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Mecha: Any mechanized fighting 'suit.' In other words, anything anyone
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Battleoid: another term for a mecha. However, the cyclone does have two
modes. Motorcycle and battleoid. The latter is the one that can really kick

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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 11 - Full Circle (MF,FF,M+F,bukkake,ncon,viol)
by Invid Writer

"Andrea arrived back at Trump Towers with only a small accompaniment. Two
officers followed her out of the helicopter and in through the S&S. She was
relieved to discover her high ranking friend had cleared her before she got
there and didn't have to submit to the rather intrusive search.

The two officers continued with her as far as the elevator and then left
her to her own devices. The same elevator operator that she had known from
six weeks ago was on duty. He gave her a once over from head to toe,
noticing her blue trench coat, and only her blue trench coat. "Why is it
whenever I see you you're wearing one article of clothing." He smiled and
shook her hand. "Haven't seen you in a long time," he said.

"I've been in prison."

"Oh..." He seemed genuinely shocked. "Is it all cleared up?"

"I don't know about that, but they finally realized I was innocent and let
me free."

"Ah, well I'm glad to hear that."

"Me too."

The doors opened again. "Well, this is your floor. At least it's where
you're friends are still hanging out."


"My pleasure." He gave a slight bow and Andrea stepped out into the long
hall. There was a ding and the doors closed behind her.

Andrea stood in the hall, now facing a new dilemma. "What door was it?"

A few annoyed patrons later, Andrea saw Bob's smiling, friendly face answer
the door. "A... Andrea!" He seemed particularly happy to see her. "They said
you w... were being let out today. H... How are you?"

Andrea gave him a hug that was returned heartily and let herself in. "I'm
doing okay. How are you."

"Oh, you know... S... Same old, same old." He looked even more geeky than
normal as he stood there. "I g... guess there is o... one piece of news..." he
was cut off as Kitty came in from the bathroom.

"Andrea! Are you okay babe?"

'Babe?' Andrea thought to herself. "Yeah, I'm fine. How are you?"

Kitty ran over and gave Andrea a huge hug. "Much better now that you're

By that point, Andrea had noticed Bob had successfully sunk away into the
room. She realized he hadn't finished giving his news and wasn't going to
let him get away with chickening out. "Sorry, Bob. What's your news?"

"Oh, i... it's nothing important."

"Come on, tell her Bob," Kitty said.

"W... Well... Basically, they offered me a... a job."

"Here at the tower?" Andrea was genuinely happy for him despite her opinion
of the Coalition.

Bob nodded and Kitty spoke for him. "He says it's a scientists dream job.
There's no where else in the world that has this kind of technology

"Like a kid in a candy store, huh?"

Bob smiled. "S... Something like that."

"Are you going to take it?"

"I haven't... haven't decided yet."

The momentary silence was broken by the faint sound of barking, coming
muffled through a wall. "What's that?" Andrea asked.

Kitty smiled. "Thunder, Irene and your coyote are in the next door over.
She must have heard you or something."

"Well, I better go say hello." She walked back to the door. "I'll catch up
with you two in a bit."

Andrea left the room, anxious to see her rather short companion. She turned
the handle to open the door one room over and suddenly found it flying out
towards her. She was shoved back against the far wall and found her
coyote's paws on her chest and the animal was licking her face
relentlessly, whining with nearly as much force as her tongue.

"Whoa, whoa, Tess," Andrea managed to get out between laughs. "Slow down

"Hello, Andrea," came Thunder's deep voice from within the room. "She has
not stopped whining for six weeks and now that you're here she whine's even

Andrea smiled at the attempted joke. "Hey, Thunder. How are you?" Things
had felt awkward with him since the incident with Kitty in the forest
nearly two months ago. Tess fell back down to the floor and waited at the
rooms door patiently for Andrea.

"I'm well. And you?"

"Not bad." There was a pause and Andrea gave in to her coyote and entered
the room. "Is Irene here?"

"No, she's... I don't know where she is."

Andrea shut the door behind herself.

* * *

Time passed in relative silence. The two sat opposite each other on the two
beds and Tess had curled up beside Andrea with her head in her lap. They
stared at each other for a good hour or so before Andrea spoke up. "I..." She
shut her mouth.

"I'm sorry," Thunder said abruptly.

"You? Sorry for what?"

"Making things awkward. As wonderful as it was, we should never have made
love that night."

Andrea was stunned for a moment. "Wait... That's what you've been feeling off

"What else?"

"How about what I did to Kitty for starters?"

"As I said before, you were not yourself."

Andrea paused again. "I wasn't worried about the sex."

"And I wasn't worried about the plant."

There was another long pause. "Well then. What now?"


Andrea smiled. "We better invite the others then."

"If we have to," he joked. "Are you hungry now?"

"It's 2 in the afternoon." Thunder looked at her, awaiting an answer to the
question. "I'm starved."

"Excellent. I'll round up Kitty and Bob."

"What about Irene?"

"We'll leave her a note."


Thunder went next door while Andrea wrote up a note and consoled her three
legged friend. "Don't worry, I'm only going for an hour or so. I'll be back
soon." The coyote whined and put its head down on the bed. "Don't
complain," Andrea continued. "I'll see if I can't take you with me to Salt
Lake." The animal obviously didn't understand and proceeded to lay
patiently on the bed as Andrea left the room.

She met up with the other three in the hall and headed to the restaurant.
"So, how much longer are we staying in town?" Kitty said.

"I don't know. I'm leaving tomorrow morning though."

Thunder looked at her. "You are leaving tomorrow morning?"

"I got a letter from my brother. I have to get to Salt Lake City as soon as

Thunder looked concerned. "Is everything okay?"

"I don't know."

The four companions reached the restaurant and were seated. The
conversation quickly continued.

"So what do we do?" Kitty asked, more than a little concerned.

"I don't know. I managed to get transport on a plane but there's only room
for me. You guys could meet me halfway there if you want? As soon as I'm
done at Salt Lake I'll come back down South again and meet you at like...
Mexico City or something."

"Perhaps," Thunder said. "I just hope your brother is okay."

"Me too," Andrea said.

The rest of the dinner was mostly small talk. Kitty said next to nothing
and only glanced up from her meal here and there to look hurt. Andrea felt
sorry for her, but knew she'd be fine. They'd have time when she returned.

* * *

Dinner was over and Andrea was opening up the door to the room with
Thunder. The first thing she noticed was the sound of Irene moaning,
followed closely by the smell of sex.

"Oh, not this again," Thunder sighed as he entered the room. Andrea
followed him in hesitantly and closed the door behind himself. "I thought
we agreed that you would tell me before any more sexual escapades in our
room," Thunder said patiently. The coyote was on the other bed with a paw
over her snout.

On the bed, Irene was mounted over some guys waste. His cock was pretty
obviously inside her and as Thunder spoke, she looked over and noticed
Andrea. "Andrea!" She exclaimed. She wasted no time getting off her partner
and running over to give Andrea a hug.

"Hi, Irene."

"You're finally out!"

"I'm finally out. But I have to leave tomorrow."

"For how long?" Her bubbly expression changed and she visibly lost energy.

"I don't know. A while."

"Oh no." Irene hugged Andrea close again as if it would somehow prevent her
from leaving the next day. Irene turned around and noticed the guy still
lying on the bed confused. His hard on was slowly fading. "You're still

Andrea suspected the comment wasn't intended as an insult but the other man
certainly took it as one. He put on his pants quickly and exited the room.
"Bitch," he muttered under his breath once he was in the hall. Irene didn't
notice or didn't care.

"Where are you going?" Irene continued.

"It's a long story. I have to go to Salt Lake."

Irene looked at Andrea stupidly. "That wasn't a long story."

Andrea sighed. "Look, I'm going to see if I can get the room next door and
get some sleep. I feel pretty drained. I'll catch up with you two later

Irene nodded and Thunder spoke. "Of course."

"Come on Tess." The coyote got up and crossed the room quickly to exit with

* * *

The room one over was indeed available and Andrea quickly found herself
naked and resting her head on a comfortable pillow. Tess was snuggled up
tightly at her feet and she drifted off to sleep almost immediately.

An unknown amount of time later, there was a knock on the door and Andrea
hazily awoke. "Yeah?"

"Can I come in?" It was Thunder.

"Of course." Andrea sat up slowly and held the sheets to her chest to stay
covered up. The side of her hips and left breast was visible, making it
obvious she was naked.

"I was thinking that perhaps, you and I could spend the night together."

Andrea looked at him carefully and saw a bead of sweat roll down the side
of his forehead. "You said that remarkably calmly, for you."

"Ha. I've been practicing for more than an hour." He smiled, and Andrea
realized there was no way she could turn him away. She lifted up the

"Come on in. No clothes allowed."

Thunder smiled widely and got undressed. He'd found at least one set of
clothing since last Andrea had seen him and the long sleeve shirt and loose
pants looked good on him. She noticed what looked even better however was
when they were off. He climbed into bed, but made a point to un-tuck the
covers at the end so his feet could hang off the mattress. She hugged
herself up against him, and without meaning too, quickly drifted back off
to sleep.

Andrea awoke an hour later with another knock on the door. "Yeah? What is

Kitty entered the room casually and noticed Thunder in bed with her. "Hey,
I was just wondering... Well..." She looked at Thunder again. "Never mind."

"Go ahead, Kitty. What's up?"

"I was hoping to stay here tonight, but it looks like you already have

"Oh, um... Sorry, I..." Kitty interrupted.

"No, no. It's okay. I'll just head back into the room with Bob and get some
sleep there."

Kitty looked more than a little sad at the idea. She turned her head and
wiped away a tear and Thunder spoke quietly to Andrea.

"She's missed you more than any of us I think. If you want me to leave,
that's fine."

Andrea didn't know what to do. "No, don't leave."

"Then perhaps she could stay here as well. Just this once. The bed is large

"That would be okay?"

"Of course it would. She misses you." Andrea smiled and leaned over to kiss
Thunder on the cheek.

"If you want to stay with me and Thunder there's room," Andrea said to
Kitty just before she walked out the door.


"Sure. Why not." Andrea smiled and Kitty brightened up significantly.

She looked between her and Thunder awkwardly. "Should I go get a long shirt
or something?"

Thunder smiled and put his head back on the pillow. He closed his eyes to
go back to sleep. "I hear there's a strict no clothing rule."

"Is that so?" Kitty asked seductively.

Andrea grimaced at herself. This was going to be awkward in the morning.
"So I hear."

"Well, in that case," Kitty got undressed quickly and slipped into bed on
the other side of Andrea so that Andrea was in the middle of the three.
"Good night, Andrea."

"Good night."

Andrea went to sleep on her back, as she normally did, with the coarse but
delicate feel of Thunder's body on one side, and the lithe, small frame of
Kitty on the other. She felt Kitty's breast press against her own as Kitty
cuddled up and drifted off to sleep once more, with a smile on her face.

There was a knock on the door.

"Shit," Andrea complained as she sat up, not realizing she exposed Kitty's
breasts and Thunders chest to whoever was at the door. She looked at the
time to see it was just after midnight. "Who is it?"

"It's me," Irene said in what Andrea suspected was her cutest voice. "Can I
come in?"

"Sure, why not." Thunder and Kitty were beginning to stir and Tess was on
the floor, looking over at Irene with one eye barely open.

Irene entered the room and looked at the bed. "Hey, that looks like fun.
Can I join?"

Andrea sighed. The last thing she needed was yet another person in the bed.
Not to mention, the rounds of jealousy that everyone would be having the
following morning. But she didn't know how to turn her down. "Listen,
Irene, I don't know it's such a good idea."

"Oh come on, it looks like tons of fun." Irene started to strip. She pulled
the suit open at the front and shimmied out of it.

"We're just sleeping Irene."

"Oh." She paused a second. "That's okay too. I was just missing you and
wanted to be with you."

Andrea looked back and forth between Thunder and Kitty looking for some
indication as to what to do. Neither seemed to have a good idea, and looked
back with hesitant eyes.

"Okay, fine. I'll try to make some room..." As Andrea shifted over there was
a loud ringing tone from beside the bed. She jumped. "What's that?"

"It's the phone," Kitty said.

"They got phones working here?"


Andrea shifted her way around Kitty and reached over to the end table. She
picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hello. Andrea?"


"This is Colonel Jack Johnson. I have an update for you."


"The traders plane I spoke of. They had a change of schedule and will be
leaving within the hour. Can you meet them at the main entrance to the
tower in ten minutes?"

"Absolutely," Andrea said, excited to be out of the awkward situation.
"I'll be right there."

"Excellent. Have a safe trip."

Andrea hung up the phone and got out of bed. She started to get dressed.
"There's been a change of schedule. I have to leave now."

"Now?" Kitty said.

"Now. Sorry guys. I'll see you all in a few weeks." She looked down to
Tess. "Come on Tess."

Andrea picked up her bag from the floor and opened the door to the hall.
"Can you guys make sure Bob takes the job here? It sounds like a great
opportunity for him."

"Sure," Thunder said plainly. "Have a good flight."

"Thanks." Andrea left and closed the door behind her.

* * *

Andrea exited the tower with her bag over one shoulder and Tess following
close behind. There were two men in old flight jackets leaning up against
the wall of the tower, not far away. Andrea figured that was them and
headed over. The larger of the two men spoke. He was a little plump, but
had a friendly grin on his face. He seemed to be Spanish in origin. "Hello.
You must be Andrea?"

Andrea nodded. "It's good to meet you."

"My name is Chase. My associate here is called Tonto." Andrea gave him a
confused look. "Hah. I am just joking. His name is Dennis." Dennis looked
like white trash. He was missing a tooth or two and had a shaggy mustache.
He nodded hello. "Who is this?" Chase looked down to the coyote.

"Her name's Tess. I was hoping you'd have room for her."

Chase bent down to pet her. "I'm sure we can arrange something. I love
dogs. Although... this one looks like a strange breed."

"She's a coyote."

"Ah. That would be it then. I've never been friends with a coyote before."
He put his face next to the animals and talked to her. "How are you today.
Would you like to travel with Uncle Chase?"

Andrea smiled at the reference, not wanting to ruin the man's fun. The
coyote licked his face.

"Do you mind terribly if she stays with me?" He asked. "We each have a
plane, Dennis and I, so we'll have to split the two of you up to even out
the weight, even if it is only 50 or 60 pounds."

"Sure, she can stay with you."

"Excellent." That seemed to be his catch phrase. Andrea was still waiting
for Dennis to say something. "If you'll come with us, we'll show you to the
planes and outline our route."

"Is Salt Lake City your first stop?" Andrea asked as she began walking with

"No, that will be our second. It's why we had to leave on such short
notice. The Duke of York, wants us to stop there and deliver some things
for him by tomorrow."

"York? New York?"

"Heavens no. New York is on the East coast. No, York is a barony that's
been set up a few hundred kilometers North West of Las Vegas. Don't worry,
the trip will be very fast. You will be in Salt Lake in oh... Ten hours or

"That's good to hear."

"Yes. The colonel told me you would be happy with that."

* * *

Andrea was led a few blocks away towards a jeep, which in turn took her to
a restricted airfield just outside of the shanty town surrounding the
tower. She walked across a recently paved runway and arrived at a couple of
old fighter planes. Andrea didn't know a lot about planes, but it seemed to
her that they had been modified pretty heavily.

"Which one is yours?" Andrea asked Chase.

"This one over here." He pointed to the nicer looking one of the two. It
figured. Andrea helped Tess inside. The cockpit was relatively small but
there was enough room for the pilot and her coyote. "Well, there we go.
Looks like Shorty's ready to go." He was obviously talking about the
animal. "What about you, Andrea? You ready to go?"


"All right. You can take her from here then Dennis. I'll see you in York."
He turned to Andrea. "And you, I'll see in Salt Lake."

"See you there." Andrea turned and followed Dennis to the other plane. She
climbed inside and sat down in a passenger seat. The cockpit was relatively
spacious for a cockpit. She sat beside Dennis instead of behind him but she
was more than happy with the chance to see the scenery a little better. She
tossed her bag behind the seat.

* * *

It was about two hours into the flight and still Dennis hadn't said a word.
Andrea decided that preferable to an incredibly boring flight, she would
try to talk. "Dennis, right?"

"That's right," he said. Andrea was momentarily stunned. Somehow she had
expected more of a fight to get him to speak.

"You been piloting for a long time?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "About five years. Not too long."


"Listen, I was thinking. How about a blow job?"

"A what?" Andrea's mouth opened

He had had the auto-pilot on for some time and sat back in his chair. "You
heard me. It's been a little while."

"Ha." Andrea scoffed and turned the other way to look out the window. No
wonder he didn't talk much. No one wanted to listen to him.
"I'm serious bitch. Get your clothes off."

Andrea turned to look at him again. "What? You've got to be kidding."

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" He didn't.

"What in the world would make you think I would go through with that?"

"Well I don't know. How anxious are you to get there in one piece?"

"Is that a threat?"

"Yes and no. All I can say is we may be experiencing a little turbulence up
ahead." He put on his seatbelt and Andrea couldn't help but feel a little
nervous. She reached for hers but quickly discovered that there was none.
"Last chance." Andrea stood firm. "Alright, your loss."

He disengaged the autopilot and suddenly put on the brakes. The plan lost
altitude and it sent Andrea headed towards the roof. She wasn't prepared
for it and her shoulders hit the solid metal top. "Ah." He picked up speed
again and Andrea dropped back roughly into the chair, this time hitting her
hip on the secondary steering wheel. "Umph."

"So, what do you think?" He looked over at her, as she sat herself back
upright in her chair.

"I think you can go to hell." She drew her gun and pointed it at him. Put
the plane down.

"No, I don't think I'm inclined to do that," he said casually. "And unless
you know how to fly a plane, I wouldn't recommend shooting me."

"Alright then." She pointed it at the glass of the cockpit. "I'll have to
take my chances."

"I wouldn't do that." Andrea ignored him and fired. The glass was
bulletproof and the bullet ricochet around the cockpit before finally
planting itself inside a seat. He looked over to her, still looking
casually. "Are you ready to comply yet?"

"Fuck," Andrea knew she was defeated.

"Good idea. Get undressed."

Andrea grimaced and started to comply. She grabbed hold of the base of her
tank top and pulled it overhead. Her breasts bounced free and she tossed
her shirt on the floor in front of her. Her pants were the next to go and
she shimmied them down passed her hips and kicked her ankles free.

"Wow. You're a looker, that's for sure."

"Yeah, thanks. What next?"

"The blow job of course. And watch the teeth." He undid his pants and slid
them down his waist allowing his semi-hard member to come into view.

Andrea didn't waste much time hesitating and instead preferred to get it
over with. She knelt down in between the two front chairs and moved her
mouth to his cock. She moved her lush lips passed his organ and brushed
them against the tip of it gently eliciting a small moan.

Before she could tease him any longer he grabbed the back of her hair and
forced the tip of his cock into her mouth. Andrea's wet tongue circled
around the head before making room for the rest of his rather average sized
member in her mouth. He continued to push her head down until her lips
pressed into the base of his cock. Andrea could feel the smooth skin on the
head of his dick rub against her throat.

She pulled herself back up until just the head was in her mouth and the
rest was coated with saliva. He moaned quietly again, almost as if he
thought he had to hide the sound and she pushed back down again, flicking
her tongue along the way.

Andrea pulled up and down a few more times before pulling off his dick and
gliding her extended tongue down the underside of his member. She moved her
way to his balls, not particularly liking the occasional hair that found
its way into her mouth and began to suck. She let the first one fall into
her mouth and dragged her tongue around it before moving over to the other
and giving it the same treatment.

Done with his balls for a while, she drug her tongue back up the length of
her shaft and put her lips around the head, slowly sucking it in and out of
her mouth, trying to concentrate on its sensitive underbelly. She felt the
first shake of the organ in her mouth and pressed her advantage, hoping the
experience was about complete.

She pushed down, fully inserting him once again and tightened her throat
around him. He moaned once more and she pulled out to repeat the process.

Suddenly, the hand in her hair pulled up, taking her off his cock and just
before her mouth parted with it she felt the salty taste of cum. The
remainder of the first load plastered itself over her face, stringing
itself from her forehead to her upper lip. The second and third loads
continued to spray directly at her face, drenching it in the gooey white
liquid until finally the last few small spurts landed on her breasts,
slowly rolling down to her nipples.

"Alright, that's good. Get off me before you drip on me." He shoved Andrea
off gently back towards her own seat.

"Do you have a towel or something I could use?"

"Nope, sorry." He looked over at her. "Actually that's a good look for you.
You should leave it like that."

Andrea grimaced. The last thing she wanted was the slow tickling sensation
of liquid rolling down her skin all the time. She sighed and sat back in
the seat naked.

"You know what I love about flying?" He asked casually.


"The solitude. You're forced to spend time with yourself, just listening to
your mind talk. I've always loved that."

"Really? I figured your mind wouldn't get to do much talking with all the
time your dick is out of your pants. How do you manage when you're flying
by yourself?"

"I try not to fly alone," he said coldly. "You know what? I think I'm ready
for round two. Come on over and straddle me."

Andrea complied. She was going to take all the fun out of his game. She
couldn't care less if she was impaled a few times and got a little white
stuff on her. At least she'd arrive in Salt Lake fast. She couldn't help
but feel disappointed however that a seemingly nice gesture was once again
the example of self service for whoever was involved.

She stepped over him so her legs were parted just above his face and slowly
sat herself down. "Put me inside you."

Again she complied. She grabbed hold of his cock with her left hand and
lowered her pussy to touch the end of it. She rubbed it back and forth
across her slit a few times to help get wet and then pressed it up against
her hole. She sat down the rest of the way, slowly pushing down until he
was completely inside her.

"Ah. Like that," he moaned again. Andrea ground her hips into him, instead
of moving up and down, she moved forward and back, thus keeping him all the
way inside her. His cock pressed against her inner rear wall, then as she
shoved her ass backwards it pressed against her inner front wall. Dennis
watched her breasts bounce gently as she rubbed her hips back and forth.

On the plus side for Andrea, the movement stimulated her clit every time
she pushed forward and helped to make the experience a little more
enjoyable. She was determined to make a point though and kept a straight,
boring face through the whole process in an effort to give him no pleasure
from forcing her.

As she continued the forward and backward motion she started to lift her
hips off of him during the thrusts, again applying different pressure on
her insides, and getting an expression of bliss from Dennis.

He put his hands on her hips and turned his gaze to watch her stomach as
the muscles tensed and un-tensed with her breathing and thrusting. Her
smooth stomach molded perfectly into her ribs, and her ribs into her
breasts. "Lean back," he said.

Andrea looked behind her to make sure she wasn't about to flip some switch
and send the plane into a spin, before carefully leaning back with her
elbows resting on the side of the console. Her head hit the glass to
outside and if felt cool. Her breasts pointed into the air and her pussy
still clung onto Dennis' cock. He moaned again and started to take a more
active roll in the procedure.

He pumped his hips up and down from the seat to plow into Andrea's insides
to the best of his ability. He found himself looking at her stomach again
and the smooth angles her hip bone made as it stretched against her skin.
Her muff was well trimmed and as he stared at her lower sections bouncing
up and down with his motions he felt the second orgasm taking over.

He pulled out of her once again, obviously taking pleasure in coming on
her. His cock pulsed and spat out another three long white strands of cum
over her stomach and ribcage. His dick continued to strain and the rest of
what he could muster dripped out of him to mat down her pubic hair. The
angle of her body caused the semen to drip down her and collect in her
belly button, or drip off the sides of her hips.

Andrea carefully sat back up and moved over to her seat once more. She sat
down, and said nothing while the sperm cooled on her body.

* * *

A few hours passed and Andrea was getting bored. The view out the window
changed to one of land and swamps as the reached the other side of the
gulf. The semen on her face and stomach had dried and were flaking off.

"You know what?" Dennis hadn't spoke in a couple hours and Andrea wasn't
looking forward to what was probably about to happen next. She didn't
answer and he went on anyway. "I think I'm going to go for the hat trick."

Andrea couldn't help herself. "The hat trick?"

"Yeah, once in each hole. Three holes. Hat trick." He looked at her. "I
made that up myself, what do you think?"

"I think it sucks."

Dennis looked at her a little annoyed. "I think you better start sucking,
unless you want me to go in dry."

Andrea sighed and leaned back over to take him into her mouth once more.
She took him in completely, trying to coat it in as much saliva as possible
knowing exactly what was going to happen when she was done. She wanted to
make it as easy as possible for him to get in.

She spent another minute or so on his stiff cock, and pulled away, thinking
it was probably more than wet enough. She straddled him again, this time
facing the front window. "You ready?" He said, grabbing her hips.

"Sure. Why not?" She let herself slowly move downwards and immediately felt
the head of his cock against her rear entrance. She instinctively tensed
and tried to relax. She still wasn't great at anal sex and it certainly
wasn't something she found enjoyable.

The tip of his member still wasn't inside her so she held her breath and
pushed downwards. The tip slipped inside her and she couldn't withhold a
gasp. It was painful to be sure, but she wanted to get it over with. She
continued slowly pushing downwards until he was buried to the hilt inside
her. "Oh, God that's good," he said.

"Maybe sometime in your life you'll get it consensually," Andrea said
reminding him of their situation.

"Shut up and fuck." Andrea did notice that to his credit, he wasn't being
derogatory to her. At least verbally. She lifted herself up and felt the
relieved open feeling as her rectum released the rod inside her. She gasped
as she pushed back down again, forcing him in to the hilt once more. She
could see herself in the reflection on the window and the dried cum
continued to flake off her.

She moaned as she pushed him into her a third time. Her breasts jiggled
with the motion and he reached around to her legs and spread them further
with his hands until they were almost completely out to her sides. He
looked over her shoulder at the reflection as she continued to bounce up
and down on top of him, the movement now reasonably easy to accomplish.

"That's it. Just like that," he said through gasps of air. She started
moving faster, bouncing up and down as fast as she was able. Dennis held
his breath and finally released his third load of the trip. She felt him
forcefully ejaculate his semen deep into her bowels. His dick pulsed for a
short while as it finished its process and Andrea got off of him and went
back to sit once more. Her ass was a little sore, but nothing a little time
wouldn't take care of.

"Oh damn. Have you ever thought of taking that up as a profession?" Andrea
glared at him and it was answer enough. "I'm just trying to pay you a
compliment. You don't have to be a bitch about it."

Andrea still didn't speak.

"Well, you'll be glad to know we're almost at York. We should start our
descent pretty soon." Andrea was silent. "We're only an hour from Salt Lake
too, even with the stop."

It seemed as if he was trying to cheer her up. "No sale huh? You're loss.
You may not be much of a talker but at least you're a good fuck."

He turned off the autopilot and started a descent. As they got closer to
their target Andrea could see that York was a relatively large city of
probably nearly 50,000 people. It had a concrete wall around its perimeter
and guards stationed on top of it at occasional intervals. It seemed like a
city that valued its privacy.

The plane came down at an airfield within the city walls and Dennis turned
to her as the plane braked on the runway. "There's a blanket under your
seat. Get down in the front there and put it over you so they can't see you
if they look in the plane."

"What? Why?"

"Just do it, okay? This isn't a place where you want to be noticed."

Andrea wasn't sure whether to trust him or not, but her instincts said he
was telling the truth. She reached for the blanket and hid in front of the
seat. 'no towel to wipe off with, my ass,' she thought to herself as she
lay still under the blanket. She tried to wipe what sperm was left off on
the blanket but unfortunately most of it had already long dried. She waited
until she was told to get back up again.

* * *

The plane started to move and it was obvious it was back on the runway as
it started to gain speed quickly. "You can come up now," Dennis said.

Andrea did so and left the blanket on the floor. She was still naked and
her nipples were hardening from the cold. She pulled her legs up to the
chair and sat cross-legged in her seat. Sperm moved around inside her ass
but for some reason failed to drip out. He must have gotten it pretty far
in there.

"I'm sorry about that," he said. "But if the Duke's men see a beautiful
young female stranger you may find you'll never leave the town alive."

"Why's that?"

"Better not to know, hmm?" He turned and looked at her. "We'll be there in
about half an hour. You'd better get dressed."

Andrea reached under the blanket for her pants and tank top and quickly put
them on. Her shoes soon followed and she was once again fully dressed.

Just as she was told, half an hour later they were putting down on the
abandoned freeway just south of Salt Lake City. The cockpit opened and
Andrea hopped out with no pretense of a thank-you.

The other plane was just a little further down the road and Andrea walked
over to it. Its cockpit opened as well and Tess poked her head over the
top. She picked up the animal and let her down on the ground. "Thanks for
the ride Chase."

"Oh, no problem. It was my pleasure. Your coyote here is quite an excellent
flying companion. Very, very smart too. I'll bet you I could teach her to
fly the plane better than Dennis here."

"It wouldn't surprise me," Andrea spoke under her breath.

"Pardon me?"

"Oh, nothing. Listen, I'd better get going, but thanks again."

"No worries. It was nice to meet you Andrea."

"You too," Andrea replied. She walked passed Dennis without another word
and headed into the city limits. It was only about a half hour walk to get
to the Blue's headquarters and she thought that may as well be her first
destination. She still had no idea how to find Tristen or even if he was
still in town.

As Andrea approached the semi-familiar building that she knew housed some
of her friends she found herself getting more and more excited. She hadn't
seen Keri in months and despite their last meeting, she hoped that Keri had
forgiven her.

She walked with a bounce in her step and stopped at the back door. She
knocked gently and a slit opened up. The eyes that looked at her went wide
and the door opened without hesitation. "Andrea!" Keri was apparently on
door duty and quickly pulled Andrea inside. She wrapped her arms around the
other woman and pressed herself against her. Their breasts mashed together
tightly and one of Keri's hands found its way down to Andrea's ass. Keri
looked at her in the eyes. "I was wondering when you'd come back."

"Well," Andrea smiled. "Here I am. It's good to see you."

"It's great to see you! I'm sorry about how I acted last time we saw each
other. I was just in a bit of shock, that's all. I want you to know though
that I understand what you had to do to Pepsi."

Andrea smiled. That's exactly what she wanted to hear. "Thank-you."

"I missed you," Keri said.

"I missed you too." Keri's smile widened and she hugged Andrea even
tighter. Slowly, giving Andrea plenty of time to back out, Keri's lips
moved to meet Andrea's. Andrea was more than happy to return the kiss and
quickly found an eager tongue inside her mouth, exploring as if it was for
the first time.

"You taste a little different," Keri stated.

"Ugh, don't remind me. I had to give some asshole a blowjob."

"Oh, is that what it is?" Keri leaned forward and kissed Andrea again. "Now
I remember why I like women. They taste better." Andrea laughed. "You
okay?" Keri looked a little worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks."

The answer was good enough for her. "So who's this?" Keri asked referring
to the coyote.

"Her name's Tess. I guess I saved her life and she's hung around me since."

"Hey, that's great." Keri leaned down to meet the friendly animal. "The
name's Keri. It's a pleasure to meet you." The coyote barked once in
response and sat down on the floor.

"She seems really smart."

"She is," Andrea confirmed.

Keri put a hand under Andrea's chin. "So what's all this?" She seemed to be
referring to what was left of the white flaky substance on her face.

"Remnants of said blow job."

"We should get you cleaned up. Come on."

"Don't you have to watch the door?"

Keri turned and shouted down the hall. "Jason!"

"Yeah?" Came someone's response from around a corner.

"Can you get someone to watch the door for me?"

"Sure, no prob."

Keri looked to Andrea. "Alright, let's go." She led Andrea by the hand down
a couple corridors.

"So are you still on door duty all the time?" Andrea wanted to catch up.

"Hah. Hell no. I was just covering a shift for someone. Once we set the
trade routes back up, they promoted me. I'm second in charge here now."

"Really? Did you ever get things to work out with Vegas?"

"Absolutely. They were the first to sign on. Now we're trading with half a
dozen other towns around the area and even have a couple trucks that make
regular trips. We're trying to sign on with York before the Yellow's get

"The yellow's are still around?"

"Stronger than ever I'm afraid. But..."

"But what," Andrea pressed.

"We have an advantage they don't." She opened a door from the hall into a
rather large bedroom. Keri reached to the side and flicked a switch. A
series of lights turned on. "Electricity."

"You have electricity?"

"Just at the base. We want to give it to the rest of the town but the
central generator is in red's territory. They won't let us get to it. This
is all running off of independent stuff."

"Still, that's..."

"Amazing? I sure as hell thought so when they showed me. The human race is
coming back Andrea. Watch and see." She entered the room all the way and
Andrea followed with Tess. "So, about cleaning up. How about a nice hot

"You have hot water too?"

"Wasn't too hard after we set up the electricity. What do you say?"

"That would be great!" Andrea said excitedly.

"I'll go get it ready. You..." She looked up and down Andrea's body. "You

Andrea smiled. "Yes ma'am." Andrea gave a vague imitation of a salute and
Keri walked over to the attached bathroom and started the water. Meanwhile
Andrea got undressed.

"So where have you been all this time? How's Bob doing?" She shouted from
the bathroom

"South America actually. A place called Trump Towers."

"Trump Towers huh? Never heard of it."

"I have a feeling you will within a year."

"Why do you say that?"

"The Coalition. The military that controls it, seem to be expanding pretty

"Huh. And what about Bob?"

"He's doing great. His stutter is even going away."

"Really? Maybe he's finally found some confidence."

"Looks that w..." Andrea shut her mouth as Keri walked out from the bathroom,
also naked. She looked gorgeous. She had shaved her pubic hair bald and
Andrea had to admit, it looked appetizing. She continued to stare in
stunned silence as Keri came over and pressed herself up against her once

"What do you say we pick up where we left off hmm?" Andrea felt her legs go
weak and thought she was going to fall. Keri continued. "Do you mind if we
share the bath?"

"No... not at all."

"Great." She smiled and holding Andrea's hand once more, led her to the
bathroom. The tub was large enough for four people and the water had some
bubble bath in it. The white foam the bubbles created on the waters surface
reminded her briefly of the cum baths she had gone through at the yellow's
headquarters. Of course, it wasn't actually her that had gone through that.
At least she didn't think so. She still wasn't sure what to make of it, she
was just happy that the 'dreams' had resided for the time being.

Keri sat down on a ledge under the waters surface that allowed her chest
and stomach to stay above water. She grabbed a cloth and ran it slowly up
her stomach and chest before squeezing the water out over her breasts. The
soapy water cascaded gently down her torso and Andrea found herself getting
wet. Andrea stepped into the tub and before she could even sit down, Keri
attacked. She knelt on the tubs floor and suctioned her mouth to Andrea's
pussy. Andrea moaned and her legs shook more.

"Keri..." She gasped in absolute ecstasy and lost her train of thought.

"Um hmm?" Keri said through Andrea's pussy. Keri's tongue found her clit
and started to flick it up and down.

"Keri, I don't think we should be doing this."

Keri stopped, a little surprised. "What's wrong? Is it me?"

Andrea sat down on the base of the tub, thus covering her body with water
up to her breasts. "No, it sure as hell isn't you." Keri breathed a sigh of
relief and sat under the water with Andrea. "It's Tristen."

"You're brother?"

Andrea nodded. "That's why I'm in town. He sent a letter for me saying he
was in trouble. Have you seen him?"

Keri shook her head. "I'm sorry, he's not with the blue's."

Andrea sighed. "I was afraid of that. Do you know if someone might have

"Well, if anyone it'll be the yellow's. The red's pretty much stick to
people in the town, they wouldn't have any interest in travelers. And
really it's just the three of us now. There's a few smaller gangs kicking
around but I can't see them doing anything like that."


"Look, Andrea honey," Keri stroked a wet hand through Andrea's hair as she
talked. "We'll figure it out, and if he's been taken, we'll get him back.
I'll help you. But first, we have to talk this through and plan what to do,
okay?" Andrea nodded. "Okay, catch me up to date on everything."

Andrea started to talk. First, about the Invid hive when they had parted.
Then the group of mutants, her first run in with the Coalition, her arrival
at Trump towers and her time in prison. While she talked, Keri worked her
way behind Andrea and started to wash her with a cloth. Andrea enjoyed the
relaxing ministrations from Keri and it made it a little easier to discuss
everything that had happened.

When Andrea was done, Keri wrapped her arms around her and held Andrea's
back close against her chest. One of her hands casually made it down to
Andrea's pussy and rubbed gently while they talked. Andrea found it
relaxing, more than stimulating.
"It's almost dark now," Keri said. "It may not be a great idea to start
looking until tomorrow. It's too dangerous at night."

"What if he's in trouble?"

"Look, Andrea. As bad as it is to say, if his message was time sensitive,
it would have expired by now. Your letter had to be carried from here, all
the way down to Trump Towers not even knowing you were there. If his life
was in danger, he either got himself out of it, or he's dead. Hopefully it
never came to that." Andrea sighed. "Don't worry. Either way, we'll find
him. But we'll find him tomorrow, when it's safe for us. Okay?"

Andrea nodded. It made sense, and despite her desire to find him as soon as
possible it would be nice to spend the evening with Keri.

"So what do you say?" Keri continued. "Let me cheer you up tonight? And
tomorrow we'll get started?"

"Okay," Andrea said.



Keri slipped a finger inside Andrea's pussy. Andrea squirmed pleasantly.
"What are you doing?"

"How did you think I was going to cheer you up?" Keri spoke gently into
Andrea's ear and when she was done, extended her tongue to run the length
of it. Andrea melted into Keri's arms and her lovers tongue pressed into
her ear. Her teeth nibbled at the lobe, while her tongue moved in long
circular strokes. Andrea practically came right there.

"Oh, God..."

"When was the last time someone made you feel like this, hm?" Keri's
fingers dug deeper and Andrea moaned again. Andrea had no idea what her
lover was doing but she wanted more. Even Irene and Kitty couldn't make her
feel like that.

"Never," Andrea gasped breathily.

Keri added a second finger to the first. "I love that I was your first
other girl. You're like my little protégé." Andrea gasped again and her
breasts rose above the waters surface, lightly covered in bubbles from the
soap and shining brightly.

Keri's thumb pressed in-between the folds of her labia and massaged her
clit. Andrea gasped again and started breathing heavily, in quick bursts.
It had become an effort to breathe and was taking all of her brain power to
keep her lungs working.

Her body convulsed around the digits inside of her and she came hard. Her
breasts shook as each quick breath she took caused her to jump about an
inch straighter. Finally the orgasm subsided and her muscles relaxed,
allowing her to fall gently back into Keri's arms. She rested for a few
minutes until she caught her breath and she moved Keri's fingers out of her
pussy. She turned around to face the other woman.

"How was that?" Keri asked with a smile on her face.

"I think you're even better than you were before." Andrea was still feeling
the electric shock of orgasm but her hormones told her she wasn't ready to
stop just yet. She tackled Keri and surprised herself with the amount of
force she put into it. Keri slipped and fell backwards, somersaulting out
of the tub. Andrea couldn't help but follow, her momentum carried her
through and the two women ended up in a wet twisted heap on the ground
beside the tub.

Andrea wasted no time apologizing. Her lips hungered for Keri's and she
found them quickly. She placed herself between Keri's splayed legs and let
one hand explore the other woman's good sized breasts.

"You've been practicing," Keri said.

"I've picked up a few things," Andrea said pulling away from the kiss
briefly. Her tongue slid down Keri's neck and to her breasts. She could
taste the soap on them and was so horny she relished in it. Her lips
instinctively sought out Keri's nipples and took one into her mouth while
her left hand continued to rub the mound of flesh vigorously.

She lifted her head up and placed one of her legs on the other side of her
lovers intending to push their pussies together. One hump was enough to
bring Keri to the brink of orgasm and Andrea reached around with her right
hand to caress her ass. Slowly, her hand worked up the courage to reach her
asshole and Andrea shoved her index finger in all the way. Keri yelped in
surprise but came on the spot. She shook like she was being electrocuted
and Andrea tried her best to hang on to the one breast she'd grabbed.
"Unnnnn," Keri moaned. "Don't stop."

Andrea smiled and kissed her on the lips again strongly. "I don't intend
to." Andrea kissed her another time and kept the finger deep in the other
woman's ass. She started to lift up, signaling she wanted her to move. Keri
was still stuck in the end of her orgasm and the pressure on her anus
didn't help her get over it. She continued to shake as Andrea lifted her up
into a standing position.

Their tongues found each other once again and Andrea pressed herself up
against Keri hard, forcing the other woman's back into the wall. She pinned
Keri there for a while longer throughout the kiss and she continued to try
and hump into her lover but found she didn't get as much friction as she
would have liked. Their mons rubbed against each other with each thrust of
the hips but Andrea wanted more. Not willing to brake the kiss for even a
moment, she slid Keri along the wall, to get closer to the bed.

Unfortunately, the door between bathroom and bedroom came up on her faster
than she thought and the two went tumbling to the floor once again as
Andrea tried to push her against a wall that wasn't there. Her finger
temporarily dislodged from inside Keri's ass but she never halted her
aggressive kissing. She seeked out the other woman's lips again and
continued kissing. Keri, not wanting to get away, but wanting to make it to
the bed crawled backwards across the floor until her shoulder blades bumped
up against the mattress. Andrea stayed with her, crawling after her on
hands and knees. Her breasts hung down and swung as she followed Keri. She
craved the other woman's body pressed into her own.

When they reached the mattress, Keri lifted herself up to lay on the bed
but Andrea didn't let her go. She latched on to the only thing her mouth
could find. Keri's smooth, bald pussy. The woman cried out in pleasure
again as Andrea's mouth suctioned in on her clit and she arched her back.
Her shoulders had made it to the beds surface but her feet were still on
the ground and it left her in an exposed position that she wasn't sure how
to get out of. Or if she even wanted to get out of it.

Andrea enjoyed the smooth feel of the bald skin around her tongue. There
was no hair to get caught up in when she strayed from her central target.
Keri was still moaning constantly and Andrea kept at it, never relenting.
Keri bucked her hips as Andrea's tongue found its way inside. "Oh, God,
Andrea. You're amazing." Keri wrapped her legs tightly around Andrea's neck
and Andrea's tongue continued its work until she felt the waves of another
orgasm wash over the other woman. She tried to jam her finger back in
Keri's ass but had a difficult time of it due to the orgasm she was going
through. The muscles in her rectum tensed and relaxed with each spasm of
her pussy and only allowed progress to be made when they were loose. To
make matters more complicated, the further her finger got inside her lover,
the tighter it tensed and the less it loosened.

Eventually, Andrea succeeded in burying her finger to the hilt once more
and used the good grip it supplied to move Keri's ass to the very edge of
the mattress. With her free hand, Andrea moved Keri's legs off her
shoulders and put one of her own knees up on the bed. With the writhing
woman still beneath her, she pushed her pussy up against her partners,
rubbing it against its warm counterpart with all the might she could

She started to feel exhaustion roll over her but pushed the thought out of
her mind. Both women were sweating profusely and on top of the remaining
soap bubbles still covering them, it made it extremely hard to get a
significant amount of the friction desired. Things were so slippery that
each thrust saw Andrea's pussy off target, either up along Keri's hairless
muff, or down her thigh. However, each time their oversensitive clits did
make contact, both partners arched their back and let out a surprised moan.
After slipping around Keri's extremely wet pussy for a while longer, Andrea
swung herself around and lowered her crotch onto her lovers face.

She remembered that Keri loved to feel her partners cum over her body so
Andrea rubbed her lower lips up and down across Keri's cheek and forehead
before finally ending up at her nose and mouth. Keri opened her mouth wide
and attacked Andrea's sex. Andrea's labia kissed Keri's lips wetly and she
lowered her own mouth to 69 with the other woman.

Keri's pussy was already sticky from cum as Andrea's tongue first pressed
up against the smooth outer lips of Keri's sex. She immediately got her
first taste of it and she instantly remembered her time in Las Vegas with

Her finger was still in the other woman's ass and she began moving it in
and out as her tongue flicked at the erect sensitive nub beneath her mouth.
Keri gasped at the attention and instinctively bit down on Andrea's clit.
She controlled herself just enough to prevent hurting the woman on top of

Andrea arched her back as Keri's teeth came down on her most sensitive body
part. A small drop of cum hung off her lip as she opened her mouth and
moaned. "You're going to bite it off," Andrea moaned. The droplet of cum
dripped off her lip as she talked and landed on Keri's abdomen.

Keri let go. "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." Andrea tensed her finger
inside Keri's ass and Keri yelped in surprise. She smiled. "Mostly,

Keri's mouth went back to work and her hands found Andrea's butt cheeks.
They massaged and pulled at the sweaty, slippery skin as her tongue
continued to explore relentlessly back inside Andrea's body.

Andrea herself, lowered her head back down and licked up the droplet of cum
on Keri's abs before going back to work at the other woman's pussy. As Keri
buried her face in Andrea's sex, she pulled the brunette's ass cheeks apart
to help get herself in further. Andrea suddenly found herself wishing there
was another man there to fill up her empty orifice.

Keri withdrew her tongue and replaced it with two fingers and Andrea
muffled a moan into her pussy. The vibrations for the moan set Keri off for
a third time and the second Andrea found her mouth tasting fresh cum, her
own sex clenched around the fingers and climaxed.

Keri pushed her mouth back into Andrea's pussy to collect any moisture
trying to find its way out and Andrea continued to moan as one of her
strongest orgasms ever took hold of her and refused to let go.

Finally, the feelings began to pass and fully drained, Andrea let her cheek
come down to rest between Keri's legs. She felt the warm wetness of Keri's
cum on her right cheek and ear but was too tired to care. "Wow," she said
into Keri's thigh as she rested. "You're as amazing as always."

"And you even more so," Keri replied. Andrea's pussy was dripping cum
slightly on her face and she loved it. "You've been practicing." Andrea got
up on hands and knees and turned to lay face to face with Keri.

"Maybe," she said coyly. She rested her head on Keri's left breast and
sighed deeply. "You're the only girl I don't feel awkward with after we
have sex. Why is that?"

"I don't know," Keri smiled. "Maybe because we're right for each other."

"Hmm, who knows?" With pleasant thoughts in her head, Andrea went to sleep.

* * *

The next morning Andrea awoke with a kink in her neck. Light was filtering
into the room from the large window at the bed's head. Andrea sat up, still
naked and looked down at a sleeping Keri.

She carefully got out of bed and started to get dressed. She had her pants
on by the time Keri stirred. "Where are you going?" She said sleepily.

"Just to walk around. Sorry, I didn't want to wake you."

"No problem. I'll come with you."

"Nah, it's still early. Go back to sleep, I'll come back with some
breakfast okay?"

"Um..." She was still dazed. "Sure. Okay. Good night."

Andrea put on her top and left the room. It was a short walk down to the
mess hall and Andrea enjoyed strolling down the semi-familiar corridors.
Despite her agreement with the 'gang,' she'd only been in the building a
couple of times.

She arrived in the mess, and nearly collided with someone as she turned the
corner. She maneuvered out of the way at the last moment and so did the
other woman. "Whoa, there. Sorry about that." The voice was familiar and
Andrea looked up to the woman's face. It was the girl from her blackouts.

Andrea was stunned. "Heather?"

"Um, yeah. Have we met?"

"Uh..." Andrea had to use all her focus to make words come out. "Yeah. We
have. Well, sort of. Um... Sorry, I sound like an idiot."

Heather laughed. "No problem, it happens to the best of us. Do you want to
sit down and talk? I've eaten, but I could always go for more coffee."

"Yeah, that would be great." Andrea marveled at how close this woman was to
the one she had pictured in her head. The voice, the face, the skin tone,
everything was exactly right.

She didn't let Heather out of her sight as the two women walked over to a
table. Andrea completely forgot she was there for food. "So, if you don't
mind my asking, how long have you been here?"

"Only a couple days."

"You escaped from the yellows?"

"How do you know that?" Heather was taken aback. "I haven't told anyone."

"To be honest, I don't exactly know."

Heather looked skeptical. "I'm sorry, I don't think I caught your name."


"Is this some kind of sick joke?" Heather reacted to the name.

Andrea felt her stomach sink. "No, of course not. I just..."

"You know what, save it." Heather stood up. "I'll see you around." She left
the table and quickly walked out of the room

"Damn-it." Andrea said to herself quietly. Something inside of her wanted
Heather to recognize her more than anything. The first time she'd been in
love in years and the other person didn't even recognize her. "What the
hell is going on?" She asked herself.

* * *

"Are you okay?" The voice was Keri's and it shook Andrea out of a haze. She
was still sitting at the table thinking and wasn't sure how much time had

"Huh? Yeah, I'm okay," Andrea lied.

Keri sat down. "I got a little worried that you weren't back. Figured you
might have started searching for your brother by yourself."

"No, I've just been thinking."

"About what?" She was trying to be helpful but Andrea wasn't in the mood to
talk about it just then.

"Nothing important. Let's get breakfast okay?"

Keri nodded and got up to stand in line with Andrea.

Breakfast went by pretty quietly. They had both finished eating and Andrea
realized that if she actually wanted to find her brother, she had better
focus and do just that. "So, any ideas on finding Tristen?"

Keri thought for a minute. "Might as well try the hotels first. He may not
be in any trouble. From there, I guess it's pretty much either the gangs,
or a tent outside the city."

"Okay. I guess I better get started, eh?"

"I'll help you. Maybe we should split up. I'll start at one end of town and
you at the other. We'll check out the hotels and see if he's there."

Andrea nodded. "Sounds good enough." She stood up and started walking out
of the mess hall with Keri. "Thanks for your help."

"Oh, don't mention it. I'll see you soon." The two walked out of the
building and headed off in separate directions.

* * *

Andrea's search of the first two hotels proved fruitless and she was on her
way to the third when up ahead, she saw a group of yellows standing at a
street corner. There were four of them there, including a woman wearing
black leather body armor with a few modifications. The armor had a couple
dozen knife blades sticking outwards from it at various points, giving it
quite the sinister air.

Thanks to her previous experiences with the yellows, she decided it was
probably best to cross the street and avoid them all together. Andrea
thought she was nearly in the clear when she saw one of them look her way
and say something to the others. He pointed as he did so, and she realized
he looked vaguely familiar. He must have recognized her. "Shit," she said
to herself. She reached to her hip and put her hand on her gun holster as
they walked across the street to meet her.

"I thought you left town," the man that recognized her said. She still
wasn't sure exactly who it was. It probably didn't matter.

"I came back," Andrea said simply. "Don't worry, I won't be here long."

"Oh, I don't know about that," he said getting closer. "Seems to me you owe
us an extended stay."

He got a little too close and Andrea drew her gun. She wasn't going to
screw around with the yellows a second time. In response, the man that was
talking drew his firearm as well. His two male friends drew knives and the
woman with the armor watched from behind them. 'That was good,' Andrea
thought to herself. Maybe she wasn't the fighting type. Just the look tough

Andrea assessed the situation. She could probably take out the one with the
gun first. Then she'd just have the two knives to deal with. Nothing she
hadn't dealt with plenty of times in the past. While the gang member talked
she carefully and slowly set up her shot, unnoticed by the others. "You
can't take all four of us... Andrea was it? It's better to just come along
peacefully. Don't you think?"

The two with knives had closed in and Andrea decided she has better make
her move. "I think you better go home before you get hurt."

The group laughed, with the exception of the woman in the back. The man
with the gun made a gesture with his gun that briefly pointed it somewhere
other than her. That was her opening. Andrea fired and the sound of the gun
resonated through the city streets. The bullet went straight through the
other man's hand and he dropped his firearm instantly. "Ahh," He crumbled
down to his knees and grasped his wrist.

Before the two with knives knew what was happening, Andrea already had her
weapon sheathed and was drawing a knife from her belt and a backup from her
boot. They attacked her. The first gang member tried a high strike, which
was easily deflected by the weapon in her left hand. Her right hand sliced
the second gang member. He jumped back, forcing a near miss and the blade
sliced his shirt across the middle.

Andrea knew he would be off balance for a moment from his dodge, so she
concentrated on the first gang member, striking him with both hands. He
deflected one, but the other plowed into his shoulder. He pulled away
instinctively and Andrea went after him again. She struck one into his
chest, trying her best to miss any vital organs and the man clutched his
wound and hit the dirt road.

Andrea turned to the last man standing. The woman with the spikes was still
watching the proceedings casually. He spoke up. "Aria? Help! Do something!"

He shook slightly as Andrea took a step towards him. He obviously wasn't
going to win the fight. Andrea glanced over to the woman to confirm that
she was still only watching and took another step to the gang member.

Andrea sheathed one of her knives and reached out quickly, catching the
gang member off guard. He jumped at the attack, not knowing what to expect
and quickly found himself disarmed. A few seconds later an elbow was flying
towards his head and that would be the last thing he saw for some hours. He
hit the dirt.

Andrea dropped the gang members knife, point down in the soft road and
looked to the woman they were calling Aria. "Thanks."

"Thanks? What for?"

"For not getting involved," Andrea said as she sheathed the second knife
back in her boot. "I owe you one."

Aria cracked a smile. "You owe me one hmm?" The woman didn't seem
particularly nice, Andrea thought to herself. And surprisingly young, she
realized as she looked closer. She'd guess the other woman at 17. "Well how
about, you come with me back to base, and we'll figure it out there?" She
spoke with a tone in her voice that Andrea couldn't help but be suspicious

"No, thank-you," Andrea said with vigor. "I'm sure as hell not going back

"I don't think you understand," Aria said still speaking in a monotone,
cold voice. "I wasn't making a suggestion. You're going to be coming with
me back to base."

Andrea started to grow a little concerned. She figured her best bet was to
simply back off, and she began walking away, all the while keeping two eyes
on the woman talking to her. "Where are you going?" She said as if it was a
taunt. She pulled one of the many knives she carried off her belt. It was
small and sleek, compared to most she'd seen.

"Just, going," Andrea said as she sped up.

"I don't think so." Aria spoke quietly and Andrea barely heard it. There
was a flick of Aria's wrist, so fast she barely saw and the next thing she
noticed was a pain in her leg, just below the knee. Her leg collapsed on
her and she looked down to notice the same knife Aria held moments ago,
embedded in her calf.

She quickly pulled it out and tried to stand. She fell back down again. "Oh
don't get up on my account." Aria got closer and through sheer strength of
will alone, Andrea stood, ignoring the pain below her knee. "Impressive,"
Aria said. "Not many people can stand after that hit." Aria pulled another
knife off her belt and got within striking distance. She still only watched
however as Andrea tried to stand with as little weight as possible on her
left leg.

"I don't like bullies."

Aria laughed. "Then you won't like the yellows. And certainly not me." Aria
reached out and grabbed the knife and pistol off Andrea's belt. That left
her with just her boot knife to defend herself. Andrea stood still and
waited, realizing she was probably out classed. "Now, I'll give you two
options. You can grab hold of my shoulder right here..." She pointed with her
hand to a spot that was relatively clear of blades. She continued, "and
hobble to the yellows base with me. Or..." She paused a moment, enjoying
Andrea's rather concerned look. "Or, I can take out your other leg and
carry you back, right here." She pointed to a blade that would obviously be
in the way with that plan. "What do you think?"

"Fuck you," Andrea said with confidence. She stood up straighter, Aria's
throwing knife was still in her hand, concealed behind her wrist.

"Hah. No one's ever picked option two before. This should be fun." Aria
took a few steps back. "Like target practice." She looked around. "What, do
you figure I was standing around here? Alright then." She positioned
another throwing knife in her right hand and made the same flick of the

This time Andrea was ready for it and she dodged to the side with speed
Aria obviously did not expect. Simultaneously, she flicked her own wrist
and launched Aria's bloody knife back at her. It struck her shoulder, in a
gap of her leather armor.

"Fuck!" Aria said as it collided. She pulled it out with a grimace.

"Is that the spot you wanted me to lean on?" Andrea said sarcastically as
she stood up once more.

Aria stared at her for a moment. She looked pissed. Then, suddenly she
burst into laughter. Andrea was more than a little confused and stood still
as Aria continued.

As quickly as she had started, Aria shut up and pointed Andrea's gun at
her. "Last fucking chance, bitch. The base is that way." She gestured with
her head and Andrea realized she had better get going. No matter how you
worked it out, getting killed was a hell of a lot worse then ending up at
the yellows base. She started limping down the street. "Hurry up gimpy,"
Aria said from behind her.

* * *

Andrea arrived at the familiar front door to the yellow's headquarters. Her
leg hurt like hell from walking on it but she was pretty sure the bleeding
had stopped. Aria whammed on the door on Andrea's behalf and the eye slit
opened. He obviously only saw Andrea. "What do you want?"

"I sure as hell don't want inside."

The man appeared to have misheard her. "What? You want inside? Take off
your clothes and stuff 'em in the slot. Then you can come in."

"Fuck off, Larry," Aria said from off to the side.

"What? Who is that?" He moved to try and get a better angle down the side
of the door.

"It's the Easter Bunny. Who the fuck do you think it is asshole? Open the

"Oh, sorry Aria." Andrea could hear the sound of latches and the door
creaked open. "Go right ahead."

Aria shoved Andrea through and then stepped in behind. Larry closed the
door. "Take off your clothes and stuff 'em through the slot?" Aria

"You'd be surprised how often it works," Larry said with a self conscious
grin. "Anyway, you're in now aren't ya?" Aria ignored him. "New recruit
eh?" He was looking at Andrea.

"Old one actually."

Larry took a better look at her. "Oh yeah, I remember her."

"Don't tell me the clothes through the slot bit worked on you?" Aria asked
Andrea. There was no response.

"Hell ya, it worked," Larry said. "She was damn good. Tight as hell. I'd
love to have another go at her."

"Fuck, you wouldn't know what to do with her," Aria said.

He looked Andrea up and down. "I got a few ideas."

"Oh yeah? Go ahead then. Give her one for me."

He smiled and walked over to Andrea. "Bend over, bitch. Grab your ankles or

Andrea reluctantly did as instructed. She noticed, out of the corner of her
eye Aria was smiling knowingly. Larry didn't know she still had a knife in
her boot. She decided now was as good a time as any to use it.

Larry grabbed her pants at the waist and whipped them down to her knees. At
the same time, Andrea's right hand went into her boot and she came out with
a gleaming blade. "Watch out for that knife in her boot," Aria said

"What?" He looked over at her and Andrea struck. With a quick motion she
reached around behind her and stuck her knife into the man's ass. "Ahh!" He
hobbled backwards and yanked the blade out. "Shit that hurts."

Andrea pulled up her pants and turned to face him. Aria just smiled. "Come
on Andrea, let's go." Aria opened the second door that led out of the
entranceway and Andrea limped through. Larry still had her blade.

"You'll pay for that bitch."

Andrea ignored him and walked down the hall. Aria followed close behind.
"That was a nice shot. Right in the ass." She chucked. "What a chump."

"Where are we going?"

"First off we're going to a room where we can get that blue jacket off of
you. Trust me, it's for your own good. Then, well... let's just say it's a
surprise, huh?"

"I hate surprises. Especially here."

"Good, it should be fun then." Aria shoved Andrea through an open door that
led into what appeared to be common quarters. "Alright, take it off."

"Take what off?"

"Fuck, you're not very smart are you?" Andrea didn't respond. She didn't
want to provoke the other woman. "The jacket. Take off the fucking jacket."

Andrea removed the blue jacket that Keri had given her that morning and
tossed it aside. It left her in just a white tank top and pants. "Alright,
make yourself comfortable. I'll see you again tonight."

"The blue's will come after me you know."

Aria stopped. "The blue's haven't attacked us at the base since we started
this gang. They're afraid of us. I wouldn't count on their help if I were
you. Oh, and one more thing. I would take off those clothes before they get
wrecked, if I were you."

"What? Why?"

"You'll see." She exited out the door and was immediately replaced by
Larry. He looked pissed off and limped almost as much as Andrea did.

"What do you think you're doing in here?" Andrea asked him.

"There's a lot of us that want a little payback with you. Not many people
escape from this place. Even less make it out of town. You're the first one
dumb enough to ever come back to Salt Lake."

Larry dropped his pants and walked across the room naked from the waist
down. He was still overweight, she noticed. And not particularly
attractive. As he neared her he reached out to grab her but she moved out
of the way rather easily.

In his second attempt, he got a little smarter. He reached one way, and
while Andrea was distracted getting out of reach, he smashed his fist into
her injured knee. "Unngh," she collapsed in pain and he was instantly on
top of her. He was stronger than he looked, Andrea realized as he grabbed
hold of her tank top and literally ripped it off of her. Her breasts
jiggled free and he took a brief look at her nipple ring with a smile.
Andrea was still babying her leg when he grabbed her pants by the waist and
ripped the button right off of her jeans. Then, swiftly, he pulled them
down to reveal her long toned legs.

She was on the ground in a sitting position when he finished yanking her
jeans off with her shoes. "Leave me alone," she said and shot her good leg
out to kick him. He adeptly avoided and was getting harder.

"No, I don't think so." Andrea was still downed thanks to his cheap shot
and his right fist came down on her face hard, knocking the sense out of
her for a few brief moments.

A few moments was all he needed. Effortlessly, he picked her up and rolled
her onto her side. He lay down on the ground behind her, and with Andrea
still trying to shake some sense back into herself, jammed his cock into
her nether hole. "Ahhh," she moaned loudly. It was un-lubricated and he was
being more than a little rough.

Three quick shoves found him buried all the way inside her ass. Her left
arm held her while his right made its way around her body to grab her
breast fiercely. She grunted in pain again as he squeezed her breast hard
and continued to plow mercilessly into her ass. "Ah, ow. Stop." She had
never had someone abuse her ass so badly. She suddenly knew how Kitty must
have felt months ago.

Keeping himself inside her, he rolled Andrea onto her stomach and then
grabbed her waist to bring them both into a sitting position. From there he
used all his strength to lift her up off the ground while forcing his
powerful legs to put him into a standing position. From there, it was a
brilliant effort of coordination and strength, to both keep Andrea in the
air, while keeping himself inside her and walking forward at an increased

Andrea saw the wall fast approaching and tried to struggle, but he had a
good grip of her. He continued to pick up speed. Each step would see him
move a little further out of her passage, but it didn't make much
difference to her. She could still feel his dick moving inside her body,
left, then right, then back again. Each time painfully pushing on her
insides in a direction that was not intended.

After a few more steps, only the tip of his cock was imbedded in her back
door and they hit the wall. Andrea hit first. Her breasts mashed into the
unforgiving wall and she felt the wind get knocked out of her as Larry came
in right behind her and sandwiched her between him and the sturdy drywall.
The force of Larry pressing up against her back also had the unfortunate
side effect of launching his cock back, deep into her ass. "Ahh," Andrea
moaned again and she felt a tear forming at the edge of her eye.

From there, Larry grabbed her shoulders and pinned her against the wall, so
that even her feet were held a up a few inches from the floor. Each time he
would thrust into her ass, she twitched her legs and curled her toes,
trying desperately to find some ground to put them on.

He continued to slam relentlessly into her rear, relishing in the soft
cushioning effect her ass had on each shove. Finally, he shoved into her
hard, one last time and came. His dick pulsed inside her and shot its seed
deep inside her bowels. He let out a soft moan and the muscles twitched in
his arm, forcing him to allow her feet back to the ground.

Andrea quickly found however that it didn't have the result she'd hopped
for. When he let her go, he only speared her even more on his still hard
and pulsing dick and she stood up on tiptoes in the hopes that he would
soften soon.

Once finished his climax, he pulled out and shoved Andrea down to her
knees. Sperm dripped from her ass and down her leg. He had left a huge
amount inside her and she felt as if she'd just received an enema. He
turned her around roughly and stuck his semi-hard cock into her mouth.
"Clean me up. And do it real nice, okay bitch?"

Andrea couldn't talk. Her mouth was already full with his meat. It tasted
terrible and she did her best to clean him up with as much speed as
possible. She slobbered over his dick for a few moments and he pulled out,
satisfied. He wiped it dry in her hair and took a step back to look at her.

She was still a little wavy on her knees and rocked slightly from all the
fierce blows she had just received. "How did that feel, huh?"

She didn't respond, and Larry didn't wait for one. He turned and exited the
room, only to be replaced by another guy she vaguely recognized from her
last visit. She was already sore from the rough treatment she just
experienced at Larry's hands and hoped that at the least this would be

It wasn't. The next man was just as rough with her. She barely had time to
stand up before she was knocked over onto the bed. He entered her pussy
immediately and wasted no time plunging all the way home. Andrea groaned
and the sound turned him on more. "You like that don't you?"

She hated to admit it to herself but she did. She hated it on every
conscious level, but something inside her relished in it. She was sure she
could kick this guy's ass, even with an injured leg, but for some reason
she couldn't even stand. She grunted once again as he shoved hard inside
her. He wasn't particularly big but he shoved so hard it nearly winded her
each time he slammed against her thighs.

Her pussy made wet suction noises each time he moved. She continued to gasp
as he spoke again. "Come on, bitch. Admit it. You can't wait for the whole
gang to get a piece can you?"

"Fuck," she gasped in a breath of air as he slammed into her again. "Fuck

"Oh, and here's me thinking you were going to say something interesting. If
you hate sex so much, what do you have this for, hmm?" He yanked at her
nipple ring to pull her breast into a cone. Andrea grimaced. "Oh, does that
hurt? Sorry about that." He let go and her breast shook as it moved back
into shape. He moved his other hand up to her chest and began rubbing her
breasts together. "Damn, these fell nice. How do you ever step out of the

"I guess," she gasped. "I'm used to them."

"Damn, you're beautiful. It's great to have you back." Andrea didn't
respond. Suddenly, he pulled out and lined his cock up between her breasts.
"Hold them together."

Andrea looked at him strangely. "Why?"

"Fuck, why do you think. Hold them together or I will."

"Then by all means, knock yourself out." Andrea left her arms out to the
sides on the large bed and he looked unimpressed. He grabbed her nipple
ring in between thumb and forefinger and did the same to the nipple on her
other breast.

"Ahh, fuck. Don't rip them off. I need them." Andrea arched her back,
trying to relieve some pressure but it didn't work very well. Holding them
by their protruding nubs, he shoved her tits together and pressed his cock
up in-between them.

He shoved, and Andrea saw his wet cock head poke out from the other side of
them. He pulled back and it disappeared into her cleavage. She continued to
writhe on the bed from the stress on her nipples as the man continued to
pump in and out. "You sure you don't want to hold them? This is harder than
it looks."

At that point Andrea was more than willing to take the stress off her
nipples. She grabbed her breasts and pressed them together. She let her
back rest down on the mattress and her mind gravitated to the strange
tickling feeling of his cock brushing along her sternum and the inside of
her breasts. He put his hands behind him on either side of her and leaned
back as he pumped.

Eventually, he groaned and she saw his cock head poke out from between her
breasts once more. It twitched, and a white liquid shot out of it, over her
face. She kept her eyes open, mesmerized by it as the warm liquid struck
her face, first once, then twice more before the rest tapered off over her

"Thanks, bitch. That was good. If you ever want more, let me know." He
pulled up his pants and went for the door. Andrea sat up to watch him leave
and a drop of cum dripped off her chin. Another man quickly replaced him as
he exited.

"What is the whole gang taking turns?" It was more of a joke as Andrea said
it but looking at the man's expression she quickly realized she may be

"Some of the women aren't interested," he said. Andrea couldn't tell if he
was serious or not. "So where do you want to start?"

"You don't want to know," Andrea responded, trying to be as much a pain as

"Alright, then. Flip over." She stayed on her back, ignoring his comment.
He walked over and manually flipped her onto her stomach. Cum still dripped
out of her ass and down her leg. "Looks like someone's already had some fun
here." He quickly undid his pants and shoved his dick into her ass. He was
huge, she realized.

"Unnnnhhh," Her brow tensed and her teeth clenched. It hurt. He continued
to shove further inside her, not even taking backstrokes. His pubic hair
finally came into contact with her wet ass and she arched her back,
propping herself up on her elbows.

His pounding into her bowels continued until like the others, he finally
came. This time, drenching her back in the milky substance.

The trend continued until she had felt like she'd pleasured every man in
the gang. Her body was covered with sperm and she felt as if she'd just
gotten out of one of their cum baths. Her pussy was raw, and her ass
burned. Her eyes were red and bloodshot from the contact with all the
sperm. She assumed it has been nearly six hours.

The door opened one more time and she expected someone else to take over
for the man that just left, but no one came. She stood up, ignoring the
trickling sensation of the cum rolling down her body and moved over to the
entranceway. Larry was there, waiting for her. "This way," he said,
gesturing down the hall. She went the direction he instructed.

While walking to wherever they were going, the feeling of the cum slowly
dripping down her body reminded her of the scenes she experienced in her
blackouts. She thought of Heather and how she had been where she was
standing only a week ago. "Do you know a girl named Heather?" She asked

"Heather? Yeah. Like you, one of the few bitches to escape from here. She's
over with your gang now."

"What happened?"

"Oh, I don't know. Nothin' really. Her and some other girl tried to get
over the fence. One of our guys shot the other one and she fell to the
other side." Haven't seen Heather since, but we know the other one's
pushin' up daisies."

"Who was the other one?"

"Andrea. Same name as you. She woulda got here just after you got out. Why?
You friends with her or something?"

"No, not exactly."

"Good," Larry said as he opened a door. "Cause if I have my way, you'll
never see em again."

The two arrived at their destination. The mess hall. It was completely
cleared out except for four rectangular tables that had been bound together
to form a sort of stage in the center of the room. The place was crowded
with gang members that stood waiting to watch some kind of show. "What the
hell is going on?" Andrea said as he led her to the stage.

"Get up," he said.

She did so. The crowd cheered when they saw how covered in slime she was.
She was sure she saw a few hard-ons behind people's pants. She didn't wait
long before the other player arrived. Aria, still dressed in her spike
armor hopped up on stage. She turned to one of the guys.

"Fuck, couldn't you give her a bath first? I'm not touching that shit."

"Sorry, Aria. The boss wants it this way."

"Well you can tell the 'boss' to fucking act his fucking age. I'm not
touching that. I have no idea where you ass holes have been."

There was a little bit of reserved laughter throughout the room. "Damn-it
Aria, I don't make the rules. Just do it."

"If you perverts want me to fucking lick it up afterwards or some shit you
can go fuck yourselves."

"Afterwards, you can do whatever you want."

"Damn straight," she said.

Andrea was watching the scene as cum strung down from her eyebrows to her
cheeks below. It felt like she just stepped out of the shower and was
dripping all over, except slowly. Her hair was completely matted together.
"Here," Aria said, tossing two knives to the ground in front of Andrea.
"Those are yours."

Andrea went and picked them up but found she had trouble keeping a good
grip on them. Her hands were too slippery. She grabbed them carefully and
held them up. They were in fact hers. "What the hell are these for?" She

"What, you fuckers didn't tell her that either?" No one said anything and
Aria looked to Andrea. She talked slowly as if to a stupid child. "You take
those. I'll take these." She gestured to two of her own knives, "and then
we fucking tear each other to shreds for their entertainment."

"And what do I get out of all this?"

"Hah. Your life?"

"And you? What do you get?"

Aria paused a moment and looked at her threateningly. "Practice." She
looked around the room and spoke to Andrea again. "Alright, you ready to

Andrea got a better grip. She moved the knife in her left hand so that it
faced upside down and could be used defensively. The one in her right hand
she held normally. It was supposed to be the most 'proper' stance for knife
fights with two blades. Aria obviously fought offensively, not bothering to
hold either one of her blades in a defensive position.

Andrea nodded to signal she was prepared to go, and Aria began to move,
slowly circling around on the surface of the stage. Andrea circled with
her, trying to keep some good distance. It was still hard to walk thanks to
the slice in her leg and the rawness of her genitals but she tried to put
the pain out of her mind. She'd be in a lot more of it if she wasn't at top

"Oh, by the way," Aria said. "Nice nipple ring. Too bad your breasts aren't
bigger to fill it out a bit."

"They're bigger than yours," Andrea responded. As Aria was likely still
developing, she wasn't wrong in her assumption.

"Whatever. Who cares except these pigs, anyway." She lunged at Andrea with
amazing speed. Andrea tried to dodge to the side, but slipped on the cum
that had made it to the soles of her feet. She fell unexpectedly onto her
side, but the maneuver still caused Aria to miss. The other woman dodged
her attack to give her a kick in the midsection. Andrea rolled with the
blow and regained her footing to stand back up in a crouch. Sperm flew from
her body like sweat, quickly making the tables dangerously slippery for
both of them.

Her breasts heaved up and down as she breathed, waiting for the next attack
to come. She didn't wait long. Aria slashed with her right hand. Andrea
deflected it and with a quick spin, Aria struck out with her other knife,
catching Andrea off guard.

She haphazardly brought up her offensive hand to parry the blow but Aria
didn't let up. She continued slashing and hacking with both knives as often
as she could. Andrea was holding her own for the time being but was unable
to launch any kind of offense. Her breasts jiggled wildly and her muscles
constantly tensed as she shifted positions as quickly as she was able. She
was losing steam and still had yet to attempt a single attack.

Andrea suddenly realized that if she was going to hit her opponent she
would have to take one as well. It was simply a matter of taking the least
deadly of Aria's attacks.

An opportunity presented itself and she struck. She felt a blade pierce
into her shoulder while at the same time, she spun around the other woman
and stuck her defensive blade into Aria's back. The two stumbled away
briefly to regain their ground and Andrea's chest continued to heave. Blood
trickled from her shoulder but she was happy in the fact that she had dealt
worse than she'd received. Aria clutched her back briefly and pulled away a
bloodied hand.

"You'll pay for that." Aria charged once again and this time, nothing was
stopping her. Andrea defended the first blade, and even the second, but
Aria didn't stop moving. It was then that Andrea remembered the charging
woman's armor was a weapon by itself. Andrea turned in defense, hoping to
avoid the attack but the ground was too slippery. Aria plowed into her back
and she felt pangs of pain from multiple locations.

The blades on her armor had struck and although not as long as the ones she
held in her hand, did more than enough damage. "Ahhh," she screamed in pain
and fell to the tables edge. Not watching where she was going, Andrea's cum
slippery body glided further off the table and she fell to the floor
beneath it. She remembered the crowd cheering as she held onto
consciousness. Eventually, that too was fleeting and the room became dark.

* * *

Andrea awoke laying on her stomach. Her arms and legs were tied to
different bed posts and a pillow was under her stomach to put her ass into
the air. The sperm on her body had dried but still remained. She felt
something press up against her ass and her eyes went wide as the object
inserted itself into her nether regions. Her body tensed and the object had
a harder time proceeding.

"I think she's awake," a female voice said from behind her. Andrea turned
to look but couldn't get a clear view. All she could see was some girl
standing behind her, obviously using a strap on.

Another female voice spoke up. "Looks like. It's about damn time too.
Fucking dead weight isn't a lot of fun." The woman who just finished
speaking knelt down on the bed beside her. "We bandaged up your back, but
you've still been out for a while." Andrea tried to listen through the
distracting pounding into her behind. "You belong to the two of us now."

"What are you talking about?" Andrea hazily spoke out. She looked out a
window to see it was dark outside. She had probably been passed out for a
few hours. Her teeth clenched as the woman pumping her ass went deep.
Andrea tried to look back again and got a better look. The woman was pretty
attractive, and there were no straps around her hips. Judging from the
other woman's mounted position of Andrea's ass she assumed she had been
mistaken and it was something more akin to a double dildo inside her.

"I mean, you lost the fight. We put the most money into it, so you're

The dildo went into her ass deeper. "Ahh. That hurts."

"Sorry," came the seemingly honest reply. The girl leaning beside her spoke
up again.

"Don't worry about it. We're not that bad. Much better than most."

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not staying," Andrea clarified. She tried
to get up through the bindings but didn't have any luck.

"We thought you might feel that way. That's why you're tied."

"Listen, if your ass is sore, we can roll you over and do another hole for
a while." She sounded as if she was honestly trying to be nice.

"What? How about I was just in a knife fight and raped for 6 hours. All of
me is sore."

"Well..." The woman hesitate. "All right, Callie, get off of her. We'll let
her rest for a bit."

The other woman made a quiet grunt. "I'm almost there. Give me a minute."

Andrea moaned in pain again as the dildo moved in and out of her raw ass.

"Alright, fine," Callie said as she dismounted Andrea's behind. She left
the dildo buried inside. "You want me to finish down there, or do you want
to eat me out. Your choice."

Andrea sighed to herself. She wasn't particularly interested in either.
"Fine, eat me out it is." She moved to the head of bed and maneuvered
herself underneath Andrea's head so she was in a sitting position with her
back against the headboard. "Suck away."

Andrea complied, still realizing it was the better of the two offers. The
woman didn't taste particularly good but she ignored it. Callie was more
than a little wet and her taste was all over her pubic area. Andrea pushed
her tongue between the folds of her labia and inside her tunnel. "Yeah,
like that. Oh, that's good." Callie continued to moan in pleasure while
Andrea continued. She brought both her hands down to rest in Andrea's hair
and press the tied woman's mouth harder against her muff.

"Higher, higher," Callie coaxed. Andrea did as instructed until her tongue
was swirling around Callie's clit. She moaned and orgasmed with a loud
yell. "That's soooo, good." She tensed again and the first drops of orgasm
dripped from her pussy. "Move your mouth down. Lick it all up." She was
still coming as she spoke and Andrea did as instructed. She pressed her
tongue up against the edge of Callie hole to form a sort of suction and let
the liquid roll into her mouth.

There was a lot more of it than Andrea had expected, and it tasted kind of
funny. As it continued to flow out of Callie's pussy Andrea knew something
was strange. She followed one mouthful, then another, then a third before
finally filling her mouth up a fourth time with the remnants. The liquid
was strangely thick and gooey. It stuck to her throat on the way down and
Andrea realized what it was. It was semen.

"Hope you enjoyed that honey, you just swallowed six men's loads." She
moved up off the bed and the door swung open. Andrea spat out the fourth
load and it had the unfortunate side effect of dripping down her chin and
neck. The women didn't notice, thanks to the new arrival at the door. It
was Aria.

"Fuck, look at you, you're a mess," she said to Andrea. "You two, get out
of here before I cut ya." The two women quickly complied and left the
bedroom. Aria walked over to the bed and Andrea cringed at the thought of
the following pain or sexual depravity that was about to arrive. "I don't
mean to alarm you, but you've got a big ass dildo sticking out of... well
your ass."

"I noticed thanks," Andrea responded sarcastically. "What are you doing

"Damn, if I knew you were going to be so full of attitude I wouldn't have
shown up at all." She sat down on the corner of the bed near one of
Andrea's arms and took out a knife. "I'm here to let you go. If you want a
good dildo ass fucking you're going to have to ask the sluts back in here

"No thanks, I think I'll manage." Aria cut the first rope, then the second.
Andrea rubbed her wrists. "Why are you doing this?"

Aria didn't respond at first. She only moved to cut the rope at Andrea's
feet. Andrea moved carefully onto hands and knees, all to conscious of the
dildo moving deep inside her body. She tried to reach behind her to take it
out but her back hurt too much from her injuries. She collapsed back onto
her elbows. "Little help?"

"Fuck, I'm not touching that," Aria said plainly.

Andrea groaned in frustration and moved up to a more or less sitting
position that set her weight on one leg beneath her so she didn't aggravate
the dildo inside her more than necessary. "You didn't answer my question.
Why are you doing this?"

Aria went to a closet and pulled out a long trench coat. She tossed it to
Andrea. "Look, don't tell anyone alright?"

"Who would I tell?"

"Fuck." Aria spoke to herself. "Alright, I feel sorry for you, okay? You've
been here twice more than anyone else should. At least more than anyone who
doesn't want to. And besides that, you're a damn good fighter. Almost as
good as me."

"Uh huh." Andrea wasn't sure exactly what to think. She stood up slowly and
put on the trench coat. It stuck out obscenely behind her ass where the
dildo was still protruding. "Well thanks. I appreciate it."

"Yeah, don't mention it." Aria stood up to leave. "You can go out the
window there. No one's watching this time of night."

"Why don't you come with me?"

"Sorry, you're not my type. Besides, this is my whole family, as screwed up
as it may be. It's where I belong."

"Maybe you just think you don't deserve any better. You do though."

"Ah, fuck. The last thing I need right now is preaching prey. Just get outa
here okay?"

Andrea moved to the window and lifted up the glass. With more than a little
pain from her ass, she put her legs over the sill and jumped the ten feet
down to the ground. She landed the fall reasonably well considering her
condition and began the long walk back to the Blue's base.

* * *

Keri was outside the Blue's headquarters by the time she approached. She
saw Andrea immediately and ran over. "Andrea, are you okay?"

"Not exactly no." Keri gave her a hug and Andrea winced in pain at the
hands on her back. "Ahh. Careful,"

"Oh my God, what did they do to you?" Keri asked looking at Andrea's cum
covered face and hair.

"Can we just get inside please," Andrea asked.

"Yeah, sure of course." Keri led Andrea to her bedroom inside the base.
They entered the room and Keri flicked on the lights. "Here, let me get
this thing off, okay?" She grabbed Andrea's soiled trench coat by the
collar and carefully lifted it off of her. Her eyes went wide as she
noticed Andrea's body looked the same as her face and hair. Not to mention
the double dildo she had still been unable to remove.

"Holy shit," she said astonished. "What happened to your back?"

"Knife fight."

"Shit. And this thing sticking out..." she looked a little closer. "Is that
in your ass?"

Andrea nodded. "I can't reach it with my back all cut up."

"Alright, I'll get it for you." Keri moved behind her and griped it firmly.
Even the light shake from her grip made Andrea wince in pain.

"Ow, it hurts. Go slow." Keri nodded behind Andrea and gently gave it a
tug. Andrea's puckered hole extended outwards from her body a slight amount
as her anus refused to let go. "Ah, stop stop." She winced in pain again as
Keri let it go.

"It's stuck on something. I'll run a bath and we'll try then okay?"

Andrea nodded and limped over to the bathroom. Keri immediately started the
tub and got it filled. She helped Andrea in, then stripped herself to get
in as well. "You don't want to come in, the waters already gross."

Keri smiled. "I think I'll live. Besides, I'm more concerned about you."
Andrea felt her muscles relax under the warm water. The cut on her leg hurt
and she tried to keep her back above water. "How do you feel?"

"A little better," Andrea lied. She sat sideways on the large tubs seat so
the dildo stuck out beside her. "Can we try and take it out again?"

"Of course." Keri got on her knees in the tub and Andrea moved into a doggy
style position. "You know if you weren't so injured I might have ravaged
you." She joked.

"If I weren't so injured I would encourage it." She felt Keri grip the
object again.

"I have some good news for you," Keri was obviously trying to distract her
and Andrea welcomed it as she felt the dildo try to pull her ass inside
out. "I found your brother. He's fine."

"Really?" Andrea smiled and turned to face her friend. "Did he say what the
message was about?"

"He said..." Keri pulled a little harder and it made a loud suction noise. It
began to come loose. "He would only talk to you about it."

"Unngh," Andrea moaned as the dildo began to come out. "God, ow."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, it's moving. Just get it out." Keri nodded and continued to gently
pull. Slowly, the long rubber object exited Andrea's ass. The end
eventually fell out with a pop, and what looked to Keri like a torrent of
cum, rushed out of Andrea's ass and into the tub beneath them.

"Well at least we know what kept it suctioned in there."

"Oh, God." Andrea sat back down on the tub, obviously embarrassed. "I'm
sorry." She watched the large milky white pool float to the bottom of the
tub and begin spreading outwards. "This is so gross."

"It is pretty damn gross," Keri smiled. "But you know what? I don't care."
She leant forward, and despite Andrea's cum matted lips gave her a long
kiss. Andrea moaned into it and felt Keri's tongue enter her mouth. She
tongued back and she shoved her body into Keri until her back rested down
on the edge of the tub. She broke the kiss and looked at Keri's large but
round breasts fall to the sides of her torso.

"You know I would fuck your brains out right now if I wasn't so sore

Keri smiled. "I do now. Come on, let's get you cleaned up."

* * *

Andrea was bathed and bandaged before being calmly reassured that she would
see her brother first thing in the morning. Needless to say, she had stayed
up most of the night in both anticipation and dread as to what was so
important he would ask her to travel across the continent. Knowing Tristen,
he probably just wanted some advice on a girl friend. At least that's what
she hoped.

She woke up early and looked at the clock. It was just before 5am. 'Good
enough,' she decided and got out of bed. She avoided waking Keri up as she
pulled on her pants and then shirt. She hopped into her shoes and headed
for the door. She wasn't sure which room Tristen was in but she knew where
the guest quarters were so she headed in that direction.

She found herself looking at a series of open doors. Only two were closed
and thus she deducted, occupied. She took her chances and knocked on one.
There was no response so she rapped on the wood once more.

"What? What?" She recognized Tristen's voice instantly and smiled. "Don't
you know how to tell time? It's 5 in the freaking morn..." He opened the door
and saw her standing there. "Andrea! For God's sake, you haven't learned
how to tell time in the last three years? I thought you were coming to see
me in the morning."

"It is the morning."

"No. This isn't morning. Morning is after the sun gets up. This is still

They stood and looked at each other for a few minutes. He looked down
towards the floor. "Jesus, I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For forcing you to leave Calgary. I was kind of screwed up at the time. I
didn't know what I was doing."

"You think I did? Hah. I've been wandering the countryside ever since."

"Yeah, I guess so, huh? So um... What's new?"

Andrea smiled. "Come here already." He walked over shyly and gave him a
hug. Tristen returned with emphasis. "It's good to see you little bro."

He smiled into her shoulder. "It's good to see you little sis." They

"So are you going to invite me in or what?"

"Oh, shit. Yeah of course. Come on in." He scrambled out of the doorway so
she could enter and flicked on the lights. "Man, if I knew you had made
good with these guys I would have come to Salt Lake ages ago. I still can't
believe they have electricity. First place I've seen with electricity in 3

Andrea sat down in a chair beside a small coffee table. Tristen continued.
"That Keri girl is a real hotty eh? I guess you wouldn't know, but damn. I
bet she's good in the sack." Andrea blushed. She tried to conceal her
reddening cheeks but putting her hands up to her face. "What?" he


"No, really, what?"

"I told you, nothing."

"Did you?" He paused, thinking. "Are you...?" Andrea nodded. "You're a dyke?"

Andrea glared at him but his shock still kept her off guard. She retreated
back to her flush. "Not exclusively."

"Not exclusively? What the hell does that mean?"

"Just that. I still like guys but..."

"Uh huh. You know people will discriminate against you if you just go
around announcing it like you did with me."

"I didn't announce anything."

"We've been talking for 5 minutes..."

"Look, I appreciate you looking out for me but I don't need an over
protective little brother. I can make my own choices."

"Yeah but..."

"But what?"

Tristen paused for a minute. "You mean I was hitting on someone you were
sleeping with? Eww. What if I slept with her too? That's sick."

Andrea made a disgusted face. "It is that. Guess you'll have to go looking
elsewhere." Andrea smiled. "I found her first."

"Damn." He sighed to himself. "Even my sister gets hotter girls than me."
Andrea laughed. "It's not funny," he said defensively. "You and your little
entourage of girl friends are limiting the field."

"I think you're overreacting. One girl hardly qualifies as an entourage."

"Yeah, I bet you have all kinds of other sex kittens waiting for you when
you get back." He was joking but Andrea's reddened cheeks gave her away
again. With a stranger she wouldn't have cared. But her conservative little
brother? "I think I'm learning way too much about your personal life right

Andrea looked at him seriously. "I couldn't agree more."

"Alright then... I am going to change the subject."

"Good idea." There was a pause as the two sat in silence. "Why did you call
me here Tris?"

"You might say girl troubles."

Andrea's eyes went wide. She hadn't seriously thought he would call her
across the continent to ask advice about a girl. "What?" She couldn't hide
her shock.

"Well I mean, it's bigger then that but..." He hesitated. "Listen, you
promised me once that if I said I was telling the truth. If I swore, then
you'd believe me no matter what I say, right?"


"Okay. Then I swear to you what I'm about to say is the truth."

"Okay..." She was getting a little more concerned about what he might say.

"You know the Invid?"

"Of course I know the Invid."

"Well I think I know something about them I shouldn't."

"What do you mean?"

He gestured her close and she leaned forward. He spoke quietly. "Some of
them are human." He confused Andrea's silence as disbelief and started to
backtrack. "Well I don't mean they are human. I mean they look human."

"I know."

"You do?"

"I've met one."

"You have?"

Andrea nodded. "Her name's Irene."

"The one I know calls herself Destiny."

Andrea sat back in her chair. "Maybe you better start at the beginning."

"Well, I mean there isn't much to tell. I was traveling through Salt Lake
here when I met her. You have to understand, this girl is absolutely
gorgeous. Like, impossibly so." Andrea nodded, showing that she followed
the story thus far.

"Anyway, I met her in a bar here and we hit it off real well. Somehow I
found the courage to ask her out and from there things moved real fast you
know? So, needless to say I hung around Salt Lake for longer so I could get
to know her. This girl is... was I mean. She's just perfect."

"Except for the Invid thing." Andrea added

"Right. Except for that. So anyway, I wake up one time at night and she's
gone, you know? So I go downstairs to the hotel lobby to try and find her
and she's there in the bar talking with this other guy. He had the same
type of look as her so I figured he might be her brother or something.
Anyway, I went over to go introduce myself and I heard them talking. For
some reason I just stopped and listened and she's just sitting there with
her brother or whoever talking about how all these 'aliens' are screwing up
the planet.

"Naturally I figure she's talking about the Invid and just continued to
listen and apparently some girl..." He looked to Andrea. "You said your Invid
was named Irene?"

Andrea nodded.

"Well she said that some girl named Irene had been hanging out with humans
and came up with this idea that they should try to start up better
relations with the humans. So naturally at this point I'm going, like 'what
the fuck' you know?

"And then the guy pipes up and he says... what did he say? He said that 'the
alternate plan' is going really well and that they could construe Irene's
idea to work with what they were already doing. And he goes on to say that
they've been going around to towns in North America and letting the town
elders or the mayors or just the population to vote to see what the town
wants the most."

"And what does Salt Lake want?" Andrea asked cautiously.

He looked at her with a worried face. "They want all the gangs gone. So in
true Invid fashion, they think the only way to do it is to kill everyone in
all of them. Boom, no more gangs, everyone rejoices and sings Invid

"Oh man..."

"I know. And thank God you made it here yesterday cause they said they're
going to do it tonight."

"Tonight?" He nodded. "And you haven't told anyone else?"

"Who else would believe me? Human looking Invid? I may as well be
campaigning for the Jehovah's witnesses."

"Alright. Then what I want you to do is get out of town where you're safe.
Go wait on the outskirts until it's over and I'll meet up with you after."
Tristen nodded.

"What are you going to do?" He asked.

"Warn them. Other than that, I'm not sure yet."

"Well, umm... good luck. I'll catch you tonight then?"

"Of course."

"Okay good. Well I've got to get my stuff together. You can go talk to your
girlfriend about all this."

"She's not my..."

"Don't worry about it." He smiled. "It's okay with me."

Andrea rolled her eyes. "Great." She got up and left the room, "I'll see
you later bro."

"'Till later then."

She hurried away, walking quickly towards Keri's room. It didn't take her
long to reach the familiar door and she entered without knocking. Keri was
just sitting up in bed as Andrea entered the room. Her sheets had fallen to
her waist to leave her breasts exposed. "Andrea? Where did you go?"

"I went to go see Tristen?"

"Yeah?" She got out of bed, completely naked and put a pair of pants on.
"How'd it go?"

"Not good."

Keri looked worried. "Really? What is it?"

"You remember the Invid we encountered? How she looked human?"

"Yeah, euch. Never had sex with an Alien until then."

"Well Tristen met another one."

The gravity of the situation was starting to set in and she put her shirt
on. "And?"

"And in short, they're going to attack the gangs in the town?"

"Which one?"

"All of them. They're not differentiating."

"Did he say when?"


She put some shoes on. "Oh, shit. Alright, I'll go tell Sean. We'll prepare
defenses as much as possible. Do you think negotiations are an option?"

"I don't know. I think it'll depend on the situation. I'll find the Invid
that Tristen found this out from and I'll try. What hotel was he at?"

"Um, it was the Quality Inn."

"Alright. I'll meet you back here later."

Andrea turned to leave but Keri grabbed her arm gently. "Andrea?"


Keri leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. "Be safe."

Andrea smiled. "Always."

She left the room.

* * *

Andrea stepped outside and found herself looking at a half moon set in the
clear blue dessert sky. She stared for a minute, on the steps that led down
to the dirt road in front of her. There was a slight dark mark on the
largest North East crater where a settlement had been wiped out by the
Invid three years ago. She frowned and began walking down the road to the
hotel. It had been a difficult time for the Human race.

Her rage built as the memories of destruction came back to her but she
tried her best to control it. Picking a fight wasn't going to help anyone.
The best chance the town had now was to negotiate. And negotiate she would.

It wasn't a very long walk to the hotel. She was there within 15 minutes.
The moon had continued to set in the morning sky. She looked through the
windows into the hotel's lobby to see two people sitting in the restaurant
that immediately made her think they were who she was looking for. One
male, one female, both very attractive with blonde hair and blue eyes. They
didn't have a lot of diversity in the ones that looked Human, that was for
sure. Just a few facial features to differentiate and the rest was
formulated. Like an old assembly line she thought.

She entered the building apprehensively and walked over. The man had his
back to her and the woman looked up as she approached. The male Invid spoke
before turning around. "Ah, Andrea." He spun in his chair. "I had thought
you might show up. And just in time for the festivities."

The voice, and face, belonged to Cliff. She'd encountered him twice before
and neither time had it gone particularly well. Her rage grew further and
thoughts of negotiations left her mind. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Planning your species' destruction. What else?"

The female Invid spoke up. "Cliff, that wasn't necessary." She turned to
Andrea. "My name is Destiny. It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

"Pleasure's all yours I'm sure."

"You've certainly gotten more testy since our last meeting," Cliff said.

"I've learned I don't have to put up with people like you."

"Well that's certainly a change from our first encounter. I bet some of the
other Invid that you'd never grow a backbone."

"Cliff please, this isn't getting us anywhere..." Destiny was cut short as
Andrea lashed out with a right hook. The fist arrived a lot faster than
Cliff was expecting and although he attempted to bring a forearm up to
deflect the blow he quickly found himself falling out of his chair and
sprawled over the floor.

"How's that for a backbone?"

Cliff rubbed his jaw and stood up threateningly. A trickle of green blood
dropped from his lip. "Impressive. You're the first Human to knock me off
my feet."

"Well next time you need a reminder of how weak you really are, just let me

"Please, Andrea. Cliff. Calm down." Destiny moved to stand between them.
"I'm sure we're all above the exchange of childish insults."

"Oh yeah? And how old are you two? Three? Four?"

"I'm one of the eldest of the stage fives. I'm nearly six."

"Oh, well then." Andrea was still pissed at Cliff. She knew she was taking
it out on Destiny but didn't particularly care at the moment.

"Andrea please. I'm sure you didn't come here just to pick a fight. Sit

Andrea sat cautiously, keeping an eye on Cliff while she did so. He sat on
the other side of the table. "So, what can we do for you?"

"I want to figure out another option other than the attack you have planned

"How do you know about that?" Destiny's voice came off a little colder than
it had previously.

"She's very resourceful," Cliff answered.

"I'm not going to let you kill half the people in this town."

"It's more like a third," Destiny said with no emotion.

"How can you say that so unemotionally?"

"It's simple numbers, Andrea. 70% of the town wants the gangs gone. 30%
wants them to stay. We're doing what's in the towns best interests."

"And what do you get out of it?"

"An improved reputation among the Humans, that includes more equal
standings. And in exchange for our help, the town has agreed to work in the
fields to help harvest the flower for us."

"So slave labor then." Andrea was unimpressed.

"No, no. Quite the opposite. Thanks to you and your talks with Irene and
one of the Brains, we've agreed that slave labor is a regrettable way of
getting what we need. So in exchange for our help, we will get their help.
Your people have a very common system in place for things of that nature
already. I believe it's called the barter system. It's a very evolved idea
when you think about it."

"Well regardless of what you've agreed with the town you just can't go and
kill thousands of people. What about evicting them?"

"They would simply come back. We don't want to have to expel the constant
resources it would take to protect the town over the next several years
when we can simply solve the problem in one attack. Your people have a term
for that too I believe. 'A surgical strike?' Is that it?"

"And we have a term for what you're doing to. It's called murder. Just
because we have a term for something doesn't make it the right thing."

"No, I suppose that it doesn't." Destiny sat up straighter in her chair.
"What would you like me to do Andrea?"

Andrea sat back and thought for a minute. That is the question it all came
down to. Did she have an answer? "I want you to meet with the gang leaders
and see if an alternate means of removing them from the town is possible.
And at the very least, the Blue gang has only worked as a police force.
They don't mean anyone any harm."

It was Destiny's turn to think. "Very well. Our forces will arrive in a
little under 14 hours. That's 8 pm. If you can bring the three leaders to
me by 7, then I will hear them out and consider alternate courses of
action." Destiny stood up and gestured towards the door.

Andrea stood. "And what about the Blues?"

"The 'Blues' as you call them are still a gang and the town wants all the
gangs gone. If our attack proceeds tonight there will be no exceptions


"That is as far as I am willing to go, Andrea. No farther. Be grateful that
I will do that much."

Andrea nodded and with a final fierce glare towards Cliff she left the

* * *

'Piece of cake' she thought to herself. All she had to do was get the two
most notorious men in town to meet their worst enemy and make peace with an
alien invasion force. "Shit," she said to herself as she started walking
down the street.

She was a couple blocks down when someone whistled at her from behind. She
turned to look and saw Larry on the other side of the street, not too far
back. "Oh, shit. Andrea." He obviously hadn't recognized her from behind.

"Hi, Larry. How's it going?" She said casually.

He took a step back. "Um... Fine. Everything going fine. How about you?"

"Oh, you know. Still a little sore."

"Oh." He looked at her nervously as she got closer. "Um, about that. I
wanted to apologize. I think we were out of line and um..."

"Um what? You'll never do it again?" Andrea tone got more fierce. Larry
looked down to the gun that she'd managed to replace on her belt.

"Yeah. Something like that." He took another step back. "Thanks for being
so understanding about everything. That's um... That's really big of you."

Andrea finally got to him. "Who said I was understanding? I've actually had
a bit of a rough day."

"Oh yeah? Already? Man that sucks. It's barely passed breakfast." He took
another step back and Andrea stepped with him. "Listen, I've got to get
going but yeah... see ya."

He turned and quickly broke off into a run. Andrea tackled him to the
ground easily. "Umph." He grunted with the impact. "Stop. Andrea, this
isn't funny."

"I couldn't agree more." She turned him over so he was laying on his back
and sat over his legs to pin them. Her right hand reached for her gun belt
and quickly withdrew it. She pointed it at his chest.

A few civilians had noticed his gang colors and stopped to watch with
appreciation. "Someone help me. This bitch has gone crazy." No one moved to
assist. "Hey, help. She's got a gun." Still no one moved.

Andrea smiled. "Looks like you're on your own, huh Larry?" With her free
hand she grabbed the belt on his pants and began undoing it.

"What are you doing?"

"It's a surprise." She got the belt off and pulled his pants down to his
knees. Methodically, and in plain view, she drew the knife off her belt.
She still held the gun to his chest with her other hand.

"What? No! Stop!" He started to sweat profusely. "You're crazy. What are
you doing?"

Andrea rubbed the blade gently across his limp penis. It barely drew blood
but he tensed up beyond measure and his sweating increased. "No, please.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm sorry." His eyes were tearing up and he squinted
them closed. "Please, I'm sorry."

"Are you?" She lifted the knife up in the air, directly above his dick and
adjusted her grip so it was point down. He started to squirm slightly and
he started crying full out.

"I'm sorry, I'll never do anything like it again. Please, I beg you, I'm

"You beg me?"

He nodded aggressively. "Uh huh."

"Too bad." She brought the knife down fast and he closed his eyes and
winced. As the blade struck he opened his eyes and screamed.

"Ahhhhh!" He was breathing deeply and barely managed to look down to see
the knife sticking out of his leg. Andrea has missed on purpose.

"Next time I cut it off."

He nodded aggressively again. "Thank-you. Thank-you." He was still
panicking when Andrea drew the blade out. "I'll never do it again, I
promise. Never."

Suddenly, Andrea realized she had an opportunity. "I need you to do
something for me."

"Of course, anything." She wiped her knife on his shirt and put it back in
its sheath. She stood up and he quickly pulled his pants up and stood
clutching his thigh.

"Deliver a message to your leader."

"What do you want me to say?"

"The Invid are going to be attacking the gangs tonight and they will win.
I've arranged to meet with them to negotiate another option but they'll
only meet if all three gang heads are present. Tell him 6pm at the hotel
down that way." She pointed with her gun.

"You got it. No problem. Will do, Ms. Uh... Robertson was it?"

"Andrea will do fine."

"Sure. Andrea. Will do." He looked around hesitantly. "Can I go now?"

"By all means." He ran off as fast as if he had two good legs.

Five people had gathered to watch the situation unfold by that time and
they clapped. One of them came over to her. "Hey, that was great. I thought
you were actually going to cut it off. Nice job." He gave her a pat on the
shoulder and Andrea holstered her gun.

"Yeah, nice work," another one spoke up.

"Thanks. Listen, I've got to go, but thanks."

She turned and headed back towards base. She left a message with the first
guy in red colors she met to deliver to his leader and arrive back at the
Blue's to see Keri. Surprisingly enough, the Red member seemed like they
would be more than eager to attend. Apparently the name Invid still carried
a lot of fear. She wasn't surprised.

* * *

She arrived back at the blue base and entered through the rear door as
normal. It was a short walk down the hall to see Keri but she didn't get
far. Heather was walking through the halls and Andrea moved to intercept.
"Hey, Heather. Hang on a second."

"What?" She turned rather sharply to look at Andrea and Andrea found
herself on the defensive early.

"I wanted to apologize for earlier. My name really is Andrea. You can ask
Keri or Sean. They've both known me for months."

Heather stopped and the fierce look disappeared from her face. At least
somewhat. "So what do you want then, Andrea?"

Andrea stumbled. "After all this it's going to sound like I'm a total
bitch. Or crazy, one or the other."

"Try me." She leaned up against a wall and crossed her arms.

"I uh... I've been having dreams about you."

"You're right, you sound crazy." She started walking away but this time
Andrea wasn't going to let her get away with it.

"You have a birthmark on your right inner thigh."

Heather stopped again and turned. "I hate to admit it but that's no big

"How about this then," Andrea said pressing her advantage. "Your parents
split five years ago and when the Invid came they killed your mother. You
haven't heard if he's still alive or not and you've always wanted to find
him so you can say you forgive him for leaving her."

Heather dropped her jaw but quickly recovered with a hint of embarrassment.
Her anger had faded to confusion. "How do you know that?"

"I know a lot more than that. If you'll sit with me I'll explain it all.
From the beginning. I promise."

Heather hesitated briefly, looking Andrea up and down as if sizing her up.
"Okay. I only have about ten minutes."


For the next hour, Andrea sat in the mess hall, in a table off to the side
and explained all her dreams, her life since she left Salt Lake for the
last time and her motivations for her actions taken in that time period.
Heather listened, transfixed. Andrea knew too much about her to be a quack.

Finally, it was Heather's turn to give some answers. "Obviously, you know
about everything that happened to me for the last few months. I guess what
you don't know, is I went through it with another person. Her name was
Andrea as well, that's why I got so mad at you earlier. I thought you were
pretending to be her."

"It's okay, I understand. What happened?"

Heather wiped her eyes. "I'm sorry, this is hard for me." She took a drink
of water and she continued. "She was killed during our escape. She didn't
make it over the fence fast enough and she was shot in the back." Andrea
wasn't sure what to say so she stayed silent and let Heather continue.
"She's... she was one of the best people I ever met. How do you know
everything she experienced?"

"I have no idea."

"I have one. Although it's more of a lead in the right direction I think
than an explanation."

"What's that?"

"Well." Heather paused to think. "Now it's my turn to sound crazy I
suppose. Andrea was a psychic. She was telepathic."


"Hah. I've never told anyone before cause I was worried I'd see that look
on their face."

Andrea tried to shake her stunned expression. "No, it's not the look you
think. Keep going."

Heather raised an eyebrow skeptically but continued. "There's not much more
to say. I figured maybe if you are, than you might have been picking some
kind of signal off of her or something, I don't know."

"Had she ever met anyone else that was the same way?"

"No, never," Heather said. "I kind of figured she was the only one."

"As far as I know she still was. I... I heard from a test I have some 'minor
psychic potential' but I didn't put much claim into it."

"Well maybe it wasn't so minor."


"So if you went through everything she did at the yellow's headquarters you
would have also gone through the..."

"The cum baths?"

"And everything else."

"Yeah, I did."

Heather looked down and then back up to meet Andrea's eyes. "I'm sorry. No
one should have to go through all that."

Andrea smiled. "It was worth it for you." She didn't realize what she said
at first and immediately felt embarrassed. Technically, she didn't even
know this person. Of course, technically none of that encounter with the
yellows had.

"You sound just like her," Heather smiled.

Andrea decided it best to change the subject. "How come you came to the
blue's? Why not just leave the city?"

"And go where? No, Salt Lake is my home. The yellow's, the red's all the
other gangs. They're all the same. They're out there for themselves. But
these people? These people are here for everyone else. That's what sets
them apart. These people are heroes and I want to learn how to be a part of
that. What about you? Why are you here?"

"Pretty much the same reason. But I suppose originally it was selfish
reasons. I needed a roof over my head while I was in town."

Heather smiled. "Wow, honesty. You don't get that much anymore."

"You should."

"I agree. Listen, I have to go, but do you want to get together again for

Andrea paused a moment stunned. "You haven't heard?"

"Heard what?"

"The Invid are going to attack tonight."

"What, here?"

"I've got to go talk to Sean. I'll take a rain check on dinner though."

"Of course."

Andrea stood and was nearly out of the room by the time Heather had
responded. She started to jog down the hall to Sean's room when a sudden
pain twisted its way into her temples. She collapsed to her knees and
closed her eyes.

A flash of images hit her. She saw several Invid Shock troopers firing on
unarmed gang members around the town. Quickly she opened her eyes but the
pain hit her again and she doubled over until her elbows hit the ground in
front of her. Again, when she closed her eyes she saw Invid attacking the
unprepared gang members. In the distance a large ship fired on the Yellow
base from the air. The Humans were getting massacred.

Andrea tried to get up again but only managed to stumble back to her knees.
Someone was there, holding her by the arm in an attempt to give her
support. Again, images flooded her as she held her eyes closed in an
attempt to make some sense out of everything. She found herself standing in
the middle of main street. People were dying on either side of her and she
instinctively took cover near a building. The sun was still high in the
sky. It couldn't have been later than two or three.

"Are you okay?" The question brought her back to reality and she opened her
eyes. A friendly face was helping her to her feet. "Miss?"

"Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks." The pain was fading and the images stopped
assaulting her. Carefully she started walking forward. She was a little
shaky at first but quickly gained her footing.

"You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for your help." She picked up where she had left
off and continued to storm down the hall. She got to Sean's room and opened
the door immediately. Someone saw how badly she was fuming and headed over.

Andrea entered the room and saw no one inside. A quick look in the bathroom
had confirmed it. Sean had gone. She turned to the doorway where a fairly
large man stood in her way. "Where is he?" She asked.

"Who, Sean? He said he had to go to York on business. Just left a few
minutes ago. Is there anything I can help you with?"

Andrea shoved passed him. "Damn-it." She started to feel desperate. If he
left for York now all peace prospects with the Invid would be null and
void. She ran down the hall to the back door. She burst out the rear door
to see Sean in the passenger seat of a jeep. He had a driver in the other
front seat and it looked as if they were about to leave. "Wait," she

"What is it?" He put a hand on the drivers arm to indicate him to do as she

"Where do you think you're going? Hasn't Keri talked to you?"

"She has. I'm going to a safer location and from there I'll attempt radio

"What? The Invid don't even have a radio. Besides, they've said they'll
only talk to you in person."

"Then they're going to be disappointed. It's too much of a risk. What
guarantee do I have they'll keep their word?"

"They don't have any reason to break it."

"And they don't have any reason to keep it either. I'm sorry Andrea, I've
made my decision. Good luck."

He made a forward motion to the driver and they began accelerating. "Come
back here you coward." She gave chase for a minute but it was obvious she
couldn't catch them. She shouted again. "Come back here." The jeep
continued on its course and disappeared down the main road.

Not sure what to do, Andrea stormed back into the building. She got to
Keri's room quickly and went inside. Her coyote lifted her head with
concern when she saw Andrea's temperament. "Andrea, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong? Are you kidding? Sean, are fearless leader just skipped

"What?" Keri stood up. "Seriously?"

"Do I look like I'm joking to you?"

"Okay, okay. Slow down. Just start at the beginning."

"There is no beginning. He skipped town. He's too afraid to stay and talk."

"Shit." Keri paused for a moment looking at Andrea while she tried to
decide on a course of action. "I guess that puts me in charge. I'll try to
talk to them in his place."

"What if they know you're not the leader here?"

"Let's just hope they don't." She walked over to a desk drawer and pulled
out an automatic pistol. "But if they do I'll try to be ready."

Andrea looked to a clock on the wall. It was 1:30. "Listen, we have another
problem. I think the Invid are going to break their word and attack early."

"Why? How do you know that?"

Images of Invid rampaging over the town came back to her. "I just know
okay? Let's leave it at that."

"Okay. Then I'll get in contact with the other gang leaders and arrange to
meet right now. You go ahead and keep the Invid distracted until we get

"Alright deal. I'll meet up with you as soon as possible."

Keri nodded. "And Andrea?"


Keri kissed her softly on the lips. "Be careful."

Andrea smiled. "Always." Keri left the room and Andrea went over to the
corner to retrieve an innocent looking square box about knee height.
Skillfully, she unfolded it to reveal her cyclone and riding armor. She
strapped the armor to her bag and mounted the bike. She looked to her
coyote. "Come on Tess. It'll be safer for you if you stay with me."

Andrea rode the bike out into the hallway and down the hall towards the
front exit. With surprising speed for a three legged animal, Tessa kept up.
With the exception of a few people who had to duck out of her way, Andrea
made it to the front door without incident. Thinking fast, someone opened
it for her and she rode out onto the street. Tessa continued to follow as
Andrea raced across town.

It wasn't a long ride by vehicle to get to the hotel and as she suspected,
she saw Cliff and Destiny leaving the hotel exit early. She got off her
bike and let it fall against the buildings side. She also discarded her bag
beside it so she could access her armor easily if needed. "You stay there,"
she said to Tessa as her companion reached the bike and reluctantly the
panting animal sat down.

"Where do you two think you're going?" Andrea called out as she jogged to
catch up to them. The two Invid stopped and looked at her.

"Well you sure as hell didn't think we were just going to wait around all
day to talk did you?" Cliff said.

Andrea looked to Destiny and her neutral look confirmed Cliff's response.
"You should have used your gasoline engine instead of your proto-culture
one on your way over here. You already know we can sense it."

"Funny, I didn't find myself too concerned about it." Andrea looked to
Destiny. "You can't seriously believe that a diplomatic meeting is
guaranteed to be unsuccessful?"

"That is exactly what I believe," Destiny said. "With the exception of
yourself no Human to date has even tried negotiation with our race. Why
should I believe that now three in one town are suddenly willing to talk.
No, it is too much of a risk."

"But it's worked with me? Why is it so unreasonable that it would work with

"It barely works with you. You are still aggressive and adversarial in

"What and he isn't?" She pointed at Cliff.

"That's not the issue here."

"I think it is," Andrea responded. "He's proven himself to be
untrustworthy, deceitful and down right rude but I still stand here and try
to negotiate in good faith."

"You're only negotiating out of desperation. You know you're beat so you're
trying to soften the blow."

Destiny attempted to run interference again. "Cliff please, let me handle

"No, I think I deserve a say. Especially talking to this bitch." He turned
back to Andrea and stepped forward. Andrea stepped to meet him. "You know
your whole race is defeated. We've been on this planet for three years and
you people haven't been able to organize so much as a riot since we got
here. You think we care if there's a few of you out there that down a
couple scout ships here and there? What does that matter to us? Your scum
on this planet and you deserve no other kind of treatment."

It was Andrea's turn now. "You're as foolish and pig headed as the Zentradi
and the Masters if you think we're just going to roll over and die. We've
been defending this planet for twenty years under constant assault and
we're starting to get pretty good at it if I do say so myself."

"Don't ever compare one of us to the Zentradi or Masters. Don't ever do
that again." Destiny sighed as Cliff continued to insult Andrea. "We do
whatever we want on this planet and you have yet to lift a finger to stop
us. We're smarter, we're stronger and we're more powerful than any of you,
any day." Andrea clenched her fists and took a step forward, ready to not
only defend herself but her race's pride. "Oh look, she wants to fight me."
He continued to taunt. "You don't think because you got a lucky hit earlier
you can actually beat me do you?"

"There's one way to find out, Cliff."

Destiny turned to leave. "Come on Cliff, we don't have time for this."
Cliff ignored her and continued to stare Andrea down. He brought his hands
into fists and cracked his knuckles. Destiny looked back. "Cliff?"

The sequence of events to follow happened at resounding speeds. Cliff
lunged at Andrea with super human speed and she barely managed to duck
aside. Again, as she blinked she saw in her mind, Cliff turning to make a
high swing where her face was about to be.

Andrea ducked as she came around found that her mind hadn't led her astray.
Cliff's arm has sailed just slightly above her hair and Andrea took
advantage of it. She stood to full height and came down hard with an elbow
to the back of his head. Cliff staggered forward and turned back to his

Andrea, now with newfound confidence took a defensive stance and waited for
Cliff to come at her once more.

As Cliff charged, everything became a blur, as it always did in heated
combat. Whenever Andrea blinked she saw what next he was about to do and
used it to her fullest advantage. She deflected a punch and grabbed his
wrist between her forearm and hand. Using her forearm as a lever she pushed
her hand against Cliff's arm and heard a loud cracking sound. "Ah," Cliff
yelped in surprise at his new broken wrist.

Andrea didn't relent her attack. She was going to take this one to the
finish. She spun and planted an elbow into his stomach, than rose with her
hand and struck him beneath the jaw. He reeled backwards and she lashed out
with a roundhouse kick into his chest.

She had never fought like this before. Despite any hints she may had been
getting when she closed her eyes, she had never fought with such ferocity
and anger. As Cliff received the kick, he fell backwards into the outside
wall of the hotel. The impact and gravity forced him into a sitting
position with his back to the building. Without hesitation or second
thought Andrea reached for her gun belt and pulled out her .45. She took
quick aim at Cliff's head and pulled the trigger.

Destiny acted just as quickly and tackled Andrea to the ground, sending the
bullet mili-meters shy of Cliff's cheek. The gun went sprawling and Destiny
held her down from behind. "Enough of this," she said. "You've conducted
yourself honorably so far. Don't betray that by resorting to this sort of
barbarism." She pointed to her winded, dirty and bleeding friend. "You,

Cliff didn't argue. He dusted himself off and left. Andrea continued to
struggle valiantly from the ground but even without superhuman strength,
Destiny had leverage. Andrea was pinned. As Cliff rounded a corner and
disappeared out of sight, Destiny let go of her prisoner and stood. Andrea
went over to retrieve her weapon and holstered it.

"Something is different about you," Destiny said with curiosity.

"Yeah, I don't take all the shit you Invid dish out. I think you'll find
that trait is going to get more common as time goes on."

"Amazing," she said mostly to herself. She closed her eyes and stood still.
Andrea looked at her curiously.

"What are you doing?" Andrea asked.

"Quiet." Destiny said forcefully. Andrea complied, barely. "Do you know you
have extrasensory abilities?"

"You mean telepathy?"

"Among other things, yes."

"Yeah I sort of figured that out."

"Have you been having dreams? Perhaps of things to come, or things that are
happening elsewhere?" Andrea look gave her answer away. She didn't have to
say anything. "It's a common phenomenon when developing those abilities and
others similar to them. It's a way for your mind to learn and explore it's
new talents on a subconscious level."

Andrea couldn't hold the question back any longer. "Why are you telling me

"Because, Andrea. Believe it or not, I have no ill will towards you, nor
your species. And if I truly believed that your race was ready to talk,
than I would have talked. But that is not my belief and as such I act
accordingly." She turned and walked away. She spoke with her back to Andrea
as she walked. "I suggest you leave town. It will not be safe here much

"If you attack these people I will defend them. And when it's over I'll
come for you."

Destiny stopped walking and turned to face her once more. "Of that I have
know doubt. Just as I have no doubt that I will rue the day you finally
track me down. We are the same, Andrea. We both do what we believe to be
right. Remember that." Destiny began walking once more and Andrea moved to
her cyclone. She began putting on her riding armor. She looked to her
coyote. "You stay."

It didn't take much longer than that before Keri and the other two gang
leaders arrived in their own separate vehicles. Apparently this was
important enough to expend gas. She smiled to herself. Regardless of the
reason, she has already proven Destiny wrong. All three enemies were
working together. "Where are they?" The large tough looking leader of the
red's asked.

"They left." Andrea's heart sank as she confirmed what had just happened.
"It was just a ruse, they're going to attack any minute now."

"Fuck," the yellow's leader turned to leave.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"To go tell my men they have to fight."

"If we work together we'll stand the best chance."

"Agreed," Keri piped in quickly hoping to gather the other two's support.

"Very well," came the response from the red's boss. The three looked to the
man who only goes by 'the leader.' He paused, undecided.

"I agree as well. Do you know how to fight them?" He was talking to Andrea.

"As well as anyone."

"Then you'll be in charge for the battle. I'll tell my men."

"Where do we meet?" The red's leader asked.

"Center of town. I'll go ahead and clear out the civilians. Get there as
fast as possible."

The two gang leaders quickly returned to their vehicles and left. Keri
walked over. "You sure you know what you're doing?"

"No, but I probably have more experience with the Invid than anyone in this

"You probably do at that. Alright, I'd better get going."



"Can you tell my brother to get out of town as fast as possible. I don't
want him near any of this. Tell him I'll meet him at the East side when
it's all over.

She nodded. "You know this will be the first time a group of Humans have
fended off an all out Invid assault?"

"We haven't succeeded yet."

"We will." She smiled and got back in her vehicle.

* * *

Andrea had cleared out the central square by the time the gang members
started to arrive. They'd been waiting nearly half an hour and it hadn't
been nearly enough time as Andrea tried to get everybody organized. People
whom had been enemies for years were trying to work together for the first
time and it wasn't working very well. A thought occurred to her and she
moved out into the central square.

She gestured to her right. "I want the red's and half the blue's on this
side of the street. People with Energy rifles in front, and pistols in
back. If you don't have either, stay clear of the fighting until you can
get one. You won't do any damage to these things with a normal hand gun.
The rest of you, go inside the buildings and stay out of sight until the
second ship arrives. That's the second ship."

People started to move and she had to be quiet until they were in position
again. "They'll send a scout first to try and determine our position and I
want to throw them off. Only those to my right are to attack the first
ship. If we do it right they'll think we have a firing line on this side of
the street. As soon as the ships destroyed, everyone on the street
scrambles to a new position and everyone hiding in the building had better
get to a window or door."

Andrea continued to wait out in the open in the center of the street. She
was still sitting on her bike and she reached past her riding armor to a
pocket in her jeans. After finding what she was looking for she pulled it
out and looked. It was the watch her brother had given her three years ago.
The words he said with the gift came back to her. 'It stopped ticking the
day the Masters attacked. I figure it's just waiting for the right time to
start ticking again, you know? Maybe a happier time. Just keep it. And if
it ever starts working again... Well... You'll know what to do.'

It looked back up at her in silence. Still not moving. "Not today I guess,"
she said to herself. She looked up to see an Invid Scout closing from the
Northern horizon. The watch went back in her pocket. "Remember everyone,
the eye at the front of their ships is the weak point. I want everyone to
aim for the eye unless it's not visible from your angle. Take this thing
out as quickly as possible." Andrea reached into her seat compartment
behind her and removed an energy pistol she kept there for emergencies. It
would be a little added firepower, anyway.

She put the bike in gear and moved forward to activate the transformation
process into battleoid mode. The Invid scout sensed the use of protoculture
immediately and adjusted course directly for her. It flew through the air
until it was about half a block away and then hit the ground hard. "Wait
until you have a clear shot," Andrea reminded everyone. "This one doesn't
have any range weapons."

The Invid awkwardly walked forward inside its large metal armor. Claws
snapped at the front of it as it got eager to attack Andrea in her own, far
more powerful armor. It arrived in the square and without need of a command
the team to her right opened fire. A good percentage of them did strike it
in the eye, but even if they hadn't the sheer volume of attacks against the
relatively defenseless Invid was overwhelming.

The armored shell cracked open from several points, sending the green
liquid inside the mecha outwards onto the street. The giant creature came
down with only one round from the firing line. "New positions," Andrea
shouted. She looked to the horizon to see dozens of the creatures flying
towards them. These ones weren't scouts however. They were largely Invid
shock troopers by the looks of things.

Andrea recognized them as the work horses of the original invasion. They
were the most heavily armed for their size and nearly thirty feet tall. It
was going to be a difficult battle.

For the third time that day, Andrea found herself moving off instinct. Her
'blinking power' was strangely silent but she didn't need it to fight in
the trenches. She had been fighting Invid three years and had certainly won
her share of battles. As the first group of them approached she aimed
carefully with an energy plaster located on her left wrist and fired.

The beam of energy was so quick it wasn't even visible with the exception
of a flash of blue light that reflected off her armor. She saw the eye of
the first shock trooper explode outwards and the vessel crashed to the
ground. She hit her mark.

Unfortunately however, she didn't have time to set up a second shot before
the group of at least 50 well armored mecha were fighting in front of her.
The group hiding inside the building rushed outwards and downed another ten
before the Invid managed a hastily organized line and turned to face the
building many were still shooting from. "Oh no," she said to herself as a
swarm of Troopers fired at the buildings foundation. The sheer force of the
blast was enough to cause the two-story building crashing to the ground,
crushing or trapping those inside.

Andrea fired a large volley of missiles from her right shoulder at the
attackers and destroyed another two before they turned to her, realizing
she was the biggest threat of the group. Four of the Invid troopers split
off to go after her and fired. Wisely, Andrea took to the air. The cyclone
had jump jet capability and she used it to its fullest extent to plant her
on top of a nearby building. The four Invid rose to follow.

She opened up with another volley of missiles and destroyed another two
troopers. Pieces of debris crashed to the dirt road beneath them and the
two remaining Invid landed on the roof in front of her. They were nearly
three times her size, and finding them staring her down was more than a
little intimidating. To top it all off, her cyclone was giving her heat
warnings from using so many missiles and the jump jets at the same time.
Out of options, she did the only thing she could think of. She charged.

The unexpected attack threw the Invid troopers off guard and they were
forced to readjust their weapons to target her. They were too slow.

Andrea collided with one of them at maximum speed sending both of them
reeling off the side of the building. The trooper crashed on its back and
Andrea landed roughly on top of it. She was dazed from the long fall but
instinct took over and she found herself staring the Invid in the eye. She
scrambled to her knees and before it could get up and throw her off of it,
she pointed her energy pistol at the eye, point blank. She fired and put
one more out of commission.

Her triumph didn't last long however as she felt herself struck hard on the
right side. An energy beam had knocked her off the Invid and she plowed
into the dirt road with tremendous force. Her head was woozy but she stood
up and looked to see who had attacked her. It was something she'd never
seen before. It was four times her size and colored in orange and black. It
looked more like her cyclone than an Invid ship but the single red eye gave
it away. She could see open missile ports on either shoulder and she knew
it was Cliff or Destiny inside. She opened her own missile ports, ready to
empty what was left of her compliment in one volley.

The standoff continued for a moment and Andrea had a chance to look around.
The fighting had stopped, and she realized that the Invid were the ones
still standing. Nearly 10 troopers stood around the square, watching the
standoff unfold between the two metal giants. Had the gangs resistance
really ended that quickly? The battle had only lasted a few minutes.

Knowing she was defeated, she lifted her tinted visor from her helmet to
reveal her face behind now clear glass. And suddenly, she knew it was
Destiny she was looking at. The troopers lifted off and took to the sky.
Meanwhile, the Invid command unit closed its missile ports and slowly
lifted into the air. Andrea stared back at the small eye near the top of
the vessel. Her message was clear. She would come after them.

* * *

Andrea transformed out of battleoid mode and discarded the bike
immediately. She began moving form person to person, frantically looking
for other survivors. Looking to her right she recognized Heather and rushed
over. Her shirt was scorched black at the front and she was bleeding from
the mouth. Andrea took a pulse. Nothing. "Damn-it!" Heather's eyes were
open wide in fear and she couldn't even find the energy to close them. She
fell back on her knees and sat there. She knew she was near tears but
fought them away.

"Come on, Andrea," she said to herself. "You don't even know this girl.
Keep moving... Keep moving." She stood up and slowly moved to the next
person. The trend continued for a few minutes. She would see a friend,
someone she knew and had talked to with the blue's and would find them
dead, a look of fear or pain on their face. As she made her way towards the
collapsed building she found her steps getting harder and harder. Again,
she recognized a blue jacket and went there first. As she got closer she
found the one person she preyed she wouldn't.

Keri was laying on the ground, her eyes closed peacefully. She had been
crushed by fallen debris and was very obviously dead. "No." She whispered
to herself. She had buried too many friends in her lifetime and now there
was a whole group of them. The tears finally caught up with her and she
took off the helmet of her riding armor to rub her eyes.

Suddenly, some movement from the buildings rubble caught her attention. She
dropped the helmet and rushed over, hoping for some small piece of good
news. She helped whoever was trapped under there move the pieces of cement
and brick from on top of them. A gloved, female hand popped up from
underground and she pulled on it, lifting the woman out of the rubble. It
was Aria, bleeding from a few scratches, but otherwise lucky as hell,
wearing her spiked leather armor.

"What? Where'd they go. I'm not finished with those fuckers yet." She
turned to look in the direction they had fled in. "Come back here you

"They're gone, Aria." Andrea's dismal tone started to clue Aria in

"Shit, what are you so upset about..." She looked around for the first time
and saw the bodies cluttering the ground. "Oh no. What happened?"

"We lost."

"Oh, shit, oh shit, oh shit." She started moving around randomly. Obviously
lost as to where to start.

"I've checked them. They're all dead."

"Shit!" She collapsed to the ground. Andrea couldn't help but be surprised.
With the act that woman puts on she didn't think anything could phase her.
"How long did they last?"

"Only a few minutes."

"Oh fuck. Jesse." She had recognized someone and made her way over. "This
guy was a fucking saint."

"Listen, Aria. We have to get out of town before they come back. They'll
send another unit in to eliminate anyone they missed."

"What they're coming back?" She stood. "I'm not going anywhere then. I'm
going to tear these fuckers apart." She picked up a couple of discarded
energy rifles and moved into the center of the street.

Andrea moved to get in the way. "No Aria. You're not. They're going to tear
you apart just like they did here."

"Well fuck, what do you recommend I do fearless leader?"

"Come with me and we'll take the fight to them. On our terms."

She laughed. "Go with you? What, and be little travelling buddies?" She
continued to laugh. "No, I don't think so."

"Listen to me Aria," she put a hand on her shoulder. "If you stay here, you
will be killed. If you come with me, then maybe we have a chance at making
these deaths mean something."

"You think you have a chance at giving meaning to this?"

"I do."

Andrea's gaze was unwavering and Aria saw it. "Alright. I'll go with you.
Where to first Mon Capitan?"

"I have to meet up with my brother on the East side. We'll figure it out
from there."

"Fine, whatever. Let's just get the hell out of this square."

Andrea walked with Aria out of the square, and headed to pick up Tessa.
Townspeople peered eagerly from inside their houses as the two survivors
passed. The town was theirs again. At least until the Invid came back
again. Andrea hoped they would realize it soon.

End, part 11.
_ _ _

Next: Andrea and Aria set their sights on York, a barony city, to track
down Sean but they find that city politics are a little more complex than
they bargained for.

Recommended Reading: "To make an angel fall" by Mick T. A great story based
off of Evangelion. Hey, if you like giant killer robots and good characters
you'll like that one!

To get to it go to Grey Archive do the whole log in thing (It's free and you
don't get e-mail spam (trust me I know). Then click on the anime section
scroll to the very bottom, click "link to older stories" and the series is
about 1/3 of the way down the page. Enjoy.


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