sex directly into Janice.

All three partners were getting closer and closer to orgasm until Rob
set off the chain reaction. He was the first to cum, spreading a load
deep into Irene's ass. The feeling of warm cum inside her caused her own
pussy to clench, and her body tensed. As she shook with orgasm, her
hands clamped down on Janice's breasts hard and that was all the extra
stimulation Janice needed to have an orgasm of her own. She sent more
cum pulsing against Irene's pussy before weakly splaying her limbs out
on the bed. "Oh, God," she said. "That was the best cum I've had in my

"Me too," Rob said collapsing weakly on top of Irene, with cock still
deep up her ass. "Both of them."

Irene smiled. "Good." She squirmed slightly enjoying the feel of the
rigid dick inside her and Janice's smooth body beneath her. "But I only
had one orgasm," she said with a bit of a frown.

"Don't worry," Janice said kissing her lightly on the lips. "Like you
said, we have all night. I promise you'll cum as much as you can handle."

"Mmm," Irene said smiling through a second kiss. "Good."

* * *

"Irene?" Irene immediately recognized the voice as Destiny's. She was
naked and standing in a familiar grass field. "Is now a good time?" She
could see Destiny, also with no clothes walking towards her.

"I'm kind of in the middle of something," she said with a bit of a
frown, thinking about her body, sandwiched between two beautiful human
specimens. "Is it important?"

"Important, but not urgent," Destiny said apologetically. "I can come
back later."

"No, that's okay," Irene sighed. "We're taking a break right now
anyways. What's up?"

"It's about Andrea. I need some advice."

Irene frowned again. "I'm not very good at advice but I'll try."

"I want her to forgive me."

"It's hard, trust me."

"Well what did you do?" Destiny asked curiously.

"Umm... I asked her a whole bunch and followed her around for a while, and
then after that umm... I gave her her cyclone thingy back. Although the
All Mother got kind of mad about it."

"Do you think that'd work again?"

"I don't know, I doubt it. She got kind of pissed off with me following
her around and stuff so I don't think she really liked that."

It was Destiny's turn to frown. "There's also one other thing."


"You've had sex with her right?"

"Yeah a couple of times, why?"

"I don't know. There's something about her. I want her to show me what
it's like but when I asked she got mad at me."

Irene nodded. "She did that to me too. I just kept asking, and she
finally said okay. Maybe that's how she does it with everyone."

"Maybe," Destiny sounded doubtful. "I dislike not knowing more about
human culture. I'd like to have a chance to learn it so I can better
understand them."

"Trust me, it doesn't help," Irene said. "Look, if you really want her
to have sex with you and to forgive you, just keep doing nice things for
her. Try and give her things she needs and help her. That seems to work
for pretty much all humans."

"Okay. Thanks for the advice Irene."

"No problem. Um, I have to go though cause Janice is starting to lick at
my ass again and that felt really good earlier. And with all Rob's cum
in it, I think it'll be even better."


"Never mind. I'll talk to you later okay?"

"Sure. Thanks."

York - One week ago:

"An animal highway?"

"That's right," a tall withered man said with a gleam in his eye. "It's
expensive to be sure but my organization, H.F.A. - Highways For Animals
strongly believes that the survival of indigenous mammals is imperative
to our own health and well being. And with so many being hunted for
food, or taken and experimented on by the Invid, what we propose is a
highway that goes around major cities or Invid hives so that animals
don't have to risk open travel."

Tristen was staring open mouthed, unable to speak. So the old man
continued: "The stretch we propose would travel from Canada's Rocky
Mountains, down the west coast through California and down to Mexico.
Eventually we would be able to expand it eastward across the country for
mammals migrating in that direction."

"I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure mammals migrate North / South. Do
mammals even migrate? Isn't that just a bird thing?"

The old man looked a little flustered. "Uh, we at H.F.A. believe that
they would migrate westwards because they would want to get away from
the radiation left over from the war."

"Uh huh... And how would you get the animals to even use this highway?"

"We were thinking we could put up signs. Basic pictorial instructions,
that type of thing."

Tristen's mouth was still open but he finally found the will to speak.
"Th... Thank-you, I'll take that under advisement."

"I also want to mention," the old man said continuing, "that it would be
safer for humans too since maulings from coyotes and bears would be
significantly reduced and..."

"Two plus two equals a couch," Tristen said interrupting. "That's what
you're trying to tell me right now. Have a good day."

The man nodded and left the room disappointed. Tristen turned to an
attractive redhead named Elizabeth, sitting in the corner of the room.
His mouth, still agape and shaking his head. "Can you believe that?" He
said. "Whose idea was it to have an open house day for government anyway?"

"If you mean allowing everyone to speak up for what's important to them
I think that was your idea." She stood up and crossed over to lean
against the desk using her hip.

"Mental note, I should never allow myself to make decisions on my own."

She laughed. "You're doing fine."

"That's because I haven't had to make any decisions since the last one."
Tristen said exasperated. "So far, everyone that's come in has been a

"Do you want me to send the next person in?" Elizabeth asked undeterred.

Tristen straightened up an unused note pad on his desk and grabbed a
pencil. "Sure. Let's get this over with." Elizabeth disappeared out of
the room for a moment. "I wish Andrea were here," he said to himself

Elizabeth reappeared and she brought a young woman in with her. She was
only wearing a pair of see through, frilly panties and had no top on.
Tristen recognized her as one of the Duke's wives whom had all been
kicking around the Palace for some reason. Tristen did a surprisingly
good job of staring at her face when he looked at her and asked, "What
can I do for you."

"I wanted...." She paused, unsure of herself. She looked to Elizabeth, now
sitting in the corner again before looking back at Tristen. "Never mind,
I should go."

She turned to leave but Tristen stood up from his chair. "No wait. Stay.
What did you want?"

She sighed but looked as if she was going to speak, so Tristen sat back
down. "Can I..." She paused again but Tristen gave her an encouraging
look. "Can I go home to my husband?"

Tristen's jaw dropped once more.

* * *

"Okay, is that everyone?" Tristen asked as another girl, freshly clothed
left the palace.

Elizabeth was quick to respond, "everyone on this sheet. The Duke was a
spotty record keeper to be sure, but I think we've rounded up all his
mistresses and set them free."

"Did he have any other slaves?"

"Not counting the military or criminals? Maybe... I don't really know."

Tristen sighed. "I want you to go out, find someone we can trust. Like
that first girl who came to me. See if she's interested in going through
criminal records and letting any loose who were only convicted for minor
crimes. Then I want to re-establish the ‘justice' system from scratch.
All the old judges are gone. Find new ones and then we do another trial
for each and every person that's been imprisoned for major offences."

He paused to think. "We ditched all the palace guards right?"

"Uh, no," Elizabeth said. "All the Duke's personal guard have left the
city. But the other palace guards are still here."

Tristen sighed. "Transfer them somewhere else in town and bring in new
people here. And find me a couple of personal guards, I feel like I'm
going to be stabbed in the back any minute."

"Hah, look at you, already barking orders," Elizabeth said with a smile.

"Sorry, I didn't mean..."

"It's fine," she interrupted him. "I'll get on it right away."

"Thanks," he said sheepishly.

"We're going to need more help," she said leaving the room. "Think about

Tristen sighed again. He had been doing a lot of that lately. She was
right of course, as usual. They would need more help. There were only a
half dozen people around the city that he actually felt he could trust.
That's not enough to make a government work.

"I'm going for a walk," he said to himself, and then as if daring to
prove himself wrong, he stood up and headed out of the office.

A stroll down the main street did nothing to raise his spirits.
Homeless, the sick, the military, the unemployed, it was all more than a
little overbearing. Not to mention the two people following him
inconspicuously from the palace; obviously new guards.

After nearly two hours of walking, he happened to see Elizabeth inside a
restaurant eating lunch. It was an easy decision to veer inside and ask
if he could pull up a chair. Naturally she didn't mind, and he sat down.
"So when are you going to ask me out?" She asked casually.

"Uh..." Tristen stumbled hopelessly. "I uh... What do you mean?"

"You've been staring at my chest and drooling for the last 24 hours.
Normally people ask me out when they do that."

"I..." He tried to regain himself. "I don't just go around staring at
women's chests." He was already blushing.

"True you did a good job at looking at that wife's face but I guess
clothed boobs are a different matter." Elizabeth drank a sip of water.

"I uh..."

Elizabeth cracked a smile before bursting into laughter. "You can relax,
I was just screwing with you Tristen."

Tristen breathed a sigh of relief. "To change the subject to something
less embarrassing, do you happen to have any ideas for how to fix this
place up?"

Elizabeth frowned. "Start from scratch is the best advice I can give.
But you have specific instructions for the military don't you?"

"Hah, I'd hardly call them specific," Tristen said. "More like, ‘hey
bro, build the military up as big as you can as fast as you can.'" He
paused for a minute. "Yeah, thanks Andrea. That's a real big help."

"Did she say why she wanted it?"

"Nope. Just that it was important."

Elizabeth looked at him seriously. "She's not going to turn this place
into some kind of war town is she? I mean, I think that's a lot to ask
considering what these people have been through."

"No," Tristen shook his head. "She wouldn't do that. I just wish I knew
what she was thinking."

"Mmm," Elizabeth grunted in acknowledgement as she took another bite of
her sandwich.

Tristen tried to round up all the courage he could and when he knew she
was watching, he looked down to stare at her breasts. "Listen, I have
kind of an important question to ask you two."

Elizabeth laughed. "What's that?"

"Do you want to go to dinner on Friday?" He raised his gaze back to her
face with a hopeful smile.

Elizabeth was still smiling. "They say they have to check their schedule
but they're sure they can work something out."

Trump Towers - 6 days ago*

Bob was in the lab working on his latest project. He had been working
straight for a good 18 hours and was finally nearing completion. The
position had been a dream job, just as he had suspected. It had all the
technology he needed to see his ideas through to fruition and he was
getting paid to boot.

He and his assistant, Karla were the only two still in the lab working
since it was next to midnight. She rubbed her eyes, tired as she
finished the last step of the experiment. "All done," she said. She had
a ‘girl next door' kind of look to her and was quite attractive, even
through a bulky lab coat and safety glasses. "How are you coming over
there, Bob?"

"I... I'm almost f... finished, thanks. You can g... go home now if you'd l...

"Ah, you forget, this tower is my home," she said taking her glasses off.

"Oh, r... right. To your room then."

She smiled. "Listen, I was thinking, you're almost done right? So what
if I stay and help you out and then we can go change, get dressed up or
something and have dinner at Los Molinos. I'll pay."

Bob's eyes went wide like a deer in headlights. Los Molinos was a higher
end restaurant at the tower and mainly had two person tables. "Y... you
mean like a d... d... date?" He flushed.

"Yeah, I guess so," she said casually. "How about it?"

"I... I... I don't know if I really have the t... time."

"What else are you going to do? Sit in your room and go over notes
before sleeping?"

"Well, a... actually I intended to..."

"Okay, forget I asked. I'll see you tomorrow, okay Bob?" She took off
her lab coat and hung it up.

"Yeah, o... okay." He went back to his work and didn't even see her leave.
All the while he mentally cursed himself for not being able to say a
simple thing like ‘of course, I'd love to go to dinner.'

Trump Towers - 5 days ago

Irene, Kitty and Thunder were walking down the hall on the 66^th floor,
deciding that they hadn't had a dinner together lately and it was about
due. "Hey sexy," someone called out from down the hall. Irene recognized
it as Janice's voice.

"Hey you," Irene said happily. "You want to come to dinner with us?"

"Oh, no I can't, sorry babe. I've got plans with someone." She winked.
"But if you want to catch up just come by my room later."

"Sure, I'll try. Have a good time,"

"You too," Janice replied and headed off.

"That is the third time today we have been stopped in the hall by
someone calling you sexy."

"Hah, I think Irene has banged half the tower by now," Kitty said

"Not half," Irene said defensively. "Only about two hundred or so."

"Two hundred?" Thunder said appalled. "Two hundred?"

"I told you," Kitty said to him quietly. Irene heard it nonetheless.

"Well... fifty were on one night alone so I don't really count them."

"Two hundred fifty?" Thunder said just as shocked as before.

"Well more like two nights of fifty so I would say closer to three
hundred," Irene clarified trying to remain defensive. "But I liked all
of them. It's not really that much. I mean we've been here three weeks,
so that's like... twenty days which is only like fifteen people a day."

Kitty sighed. But before she could respond they were at the first strip
of restaurants and Irene clutched her arm, seeing someone in the crowd
up ahead. "Oh no, not him." She turned Kitty around quickly and kissed
her hard on the mouth. Kitty flailed vainly but Irene's grip was too
strong and she kept the brunette's back to him at all times. The kiss
lasted about thirty seconds and Irene finally broke it off after seeing
him enter the elevator. "Thanks," Irene said to Kitty gratefully.

Kitty wiped her mouth off. "Don't mention it."

"Who was he, anyway," Thunder asked.

"Let me just put it this way: don't ever let a guy cum in your ass. He
thinks he like owns you or something after that and never leaves you
alone until he can do it again. Just do girls. They don't get so
emotional afterwards."

"Hah, good advice," Thunder said wholeheartedly. "Especially in my case."

"Why just in your case?" Irene asked. She still didn't understand that
some people preferred just one sex.

"Never mind," Thunder said simply. "Let's just find a restaurant."

The three friends ended up sitting down at a place called "Friendly
John's" and ordered the usual hamburgers. "So when do you think Andrea
will be back?" Thunder asked just making conversation.

"Who knows," Kitty said. "I just hope it's soon. I miss her."

"Me too," Irene added. "She'll be back on Saturday though."

"This Saturday? Three days from now? How do you know that?"

"Claire told me."

"Who's Claire?" Kitty was pressing for validation.

"Another Invid, travelling with Andrea."

"There's another one with her now?" Thunder said.

"Yeah. As of a couple days ago."

A sudden unexplained look passed over Kitty's face. "I have to go." She
stood up and hurried to the bathroom.

"What do you suppose is wrong with her?" Thunder asked a little concerned.

"I don't know," Irene said casually. "Maybe she just has to pee real bad."

Kitty locked the door behind her, and rushed to the sink. She bent over
it, feeling like she was about to throw up, but the feeling passed and
nothing came of it. She looked at herself in the mirror to see her face
and neck covered in sweat.

"Oh God," she said to herself. Andrea's absence had affected her more
than she knew and she had found herself unbelievably relieved to find
out that her lover was fine and would be back in only three short days.
"Damn-it, don't be such a panicky bitch," Kitty said to herself in the
mirror. "She's fine, and she'll be back in a couple days."

Kitty turned the tap on and splashed some water on her face. It felt
good and she started to relax. Damn had she missed her. And not knowing
whether Andrea was dead or alive at any given point had been killing
her. The only way she had made it as far as she did was by trying to
ignore it.

The more traditional feelings of relief started to wash over her and she
felt a happy tingling in her cheeks which surprised her by spreading
down to her breasts and eventually reaching her pussy. She started to
get wet, not even consciously aroused by anything. The familiar warm
tingling in her breasts caused her to casually move a hand up and rub
one through her clothes.

'Man am I glad she's okay,' Kitty thought to herself as a rush of
pleasure caused her nipple to jut against the fabric of her shirt. She
hadn't had an orgasm since before Andrea left. 'Hell, not since before
she ended up in prison a couple months ago,' she realized. She had
always been too worried about her to concentrate on it. But now, she
realized, she was more than a little horny.

Her right hand moved under her shirt and lifted the bottom up to expose
her stomach as it found her small breast, intending to massage it at the
source. Her nipple quickly grew harder and she slipped her other hand
inside the waistband of her pants. Her fingers brushed past trimmed
pubic hairs and reached its target.

Kitty moaned, surprising herself as her finger pressed into her warm
moist insides. She curled it up to press against her G spot while at the
same time doing her best to rub her clit with her thumb. Unfortunately
her coordination wasn't great so she took the hand away from her breasts
and slipped it past her waistband to join the other. "Ohhh," she tried
to stay quiet so as not to alert the entire restaurant as to what she
was doing.

Her right hand began circling her clit while her left had two fingers
pump in and out of her pussy, quickly covering them in natural
lubrication. Her nipples felt painfully tight and she wished someone was
there to pay attention to them but only having two hands she did the
best she could.

With weak knees she pressed on relentlessly until her sex burned with
the same need as her nipples and she increased speed with both hands.
"Unnnnnhhhhhh," she moaned out as the first pulse from orgasm washed
over her. She held her fingers perfectly still, not daring to move them
and risk ruining the moment. "Ahhhh," she moaned again as the second
wave hit her. She fell gently to her knees and leaned her back against
the wall. She could feel her two fingers inside her practically swimming
in liquid as the third pulse moved through her. "Ooooh," was all she had
left in her. She hadn't expected such a powerful - or quick - orgasm to
hit her like that.

She rested with head against the wall for a minute and then pulled her
hands away from her sex. The two fingers that had been inside her were
shining with cum and she stared at them a moment before standing up. She
washed her hands, still having trouble standing, and left the bathroom
to head back to her table.

"Sorry guys," she said as she got over to the table.

"No problem," Thunder said. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, of course." She moved to sit and felt the same tension in her
loins for a second time. She desperately wanted to feel something inside
her once more. "You know what, I think I'm going to go to the room. I'll
see you two later sometime. Sorry." She left in a beeline for the door.

"What do you suppose /that/ was all about?" Thunder said to Irene.

"I don't know. Maybe I should drop by tonight and see her."

"Probably a good idea." Thunder took a drink of water. "That's good news
about Andrea though, hey?"

* * *

Bob was in the lab once again, trying his best to avoid Karla at all
costs. She had a look that said she wanted to talk to him most of the
day, so he had spent most of the day moving at a frantic pace. When he
finally stopped in his small but comfortable office, she caught up to
him. "Hey, Bob!" She let herself into his office.

"Uh... h... hi, Karla. How's it g... going?"

"Fine, now that you have a chance to talk for a minute." She walked over
towards him and he sat awkwardly down in his chair.

"A... actually, I am pretty b... busy..." He sat down in his chair and
shuffled some papers around to try and look the part.

"I came here to apologize about yesterday. I shouldn't have left on you
like that."

"Oh no, n... not at all. No w... worries."

"So I was thinking," she started to look a little awkward. This wasn't
her first choice of things to ask, but she wanted to get him out on a
date any way she could. "If you're not interested in getting something
to eat, maybe we could go up to the pleasure dome on the top floor and..."
Bob fell out of his chair. The pleasure dome was known for its sexual
liberalness. In fact, that's pretty much all it was. Sex in any way you
could imagine. "Are you okay?" Karla looked worried. She went around the
desk to try and help him up.

"No, no I'm f... fine." He sat up on the floor quickly. He tried to put
his chair upright in a hurry but fumbled with it and it fell back down
with a clang. He tried once more but overcompensated and it tipped into
his desk before hitting the ground once more. "S... sorry." He stood up
quickly. "Must be b... broken or s... s... something."

"Uh huh," she said with a raised eyebrow. "So was that a "yes" fall or a
"no" fall?"

"Uh, I... I'm still pretty busy, m... maybe some other time?" He said as if
hoping that would discourage her.

"How about now? I have yet to meet a guy that didn't dream of going to
the pleasure dome on a first date."

"Er... t... that may be so, but... but..." he sighed. "But I'm just not sure
it's appropriate."

"Then what about dinner? What's inappropriate about dinner."

"W... well, I mean you're a scientist... I'm a s... s..."

"Scientist," she finished for him.

"Right. And it just w... wouldn't work."

"Because we're both scientists," Karla said sceptically.

"R... Right, right."

"Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"

"Uh..." he used his forefinger to push the bridge of his glasses up on his
nose, "I guess n... not."

"Have you ever had a girlfriend?"

"Well, I uh... I uh... N... not as such, no."

"Come on a date with me Bob."

"I... I'll think about i... it."

"Okay. But I'll keep asking."

Bob nodded in acknowledgement and she left his office. With a sigh he
sat down where his chair should have been. Unfortunately it was still on
its side on the floor and he came crashing down.

Trump Towers - 4 days ago

Colonel Johnson was sitting in his office staring at the clock. He new
he was on the short list for the job. He hit a button on the desk for
his secretary, "Joan?"

"The results still aren't in yet, colonel. I'll let you know as soon as
I hear anything."


"You're welcome."

He sat back in his chair and continued to wait. Time moved slower then
it ever had in the past. An hour went by, followed by another one. He
impatiently drummed his fingers on his desk and jumped up suddenly to a
knock at his door. "Come in."

Joan entered the room with a saddened look. "I got the message from the
general a moment ago."

Jack saw the expression on her face and his smile turned to a frown. "I

"Apparently they want to have a word with you right away."

He sighed and stood up. "Thanks. Un-cancel the rest of my meetings this
afternoon. I'll be back as soon as they've talked to me."

"No you won't," she said blatantly.

"What do you mean?" He was surprised at the frankness of her statement.

Her sad face slowly turned into a smile. She couldn't keep up with the
joke anymore. "I mean you got the position! Congratulations General."

He stared at her in shock for a moment before it sunk in. "Don't you
ever, ever do that to me again." His own face turned into a smile. "But
thanks for making it memorable." He felt light on his feet as he swung
around the desk and grabbed the coat for his dress uniform. "See you in
a bit!" He hurried out of his office and closed the door behind him.
Joan was just heading back to her desk when the office door popped open
and he stuck his head through. "Re-cancel those meetings for me will you?"

Joan smiled. "Good-bye."

"Bye." He closed the door behind him.

* * *

Jack stepped into the large boardroom to a standing ovation. The other 9
generals were all men and were standing beside their chairs clapping
while the 10^th person in the room; a five star general by the name of
Hoins, stood seriously at the tables head. The clapping slowed to
nothingness and Hoins spoke. "Now that we've properly welcomed this
councils new chief military advisor, I'd like to get right down to

Jack sat down in the open seat and the others did the same. They looked
towards Hoins, already focused on their jobs. "The first thing I want to
discuss today focuses around someone that I do believe our newest
general knows something about." A series of computer screens rose out of
the desk. One for each person around the table. It had a picture of
Andrea on it and a brief bio.

"Her name, as you can see is Andrea Robertson. She was in the country
for a period of about two months before leaving on a trade jet up to
Salt Lake City. Most of that time however she spent in prison for
assaulting two coalition officers. Her attack was proven justified by
General Johnson here but nonetheless an attack was made.

"General, would you care to elaborate on some of her movements for the
last month?"

Jack cleared his throat. "I've been following her actions more as a
matter of personal interest and I'd just like to say before I get going
here that having met her on several occasions, I think she's a person of
the highest character and that despite how all this seems, she would
never do anything to hurt the human race as a whole."

"Very well, go on Jack."

Jack looked at some notes. "She arrived in Salt Lake City about 6 weeks
ago to aid her brother for unknown reasons. Shortly after that, the
Invid attacked the town and killed all the gang members within it.
Andrea left, and made her way to York."

"Why York?"

"Well sir, sources indicate that she was going after a gang member for
some reason but that's all I have. As you know our intelligence is thin
in that region." General Hoins nodded and Jack continued. "Upon arriving
in York she somehow infiltrated the city and the duke's palace. Within a
few days she assumed the title of "duchess" and upon killing The Duke,
took control of the town and proclaimed herself its new leader.

"She then moved further south and through an unknown series of events
approached an Invid hive only to reappear in the city of Chetumal, Mexico.

"In Mexico intelligence provided a few more details. Apparently she was
somehow enslaved by a man using the simple alias of ‘Jason.' He was
holding a tournament in which the victor won their freedom, along with
three other competitors of their choice who then became the victor's
personal slaves. Andrea won and upon leaving with her three slaves, she
killed Jason and buried him in an obscure location. When we dug his
grave out again to examine the body he had disappeared. That was only a
few days ago, but as of right now I'm not exactly sure where she is."

"I see," Hoins said. He looked down at his monitor. "I'm upgrading her
threat status to level one." There were a couple of surprised murmurs
around the table.

"Um, sir," Jack said, trying to interrupt as elegantly as possible.
"Threat level one is used for hostile militaries and countries. It's
never been used on an individual before."

"I'm aware of that, Johnson. But apparently, my intelligence is a little
more thorough. The place in Chetumal is a veritable arms depot. There is
enough weaponry and material to comfortably outfit a decently-sized
military force and that's exactly what I believe she's doing. She sent
three truckloads of supplies along with a dozen other heavy vehicles
towards York and another six heavy vehicles and two truckloads to the
border town she single handedly "liberated" a few months ago. That said,
you still have the most knowledge about her, General. What do you
suggest we do about it?"

"Honestly?" Jack said thinking it over, "try very, very hard to make her
our friend."

* * *

Karla shoved Bob into a janitors closet. She had been following him for
a few hours waiting for the right moment when no one was watching. "I
decided I'm not going to keep asking," she said and pressed him up
against the back wall. Aggressively, she kissed him on the mouth.

"Wh... wha... what do you mean by t... that?" Bob said after backing away
from the kiss.

Karla smiled. "Guess." She grabbed the waist of her shirt and in one
fluid motion pulled it over her head and off her body. She wasn't
wearing a bra and when her breasts came into view she had her arms up,
so they sat high on her chest in a slight oval shape. Bob's gaze was
immediately drawn towards them and then down the soft features of her
stomach and rib cage until his eyes reached the waistband of her pants.

"I uh... I... I don't think this is a... a... appropriate, seeing as how we w...
work together." Despite his words, he was still looking at her chest. He
suddenly realized that fact and looked away quickly, turning to face the
wall. "P... perhaps you should get d... dressed."

"What if I don't want to get dressed?" Karla said seductively. Bob heard
her shuffling around in the closet briefly and then she pressed up
behind him. She reached around and put her hands on his shoulders. She
whispered into his ear, "I know you're nervous, but you don't have to be."

"I... I... I'm not nervous," he said very unconvincingly.

"Good." She began moving her hands down his arms and once reaching his
elbows, let go and moved them to his waist. He gasped slightly and
flinched when her hand went into the front of his pants. Karla could
immediately feel his hard cock and when she stroked her fingers along it
and reached the head, it started to twitch.

"Ah, ah, ah," Bob grunted quietly and Karla felt wetness on her fingers.
He was already coming. "I... I'm sorry." He pulled her hand out and put
his own hand to the crotch of his slacks. He started to shuffle passed
her to get out of the closed. "I should go." Karla could see he was red
in the cheeks. Embarrassed more than anything, she figured.

"You're not going anywhere." She put an arm out to stop him from passing
and he looked at her again to find her now fully naked. "I didn't get
undressed for nothing."

Bob looked down at a wet patch on his pants. "I... I think I already f...
f... finished."

Karla smiled again showing dimples and white teeth. "You haven't even
begun yet." She brought her two cum slick fingers up to her mouth and
licked them clean. Bob made a disgusted face.

"Doesn't that taste b... bad?"

"Nope. Not at all. Just a little salty." She grabbed hold of him and
pulled him towards her slowly but strongly. "Now come here." She kissed
him on the mouth. He was a little hesitant at first, partially because
it was a kiss and partially because of what was just in her mouth.

The two eventually parted and Karla reached for his pants. "You okay?"
she asked, giving him one chance to back out.

He looked around nervously for a minute and then nodded. "B... but what if
y... you get pregnant?"

"I'm on the pill, I can't get pregnant." She pulled down his pants with
one fluid motion.

"The p... pill?" He looked at her quizzically

"Yeah the birth control pill." She dropped to her knees.

"I... I've never heard of that. H... How does it w... work?"

"It controls estrogen levels by..." She noticed Bob's captivated stare. It
was the same look he gave when he was trying to make a scientific
discovery of some sort. She realized her mistake and stopped there, not
planning to let him get any more distracted. Without further hesitation,
she took his limp dick into her mouth.

"Whoa," he jumped slightly but self preservation stopped him from moving
too far, he didn't want to risk getting his dick bitten off. He grew
hard instantly and Karla had barely done a dozen strokes before he was
coming again. His cock wasn't even at full size before it started
spouting out torrents of more cum. "Unh," moaned Bob, with each spurt
into Karla's mouth. She swallowed it as each overzealous spurt found its
way out of his cock. When he was finally done, she couldn't help but
marvel at how much cum she just swallowed. Especially considering he
just came. "Sorry," he said.

"Sorry? Sorry for what?" Karla wiped her mouth and still keeping a hand
on his cock stood up. She was casually jacking him off, hoping she could
get him erect once more.

"S... sorry for orgasming so q... quickly. It's a bit of a... a... problem."

"Well you certainly have a lot of cum."

He looked down at his cock, "It doesn't get out much."

"No, I suppose not." With her free hand she guided one of Bob's to her
right breast. "Get used to it, ‘cause if I have anything to say about
it, it's going to get out a lot more often."

Somewhere in South West Chili - 3 days ago

It was night and the moon had climbed high into the sky. Lieutenant Ella
Jacobs was driving a jeep, doing a night patrol for the Coalition. They
were scouting the area for potential recruiting locations.

Casually, Ella looked up to steal a peek of the moon when a streak of
fire passed in front of it, growing brighter and brighter. She stopped
the jeep. "Private, what is that?"

It seemed to be slowing down. She heard a sonic boom and a flash of
light before the trail dissipated to the north, not far from their
current location. "Do you want me to call it in?" The private asked.

"Damn right we call it in. Whatever that is, I want to get there before
the Invid do. Tell them to dispatch the air force and meet us there."

"Yes, sir."

The lieutenant gunned the engine and raced to the North.

Coalition Border Town (Oaxaca) - 2 days ago

Andrea's party had stopped just outside a former Coalition border town
by the name of Oaxaca. Andrea had liberated the town from Coalition
control several months ago and, in the time since had become something
of a local hero.

It was night when they arrived and they didn't want to enter the town
until morning since following behind them were several armed vehicles
including two tanks and a M.A.C. II destroid. They had been forced to go
to Chetumal to find pilots but Aria had carefully selected a group of a
stable and trustworthy few. That, in tandem with the fact that the
cockpits contained small amounts of explosives wired to remote
detonators (also courtesy of Aria) made sure everyone stayed in line for
during the trip.

Andrea on the other hand had stayed inside one of the larger vehicles
and hadn't come out since she went in. According to a doctor they picked
up in Chetumal she was going to be fine but "needed her rest" as she was
severely bruised, not to mention she was suffering from some kind of
bacterial infection in her vagina that had spread to her bladder, three
broken ribs and some minor internal bleeding.

Tracy and Lee were in the back seat of Aria's jeep as it came to a halt
in front of the motorcade. Aria and Ed wasted no time getting out in an
effort to see how Andrea was doing and it left the two new friends
alone. There were a couple other drivers around, walking from car to car
or talking amongst themselves while they started a fire for the night.
Tracy turned to Lee and sat back comfortably against the door of the
jeep. The hadn't talked much in the last day of travel since they left
Chetumal and things had felt more than a little awkward for no
particular reason.

Tracy spoke, "so I guess Andrea won the whole thing and you did me all
night for nothing."

"Guess so," Lee said quietly. She turned into a similar position on the
other side of the bench so she could face the other woman as well. The
jeep had no top so she let her arms rest along the top of the door. She
was only wearing a long t-shirt that they had managed to find and Tracy
was in the same situation. When Lee brought one knee up to her chest and
let her other foot dangle to the floor off the side of the seat, her
shirt rode up and she unknowingly gave Tracy a view of her pussy. It was
still shaved but some light pubic hair had started to grow back as
stubble of the last few days. Tracy tried not to look.

"Sorry." She looked away towards one of the drivers. "I uh... I don't know
what I was thinking with that whole thing. To be honest I never would
have thought I had something like that in me. I've never even liked
girls until I ended up under James."

"Hah, me neither. I never thought I'd end up a dyke. I guess that's what
abuse from chauvinistic males will do to you, eh?"

"So you're not interested in men anymore?"

Lee shook her head. "What about you?"

"Not in the least." There was silence for a while and Tracy spoke up
again. "Andrea's pretty hot, don't you think?"

"Yeah, but I heard she has like seven billion girlfriends already."

"Mmm. Guess so." Tracy looked away from the driver and back at Lee. She
caught a glance of Lee's pussy. "You're pretty hot too you know," Tracy
said looking at Lee's B-cup sized boobs. Her nipples were poking
slightly through the cotton T-shirt.

"And you're not bad yourself," Lee added. There was silence again for a
moment and Lee shifted positions. She moved across the back seat and
pressed up against Tracy, locking her lips with the other woman. The two
kissed passionately for a few minutes and they were drawing the
attention of some of the drivers. Lee's hand crept up the inside of
Tracy's shirt, lifting it up to the base of her breasts. Finally Lee's
hand closed around the woman's left breast and grasped it tightly. Tracy
let out a squeak and kissed more passionately.

"Wait," she said and pulled away breathlessly. "I mean, now that we're
back in reality again and not being held captive and stuff, aren't you a
little young for me?"

"I don't know, how old are you?" Lee asked


"Then it's only 7 years difference."

"Oh," Lee kissed her again and that seemed to dull her concerns. "I
think I'm experiencing," she kissed Tracy in mid sentence, "some
perverted version of that psychological thing that hostages get." She
kissed Tracy again. "What's that called?"

"Stalkholm syndrome."

"Yeah." She kissed her again. "That one." Lee slipped her other hand
under Tracy's shirt and found her other breast. The move completely
exposed her nude body from the waist down. Fortunately, she was still in
the back seat of the jeep and the onlookers couldn't see very well. She
returned the gesture by grabbing Lee's ass and very likely exposing it
to those that were watching. She stopped herself again. "Wait, wait."

"What now?" Lee said breathlessly, only breaking the kisses long enough
for one of them to talk. Both women's lips were getting red and puffy.

"Are you sure you want to do this right now? There's people watching."

"Fuck ‘em," Lee said. "Let's give ‘em a show." Forcefully, Lee grabbed
Tracy's shirt and lifted it over the other woman's head.

"I thought I was supposed to be the aggressive one," Tracy said with a

"Mmm, then why don't you be more aggressive?"

"Maybe you're right," Tracy said, giving into Lee's taunt. She shoved
Lee back and with a good show of strength literally ripped Lee's T-shirt
right off. The small crowd of onlookers was gathering with more interest
now as Tracy shoved Lee's shoulders over the top of the door and the two
accidentally tumbled to the ground outside the vehicle. They landed
roughly, but Tracy didn't waste any time apologizing. "We can't both
wear the pants in this relationship you know?"

Lee shoved back against Tracy, putting her into a sitting position with
her legs out in front of her and her back against the Jeep's tire. "Why

"You make an excellent point," Tracy said, still breathless and shoved
Lee to the ground. She landed on her back in the grass with a quiet thud
and Tracy pounced on her. The two began to roll away from the jeep, each
struggling to get on top of the other. A few onlookers had to step out
of the way to avoid being run over.

"Holy, fuck, this is the hottest thing I've ever seen," Lee heard one of
them say to another.

"Hell yeah," one responded. "I'd give my left nut for a camera right
about now. If I'd known there would be a show like this I would have
done this trip for free."

The two women ignored the men that were following them as they rolled.
Eventually Tracy's back came into contact with a thick tree and they
stopped. Tracy grabbed at Lee's breasts with each hand and shoved,
gently forcing Lee onto her back. Tracy straddled the younger woman and
continued to roughly massage her firm chest. Lee was starting to get
flushed from arousal and stopped fighting for dominance. "Don't forget
the nipples," Lee said enjoying Tracy's ministrations.

"What these?" Tracy said pinching them and pulling them upwards, thus
causing Lee's breasts to reform into cones. "How could I forget these?"
Tracy shifted down slightly and while pinching at Lee's left nipple she
brought her mouth down to take over for her hand on the other one.

"Ohhhh," Lee arched her back into her lover in a form of encouragement.
"More," she said breathily.

Tracy, now finding herself with a free hand, was more than eager to
oblige. She ran her left hand down Lee's side until it reached her outer
thigh. Then, teasingly, she brought it around to the inside and further
down to the knee. Lee groaned and Tracy got the hint to bring it back up
again. She spread Lee's long legs and slid her hand back up the inside
of her thigh.

"Ooo," Lee let out softly as the tip of Tracy's finger touched her
smooth labia. Tracy casually moved her finger to the middle of Lee's sex
until the tip of it disappeared between the young blonde's lower lips.
Slowly, almost casually, Tracy moved her finger up and down the length
of Lee's slit until she felt the first hints of wetness in the lower
half of her partner's sex. She easily slid the tip of her finger into
Lee's pussy but didn't let it go in past the first knuckle. Leaving it
there to tease her, Tracy went back to paying attention to Lee's breasts.

Her right hand squeezed again around Lee's small boob and again, Lee
moaned softly and spoke. "I thought you said you didn't like girls until

Tracy lifted her lips away from Lee's right nipple to look her in the
eyes. "I didn't."

"Then how do you know how to make it feel so good."

Tracy smiled, "I've been known to practice my techniques on myself now
and then. Although this is a lot more fun this way." Tracy lowered her
mouth to Lee's nipple once more and took it between her teeth.

"Eee," Lee squealed in surprise. It was a little rougher than she had
predicted. "You'll have to teach me sometime."

"Mm-hm," Tracy grunted through her partner's nipple.

Tracy was circling the tip of her left finger inside Lee's sex when she
decided that she still had some more teasing to do. Tracy lifted her
head up to watch as she pulled her finger out and brought it up to the
young blonde's mouth. The tip of it was glistening with juices and a
drop rolled down its length. Lee eagerly took it into her mouth and gave
it a quick suck before moaning again as Tracy applied a softer touch to
Lee's reddening breast. She slid the back of her fingers slowly across
the curved mounds on Lee's chest. The action brought out goose bumps on
her flesh and she shuddered in pleasure.

With force, Lee grabbed Tracy's hand and brought it down to her pussy.
"Play there now. Two fingers. All the way in."

"Look who's giving the orders now," Tracy joked and brought her head up
next to Lee's. Lee's features looked very young and softly formed. Her
cheekbones were not very prominent except to add a little dimension to
the flush running down her face. Her nose was small and her lips were
large and puffy. Tracy looked into her bright blue eyes surrounded by
dark lashes and leaned forward to kiss her but before she was at Lee's
lips, Lee lifted her head to meet her and continuing the motion, turned
the two of them over so that she was on top.

She repositioned herself so that she was now straddling Tracy and
continuing the kiss, she reached for Tracy's hand. She found it with
only a minimal amount of fumbling and as if she needed it to live, she
pulled it downwards between their tightly pressed bodies. She lifted her
butt up in the air a few inches so Tracy could have access to her pussy
and still maintaining control, purposefully extended two of Tracy's
fingers and plunged them roughly into her pussy. She broke the
passionate French kiss just long enough to speak, "I said play there now."

Lee used her knees, stomach and a forearm to balance as she lifted her
chest off of Tracy's and pressed a hand into Tracy's fleshy right
breast. There were three small moles closely together in a triangle,
just between Tracy's nipple and her cleavage, on the rising swell of her
breast; they only served to arouse the young woman and she ran her
fingers along them before attacking the nipple itself and the soft mound
as a whole.

Meanwhile, a few observers moved around the couple to get a better view
of Lee's ass and Tracy's fingers moving in and out of the blonde's
pussy. Tracy could feel the coarse stubble rubbing against the palm of
her hand as each stroke she plunged her fingers inside. "Wait, not so
far inside," Lee said breathily. "I'm..."

"A virgin, I know. I did spend what, 10 hours straight fucking you? I
know you as well as you do" Tracy smiled. "Don't worry, I won't break
it. At least not until you want me to."

"Thanks," Lee said sincerely.

Tracy could get her fingers in somewhere between the second and third
knuckle before she felt Lee's hymen. She decided to have a little fun
and rubbed the tips of her fingers along the fleshy barrier. "Unnhh,"
Lee moaned and jerked suddenly at the contact. Tracy enjoyed the
reaction and did it again. Lee jerked once more.

"Does that feel good?"

Lee went wide eyes and nodded. "God yes. Just... don't put too much
pressure or it hurts."

"I remember. I lost mine at your age. Damn did it hurt like a bitch.
Probably just as well if you keep it."

Lee nodded. She was starting to sweat quite a bit and jerked
attractively each time Tracy dragged her fingertips along her hymen.
"Whatever you say, just don't stop."

A few minutes later Lee was shaking on a regular basis and singing a
different tune, "Stop, stop, please."

"I thought you didn't want me to stop?" Tracy said dragging her fingers
along Lee's hymen once more.

"I thought wrong, I can't take anymore, stop."

Tracy smiled and did as instructed, but kept her fingers inside Lee's
hole. Lee was still shaking slightly and she was drenched in sweat. Her
teeth were clenched and her eyes shut. A look of bliss was on her face.
"Are you having an orgasm?"

"I don't know. It feels so weird."

"But good?"

Lee jerked again and continued to shake. She had to move her hand off of
Tracy's breast to support herself with both arms. "Oh, God yes."

Lee was still shaking as she slowly crawled away from Tracy's face,
making her way down the woman's body. She stopped when her mouth was
hovering just above Tracy's bald pussy. Then, without warning she
attacked. Her lips engulfed Tracy's labia and sucked on them hungrily.
She dipped her tongue into the woman's wet sex to get a taste of her
juices before licking up the length of her slit and flocking her clit
with her cum coated tongue. She continued the same pattern of dip, lick,
flick and suck for quite a while until Tracy was flushed down along her
chest and her legs were wrapped tightly around Lee's head. "Stop," Tracy
said. "I want us to cum together."

Tracy grabbed Lee by the armpits and hauled her up towards her. She then
spun them around once more so she was on top again and sat up, showing
her full sized breasts off to Lee and the crowd. Lee's own boobs looked
even smaller than normal while they rested casually on her chest and
gravity pulled them in towards her ribcage. "Come-on, hurry up," Lee

"So now you want it again, hm? How hard?"

"As hard as you can give it to me."

Tracy smiled. "Let's see what we can do then," she grabbed Lee's right
leg and lifted it straight into the air so her ankle was up by her
shoulder. Then she turned Lee slightly to her side so that it was an
easier angle when she straddled Lee's horizontal leg and pressed her
pussy up to her lovers. She could immediately feel the warmth of Lee's
sex and the wetness spread onto her own. She bucked her hips into Lee's.

"Unngh," Lee moaned loudly and Tracy thrust into her again. "Unngh,"
they moaned out together. "Harder," Lee moaned out before another
"Unngh." Tracy bucked as hard as she could and Lee just came back with
another, "harder!"

Tracy moved her right hand down to Lee's breasts and began massaging
them with a good deal of force. Lee returned the favour by clamping one
of her hands down on Tracy's hips and bringing the other up to Tracy's
breasts, now pushed together from her grip on Lee's breast with her
right hand, and outstretched leg with her left.

Tracy used Lee's leg as leverage to rub her sex almost painfully hard
into the other woman. Her stomach tensed and her ass clenched with each
thrust forward, not to mention the rhythmically jiggling breasts that
the crowd seemed to be most interested in. Lee's body on the other hand
was in a constant state of tension. She had forgotten she was rubbing
Tracy's breast and instead just clamped down like the other hand was
doing on her thigh.

Tracy was in a similar situation, not paying attention to the little
things anymore. Her hand on Lee's breast had also grasped on tight and
wasn't letting go anytime in the near future.

It only took a few more hard thrusts and a few more desperate gasps from
the two of them before Tracy's hand clamped down tighter on Lee's breast
and leg. She stopped thrusting, arched her back and moaned a loud,

Lee was still trying to regain her breath from the hard thrusting when
she felt a pulse of liquid spurt across her pussy lips. A second pulse
soon followed and even managed to hit her clit. She shuddered and felt
her own body tighten before coming. A small part of her realized that
her nails were digging into Tracy's breast and waist and drawing a small
trickle of blood. But, her thought process stopped there and she jerked
against Tracy's pussy as she felt another pulse of liquid coat her lower
lips. "Uhhhh," she moaned relentlessly

The two women finally came down from orgasm slick with sweat and tired
from heavy breathing. Tracy let Lee lower her leg and laid down on top
of her lover so their breasts pressed into each other. She felt wetness
and looked at her breast to see nail marks and a small trickle of blood
with each one. "Ouch," she said rather surprised. "You need to clip
those little claws of yours."

"Sorry," Lee said hazily. "I've never had sex like that before in my
life." She rested for a minute, feeling Tracy's warm body's weight above
her, her stomach moving up and down, her breasts pressing into her own.
She sighed. "I didn't know you were a squirter."

"Umph, neither did I. I never have before."

"Guess I was just that good," Lee said smiling.

"Guess so." They kissed again and the onlookers began to disperse.

* * *

Aria and Ed walked into Oaxaca together. The sun was just coming up and
it cast everything in a faint orange glow.

Ed looked over to Aria, still a little hesitant about walking with her,
let alone traveling onto town together. He attempted to break the
deafening silence the two had been sharing together. "So uh, do you know
what's goin' on with this stop? As ah understand it we're just droppin'
off a bunch o' weapons an' movin' on. Doesn't sound too bright t' me."

"Yeah well a whole lot of shit that Andrea's doing doesn't sound too
fucking bright to me but she seems to know what she's doing so who the
fuck cares right?"

"Uh... yeah, ah guess so." They walked a few more feet and came over a
rise that looked down into the city. A small stage of a sort was set up
and a huge crowd was gathered outside it. "Ah didn't realize so many
people were comin.'"

"Yeah well, I guess she's the fuckin' popular one in town now after
telling the Coalition to fuck off."

"Huh," he said as they started walking the last short distance into
town. "Ah'm still kind o' surprised that she's up and about so soon. The
Doc says she's supposed to rest another few days before walkin,' let
alone standing up a long time for some kind o' speech."

"Yeah well, I guess she has shit to do."

"Do you know what she's talkin' to them about?"

"How the hell should I know, I'm not her fucking speech writer. With all
that high tech shit she brought with her though she's probably doing
some recruiting."

Ed looked out at the expansive crowd as what Aria said started to sink
in. There were thousands of people out there, plus a lot more in York.
"Aria?" He said, still forming a thought.


"Why is Andrea putting together an army?"

Aria looked out over them as well. Andrea was coming into the sight of
the crowd but obviously was having trouble walking normally. The group
of people started cheering.

"I've got no God damn idea, Ed," Aria said, "but you can bet that small
cock of yours that she plans to use ‘em."

End Chapter 15

Next: There's only seven chapters left so things are coming to a head --
Andrea gets back to Trump Towers and something so shocking, so secretive,
so significant happens that I don't dare give any hints away... Read it!


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