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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 14 - Humbled
by Invid Writer

Andrea arrived in Chetumal, courtesy of the Invid. The delivery itself was
welcome enough since it just so happened that Chetumal was the city Andrea
was trying to get to in the first place. Unfortunately, she was also missing
a few key elements. Her cyclone, her weapons and her clothes were among the
top items on the ‘lost' list. Not to mention Ed or her Coyote, Tess.

Andrea stepped out of the Invid ships gooey interior onto desert sand but
noticed that none of the green "protoplasm" actually clung to her once she
was outside the ship. Destiny followed her out and Andrea turned to complain,
"so this is how the Invid treat those who save their race..." She turned,
looking at the desert in all directions. "Nice," she added.

"I'm sorry, Andrea," Destiny said.

"Don't be sorry," Andrea said surprisingly calmly. "Don't be sorry until you
have the courage to go follow your own conscience."

"I..." It looked as if she was going to say more but instead she stopped. She
walked a few feet and reached into the sand. With a silent heave, she pulled
up a hatch that had a ladder extending from the surface into darkness below.

Andrea assumed that was her destination and walked over. She put her bare
foot on the first cool rung and looked to Destiny. "Even Irene brought me my

Destiny nodded shamefully. "Irene is a special person."

"Yes she is," Andrea said and began descending. "Yes she is."

Andrea disappeared down the ladder and looked up just in time to see Destiny
closing the hatch. The tunnel went pitch black and she could do nothing else
but fumble her way to the bottom. Her leg still ached from her gunshot wound
but after a few drops of the green protoplasm hit the wound it had begun to
feel surprisingly better.

Her foot touched cold cement and she let go of the ladder cautiously. Still
in blackness and unsure of her current situation, she took some solace in the
fact that Destiny told her she would pick up Ed and Tess and bring them to
town. Unfortunately that wouldn't do her much good until she could get out of
her current predicament. There was no way Ed or anyone else could
accidentally stumble on a hatch located in the middle of some desert.

It wasn't lost on Andrea that the town wasn't anywhere to be seen from where
she was standing before going down the ladder either. It obviously wasn't in
the town itself, which would also make things hard. Being on the outskirts
would make things even more difficult.

Andrea waited at the base of the ladder for a short time until a door was
opened from right in front of her and light cascaded into the small tunnel.
The light was so glaringly bright that at first she could only make out a
large, husky, male form.

"Come in already," the man said.

Andrea did as she was told. As she entered into the light and her eyes grew
accustomed to it, she realized she had entered into a wide hallway. It would
be easy to drive a vehicle down it, or even a suit of power armor if one were
so inclined. There were large bay doors off each side of the hallway as if to
facilitate this purpose.

The man himself looked to be about 35 years old. He obviously hadn't shaved
for a few days and the beginnings of his beard clumped in dark brown patches
the same color as his short hair.

"You're not an Invid," Andrea said foolishly.

"Why do you say that?"

"No blonde hair, no green eyes and uh..." Andrea stopped there realizing her
next comment could be taken as an insult.

"And I'm no the most beautiful thing to ever cross your path," he finished
Andrea's thought for her. "You on the other hand at least have one of the
qualifications. Does that make you one-third Invid?"

Andrea wasn't sure if he meant his last comment seriously or not, but since
she didn't have green eyes or blonde hair she knew which trait he was talking
about. She didn't answer, unsure of exactly what to say.

"So, you entered an Invid hive?" He said casually.

"Yeah. Did they tell you?" Andrea was still being cautious in her
conversation since she still wasn't sure exactly what to make of him.

He shook his head negatively in response to her question. "You're naked. The
Invid hate human artifacts in their hives."

"Do you have a lot of people here from hives?" Andrea was trying to remain
casual but at the same time was carefully sizing the man up. He certainly
seemed confident. And just as casual as she was.

"Here and there," he said.

There was silence for a while as the two walked down the hall. Eventually
Andrea spoke again, "forgive me for asking, but what the hell do you do

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "I'm an arms dealer. Chetumal is a
barter town. At least now it is. I'm the one people come to for weapons,
combat vehicles, armor, and pretty much anything else along those lines."

"Where do you get your merchandise from?" Andrea was more than a little
skeptical. She had never seen a significant stash of combat equipment except
for the Coalition. Even the resistance didn't have much to speak of.

"Crashed REF ship. That's where it started at least. Salvage rights and all
that. Just let it spread from there."

"I see," Andrea noticed he was staring at her chest as often as her face. It
reminded her she was still severely under clothed. "And the people you get
in? What happens to them?"

He looked at her peculiarly, "you ask a lot of questions."

"I need a lot of answers," Andrea said plainly. They had turned a corner and
entered into an elevator. The man hit B4 and they started going down. "So
what about the people?" Andrea pressed on.

He let out a sigh and thought for a moment. "Some I sell on the slave market,
some I put to work here, and some," he looked Andrea up and down in the
elevator. "Some I keep for myself."

Andrea sighed inwardly to herself. It was going to be one of those days.
"What are you planning to do with me?"

"Oh, that's easy. You're staying with me. I can think of all kinds of things
to do to you." The elevator doors opened and there was a series of cells on
either side of the hall. He took Andrea to one with an open door and guided
her in. He closed the door behind her with a loud /clang/.

Andrea moved up to the bars to negotiate. She felt the cold steel brush
against her naked breasts. "Wait, I have a proposition for you."

He stopped and went up to the bars beside her. "Is that so?"

Andrea spoke hurriedly but tried not to sound desperate. She had an idea that
may make this whole thing work out to her befit. And besides that, she hadn't
forgotten what the All Mother said. If she didn't get out soon and deal with
the people who attacked the Invid, specifically the Masters, the Invid would
start attacking again. "I'll do whatever you want for the next six hours,
willingly, and then I go. No fighting or anything."

He smiled, "six hours? You have got to be kidding." As expected, he started
to walk away.

"Okay, hang on. You're a businessman, let's do business." He stopped and
hesitated for a moment. "Come back here and hear me out." There was a pause
for another moment and he went back to the bars.

"I hope this proposition is better than the last," he said.

"In short, I need a cyclone thanks to some recent events with the Invid. Do
you have any?"

"If I do?" He was cautiously interested.

"If you do, how long do you want me, in exchange for it and freedom."

He thought for a moment, "at least a month."

"A month? No way."

"Okay, your loss. I thought a month was being quite generous."

"I'll give you a week, and a crate of energy pistols."

"Where are you going to get a crate of energy pistols?"

"I'm in the resistance. I have access to weapons."


"I'm a colonel."

He stared her down, interested. "What's the password?"

Andrea smiled, "There's no way I'm giving you the password."

"Oh give me a break. I know you people exchange a series of at least four
sentences for the password. Give me the first one and I'll be satisfied."

"When was the last time you were in Dallas?"

He nodded. "One week, and a crate of energy pistols and you're free with a
brand new cyclone. What model do you want?"


"That can be arranged. I've got a few spares."

"A few?" Andrea couldn't hide her surprise at that.

"Yeah, a few." He thought for a moment. "I think I'm going to require a down

"I can't get you the energy pistols until I'm allowed to leave."

He smiled. "That's not what I meant."

Andrea cringed inwardly. She hadn't expected him to want to start so quickly.
"What do you want me to do?"

He took a step back and looked her over. "Dance for me. Turn me on."

Andrea danced. She started slow, running her hands from her breasts down
passed Ed's caked on dry cum and across her stomach while simultaneously
rocking her hips. She felt a little self-conscious but not from being
naked, more from the fact that she thought she was a terrible dancer.
Fortunately, from her audiences point of view at least, her well-defined
naked body more than made up for it.

Continuing her motions, she grabbed the bars in front of her, thus lifting
her breasts up and forward while at the same time gyrating her hips at an
increasing speed. She forced a sexy smile and looked over at him with warm
brown eyes.

"Move your hips against the bars," the voice came unexpectedly but Andrea did
as instructed. In slow motion she exaggerated a humping movement. Her stomach
contorted at the rhythm of the strokes and the man's eyes focused on her four
pack and the soft bumps of her ribcage. Her dark pubic hair begged him to
lower his eyes and he watched her trimmed muff as it rocked with her hips.
There was still a glob of cum that had dried out at the top of it and matted
down the hair in a small section.

Thinking progressively, Andrea slipped a long leg between the bars and gently
touched her pussy to the smooth metal bar. It was cool on her sensitive skin
and she flinched when it first touched her. She began to rub her clit up and
down against the metal and her one-man audience seemed to perk up a bit.
Andrea's nipples did the same.

She was suddenly reminded of the promise she made herself in York not to be
a victim for people anymore. 'But this is a little different, isn't it?' She
reasoned to herself. 'This is about getting out of a situation effectively
and simply when there aren't a lot of options. After all, if I don't survive,
neither does anyone within a 500-mile radius of where the bomb went off. Not
to mention the fact that I'll be getting a new cyclone. No,' she thought to
herself, 'this should be a piece of cake if all he wants me to do is shake my
tits around for him.'

Andrea's thoughts ceased, as a tingling in her sex demanded her attention.
The bar was starting to feel good. "It looks like you're starting to enjoy
yourself. Turn around and do that with your ass facing me." Andrea turned
and continued her motion with the bar in her ass crack. The cool sensation
that her pussy had been enjoying moved to her ass hole as she dragged up
and down the metal.

"Let me see," he said. Andrea complied and still shaking her hips she moved a
few inches to the side. She bent over to lift her ass higher and her breasts
hung attractively in front of her.

Suddenly, she felt something warm press between her rear cheeks. Before she
could react there were hands on her hips holding her ass tightly against the
bars and the hard shaft against her ass shoved inward quickly. "Unnn," Andrea
let out a moan. He was easily the biggest she's ever had in her ass.
"Slowly," Andrea gasped out.

He didn't respond other than to pick up his pace. "Ah, ah , ah, ah, Andrea
moaned loudly with each thrust. Each time he entered she felt her ass expand
to fit his cock but it never felt like it expanded enough. The walls of her
rectum stayed painfully tight around him.

"You had someone else in here today, didn't you slut?"

Andrea couldn't respond. All that came out with a louder, "ah," when she
tried to speak.

"I'll take that as a yes," he pulled out as quickly as he had entered and let
her go. Andrea felt weak in the knees but stayed standing thanks to the help
provided by the cell bars. He opened the cell door and entered naked from the
waist down. As Andrea looked at him she realized he was certainly as big as
he felt. Not as long as Thunder but wider and he still came in at nearly a
foot long.

"On your stomach," he said and Andrea was more than eager to comply if it
meant she didn't have to stand. Her right leg still wasn't at full strength
and it had been hard to support herself. She laid down on her stomach with
her good leg bent at the knee. The knee itself reached high and rested
somewhere near her left breast, which was flattened against the cement floor.
The position provided a wide-open route to her still gaping and pulsing, pink
crinkled hole.

Andrea opened her eyes wide in painful surprise as he shoved into her hard
once more. What she hadn't expected was the two extra inches he could now
reach inside her since the bars were no longer interfering. "Unnn," Andrea
clenched her hands into fists as fire ripped through her backside. She arched
her back up in the air and propped herself up on her elbows. Her breasts
bounced as he pumped back and forth.

"My name is James, by the way. Just so you know who's name to call out."
Again, all Andrea could do was respond with exasperated moans. "Beg me to
go harder."

Andrea drooped her head and looked at the floor. She could see her own
breasts rocking back and forth. "Ha... Har..." Andrea voice was caught in
her throat. Her ass didn't hurt quite as much from it now but each pump
nearly winded her. "Harrrrrder," she choked out. P... Please, hard-ahhh."
James picked up speed considerably and managed to make a last inch of
headway in her ass. Andrea felt like she could feel his dick all the way
in her stomach and she got the sensation to throw up. Finally, after a
few more strokes he pulled out with a "schluck" sound. She could feel her
rear still gaping open, letting in cool air passed it's now tender exterior.

Andrea rolled over, thinking that was probably what he wanted and kept
herself propped up on her elbows. He was moving his cock closer to her face
to suck so Andrea leaned forward with open mouth, not looking forward to the
taste of her own ass for the second time in one day.

She was nearly there when suddenly his cock erupted with a stream of semen
right into her mouth. She wasn't expecting it so she quickly spit it out in
reflex. It dribbled down her chin and dripped off in long gooey strands.
Before it was done, another squirt came out and landed across he right
breast. The rest continued to add to the mess Ed had left behind from earlier
and soon her chest and stomach were covered in a new layer of white dripping
strands. Andrea relaxed since at least it meant she wouldn't have to suck him

Unfortunately she was proved wrong as he shoved his softening member into her
mouth. It was soft enough that she could fit it all in and he spoke. "Your
tongue doesn't leave that dick 'till it's hard again, understand me?" Andrea
nodded with cock still in her mouth. "Good," he said.

Andrea sat up straighter and leant into him until her lips came in contact
with the skin at the base of his sex. Andrea could feel her ass still gaping
open and it was stinging again now. She ignored it as she attempted to give
him the best blowjob she was able to.

He grunted quietly in approval as the tip of her tongue pressed into the eye
of his dick. She could taste his salty cum as it still oozed slightly from
the tip.

It didn't take him long to get hard again and once he was he pulled out of
her mouth and yanked her to her feet. With surprising strength he lifted
Andrea by the ass. The move forced her to wrap her legs around him for
balance or fall backwards onto the floor and Andrea decided on the former.
She linked her ankles behind him and as she did so, James entered her pussy
with full force. Andrea jumped slightly in his grasp and let out a quiet
grunt each time he shoved into her. Her breasts flattened into his tight
T-shirt and his left over cum wet the light colored fabric.

He carried on for a few minutes and Andrea found it much more pleasurable for
earlier. Soon she was feeling a familiar warm pulsing sensation in her pussy.
He was coming. His face and arms suddenly took on a look of stress and when
he finished he pulled out with a "shlop," and put her down onto her feet. A
glob of cum dripped out of her pussy and landed on the cement floor. Looking
at it, James let out a satisfied grunt and left the cellblock.

* * *

Andrea was bored. She'd been sitting alone in the cell, naked and in pain
from either her sore ass or her sore leg. She was currently looking at her
gunshot wound in amazement. It was already a few days healed she figured and
it had happened earlier that day. She touched it carefully and was greeted by
sharp pain. It still hurt, that was sure enough. She found herself marveling
at the apparent healing properties of the Invid's protoplasm.

About three hours has passed with Andrea having nothing to do but sit in the
corner of her cell. There was no bench for sleeping, no toilet, only a drain
in the floor in a corner. She finally decided she had to pee bad enough to
use it, so she crossed the cell and squatted. Just as she was finishing up,
she lifted her eyes and looked straight ahead to see James suddenly standing
there watching her in silence. "Shit," she said immediately stopping. "Can I
get a little bit of privacy please?"

"My apologies," he answered plainly.

"I'm sure." She stood up and felt a little awkward. "Can I help you with

"Come with me," he said and opened the cell door. Andrea followed him out to
the elevator. He pressed 'B1' and Andrea quickly found herself in the same
hallway she had used to come into the building. There was a jeep waiting
there and he climbed into the drivers seat. Andrea followed suit on the
passenger's side and he started to drive down the wide hallway. "Careful, the
leather tends to stick to naked skin."

Andrea noticed that as she got further down it there were no other doorways
branching off. She decided it was probably a shuttle tunnel of some sort for
getting to a specific place. The drive lasted about ten minutes and she soon
found herself at another elevator but this one he was able to drive right
into. A remote sent the elevator to 'M' and when the doors opened she saw a
mostly empty parking garage. He parked on the same level and got out of the
car. "Where are we going?" Andrea asked, her curiosity finally getting the
better of her.

"The arena."

"The arena?" Andrea didn't like the sound of that but she got no answer to
her question.

The two headed through a door and down a short hallway. They made a few quick
turns and ended up in a kind of dressing room. There were about 40 people
present in total and many of them were just as naked as Andrea was. Some were
covered in a shiny liquid that looked like body oil and waiting by a large
doorway that was canopied over.

"It's too bad you didn't get here four days earlier."

"Why's that?" Andrea asked.

"Well, if you get yourself injured you're not going to be as much fun for
your last four days here."

"Are you saying whatever this is goes on for three days?"

He took her aside to a quieter part of the room. "When I was a kid, there was
a tournament called Ultimate Fighting Championship. It's just a full contact
tournament like you would imagine. But man did I love watching it. Now with
the world half blown to bits I decided to start my own, with a few

"And I'm just lucky enough to be here when you're doing this."

"That's right," he smiled. "I do this once a year. People come from all over
the country to see this thing. There's twenty thousand people on the other
side of those doors," he pointed out passed the canopy, "and each one has
paid out their ass to be there.

"You want me to fight in this thing?"

"I'm telling you to fight in this thing."

Andrea looked around at the competition. Everyone was in pretty good shape
by the looks of things. Some of them could be tough to beat. "What are the
rules?" Andrea asked matter of fact.

"No segregation between the sexes. You fight whoever comes up on the ballot.
Knock out or submission will lose you the match, you can lose two matches and
after the third one you're out of the tournament. The contest goes three days
and follows standard tournament rules. If you win, you move up, if you lose
you stay where you are on the ladder. Everyone fights naked," he smiled,
"good for a higher ticket price. And the winner has to do whatever the
coordinator tells them to do to the loser. Of course, that's just for the
last three tiers. The first two are a different matter."

"How so?" Andrea said skeptically.

"Whoever can get the other one to orgasm first."

"Uh huh," Andrea said somehow not surprised. "And the winner is whoever
doesn't have an orgasm?"

"That's right. You're catching on fast."

Andrea sighed. "Who's first?"

"Schedule is over there," he pointed to a hanging timesheet on the wall.
"Razor is over there," he pointed to a desk in front of a few chairs, "and
oil is over there," he pointed to an inflatable pool full of it. "You'll need
all three before you go out there. No body hair or un-oiled skin allowed."

Andrea raised an eyebrow. Somehow this whole slave for a week thing wasn't
working out as she had hoped.

James quickly walked off and Andrea went over to the schedule. She looked at
a clock on the wall: 9:30 pm. Her name was down to compete with Lee Holland
at approximately 10:30 - two fights from now. She walked over to the desk and
found a razor, just where James said it would be. It wasn't surprising to
find that there was no shaving cream but there was a damp rag which she used
to clean the small amount of matted cum from her hair before attacking it
with the razor.

She was mostly shaved already, not having to worry about legs or armpits so
it was a quick job to remove her landing strip of pubic hair. After the first
pass she had removed a large portion of it and it remained in patches here
and there of different lengths where the razor had clogged with hair before
being rinsed. The second pass saw most of the rest removed and sitting in the
chair with one leg hiked up on the table and the other draped over the arm of
the chair, Andrea gave a final shave to what was left of her hair until the
skin was as smooth as it was going to get. She gave it a final wipe with the
cloth and stood. It was 9:40. Lots of time.

Andrea decided to oil up right away and then if she could find somewhere to
get a good view of what was going on she could try and prepare for her own
match. She reached the small 'pool' and stepped into the ankle deep liquid.
Figuring the easiest way to get covered in the stuff was to just lay down
and roll, Andrea got onto her stomach and closed her eyes as her head dipped
in. She did a roll and sat back up again. Wiping the oil from her eyes, she
looked around and got out. Her hair was dripping oil and her body was
slippery as hell. She actually found it hard to walk on the slick floor
thanks to the liquid on her feet. Fortunately, once she had stumbled away
from the pool things became a little easier. The oil on her feet rubbed off
and she found herself walking as easily as normal. She was just a little

It didn't take her long to find some windows that pointed out towards the
action. They were tinted slightly so Andrea figured they were probably one
ways. The ring was elevated about three feet and roped off like boxing or
wrestling. Inside, two girls were wrestling against the ropes on the side.
Andrea could see their profiles and a muscular blonde girl had the other
pressed tightly against the ropes. The smaller girls back was arched way
back over the top rope and it looked like she could flip the rest of the
way over at any time if it wasn't for the blonde's firm hold on her. Her
breasts and legs shined brightly under the overhead lights.

Andrea allowed her gaze to travel downwards to where the muscular woman had
two fingers inside the blonde's pussy. The blonde was twitching regularly and
a red flush was spreading across her chest. Her hands clenched tightly around
the ropes and her whole body shook. Her back arched even more and she nearly
fell backwards. Finally, her breathing slowed and the muscular woman let go
of her. The blonde collapsed to the mat, breathing heavily.

The next two people to go to the ring after a quick re-oiling of the mat was
two extremely muscular men. Andrea was about to enjoy the show when a noise
behind her made her turn around. The girl that had lost the last bout was
sitting on a bench, hunched over with her elbows on her knees and hands on
her forehead crying. Andrea was at first tempted to ignore the woman but
despite her better judgment, left her post at the window and went over.

She grabbed a chair and pulled it over. She sat down on it backwards so that
her legs straddled it and the back of the chair pressed up against her chest.
"You okay?" She asked pointlessly. Not unexpectedly the woman didn't respond.
She continued to cry. Andrea sighed and tried again. "My name's Andrea."

"L... Lee," the other woman managed to get out in-between sobs. Upon seeing
her up close she looked extremely young. Maybe 16.

"How old are you?" Andrea asked, deciding it best to make small talk for the

"16," Lee confirmed her original thought.

"Where are you from?"

"North Brazil. You heard of Trump Towers?"

"Yeah. I have."

"I'm from there." Her crying was easing a bit. Talking was definitely

"How did you end up here?"

"I was taken when my father and I were in a town near here about three weeks
ago. James said if I was good I would get to stay with him instead of being
sold as a sex slave for someone."

"I see." Andrea looked around the room not sure what else to say. "Is there
anything I can do?"

Lee shook her head. "No. I still have two more bouts to lose." She sniffed,
"what really worries me isn't what just happened. It's that I... I..." She
looked at Andrea and decided to continue. "I'm a virgin and I don't want to
lose it like this, you know? I can deal with a couple fingers or a tongue,
but I just hope I don't have to go with any guys.

Andrea nodded. It was fair enough. "When's your next match?"

She looked up at the clock, her eyes were drying a bit. "Next. After the two
guys that are going at it now."

"That's my first one. How come you're going so soon after last time?"

"I think they want to get the crappy fighters out of the way first so the
other stuff is more entertaining as the night goes on." Lee looked Andrea
up and down with no emotion. "It's obvious you're a lot stronger than I am.
Don't worry about it out there, I'll be okay once my dad finds me."

Andrea sighed. "Look, the first tier is probably the worst right?" Lee
nodded. "Okay. Then I'll throw the fight. You can beat me and move up to the
second set. Then it shouldn't be too bad if you lose."

Lee looked up at Andrea confused. "You'd do that for me?"

"Why not."

"But how am I supposed to beat you? From everyone else's perspective I mean?"

"Andrea thought for a minute. We'll just make it look like a lucky break. I
got shot in the leg not too long ago so just go for a cheap shot there,"
Andrea pointed, "and I'll go down. After that you can get in position and
I'll just try not to squirm out of it."

Lee smiled. "I really appreciate this, Andrea."

"Well, it's no problem." Andrea stood up. "I'm going to go watch the end of
this match. I'll see you out there soon."

"Sure," Lee seemed to feel a little better and Andrea went back to the
window. The bout was already over and one of the guys was just getting up.
The crowd cheered and after a brief rest, the second guy stood and exited
the ring.

A short break was declared since the fight ended ahead of schedule and the
ring was cleared and re-oiled like last time. Andrea made her way over to the
entrance to the arena path and waited. Lee was near her, waiting patiently.

During the break, Lee was announced and walked down the path and up to the
arena. She climbed up the side and slipped in between the first and second
rope. Andrea noticed the camera got a good shot of her ass as she did so.

Andrea was called in next and she exited the dressing room reluctantly. Even
though she knew she wasn't going to get it too bad, she didn't much enjoy the
thought of losing. She carefully made her way down a long ramp to the ring
and got inside the same way as Lee. They moved to opposite corners and with
no grandstanding, waited until the break was over. She noticed that the odds
were 2:1 in her favor. 'They have odds?' Andrea thought to herself.

Andrea found herself overwhelmed by the crowd. They were chanting, spitting,
throwing bottles or cans of beer near the ring. They were completely
uncontrolled, with the exception of being kept in their seats by several
armed guards around the ring. The ring itself was extremely slippery and it
was difficult simply to stand, let alone anything else, but when the bell
sounded Andrea made her way out of the corner and towards the center of the

She wanted to make it a decent show at least so no one suspected she was
actually throwing the thing. Lee took no time at all before going for the
cheap shot and before she knew what was happening, Andrea found herself on
the ground, holding her leg.

She could feel Lee kneeling over her; warm hands grasped her gently by the
thighs and spread her legs. The pain was already fading and Andrea resisted
the urge to thrust her hips up in anticipation as she felt Lee's fingers
caress her labia. She inserted her middle finger and Andrea felt it curl to
reach her G spot. She flinched, in pleasure.

Lee withdrew her finger, after realizing Andrea was already quite wet,
mounted her and lifted her ass into the air so her own labia could meet with
Andrea's. Their pussies were both soaked in oil and completely bald so there
was very little friction when Lee first humped her hips into Andrea's. As Lee
continued to hump, Andrea became more and more aroused. Andrea's position
caused her to be blinded by the bright lights above her. She noticed that
Lee's breasts were bouncing up and down with each motion. Her right hand
snaked across Andrea's stomach until it found her left breast and she
caressed it enthusiastically with her hand. Lee's other hand was grasping
Andrea's thigh tightly for balance as she rocked back and forth against
Andrea's sex. Andrea got the feeling that it wasn't Lee's first time with a

Andrea couldn't help but moan as Lee's fingers pinched at her nipple, forcing
it into an erect state. She writhed beneath the other woman as her clit was
stimulated by the blonde's labia and her hand continued to work magic on her

The crowd seemed more than a little interested while the two women continued
to gyrate on the mat. Andrea was getting more turned on every minute and
Lee's smooth skin rubbing against her own was causing a familiar warm tingly
sensation in her nether regions.

The crowd was yelling out "Cum" and Andrea almost immediately faked an
orgasm. It was a little obvious, Andrea thought and a fair bit overdramatic
but it seemed to go over well enough with the audience. She arched her back
violently and clutched at the mat with her fingernails. The crowd clapped
whole-heartedly and Lee stood up slowly. Meanwhile Andrea slowly 'wound down'
from her false orgasm, suddenly wishing she'd let Lee get her off for real.

* * *

Andrea had been sitting alone on a bench in the dressing room, not wanting
to see Lee directly for fear of giving away the fact that they had fixed the
match and probably cost James quite a bit of money from the betting.

Her next fight wasn't scheduled for a couple of hours so she leaned back
against the wall and let her mind wander into a haze. It had been a long
day. "A /very/ long day," she said to herself. It had started with a
reconnaissance mission into an alien stronghold, then progressed into the
failed but nonetheless attempted aversion of a nuclear strike, a gunshot
to the leg, a visit to an Invid hive, a confrontation with the Invid's
leader, several hours in prison with some uncomfortable sex and now her
chest was smeared with filth and she was expected to go out and fight
someone into unconsciousness in only a few hours. "A very long day," she
said again.

She closed her eyes, only wanting to sleep and pretend she was home in
Calgary, four years ago with her parents and brothers only a few rooms away.
Hell, she'd even take asleep in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere trying
to make sure her cyclone didn't get stolen. She was beginning to drift off
when someone grabbed her arm by the elbow and roughly hauled her to her feet.
She opened her eyes and saw James standing there, looking furious. Still
holding Andrea's arm, he led her into an office just outside of the dressing

There was a comfortable looking chair on each side of the desk and he went
around to the one on the other side of it. Andrea made a move to sit down but
he spoke before she had a chance, "You stand." He sat down in his own seat
and reached for a remote control. He pressed a button and a TV turned on
behind him. On it, was a looping image of Lee kicking Andrea in the wounded
leg. He pressed a different button on the remote and a new image flickered to
the screen. Suddenly Lee was riding Andrea and Andrea was faking her orgasm.

"Does any of this seem a little suspicious to you?" Andrea hoped all he had
were suspicions.

"No," she responded. "What's the problem, she got a lucky shot and I lost."

"A lucky shot," he said musing to himself. He was silent for a moment and
then turned the TV off. He looked up at her, "Do you have any idea how much
this event costs me ever year? Cameras? Electricity? Radio signals? I'm not
going to let you ruin this." He paused for a moment. "I'm changing your next
opponent. You're out next, get going."

Andrea paused, debating fighting his accusations but decided it best to just
do as he said. She walked out of the room and headed straight for the doorway
into the arena. In next to no time at all, she was gestured out into the ring
and walked down the stretch to the arena. There was already a man standing
there. He was about six and a half feet tall, black, and extremely well
muscled. He had a bald head and goatee with a fierce expression to accompany
it. He wasn't showing off for the crowd, he was simply waiting in a corner as
if ready to go the second the bell went.

Andrea hesitantly climbed in, all too aware of the cameras that followed her,
one photographing her chest and face and another her pussy and ass as she
climbed in. It was truly the most perverted thing she had ever been in and
she was beginning to question her deal with James. Perhaps it was better to
simply attempt escape. She'd have to think about it in more detail later
however, because she had no intention of losing this fight.

As she got into her corner and looked at the other man up close, she realized
it was going to be a hard one. The way he carried himself was like a natural
born fighter and he had the physique to match. The odds on the scoreboard
were against her too. It was 4:1 against.

Andrea listened over the loudspeakers as the corrected introductions were
made. She heard his stage name was "Crusher" and the bell sounded for the two
to fight. Cautiously, she moved forward a few steps to see what he would do.
He was weighing her up as well, also stepping forward and they circled for a
few moments. Andrea suddenly felt like she was in a real fight, not some
contest to see who could orgasm first.

As if to confirm her suspicions, he made the first move. He swung out with a
heavy right arm but Andrea managed to duck it. She was quicker than he was
but not by much. She used her new position to land a punch to his gut but it
didn't seem to make a lot of difference. He didn't even stumble. He did
however use his same right arm to come down with an elbow on Andrea's
shoulders and send her to the ground. Instantly, she knew his strategy. He
would take the initial hit in exchange for a second harder hit in

He made a heel kick to Andrea's face but she reacted quickly and caught him.
She twisted his leg to the side and because of the slippery mat surface he
fell to the ground. Andrea tried to get to his cock, hoping to get things on
the road but she had only just got her mouth around it when he pulled away
and stood a few feet off. Andrea stood as well and she moved towards the
ropes. She rested her shoulder blades against the top rope and spread her
arms down each side of it as if to give her more support on the slippery

He charged at her just as Andrea was hoping and at the last minute she
wrapped her arms around the top rope, grabbed the middle one to keep from
flipping over and shoved her legs out towards him. He ran into her feet,
chest first and fell backwards onto the ground again, slightly dazed. Andrea
winced as she felt the pain in her injured leg from the hit but managed to
get herself back on the ring feet first.

This time, "Crusher" was a little slower to stand so Andrea took advantage of
it. He was laying on his back but propped up on his elbows. She straddled his
stomach and reached down to grab his cock. She managed to give it a few quick
tugs and into a semi hard state before he found a surge of energy and kicked
her off. He stood up a little hazier than she did, so Andrea charged again,
trying to keep him off balance.

The mistake was hers. As she got within arms range, he grabbed her. With one
hand on her leg and the other on her chest. He threw her. She landed hard on
her back and skidded across some of the mat. Her pussy hurt a bit from the
rough grab but it wasn't anything too serious. She began to get up but
Crusher was already on her.

He held her arms behind her securely and not stopping a moment to showboat or
pose for the crowd, he grabbed hold of Andrea's injured leg and dragged her
to the ropes.

Crusher simply smiled as he walked. Crusher grabbed her other leg as well and
holding both at the same time lifted her off the ground so her butt was about
even with the highest length of rope. Andrea struggled valiantly, but
realizing she couldn't get out of his hold and his cock was sitting right in
front of her, she reached forward with her mouth and enveloped the soft

Meanwhile, he wrapped each leg tightly around the rope, using the spring in
it to its full potential. When he was finished, Andrea was essentially doing
the splits upside down. Her hair hung down and splayed out on the oily mat
beneath her. She couldn't hold her head up anymore to continue her blow job
and had to let him go, now mostly hard.

Andrea was grimacing in pain once more from the rope wrapped tightly around
her leg. Her arms hung down and her opponent grabbed them and wrapped them
the same way around the low ropes. While Andrea worked on freeing herself,
he got some twine of some sort from beside the ring and tied her ankles and
wrists in place. There was no way she was going to be able to get out of
there on her own, she realized with a sinking feeling.

She felt cool air brushing against her pussy and asshole and felt more
exposed than she ever had before. She was looking between Crusher's legs and
he knelt down in front of her. His dick was getting hard and he was no longer
thinking about fighting.

Not sure what he was up to as he got out of the ring and disappeared into the
crowd, Andrea tried to relax. A few seconds later, he came back and slid into
the ring once more. He had two full beer bottles with him and Andrea dreaded
learning what he was planning to use them for. He walked towards her and
casually undid the lids, casting them aside. When they both had open tops, he
plugged the holes with his thumbs and gave them a shake. As he got next to
Andrea, he moved his thumbs aside and allowed the booze to spray out of the
bottle, over her pussy, stomach, chest and face.

Andrea lost sight of him as he disappeared behind the ropes but she knew
where he was as his mouth touched her beer covered pussy. He started to lick
and Andrea felt herself get wet once more. He nimbly inserted a finger into
her ass while his other hand reached around her to play with one of her
breasts. She felt her nipples harden for the second time in the last hour and
moaned as the finger in her ass moved in deeper.

Unexpectedly, the hand left her breast and moved up her sticky body to her
pussy and began to massage her clit, while Crushers tongue moved in and out
of her pussy. Andrea moaned again and felt her nipples stiffen further, this
time without any assistance.

It wasn't much longer until the crowd was chanting "cum," once more and
Andrea couldn't help but oblige. There was something turning her on about the
whole thing and she found it impossible to resist the warm feeling in her
loins. Crusher felt her ass clench around his fingers and withdrew his hands
and tongue. He watched with the crowd as Andrea shook, trapped upside down on
the ropes. She couldn't help but coo softly as a flush spread over her chest
and face and her nipples felt tingly and painfully stiff.

She finally started to breathe normally and as her mind regained cohesion,
she noticed Crusher was inside the ring again and kneeling in front of her
with one hell of a hard on. He had been declared the victor, but wasn't quite
done yet.

The crowd got excited as he pushed her breasts together and inserted his cock
between them. His cock quickly got coated in the extra oil smeared across her
chest and the cameraman had climbed into the ring to get a close-up of her
breasts. The oil kept her wet and shining brightly and as he pumped she heard
quiet "schluck" noises each time he moved in deeper or out. His balls tapped
against her face each stroke and after a fairly short time he came, adding a
great deal of warm white fluid to her stomach that began to roll downwards
into her cleavage.

He left the ring and suddenly, a realization dawned on her. They weren't
coming to release her. The next match was being announced and Andrea was
still tied upside down to the ropes, still flushed from orgasm.

The next two contestants came out one at a time. One was male, the other
female. It looked like a one sided match as the female didn't seem
particularly adept, whereas the man was a tower of muscle. Andrea began to
wonder how random these matches really were.

She felt light headed from being upside down for so long and she was starting
to lose feeling in her limbs. Nonetheless she watched the following bout
unfold. It was indeed one sided and after about three minutes, the man had
her right where he wanted.

He had her by the wrists, on her knees with arms behind her back. She was
leaned way forward and her face pressed in between Andrea's cum covered
breasts. The man seemed to prefer the basics and simply plunged into her
pussy. After a few thrusts dozen thrusts, the woman was moaning loudly into
Andrea's chest. He had a free hand as it only took one to hold her wrists,
so he pulled out of her pussy and guided his dick into her ass.

The moved seemed to slow her down slightly on her path to orgasm but when his
fingers rubbed up against her clit, she moaned loudly once more into Andrea's
boobs and came hard.

The man got up to leave and the woman left shortly after. Andrea wished the
woman could have stayed if only for the fact that it took her mind off of the
tingling in her limbs.

The next match was two women and they were both extremely good looking.
Neither of them had been in the ring by that point and even in her current
condition, Andrea found herself enthralled with watching them. Their bodies
glistened brightly and the way their flesh slid off each other when each hold
was exchanged in an attempt to get the best position was extremely arousing.
It was the first two people with excellent technical skill that she had seen
since the contest started hours ago.

Eventually, after about 25 minutes a tall, lithe blonde was the first to get
tired. She made an ill chosen attempt to entangle and was thrown against the
ropes right where Andrea was. Andrea had the wind knocked out of her and
tried to regain her breath as the tall blonde was held against Andrea's body
on the ropes.

It didn't take long until the blonde was tied in the exact same position as
Andrea, except she was lucky enough to remain right side up. She was also
tied directly to Andrea and they now shared the same bindings. The blonde's
face pressed into Andrea's pussy in a '69' position and vice versa. She was
not any more amused than Andrea was, especially when she felt her opponent
slide underneath her.

"You take her pussy, and I'll take her ass," the woman who had tied the
blonde up said from between her opponents legs.

"Why would I help you?"

"Call it a gamble. If I end up competing against you next tier, then I'll let
you win."

Andrea responded by nodding slightly and sticking her tongue into the
blonde's tight pussy. The blonde moaned as her opponent, now laying on her
stomach propped up on her elbows, pressed her own tongue into her even
tighter ass hole.

It didn't take long, getting eaten out by two people before the blonde
tensed up and Andrea could taste a new flavor in her mouth. She gave the
other woman's pussy a few more licks and then closed her mouth, happy that
she at least had a guaranteed victory if she ever ended up as the other
girl's opponent.

The night went on in much the same fashion. The two were tied together
through all the following matches and they often got cum deposited between
the two of them as the battles went on.

Eventually, the rest of the crowd filed out and then the tech people
followed. The next match wasn't for 8 hours to give people a chance to rest,
but it soon dawned on Andrea that no one was coming to let them down.

* * *

The crowd began to file back into the stands at around 8:00 am the next
morning. The first fight was scheduled for 9:00 and Andrea was still tied to
the ropes and to the blonde woman. She had discovered during her significant
lack of sleep that the other woman's name was Tracy and that she too had been
forced into fighting at the contest. The only difference was she had no means
of release afterwards.

Finally, just before 9:00, a tall lanky man that had been announcing the
fight and attempting to coordinate many of the sex acts around the ring
untied the two of them. They both fell to the ground unable to stand very
effectively thanks to their stiff limbs and used the ropes to help themselves
up. "You," he said to Andrea, "over there." He pointed to the near corner.
"And you, over there," he pointed Tracy towards the other corner.

"What, are we going now?" Andrea asked.

"Good observation there cutie. Get ready to go, the bells going to sound in
one minute."

'Shit,' Andrea thought to herself. Her legs and arms barely worked and she
felt insanely dizzy as all the blood now rushed out of her head and back
where it belonged. She used the ropes to brace herself and barely heard the
bell when it rang. She could swear that the matches were being fixed against

Andrea looked at her opponent who was just as much a mess as she was. Cum
stained her breasts and stomach but lines of "clean spots" where the oil
still remained was easily visible.

Tracy, who had none of the same problems with dizziness, rushed towards
Andrea and connected with a shoulder to the midsection. She wrapped her arms
around Andrea's waist and brought her to the ground.

Her breast was currently pressed into Andrea's pussy so she used it to her
full advantage, trying to rub her nipple into her opponent's crotch as
vigorously as possible. Andrea moaned as the soft mound of flesh against her
sex stimulated her sensitive nerves.

Andrea felt resigned to cum then and there but remembered what James had
said. If she just laid there and took it she would be in serious trouble.
Andrea straigned under Tracy's hold and managed to flip the two of them
over so that she was now on top of her oponnent. She arched her back, her
breasts high in the air, and reached behind her for Tracy's ankles. She
held on tightly and pulled.

With no small thanks to the oil covering her body, the angle made Tracy's
grasp on her impossible and Andrea slipped out of the hold. She turned around
quickly, so that she was on her stomach over Tracy and found herself staring
at the blonde's bald pussy. She wasted no time in diving in and used her grip
on Tracy's ankles to spread her legs, thus making the approach easier.

Unfortunately her position was something of a 69 and it allowed Tracy to
touch Andrea's sex at the same time. Her mouth couldn't reach, but her
fingers were another matter, and Andrea soon felt two fingers slide into
her slippery pussy. They curled inside her and pressed against her G spot.
"Ohhhh," Andrea moaned into Tracy's sex. She knew she had to keep her focus
and tried her best to put the feelings out of her head.

Her tongue snaked out to dip in between Tracy's lower lips and slide across
the length of them before her lips locked around her clit. It was Tracy's
turn to let out a stiffled moan and Andrea felt the fingers inside her pussy
relax in their strokes. Andrea pressed her advantage. She inserted a finger
into Tracy's sex and continued to suck hard on the woman's clit. Tracy cooed
again and Andrea took one of her opponents labia into her mouth and pulled.
The lip stretched away from the blonde's body and Andrea's finger used the
opportunity to attack her exposed clit.

Tracy sighed once more as the finger went back into her hole and Andrea's
tongue went back to the sensitive nerve cluster where it belonged. With a
gentle bite of the small nub, Tracy came. She bucked her hips under Andrea's
mouth and finally settled for a small but constant shudder of her body. She
withdrew her fingers from Andrea, defeated and saddened that she wouldn't
get to have an orgasm of her own, Andrea stood up.

* * *

The next person she had to compete with was the guy who won the first
male/male match. 'Well, at least he was hot,' she thought to herself, forcing
out some joviality before covering herself in oil once more. She didn't want
to be caught off guard.

After finishing, Andrea chose to rest for a few hours and try to get some
sleep before her next match. She woke up far too soon to what sounded like a
yelling match. As she roused the rest of the way she realized that it wasn't
a yelling match so much as it was just one person yelling.

She sat up to see Heinz, the German man she was supposed to fight next,
yelling at Lee. She began walking over to see what was going on.

"Get the hell out of here," Heinz said. "I don't appreciate the way you keep
looking at me." Tracy stood up and walked over as well.

"What's you're problem?" Andrea asked him. Tracy was over as well and
standing with arms crossed just below her breasts. The position gave them a
nice uplifting effect.

"What's my problem? Every time I look over I see her staring at my back, or
my ass, or whatever the hell she's staring at. That's my problem."

"Right," Andrea said patronizing the man more than she should have.

He gave her a dirty glare. "I'm telling you, if I don't start to get a
little respect around here I'm not going to be held responsible for the

"Well, she's not going anywhere so why don't you back off for now and leave
her be." She took a step towards him and he actually looked concerned for a
moment but the look quickly passed. He started to walk away passed Tracy but
stopped briefly beside her.

With great speed he lifted a hand and hit her in the face with the back of
it, sending her to the ground. "Don't fuck around with me." He continued
walking and Tracy got up to follow. Andrea quickly grabbed her by the arms.

"No, don't make it worse."

"Whatever," she spat. "Fucking ass hole." She turned to Andrea, "I never
thought I'd say this but I hope you kick his ass."

"Me too," Andrea said a little concerned. He had moved awfully fast when he
struck Tracy and he obviously had something of a temper.

"It's just frustrating, isn't it? Being here I mean. But I suppose it's my
own fault. I asked for it."

"You asked to be here?" Lee said shocked.

"Well not 'here' as in with this James ass hole, but 'here' in this
competition yeah."

"Why?" Andrea asked, still surprised.

"What do you mean why? You haven't heard?"

"Heard what?"

"The winner of the tournament gets their freedom. It's in writing and
everything. They also get a total of three 'sex slaves' under their control
for a year. One is the person you defeat in the last match and the other two
you get to choose."

"Oh, that would have been good to know."

Lee hung her head even though the comment wasn't addressed at her. "Sorry."

"It's not your fault Lee, you didn't know."

"What's not her fault?" Tracy asked.

"I threw the first match so she didn't have to loose in the first tier.
Figured it would save her some trouble."

"Oh," Tracy said. "I was wondering why you came so fast."

"Well never mind, now that I know the deal I'm going to win this thing."

"Hah, you and me both," Tracy said.

There was a pause for a moment. "I'm sorry about earlier," Andrea said

"Sorry for what, making me come? I'll win the next one and I'll see you in
the final. Don't worry about it."


* * *

Andrea was cautiously optimistic as she entered the ring to fight with Heinz.
Her skin was as bright under the light as when she had fought in her first
match and so was his. She was all to conscious that another loss would see
her as James's slave for four more days and she didn't even want to begin to
ponder that.

She stepped onto the slippery mat and went to her assigned corner to wait
patiently while the introductions were finished. She looked up to see that he
was favored 3:1. The bell rang and she smiled. Time to cost James some more

She took a moment to admire him standing there. He was naked, of course, and
very well built. Tall, hulking and as she had recently found out, he was an
ass hole to boot. She'd enjoy kicking the tar out of him.

The two opponents looked back at each other for another moment and trying to
keep him off guard, Andrea charged. The surprise attack worked and she landed
a shoulder in his gut. The two went sprawling to the floor but she didn't
have a chance to get anything started. They both got up with equal speed.
With the surface so slippery, any hit was an almost automatic knock down.
Andrea was trying to figure out how to use that to her advantage.

She tried to grapple with him as he got closer but he ducked it easily and
countered with a blow to her stomach. She twisted enough to deflect the
majority of the force behind it and came around with another grab attempt.
This time it was unfortunately caught by Heinz's other hand. He flipped
Andrea to the ground and was about to make another attack when she latched
her calves around one of his legs and pulled him down.

They were both on their backs, staring up at the bright lights above them.
Their skin was shining and Andrea's breasts were balanced casually on her
chest, still jiggling slightly from the impact of the fall.

He started to get up, and instead of doing the same, Andrea charged from
hands and knees and hit him with her shoulder once again. He fell beneath
her and she pressed her hands into his shoulders to hold him down. He was
stronger than her though and he shoved her off against the ropes. Her back
was pressed against the lowest of the three ropes and she grabbed the top
one with her hands to start to stand up. The motion stretched her torso and
all the muscles on it, making her look firm and even more athletic. Her
breasts looked a little smaller when placed so high on her chest. She hauled
herself to her feet a split second before Heinz did and got in a ready

She suddenly felt panic as she saw the look in his eyes. This was supposed
to be a sex thing but it was already a hell of a fight. He was definetely in
take no prisoners mode and she wasn't prepared for all out combat.

He charged and she ducked aside into a corner but not before Heinz managed to
trip up her dodge. Her head smashed into the light padding on the metal bar
and she felt a wave of dizzyness come over her. She grabbed the ropes to
steady herself and the next thing she knew she was weightless. She tried to
steady herself against the corner but failed and she realized Heinz was
holding her in the air.

Before she knew it, her legs were straddling the corner pole and being held
off the ground thanks to the middle ropes. Her arms hung over the top rope
and there was a great weight from behind her holding her torso tight against
the corner. Her shoulder pressed up against the metal bar that supported the
ropes and she still felt more than a little dazed. At least until she felt
something press against her ass hole.

Andrea jerked and tried to turn her head around but found herself being
restrained with a large forearm on the back of her neck. She kicked her legs
as Heinz's cock pressed into her deeper but because of the spring of the
ropes she couldn't kick off on anything. "Ah," Andrea gasped a little louder
than she had expected. He was big enough that it was causing a fair bit of
pain. "Get off me," she tried again to squirm out from under his grip but to
no avail.

"Hah, I don't think so, bitch." He pressed in the rest of the way and Andrea
let out a louder gasp. "Submit."

"Submit?" Andrea moaned out.

"Submit," he said again as he moved most of the way out before pressing in
hard once more.

Andrea gasped out an "ah," once again and he started to move faster. "You
must be... ah... crazy." The whole act hurt as much, or possibly even worse
than if she was in some kind of submission hold but at least that meant she
wasn't about to start coming. Chances are he would defeat himself and she
wouldn't have to do anything. She gritted her teeth as the pounding
continued. She was suddenly extremely grateful for all the oil surrounding
them. It made it quite a bit easier.

"Submit," he said once more as he thrust particularly hard. He continued to
say it as his pumping increased vigor until Andrea's breasts were rocking
wildly in rhythm to his strokes. "You're going to cum, whether you like it
or not," he said reaching a hand around to play with her pussy. Her pressed
his middle finger hard against her clit and Andrea felt a sudden rush of

Andrea's ass, on the other hand, was on fire and he wasn't letting up. Each
stroke was harder and stronger than the one that preceded it and she was
helpless to prevent the next one.

The crowd was cheering him on and the pumping of her already raw ass
continued for nearly twenty minutes, each time making a "schlock, schlock,
schlock," sound to go with Andrea's quiet gasps and grunts.

Her face and chest were long red, desperately trying to hold off orgasm.
There was something about having a cock ram her in the ass like that, that
was mentally turning her on. 'Forbidden pleasure,' Andrea thought to herself.
And the finger on her clit was making sure she felt it.

"Unnnnnn," Andrea's moan increased in pitch as she tried desperately to hold
back her orgasm. She was about to give up and cum when she felt a pulse of
warm semen spread out deep in her bowels and knew her opportunity was
probably coming up. He reached his other hand under her arm to grab her right
breast and Andrea acted with no mercy. She unleashed an elbow behind her and
out of pure fluke connected directly with his temple. He went reeling back
and fell to the ground limply, unconscious before he even hit the mat. A drop
of cum oozed out of her ass and laying on the mat, Heinz continued to
ejaculate randomly into the air, until it tapered off and his cock went as
limp as the rest of him.

Andrea managed to untangle her legs and upon putting weight on them slipped
to the ground and fell hard. Her ass hurt a lot more than she had thought it
did. Carefully she stood up and walked over to him. She gave him a quick kick
to the ribs and she stepped out of the ring and walked awkwardly back to the
dressing room. She wished this damn tournament were over.

* * *

Tracy and Lee ended up facing off against each other to end the second day's
activities at around 1:00 in the morning. The crowd was tired but energized
and this was definitely a bout they wanted to see. They knew it would be a
massacre with odds of 10:1 but stayed anyway. Andrea was watching, still
naked from the window out into the large stadium as the two of them came out.

Tracy was quick to get Lee on the mat and wasting no time, Tracy grabbed Lee
by the thighs, and spread the 16 year old's legs. She climbed in between them
with a seductive rotation of the hips and from that alone it was obvious she
was putting on a show for the crowd.

She leant forward over Lee, but kept their pussies in contact and began to
grind. Her breasts hung down and as she rotated her hips, her ass cheeks
spread and clenched giving an occasional, fleeting, glimpse of her anus and
pussy. Lee was unable to do much at all as Tracy's warm and slippery pussy
pressed up against her own. Their lower lips made suction noises as their
pussies slipped around each other.

Andrea found herself getting more and more aroused as the two women
continued. It was certainly obvious that Tracy (and perhaps even Lee) were
putting on a show to gain some favor but even so, they were incredibly
attractive. Tracy's muscles were well defined like Andrea's where as Lee's
were soft and rounded. They both had beautiful faces and long legs with
firm, shapely breasts.

As Tracy continued humping into Lee's sex, she moved her hands up and down
Lee's body. When Tracy finally found Lee's breasts she didn't stop molesting
them until they were bright red. Then, once again to pose for the crowd she
sat straighter and cupped her own breasts. With vigor, she began to massage
them. Lee opened her mouth and said something but the camera didn't pick it
up. It looked like two syllables.

Finished with her own breasts, she ran her hands down her own sides and
stomach before reaching Lee's clit and rubbing it while simultaneously
humping her. Lee spoke again. The same two syllables. 'Harder,' Andrea
realized what she was saying. Lee wanted Tracy to go harder. It seemed
like Tracy obliged. She ground her hips downwards and at the same time
in a circular motion as if trying to reach every part of Lee's sex. At
the same time her right hand went back to Lee's breast and squeezed hard.
Andrea could see Lee's pink nipple poking through Tracy's fingers.

"Oh, God," Lee moaned out, this time loud enough for the camera to hear. She
sat up, careful to keep her pussy connected with the older woman and kissed
her hard on the mouth. Her hands reached around her partners back and slid
downwards towards the athletic blonde's ass. Andrea shifted her position, now
getting noticeably wetter. Her ass still hurt from earlier though and it was
helping to dull her arousal. When Lee pushed a finger into Tracy's ass,
Andrea had to sit down. It wasn't often she was this affected by others
getting it on. Apparently there was something to be said for showmanship.

The two women continued to kiss but far too soon, Lee pulled away. It looked
like she was going to cum and cum she did. It was a dramatic episode and
Andrea felt her full state of arousal return once more. After she was
finished, Lee then laid Tracy back on the mat and broke the kiss. Obviously
not finished, and taking the aggressive roll for a while, Lee kissed at
Tracy's neck and collarbone. She then moved towards Tracy's breasts and
sucked at the nipple between her teeth. She lifted her head to change sides
and Tracy grabbed her gently by the back of the neck, and French kissed her
as hard as if she tasted like honey.

Lee broke the kiss after a few minutes and a few more hard-ons in Andrea's
vicinity. She then kissed at Tracy's other breast briefly before putting on
a naughty smile, easily visible from the TV above the arena, and dragged her
tongue down Tracy's ribcage, stomach and pubic area in a sort of wide zigzag
motion. When lee reached her destination, she dug her tongue into Tracy's
pussy and elicited a gasp. Tracy's hands shot straight to her own breasts
and massaged them unmercifully.

She wrapped her legs tightly around Lee's head and slid her ankle down her
calf attractively. Lee's finger was still inside Tracy's ass and was pumping
it quickly. A second finger joined it and Lee's tongue went up to her
partner's clit. "Ohhhh," Tracy moaned and wrenched her neck to one side. Her
mouth was open wide and a flush was spreading along her chest and neck.

Tracy continued to rub her breasts hard and they were starting to get really
red. Her nipples stood incredibly straight and she pinched them as she arched
her back. The oily mat caused her to slip and she was flat on the ground
again once more. Meanwhile, Lee was still going hard on her clit and Tracy
started writhing back and forth in each direction. Tracy's legs gripped
tighter around Lee's neck and she arched her back once more, this time
twisting slightly to her side in the hopes of getting better support. Her
eyes rolled back and she came, cooing loudly with each pulse her pussy let
out around Lee's probing tongue.

Lee gave one lick the length of Tracy's pussy and she closed her mouth and
smiled before moving her crotch up to Tracy's thigh and humping diligently.
She wrapped her legs around Tracy's right leg and moved up and down quickly
as if it were a pole meant for her arousal. Tracy was recovering from her
climax and still had her eyes closed as Lee's hands found Tracy's breasts
and still hard nipples. She squeezed just as hard as Tracy did as she neared

Her hips slid effortlessly up and down Tracy's thigh, providing ample
friction against her clit. With how turned on she was already, it didn't take
her long and she soon clenched down on Tracy's breasts and bit her lip as her
lower body shook.

The orgasm slowly subsided and she collapsed on top of Tracy, who was now
mostly recovered from earlier.

The announcer stepped up to the edge of the ring and announced that the day's
events were over and that the last day of the tournament started at 8am the
next morning. Tracy and Lee stood as he continued talking. "And for your
viewing pleasure, these two wonderful ladies are going to continue to fuck
for you until everyone is out of the building, or they have their next match.
Whichever comes first."

Andrea's eyes widened. There were already people laying back in their seats,
perfectly content to pass the night away and watch the two women go at it non
stop. She felt sorry for the two of them, but didn't know what she could do
about it. She was led with a great deal of other "contestants" out of the
dressing room and into a cell. There were two cells in total, one for the men
and the other for women, but each one was quite small and people had to lie
on their sides if everyone were to be sleeping at the same time.

Andrea was kept awake most of the night thanks to a groping neighbor that
wouldn't leave either her breast or her pussy alone, despite all attempts to
move out of the way. She was just glad everyone else seemed to be faring the
same. In fact, most of the tier one contestants were acting as other girls
fuck toys, moving from person to person until everyone who wanted it was
satisfied. Andrea supposed they would probably be beaten rather severely if
they didn't cooperate.

She sighed to herself, hoping she would be able to win the next days fights
and end this for her and three other people. She found herself worrying about
a contestant she had noticed in the last few matches named Claire. So far,
the tall, voluptuous blonde had destroyed all the competition she had come up
against, and Andrea didn't want herself to be the next victim.

* * *

Andrea awoke in the morning to the guard opening the cell door. The group of
men and women were then mixed back together and brought to the dressing room.
Andrea went straight to the window to see Lee with her back in the corner and
legs wrapped around Tracy who was kissing and licking at her neck

There were still a surprising amount of people in the crowd watching them,
but Andrea didn't have time. She got oiled up, checked the schedule and once
she knew she had the bases covered she went back to the window where a few
others now stood to watch the two continue.

When she returned, she could see Lee had been lifted up and was now sitting
on the third rope in the same corner with legs still spread and wrapped
around Tracy. Except this time, they were wrapped around Tracy's face instead
of waist. Lee was shaking violently each time Tracy's tongue came in contact
with her pussy or clit. It was obvious she was super sensitive to any touch
after the two women's long night and she let out a gasp and a dry orgasm
after practically no time at all.

Taking only a few second breather, while Tracy licked up and down her thighs
and shaved muff, Lee glanced around the crowd. She didn't have long to relax
however and Tracy was soon standing on the lowest rope with her head buried
in Lee's cleavage, assaulting the young woman's breasts with her teeth and
tongue. Lee was still twitching wildly so Tracy took her off the top rope.

The two women ended up moving into a 69 position on their sides and tried
desperately to stay awake while they ate each other out. Andrea found herself
suddenly wishing she were one of them. She hadn't cum in days and yet she had
been surrounded by sex for 48 hours. That combined with winning the
tournament was all that was on her mind.

Andrea's attention went back to the two girls as Lee put two fingers back in
Tracy's ass. It looked as if she was really working them, albeit slowly,
inside Tracy's bowels. Tracy obviously enjoyed it because she put her hands
on Lee's ass and pulled it towards her with force as she dug into her pussy
with her mouth. The two shared another dry shake that one could probably call
an orgasm and instead of stopping, Tracy moved her body up so she could bend
her neck and get at Lee's asshole with her tongue. She started to lick, and
Lee, realizing the camera was on her, pulled her two fingers out of Tracy's
ass and licked them clean. She slowly ran her tongue along them and when
finished, she jammed one back inside and started to lick around it, still
pumping it in and out of Tracy.

Before Andrea could watch anymore she was called to go out and fight in the
first match. She was fighting some joker by the name of Max but her ass and
leg both felt much better so she had no trouble kicking the crap out of him.
He did get in a couple of good shots though and she knew that her left
shoulder was going to bruise up quite nicely. Overall, she was more than
happy with her first real bout.

Meanwhile, throughout the match, Lee and Tracy had continued to go at each
other like rabbits. They didn't get a break until the fifth match of the day
when Lee had to compete with another very young looking woman. Lee eventually
lost and found herself kicked out of the tournament. She dragged herself back
to the dressing room and sat down totally exhausted and covered in sweat and

"How are you doing?" Andrea asked after going over and sitting down beside

"Oh man," Lee said holding her head. "I've never felt so tired like I have
these last few days." She touched her raw pussy, "or so sore down here."

Andrea smiled, "It's good you can still make jokes."

"Yeah, I guess," Lee said removing her hand and leaning back. "Still, I'm
glad that's over."

Andrea nodded. "You must be tired."

Lee nodded, "exhausted. But it was a fair trade."

"What do you mean?"

"The whole overnight thing was Tracy's idea. She said if I fucked her
overnight than she would make sure I was on her list of people to be freed if
she wins the tournament."

"Are you serious?" Andrea was more than a little surprised, although she
guessed she shouldn't be.

"Of course, why? Do you want to make the same deal?" Lee looked Andrea up and
down. "I'd do you for a week if it got me out of this place. With a friend
too, if you want."

Andrea shook her head, "You don't have to start whoring yourself out. I'll
bring you with me either way."

"Really?" She seemed to get noticeably happier. "Thanks," she leaned forward
and kissed Andrea on the cheek. "I'm sure you or Tracy can win."

Andrea nodded looking at Claire as she went out to the ring for a fight, "I
certainly hope so."

* * *

Andrea had watched Claire fight several more times in between her own matches
and was truly intimidated. She was quite probably the best fighter she'd ever
seen. Stronger, more powerful and more cunning than herself, she had no idea
how to win against her.

Her own bouts had gone well however and before she knew it she found herself
in the final match, having smoked her male opponent in the semi-final. She
was currently watching Tracy and Claire fight it out for the right to face

As the match unfolded it became obvious that Tracy couldn't win. Claire was
too good. Tracy put up a valiant effort but eventually she ended up tied to
the ropes, much as she had been before except this time she faced the ring.
Claire, after getting her instructions from the 'sex coordinator,' still
uninjured and undefeated bent down to her knees and started working two
fingers into Tracy's pussy. After a few loose pumps, she pushed a third into
her raw sex. Then a fourth. Tracy writhed on the ropes as Claire added her
thumb to the mix and put in all her fingers with her thumb tucked inside.

Claire took a quick break to oil up her wrist and back of her hand and then
shoved persistently until the rest of her hand was inside and Tracy's pussy
closed around her wrist. "Ahhhnnnn," Tracy moaned as Claire's hand continued
to make progress. Eventually she reached Tracy's cervix and held it there,
her arm was buried inside the other woman half way to the elbow. "Ohhhh,"
Tracy moaned out as Claire started moving her hand back and forth.

Tracy was too weak to try anything. She'd gotten a pretty severe beating and
was barely conscious as is. She simply took it, trying her best to stay slack
to make it a little easier. When Claire was convinced the crowd had had
enough, she untied Tracy and started to walk away.

* * *

There was a break of about half an hour before the final match and Andrea
used it to full advantage: she went out to the ring and assisted Tracy back
into the dressing room. Claire hadn't been rough enough to draw blood, but
her pussy was gaping open and bright red around its exterior. After helping
Tracy find a bench, she walked back to the window and closed her eyes. She
tried to visualize her opponent. Picture any moves that were commonly
repeated, or try to find any weaknesses that others had missed.

By the time the match was being called, Andrea still had nothing. She had no
idea how to win, let alone win three times in a row. Since Claire had yet to
loose a match Andrea would have to defeat her three times to win her freedom
from James. On the other hand, Andrea privately congratulated herself. By
getting this far she was guaranteed freedom from the complex. But who knew
what Claire would do with her. She got a sinking feeling as she waited the
last few slow minutes for the battle to start.

When Andrea saw her opponent up close for the first time, she noticed some
peculiar things. For one, the tall blonde woman had impossibly firm breasts
for their large size. For two, she didn't seem to have very much muscle mass
at all, which didn't add up because Andrea had seen how strong she was.
Thirdly, her blue eyes were just too blue. Andrea started to suspect what she
was really dealing with.

They were each handed a four-foot tall iron staff and Andrea looked at it.
"What am I supposed to do with this?" She asked to no one in particular. She
didn't know how to use a staff.

Claire, on the other hand seemed to be able to work with it just fine.
'Great,' Andrea thought to herself, 'another disadvantage.'

The bell sounded and Andrea got into a defensive stance, expecting a heavy
onslaught. To her surprise however, none came. Claire was looking across the
ring at her with a sort of disinterested interest. Andrea took a step forward
and Claire's look changed to one of concentration. She took a step forward of
her own and the two were nearly in striking range.

The mat was still oily and the slippery surface would change strategies with
the weapons around quite a bit. Andrea knew she would have to make deflective
parries instead of taking the force head on since if she did the later she
would probably end up on the ground anyway.

Claire made another step forward and as Andrea blinked she saw what Claire
was going to do. Her minds eye told her about a strong downwards strike and
Andrea stepped aside just before the real one happened. Claire looked at her
with surprise and Andrea smiled. Claire was an Invid. That's why there were
so many contradictions and that's why she had never lost. The only question
was, why was an Invid fighting for James?

"How did you do that?" Claire said, still surprised Andrea wasn't unconscious
on the ground.

Andrea shrugged and smiled wider. "Lucky guess?" Of course, she knew the
truth of the matter was that she seemed to have a sort of precognition when
the Invid were involved. She wasn't sure exactly what started it but her
latent telepathic abilities that the Coalition made mention of, combined with
her brief indulgence in the protoculture flower seemed as good an explanation
as any.

While Andrea was thinking about it, Claire lashed out with more attacks.
Each one Andrea managed to deflect but as time went on, she was becoming
less efficient at it. Not knowing how to use the staff was slowing her down.

Finally, she took a hit to the thigh and fell backwards. She rolled out of
the way of the next hit and got back to her feet on the other side of the
ring to make some distance between her and her opponent. "So you are possible
to hit after all," Claire said and came at her once more, now confident

Andrea deflected a few more hits but she was too slow. She took another hit
from the butt of the weapon straight into the stomach. It hit with surprising
force and winded her. She fell against the ropes and off guard, she took
another hit to the rib cage that knocked her onto her side. "Unnh," Andrea
moaned in pain as she forced herself to quickly deflect another blow and get
to her feet. This time it was Claire's turn to smile and she took a step

"You're not fast enough," she told Andrea.

Andrea didn't respond but she knew she was right. She had no idea how to
properly use an iron staff. She had been on the defensive the whole fight
without making a single attack because in the time it took her to make a
swing at Claire, the other woman would be able to make several counter

Suddenly, she remembers something her trainer had told her near the beginning
of her training. "There was a famous 20^th Century martial artist by the name
of Bruce Lee. One time, a master with the sword claimed that he was the best
in his field and challenged Lee to a sword fight. Lee told him that it
wouldn't be a fair dual because he had no idea how to use a sword but the
master would hear none of it and said he was a fake if he could not fight on
someone else's terms. Naturally, Lee accepted the blade and before the dual
began, do you know what he did?"

A younger Andrea shook her head and her trainer continued, "When anyone else
would see a lack of a weapon as a disadvantage, Lee knew he couldn't win
using something he had no knowledge of how to use. He dropped the sword and
fought him bare handed. You want to know what happened?"

"Lee wiped the floor with him," Andrea said and her trainer nodded.

"Always fight on your own terms," he told her. "Never let someone else tell
you that's a disadvantage."

"You going to make an attack some time today?" It was Claire's voice and
Andrea was brought immediately back to the present. She looked up to see the
odds 5:1 against her and she tossed the staff out of the ring. "You can't
concede," she added.

"Oh, I'm not conceding." Andrea took a defensive posture with her right arm
in front of her. "I'm ready when you are."

Claire raised an eyebrow, "whatever you say."

Claire made a horizontal strike but Andrea knew it was coming. She ducked it
and grabbed hold of Claire's legs. Half a second later, Claire was in the
air, being flipped over top of Andrea. A moment after that she was on her
back and Andrea was across the ring, ready for the next attack.

The light throw probably didn't do any damage to her opponent but it did get
the crowd interested in the fight. A good deal of them who hadn't expected
any kind of contest were now sitting forward in their seats.

Andrea's stomach and ribcage were already beginning to bruise up from the
earlier hits but it was easy to ignore the pain thanks to all the adrenaline
still coursing through her. Claire got up a little humiliated and circled
around the ring with Andrea. This time Andrea went on the offensive, trying
for a sidekick but Claire easily blocked it and the counter attack came too
quickly to act. Next thing Andrea knew the staff was rushing towards her
chest, parallel to the ground to hit her with its entire length. It slid
briefly along the curve of her breasts before connecting with full force just
below her collarbone. She fell backwards with an "umph," and Claire came at
her again.

Just in time, Andrea got her knees tight against her chest before springing
them out in a double kick. Claire fell backwards into the ropes and Andrea
stood to prepare for the next attack. After the two had exchanged a few more
blows Andrea caught a lucky break and managed to wrench the staff from
Claire's hand and throw it out of the ring. After that, the fight was as good
as over. Andrea cleaned house and three minutes later, Claire was on the
ground unconscious.

About one fifth of the crowd applauded enthusiastically where as the rest
mourned their lost bets and clapped ritually. The coordinator called Andrea
to the side of the ring but before he opened his mouth, Andrea interrupted.
"No sex. I want to fight her again as soon as she's ready." She looked over
to see Claire was already beginning to stir.

"Rules are rules. If the crowd wants to see you to fuck, then you two are
going to fuck."

"Damn-it, let me fight her."

"Tell you what," he said as if making a large compromise. "Go out there, get
her to eat you out or something for a few minutes, fake an orgasm and go do
the second fight."

"Fine," Andrea said disgruntled but happy enough that she didn't have to do
anything particularly grotesque. She went over to Claire who had herself
propped up on her elbows and sat down with legs spread beside her. "Come on,
let's get this over with," she said. "Just eat me out for a few minutes."

"Okay." Claire did as instructed with surprisingly little fuss. She still
looked a little shaky from regaining consciousness but managed to rest her
head on Andrea's thigh while extending her tongue to lick up and down her

Andrea let out a moan as Claire flicked her clit. She was actually quite
good. Andrea looked around the crowd and saw they actually looked kind of
bored. Maybe they really did want to see the next match.

She faked her orgasm a little earlier than she had expected to and twitched
her hips repeatedly in an attempt to make it convincing. Finished, she moved
back and got "shakily" to her feet before going over to the corner she had
started in last time. Claire's staff was returned to her, but Andrea refused
to take the one that was offered.

The second match started much the same as the first. Claire came at her with
the staff and after a few solid hits were landed, Andrea returned them with
interest. All the while, those that knew nothing about fighting were still
impressed at the fine display of their bodies.

Finally, the second match ended and Andrea was victorious once again, this
time with more bruises to show for it. It had taken longer to get rid of
Claire's staff and it showed. She had been hit a second time in the same spot
on her rips and she thought she might have cracked one as it was swelling up
quite nicely. Her cheek was swelling, thanks to a blow below the eye and her
stomach hurt like hell from a couple of hard jabs that had caught her off

The Invid on the other hand faired a little worse, and was slowly roused to
consciousness by a chanting crowd repeating the word "fight," over and over.
Andrea looked to the coordinator and he gave a nod, so Andrea went back to
her corner for what would be the last time. The bell sounded, and without
getting a weapon, Claire moved forward to the middle of the ring.

The two women stood facing each other only a few feet apart, ready for the
other to make the first strike. Claire's breasts were high on her chest, with
nipples pointing slightly skyward. Her torso narrowed down to her slim waist
and then widened again to full hips. Her stomach was flat but not nearly as
defined as Andrea's. Her legs were long and smooth, shiny and reflecting
light like the rest of her body. Her hair hung back behind her head and her
green eyes blazed at Andrea, as if trying to win the fight by themselves.

Andrea on the other hand was taller, more muscular but slighter in the
shoulders and hips. Her posture was straighter and her brown hair hung much
the same down her back. She also had an easier time throwing punches or
dodging quickly thanks to her smaller, at least by comparison, breasts. Her
breasts only reached out an inch or two from her sternum as compared to
Claire's three or four.

Finally, Claire threw a punch and as usual Andrea saw it coming. Claire's
breasts rocked hard to her side as she came around with a fast fist. Andrea
on the other hand tightened up the muscles in her right arm and raised it
quickly, thus sending her right breast higher into the air and exposing a
long length of her torso on the same side. Claire took advantage of it and
came up with a kick to Andrea's midriff, just below her bruised ribs. Andrea
wasn't fast enough so the kick connected and she winced in pain. At the same
time however, her own leg was coming around in a hard roundhouse aimed at
Claire's head. The kick landed and both women ended up falling to the ground.

Claire was more than a little dazed but that last kick had done a number to
Andrea's side. She was sure she had just cracked a second rib and her side
hurt like hell. She clutched her side by bring her left arm across her
stomach and held her wounded area while Claire stood on shaky legs.

Realizing she wouldn't be able to punch with her right arm, since that site
was in such poor disarray, Andrea let go of it with her left arm and instead
locked her right elbow along her ribcage. She then struck out with a hard
left that sent Claire back down to the ground again.

"I know you're an Invid," Andrea said quietly enough so that the cameras
couldn't pick it up.

"And I know you can tell what I'm going to do before I do it," Claire said
standing. "There's no other way you could be doing so well."

"It's just like you guys to assume there must be some miraculous reason why
a human could ever beat an Invid."

"I guess so," Claire said. "Come on, let's get this over with." She lashed
out with a hard, poorly directed right hook and Andrea ducked it to land an
equally hard left to Claire's midsection. She stumbled back and Andrea
launched another left, this time to Claire's jaw. She was hitting as hard as
she could and once again it knocked Claire to the ground. Claire was on her
back, starting to get up when Andrea quickly straddled her waist and planted
another hard left to the same spot on her jaw. Her head fell back against
the mat and she was out for a third time.

Andrea stood, her arm feeling as weak as the rest of her and walked over to
the edge of the ring. She had won, and she had no intention of sticking
around. Her plan was already in ruins however, when she saw James leave the
dressing room and walk passed her with a serious glare.

He entered the ring after grabbing a microphone and thanked everyone for
coming. He then added that Andrea, the tournament winner was on contract to
him for another four days and as such, anyone who could afford it, could have
their way with her. He then drew 50 "lucky" seats that would get to share her
on the last day. Andrea was furious. She walked back to the ring, with elbow
still tight against her swollen ribs.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"As you can see," he told he crowd, "she's still got plenty of energy,
despite her last three wins and I'm sure she'll be more than happy to please
you anyway you like."

Andrea stormed over to him, "I asked you a question," he turned off the mic
as she went on, "what the fuck are you talking about."

"You agreed to one week, remember? That still gives me four days and in that
time I can do whatever I want with you. So you be a good little bitch and go
back to the dressing room before you embarrass me any further. Besides,
you're lucky I picked 50. I was thinking about 100."

Andrea was fuming but she knew arguing would make it worse. She headed back
to the dressing room. "It's three and a half days, not four," she pointed at
him and shouted back from the aisle.

James smiled. "Rest assured, you'll be out on time."

Andrea had to resist yelling at him further and still in a huff, she plowed
through the canopy that led into the dressing room. Everyone still in the
room was staring at her in a kind of awe. They knew she could release any one
of them at any point and weren't sure how they should be treating her. Lee on
the other hand, was already coming over. "Are you okay? I heard what he said
out there."

"I'm fine," Andrea said blowing passed her. She went to the sink and washed
her face, not really caring what James would say. She then sat down carefully
on a bench and put her head up against the wall.

Lee came over again and sat down next to Andrea. "You sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine." She turned to face Lee, "look, when you get out, meet me at the
towns main hotel. I'm heading south so I can take you back to Trump Towers.
Maybe see if you can convince Tracy to stick with you until you meet up with
me again."

"You're taking Tracy as your second choice?"

"Sure, why the hell not."

"Hah, she'll be glad to hear that. I'll go tell her."

"You do that." Andrea closed her eyes again and relaxed. She nearly fell
asleep, despite the pain when Tracy came walking up to her.

"I could kiss you."

"I'll be okay without, thanks." Andrea still felt weak from three hard fights
in a row and didn't even open her eyes.

"You want me to stay here, maybe help you out for the next few days?"

Andrea shook her head. "It's a nice offer but you should stay with Lee. Make
sure she does okay for the next while. I offered to take her home when I get
out of this."

"You're the boss. I'll see you in a bit"

* * *

The next three days weren't too bad. Andrea had done maybe 20 different men
but the kinkiest thing they wanted was for her to swallow their cum. She
eagerly obliged since James hadn't given her anything to eat the whole time.
It was also good because she didn't have to be too active. Her ribs were
still painfully swollen and she was bruised all over the place. Finally, the
last day came and she knew that she would be out of there around dinnertime.

She had still spent all her time naked and was constantly cold, having
nothing but the cement floor to lie on. She was looking up at the ceiling,
wondering if the 50 men wouldn't come, when around 10 am the door opened with
a clang and Andrea looked over. There was a huge group of them, mostly men,
and about half of them entered into the room, filling it to max capacity.

The first man smiled, not particularly attractive. He had horrid teeth and a
bad smell about him. "I bought the winning ticket off a friend for two months
pay at my job. You had better make this worth it."

"Just tell me what you want to do already," Andrea said, not looking forward
to the next eight hours.

"Well, a few of use decided how to start this thing off," he said and reached
for her right shoulder. He picked her up with a strong pull and Andrea
clutched her side in pain.

"Watch it," she said. "Just tell me already, you don't have to drag me

"Actually, it's more fun this way." He grabbed hold of her and shoved her
towards the bars of the cell. She passed several people, most of which
grabbed a feel of her ass or breasts until her back slammed hard into the
metal. A dozen arms reached out to her and forced her into a vertical
spread eagle position. She felt rope sliding across her wrists and ankles
and was soon tied tightly to metal bars with legs and arms spread. She was
also being held with feet a few inches above the ground, which put an
uncomfortable amount of weight on her injured body.

There was nothing she could do about it however and she soon felt the hard
cock of her first partner slide roughly into her pussy. Before he was
finished a second hard member pressed between her butt cheeks, forcing them
to spread for her and then after teasing her ass with the tip of his sex for
a few moments, slammed hard into her, "Uhhhn." Normally it wouldn't be so bad
but her ass still hurt a little from the other days pounding and each time he
entered her she couldn't help but arch her back and put pressure on her ribs.

She felt both cocks rub against each other along the thin membrane that
separated her two holes. It seemed that as one entered her, the other left
and she felt always full. She didn't even know who was behind her, but the
cock in her ass was taking more liberties and increasing speed each time,
consequencely causing her back to be continually arched along the bars.

The man in her pussy that had been doing most of the talking so far was
taking full advantage of the situation and gripping onto her left breast and
roughly twisting it around in his hand. She moaned as he pinched the nipple
too hard and he started going faster. "Yeah, umph, that's it bitch, umph,
take it" He was spraying spit onto her breasts and face as he talked, more
than a little caught up in whatever form of bliss he was currently

His right hand was squeezing her left butt cheek just as hard as his left on
her breast and he clenched down suddenly with both hands. Andrea felt the
first spurt of cum splash against her cervix and the next few spurts were
right behind. Once he was finished, he pulled out but the pounding in her ass
continued. Cum dripped from her pussy onto the cement floor and her ass felt
painfully tight. Her body was sticky from the last few days worse of men
coming on various parts of her but the next person to step up didn't care. It
was a woman and she was in pretty good shape, like Andrea. She was darkly
tanned and had black hair. She pressed her pussy to Andrea's dripping one and
slipped a leg through the bars to get in just a little bit closer. Her other
leg, she slipped through the bars also and wrapped her arms around Andrea to
keep her balance. "Mmmm, my turn now," she said with a smile. "You're already
dripping cum, you're such a slut."

"I'm not the one paying money to fuck a stranger," Andrea quipped back.

The other woman got an annoyed look on her face. "Watch it cunt or I'll make
this even more miserable for you," she said jabbing Andrea in her hurt ribs.
She wrapped her arm back around Andrea and used her grip to lean backwards
and thus give her pussy more contact. She started to rub her crotch on Andrea
excessively and Andrea moaned as the man in her ass shoved in far as he came.
A replacement quickly arrived and she felt a new long, skinny cock press
inside her rear hole.

"Unnnnnhhh," the woman rubbing against her pussy moaned as she came. She
pulled her pussy away and it was just as matted with cum as Andrea's. "Mmm,
tasty," she said. "You can clean me up after a few others have gotten to

The next few hours passed the same way and Andrea was hoarse from moaning.
Her ass and pussy felt raw but she had gotten through all 50 people. There
was literally a huge puddle of cum beneath her from all that had dripped out
of her pussy and ass. Whatever wasn't on the cement floor was either still
inside her or spread out over her stomach, chest and back.

She was cut down rather carelessly and ended up with a nick on the back of
her wrist, but it wasn't bleeding very badly so she didn't worry about it.
She fell to her knees on the cement after being cut and clutched her ribs
immediately. They hurt an awful lot more.

"Hey cunt," it was the woman again and she gripped Andrea's hair. "Lick up
everything that you let pour out of you. It was inside you before, it'll be
inside you again."

Andrea made a look of disgust, and with her left arm crossing her body to
clutch her ribs, she let her right forearm support her weight, along with her
knees at the back. She looked at the thick white puddle of varying texture
and tentatively lowered her mouth to lick at it. "Euch," she said spitting it
out right away. It definitely tasted like dirty cum.

"Do it cunt." The other woman had her arms crossed and was watching
entertained. Andrea leaned down again and began to lick, this time swallowing
with difficulty. The slimy cum had a distinctly grainy texture to it thanks
to the dirty floor and Andrea had barely swallowed a few mouthfuls when one
of the men thought it was time for round two. He pushed into her ass with
quite a bit of force and Andrea bumped the ground with her mouth. When she
lifted thick strands of semen connected her to the puddle on the ground and
she went back to licking as if nothing had happened.

When he was done someone else took over and the new course of events
continued for the next hour. By then she had finally finished licking up the
salty white puddle and there was only a dark wet spot on the cement where the
liquid had been. A couple strands of cum still hung from her chin as she
rocked back and forth opposite in rhythm to her breasts thanks to the cock in
her ass.

Someone also managed to slip underneath her to get his member into her pussy
and seeing an opportunity, one of the women pressed her pussy into his face
and her asshole up towards Andrea. Andrea bent her mouth down and stuck her
tongue inside without hesitation, thinking it no worse than anything she had
just finished. She reached in as far as she could with it and spun it around,
inside the woman's rear hole.

Each time she was rocked forward by one of the cocks inside her she nearly
bit down on herself but with a little coordination, she managed to get
through it okay. The woman climaxed after a while and another girl that
wanted more of the same replaced her.

* * *

Andrea felt rivers of cum roll down her back as she sat up straight for
the first time. She was encouraged to lie backwards and this time she was
swallowing cock, while the girls rubbed their pussies into hers.

* * *

There were large puddles of semen that had collected down the center line
of her body and around her naval, collar bone, cleavage and of course face.
Andrea knew it was getting late and she probably didn't have long to go.
Most of the people inside seemed to agree and many of them began to head
off. She felt two hands lift her hips high in the air and a new cock entered
casually into her ass. Her higher hips caused the cum that had collected
around her stomach to roll downwards into her cleavage, neck and collar bone.
She didn't care. She had gotten used to the feeling of it rolling around on
her body.

A few more people left.

* * *

James entered the room briefly to give a thirty-minute warning and a few more
people disembarked. There were only three of the women left at this point and
Andrea knew they must have had something planned. Especially since the woman
who kept calling her a cunt was at the head of them.

The first thing to happen was for the rather hot looking blonde to lay
herself down on top of Andrea's bruised, cum covered body and slowly gyrate
her hips against her. "You are one hot bitch," the blonde girl said.

"Thanks," Andrea added hazily. "What do you three want me to do for the last
half hour?"

"You're doin' it babe. What can I say, I'm a sucker for messy sex." With
that, the blonde licked a line up Andrea's neck and kissed her hard on the
mouth, relishing in the taste of cum left behind from so many men. "Oh God
are you hot."

The other two just watched as she rubbed her body up and down Andrea's to
get herself as covered as she could in the stuff. Once she was as slick as
Andrea, she shoved her pussy up against her partners and started to rub them
together. She lifted her torso up to get better friction and balanced on her
hands with arms extended. Andrea looked up and saw torrents of cum dripping
off the blonde woman. Most of it flowed down her chest in rows but a good
deal hung down from her breasts and chin, paused in descent, and looking
almost like a waterfall that had been frozen by winter.

The blonde humped Andrea desperately for a good twenty minutes and finally
came with a shake so fierce Andrea thought she was going into a seizure. She
let herself fall roughly on top of Andrea and hugged her tightly. "I have
been dreaming about that for 10 years," she said with a messy smile.

"Don't mention it," Andrea said sarcastically. "Can I go now?"

"Of course you can cunt," the woman that had done all the talking at the
beginning said. She was a redhead and just as good looking as either of the
other two that were having their way with her.

Jessie kindly offered her a shoulder to help her head out of the complex. And
slowly, the four women found themselves outside the front door of the arena
and in a mostly empty parking lot. There was still one car near the door and
Claire was standing next to it. Naked. "What are you doing here?" Andrea

"Waiting for you. I'm your sex slave now remember?" She responded with barely
any emotion.

"Lucky you," the blonde said and hopped into the drivers seat. The three of
them had long shirts that they pulled on upon reaching the car but Andrea sat
in the back with Claire, both naked.

"Can we just get to the main hotel please?"

"You betcha."

The car started to move and Andrea continued her conversation with Claire.
You don't have to stay with me, you can go back to your hi..." Andrea looked
around. "Your home."

Claire shook her head, still seeming remarkably indifferent. "I signed a
contract with James. I knew what could have happened, I just never expected
it. But unlike some of us, I always live up to my agreements."

At first Andrea was insulted, thinking that /us/ referred to her. Then she
realized that Claire meant the Invid. "Suit yourself," she said. "At least
you'll have some company down south."

"You mean Irene?" Andrea nodded. "Yeah, I guess so," Claire said with a
little more emotion then previous. Was that regret?

* * *

Andrea got to the hotel to see Tracy and Lee standing out front. They were
dressed casually and behind them, Aria was sitting in a jeep with Ed. Aria
stood up in her seat when she saw Andrea getting out of the car with Claire.
"What the fuck happened to you?" She asked with a hint of concern.

"It's a long story," Andrea said. Ed got out of the car and rushed over to
help her walk.

"I'll bet it is. These fucking jokers are trying to tell me they're your sex
slaves or some fucking thing." Aria faked a shudder, "at least get someone
with smaller breasts and a cock for fucks sake."

Andrea cracked a smile and Ed spoke up. "Are you okay? You look terrible."

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine thanks." She knew she looked terrible but she wasn't
exactly expecting to hear it.

Aria spoke up. "You ready to go or do you need to make a stop?"

Andrea got into Aria's jeep. The other car had long since left. "I need to
make a stop."

"Figured as much. The rest of you fuckers wait here. Me an' Andrea are goin'

Aria gunned the engine and took off. "Where too?" Andrea pointed back in the
same direction she had come from. "I think there's a blanket in the back or
some shit if you want to wear it."

"I'm fine," Andrea said, looking straight ahead and trying to keep her
adrenaline going for a little while longer. She opened up the glove
compartment and looked inside. There was nothing there so she looked behind
her checking the back.

"It's under the seat," Aria said, instinctively knowing what she was looking

"Thanks." Andrea reached under the seat and pulled out an energy pistol. She
checked the charge to make sure it was full and then went back to staring
straight ahead.

They arrived at the empty parking lot about ten minutes later and Andrea
reached over to honk the horn. Nothing happened so she did what anyone would
of. She laid on it repeatedly until it pissed someone off enough to show.
James stepped out of the arena entrance with a mad looking face. "What the
hell is going on here?" He started walking towards the car. "Why don't you
just come inside and talk to me like a normal person."

The sun was behind the jeep from his point of view so he probably couldn't
see who it was. Andrea stepped out as he got closer but kept the gun in the
car seat until he recognized her. "Oh, what the fuck are you doing here.
I've lost enough money on you as is."

Without a word Andrea reached into the car seat, pulled out her weapon and
fired. She had half expected it to vaporize him but instead only left a wound
the size of a bullet hole. Andrea looked at him strangely and he stumbled to
the ground. He got up and tried to run back to the arena but Andrea fired
several more times. After the fifth shot, he finally keeled over and stopped
moving. She looked at Aria curiously, who returned the glance.

Cautiously, Andrea walked over and used her foot to roll him over. Green
blood. "Shit," Aria said. "Those fuckers are looking like normal ugly ass
humans now."

Andrea looked down at him in a haze. "I don't think so. When I shot Irene,
she was transported back to the hive. This one didn't go anywhere."

"So who the fuck is he then?"

"I don't know."

Aria looked down at him and then looked back to the jeep. "Come on, let's get
the hell out of here."

"Not yet," Andrea said looking up at the arena and thinking of the huge
stashes of weapons not far away. "Not yet."

End Chapter 14

Next: What does everyone do when Andrea isn't around? For the special 15th
Chapter, we'll go see what everyone other than our heroine has been up to.


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