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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 9 - Message From Home
by Invid Writer

"Andrea was naked, -as always- walking with Heather to the backyard of the
yellow gang's headquarters. Heather was fully dressed, wearing leather
pants and a skin-tight tank top. She had her arm around Andrea's now
regularly sticky waist. They walked out near a perimeter wall and sat down
on the cement. They had been coming to this spot often since it was
relatively secluded, not to mention outdoors.

"So how was she this morning?" Heather was of course referring to the girl
that Andrea had sex with as part of the gang's morning ritual.

"Not as good as you, like always." Andrea was tired of the question. She'd
heard it every day for a week and was beginning to suspect that Heather was
a little more jealous than she let on.

There was a long silence before Heather spoke up again. "Does it bother

"Does what?" The two had gotten a little more relaxed and Andrea had
allowed herself to dip into her own world.

"Having sex every morning with some random girl. Walking around covered in
cum all day. Giving blowjobs to anyone who asks for them. Doesn't it all
bother you?"

Andrea turned to Heather seriously. "Of course it bothers me. Wouldn't it
bother you?"

"Absolutely." There was another long pause. "So what are you going to do
about it?"

"We'll see." Andrea sat back and relaxed again. "We'll see."

* * *

Andrea snapped out of it holding a pair of prison clothes in her hands. "I
said, get dressed." A rather stereotypical, burly female guard was poking
her with a nightstick. She rested the shirt on her shoulder and stepped
into the pants. She then lazily pulled the shirt over her and stood waiting
for further instructions, slowly drifting back into her own world. She
thought she heard Heather say something when she was interrupted again.

"What's wrong with you? I don't like repeating myself. Get moving." She
felt the nightstick poke her impatiently in the lower back. Andrea started
moving. She figured that was probably enough to discipline most of the
people in there and she saw no reason to convince Gertrude, -or whatever
her name was otherwise-.

She was led down a long, stale-smelling corridor painted in blue and white
before going through a barred door that opened up into a cellblock. She
certainly wasn't looking forward to her stay here. There were two levels of
cells and she was taken to the second. The women in their rooms sat back
and watched calmly as she walked by. She got the distinct impression they
were sizing her up.

The woman leading her finally stopped and used a key to open a swinging
door. There was another woman inside but only one bunk, Andrea noticed.
"Get in."

Andrea did so and turned to face her guard. "I don't get my own cell?"

"They're all full, so you share." The woman closed the door with a clang
and started walking away.

"Wait," Andrea pleaded. "How long am I supposed to be in here?"

"The message to put you in here came straight from the top. I don't know
exactly, but I'd say… give or take… forever." As the guard walked away and
Andrea turned to look at her surroundings.

There was a toilet and sink in the corner, a bunk with a mattress along one
wall and a few books piled on a shelf on the opposite side. Her cellmate
was sitting on the bunk watching her curiously. Andrea just groaned and sat
down on the cold cement, her back facing the bars that separated her from
the next cell. "I take it you get the bunk?" Andrea asked cautiously.

The other woman was fairly muscular although not to the same extent as
Andrea was. She looked at her with calculating eyes as she spoke.

"We can share if you're not a homophobe. Or gay for that matter."

"I'm neither."

The woman looked at the bunk beside her. "Than have a seat. I'm Chase."

"Andrea," she said as she walked across the small room and sat down. "How
long have you been in here?"

Chase laughed slightly. "Since the Coalition first arrived here about four
months ago."

"Why does everyone say that?" Chase looked at her questioningly "Arrived, I
mean. Why does everyone say the Coalition arrived here."

"Because that's exactly what happened."

"But arrived from where? Africa? The South? All the higher ups look pretty
white to me."

"From North America."

Andrea knew for a fact that wasn't the case. "That's where I've lived the
past 19 years. I sure as hell haven't heard of them before."

"Hmm… Well, if you say so." Chase sat back against the bars and reached
beside her for a book.

Andrea sat in silence for a while. She started to get impatient and stood
up. It wasn't long until she was pacing back and forth in frustration.
"What's behind this wall?" Andrea said referring to the wall opposite the

"I dunno." Chase didn't look up from her book. "Pipes and shit, I guess."
Andrea went over to it and tapped on the wall. It did make a bit of a
hollow sound. "Why? You planning a grand escape already? You've only been
here 10 minutes."

"10 minutes longer than I deserve," Andrea stated plainly. She went back to
pacing. A few more minutes passed. "So how could the Coalition have come
from North America if I've never heard of them?"

Chase sighed and put down the book. "They just did, all right? People don't
believe me, so I don't tell them. It makes me sound like a crackpot, which
I'm not," she added as an afterthought. Andrea went to the door and started
pulling hard on the first bar. She stopped suddenly when pain from her
knife injury shot all through her side. She clutched the wound and hobbled
back to her seat. "You don't do well in captivity do you?" Chase said
raising an eyebrow."

Andrea turned to Chase. "Come on, I want to know. How did they get here?"

Chase sighed, but Andrea looked on with unrelenting eyes. "They got here
through a rift."

"A what?"

"A rift. Some kind of portal."

"What, like from another dimension or something?" She was right. Andrea did
think she was a crackpot.

"Yes. 'Like another dimension or something,'" Chase said annoyed. On the
other side, rifts are pretty common. Here, there aren't any."

"Except the one they came through," Andrea clarified.

"That one's gone now. It was temporary. Most are."

"So how do you know all this?" Andrea asked. Chase didn't respond. "You
came through with them, didn't you?" Andrea still didn't believe a word of
it but one thing she was good at was hearing people out.

Chase nodded. "Everyone with a rank below Sargent was sent here because
they didn't want them talking about it. I was Private First Class."

"Definitely a military I want to join."

"Well, looking back it was a mistake."

"You don't say."

"There's one thing you have to understand about the Coalition. Where they
come from, they're necessary. They're the only thing keeping the world in
one piece. Imagine hundreds of those rifts opening up all the time. You get
so much crap through them the world just sort of goes to hell. So they keep
order by cracking down pretty hardcore."

Andrea nodded, understanding it at least on a basic level. She still wasn't
sure she believed the story though. "So the whole army came through one of
these rifts?"

Chase sighed. "No, of course not. Just a squadron. But that's more than

"More than enough to what?"

"Start again. Bring 'order' back to your world." Chase picked up her book
again and went back to reading. Andrea sat back and thought about it. It
was order she wanted, but not the Coalition's unique form of it. She had to
find a way out of prison. She tried to focus but her mind kept drifting.
She couldn't stop thinking about Salt Lake. It was a dream that she
couldn't prevent from coming.

* * *

She was sticky as usual and in the middle of her fourth or fifth blowjob.
Her jaw was getting sore but on the plus side she had learned how to take
someone all the way in without gagging or feeling like she was going to
throw up. She was on her back lying on her back as Mike, a generally decent
guy was pounding into her mouth and throat as quickly as he could. Blowjobs
had fast become a common, non-intimate act for her. More like putting on a
play or singing a song or some other form of general talent which
entertains others. At least, she tried to think of it that way.

She had been in the dining room for about 30 minutes in that position. A
few people at the end of the table ate while staring into her spread legs.
She had become an object and she didn't like it. Or did she? She swallowed
Mike's load and since no one immediately took his place, sat up.

The rest of the gang was either eating or not present, off doing their own
thing. Probably with one of the other girls. Andrea spun herself around so
her legs dangled off the side of the table and tried to figure out what to
do next. She'd get her food once the others were done but she still had to
wait until then.

She was starting to get bored and was about to get up to see Heather when
an young man of about 25 came in, three guards closely in tow. He was
clean-shaven, fairly respectable looking and walked with an air of
unmistakable authority. He was in charge of the gang and only went by the
name "Sir." Andrea had only seen him on one or two occasions. He walked
over to stand in front of her. He gave her a quick look from top to bottom
then looked back into her face.

"Andrea right?" She nodded. "How old are you?"


"I've been getting a lot of compliments about you and was curious if you'd
be interested in a more stable position around here."

"Like what?" Andrea was intrigued to say the least. Just about anything had
to be better than what she dealt with.

"Well, let's face it. You're one of the more attractive girls here. If not
the best looking of the bunch. I even get the impression that you have some
brains under there." Andrea waited patiently for him to continue. She had a
feeling the conversation wasn't going anywhere she liked. "I want you to be
my personal attaché. You do know what that means?"

Andrea stared at him. He assumed that she didn't understand and continued.
"It's like an official's personal assis..."

"It's a person appointed as an aide to an ambassador. Usually to a specific
department. Like military or cultural."

The gang leader looked genuinely impressed. "Very good. Yes, that's what
you'll be."

"Which one?"

"All of them."

"All of them?"

"Well, I don't exactly have a lot of people to choose from around here and
I don't intend to make public appearances very often. But the other gangs
are… expanding their horizons and I feel I must do the same."


"If you're not interested I won't force you to do it."

"But if I don't then I keep handing out blowjobs and lesbian cum bath
shows, is that it?"

"Actually, you'll have to do those either way. It's simply an extra duty
which may allow you a bit of variety. Also, this way you'll get the
occasional shower and good meal. Instead of sloppy seconds all the time."
As if on cue, a plate was dropped on the table beside Andrea with what
looked like leftovers from other people's plates.

"All right deal. I guess it's better than what I've got now."

"Quite right. Now, take a shower and meet me in my quarters in half an
hour. I'll discuss the details with you then." Andrea nodded stupidly and
the leader left without a further word.

* * *

"Are you okay?" It was Chase's voice. She had put the book down and was
looking over at Andrea.

"I'm fine. Just a little distracted."

"You've been just a little distracted for 20 minutes now."

"Yeah well, I guess I have a lot to think about."

"They're going to be doing lunch in a few minutes. You might want to
prepare yourself for it."

"How so?"

"A hot young new addition? They'll be a lot of people hitting on you. A lot
of them won't want to take no for an answer."

"They're going to be disappointed."

"I hope so, for your sake. They can be pretty rough."

"Hah." Andrea wasn't worried. She could take on almost anyone in the prison
one-on-one. Standing up, she smoothed her dull gray clothing. She noticed
her nipples showed through the light material of the tank top slightly, but
chances were, so did everybody else's.

The woman Andrea had mentally appointed Gertrude came walking down the
hall, opening cell doors as she went. She didn't seem at all concerned
about being surrounded by prisoners. When she got to Andrea's cell door she
opened it, gave Andrea a quick second look and kept moving. Andrea left the
cell and followed the general crowd down the stairs and into a fairly open

She tried to make sure no one bumped into her side as they moved through
the crowded hallway to the mess hall but it proved a little more difficult
than she thought. Eventually she found a spot beside the wall and walked
with a little more ease. She was surprised the guards let all the prisoners
together like this. Even with the officers in power armor posted at regular
intervals it would be easy to lose someone in the crowd.

The corridor ended after a short walk and opened up into a large dining
room with a dozen cafeteria style tables.

Upon seeing the prisoners fan out, her eye was immediately drawn to a woman
with long blond hair. She was looking at her from behind but she was sure
it was Irene. She made her way through the other prisoners until coming up
directly behind her. Irene was indeed standing in line, waiting to get her
food. Andrea tapped her on the shoulder. Irene jumped and spun around.
"What do you wa…" Her eyes went wide upon seeing it was her friend.
"Andrea!" She jumped out of line and gave Andrea a strong hug and a long
kiss on the lips that drew the attention of a few other inmates.

"Hi, Irene," Andrea said breaking the kiss.

"Hi! Are you here to rescue me?"

"Umm… not exactly. I'm stuck here too."

"Oh." She seemed a little less happy to hear this, but nonetheless stuck to
the bright side. "At least we'll have lots of time together."

"Hah, maybe not. I talked to someone before I got thrown in here and you
should be out in a day or two."

"Oh good. So you are rescuing me."

"No, I'm still stuck here."

"Oh. When are you allowed out?"

"Never, if they get their way."

"That's not good. Can I help?"

"No, I don't think so. Don't worry though. I'll find a way out soon

"Okay good. I don't really like this place."

"Me neither, Irene. Me neither."

* * *

"Who's Irene?" It was the gang leaders voice.

"Who?" Andrea responded blearily.


"Oh, I don't know. I haven't had much sleep lately. I must be tired."

"Ah. I understand." Andrea and the leader were in his quarters. She had
showered and was wearing her towel around her waist, still leaving her firm
breasts exposed, her nipples hard in the cold air. Her hair hung wetly on
either side of her face and curled attractively. "I like your hair wet like
that," he said, lifting up a sodden lock.


"So, let's get down to business shall we?" He took a seat in a chair and
gestured towards the bed for her. She sat down and faced him.

"Have you heard of a barony, not to far from here called York?"

* * *

"Ouch," said Andrea, wincing in pain. Irene's hand had strayed to her side
and touched the wound. Andrea flinched away from the touch.

"What's wrong?" Irene said, clearly worried.

"Someone stabbed me yesterday. I'm still a little tender."

"You got stabbed?" Irene sounded shocked and overly concerned. "Do the
doctors here know about it?" Irene reached for the bottom of Andrea's shirt
and pulled it up drawing even more attention from the neighboring
prisoners. Her pants sat low on her waist, just barely above her pubic
hair, displaying her pelvis protruding above the pants. The crack of her
ass was just barely visible from the rear and as Irene lifted the shirt
higher to inspect the wound, Andrea's toned abs and smooth muscular back
came into view. Irene stopped lifting the shirt at the other woman's
breasts, just barely displaying the bottom of each firm orb. A couple of
the inmates whistled and hollered. Her bandage on one side was clearly
visible and was taped expertly to her side. "That looks really painful,"
Irene commented.

"It is really painful," Andrea confirmed. She was all too conscious of the
growing crowd of people staring at her and she put her hands on Irene's to
pull her shirt back down.

"I can't see anything with the bandage in the way. Is it bad?"

"I don't know. 13 stitches, is all I know."

"Oh. That's bad." Irene got back into line with Andrea. Andrea let her eyes
wander and found she couldn't look in any direction without seeing one or
more of the inmates staring back lustfully. 'Not good,' she thought to

* * *

Andrea's head felt full of information. The leader had been going on for a
while now and every new piece of information built on the last. She prayed
to hear the words "And that's about it for now." She thought she heard him
say it a few times but he never had. Eventually, finally, they came. "Well,
I think that's enough for one day."

Andrea sighed and allowed her posture to slump. It caused her skin to fold
along her stomach in two ridges. Her gray towel was still draped around her
waist and covered her down to her knees. "That's a lot to remember," Andrea
said plainly.

"Indeed. And with paper being so hard to come by you will have to remember,
everything." He walked over to the bed and sat down beside her. "I do have
one more duty I require of you."

"Oh?" Andrea asked.

"I have… difficulty, getting to sleep at night." He turned sideways on the
edge of the bed to face her. "Too many things go through my head. I can't
shut them off. I need someone to help distract me."

Andrea started to get a picture of what he wanted but she asked anyway. "So
what do you want me to do?" Her question was answered when he placed a hand
on her thigh through the towel. She sat up straighter, forcing her stomach
taut once again and looked down at his hand as it slowly moved up her torso
to her left breast. Having reached its destination it cupped the sensitive
area and squeezed. She couldn't help but become a little aroused. He leaned
over and kissed her on the mouth. As he did so, she realized this was the
first time she had been kissed by a man in a long time.

She didn't pull away, knowing that this was the last person she wanted to
upset at the moment so she decided to enjoy the coming experience as best
as she could. She saw him reach to his pants with his free hand and undo
the button and zipper. He lifted his butt off the bed and quickly slid his
pants down his legs. She looked to see his member only about half aroused.

Taking the non-existent cue, she got off the bed and kneeled in front of
him. Slowly, she kissed up his thigh, blowing warm breath over his cool
skin until she neared his cock. Seductively she took the head of it into
her mouth and let her tongue slide around it. She was careful to keep her
teeth out of the way as she pushed her head closer to his body until he was
all the way inside her. He still wasn't hard so she sucked up and down at
the base of his cock, keeping the majority of it deep inside her mouth.

She could feel him growing bigger, putting more and more pressure on her
jaw and throat until he finally grew long enough to dip past her mouth and
reach her tonsils. Andrea breathed hard through her nose as he continued to
grow, reaching further down her throat. She hoped he wasn't big enough to
block off her air passageway as he kept growing. He was. She held her
breath as long as she was able and withdrew her mouth until only the head
was inside her once again. He was big, about 10 inches and his stiff rod
was coated in saliva.

After she had caught her breath she slowly slid back down, letting him get
in as far as possible once more. Her wet tongue lapped at the base of his
dick and as she pulled away one final time, she dragged it all the way
along the bottom until it slid along the head and finally parted at the eye
of his penis. A short strand of pre-cum connected her tongue to his cock
briefly before it snapped off and she closed her mouth.

She reached to the base of his shirt and started pulling it up, realizing
for the first time that they were completely alone in his room. A better
time to end the madness that this gang embodied would not present itself,
but she found that she pitied him more than anything. She couldn't quite
describe the reasons. She pulled his shirt off and decided now was not the
time. She would think about it more and maybe, later she'd get another

She hiked up her towel like it was a dress and sat on his lap with her
knees forward on either side of him. She put a hand on his cock to guide it
as she slowly sat down on top of the large organ. She felt it press against
the hole into her most intimate region and let herself come down on it with
a little more force. It eagerly pushed its way inside her and she felt her
labia spreading to accommodate its size. She felt the top of it rub against
her passage wall as she lowered herself further and further until she felt
her butt touch the bed and her thighs came in contact with her folded back
ankles. He was all the way inside her.

She leant back, relishing in the feeling of its head against her tender
cervix. The position offered her breasts to the air above her and she had
to put a hand on his shoulder to prevent from falling back to far and off
the bed. The one arm straight in front of her tilted her body sideways,
thus allowing her breasts to fall casually to her right. The leader
marveled at the perfection of her chest and reached for her towel to take
it off once and for all. "Uh uh," she said with a teasing smile. "Leave it
there for now." He knew what she looked like already but she had found that
sometimes the imagination could make it better than the real thing.

Still leaning back, she lifted up almost entirely off his cock. Her ass
clenched under the towel from exerting the particular muscles necessary for
the motion and just as he thought she was going to let him pop out, she
relaxed her legs and let herself come back down on his lap once more. Her
breasts jiggled attractively, still hanging slightly to the side and he
marveled at her well defined rib cage and stomach. She repeated the
process, again, nearly letting him come out of her before slamming back
down forcing her breasts into a wild jiggling motion once more. The leader
nearly came at the sight alone, not to mention the feeling of her tight
pussy surrounding his thick rod.

She moved her right arm to his other shoulder, to force herself up a little
straighter. Her two arms stretched out in front of her pushed her breasts
together at the front, extending her cleavage. She leaned forward so that
her elbows bent around his neck and pressed her warm chest into his.
"You're amazing," he said, unable to hold the words back any longer. His
hands went to her shoulder blades and slowly slid down her smooth back.

Meanwhile, Andrea was getting a little caught up in the act herself. She
hadn't had a man inside her for a little while now and she found she was
really enjoying it. She ground her pussy into his abdomen, his cock still
deep inside her. In each movement, she would only pull off of him enough to
move her hips around in circles. He felt her wet clit leave its mark in his
pubic hair as she continued to push her hips into him with all the force
she could muster.

His hands slowly slid under the base of the towel at the back and pulled
lightly against the material. He hoped it would be enough to undo the knot
and indeed it was. The towel loosely fell off of her waist exposing her
taut round ass cheeks to the room. He cupped the flesh and began massaging
it with strength. Andrea moaned at the relaxing feeling and pushed her
chest further into his.

No longer feeling the need to sit up, he let his muscles relax and layed
down on the bed. Andrea stayed connected with him so she still pressed up
against him, even in their prone position. The leader flung the towel away
and positioned their bodies so their legs were no longer hanging off the
side of the bed. "Do it harder," he said.

Andrea, still on top, moved into a sitting position and lifted herself so
that only the tip of his cock stayed inside her, then slammed herself back
down hard. The tip of his member bashed against her cervix sending a wave
of bliss through her body. She repeated the process, again receiving a wave
of bliss. Her breasts moved up and down with as much vigor as her hips
while she clenched her muscles around his dick with each motion, trying to
create more friction. Her insides were extremely wet with her own fluids
and her arousal continued to rise making it more difficult to get a strong
sensation out of the motion.

She leaned back, to cause his whole length to rub against her top inner
wall, the spot that she found was most sensitive. She couldn't help but
moan quietly with each stroke as she neared orgasm. He reached up to her
back and pulled her against him once more. Then, still inside her he rolled
over so she was underneath and started to thrust in and out of her as hard
as he was able.

Her hair splayed out on the pillow beneath her and her silky smooth skin
shone with perspiration. One of his hands reached for her left breast and
began massaging it roughly while he pumped. It was a little painful, but
the pleasure more than made up for it. She was nearly at orgasm when he
pulled out of her. She winced at the feeling, knowing it wasn't at all
painful, but she felt much more complete with something inside her body.
She opened her mouth to complain but shut it when she felt the first drop
of semen land between her breasts.

He came torrents, leaving her covered in strands and droplets of cum from
her collarbone to her landing strip of pubic hair. She desperately wanted
to cum, but looking at his limp member, she knew it wasn't going to happen
by his hands tonight. He rolled over, careful not to touch any of his own
semen and pulled a comfortable looking blanket over top of him. "You can
leave now," he said plainly. She walked across the room to get the towel
but he quickly objected. "No towel. Just you. Go."

She sighed and left out the same door she came in. She could feel the
cooling sperm roll down the center of her body, eventually getting caught
in her muff before dripping off or traveling further between her legs.

* * *

Andrea was eating at a table when she crossed her legs. She felt wetness
between her thighs and realized she was incredibly aroused. Her nipples
showed blatantly through her top. Sheepishly, she looked around sheepishly.
She had no memory of sitting down and found that the plate of food in front
of her was about half eaten. Irene was sitting on her left. A few people
still eyed her, forcing her to remember Irene pulling up her shirt.

But there were more important matters to attend to. What was causing her to
black out like that? She couldn't keep a grip on reality. Something strange
was happening to her, but she had no idea what it was.

"Are you okay?" Irene was leaning over and craning her head to see Andrea's

"Why does everyone keep asking me that?" Andrea replied a little more
fiercely than she intended.

"Everyone keeps asking you that?"

"Never mind. I'm fine."

"Okay." She paused for a minute and leaned over to speak directly into
Andrea's ear. "You want to have sex after lunch? We're allowed to return to
our cell if we don't want to exercise."

"Huh," Andrea replied distantly. She was watching three women talk to each
other across the room. It seemed as if they were having an argument of some

"Is that a yes?"

"Sure, whatever." Andrea realized it wasn't an argument, but more of a
challenge. The two were goading the other one into action.

"Great!" Irene replied happily. She went back to her meal and Andrea
noticed the third woman split off from the others and turned her eyes away
so as not to attract attention. She watched out of the corner of her eye as
the bulky yet fairly attractive 30 year old came towards her.

Andrea pretended to go back to her food, nibbling at it carefully. The
woman finally came up next to her and spoke. "You have a pretty nice body."

The comment was enough to get Irene's attention but she didn't say
anything. She simply looked at the two and waited. "Thanks," Andrea said
hoping to avoid a confrontation. The other woman didn't take the hint.

"There's a rec period coming up. Me and my friends were thinking you may
like to join us in private."

Andrea sighed. "No, I don't think so." She continued eating and the other
woman's voice turned hostile.

"Look at me when I talk to you, bitch."

Andrea paused for a moment and then turned to look up at the inmate. "I
said I wasn't interested. I'll see you later."

The other woman was getting madder. She grabbed the collar of Andrea's
shirt and lifted her to her feet. The chair skidded out behind her. "We
weren't asking you. We were telling you."

"And I'm telling you, to leave me alone. I'm not interested."

The other prisoner was done fooling around. She raised her free hand in the
air and brought it hard towards Andrea's face in an attempt to slap her. It
didn't work. Andrea easily brought her hand up in time to catch the
startled woman's wrist. Meanwhile, she made a fist with her other hand and
swung into her attackers midsection. The blow knocked the wind out of the
other inmate, who fell to the ground, gasping.

"I'm full." Andrea wasn't much in the mood for eating any more so she left
her plate and made her way to the exit. Irene got up from her table quickly
and followed her. Andrea wasn't worried but Irene obviously was more than a
little concerned. She watched over her shoulder regularly to make sure the
other two weren't following them. It seemed as if they were too shocked to
do anything at the moment, but that would change and Andrea knew it. She
got to a prison guard at the edge of the cafeteria. "Take me back to my

The guard nodded. "Which number?"

"Hell if I know. Forty-seven, I think it was." Andrea was extremely happy
that the guard was willing to show her the way back there. It meant that
they could be distracted fairly easily.

"This way, then." She pointed with her rifle. Andrea noticed it was an
outdated model, probably from the war with the Zentradi, meaning that The
Coalition must not have put a lot of money into their prison system.
Hopefully, that would make it easier to get out. Unfortunately, Andrea knew
as well as anyone that this was a little beyond her realm of expertise.
She'd need a lucky break to get out, even with everything planned.

While mulled over the possibilities in her mind, she was led back to her
empty cell. The guard opened the door and she went in, Irene in tow.
"You're free to roam around, but stay in the courtyard, the gym, your cell
or the cafeteria." Andrea nodded and the guard left her and Irene alone in
the cell. Irene clearly wasn't in the mood for modesty -- before Andrea
even turned around, she was stripped and lunging at the other woman,
forcing her to fall back onto the bed.

Andrea arrived back in her quarters to see Heather waiting for her. It had
gotten late thanks to the rather long meeting (not to mention the sex
afterwards), and Andrea was getting tired, despite her continued state of

"Hey babe," Heather took a look at Andrea's naked chest and the sperm
trails that had run down it. "Looks like you've been busy."

"I guess you could say that. The leader wanted to make me an 'attaché,' but
as it turned out, I think he really only wanted a good lay." Andrea
collapsed backwards onto the bed and Heather moved towards her. She sat at
the edge of the bed beside Andrea and put her hand on one of her naked but
sticky breasts. She rubbed slowly as they talked.

"Well a good lay is definitely you." She looked back down at Andrea's chest
again. "Did he let you have a shower?" Andrea nodded. "So that means I can
taste you."

"Yeah, I guess so-ooh!" Her normal voice shifted into a high pitch,
surprised moan as Heather practically pounced on her crotch.

"You're full of energy today," she said to Irene as her pants flung across
the small jail cell.

"Mmph," Irene said through Andrea's pussy. Her mouth was buried as deeply
as she could get it and Andrea could only moan at the vibrations Irene's
vocalizations caused.

She felt Irene's hands pulling the base of her shirt up to reach her
stomach and eventually her breasts. She regretfully dislodged herself from
Andrea's crotch to yank the stripped shirt off quickly and then returned to
work, sliding her wet tongue between the folds of Andrea's labia. "Unnnn,"
Andrea moaned as she moved a hand to Irene's blond curls. She clenched her
stomach as her lover's ministrations continued and let her head roll back.

Andrea rolled her head forward to look at Heather's face, partially hidden
between her legs. Her stomach was clenched and she couldn't help but moan
each time the skilled tongue would dip into her pussy, or run across her
clit. "You taste wonderful," she said, coming up for air.

"Thanks." By the time Andrea had responded, Heather was already back
between her legs licking and sucking as hard as she could. She could feel
the orgasm approaching quickly but Heather drew it out. She lifted her head
up and looked at Andrea with bedroom eyes.

"You know what else tastes good?"

"What?" Andrea said, pushing down lightly on Heather's hair hoping it would
get her to continue her work.

"This." She licked from Andrea's belly button, slowly up the center of her
body, taking with her a line of semen that had dripped down from her
breasts. She arrived at Andrea's face with a full mouth. She swallowed
seductively and bent down to kiss her lover hard on the mouth. Andrea
quickly returned, sticking out her tongue only to have it playfully nipped
at by Heather.

She felt two hands grab her breasts and squeeze, smearing around what was
left of the leaders cum.

A set of large warm breasts pressed into her own as Irene deepened the
kiss. Andrea wrapped her legs around her partners' tightly as if to never
let her go. She locked her ankles at the small of Irene's back and kissed
back with as much passion as she was able. She flattened her chest hard
into Irene's trying to merge into the other woman.

Irene slid her hand gently down the side of Andrea's body, eventually
pausing on her hip bone and then moving inwards. The two women continued to
kiss, their tongues battling for dominance and Irene's clearly won when she
slipped two fingers into Andrea's wet pussy.

Andrea bit down on Irene's tongue thanks to the sensation but she made a
clear effort not to bite too hard. Irene's tongue remained locked in
Andrea's mouth as her two fingers plunged deeper.

Heather propped herself up on one elbow, hence lifting her now cum shiny
chest into Andrea's plain sight. Her two fingers continued their magic in
between Andrea's legs and her right breast shook attractively with each
pump of her hand. The light reflected off her chest and ribs and Heather
was admiring a similar effect on Andrea. "Why are you way up there?" Andrea
asked disappointed.

Her legs were still wrapped around Heather's waist but she had to loosen
her grip slightly to allow easier access to her pussy. "I want to see your
face when you cum," Heather said with a smile and a quick but deep kiss to
the lips. Andrea moaned in response and let her gaze drift off as she
focused on the feelings between her legs. "You're not a breast person, are
you?" Heather added.

"Honestly?" Andrea said hazily, "I'm not a girl person. I like the feelings
more than the view."

"I want to change that," Heather said plainly. "Watch my breasts. Watch the
way they move as I do you. Fall in love with them. I want you to be able to
cum just by looking at me."

"Okay," Andrea said, more than willing to try. She forced herself to
concentrate and looked up at Heather's C cup. They were bigger than her
own, she realized consciously for the first time. The nipples were stiff
and pointed upwards slightly. The areola itself was not very big and a
fairly dark color which fit in nicely with her tan skin. They were glossy
thanks to the cum that Heather had smeared between them. As Heather
massaged her pussy with her right arm, the same breast jiggled slightly
with the motion. The left side followed suit as well, but not nearly to the
same extent.

She looked into Heather's cleavage and saw how they hung slightly apart
from each other. They were perky for breasts that size she thought and
although well rounded, they stood out firmly from her body. She looked at
how they connected to her skin around them and the attractive bumps of her
rib cage beneath them.

She felt herself get wetter.

Andrea stared lazily at Irene's large breasts as she bounced back and forth
on the bed thanks to Irene's fingers deep in her pussy. Her breasts were
the largest, and definitely firmest she'd ever seen naked. Her Areola was
large and lightly colored pink. The nipple stood up at attention and Andrea
wanted to touch them. Irene was propped up on one elbow and Andrea reached
her right hand up to her left breast. She grasped the smooth orb firmly and
looked at the nipple poking up from between her middle and ring fingers.
Even from there, Irene's breasts were large enough that the tips of her
fingers couldn't reach the edge of the beautiful spheres in front of her.

She felt herself get wetter.

Andrea hadn't been able to get a grip on Heather's breasts thanks to the
slippery substance covering them so instead she had settled on pushing into
it firmly with the palm of her hand. "Ahhhhh," Andrea's face contorted in
pleasure as Heather's thumb rubbed against her clit. "Don't stop. Ahhhhhh!"
She couldn't breathe the feeling was so intense. She actually found herself
physically attracted to the woman in front of her. All it took was a change
of mindset. She reached her free hand around to Heather's ass and grabbed
hold tightly. "Ahhhhh," Her breathing changed to heavy quick breaths as if
she had just finished running a marathon. She closed her eyes hard and she
gritted her teeth. Her lips parted in an expression that could have been
considered pain, but Heather knew better. She was coming.

"Unnnnnnnnnghhhh.' Irene watched the woman beneath her moan in pleasure as
she finally climaxed. The hand on her breast lost control and squeezed
painfully hard. Andrea bucked her hips up and down off the bed, into
Irene's hand. The mattress squeaked beneath her each time her hips came
back down again, only to lift off into the air once more. "Oh, God, Irene."
Her left hand moved from her butt to behind her neck and pulled her tightly
on top of her. She pressed their cheeks together and hugged her tightly as
her pussy pulsed around Irene's digits a few final times. She unlocked her
legs and let one hang loosely off the side of the bed. "God, you're good."

Irene smiled and lifted her head up to look into Andrea's eyes. "I love
you." Andrea's eyes widened in surprise but she quickly recovered and
kissed Irene passionately on the mouth. She knew she couldn't return the
words but maybe the kiss would give Irene enough of an answer. It seemed

Heather lifted her head up to look into Andrea's eyes. "I love you."
Andrea's eyes widened in surprise but she quickly recovered and kissed her
passionately on the mouth.

"I love you too," she said.

Irene's intense blue eyes looked into Andrea's brown ones. "Was that fun? I
bet it was." She asked with a bit more ego than Andrea was used to.

"Are you kidding?" Andrea replied honestly. "That was amazing." Irene
smiled and buried her head in Andrea's shoulder once more. Andrea was happy
for the chance to sort her own head out. It had been a strange experience,
essentially having sex with two women at the same time. She couldn't figure
out if she was dreaming then, or dreaming now. Both seemed so real.

Her mind was brought back to the present when she felt two fingers withdraw
themselves from her pussy. She moaned in disappointment and watched as
Irene brought them up to her mouth and licked them off. "That still blows
my mind."

"What?" She said in between casual tastes.

"That you actually like the way I taste."

"How could I not?"

Andrea smiled but didn't respond. A question suddenly popped into her head
and she asked it before thinking. "What happened to Ed?"

Irene took her finger out of her mouth and looked down at Andrea,
seriously. "What do you mean?"

"In the hive, when you brought him back. Why did he change so much?"

"He changed?"

"Of course he changed."

"Oh. Um… Let me ask."

"How are you going to ask from in…"

"Quiet," Irene interrupted. There was a pause and Andrea waited
impatiently. "The All Mother says that they also tried to experiment on him
too but he was too closed minded to accept the change. His mind shut down."

Andrea fought back the urge to yell at Irene. It wasn't her she was mad at.
"What about bringing him back? What happened there?"

"Shh," Irene said, again forcing silence out of Andrea. "When a human gets
brought back to life… At least the way we do it, it's like resetting them.
Instead of acting how he learned to behave, he acts how he instinctually
behaves…" What does 'instinctually' mean?"

"Acting without thinking. Like, on impulse."

"Oh." She paused again. "Anyway, I guess that's what happened. The All
Mother said you were warned that he would be different."

"I didn't expect him to change that much. Will he ever be back to the way
he was?"

"She says she doesn't know." Andrea frowned, but didn't have time to mope.
A guard tapped at the bars of her cell.

"If you two don't mind?" The female guard said.

"Do you want to join us?" Irene asked innocently. The guard coughed in

"No, thanks. I'm here to release you. Apparently there's been a mix-up and
you're free to go."

"Who me? But I did punch him."

The guard sighed. "Don't tell me, I couldn't care less. The point is,
you're free to go. I'll take you out."

"Oh." She thought for a minute. "What about Andrea?"

"She stays."

"Oh. Then I'm not leaving."

"Miss… I can't have you stay here when you're not convicted of a crime. You
have to come with me."

"What if I hit someone else?"

"It's okay, Irene. Go ahead. I should be out of here soon anyway."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure." Andrea looked into her quivering eyes. "I'll see you soon."

"Okay." Irene got up and Andrea found herself marveling at her body for
really the first time, in a sexual sense. She pulled on her pants and
stripped shirt and looked to the guard. "Do I get my old clothes back?"

"Of course. This way." She put an arm out to indicate direction and Irene
went out as instructed.

"See you soon," she said before disappearing from sight.

Andrea closed her eyes, letting her worry that she was stuck here for a
while sink in. She felt tired after her orgasm and nearly drifted off to
sleep when something forced her to open her eyes in a panic. She wasn't
sure how long she'd been resting but she immediately stood up to see the
three women from the cafeteria standing at her cell door. There was no way
past them and they looked pissed.

"Nice of you to be naked already. Saves us the trouble." The woman whom
appeared to be the leader was speaking.

"Didn't I tell you to get lost?" Andrea said to the one she winded just an
hour ago.

"Didn't I tell you to watch your mouth? What's your name anyway?"


"Wrong. From now on your name is bitch. You'll do what we tell you to do."

"I wouldn't count on that."

The girl she had hit started walking forward aggressively but the leader
spoke. "Kris, wait. No offense but she already kicked your ass once. You
can't take her alone." The three women entered the cell. "But all of us
together? No one's that tough."

Andrea cursed her recent orgasm. It would be hard to fight with her limbs
still shaking. Besides that, her wound was still slowing her down. And
since her bandage was the only thing she was wearing at the moment, they
obviously knew to exploit it. She lowered her right arm in the hopes that
she would be able to protect it better and the three jumped her.

She fended off the first few blows without too much trouble. She was faster
then any of them and probably stronger too. Unfortunately she wasn't
fighting just one. The leader got around behind her and while she kicked
the third girl off into the metal bars, the leader grabbed her around the
waist and held her tightly. Meanwhile, Kris aimed a well placed shot at
Andrea wound forcing out a yelp of pain. She tried to come down with
another blow but Andrea managed to deflect it.

The third girl got to her feet and now cautious of Andrea's legs hustled
around her and grabbed one of her wrists. It took all her strength from
both arms to hold Andrea's left one above her head but she held it. Kris
was practically presented with free shots and she took advantage of them.
She made a fist with her right hand and slammed it hard into Andrea's
stomach, returning the favor from the cafeteria. Andrea felt weak and she
gasped for air.

She knew she was in trouble so as she regained her breath, she muscled all
the strength she could find and pulled her arm down hard, sending the third
girl over her head, into Kris. Finally, with a moment to breathe she turned
her attention to the leader and send her right elbow flying backwards into
the other woman's jaw. She heard a crack that indicated a high possibility
of a broken jaw, or at least a few missing teeth and the woman's grasp
evaporated. Andrea had full mobility again and quickly got into a defensive
stance that hid her injured side from the attackers.

The leader was on the ground, bleeding from the mouth and nose and
clutching her jaw painfully. The other two women stood up and with a gaze
to each other realized they were outclassed. Andrea saw the hesitation in
their eyes and used it to her full advantage. "Take her and get out."

They did as they were told and quickly exited Andrea's sight. Andrea knew
it was nonetheless an empty victory, feeling the agonizing pain from her
injury. It was obviously reopened and she'd need medical care. She slowly
stood up and set course for the infirmary.

* * *

Three weeks passed slowly as Andrea slowly gathered information. She sat
outside the guard's posts, the warden's office, even in the cafeteria
trying to gather every piece of information she could in the hopes of
putting together an escape attempt. Every day that passed it seemed as if
her goal was closer and closer to being in reach and yet it never seemed to

In the space of another week, she managed to locate the prison's 'fix-it
man' or woman as the case was. She was the one the inmates went to, to get
things from the outside world. Drugs, unapproved books, pictures, anything
really. Andrea knew what she wanted from listening to the guards talk
outside one of their stations.

"You need what?" Said the rather butch woman named Kelsey said, not
understanding a word of Andrea's request.

"A frequency modulator for short range radio signals."

"Uh huh."

The two women were in a secluded part of the courtyard talking. "And what's

"It's a, uh…" Andrea hesitated, trying to figure out how to explain it.
"Okay, you know how radio signals from walkie talkies and such operate on a
specific frequency right?"


"Well what this does, is it changes that frequency without the radio
operators knowledge. So something they try to say on frequency A actually
gets played on frequency B."

"That sounds pretty high risk. That could disrupt the communication for the
entire prison."

Andrea shook her head negatively. "It only has a range of about ten to
fifteen feet. So it can only effect radio's within that distance. Otherwise
it puts out too much energy and becomes easy to detect."

"So what good is it then?"

"Let me worry about that. Can you get it?"

"It'll be expensive."

"I'll pay."

The woman nodded. "Okay. I'll get it for you."

It had been six weeks since the attack and Andrea's patience was nearing an
end. The three women had continued to harass her although none of them had
dared make another attack. She had learned the third girls name was Alice
and the three of them were feared throughout the prison, thanks in no small
part to the series of random rapes they instigated.

She had been plotting escape since she arrived at the prison a month and a
half ago and laying in her bed, early in the morning, she realized that she
was still no closer to getting out than when she got in.

The dreams (if that's what they truly were) had continued. She found
herself growing more and more attached to this imaginary person named
Heather. Of course, she never felt imaginary, so perhaps that was part of
the reason she was able to grow so fond of her.

And then of course there was the reason she was still awake at the end of
the night. In the previous days mail call she had got her first letter. It
was from Triston, her brother. She hadn't seen him in nearly a year and
thanks to her wanderings she was extremely hard to reach. Yet somehow, he
had tracked her down. Or more likely, he'd had someone else track her down,
to deliver a message.

She flipped the letter open again to read it for about the tenth time. 'Hey
Sis. I need you in Salt Lake. Come as fast as you can. Triston.'

She'd never received a letter like that from him before and as she stared
at it she couldn't help but let her feelings of anxiety grow. And what was
he doing in Salt Lake? Last she knew, he was still in Western Canada. Her
mind had been going over different scenarios all night, but one thing had
become clear. She was now on a timetable to escape.

Fortunately her frequency modulator had arrived, but she still wasn't sure
exactly what to do with it. She'd have to think of something quickly.

* * *

Andrea had just finished another diplomatic session with the leader.
Feeling somewhat exhausted but mostly hungry she made her way to the
cafeteria. She had been allowed another shower, but still walked around
naked. "For gang morale," she remembered the leader explaining. Personally,
she didn't see how it helped her personal morale at all, despite its
effects on the others.

She was shaken out of her thoughts when she entered the cafeteria to see
Heather bent over one of the tables. One of the burlier gang members was
behind her with his pants down. She stormed over there quickly. "What the
hell is going on?" Before waiting for a response, Andrea took a two handed
swing at the man behind Heather, knocking him into an empty chair. The gang
looked up at her in shock and Heather spoke.

"Andrea, leave it be," she sounded somewhat desperate to keep Andrea
uninvolved. It quickly became obvious that it was too late for that as the
burly man stood up again and rubbed his jaw.

"Hold her," he said. Without question four gang members came out of nowhere
and grabbed Andrea's arms.

"What the hell do you think you guys are doing?" Andrea said again,
struggling to get out of the men's grasp. Her effort was plainly futile but
she continued nonetheless.

"Hey. Andrea," it was one of the men holding her talking now. "Quiet up and
be good. None of us want to hurt you here."

"Fat chance," she spat out. Heather had only had sex with Andrea since her
arrival with the gang and Andrea found herself surprisingly jealous. She
was more than a little fond of the other woman and didn't want her forced
into the same acts she often was. Unfortunately, her opinions didn't much
matter to the burly man whom she recognized as Bruno. She was sure it
wasn't his real name, but that's what everyone else called him.

Bruno, unamused thanks to Andrea's strike went back behind Heather to look
her over once more. Her long legs were splayed slightly and her feet just
barely touched the ground. Her shapely ass was exposed to the room and her
stomach pressed firmly against the table. Someone was holding her arms
behind her back and applying pressure downward. She looked out to one side
but was hardly able to see what was going on behind her. On the other hand,
she could feel it fine.

Bruno's rough right hand caressed the cheek of her ass firmly. His other
hand soon joined in and together they would spread them apart, exposing her
pussy and puckered anus to the room. He looked down at her ass. "Maybe I'll
start with something a little wetter.

He moved around to the other side of the table and knelt on the seating
bench. "Move her closer," he said and the man holding her arms obliged. He
slid Heather across the table and straddled the small of her back so he had
better leverage against her. She was just far enough forward that her legs
had been lifted off the ground and her head hung off the other side of the
long, skinny table.

With next to no effort he grabbed her by the chin and led his large cock
into her mouth. Heather opened willingly knowing that a struggle would be
more trouble then it was worth but was still surprised when he immediately
shoved himself all the way inside her. He was a good size and the sudden
object down her throat forced her to cough and gag. As she continued making
the wet hacking noise he withdrew himself and let her catch her breath.

Once she'd caught up to herself, Bruno took it a little slower. He let his
slightly damp cock rub against the side of her face until Heather opened
her full red lips. Andrea could only think of the times when those lips had
been kissing her and her fury built.

As Bruno shoved, Heather began to choke once more, except this time he
didn't concern himself. He moved at a faster pace, enjoying himself more
and more with each thrust. Heather was obviously having a hard time
breathing but was still more or less able to manage. She gasped for air in
brief periods when he withdrew himself and somehow managed to choke down
enough for the next onslaught.

Bruno put his hand in her soft hair to gain a little more control of the
motions and began pushing her against him as he pushed in. Heather gagged
again and Andrea saw a trail of saliva and precum roll out of her mouth and
down her chin. He gave her another brief second to gasp for air and shoved
in one more time, forcing more spit out of her mouth. Her gags quickly
worsened however and next time he pulled away he took a small trail of
vomit with him. "Mmm, it feels good," Bruno said before pushing in for
another series of strokes.

Next time, when he pulled away he took a little more stringy liquid with
him. It had been dribbling out of her mouth constantly and formed a line
from her chin to the table. Satisfied, he went back to the other side of
the table and the man on top of her moved her back.

Andrea hoped that by now the men holding her had gotten distracted and
tried again to escape. She struggled and flailed her arms in attempt to get
free but unfortunately, they weren't as dumb as they looked.

Meanwhile, after getting in position, Bruno looked at Andrea. "I'll save
her pussy just for you, how 'bout that?"

Andrea realized what he meant and tried to struggle again. "What? No."
Bruno wasn't listening as he lined up his slick cock with Heather's ass.
Without wasting a second he pushed long and hard, burying it to the hilt in
one slow thrust.

"Fuuuuuuuck," Heather said, obviously in a lot of pain. Her teeth clenched
and lips slightly parted after she moaned out the word. As Bruno started
pumping her breathing became raged and sporadic. A string of pre-cum and
saliva hung from her lip and pooled on the table below.

The muscles in her back tensed as Bruno picked up pace. "Unnnnnn," Heather
moaned again as he continued pushing in as far as possible and as fast as
possible. It wasn't long before he pulled out with a low moan and with a
twitch of his shoulders, sprayed his load over Heather's back in long

"There," he said to Andrea. "Now if you're so concerned with her, you can
clean me off." He changed tones and spoke to the rest of the gang. "Whoever
else wants a go, help yourself."

Andrea's eyes went almost as wide as Heather's did upon hearing the latest
piece of information. "No, wait," Heather tried to plead but was quickly
cut off when the next man shoved himself in her ass to replace Bruno. She
cringed in pain again and let out a breathy moan.

Andrea found herself in a similar situation. She was soon tasting Heather's
ass on Bruno's cock as he pushed his soft member in and out of her mouth.
She knew better then to even think of biting him. Instead, she simply
waited until he was done a few moments later and tried not to focus on the
taste. Despite the occasional reaming she gave to Heather it wasn't a
flavor she had experienced, or for that matter enjoyed very often and was
thankful when it ended.

The train on Heather continued for longer than Andrea cared to keep track
of the time and after the third or fourth cock that she 'cleaned' in her
mouth, she couldn't even taste remnants of Heather anymore. Only what was
left of the sperm on the men who had used her.

Eventually, the last man put his softening dick in her mouth to clean and
she did so without a fight. Heather was still laying face down on the table
with a back that was completely drenched in semen.

Bruno came over to Andrea and grabbed her by the hair. The men holding her
let go. "Here, go see your friend." He tossed Andrea face down onto
Heather's back and walked off. Andrea propped herself up on an elbow,
tempted to fight him further but Heather's current situation made her think
twice. Her chest and stomach were now slimy with cum like her back and as
she got up strings of it connected the two women. With disgust, she wiped
them away with her hand and moved over to help Heather up.

Andrea spoke into Heather's ear. "They've gone too far. Let's get out of
here once and for all, huh?"


Andrea smiled. "Do you honestly think we can't find someone who would
exchange an exit for a personalized blow job? I know somewhere we can go
once we're free in the city."

Heather nodded in agreement. "Okay. Let's try it."

* * *

Andrea walked into the shower, the memory of her recent 'dream' and the
urgency of her brother's letter distracting her. The shower room, was just
that. A room. There were no stalls, and not even nozzles on the wall. The
roof simply sprayed a constant stream of water, which was then recycled
again and sprayed once more. She didn't much like the idea of using water
that others had already used but it was changed once a day so she put up
with it as everyone did.

When she walked in, she noticed the room completely empty and began
enjoying the feel of the warm water on her skin while she thought about how
to get out of her own personal hell. There were half a dozen pillars
throughout the room which, not only held the roof up, but also contained
holders for soap and shampoo. She made her way over to one and started to
soap up.

A soft clang echoed through the room and Andrea turned to see a woman
entering. She was about half inside and already naked. The constant fall of
water through the room made it had to see but she was sure it was someone
she didn't recognize so she didn't pay much attention and turned back to
the soap.

"Hey," the woman said softly, startling Andrea slightly. She turned around
to see the other woman right behind her with both arms behind her back. The
position had the accidental, (or was it purposeful?) side effect of pushing
her boobs outwards from her body. "My name's Julie."

"Hi. Uh… Andrea."

"Hi, Andrea." She kept her arms behind her back and pushed out her chest a
little more. Andrea couldn't help but be distracted. Her breasts glistened,
thanks to the water, adding to their natural beauty. She had a pretty good
sized chest, but she looked to be only about 19 and they were standing up
firm. The brownish nipples were tensed and erect. "Since there's no one
else here, I was wondering if you'd be up to a little fun?"

Andrea smiled politely, "No thanks. I'm just looking for a shower." She
turned back to the pole and reached for the soap. Julie was suspiciously
quiet and as Andrea pulled the bar of soap out of its metal holder, she
noticed Julie's reflection turn serious. She pulled her hands from behind
her back and took a swing.

From the reflection, Andrea could tell she held a long black object in one
hand and she turned quickly and tried to get her hands up to deflect the
blow. She was a second too late. What she now recognized to be a guard's
baton hit square on the top of her head. Dizzyness took her and she fell to
her knees. Before she could move, one of her hands was behind her back and
being cuffed.

Julie pulled her roughly to her feet. Andrea, still dazed, but knowing she
was in trouble tried to struggle. Instead of trying to fight her, Julie
simply hit her again with the baton, thus adding to the splitting pain in
her skull. She was caught off balance again and her other hand was pulled
behind her back and around the pillar, then cuffed.

Andrea slowly came out of her haze as Julie walked across the room towards
the door. 'What the hell is she doing,' Andrea thought, slowly standing up

Julie reached the door and opened it wide allowing three other women to
enter. The other three were naked as well. As they neared, Andrea
identified them as the three women who had attacked her in her cell.
Apparently they'd gotten a new girl to join their ranks.

"Hello, Andrea," the leader, Jan said. "You've managed to avoid us for
weeks now." Julie walked up beside Jan and the other two circled around
their victim, staring at her intently. Jan slowly approached Andrea, taking
the baton from Julie.

"Let me tell you a story," Jan continued. "Since word got out that our
little group here were the only ones with the distinct possibility of
enjoying you, I've had more than 10 different people come to me and ask to
join our humble coalition." She let the word roll off her tongue, knowing
the irony (or was it truth) would not be lost on either of them. "Julie was
the only one we had any interest in, but the point remains that you, have
got a lot of attention on you. A lot of sexual tension shall we say."
Andrea noticed for the first time that Kris had a small metal case with
her. "Needless to say, we feel we need to stake a claim."

"I'm not afraid of you," Andrea said calmly.

"Nor should you be. We don't wish you any harm." Jan moved the last step to
stand directly in front of her captive and reached up to gently grab
Andrea's right breast. "We just want to enjoy this beautiful body of
yours." Andrea could feel Jan's warm fingers slide easily across her wet
body. Slowly, they slid down, passed her toned stomach and into her landing
strip of pubic hair. They paused their for a moment and Jan looked into her
eyes coldly. "But if you don't want to play along…"

Jan pulled hard on the hairs. "Aaah," Andrea yelped

"I can't be held responsible for the consequences." Jan leaned in close so
her lips were milimeters from Andrea's. "So, it's your choice. Are you
going to play nice? Or are we going to play rough?" Jan tilted her head
slightly to the side as if waiting for a passionate kiss. Her lips parted
slightly and Andrea could feel her warm breath on her lips. It sent a quiet
shiver down her spine, but she knew her answer.

"Go to hell."

Jan grimaced. "I was hoping you wouldn't say that. I would have enjoyed
this more if I could have taken the cuffs off." She still kept her lips
incredibly close to Andrea's as she spoke. She was trying to be as
seductive as possible, but it wasn't having much effect on Andrea's mood.
After a few more moments of silence, Jan grabbed Andrea gently by the hips
and pulled herself forward, flattening her athletic body against Andrea's.
Her hands slid around to Andrea's wet behind and squeezed each cheek
gently, but firmly. "Mmmmm. I've never participated in the girls'
activities 'till now. I wanted to get to the right moment." She whispered
into Andrea's ear. "Damn, you feel so good."

Jan pushed herself harder against the other woman, forcing Andrea's spine
against the pillar. Both their nipples quickly grew erect and painfully
hard as they slid back and forth over each others wet tits. "Are you sure
you don't want this?" Jan moaned into Andrea's ear. Before Andrea
responded, she felt Jan's wet tongue caress the lobes of her right ear. It
slid around in circles once or twice, before Jan's lips came down around
her probing tongue.

Jan had found Andrea's most erogenous zone and she couldn't even try to
hide it. She gasped as Jan's tongue continued it's slow assault inwards
until it was locked around her ear, caressing and feeling everything. She
suddenly wished her arms weren't being held so far above her head. They
were getting tired from being up there but she couldn't bend properly to
get them down. Instead she twisted her wrists and grabbed onto the pole
above her as Jan slowly pulled away and moved towards her mouth.

Andrea both dreaded and pleaded for Jan's lips to meet her own. She was
growing too aroused from the soft assault of her ear and couldn't think
properly. It felt as if she were fulfilling a fantasy, not a nightmare.
Finally, what she was waiting for happened. Jan's lips met her own, softly
at first, but quickly growing more and more fierce. She could feel Jan's
soft skin against her own as the kiss deepened and Jan's tongue entered her
mouth. It took all her willpower not to return the kiss, but the slight
grinding of her hips gave her away.

Jan pulled away, her lips full with arousal. She kept them right next to
Andrea's so they practically touched as she talked. "It looks like you're
enjoying yourself, honey." The last word wasn't met as a token of
affection, Andrea realized. It was just another way of saying she belonged
to Jan. Unfortunately, her own full lips and hard nipples gave her away.
She didn't respond. "That's what I thought."

Jan leaned forward once more and kissed Andrea passionately. It was obvious
to all concerned that it was more than a fascination that Jan had for
Andrea. If anything it was an infatuation. The tips of Jan's fingers toiled
with Andrea's rock hard nipples as the kiss continued, trying to get a
little more growth out of the swollen nubs. "You think it's time to take
this to step two?" Jan asked rhetorically. Andrea still didn't speak so Jan
turned around and knelt down to pick up the baton that had fallen from her
hands long ago.

The nightstick was the usual shape: a long rod, about a foot and a half
long with a perpendicular handle placed about 6 inches from one of the
ends, that extended from the main body of the thing about another 5 inches.
"Can you think of any creative ways to use this?" Jan said teasingly. "I
certainly can."

Andrea took the opportunity to look around the raining room. The other
three women were staying out of it for now. They were just looking on with
grins and wry expressions as Jan continued her sweet attack.

The slightly shorter woman walked back over to Andrea and lowered the baton
between them. Andrea closed her eyes, preparing for either an attack or an
unwanted intrusion into her pussy, but when none came, she opened her eyes
once more. Jan was grinning at her and had inserted the long end of the
baton almost entirely into her own pussy. Andrea briefly allowed her
confusion to show through her face, but Jan wasted no time.

Jan pressed herself up to Andrea once more and suddenly she understood. She
could feel the perpendicular handle of the club rub against her labia. As
expected, one of Jan's hands slid down Andrea's wet skin and lined the 5
inch handle up with Andrea opening. Slowly, she shoved her hips upwards and
the club made its way passed the pink folds of Andrea's pussy and into its
nether regions.

Although not as long as the average man Andrea had been with, it was
thicker and just as rewarding in her incredibly horny state. And since the
other side was imbedded so far inside Jan, her attacker didn't have to hold
it as she started pumping back and forth, working the handle like it was
her own personal cock. One of Jan's hands slid down to Andrea's firm ass
and grabbed her thigh. She lifted her leg high in the air so that the joint
of her knee interlocked with Jan's elbow. Then, so she could keep it up
high, Jan grabbed hold of Andrea's bicep. The new position forced her knee
almost up to her chin, but further away from her body and all her weight
had to fall on her other leg.

Andrea grabbed hold of the pillar to help support her weight. The effort
was successful and to the other girls delight, forced her to flex her
muscles all through her arms and abdomen giving them an even sexier view of
her toned body.

Jan, now happy in her new position was able to push faster into Andrea, and
slide slightly deeper inside. "Unnph," a hard thrust caught Andrea off
guard and she couldn't help but make the sound. Jan decided not to waste
the opportunity and increased speed all around. Andrea's moaning
intensified and the heightened pace caused Jan to feel the bigger end,
inside her even more. In a way, the hard thrusts were like taking blows to
the stomach, forcing Andrea to breathe out loudly each time Jan plowed into

The other three women watched breathlessly as the spectacle continued. They
crowded around the two humping females to get a closer look at the wet
bodies in front of them.

Water cascaded down Andrea's face, making it hard for her to see very well,
thanks to her forced jumpy movements. She tried to keep her eyes open but
beads of water continued to drip into them, relentlessly. Eventually, she
gave up trying and closed her eyes, allowing her other senses to take over.
She was immediately overwhelmed by the smell of Jan's arousal. Even through
the water she could smell the potent, but not repulsive odor her sex gave

She focused on the sounds as well. The soft grunts, each time Jan pushed
in. The occasional gasps of the onlookers as they got a particularly good
view of something. Even her own moans slipped out, despite her best
efforts. She also noticed that both her and Jan's were getting louder and
quicker together. She could hear the low groans echoing softly through the

Jan readjusted her grip on Andrea's shoulder and Andrea felt her leg move
up slightly higher, opening her up even more. Continuing the motion, she
grabbed Andrea's soft knee and placed it over her shoulder. Jan could feel
Andrea's calves press firmly against her shoulder blade. Knowing Andrea's
exposed position tuned her on even more, and now, with one hand still
holding onto the leg, her other massaged Andrea's right breast with vigor,
bringing her victim relentlessly closer to orgasm.

Andrea moaned at the touch of Jan's fingers on her erect nipple. It was a
rough touch but incredibly arousing. Jan pinched and rubbed the erect nub
for a short while longer, forcing more moans and an arched back out of
Andrea. It was as if her body was trying to push her breasts further into
the exploring hand. Jan stopped playing with the nipple suddenly and Andrea
was about to moan in dissatisfaction but was soon relieved when she felt
the entirety of her palm press into the same breast.

Jan's hand pressed firmly, rubbing and squeezing Andrea's mammary. Her lips
parted slightly to breathe out a moan and Jan seized the opportunity. She
pressed her mouth hard against Andrea's and kissed with as much intensity
as she used on her breast. She wished Andrea's hands were free to rub the
fires contained in her own chest, but knew better of it. Instead, trying to
quench her own needs, Jan removed her hand from Andrea's breast and pushed
her chest into her partners, hoping the wet slippery feeling would create
the satisfaction she desired.

The hard nubs of her nipples ticked against the soft tissue on Andrea's
breasts causing her to arch her back even further. Water and sweat
collected in their shared cleavage and rolled down the center of their
bodies to their pubic hair and then down the portion of the baton sticking
out beneath them. Jan's now free hand made its way behind Andrea and down
her back until she felt the fingertip trickle down the crack of her ass
towards her anus.

Andrea tensed, knowing she couldn't stop the mostly unwanted intrusion no
matter what she did and stood motionless while Jan teased the opening to
her ass with a wet index finger. It circled lightly around the crinkly bud,
tickling at it and forcing the muscle to relax slightly. With the constant
jamming of Jan's hips she wasn't able to focus hard enough to keep the
finger out and slowly, it pushed its tip inside. Andrea didn't feel much
except pleasure, since only the very tip of the digit was inside her nether
region and she hoped that's where it would stay.

"You are tight down here, aren't you," Jan said into Andrea's ear before
extending her tongue and pressing it erotically around the edge of Andrea's
lobe. Simultaneously, she pushed her finger in further until it reached the
last knuckle. Andrea let out a moan that combined pain with pleasure
directly into Jan's ear and the thought of what she was doing to her
captive was enough to get the dominant woman to orgasm.

"Ohhh, Andrea," she said as she humped a final time into the other woman
and held her position there. Her finger started to curl inside Andrea's ass
and her pelvis twitched excessively. Jan shook heavily and buried her head
into Andrea's shoulder. "Unnnnn-aaaaaahhhhh," The long moan switched pitch
in the middle and raised in volume. Her body shook more and more and her
legs quaked.

Suddenly, Jan's grip slid away and she fell almost gracefully to one knee,
taking her finger and the night stick with her. It still stuck obscenely
out of her pussy dripping with shower water and her own juices. She
breathed deeply for a few moments and spoke. "That has to be the best
orgasm I've ever had."

Andrea looked down at her as she talked, thankful to have both legs planted
firmly on the ground once again. She remembered what Heather said about
breasts and turned to look at Jan, beneath her. She had one leg bent at the
knee with the foot on the ground, while with her right leg, the knee
touched the shower floor. She was leaning forward with her palms flat on
the floor and her fairly rounded breasts jutting out from in-between her
long graceful arms. She found herself getting turned on, despite her
captive state and for once, didn't feel embarrassed about looking at
another woman's body.

Julie, who looked horny as hell from watching the show bent down so her
face was near Jan. "Does this mean it's our turn?" Jan nodded as she
regained her breath. Julie spoke up again. "Um… Do you mind if I… You
know," she gestured to the night stick. "Use that too?"

"Of course," Jan said pleasantly. She reached between her legs and slowly
pulled it out with a surprisingly loud 'schhhhhluck' sound. She handed it
over, slippery with her own cum. "Enjoy."

Julie took the night stick with a silky smile and turned to Andrea. Her
breasts jiggled with her movements and wetly reflected points of light from
the fixtures above. The muscles on her slim arms and tight petite stomach
reflected wildly as well. Andrea found herself transfixed by all the body
parts in front of her and barely noticed when the long end of the shaft was
inserted into her pussy.

She continued watching her 'attacker' as Julie shoved the night stick
further into Andrea. "Unph," Andrea moaned as she felt the head of the
nightstick reach her cervix. Julie's breast jiggled again as her arm
pushing the metal rod in, stopped suddenly at the back of Andrea's passage.
She giggled slightly.

"Looks like that's as far as it goes," she said looking down disapprovingly
at the 2 inches or so of the 12 that were still poking out of Andrea.
"Guess it'll have to do." She smiled and removing her hand from the
nightstick pressed her body up against Andrea's tightly. She spoke softly
in Andrea's ear so no one else could decipher what was being said. "You
know the only reason I'm in with these four is that they promised I could
get a piece of you? I doubt you've even noticed me 'till today but I think
you're the hottest thing to walk through these walls since the beginning of
my time here."

Andrea wasn't sure what to say to that, so she said nothing. Julie switched
to Andrea's other ear and spoke again. "Well, do me a favor and try to
enjoy yourself. I'm sure you'd rather be sitting on your bed staring at the
wall but do us all a favor and let loose a little bit. We're not going to
hurt you." She smiled again. "At least nothing not in the name of fun."

Andrea thought about what Julie just said and as much as she hated to admit
it, she was probably right. She was at least (physically) having a good
time, if not mentally, and what would she be doing otherwise. She just
didn't like the idea that she was forced into this by a bunch of thugs.
Julie seemed alright though, if not a little misguided. Maybe she could let
loose a little bit.

Julie moved again and gave Andrea her chance. She hovered, her lips inches
away from the tied brunette and Andrea decided she didn't care anymore. She
leaned forward as much as her bonds would allow and kissed her passionately
on the mouth. There was no feeling to the kiss other then that of sexual
need. Julie returned it with full force and moved one of her hands to
Andrea's left breast. Her other hand went down to the night stick and
slowly inserted the shorter end into her pussy.

Julie tensed her muscles as it sunk all the way home and Andrea watched her
breasts tighten and move slightly closer together with the motion. She
imagined Julie's taut ass clenching and felt a flexed leg wrap itself
around her hips. She couldn't look down to confirm the feeling thanks to
the lips that were still locked with here. Julie humped vigorously, biting
and nibbling at Andrea's lip but never drawing blood. It wasn't long until
they both reached a boiling point.

The wave of pleasure started deep inside Andrea's tunnel and slowly washed
its way outwards until it brushed passed her pubic mound and up through her
stomach and into her breasts and nipples. She clenched her eyes closed and
breathed loudly as her body shook. Apparently, the feeling was contagious.
She soon felt Julie grabbing onto her tightly around the waist, shaking
dramatically. A constant, "hmmmm," came out of her mouth as the feeling
made its way through her as well and finally, slowly passed.

With difficulty, she pulled away from Andrea and brushed some wet hair out
of her face. She gave a coy smile, but said nothing and silently walked
away on unsteady legs towards where Jan was resting. She sat down in front
of the other woman and waited patiently for the other two to take their

Andrea heard soft footsteps to the side and she looked that way to see Kris
and Alice both approaching. Alice was holding the metal case that Kris had
brought in and Kris immediately moved in front of the hapless brunette. She
pulled the nightstick out roughly and held it in front of her. Andrea
sighed as she did so and looked up, slightly concerned, but trying not to
look it.

"We're starting a new tradition for our group and you're going to be the
first one to take part. Alice?" Kris turned towards Alice and she
approached to take Kris' place in front of Andrea. Kris, meanwhile, still
holding the baton, tucked herself in behind Andrea so that she separated
the woman from the metal pole. Thanks to Andrea's cuffed arms, she couldn't
get to far away so her back pressed tightly into Kris' breasts and stomach.

Alice, on the other hand, was busy carefully opening the silver container.
Andrea was trying to peak over its lid and see what was inside, thus
keeping her distracted from what was going on behind her. Kris had slipped
the long end of the makeshift dildo into her pussy and quickly, without
wasting time shoved the perpendicular end into Andrea's ass. "Ahh," Andrea
yelped at the unexpected and rather painful intrusion into her nether
regions. The pole quickly found itself all the way inside her rear and she
finally caught a glimpse of what was in the box. A needle and a number of
earrings. She had just enough time to look confused before Kris bucked her
hips into Andrea one more time. "Ahh," Andrea moaned again.

Alice stepped as close to Andrea as she could get and pulled out the
needle. It was long and thin with a sharp tip. "What are you going to do
with thaaaaaah," Andrea moaned again as Kris continued to buck. She
couldn't help but lunge forward slightly each time Kris' hips came into
contact with her ass.

"This is the new tradition," Alice explained. "We're going to leave our
mark on you." Holding the needle, Alice put down the metal box. "Now hold
still. You're breast looks pretty slippery as is and if you keep bumping
forward like that I'm not sure I'm going to be accurate with this thing."

"How, ahh, how did you get that inside the prison?" Andrea asked stupidly.

"There's always ways," Alice replied.

Kris, taking Alice's non-verbal cue, reached around and pinched Andrea's
right breast with her hand tightly, forcing the nipple outwards. Andrea now
knew without a doubt what was about to happen. Kris continued pounding into
her ass and she worked as hard as she could to minimize the shock from each
movement. She was also down to a small whine each time Kris shoved in,
instead of an all out moan. She went bug eyed as Alice slowly moved the
needle closer towards her nipple.

Her ass felt like it was on fire, from Kris' constant pounding and as Alice
pressed the tip of the needle against the side of her erect bud, she
flinched, waiting for impending pain but found none. As quickly as it had
started the needled was in and out with her barely even noticing. After the
initial pinch, which paled in comparison to a black jack up her ass, it
felt more like a tender bruise than anything else. Alice quickly grabbed a
wet cloth and pressed it to Andrea's nipple firmly to catch any blood that
trickled down. Meanwhile, Kris picked up the pace, aroused by her
participation in the event and reached to cup Andrea's un-injured breast.

Alice, now content that the bleeding had stopped went back to the silver
box and reached inside to grab a ring. The ring itself was quite basic. It
was gold colored and a little over a centimeter wide. Andrea also noticed
that it came already open and once closed, she suspected it would be
exceedingly hard to remove it by herself.

Effortlessly, Alice inserted the ring and closed it up. She took a step
back to admire her handy work. She seemed pleased with the results but
Andrea was not at all impressed. She didn't like to be branded. "It looks
really hot," Julie piped in from the sidelines. Andrea was still not
impressed, and as Kris continued to hump her raw asshole, she felt anger
building. Unfortunately, she knew there was nothing she could do about it,
so she waited.

Alice, too turned on to wait for Kris to finished, moved up to Andrea's
front and lifted one of her legs as Jan had done. "Sorry babe, but you're
too hot for words. I can't wait any longer." She pressed her pussy to
Andrea's and let Kris' humping do the work. Their soaking wet pubic hairs
joined together to form a beautiful brown and blonde bush. Alice wrapped
her arms around Andrea and Kris tightly, holding onto the pole behind them.
She started moaning loudly.

Taking time to breathe, Alice moved her chest away from Andrea's and
grasped her right breast with the new nipple ring. The nipple and the ring
stood out at attention attractively and she couldn't hold on any longer.
She reached an arm around to grab Kris' ass with her right hand, while her
left squeezed Andrea's boob tightly. She came with a loud moan and Andrea
felt a warm liquid combine with the shower water and roll down her leg.

* * *

Andrea had had enough. After plenty of curious inmates had come and gone,
she found one nice enough to get a guard and set her free. She had recently
dried off and gotten dressed in her prison clothes before setting course
for her cell.

Forced to stand and do nothing but think for a few hours cuffed to a shower
pole had given her time to put all the pieces together and she thought she
had a way out. Granted, it was risky, but she couldn't afford to delay any

She got to her cell and found it empty. Gracious for the first sign of good
luck she opened up a book on the mantelpiece and felt inside. There was a
small gray box inside with a switch on one edge. She took it out and put it
in a pocket. After replacing the book, she set off in a new direction. The
rear cell block wall.

It had taken her two weeks to figure out the exact location of the camera
monitoring room without her actually seeing it, but as she approached the
center of the worn down wall she knew there was only a foot of concrete
separating her from it. The room so close to her and yet impossible for an
inmate to reach was responsible for analyzing all the camera data in the
prison and reporting anything that looked amiss. Clearly, they would be a
large obstacle in her escape.

She located a fire extinguisher with all points and metals removed (of
course) and leaned against the wall. She noticed guards on either side of
her watching the inmates with a careful eye as she set to work, first
removing a plastic strip on the rear of the small gray box, then sticking
it to the wall, behind the fire extinguisher. She waited there a couple
more minutes to let any suspicions pass, then activated the device. If all
went well, the radios inside the monitoring room would find themselves on a
different frequency.

She took a deep breath and headed towards the warden's office. It would all
be decided in a few minutes.

* * *

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you at 500!)**

The short walk to the office was uneventful. She found herself at a barred
gate right outside the powerful man's post. A male guard approached her
while another stood vigilant beside the gate. "Something I can do for you

"Ed, right?"

"That's right."

"I used to know someone named Ed," she said mostly to herself but loud
enough for him to hear.

"Is that so?"

"Listen, you're a friend of Mandy's right? From room 22?"

"I suppose so, why?"

"She's worried she's going to get attacked by the three sisters." The three
sisters were a fairly unpopular prison gang, not too different from Jan's
group. "She wouldn't let me talk to anyone but you about it."

Ed sighed. He turned to the other guard. "You okay if I go check it out?"

"Sure. Go ahead, she probably just wants some attention, if you know what
I'm saying." He spoke with a smile but Ed was unamused. He seemed to be a
pretty decent guy.

"You know it's not like that. I'll be back in a few."

Ed started walking out and Andrea casually made her way over to the other
guard. According to his name tag, he went by "Laz."

"Laz, huh?"

"That's right."

"I don't suppose you'll let me in to see the Warden?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Why do you need to see the Warden?"

"To talk."

The guard looked at her with a frown. "Sorry, he's a busy man. You're going
to have to do better than that, if you want to talk to him."

Andrea shrugged, knowing that by now Ed was a good distance away. "Figured
it was worth a try." Without pause for a response she came up with her
right elbow and caught him on the jaw. The blow dazed him and not pausing
for him to recover she put both hands together and brought them down on the
back of his head. He collapsed, unconscious.

Knowing she'd have to act quickly she dragged him towards the far wall
where the cameras in the room couldn't see. With lightning speed she
reached for his radio and turned it to the frequency that her little device
would switch the monitoring rooms equipment to. She didn't have to wait to
hear a communication.

"…in district 27, over."

Andrea cringed. She didn't move fast enough to hear the whole call. She'd
have to improvise. Still out of site she moved the radio to her mouth and
pressed the talk button. "This is control, we're tuning into your camera

"Roger that control. Do you have it?"

"We have it. Stand down and we'll send some people in to take care of it.
Don't set off an alarm. With everyone out of their cells we could have a
riot on our hands." While she spoke, she grabbed the fallen guards keys and
firearm. It was just a magnum .44 as she had expected, but it would be
useful nonetheless.

"Affirmative, control. Standing down."

She tucked the weapon in the front of her pants and hid the radio in her
pocket. She made her way to the door and unlocked the metal bars. Once on
the other side of them, she closed them and broke off the key in the door.
It would prevent anyone from following her without a cutting torch or a
saw. She turned her attention to the Warden's office. A swift kick took
care of the Warden's normal wooden door behind them and she entered the
office, closing the door behind her.

She took in the scene quickly. The Warden wore a Coalition uniform with the
rank of Major and sat behind a large, powerful-looking desk. "Who are you?"
he asked nervously. Andrea kept an eye on him but turned her attention to
the three visible cameras in the room. As she talked, she moved to each one
and smashed them with the butt of her gun.

"My name's Andrea Robertson. I've been here about six weeks."

The warden sat in his chair watching her with calculating eyes. He was
obviously a trained soldier and would not be easily overcome. There was a
large window behind his desk with several bars lying across it and Andrea
knew that had to be her exit. "What do you want?"

"I want out, I don't belong here."

He laughed as she smashed the last camera. "And what do you want me to do
about it?"

Andrea looked at him plainly. "Nothing." She thought for a moment. "Well,
you could back away from the desk." She pointed the automatic pistol at
him. "Slowly."

He followed her instructions, realizing that she was not an average
prisoner. She knew what she was doing and was capable of following it
through. He stood up and walked backwards towards the window. Andrea
circled his desk and sat down in his chair facing him. She reached behind
her and started opening drawers.

"If I know commanders… You'll have something with a little more kick then
this baby in here. Am I right?"

"Energy weapons are illegal inside penitentiaries."

"Is that right?" Andrea said patronizingly. As her search continued she
began to realize how difficult it was to watch him and search the desk.
"You don't have some hand cuffs by any chance, do you?" She looked to the
ones obviously dangling from his belt. Without waiting for an answer she
continued. "Face the window and cuff your hands behind your back."

He grumbled and did as he was told. Andrea walked over immediately after to
check them. As she suspected they were loose around his wrist. She
tightened them and turned him around. She gave him a quick pat down to make
sure he wasn't carrying any weapons and finding nothing she went back to
the desk, now feeling more secure in her search.

She finished searching the drawers and found nothing. She checked the
underside of the desk and again, she found nothing. She almost gave up hope
but in the moment of her hesitation he glanced briefly under the chair at
his desk. She smiled and flipped it over. There, in a small sheath was a
compact energy pistol with three settings. Low, medium, and high. She
smiled as she turned it to high and aimed at the Major. His eyes went wide
as she spoke. "I suggest you move."

He dived away and Andrea fired, blowing out the window (and the bars
protecting it) where he had just stood. She tucked both weapons back in her
pants and headed for the window. "Over there." She pointed to the far side
of the room and the Major moved as instructed. Again, she realized she had
to move quickly. Someone certainly heard the explosion.

The office was on the second floor so it wasn't completely unreasonable to
jump. She decided it was her best bet and took her chances with the glass
and metal shrapnel on the ground beneath her. She jumped.

The landing went relatively smoothly. She rolled with the fall and got up
quickly before taking off at a sprint. The Warden's office was at the edge
of the prison and leaving through his window left her outside the

After a short run she ducked into a layer of trees and shrubs before
disappearing into the jungle. One last problem kept her from moving
forward. With the ease of construction (not to mention thoroughness of the
Coalition), her clothing was assuredly planted with tracking devices. She
took off her shoes first, and was grateful for the soft jungle ground. The
rest of her clothes soon followed, but she dug out the radio to keep tabs
on their movements. She set off in a sprint once more, carrying her as fast
as the jungle would let her.

She ran until she was out of breath and further. She'd worked long and hard
to build up her endurance and she was grateful for it. She could run for
longer than almost anyone she had ever met and that counted for something,
even without a lot of speed behind her. The radio constantly told her how
to avoid their chase attempts. Apparently no one had caught on that she
still held it. She arrived at a stream and a small clearing, and just when
she thought she was in the clear, she heard the familiar thud thud thud of
helicopter blades. Her heart sank and she stopped dead, midway through the

She hadn't heard the helicopter until it was practically on top of her and
had nowhere to go. Her hair blew back as the large vehicle landed a short
distance away from her. The side door opened and she instinctively felt the
fear that came with a loaded gun trained on her.

The first thing she noticed was a man in a Colonel's uniform step out from
inside and walk peacefully towards her. The blades of the helicopter slowly
wound down to a stop casting the small glade in an eerie silence. He
finally stepped out of shadow and Andrea's eyes gave away her surprise.

"You couldn't have saved your grand escape until tomorrow?"

"How would that make any difference?" She was still confused but the wide
smile he had on his face gave her a little more assurance.

"I was coming to get you out. The other woman that was with you testified."

"So I'm free?"

"You certainly look that way," he said gesturing to her lack of clothing.

Andrea blushed. "Didn't want to get traced."

"Good thinking." He seemed genuine in his comment.

Her curiosity got the best of her and she asked. "How did you find me?" He
gestured to the radio. Andrea looked at it a little astonished. "It's got a
homing device in it?"

He smiled. "Don't they all?"

She tossed the radio on the ground. "So what now?"

"Well, seeing as how the Coalition was in the wrong in this matter, and the
fact that you didn't get a trial, the two men you assaulted…"

She interrupted. "I was defending myself. Not assaulting people."

He put up his hand in apology. "Poor choice of words. The two men you
kicked the shit out of are being relieved from duty and I imagine they
won't want to hold you accountable for the damage to the prison since you
were technically being held illegally."

"Uh huh,"

"Okay, well how about we get you back to Trump Towers. You can see your
friends there." Andrea nodded. "Oh, and I think I have something you can
wear in the helicopter. Come on."

* * *

Andrea was dressed in a fairly long, blue trench coat. She probably looked
like a flasher but she was just grateful for something to wear. She felt
oddly insecure around Jack as she sat beside him in the back of the
helicopter. It was an unusual feeling for her and she didn't like it.

"Can I ask you something?" Andrea asked simply.


"How hard was it to find the other woman to testify?"


Andrea nodded.

"Honestly," he repeated. "It's all I've done for six weeks."

Andrea opened her eyes in surprise. "Why?"

"Because I believed you were innocent. And despite your opinions on the
Coalition, some of us really are here to help." He stayed remarkably calm
through his explanation and Andrea felt herself falling further into
insecurity. She wished she could explain why.


"You're welcome." He smiled and turned to look at her. "Maybe next time you
won't have to blow out a window and assault a guard before you trust me."

Andrea smiled back. "Maybe."

Jack spoke. "You mind if I ask you a question?"

"Sure," Andrea repeated.

"How did you sabotage the radio in the control room? We still haven't
figured it out."

Andrea smiled again. "I used a frequency modifier. It scrambled the radio
frequency in there to channel 55."

"Really? How did you get it in the monitoring room?"

"I hid it behind the fire extinguisher on the cell block side of the room."

"Huh. So when they thought they were talking to control, they were just
doing what you told them to?" Andrea smiled. "Seems your resourcefulness
knows no bounds. Are you sure you don't want to be on my special forces

She emphasized the word, "YOUR special forces team?"


"No thanks. I still don't work for tyrannies." Jack started to speak up but
she stopped him. "Even if they have a few honorable officers"

The two sat in silence for a few minutes and she spoke up again. "Can I ask
you a favor?"

"You can ask."

"I know you've done a lot for me but…" She hesitated.


"But I need to get to Salt Lake City. Fast."

"Mmm, North America. That's a good trip. I can't sign out a jet for that
long a trip, it's too far into unknown territory."

"Oh, well thanks anyway." She responded quickly, not wanting to ask
anything more of him in the first place.

"However," he continued. "We do have a couple freelancers that are heading
up there tomorrow I believe for trade. I could pull some strings and maybe
you could hitch a ride with one of them? But you'd have to leave your
friends behind, unfortunately."

"As long as I get there fast."

He smiled reassuringly. "All right, I'll arrange it as soon as we put

Andrea smiled thank-you and looked back out the window to see the only
skyscraper she had seen in 5 years slowly growing larger as they
approached. She found herself suddenly overwhelmed with a sensation she
hadn't experienced in a long time. Hope.

End, part 9.

Next: Chapter 10: "The Sky, on Fire" -- A flashback to Andrea's younger
years. Her first serious relationship, her first time having sex, and let's
not forget, the day the Invid arrived on Earth. It's going to be a biggie

Then: (just so you guys know there's more coming) Andrea arrives back in
Salt Lake city to find her brother. But there's a problem, the Invid plan
on destroying all of the gangs, even Andrea's friends in the Blue's. A new
character is added to the group and the 'dream' subplot comes to a
resolution. The whole series is sent off in a new direction. Fan favorite
Keri returns! Don't miss it!

Recommended Reading: Demon Mother - It's a crossover between Fathom,
Witchblade and Tomb Raider. Surprisingly good (and often rather kinky) for
a crossover fan-fic/lemon. Check it out. To check it out, go to (unfortunately I have to give you directions and not a
direct link). Click on "Grey Archive" then "Agree" then "Superhero" then
"Crossovers and Other Universes" then scroll down nearly to the bottom and
you'll see a title for "Witchblade/Fathom." It really is a great little (or
actually rather big) erotic story, so check it out from the beginning.


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