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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 8 - One Million People
by Invid Writer

"Andrea woke up covered in a sticky layer of sperm and urine. The floor was
stone and surprisingly cold. Her hair felt gooey and was stuck together in
clumps. It hung down awkwardly as she sat up and looked around the room.
"Where am I?" She spoke quietly to herself. The last thing she remembered,
she was collapsing into the brush in a forest. She wiped her eyes where
there should have been tears but only managed to smear the sticky substance
around her face.

Was she dreaming? It felt too real for that. Suddenly, instantly, she
remembered where this was. She was in the yellow gangs head quarters, the
morning after her initiation. Her failed initiation. But Ed was not here to
attend to her. She didn't wake up in a bath like she should have. She woke
up on the floor, where she had fallen asleep the night before. She looked
around and saw that the room was completely empty. The door was made of
wood and looked heavy. It was probably locked. Andrea stood up and turned
slowly around when the door opened.

A naked woman walked in. Young and very attractive. Following her, were
three gang members. Andrea recognized one of them from the night before.
"Clean her up," he said to the young woman whom immediately dropped to her
knees and obeyed. She put her slender fingers around Andrea's ankle and
lifted a foot off the ground. With no obvious hesitation she started to
lick at the underside of her foot. Andrea tried to pull away but the woman
had a surprisingly firm grip. "What are you doing?"

"She's doing what she's told. You'd do best to go along with it or you'll
only get yourself in more trouble." Andrea sighed, realizing the man was
right and remained still throughout her tongue bath. By the time the other
woman was licking at her face, they were both laying down on the cold
stone, Andrea on the bottom. She was tolerating the long tongue strokes
across her eyebrow with growing unease.

Finally, the tongue strokes stopped and the woman sat up, straddling her.
She looked back at the three men that were watching and one of them nodded.
"Dirty her back up again."

* * *

Andrea awoke with a start. She brushed some kind of insect off of her leg
and stood up. She was back in the glade. It was night, she was cold and she
knew immediately that her best option would be to go back to camp and
return to her tent. But what if she had seriously hurt Kitty? How could she
deal with that?

At least the flower seemed to have worn off. Andrea looked down,
remembering. The flower. It was still hard not to lunge at it and consume
the whole patch. She walked quickly away from it before she was tempted any

An hour or so later found herself wandering the woods, thinking aloud to
herself as she tried to sort out the days events. "Or was it yesterday?"
She looked up at the sky and frowned. If it were the Northern Hemisphere
she would know the exact time from the location of the constellations. But
in the South, who knew?

"Oh God, I hope Bob has found Kitty by now." If she hadn't run off
selfishly she could have gone to him and told him about her situation. She
hadn't felt this guilty about anything in a long time.

A few minutes later found her stepping into sand. She concentrated and
heard the gentle roar of the ocean. She was obviously on the beach. She
turned to her left and confirmed her assumption. Dark water stretched out
for miles. She sat down on a rock and listened to the sounds in an attempt
to sort out her thoughts.
As she pondered what to do a glint of light caught her attention along the
horizon. It wasn't moving; she simply hadn't noticed it earlier. She stood
up to get a better view and realized what it was. It was a city. A big one
by the looks of it and at the center the light was far too white to be
flames. They had electricity. She took a step forward and her jaw dropped
while she imagined the possibilities. Suddenly, all thought of guilt had
left her mind. She hadn't seen electricity in years. Maybe the Coalition
was what the Earth needed right now. Order.

With a new energy, she turned and started walking quickly back towards
camp. Her hasty mood was dampened when she heard the click of broken sticks
up above. Someone was in the forest. And close by too. She turned and
jumped when she saw Zog come into view. His purple skin was barely visible
and made him look like a giant shadow looming over the trees. Fear leapt
into her stomach when she noticed his angry frown.

"What are you doing here?" Andrea stumbled with the words but they came out
confidently enough.

"Trying to find you. It's been several hours since anyone's seen you."

"Well I'm heading back now so don't worry about it."

"Andrea..." He paused as if debating whether or not to speak. "Are you okay?"

Andrea collapsed into a sitting position on the soft ground. She let out a
sigh. "How's Kitty?" She flushed red with embarrassment as she spoke and
her stomach felt queasy thinking about it.

"I do not know. Bob wouldn't say what was wrong with her. It seems fairly
serious." He crouched down and raised a giant eyebrow. "Why? Did you harm
her?" Andrea nodded reluctantly. She didn't feel like talking at the
moment. "Why?"

"I don't know. I couldn't help it." She spoke monotone, trying to show as
little emotion as possible. "The flower..." She thought about her words,
"the flower left me out of control."

"Ah. I understand." There was a long pause while the two sat in silence.
Andrea looked up at his giant head and for the first time, felt no fear. He
was just like her. Confused and lost. She gave him a gaze that urged him to
finish his thoughts aloud. "I don't know how much you know about my people,
but there are no women of our species. There are no women, because we are
all bred and cloned. The masters wanted an army and they literally created
one." He looked at her to gauge her interest. She obviously wanted to hear
more. She looked up at him desperately, trying to drown her own thoughts in
his words. "Unfortunately the modifications didn't stop at the physical
level. They controlled our thoughts. Influenced us to focus on the violent
side of our personalities. We were slaves. Many of us still are."

"I see." Andrea hadn't heard any of that before. Of course, information
about the Zentradi was generally kept out of civilian hands throughout the
war. "But the flower didn't bring out the worst in me, it brought out my
true feelings. If that's how I truly want to act... Deep down I mean... Well,
I don't even want to think that way."

Zog sighed and sat down in a less awkward position. "Andrea, our
inhibitions are what define us. Without them to guide us, we act only on
instinct. And everyone's instinct is more or less the same. There's no need
to feel shame in it."

Andrea was silent. Eventually she spoke. "Thanks."

Zog stood up slowly but gracefully and walked away without another word.
Andrea, left to her own devices, found she couldn't concentrate on any
thoughts. She bounced around between hurting Kitty, how much she had
enjoyed it, guilt she felt over it, her attitude to the other members of
the group, and even her own sex drive that seemed to be increasing every
day. Her eyes darted around with her mind, looking at different objects
around her. Eventually, the found the light of Trump Towers once more and
focused in on it, like a moth to flame.

Suddenly, her mind was clear. Focused. She only had one thought. 'Change
the world. Make it better. Stick up for the little guys.' She knew in her
heart she could do it. But first she would have to stop feeling sorry for

Time passed and while Andrea continued to stare at the gleaming spec of
hope she found that her guilt was indeed fading. She realized there was
more to worry about than her personal life. What happened, happened. She
couldn't change that. But she could change the future. She stood up, and
began to slowly walk back to camp.

* * *

The first thing Andrea saw was Bob's tent that he shared with Kitty and
Irene. The three had been kind enough to let Andrea have the other tent to
herself. Without realizing she was still naked, Andrea unzipped it and

Kitty was inside, lying on her side and Bob sat beside her still naked
body. She looked like she was sweating a great deal and Bob himself was
near exhaustion. He startled awake when Andrea entered. His voice seemed
even more nasally than normal. "A... Andrea. I... I didn't expect you." He
looked away after seeing her lack of clothing.

"I wanted to check on Kitty. Is she okay?"

Bob turned to look at her skeptically. He raised his eyebrows behind his
thick glasses as he looked relentlessly into Andrea's eyes. "A... Are you
still on the f... flower?"

Andrea shook her head. "It wore off. I haven't taken any more."

Bob nodded, satisfied. "She'll live, I c... can tell you that. But uh... W...
Well, there'll be regular b... bleeding for some time and I need to do some
minor surgery as s... soon... as soon as possible. If we could get to a... to
a town soon that would make things easier."

Andrea thought of Trump Towers, "if we leave tomorrow morning we can get to
one probably mid-afternoon."

Bob nodded. "Excellent. T... That will do fine."

Andrea looked back to Kitty's sleeping form. With a quick sigh she left and
closed the tent behind her. A short walk found her entering her own tent,
which she quickly zipped up behind her. It was dark inside and she sat
down. "What a day..."

"Andrea?" Andrea jumped at Irene's voice. She had forgotten about leaving
her tied up. She tried not to betray her surprise when she spoke.

"Oh no. I left you in here didn't I?"

"Uh huh. Can you untie me now please?"

"Of course. I'm sorry I forgot about you." Andrea turned herself around and
placed a hand down on Irene's breast when searching for her tied arms.
Irene squealed lightly but just bit her lip as Andrea quickly apologized
and moved her hand up to Irene's arms. She followed Irene's arms up until
she found the rope and began to undo the knot.

It was dark so Andrea couldn't help but fumble with it but eventually she
managed to get it undone. The ropes fell to the ground lazily. "There. All

Andrea heard a quick shuffle and strained her eyes to try and see but she
was too slow. The wind was knocked out of her as Irene tackled her to the
ground. Andrea could feel the woman's large breasts crush against her
stomach and hot breath heaved over her own sternum. "What are you doing?"
She breathed out before Irene's hand found the lips of her pussy. "Aaaa,"
despite her intentions her head flew back and her spine arched at Irene's

"I've been laying there for hours and I'm horny. Please, can we?" Andrea
felt a finger enter into her still mostly dry pussy. It stuck slightly as
it went in, creating a pleasant friction while her lips sucked in slightly
around the digit. Once fully inside her, Irene curled it up to reach the
top of her inner wall and Andrea arched her back again.

"Aaaa." She tried to say no but couldn't speak. Irene's breathing over her
chest continued while her finger continued its relentless assault. "Mmmm,"
she let out a quiet moan when Irene's warm tongue pressed into her left
nipple. Her arms instinctually went to Irene's and held the blonde's head
tight against her breast. Simultaneously she wrapped a smooth leg loosely
around Irene's thin waist.

Irene pulled her finger out until only the tip of her nail was still inside
Andrea's sex and then gently inserted it once more. Andrea's lower lips
moved with the other woman's finger, sticking slightly to it and moving
further away or closer to her body.

Andrea moaned again in pleasure as Irene switched her attention to the
other nipple. She could feel the small stubs growing hard and tensing
almost painfully while Irene continued to lick and suck on them.

She was surprised and a little disappointed when Irene withdrew her finger
from her pussy but tried not to vocalize her objections. She felt her lower
lips cling to the digit as long as possible before finally releasing it and
falling back into place. She was wet now and desperately wanted something
back inside her.

She got her wish when Irene pushed the same wet finger into her ass. She
instinctively tensed her body and bucked to the side at the first sign of
intrusion, which knocked Irene's mouth off her nipple. Undeterred, Irene
continued to apply pressure and gradually forced the finger deeper with a
wet squishing sound.

Andrea couldn't help but moan when Irene's digit found itself all the way
inside. It wasn't near as far as a few men had been but Irene was brushing
her finger carefully along the membrane that separated her two holes and
Andrea felt the effect strongly. She bucked her hips in a vain attempt to
get away from the rather intense pleasure she was feeling but Irene kept a
firm grip on her hips with her free hand. Instinctively, Andrea continued
to try and buck herself away from Irene's finger but each attempt was as
futile as the last.

She felt Irene's free hand move firmly up her hard stomach and find her
left breast. Irene squeezed gently and began to massage it. "Unnn. Irene,
stop, stop." Andrea felt out of breath but Irene ignored her. She cupped
the breast she had been working on and flicked the nipple with her tongue.
Andrea bucked again and moaned.

While she continued to work on the nipple with her mouth, her left hand
went back down Andrea's stomach to reach her pubic area. It slowly dragged
across the short hairs and found Andrea's thigh. She applied pressure,
forcing Andrea flatter onto her back while at the same time she worked her
body in-between Andrea's legs. Andrea conceded the position and wrapped her
legs tightly around Irene's waist. She could feel the softness of Irene's
stomach press lightly against the lips of her pussy while the finger in her
ass continued to press on. "Unnn," Andrea's lips parted slightly. She
couldn't believe she was doing this now of all times. But it was taking her
mind off of Kitty, and that in itself made it much easier to just let go
and let whatever happened happen.

"Do you want more?" Irene's voice was soft and silky. Andrea found it hard
to concentrate. She felt the finger press harder into her ass as if asking
in its own way and she forced out a response.


"Mmm, good." Irene lifted her head up from Andrea's breast and moved her
body higher until they were face to face. She slowly let her lips come down
against the other woman's and kissed gently. Andrea's lips were still
parted slightly and Irene slowly inserted her tongue into the willing mouth
beneath her. She could feel the top and bottom of her tongue rub carefully
along Andrea's teeth before it connected with the other women's warm
muscle. Andrea pressed her tongue against Irene's and kissed back with a
little more force.

Gradually, the passion of the kiss raised and Andrea found herself with a
hand in Irene's long curly blond hair, pressing her hard into her mouth.
The other arm found itself around Irene's back, once again pressing hard to
mash their breasts together tightly. Irene took the hint and pressed
herself hard into Andrea, allowing their stomachs to press against each
other. Andrea's toned abs brushed against Irene's flat but less defined
stomach. Irene lifted a leg and placed it on the other side of Andrea's so
their lower lips could kiss with as much force as their upper ones.

Irene forcefully sucked Andrea's tongue into her mouth and swirled her own
wet muscle around Andrea's. Andrea moaned again at the feeling but her moan
intensified when she felt Irene grind her pussy into her own. Her labia
slid easily in-between Irene's to cover itself in the wetness coming out of
her blond lover. As the two pressed together, Irene's light blond pubic
curls entwined themselves with Andrea's shorter ones while their labia's
continued to press together as if they were one.

Andrea was reminded of the finger in her ass when Irene curled the thin
digit to rub against the wall of her rectum. Andrea arched her back hard,
forcing her stomach into the air and to press more tightly against Irene.
She was long distracted from the kissing she was participating in and
simply let Irene play with her tongue, still inside the blonde's mouth.

Suddenly, Irene started to hump hard against Andrea, forcing their bodies
to bounce with the motions. Her breasts slipped free from her partners when
she lifted her body up slightly to assist in the back and forth motion.
Both sets of breasts moved in tandem with their hips, as both sets of lips
remained locked tightly. Irene's firm large breasts hung down attractively,
occasionally bouncing against Andrea's as they rocked back and forth.

Andrea gasped as she felt Irene's finger leave her rectum but found she
couldn't breath as it reinserted itself with a second digit. "Ahhh." She
tried to move back onto her side but Irene's other hand didn't allow it.
She gripped at Andrea's breast and continued to hump hard into the other

Irene arched her neck back as her orgasm approached. Andrea's eyes rolled
up as she felt the same sensation in herself and flinched with pleasure as
Irene's clit found her own. They continued to stimulate each other for a
few more moments until Andrea realized there was no way she was coming down
from orgasm now. Her stomach clenched and she let out a loud moan as it
built up inside her. "More...Faster."

Irene obliged and kicked up the pace. She changed from long slow strokes to
quick ones that focused on their clits until she felt herself become
flustered and her own stomach tensed. With a loud groan, Andrea came and
tensed her rectum around Irene's fingers. The digits inside her seemed to
add to the pleasurable sensation in her stomach and she bucked slightly up
and down as the feelings washed over her.

As she was nearing completion of her climax, she felt Irene's fingers
tighten inside her and suddenly became aware of the warm pulsing sensation
that belonged to Irene's sex. Andrea looked up and saw Irene, with mouth
open and lips bloodshot red, immersed in a silent scream of ecstasy. As she
recovered herself, she slowly opened her eyes and let out a quiet purr
before collapsing onto Andrea's body once more. Her pussy still pulsed and
she could feel her cum dripping towards Andrea. She opened her mouth as if
to speak, but closed it again after thinking twice. Andrea noticed.


"No, it's nothing," Irene said sheepishly.

"You can tell me, it's alright." Andrea put her arms around Irene and
hugged her closer.

"I..." She paused and gulped. "I don't want it to sound like it's just

Andrea smiled encouragingly. She wanted to know what was on Irene's mind
that she was so nervous about. "Go ahead."

"I love you." She reddened in the cheeks slightly and Andrea let her mouth
go slack in surprise. She felt the strength draining out of her hug and
quickly doubled her efforts to hold Irene close. She didn't want to
embarrass her for saying it.

"Are you sure?" It was the only response she could think of. She certainly
didn't love Irene back. How could she tell her that?

Irene nodded and kissed Andrea lightly on the mouth. "I know you don't love
me back. That's okay. Maybe you will later sometime." Andrea's mouth
remained slack through the kiss. At least she wouldn't have to tell her.
"Let's just go to sleep and we can talk about it in the morning okay?"

Andrea nodded weakly and made a vein attempt at a kiss to make Irene feel
better. Irene closed her eyes and relished in it for everything it was
worked. When they pulled away, she rested her cheek next to Andrea's. "I
love you so much."

It was an hour of shocked silence for Andrea before she fell asleep. She
never even realized that there were still two fingers imbedded inside her.

* * *

Andrea woke up in a bathtub. Her back felt a little sore from the awkward
angle and she looked up to see se wasn't alone in the room. There were a
few dozen gang members surrounding her, but fortunately they weren't
standing too close. She didn't feel completely trapped. The tub was filled
about three quarters full but was sitting at room temperature. She looked
down and saw that the water was a little murkier than she thought it should

"What's going on?" She looked around again. Something felt wrong. Then, the
smell caught her nose. Sperm. She looked down again with wide eyes.

"We've been saving that for a year now. We didn't even know what to do with
it." It was Steve that was speaking. For some reason she disliked him more
than anyone else. It was probably because his was the name that stuck with
her. "Well, we figured it out. Everyone took a poll to see who the hottest
girl here was and guess what? You came out miles ahead."

Andrea lifted an arm out of the 'water' curiously and the liquid fell back
down like drool. She frowned, disgusted. The man spoke up again. "We have
another tub worth just about. From now on you're going to bath in that
every day. You're not just going to smell like sex. You're going to be sex
embodied. Dunk your head."

Andrea's eyes went wide for the second time. She looked back down at the
semen surrounding her. Steve spoke more forcefully. "Dunk your head." She
tried to protest but couldn't find the words. Eventually, she resigned to
the fact that for the time being at least she was stuck here. She had no
choice and took a deep breath.

She lifted her knees up and allowed her back to slide flat along the bottom
of the tub, surrounding her face with the milky substance. No matter how
hard she tried, she couldn't believe that someone or even someone's had
actually saved up so much sperm. She was running low on air so she sat back
up again and opened her mouth to breath in. She immediately tasted the
salty liquid and tried to ignore it. Her face was caked with the stuff and
she could feel it plug her nose and ears. She wiped her face off with an
equally gooey hand and opened her eyes. The liquid stung like soap but she
didn't want to look weak so she put up with the feeling. She could feel her
hair hang heavily down against her back.

"Can I get out now?" Laughter erupted around her and she looked to Steve.
Damn him. Why did he have to be the one talking. And where was Ed? She
couldn't find him anywhere.

"There's something else I forgot to mention." He looked to his right and
Andrea followed his gaze. An attractive, naked girl was making her way
through the crowd. "Each day a different girl is going to join you in there
and have her way with you. Or, more accurately, have our way with you."
Andrea noticed the girl didn't seem any happier to be there than Andrea did
but realized that would be small consolation. The girl stood at the edge of
the tub waiting instructions. Steve didn't waste any time telling her what
to do. "Get in bitch." She sighed and lifted a beautiful looking foot. She
moved her big toe to the surface of the cum and dipped her toe in as if
testing water temperature. Slowly she placed her smooth calf inside the tub
until her foot rested on the bottom of it, in-between Andrea's legs. She
put a hand on the edge of the ceramic surface and used that to balance
while she brought in her other leg. She looked hesitant to go any further,
once she was standing about a foot deep in the liquid.

"I'm Heather." The girl had a pleasant soft spoken voice.

"Andrea," came her response.

"Nice to meet you." She looked awkward and embarrassed.

Steve spoke up. "Let her lick your toes." Heather sighed again and lifted
her foot out of the slimy substance and towards Andrea's face. Andrea
briefly looked towards Steve but still knew she didn't have a choice.
Heather's foot was dripping in long strands but Andrea set to work,
regardless. She moved her own glossy face towards Heather's big toe and
took it into her mouth. She still didn't like the taste but sucked on it
anyway. She pulled away and spit out the small amount of cum that had
stayed in her mouth. She then went back to work, licking between Heather's

The crowd obviously enjoyed seeing Andrea's tongue emerge between the
dripping white digits and then take another one into her mouth. Finally,
done with the toes, Andrea licked the base of Heather's foot from the heal
towards her toes. Heather gasped slightly and Andrea looked up, noticing
the small droplets of arousal coming from between the other woman's legs.
She didn't hold it against her.

She quickly finished with the foot and spit out another small mouthful.
Heather put her foot back in the tub and looked to Steve once more. He
spoke. "Don't look at me. You two go at it."

Heather frowned and lowered herself onto her knees. She was now straddling
Andrea. She slowly leaned forward until her stomach was immersed in the
liquid. Then, carefully, she let the tips of her nipples touch the milky
substance and moved her lips only inches from Andrea's. Andrea looked over
at Steve and saw a look in his eyes that made her quiver. She realized she
had better make this a good show.

She reached out of the sperm surrounding her and wrapped her arms around
Heather, seeing a slight flinch in the other woman's eyes as her wet hands
flattened against her back. Suddenly, Andrea pulled down, catching Heather
off guard. She splashed into the liquid heavily and the angle caused her
feet and calves to stick out in the air at a 90 degree angle to the rest of
her legs. Her head was now submersed in water and buried between Andrea's
breasts. She continued to hold her underwater with one hand while the other
traveled down her back and clasped onto her buttocks. Heather's feet
flinched at the end of the tub and Andrea looked down to see air bubbles
making their way upwards to the surface.

Not wanting to risk drowning her, she released the grip of her hand on her
back and let that one travel down to her ass with the other one. Heather
immediately raised her head above the surface and gasped deeply. Andrea
could easily see strands of the liquid connecting the lips of her wide open
mouth to each other. Once she'd taken a deep breath she breathed out
through her nose which only caused bubbled to form around it. Andrea was
repulsed but kissed her hard on the lips anyway. The girl moaned in
surprise and only exhaled more heavily through her nose.

Andrea eventually released the kiss and looked at the other girl. She
opened her eyes wide, also ignoring the stinging sensation that it brought.
Andrea spoke. "You've never done it with a girl before have you?"

The girl shook her head negatively. "But..." She stopped.

"But what?"

"After this, I'm supposed to please you sexually, whenever you want."

Andrea was shocked. Again, she looked over to Steve as if to confirm it and
he only nodded back. She sat there awkwardly for a moment before he spoke
again. "Get to it ladies."

Andrea looked back to Heather and kissed her once more. This time, the
other woman kissed back. She was probably told to make it a good show or
else. Andrea used her grip on Heather's butt to pull the woman's crotch
into her stomach. The action caused Heather to gain a bit of height on her
companion and Andrea found her face in-between the other woman's breasts.
She started to lick as enthusiastically as she was able, trying to ignore
the strands of cum that dripped onto her cheeks and shoulders.

She removed one of her hands from Heather's ass and ran it roughly along
the length of her crack, dipping into her cheeks. Heather moaned as
Andrea's hand rubbed past her anus and pussy. She bit down on the hard
nipple in front of her and Heather shook violently, consumed in the
pleasure. Andrea rubbed her hand a couple more times along the crack of
Heather's ass before sitting up straighter and repositioning the two of

She put Heather down on her back, balancing her along the eight inch rim of
the tub. The act was difficult because of how slippery the woman's back was
on the ceramics. Next, carefully, Andrea scissored her legs with the other
woman, placing one foot square in the tub while the other balanced on the
smooth surface outside the tub and overtop Heather's left leg. The other
woman's right one, wrapped itself around Andrea's waist, subconsciously
waiting for what was about to happen. She didn't have to wait long.

Andrea thrust her pussy hard into Heather's sex but once again found the
act more difficult than expected. They were both insanely slippery and she
had trouble keeping her balance. She leaned forward more to lap at
Heather's gooey face while she continued her awkward thrusting. Heather
gasped with each thrust, not expecting the pleasure it brought. But it
wasn't enough. Despite the attractive position for the voyeurs in the room,
there was very little friction between the two. Heather realized it and
didn't want to be teased any longer.

Aggressively, she shoved Andrea into the tub forcing a splash from the
liquid and quickly turned to join her in the bath. She raised herself
forward and pressed her dripping sex tightly against Andrea's mouth. Andrea
didn't respond right away so Heather humped herself against Andrea's face a
couple of times for encouragement. "Lick me, please. Do it hard."

Andrea resigned to the fact that she still wasn't in control, grabbed the
other woman's ass once more and pressed her mouth hard into the pussy in
front of her. It tasted sweet, despite the surrounding sourness and she
tried her best to enjoy the action. She could feel Heather's smooth stomach
rub against her forehead as the other woman continued to try and hump
Andrea's face. She felt a leg wrap around her neck and force the pussy in
front of her in even deeper.

With a new found guile, she stuck her tongue deeply into Heather's sex and
lapped at the other woman's inside to the best of her ability. "Yes," came
Heather's voice. "Like that." She was doing her best to stay with Heather's
humping and only needed to continue the effort for a few minutes. "Yes,"
the encouragement came again. She continuously readjusted her grip on the
other woman's slippery ass and that too soon became unnecessary. Heather
pushed herself hard into Andrea's face and let out a loud moan.
"Yeeeeeessssssss." She ended in a hiss that couldn't help but bring every
man in the room to a complete hard on. The woman shook hard while she came,
spraying small drop of cum in Andrea's hair. Andrea could taste Heather's
orgasm and continued to lap lightly at the woman's pussy. "Oh God, you're
good." Heather put a hand in Andrea's sticky wet hair and pushed her hard
against her pussy. "Ahhh."

She started to hump again and Andrea took the hint that she wasn't quite
done yet. This seemingly insecure girl certainly wasn't insecure about sex.
"More. More," she breathily moaned, forcing Andrea to continue. It didn't
take her long to reach her second orgasm and Andrea was rewarded once again
with the pleasant taste. "Oh God..." She released her grip and let herself
collapse backwards into the tub. She rested her head on the far side of the
bath but allowed her breasts, waist and thighs to dip back down below the
liquid's surface. She kept her ankles wrapped lightly around Andrea's neck.

Andrea's legs were parted and her knees above the water so that Heather
slipped easily in-between them. Her ass rested lightly on Andrea's pussy
and she gripped her knees with her hands. "You're the best I've ever had,
babe." She lifted a slimy leg and kissed the ankle, despite the taste. "And
I've had a few."

Andrea relaxed and Heather looked across the tub enticingly at Andrea.
Slowly, she began to rub her ass between Andrea's legs. Steve spoke up. "If
you two need a little help, I've got something you can use." He lifted up a
double dildo and Heather only smiled.

* * *

Andrea awoke lazily to a green glow caused by the sun hitting her mostly
green tent. She looked over to see Irene's cheek on her breast while the
woman slept soundly. Andrea lifted her arms above her head, extended her
toes and stretched, trying to wake up. Suddenly, a pain in her ass forced
her to jump back into her previous position. Irene's fingers were still
inside her. Carefully, she reached behind her back and withdrew Irene's

Slowly, she sat up and feeling fine, she put on a pair of pants before
exiting the tent topless. Once outside, she instinctively set a course for
Bob's tent. Would Kitty be doing better now? Would she be awake? What could
she say?

She found herself tapping on the tight brown canvas. "Uh...Come...Come in."

Andrea opened up the zipper and went into the four person tent. Kitty was
laying on her side with eyes open looking towards the tent's opening. Her
pupils were huge and Bob noticed Andrea staring. "I...I had to g...give her
some pain killers." Andrea nodded.

"How's she doing?"

"S...She'll be fine. B...But it could be a couple of m... months until she's
f... fully recovered. H...However it will only be weeks, if we get to a... a
proper m... medical facility soon." Andrea nodded, understanding.

"We need to get moving to Trump Towers then. It's only half a day from

"T...That would be wise. Y...Yes."

"I'll have everyone ready to go in half an hour."

Bob nodded and Andrea left the tent to do as she claimed she would. Thunder
was at the fire so she made her way over to him. Her stomach dropped a
notch as she neared the fire. She didn't want him to think less of her and
she had certainly given him reason to. She decided to start with a fairly
neutral, "hey."

"Good morning," he said in his usual tone. "We will need to be leaving soon
I suspect?"

Andrea nodded still a little nervous. Normally she wouldn't be concerned
with what someone thought of her. She realized then she'd been avoiding him
since they had sex some time ago. Maybe it was a time to put an end to
that. "We're leaving in about half an hour." She gulped a little nervously.
"We need to get Kitty to Trump Towers so we won't be going at the horse's

"I understand," he said nodding. "I suspect it won't take me more than a
couple of days to catch up. Where should I meet you in the city?"

"Uh..." She looked into the dirt. "I was thinking I could travel with you. I
could use a rest from routine right now."

He looked up at her and smiled. "Of course." He sounded briefly hesitant,
"but the added weight will make it very difficult on Jasper."

"I could ride along side in my cyclone. Zog travels slower as well so he
can stay with us. We'll just have to change course once Irene is gone with
the others."

He raised an eyebrow. "You don't trust her?"

"It's the other Invid I don't trust... And since they're all connected
somehow in their thoughts..."

"Ah, I see. Best to do as you advise and change course then. If you wish, I
could talk to Zog and let him know our intentions."

Andrea nodded. "That would be good. Thanks."

"It is no trouble." He slowly stood up to his full seven feet and went off
into the trees where Zog had slept the night before. Andrea watched him
walk off and then turned to head back to her tent. What was it that he did
to her? Normally she was so confident. Sure of herself. But around him she
was what? Humbled.

She opened the zipper to her tent and bent down. "Irene. Wake up." The
blond Invid was curled into a fetal position, still naked and on top of the
covers. She looked cold and mumbled slightly when Andrea spoke to her.
"Irene." Andrea spoke with a little more force.

Irene hazily responded, still not completely awake. "Wha...?" It looked as if
she tried to raise her head but failed and instead decided more sleep was
in order.

"You have to get up."

"No... Sleeping." She was still dazed, half-asleep. Andrea wondered how
something that slept like that could come from a species of pure evil. Her
views on the Invid were fast changing.

Andrea sighed and went inside the canvas. She put a cold hand on Irene's
thigh and shook. "Irene. We have to pack up the tent. You guys are leaving
in half an hour."

The comment jostled her awake. "Wha? When? Who? I mean... Where are you going

"I'm travelling with Thunder for a couple days. I'll catch up to you all
some time on Tuesday."

"But... What day is today?"

"It's Sunday."

"Oh. Well...Can I come with you? I don't like anyone else here."

Andrea called her bluff. "Yes you do. You like Bob and Kitty fine." Again,
Irene mumbled something that Andrea couldn't make out. "What?"

"I said not Kitty. She gets more sex than me."


"And what about Zog? Aren't you worried I'm going to beat him up or

Andrea stifled a laugh. "No, because he's coming with me and Thunder. He
moves slower then the rest of you guys."

"But...I can be slow to."

"That's not the point."

"Yes it is." Andrea sighed and again wondered how this creature she was
debating with could be called the bad guy.

"I need some time alone."

"Then why go with Thunder and Zog?"

Andrea sighed again. She was getting frustrated. "I...I don't know Irene. I
just need to be away from routine."


"I'll see you on Tuesday. Okay?"

"Okay." She sat up a little straighter. "Can I have a kiss?"

Andrea smiled and leaned closer. She closed her eyes as her lips met
Irene's and pressed her chest up against the Blonde's. The kiss quickly
intensified and Irene rolled Andrea onto her back to lay on top of her. It
didn't take long until Andrea felt a hand slipping into her pants and
rubbing at her sex gently. She pulled away from the kiss.

"No...Not right now. I don't have time. I have to pack up the tent."

Irene pouted. She got off of Andrea and reached over to her suit. "Fine."
She got dressed quickly and exited the tent. She spoke before hurrying off.
"I'll see you Tuesday."

Andrea sighed but didn't have the patience to deal with Irene's pouting.
She began to roll up the sleeping bag and moved her supplies out of the
tent so she could fold it up. Five minutes later saw Andrea loading the
wrapped up tent and sleeping bag into the jeep. She tied her bag to the
back of her cyclone and began to help the others with their supplies. Bob
needed the most help, having to deal with both Kitty and the tent he was

* * *

A short while later, Andrea was watching the jeep drive off from the side
of the road. It slowly faded into the distance and when it finally
disappeared over a rise, she looked over to Thunder. Zog towered behind him
and Andrea spoke to the two of them. "Let's get going."

* * *

The wind in her hair. She'd forgotten about that feeling. They'd been on
the road for a day and she hadn't said a word to anyone. Eventually she had
tired of the slow pace of Thunder's horse and decided that some speed was
in order. Next thing she knew she was going 110 mph down the abandoned
highway and there was a series of three dots on her radar.

The Gulf of Mexico was to her left as she traveled down the twisting road
and her radar showed something approaching from straight ahead. She looked
up but couldn't see anything in the sky. The large hill in front of her was
blocking her vision so she hit the speed to get over it faster. The dots
were at the edge of her 50 mile radar screen so she should still have some
time to deal with whatever it was.

She climbed the hill at 130 and upon reaching the top, she hit the breaks
hard. The dots on the radar were 30 miles closer and it had only been about
15 seconds. Worse then that, she found 2 _____ helicopters that had been
flying below radar. They were raising above the cleft of the hill and had
just entered into sight. The loud thud of the propellers seemed incredibly
clear. They both had full arsenals trained on her, and of course a white
stylized skull on the front. Further off in the distance, she saw the town
for the first time from any close distance. It was huge. A shanty town went
out like a blast crater focused around the 116 story building. The
improvised city went on for dozens of miles around its focal point. She was
stunned, to say the least.

Meanwhile, three planes that looked something like the prestigious veritech
fighters buzzed overhead and looped around to come for another pass. A
light started to blink on her HUD screen and she realized they all had
weapons lock. Before she could think about moving another light lit up that
she hadn't seen in a year. The radio.

She blinked in the right sequence to activate the two way communication and
listened. "...Coalition territory. Repeat. Please respond, or we will open
fire. You are travelling at extremely high approach speeds to Trump

"My name's Andrea Robertson. I have permission to be in your territory."

"Please hold."

Andrea's gaze went over to focus on the light that represented the weapons
lock. She stared at it as it blinked a silent warning. The constant 'thud,
thud, thud,' of the helicopters seemed to grow louder as she waited.

"Identity confirmed. Please accompany us to the checkpoint at the edge of
city limits." The man on the other side of the radio paused for a moment
and Andrea almost spoke but he beat her too it. "Additionally, you are now
within 30 miles of Trump Towers which means you must follow a strict speed
limit of 60 mph, not..." he paused again for a moment. "Not 130."

Andrea frowned. "Acknowledged." She turned off the transmitting end of the
radio and hoped that she wasn't in any kind of serious trouble. That last
thing she wanted was to fend off a military. Especially one that was
expanding as quickly as this one.

She looked up to see the three veritech like fighters go back to base as
quickly as they arrived. She sped up to 59 mph and let the helicopters
accompany her the rest of the way in.

It wasn't long until she arrived at the edge of town. The road led directly
to the tower by the looks of it but before she could get close she neared a
military checkpoint. The helicopters had moved to a higher altitude and
taken off their weapons lock but Andrea could see they were clearly ready
for action. She pulled to a stop and dismounted her bike. A Coalition
officer in the traditional skull helmet walked up to her.


"What do you need for me to go through."

"I'm going to require your citizenship or permission card that would have
been issued to you upon entering Coalition territory."

Andrea took off her helmet. "What? They never gave me a card."

Andrea could tell his expression changed behind his mask. His voice
definitely became darker. "Is that so."

"My name's Andrea Robertson. I'll be registered with you."

"What year is this?"


"Do you know what year this is?"

"It's 2021."

"And have you seen any internet around lately? Or phone lines for that
matter. Any satellites in orbit I don't know about?"

"I assumed you guys had..."

He interrupted. "You assumed wrong. We're not the United Nations. We've
been here for a few months now. Do you really think that's enough time to
set up some sort of long distance information carriage system?"

"I don't exactly know." Andrea was beginning to feel a little sheepish but
was quickly turning angry at the man's insensitive attitude.

"Well if you don't have your papers you'll have to come with me. Please
take off the armor."

Andrea frowned and tossed him the helmet she held in her hands. She took
off her chest plate to reveal the white tank-top she wore underneath and
her slim figure. The officer took a second look as most peopled tended too
and Andrea paused in thought. What was it the helicopter pilot had said?
She remembered back. 'Identity confirmed.' He knew her name. He knew she
was allowed to be here. How could he know if they didn't have a database?

Andrea dropped her chest plate and turned to the guard that was beside her.
She grabbed hold of him by two grooves in his armor and shoved him against
the security booth's outer wall. The force of the collision caused him to
drop her helmet to the ground. "You know exactly who I am don't you?"

He tried to push away but his armor obviously wasn't servo controlled. He
didn't budge. Andrea could feel the tingle on the back of her neck as the
helicopters locked on, too afraid to fire with their officer so close. "T-
T- This is assault on a Coalition officer. If you do not release me
i-i-immediately I will tell them to fire on you.

"With you right here? Unlikely." He was silent and realizing that it was
not power armor, Andrea lifted his feet off the ground and pressed his back
into the wall once more. "I'll ask again. You know exactly who I am. Don't

"Y-Y-Yes...I was told to act like we didn't. I don't know why."

Andrea dropped him. She tried to make it appear intentional but honestly,
she couldn't hold his body weight and the weight of the armor a second
longer. Her muscles shook slightly and she hopped no one noticed. It looked
as if they didn't. The officer fell flat on his ass and stayed in a half
sitting position while Andrea picked up her helmet and chest plate. "Not so
tough anymore are you? I don't have any patience for political games or
even political bullies. You can tell them that."

She put her helmet back on and went back to her cyclone. After tossing the
chest plate over one shoulder, she revved the engine and took off past the
checkpoint and towards the tower. The radio in her helmet lit up and she
turned it on.

"What can I do for you boys?"

"You have not completed the check-in procedure. We request that you pull
over and leave your cyclone at the checkpoint before proceeding into town."

"Request all you want. It stays with me. I don't have time for you people
and your games."

There was silence for a moment and the voice clicked back. "You are
exceeding Coalition speed limits. Please slow to 60 miles per hour. Or you
will be fined."

Andrea sighed. She had made her point. There was no sense in making things
worse. She slowed down to 61 and drove in the rest of the way impatiently.
The radio was cautiously silent.

* * *

Andrea pulled up to the front doors of Trump Towers. There hadn't been a
lot of houses or tents along the highway but now they were easy to see.
People walked around the towers grounds as if that would somehow make them
a part of the Coalition. Andrea couldn't help but grow depressed at that
thought. 'Who would want to be a part of this military?' She thought to
herself. Sure as hell not her.

She got off the bike and took off the rest of her riding armor. She quickly
strapped it to her bag and put it on her back to approach the door.

"Andrea Robertson?" The guard asked. Andrea nodded. "I presume you're here
to meet with..." he checked a list he held on a clipboard. "Bob Chester and
Kitty Serandon?"

"What about Irene?"

"Last name?"

"She doesn't have one."

"I see...Irene, Irene...Let's see here. Oh yes, I remember her. Blond hair,
big tits?"

"Uh, yeah that's her."

"She was arrested for assault. One of the guards tried to take her in for
the usual S&S and she punched him. Broke his jaw as a matter of fact.
Pretty good right hook on her."

"What? What about a trial? Did he hit her first? What the hell is S&S?"

"Sure, there was a trial this morning. Easy case since it was all recorded.
She has 2 months on good behavior, 4 on bad. He did not hit her first, only
gently escorted her by the arm. S&S stands for Search and Scan. It's common
practice when anyone enters the tower. We do a full strip search, an x-ray,
and a quick scan, much like the one you would have went through originally
that allowed you temporary access to Coalition territory. It searches for
psychic potential, alien parasites, STD's and so on.

"Oh, and by the way," he said. "I have to give you this fine of 22 credits
for speeding too close to the city. You can talk to someone inside the
tower to figure out what that amounts to in trade, if you have no
currency." He handed her a slip of paper which she begrudgingly took. "So...
On to the S&S? From there you can go see your friends."

Andrea nodded and followed the guards pointing finger towards a door marked
'Tower Visitors.'

It was a short walk down a well-lit hall before she saw a sign posted above
the only unlocked door. It said 'enter here.' She did so.

Inside was a male Coalition doctor. He had a low rank, Andrea noticed but
at least he wasn't wearing one of those God awful skull masks. He was
relatively handsome but still a little on the average side. He wore a lab
coat over top of white pants and a white shirt. If it wasn't for the color
of the logos on his shirt and coat, Andrea would have thought he had an
almost divine feel to him. With the exception of his face anyway. It was a
little redder than made sense and his jaw was swollen. This must have been
the mad Irene hit. He did look surprisingly well off for someone with a
broken jaw. The doctors must have gotten to him right away. Andrea looked
around the room curiously.

"Hello." He said. "Anything interesting?" He spoke slowly, obviously still
in a little pain.

"Just looking," Andrea stated. She was really looking for the cameras that
would have caught Irene. She couldn't see any. The rest of the room was
pale blue and had a hospital bed, stirrups (she noticed with a frown) and
two large pieces of machinery. One was the x-ray machine, tucked away
around a side-wall and the other she recognized as whatever it was that
scanned for all the aliens and science fiction crap they were talking

"It's generally easiest to start with the scans. If you want to sit over
here?" He pointed towards the sci-fi machine and she sat down as before.
She folded her hands in her lap and sat uncomfortably for the few minutes
it took to complete the scan. He briefly went over the results. "Everything
on par with your last scan here. I'm afraid now I'll have to ask you to
disrobe and have a seat on the bed over there.

Andrea got up from her seat and removed her top in one easy motion. Her
breasts bounced free and she started unfastening her boots. She spoke while
she did so. "How did you get the broken jaw?"

"Oh this?" He gently touched his swollen cheek. "A rather rowdy patient.
Fortunately she was dealt with." Andrea finished removing her boots and
lowered her pants and underwear in one motion. Kicking them off, she walked
over to the bed and sat down on its side.

"That's good to hear." The doctor picked up her bag and clothes and moved
them to a short table at the end of the bed. He started going through her
pockets and looking for any hidden compartments. "What's with all the
people outside?"

"What, the shanty town? That's been here for years. People hoping to gain
access to the tower or coming here looking for work. They don't get it of
course or at best get put on the waiting list and have no where else to go,
so...they wait."

"I see. How many are out there?" He took out both her knives (one from her
boot and one from her belt) and finished with her clothing. He opened up
her bag and looked inside. He didn't find anything and unclipped her armor
from it.

"There's a little over a million people on the grounds plus another 8000 in
the tower. Mostly it's all Coalition personnel and direct family." He
gestured to the armor and knives. "We'll have to keep these until you check
out." Andrea nodded and he looked to her more directly. "Could you stand
up, bend at the waist and grab your ankles please?"

Andrea looked at him suspiciously. "That's no common procedure from what
I've heard."

"I find it personally easier and it's nice to know I won't get another
punch in the jaw that way. It's just safer all around." He reached for a
box of latex gloves and put one on. Andrea sighed and stood up, still
skeptical about his intentions. Before she moved again he spoke. "Actually,
stand like that for just a moment."

He moved in front of her and put a hand in front of each breast. "May I?"
Andrea nodded and he pushed his hands into her chest, feeling for lumps.
Andrea didn't have a clue what he was doing and simply put up with his
fondling. It only took a few seconds before he withdrew his hands. "Well,
congratulations, you don't have any lumps."

" What does that mean?"

He stared at her stupefied for a moment. "No cancer. Weren't you ever
taught how to check for it?"

"No, not exactly."

"Oh. Well no lumps, means no cancer." He then reached for a bag on the
table and checked her tonsils, ears and eyes for anything unusual. There
was nothing. "Well, everything looks good. If you'll do as I asked

Andrea sighed. "Are you serious? This is the only way?"

"It's the easiest way."

Andrea frowned and moved a few feet away from the bed so she'd have more
room. She bent at the waist, stretching the muscles in her back, and
grabbed at her ankles. "Let's make this quick okay? I don't want to be here
all day."

"No problem." The doctor smiled and moved behind her. She could only see
his legs at this point but she was quickly distracted from her sight when
she felt a finger push into her vagina. She was dry in there but he probed
inside deeply. The act was a little painful but she braved it easily. "Stay
like that," he said as he walked back over to the table. "Good news, is you
don't have anything concealed in your vagina."

"I could have told you that," she said, still unimpressed with him. We
walked back over towards her with a glob of lubrication in his gloved hand
and she knew what the next hole to be examined was.

It took a little longer then she thought it should have when she felt
something press against her anus. It seemed bigger then a finger but before
she could say anything, whatever it was pressed hard into her and buried
itself deep inside her. She let out a yelp and nearly lost her balance. She
felt a hand on her shoulder that was forcing her to stay in her current
position or fall face first onto the hard floor. She immediately felt
another hand on her other shoulder and knew what was inside her. She was
not impressed.

"Get the hell off me," she yelled as she opted for the floor. Her breasts
swung as she let go of her ankles and swung her arms backwards. Her attack
was badly planned and he was too quick for her. He grabbed one of her
wrists with both hands and held her torso up with that. He was all the way
inside her as she took a backwards swing with her free arm. He caught that
one too and held her tightly at the wrists. "Let go."

His cock wasn't huge but it was certainly big enough to cause her pain in
her seldom-used hole. He started thrusting harder in and out of her,
forcing her breasts to bounce wildly underneath her. She couldn't help but
let out a series of painful moans while he continued his assault. "Let go
or I'll break it off." She moaned again and clenched her teeth. "Ahhhhnnn."

"I'd like to see you try bitch. This is for your friend who thought she
could take a swing at me and get away with it." He pressed himself all the
way inside her, forcing out another scream. "How do you like that, huh?"
Andrea gasped for air and the break she was waiting for came. He loosened
his grip as he got caught up in the motions and her instincts took over.
She quickly freed one arm and reached upwards to grab his shoulder. By the
time he realized what was happening she had a solid grip on his shoulder
and was pulling him over top of her to flip him over her back.

He landed on the ground hard, trying to protect his head as he was
catapulted over her body. She quickly lunged on top of him and reached for
his crotch. She grabbed his balls tightly in her right hand and squeezed.
"Agh," he was obviously in pain.

"How does that feel, bitch?" She spat the words out at him.

"Stop, stop." He was flailing his arms around slowly, not sure where to put
them. "If you don't stop, I'll send the tape to HQ." He immediately shut up
after realizing what he said.

"Oh? There's a tape?" She squeezed as hard as she could and he let out a
silent scream. "Where might this tape be?"

He pointed. "That closet...Behind it...Video room. The Coalition...The
Coalition sets it up to monitor the doctors. They don't know I know about

Andrea picked him up and let go of his balls. He immediately clutched his
crotch and she helped him walk over to the closet. He opened the sliding
door and pressed a concealed button behind it and a second door slid open.
Andrea took him with her and walked into a fairly standard video room.
There was one monitor, which showed the room she was just in. It was empty,
presumably a live feed.

"Take the tape out."

He went over to the nearest machine and pressed the eject button. A mini
disk plopped out with a mechanical wurr and he put it in a case and handed
it to her. Andrea moved to a different player and put the disk in to make
sure it was the right one. A quick rewind and she was proven correct. She
grimaced when she saw the angle it presented of her body. This was one tape
she hoped would never have to see the light of day.

She walked out of the video room with him and closed the door behind her.
She tossed him forward onto the floor and started to get dressed.

"Wait. I have to put a chip in you still. It's a..." She glared at him. "It's
a tracking...device."

She briefly remembered a hint of her time spent in an Invid hive. "Nothing
gets put inside me. Period."

"But...It decomposes after a week. It's just for..."

Andrea reiterated. "Nothing." He nodded and she pulled on her shirt. "If I
get any trouble out of you." She pointed the disk at him.

He nodded furiously. "I understand."

"And I want you to drop the charges against Irene."

He looked nervous. "I can't. It's already gone to trial. There's nothing I
can do." He gulped worried that she wouldn't believe him but she only
grunted and went out the door labeled 'exit.'

* * *

She entered into the lobby of Trump Towers in total awe. The roof of the
lobby was easily three stories tall. She walked across plush carpet to a
desk labeled reception in the middle of the room. Four people sat behind it
dealing with their respective people. Andrea noticed one was free and
walked over to her.

Despite standing in front of the receptionist, Andrea continued to look
around. Coalition banners hung from the roof. The white skull contrasted on
the dark background color. She wondered why they thought they needed such
fierce imagery. On the other side of the lobby, a series of elevators
waited with doors open for passengers to arrive.

"Can I help you Ms.? The voice was calm and unnaturally pleasant. Andrea
looked into the secretary's eyes.

"I'm looking for two friends of mine. Bob Chester and Kitty Serandon."

"Okay, let me take a look for you." She typed some things into the computer
and looked back up at Andrea. "It seems your friend Kitty is at the
infirmary which is level B2 and Bob is staying in a room on floor 64. It's
room number 64K. Will you be needing one as well?"

Andrea nodded. "Book me J if you can."

"That'll be 15 credits a night. You can pay in the morning."

"Another friend of mine by the name of Thunder will be coming in. You can
send him to that room." The woman nodded. "And I'll need an appointment
with whoever is in charge of security for the tower as soon as possible."

She raised a skeptical eyebrow. "That would be the Military General on the
high council. His schedule is booked up for the next..." She checked "Eight
Weeks, and even then he personally approves all appointments." She typed
something else into the computer. "You are in luck though. There was a
cancellation first thing tomorrow with his fourth in command. I can book
you in at 7:30."

Andrea frowned. "That'll have to do."

"Very good. The man's name is Colonel Jack Johnson. Floor 8, room 3."

Andrea nodded. 'Jack Johnson?' Andrea thought to herself. What kind of a
name was that? She moved around the reception desk and approached one of
the elevators. Cautiously, she stepped inside to see a man in a traditional
hotel uniform standing beside the buttons. "What floor Ms.?"

"Uh... I can push the button myself."

He smiled genuinely. "I'm sure you can but if you did that, I'd be out of a
job. So what floor can I take you to?"


"Very good." He pressed the button.

Andrea braced herself when the elevator began moving. "I haven't been in
one of these in years."

He smiled. "I won't tell anyone." Andrea smiled back. She watched the
buttons light up as she passed the floors. "This is your first time in the
tower, if I may be so bold?"

Andrea nodded. "First time in the tower."

"Ah, excellent. Are you going to be staying with us long?"

"I uh... I don't expect so."

"I see. Well, I hope you enjoy your stay." The doors opened with a ding at
floor 64 and Andrea stepped out as cautiously as she had entered. The
floors were carpeted thickly and freshly vacuumed. She walked down the long
hall until she saw a sign for room "K." She set a course and knocked on the

"C... Come in."

Andrea entered the room to see Bob sitting in an overly plush chair with
his hands in his lap. It seemed like he had been sitting that way for a
long time. "Having fun?"

"Ah, A... Andrea. It's good to see you a... again. And a... actually, no. I'm
quite bored. T... There isn't much to d... do here without money."

"I see. How's Kitty."

He seemed to get even more cheerful. "Oh, y... you'll be glad to hear that
she's doing b... better than expected. She'll be fully healed by t...
tonight... well in a few hours actually. T... The medical equipment here
is... quite impressive to say the least. I... If you'd like you can g... go
visit her."

"I think I will. Thanks."

"M... My pleasure."

Andrea went back into the hall and pressed the button for the elevator. The
doors slid open and the same operator was standing there, arms behind his
back. "You again, eh? Going down?"

Andrea stepped in. "Yeah. B2."

"Ah, the medical bay." His voice took on a more serious tone as he pushed
the button. "Injured friend?" Andrea nodded. "He'll be alright, I hope."

Andrea smiled. "She'll be fine in a couple hours now."

"Excellent. Good news all around then. My best friend just woke up from a
weeklong coma this morning. Good doctors we have here."

"Sounds like." The elevator dinged and the doors opened. Andrea started to
walk through but he held an arm out.

"Not quite there yet."

An elderly couple entered. They quickly told the man they wanted the lobby
and began to talk quietly to each other. A few seconds later, the elevator
came to a stop and they got out. "Didn't we pass by floor 2?" Andrea asked

"Indeed we did. You want floor B2."

"What's the difference?"

"Basement," the man said with a smile. Andrea's eyes went wide. That was
right. These old 'skyscrapers' all had a few floors of basement.

The doors dinged a final time. "Have a good day," he said as she exited.

"You too." The doors started to close.

"Reception is just around the corner to the left," he said quickly, leaning
forward before the doors finally shut.

Andrea followed his directions and immediately arrived at the reception
desk. The whole infirmary section was painted white and smelled of some of
the sanitizing agents she had gotten of a whiff of from Bob's bag. The
receptionist was an older man that looked at her breasts with a little two
much vigor. "I'm here to see Kitty."

"Pardon me?" He shook his gaze away from her chest and painfully moved to
her eyes. Andrea frowned internally but ignored it.

"Kitty Serandon."

"Ah. Let me take a look here." He looked down to a file in a drawer and
pulled out a folder marked S. "Room 14. It's down that way on your right."
He pointed.


"My pleasure," he said with a grin. Andrea walked down the hall to find
room 14 on the left and Kitty's name in masking tape on the door. Andrea
took a deep breath and went into the room.

There were two beds inside but one was empty. Kitty sat up in the other
one, with a pair of headphones on. She was staring rather blankly at the
wall. "Kitty?" Andrea walked into sight and Kitty brightened up and took
off the headphones.

"Andrea," she said excitedly. "I was wondering when you'd get here."

"I just got into town an hour ago. How are you?"

"I'm okay. How are you?" She asked seriously.

"I'm... okay." Andrea sat down beside the bed. "I feel terrible about what I
did to you."

"You weren't yourself."

Andrea looked up a little shocked. "You're not mad at me?"

Kitty smiled. "Upset, maybe. Mad, no. As far as I'm concerned, all's

Andrea smiled back and leaned over to give the other woman a warm kiss.
"I'm really sorry." Kitty smiled again and patted her on the knee.

"I only get one kiss?"

Andrea leaned over again and pressed her lips into the other woman. Kitty's
tongue snaked its way into Andrea's mouth and another arm pulled Andrea
closer. Andrea's hand found Kitty's breast and rested there as the two
continued the passionate embrace. They were stopped by a forced coughing
sound coming from the door. "Should I come back later?" A doctor asked.

Kitty smiled at Andrea's embarrassment. "No of course not. Come on in."

"That won't be necessary," the doctor said plainly. "You're all done. You
can go whenever you like. Clean bill of health." He turned partway out the
door then changed his mind and looked back. "Just stay away from any kind
of sex in that particular region for at least a week." Kitty nodded and the
doctor left.

"So, where are you taking me for my recovery dinner?" Kitty asked with a
grin on her face.

"I don't know. Let's hit the town."

* * *

After a quick change or clothes for Kitty and an elevator ride down, the
two women exited the tower, despite Andrea's objections. Kitty wanted to
visit the 'actual' town, and not just the luxury that the tower provided.

The two women walked down the dirt streets of the city. There was a
surprising amount to take in. Although it more or less looked like slums,
there was a lot of culture. People did everything from playing music to
having sex in the streets. There were no laws, just personal codes. It was
the type of place Andrea despised; yet thrived in.

"What about this place?" Kitty asked with a smirk. Andrea looked above the
door of the large wooden shack to see the name. 'The Rusty Fire Pole.'

"What the hell is it?" Andrea asked.

"Well, my guess, from the name, and all the middle age men going inside...
Probably a strip club."

Andrea looked to Kitty. "I don't know if there's much to entertain me in

"But there is for me. And you owe me remember?" She was joking, but Andrea
felt she really did. She nodded and walked with Kitty to the door.

"They probably have a cover. How do we get in without money?"

"I have an idea."

The women entered the building through a heavy wood door and immediately
found themselves in a short hallway with a desk at the end.

"How can I help you two ladies?"

"Umm... Do you know English?" Andrea had allowed herself to forget that they
speak another language down here. But the Coalition seemed to be very
English oriented. It was curious.

"How can I help you two ladies?"

"How about entrance?" Kitty said plainly.

"Alright, what do you two have to pay with."

"Actually... Nothing."

"Well then that is a problem. No freebees. Sorry."

"Hang on," Kitty insisted. "What if she did a free dance?"

"What?" Andrea practically yelled. "No way."

"Doesn't sound like your girl friend is interested."

Kitty turned to Andrea and spoke to her quietly. "Come on. It's the only
way to get in. I would but I don't have the breasts for it."

Andrea frowned. "I can't. I'm a terrible dancer."

"I don't know. That time during the poker game was pretty good."

"That was different."

Kitty sighed. "You're sure?" Andrea nodded her head vigorously. She looked
like a deer caught in the headlights. "Okay, plan B."

"Plan B?" Andrea said nervously, dreading what Kitty could be thinking.

Kitty turned back to the man on the desk. "What if one of the girls makes
out with her as part of the show?"

Andrea's jaw dropped. That wasn't any better. "That would get you two in,"
The man said. And I'd give you 15 chips."

"Chips?" Kitty asked. Andrea was still working up the strength to object.

"They're currency, but they only work inside here. They get you food, beer,
lap dances... Maybe a little personal time with one of the girls, that sort
of thing."

"How much is 15?"

"1 will buy you a couple beers. 2 will buy you a meal. 30 to 50 will buy
you some time with a girl or two."

"Alright, deal," Kitty said.

"But..." Andrea tried to object but Kitty shoved her around the corner. She
followed Andrea out a few seconds later with some chips in her hand.

"It'll be the third girl from now," the man at the desk said from around
the corner. "Be sitting up front."

Kitty grabbed Andrea by the hand and the two looked around the
establishment. There was a bar off to one side that seemed to be getting a
lot of patrons. A stage was set up at the far end that looped out in a semi
circle. A pole, although not a rusty one, was in the middle of the stage
with a dancer wrapped around it. The girl was completely naked and very
attractive. "Wow," Kitty said.

A few of the customers looked over at the two women as they made their way
to the front to sit down. They sat next to the stage and Kitty's attention
immediately focused on the dancer. "How can you just volunteer me like
that," Andrea said nervously.

"What, are you kidding? You're more sex crazed then I am."

Andrea frowned. "Maybe so, but not with strangers." Kitty gave Andrea a
look that clearly said she didn't believe it for a second. Andrea went on
the defensive. "Well, even if you're right, you still shouldn't have done

"Oh come on. You know you'll love it."

Andrea sighed and gave up the argument. She sat back in the chair and
watched the girl. She was pretty attractive, Andrea thought, but the
movements weren't doing anything for her. She still didn't get real turned
on around other women.

After a few minutes a waitress wearing a rather skimpy bikini of sorts came
over and asked if they wanted anything to eat or drink. Kitty took her eyes
away from the stage for a minute to get a glass of water and a salad.
Andrea got a beer for herself.

The salad and drinks arrived in the middle of the next dance and Andrea
found herself growing a little bored. It seemed to be growing rather
repetitive. Some good looking girl comes out, shakes her boobs, gets her
ass slapped a couple time and leaves.

When the third girl came out, Andrea paid a little more attention,
realizing that this would be the one where she would earn the food and
beer. The woman who came out, was wearing some kind of lingerie that Andrea
hadn't seen since before the Invid came. She wore a garter belt with
stockings and a bustier that pushed her breasts up. Her body shape reminded
Andrea of Irene, to some extent. Her breasts weren't quite as big but she
had the right hips for it.

When she was down to just garter belt and stockings she wrapped a leg
around the pole and unclipped her right stocking and slowly rolled it off
down her long leg. Once she had taken care of that, she gave the pole a few
strong humps letting her pussy rub against the cold metal before lifting
the other leg and taking that stocking off as well. Once the left side was
off, the dancer made eye contact with Andrea and seductively ran her tongue
over her upper lip.

Andrea gulped and stared at the attractive other woman wearing only the
belt that had once held her stockings up, slowly walk over in her
direction. Her heart raced as she felt a flush working its way over her
body. She wasn't used to being put on the spot in front of a room full of
strangers. Especially horny men.

The dancer, still holding her stocking in one hand bent down to hands and
knees and upon reaching the edge of the stage, wrapped her stocking around
the back of Andrea's neck. "Hey babe," she said as she pulled the stocking
towards her, now holding it with both hands. Andrea's head moved with it
and her lips touched the other woman's gently. The dancer kissed her for a
few seconds, then pulled away. She threw the stocking off into the audience
and moved around so she was sitting on her butt at the edge of the stage.

Andrea was staring right into the other woman's spread legs when she felt a
hand on the back of her head pull her slowly towards the dancers sex. She
cooperated and soon found her lips lightly touching the moist lips of the
blond dancer's labia. There was no pubic hair as she stuck her tongue out
tentatively to drag it along the length of her pussy. The dancer
exaggerated the movements in the hopes of pleasing the crowd and bucked
forward slightly, gyrating her stomach back and forth as Andrea slowly

The blond didn't taste bad at all but was nothing compared to Kitty. The
dancer had a slightly more sour taste to her and as Andrea buried her face
she couldn't help but think how what she was doing was a little more than
'making out.'

The dancer pulled her head away gently and slid off the stage to straddle
Andrea on her chair. She pressed her wet crotch into Andrea's stomach and
leaned down slightly to kiss her once more. Andrea wrapped her arms around
the other girl's waist and kissed strongly at her lips. She was getting a
lot more turned on then she had imagined she would. She felt soft hands
move slowly down her back and grasp the bottom of her shirt. Briefly
forgetting people surrounded her, Andrea lifted her arms and the dancer
pulled the garment off and flung it away.

Andrea was absorbed in the kiss. Her hands found the dancer's ass and were
squeezing hard as their tongues danced with each other. She felt her
breasts press up against the sweaty skin of the other woman and slide
slightly across her nipples.

The other woman stopped the kiss for a moment and put her mouth up to
Andrea's ear. Andrea could feel the hot breath against her and fought hard
to prevent herself from losing control. "Take my garter off with your
teeth." The dancer then gently flicked her tongue against Andrea's ear lobe
and she was gone. The dancer laid into her ear, licking and sucking and
biting, unknowingly using Andrea's most erogenous zone to turn her on to no

Eventually she pulled her mouth away, which got a deeply unsatisfied groan
out of Andrea and stood up, with one leg on either side of the chair.
Andrea was staring at her bare crotch once more. She reached up with her
hands and grabbed the other woman's breasts while her mouth made a similar
journey upwards from the blonde's thigh to her pelvis to the fabric of the
garter. Starting at one hip, Andrea grabbed the fabric between her teeth
and pulled down moving it about an inch. She repeated the process on the
other side to get it down another couple inches and then went to the
middle. Her nose was pressed into the dancer's belly button as she took the
fabric into her mouth and pulled down hard.

The belt made its way down to the other woman's thigh before it was
prevented from going any further thanks to her spread legs. The dancer
lifted a leg, taking the belt off at the same time and wrapped the leg
around Andrea's naked waist to place her foot flat against the back of the
chair. Then, she did the same with the other leg and guided Andrea's arms
around her waist to keep her balance as she lifted herself just enough to
reach beneath her and grab Andrea's pants.

In on motion the pants moved down to her knees and the dancer used her feet
to push off of the chair. Andrea's grip ensured that she came with the
blond as she fell backwards back onto the raised stage. Andrea found her
head resting in-between the dancer's boobs and two hands grabbed at her
pants, quickly yanking them down the rest of the way. She could feel the
cool air between her legs as the dancer pulled her up her body. They kissed
again, for a short time and the blond rolled over to put Andrea underneath.

She sat up and pushed her pussy into Andrea's. Andrea felt the warmness of
the other woman's sex press into her own forcefully. She arched her hips
off the ground and pressed back with equal vigor, forcing their lower lips
into a passionate kiss. The two continued to grind against each other to
the cheering of the crowd. Their stomachs flexed powerfully while their
hips rotated against each other, displaying their well-toned abs.

Andrea found herself mesmerized with the other woman's breasts as they
jumped back and forth with each dramatic hump. She was getting more turned
on and closer to orgasm when the dancer abruptly stopped and stood up. She
put out a hand to help Andrea up and when Andrea took it, pulled her to her
feet. She kissed her one more time and went back to the ear. "Thanks. That
was a good show." She tongued briefly at the ear in front of her sending
shivers down Andrea's body before walking off stage. Andrea quickly moved
back to her seat at the side and hopped down with Kitty's help.

Kitty kissed her quickly and sat back down into her seat, taking Andrea
with her. Andrea stared into Kitty's eyes briefly before suddenly
remembering that she was completely naked, minus her boots. "Do you know
who took my pants?"

Kitty smiled at the ridiculousness of the question and reached under her
chair to produce Andrea's requested garment. "I figured it was better me
then someone else."

"Right you were," Andrea said as she pulled them on quickly. Nearby members
of the crowd were still standing up trying to get a good view of her as she
sat back down on her chair, still topless. "I suppose my shirt is long
gone?" Kitty nodded.

"And good riddance. You don't need one anyway."

"Ha," laughed Andrea. "I'm gonna need one if I want back in the tower, I'm
sure." She stood up. "Come on."

She took Kitty by the hand but before she could get up, a moderately
attractive older man approached her. "I'll give you two chips for a kiss.
What do you think?"

Andrea was shocked at his lack of tact but just waved a hand dismissively
at him and continued walking. "I'm not for sale."

She sifted her way through the crowd with Kitty in tow until she made it to
the back stage entrance. There was a large man with arms crossed at the
door but didn't move in the slightest as Andrea and Kitty walked past him
and went into the back. Andrea quickly found the blond dancer and walked
over to her. Kitty's eyes darted around excitedly as she surveyed the area.
"Hey," Andrea said awkwardly.

"Oh, hi you. Looking for a private show?"

Andrea smiled. "Not exactly. I was wondering if you could track down a
shirt or something for me. Mine kind of went missing."

The dancer smiled back. "Ah, gotcha." Unfortunately, I only have what I
brought in with me. Everything I wear out there is owned by the club." She
thought for a minute, "but there might be something. Wait here a second."

Andrea waited as instructed and took the chance to look around. The room
was plain. It only had a few make up tables which were currently empty with
the exception of one rather average looking girl getting ready for a

The blond dancer came back to the room only a few seconds later holding a
bikini top in her hands. She walked over to Andrea and handed it over.
"Sorry, this is the best I can do. But at least it's something right?"
Andrea thanked her and put it on with a little assistance from Kitty to tie
it at the back. Once at least somewhat dressed again, the two women headed
out the way they had come in. "Oh, by the way." Andrea turned to look back
at the dancer. "You give great head."

Andrea smiled awkwardly and left the room with a flush of embarrassment.
Once in the bar again, Kitty noticed the flush. "You're not embarrassed are

"Let's just say I haven't had enough beer yet."

Kitty smiled. "Then let's get you another one."

The two sat back down and Andrea set to work on a second beer.

About a pint later, Andrea was drunk as hell and just as horny. She was
nipping at Kitty's ear as she spoke. "Let's get the hell outa this place,
hey baby? I wanna do you all night." Kitty nodded enthusiastically and
stood up. She hadn't had any alcohol so was certainly the sober one of the
two. She offered an arm to help Andrea up and the two walked out of the bar

Andrea and Kitty walked down the streets of the now dark suburbs to Trump
Towers. Andrea realized now that she was in the English section of the town
and that the whole area around them seemed to be either Spanish or
Portuguese. That made sense of course, since those were the native
languages of the countryside.

She continued to walk drunkenly towards the alarmingly huge building up
ahead when a glint of light caught her eye. Andrea stopped and turned to an
alleyway between a row of tents. "What's that?" She said to Kitty.
Kitty looked. "What's what?"

"That glint. Don't you see it?"

Kitty looked closer and did in fact see something reflecting the moonlight.
It wavered about randomly as she tried to figure out what it was. "I see
it. I don't know what it is." A sudden burst of fear struck into her.
"Let's keep moving okay?"

"Eeeeeek. HELP." The cry came from the glint and Andrea looked to Kitty
briefly before running over. She was still a little drunk but it was being
shaken out of her thanks to her rush of adrenaline.

As she got closer she could see three figures. Two men were shoving a woman
to the ground and Andrea recognized the glint she couldn't identify was a
knife, reflecting the heavy moonlight. "Hey, you two. Get off of her." She
spoke just as the knife ripped down the center of the woman's shirt to
expose her pale skin to the moonlight.

"What do we have here?" The one with the knife said as he got up. The other
continued to rip apart their victims clothing.

Andrea put a hand out to stop Kitty from going any closer. "Stay here."
Andrea continued to walk towards the assailant. She spoke up a bit. "Why
don't you two get out of here before you do something you'll regret."

"I don't think I'm going to regret anything tonight," the man with the
knife said with more than a hint of undertone. He tossed the knife back and
forth between hands. He obviously had a clue what he was doing. Fortunately
so did Andrea. As she got close to him, he flipped the knife around in his
hand so the blade was facing away from her and tried for a strike. He
obviously thought she wouldn't be much of a fight. He was wrong.

Instinctively, Andrea grabbed his arm at the wrist and twisted hard,
immediately forcing him to release his grip on the weapon. But instead of
staring back shocked as most people tended to do when she attacked them,
this one twisted around and came at her with a powerful kick.

Andrea wasn't expecting such a swift retaliation and got caught off guard,
probably thanks in no small part to the beer she had consumed that night.
He got her with his leg just above her right hip. She bucked over, winded
from the assault, but she wasn't done by a long shot. She had grabbed hold
of his leg and as she stood up to face him once more, she brought his leg
with her. She pulled it up above her head and back towards him until he
lost his balance and flipped onto his back.

Andrea watched his skilled landing as he fell on his shoulders and realized
she was in for a little more than she bargained for. This man had had
military training. He quickly regained his footing and spoke. "Not bad
girl." He turned to his buddy. "I may need some help on this one Larry.
She's good."

Larry quickly used a length of rope, which he had been concealing in his
pocket to hog tie the now naked woman and stood up. Meanwhile, Andrea had
regained her breath and was preparing herself for a double assault. When
the man called Larry whipped out a knife she knew she was in trouble. She
reached for her boot but remembered the Coalition had confiscated her own

Larry ran at her, blade first and she grabbed hold of his wrist skillfully.
Unfortunately the same trick didn't work twice. He wouldn't let go of the
knife and was using all his strength against Andrea to try and force it
towards her. Andrea was holding her own, but just barely. The other first
assailant came up behind her and grabbed at her shoulders to try and put
her into a hold.

Using all the leverage he could muster, the man behind her arched his back
and pulled Andrea off her feet. The man with the knife had an easier angle
of attack now and Andrea's grip on his wrist was weakening. She realized
she might not win this fight. "Kitty run." Andrea heard no response from
her and assumed she was still watching. "Run," she choked out as she tried
to hold the two men at bay. She was rewarded by the sound of feet growing
fainter as Kitty took off down the street.

Knowing that she no longer had to worry about her friend, she lifted her
legs to put extra weight on the man holding her and then kicked outwards
with both feet at Larry's chest. The burly man fell backwards against the
blow, and the force of the movement caused the first assailant to lose his
balance and fall. Andrea landed on top of him with a thud and quickly
struggled out of his grip to get to her feet before either of the other

She watched nervously as both men slowly rose to their feet once more. Her
heart stopped as she realized that the first assailant had retrieved his
knife on the ground. Her only relief was that he was holding it in his
other hand now. Hopefully he had originally attacked her using his good
hand. The two men looked at each other and charged her together.

Her heart sped up as she felt her reflexes slow. The alcohol in her system
wasn't doing her any favors now. She felt dizzy but fought to keep her
senses. When the men neared her she spun to the side hoping to move out of
range of one of them while she spun around the other and grabbed his coat
from behind. Using the momentum the two already had, she tossed him forward
by his coat, forcing him to crash face first into the ground.
Unfortunately, the second one wasn't quite out of arm reach. With his
non-blade hand he reached out for her catching her new bikini top as she
spun. His speed forced him to continue forward and ripped the back ties off
of the garment.

Her top hung now only from around the neck and loosely clung to her
breasts. The strings and fabric would only get in the way now so Andrea
ripped it off at the neck before she was attacked again.

The attack came quickly and fiercely. The one who had kept his feet lunged
at her with swiping strikes, which she had no choice but to dodge. She
couldn't keep this up for long. When his friend got up she'd be finished.

He took a minute to re-plan his attack and that was Andrea's opening. She
charged at him as quickly as she could. With a speed that surprised her he
brought his knife to a defensive position in front of him. She would hit
the blade before him. That was inevitable now. The only choice was to
decide how it would hit her.

Andrea caught a sudden image of Thunder, waiting for her at the tower. It
surprised her that out of all the people in her life she had met recently;
he was the one that came to mind. She'd given him mixed signals for so long
it was a surprise he even bothered. Maybe that was what she appreciated
about him. She hoped desperately that her hasty plan of attack would work.

She turned to her side, hiding her vitals from the steel and desperately
reached for his wrist in an attempt to deflect the blow. It only worked
part way. Her shoulder came square into contact with his chest, knocking
the wind out of him and sending him reeling backwards. She also managed to
grab the blade out of his hand, but when she looked at it she realized it
was covered in red along the side.

She didn't even feel the wound but knew it was there. Again she thought of
Thunder. The knife had slide across the side of her waist causing a deep
gash in her mid section. The man was on the ground, permanently downed. It
looked as if he had let his head hit the hard dirt beneath him and knocked
himself out. Andrea turned to his friend who in turn charged at her.

She reached up with her blade to deflect the coming blows and parried his
strike in mid air. The two knives caught with each other at the handle and
the battle quickly turned into a contest of strength. Andrea found herself
winning for the opening seconds so she pressed the advantage. She landed a
solid knee to his side and turned the knife at the handle to wrench his out
of his hand. It made a thud as it hit the dirt and her assailant collapsed
to his knees. He quickly stood up again, ready to continue the battle once
more but Andrea was sick of it. She spun around him quickly and put him in
a headlock with knife to his throat. "You done?" She asked in her most
menacing voice.

His sigh was enough to signal his defeat and Andrea brought him to his

"Where'd you get your training?" He was silent so Andrea tightened her
grip. She was in no mood for games. "Where'd you get your training?" She
repeated herself.

"The army," he croaked out hesitantly.

"Which one?" Again he didn't answer so she repeated herself. "Which one?"
He still didn't speak but he may as well have. Andrea caught him glimpse
towards the tower in the distance and new immediately that what she
suspected was true. These two were Coalition soldiers.

She angrily turned him around and kneed him as hard as she could in the
groin. "You can tell the Coalition that that's what I think of them." He
collapsed to the ground in a heap letting out only a painful whimper.
Andrea felt fatigue and the effects of alcohol creeping back in so she
quickly went to the tied woman. She was naked and shivering but quite
beautiful Andrea thought. She vaguely reminded her of Irene.

Without hesitation she cut the bonds and helped the woman to stand. "Th--

"You're welcome." Andrea looked down to the woman's clothes. Her pants were
fine so Andrea handed them over. The shirt on the other hand was sliced
down the middle. Andrea held it up and the woman took it holding it shut at
the front. "You better get home."

The woman nodded and hurried off with a slight stumble. Andrea went back to
the man writing on the ground and roughly took off his shirt. "I'll be
needing this more than you I think." She put it on, blocking her nose to
the smell of sweat and clutched her side for the first time. The pain was
definitely kicking in.

She began hobbling back towards Trump Towers, eagerly hoping she'd see
Thunder waiting outside, wondering what was taking her so long. Her mind
was eased by the thought. At least he'd be in the town by now. She'd be
able to track him down and maybe speak her mind. If she could find the guts
for it anyway. Hopefully he wouldn't yell at her for getting hurt.

The walk back to the tower proved a little more difficult than she'd
anticipated. She had long since dropped the knife and was clutching her
side full time, trying to stop the bleeding. The shirt had bled through and
she was running out of stamina. The fight had taken a lot out of her. She
was about to rest, which she knew would be a bad idea when she saw the
lights on the door of the tower at the end of the road. She picked up the
pace and hobbled quicker. As she approached the doors she looked in either
direction hoping to see a man on horseback. She had no luck.

The guard at the door saw her and rushed over. A medic standing beside him
that Andrea could have sworn wasn't there on their original trip inside
rushed to her as well. He quickly opened up a kit and she collapsed to her
knees. She heard him say something but was far too gone to hear it. He held
up a finger or three and Andrea couldn't respond. She closed her eyes and
felt weightlessness roll over her like a cloak.

* * *

"Oh babe, I can't keep my hands off you," Heather said as she slammed
herself back down on the double dildo, shaking what few strands of semen
were left, off of her body to land on Andrea's giggling breasts. This time
the two were alone, in a reasonably nice room. Andrea was on her back on
the bed and Heather had been plowing into her for some time now. They were
both sweaty and dried cum was becoming moist once again on their skin.

"You either," Andrea said truthfully. Despite their first meeting, she had
developed an extremely strong connection to the other woman over the last
few hours. It felt as if they had known each other for months. They had
fucked relentlessly in front of the men in the tub and as soon as they were
let free they went straight to the assigned bedroom and started all over

Heather brought her arms underneath Andrea's back and grasped upwards at
her shoulders, gripping them tightly. She slammed her hips back into her
lovers once more. Silently, she buried her head between Andrea's breasts
and licked at her cum covered sternum. "God, I love that taste on you. It's
so sexy."

"You just think that 'cause you're used to it," Andrea replied while
Heather continued to thrust into her.

"Maybe. But damn... It's still great." Heather eagerly lapped at Andrea's
smooth breasts until the two of them were coming once more. Heather
screamed loudly and collapsed on top of her lover, the dildo still imbedded
between the two of them. "Damn, how are you so amazing. I can't stop."
Heather lightly started pumping her hips once again, despite her tender
pubic area. "I want to try everything with you."

Andrea smiled upwards at her. "Oh, I know what you mean."

Heather stopped her humping and looked at Andrea for a moment. "Will you do
me in the ass?"

"What? Are you sure?" Andrea was shocked at the request but not deterred.

Heather nodded and took the dildo out of herself. About nine inches stuck
out of Andrea. She moved to hands and knees on the bed and Andrea slowly
came up behind her. "So you're sure about this?"

"Stop asking questions and fuck me." That was good enough for Andrea. She
put the head of the dildo against Heather's shaved behind and started to
push lightly. Heather's face tensed and she tried to relax. "Harder. Push
it in."

"I'm trying," Andrea said, not having any luck. The head of the dildo still
wasn't inside.

"Try harder. I've never had anything in there before but if you can't get
it in I swear I'll break you in half." Andrea smiled and shoved as hard as
she could. The head of the dildo relentlessly pushed against its target
until it slowly made it's way inside. "Ahhhhh." Heather's face contorted in
pain. "Now that's what I'm talking about."

"Are you sure?" Andrea was still hesitant. She didn't want to hurt her.
Sudden pangs of guilt pushed at her stomach but she didn't know why.

"What did I say about questions? Harder." As Andrea pushed, Heather's knees
collapsed out from under her and she ground her pelvis into the mattress.
"Harder." Andrea pushed harder until her pubic hair pressed against
Heather's ass. Heather rotated her hips and moaned loudly. "Unnnngh."
Andrea suddenly sat up straight, inexplicably afraid of what they were
doing. She looked down at Heather's back. The skin looked bumpy thanks to
the semi-dried semen coating her skin. She lowered her gaze further to see
her hair blending into the crack of Heather's ass and just a hint of the
beige dildo in-between.

Heather cranked her neck and looked backwards to face Andrea. Her lips were
slightly parted and her eyes glazed. "What's wrong?" Heather's bangs were
still stuck to her forehead and her cheeks, mouth, nose and eyes still
caked in the white substance. "Are you okay?" Strands of it moved along her
lips as she talked and Andrea found herself mesmerized. "Andrea?"

"What? Sorry?"

"Are you okay?" Heather's voice was soft and sweet.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"We can stop if you want."

"No. Um... No." Andrea sighed and realized she'd better explain. "I don't
know why. There's just something about this that makes me feel guilty."

"Don't do it if you don't want to."

"No, that's okay. You want it right?"

Heather laughed. "Hell yes."

"Good then. Let's get going." Andrea clenched her muscles tightly, to try
and keep the dildo inside her and gently pulled away from Heather,
eliciting a loud flowing moan out of the other woman. The dildo slowly made
its way outwards until Andrea thought it was going to pop out. She could
feel it moving out of herself just enough to pull out her labia and allow
her to feel empty in her deepest regions. She looked down between her
tanned breasts to see nine inches of the dildo connecting her most
sensitive area to Heather's shivering ass.

She couldn't help but get more turned on by the image before she started to
push towards her partner once again, slowly burying the dildo into her ass
for the second time. Her vaginal muscles had a hard time holding on to it
though and she felt it go inside her an extra inch or so until it reached
her cervix and pressed hard against it. The barrier to her womb prevented
the dildo from entering any further while simultaneously giving it an end
to rest on while she shoved back into Heather. Once again, she felt her
pubic hair press against the crack of Heather's ass and gripping the dildo
once more, began to pull out.

Andrea leaned forward about 45 degrees while she continued the in and out
motion against Heather. Her left hand braced herself on the bed while her
right snaked around Heather's body to rest on her stomach and slowly make
its way down past Heather's non-existent pubic hairs and against her empty,
warm pussy.

Andrea inserted a finger with her next thrust into Heather's ass and curled
it upward to find the other woman's sensitive G spot. Heather clenched her
hands around the sheets, curing them into balls while Andrea started to
move faster.

A second finger joined the first inside Heather, which only caused more
moans. Andrea could feel the silky wetness surrounding her digits as she
pumped them slowly in and out of the woman beneath her. Her pacing
increased and she moved her two fingers out of Heather's body to rub in
circles around her clit. She pressed hard against the small nub and became
more carnal in her thrusts into the other woman's ass. Her cheeks clenched
and her breathing became raged at the new heavier motions. Heather's
breathing quickly followed and she started spouting out small moans and

"Harder," Heather moaned. Andrea obliged. She lowered herself on top of
Heather's back and started bouncing her hips up and down on top of the
other woman. Meanwhile her fingers continued to stimulate the other woman's
clit furiously.

Heather tilted her head back and moaned. Her sticky hair pressed into
Andrea's face and surrounded it. Andrea could only perceive the smell of
sex. Heather's ass clenched so tightly it nearly pulled the dildo in deeper
and Andrea put her fingers back inside her lovers pussy just in time to
feel it clench around them tightly and grow wetter.

After the orgasm subsided, Andrea pulled out her fingers and rubbed them
across Heather's lips. The other woman seductively took them into her mouth
and sucked the taste off of them. She spat them out when she was finished.
"That was the best orgasm I've ever had."

Andrea smiled happily. "I'm glad you think so."

Heather paused a moment then decided to ask the question anyway. "So do you
want a turn in the ass?"

Andrea surprised herself by actually taking the time to contemplate the

* * *

Andrea awoke with a start. "What?" She bolted into a sitting position and
clutched her side, suddenly in pain. She looked around to recognize the
infirmary she was in earlier. Thunder and Kitty were both at her bedside.

"Bad dream?" Kitty asked. Her face contorted in concern.

"Weird dream. I've been having them for a while." She looked down to see a
hospital gown had replaced her clothes and she saw her erect nipples
through the light cloth.

"Weird eh?" Kitty said playfully. "I'll bet it was fun." She leaned over
and gave her a light kiss on the lips. "Welcome back."

Andrea tried to cover her breasts casually by crossing her arms but that
only hurt her side more. She let herself lay back down on the bed and just
put up with them. "It's cold," she tried to justify.

"Would you like me to get a blanket?" Thunder said thoughtfully.

"No," Andrea said plainly. "But if you want to get me a kiss I'd be more
than willing." Thunder leaned over to kiss her on the cheek but Andrea
turned her head to meet his lips with hers. She kissed him, much as she had
Kitty until he pulled away a few seconds later. Andrea saw Kitty look back,
trying her best to hide her jealousy.

"Oh damn, what time is it?" Andrea said, suddenly alert.

"Uh..." Kitty checked a clock on the wall. "7:31"

"What?" She forced herself to sit up once more and turned to kick her feet
off the side of the bed. She grimaced in pain but tried not to let the
others see. "I have to get upstairs. Where's my clothes."

Kitty looked worried. "Upstairs in the room. I can go get them if you..."

Andrea interrupted. "No, I've got to go now." She moved to stand up and was
grateful to have Thunder helping her up. Even if he was reluctant to do so.

"You should rest. You've had 13 stitches."

"Lucky 13 huh? I'll be fine. I've had worse." She stopped at a rush of cold
air. "This thing doesn't have a back does it."

"Well uh..." Kitty smiled. "It does, but it doesn't do up real well."

"Uh huh." Andrea put a hand behind her to keep it closed while the other
clutched her wound gently. She started walking to the elevators as fast as
she was able, dodging doctors in the hall. Thunder and Kitty walked on
either side of her exchanging worried looks with each other.

A doctor approached the ensemble with a stern look in his eye. "Ms.? Where
are you going?"

"I have an important meeting. I have to be there two minutes ago, so if
you'll excuse me..." She roughly passed by him and he turned, not having
given up just yet.

"It's not safe for you to travel the tower in your condition."

"I'll live," she shouted from down the hall. "You can't keep me here."

"Indeed," he said to himself. He spoke up. "When you rip open your wound
again, feel free to come back at your leisure. I'll be here to fix it."

Andrea ignored the comment and pressed the elevator button, having finally
reached it. The same operator that had been there before was smiling at her
as the doors opened. "New fashion statement?"

"Floor 8," Andrea said with an unamused glare.

"Of course. But just between you and me?" He waited for a response, but
when he saw he wasn't getting one continued to speak anyway. "Don't meet
with Coalition representatives dressed like that. Take the 5 minutes to

"Hah." Andrea said brushing him off. "In my current state it's at least 10
minutes to change and my meeting is only 15."

He looked at his watch. "And I take it by your rather brash attitude that
it started four minutes ago?" She nodded. "Well then, best of luck. You'll
need it." The doors opened. "Ah, here we are."

Andrea turned to face Thunder and Kitty. "I'll see you two in the room."
Thunder frowned.

"I still do not think this is a good idea."

"It's not up for negotiation," Andrea said as she began walking off. She
heard the doors close behind her with muffled speak from Kitty. She was
most likely saying something unpleasant under her breath. Andrea ignored it
and found room 3.

She entered, not thinking to knock to see a secretary behind a desk and
another door with the name "Colonel Jack Johnson." Andrea ignored the
secretary and set a direct course for the door. The secretary couldn't get
up fast enough to stop her.

"Ms., You can't go in there."

"I have an appointment," Andrea said as she opened the door and entered.
Her side hurt like hell but she ignored it. The secretary followed her

"I'm sorry Colonel, she burst right past me."

The Colonel was behind a large oak desk with a window behind him. Andrea
immediately noticed that he was rather attractive in a soldier sort of way.
Young, big jaw, clean cut, short hair, fit body. The medals on his chest
didn't hurt his appearance either. She suddenly became conscious of her
current form of dress. He smiled at her. "New fashion?" Andrea glared but
quickly remembered whom she was talking to and stopped. "It's fine Joan.
She's scheduled."

"Well next time, she can sign in first." The secretary left rather
disgruntled and closed the door behind her.

"So, I take it you've been in the hospital. We've been trying to scan for
you for hours but for some reason you don't have a tracking chip."

"You could have checked the infirmary records."

"Quite right. I was just about to as a matter of fact. I guess it won't be

Andrea's brain finally caught up to her body. "Wait a minute. Hours?"

The colonel coughed awkwardly. "Would now be a bad time to tell you that
you're under arrest?"

"Under arrest? For what?"

"How about assaulting Coalition officers? Assault with a deadly weapon? Not
to mention some rather unpatriotic behavior I've heard about."

Andrea finally gave up trying to stand and sat down in the plush looking
chair facing opposite Col. Johnson. "Look, I'd hardly call a knife against
power armor a deadly weapon. And no one was injured, I just disabled the
suits so I could actually talk to someone."

"What?" The colonel looked honestly surprised.

"That's not it?" Jack shook his head negatively, jaw hanging open. "Then
it's that little bastard that does the tower S&S." Jack shook his head
negatively again. Still shocked. "Well what the hell was it?"

"Does it matter? You just admitted to the same charges on multiple counts."

"Those were extenuating circumstances." She reached behind her to close the
gown again in frustration. It was beginning to annoy her, despite the fact
that he couldn't see anything.

"I see." He looked down at his desk. "No, the event I'm talking about
happened last night. You assaulted two Coalition officers outside the

"What? They actually had the gumption to say something?"

"Why wouldn't they?" His gaze was calculated and strong. Andrea was getting

"Because I attacked them for raping some woman, that why." Her anger was
growing. "And they came in here and told you what? I wanted to rob them? I
just beat them up for kicks? For God's sake, can't this military do
anything right?"

Jack smiled. "And there's that unpatriotic behavior I was talking about."

Andrea stared blankly at him for a moment and then stood. "Fuck you. I was
trying to help someone. You want to arrest me, then go ahead. In the mean
time I'm going to get some sleep or some clothes or something." She started
heading to the door and the Colonel's expression changed.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry. You've still got five minutes, I'll hear you out
before I put on the hand cuffs."

Andrea sighed and went back to the chair. "You've heard it all. They were
just about to start raping some woman, I told them to stop, they didn't, I
hit one and it just kind of escalated."

"And now one's in the hospital and the other has a concussion."

"Serves them right. They'd have a lot more than that if it were up to me.
As it was, I was bleeding pretty good at that point so I untied the girl
and took off."

"And you took both of them on by yourself?"

"What's so unbelievable about that? A woman can't beat up two Coalition
grunts?" Andrea realized she was a little testier than normal but what the
hell. She got stabbed; she had a right to be.

"That's not what I meant."

"Then what did you mean?"

"I wouldn't expect anyone who was unarmed (you were unarmed?)," she nodded,
"to take on two of my better combat veterans and win."

"They weren't that good."

"The one with the concussion TEACHES the new recruits for crying out loud."
He leaned back in his chair exasperated.

"Oh," Andrea said quietly. "So that means their voices carry a lot of
weight doesn't it?" Jack nodded solemnly. "So what then? You don't believe

"I didn't say that. You have a way of putting words in my mouth."

"So you do believe me?"

"I didn't say that either. Right now I'm just listening. What about those
other events you mentioned? The one with the power armor up in the North
West was you?"

"You heard about that?"

"Of course I heard about that. Everyone did." He spoke over dramatically.
"The beautiful 6 foot tall blond who kicked the ass of two power armored
soldiers to free the oppressed town. You think news like that doesn't

Andrea looked back. It was her turn to be stunned. "I'm 5'10" and a

"I can see that," he said plainly.

"Well if you know all about that one, what do you want to know?"

He leaned forward on his desk. "How did you do it? I mean, I've heard the
stories, but how did you really do it?"

Andrea sighed. "I used the knife to jam the one guys armor while I stripped
the rifle off of him and then used it to hit his power cell from beneath.
Pretty simple really. I then got around behind the other one and did the
same. Without the knife though. But damn, you think you guys would teach
how to use the stun setting on those things. When he fired off that Gallant
400 he practically vaporized me."

"You can identify the guns? You can identify the settings?"

Andrea laughed. "Sure. The external air temperature only changes about a
thousand degrees between settings when it's fired."

Jack was still stunned. Like a deer in headlights. Andrea waved her hand
lightly in front of him to snap him out of it. "You okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, of course. I've just never heard of that sort of thing before.
Brilliant tactics. You used all the equipment you had to its fullest
extent. You knew your knife couldn't stop them so you used it to slow them.
You knew the rifle couldn't do serious damage so you hit the power cell
instead. Hell, I'd be happy to have you on my Special Forces team."

"Except I don't work for tyrannies."

Now the colonel was truly shocked. "The Coalition is hardly a tyranny. It
has its problems to be sure but it's a force for good."

"Uh huh. Besides, even if I believed that, I'm still going to jail."

A frown came over the Colonel's face. "About that." Andrea mistook his tone
for a good sign. She leaned forward waiting to hear more. "The Lieutenant
has gone above my head a few steps... All the steps. There's no trial. You're
going straight to jail."

"What? Right now?"

"When are meeting is done, yes." There was a knock at the door and his
secretary spoke.

"You're 7:45 is here sir."

"Tell him to hold, I'm going to be a little while yet."


"Look, do you have any evidence to back you up?" His attention was back on

"Not other than the woman who was there, but I don't know where to find her
or even what she looks like all that well. It was dark." She paused.
Depression was seeping in.

"What about in one of the other cases. Your assault on the two in armor was
justified, but just barely. What about the other one you spoke of during
the S&S?"

Andrea sunk into her chair. "The guy tried to rape me." Jack's eyes went

"That's a serious accusation."

"Yeah well, it's a serious problem around here apparently."

"So he tried?"

"Well..." She hesitated. "He did. I stopped him about midway through and made
him give me the tape."

"The tape?"

"In the security room behind the closet." Jack's eyes opened wider. "So I
have that tape. It'll justify that action for sure, but..."

"But what?"

"It's graphic. It's kind of embarrassing."

"Ah, I understand."

"If I give it to you would it keep me out of jail?"

Jack sighed. "Honestly? No. But it would help your position. It would show
you can be trusted. Really though, we'd have to find the other woman and
get her to testify. But that could take time."

"I see. Well, if you want it, the tapes in my back pants pocket in my room.
Kitty will give it to you, although she doesn't know it's there."

Jack nodded. "So, um... Before I take you away, what did you originally come
here for?"

"My friend was arrested and jailed for punching the same guy that raped me.
She didn't want to do the S&S and has a bit of a random streak in her. But
I wanted to try and get her free."

"Hmm. You should be happy to know then that if what your tape shows is
accurate to what you say, it should easily get her out. But there's still
the problem of you ending up there."

"But it'll get her out?"

"Almost definitely." The two sat in silence for a short time. "Look, I have
to end this meeting. But I promise I'll do everything I can for you."

"Forgive me if I don't have much faith in the word of a Coalition Officer."

Jack frowned. "I'm sorry you feel that way. Nonetheless, I'll try to help."

"You could help by letting me go." The statement was more of a question
than anything else.

"I can't do that. I'm sorry."

"Me too."

He frowned again and touched a button on his desk. "Joan?"

The secretary picked up. "Yes?"

"Can you send an officer up here? I have someone that needs to be taken
under arrest. Send a doctor too."

"Of course."

"I don't need a doctor," Andrea said.

"Yes you do. You have 13 stitches."

Andrea smiled happy she caught him. "You said you hadn't checked the
infirmary. You knew where I was all along."

He smiled back. "I wanted to see if you'd come to the meeting. Looks like
you did. You're an interesting one Andrea. I hope to get to know you a
little better."

"Thanks, I guess." She took a deep breath and stood up. "Thanks for meeting
with me and hearing me out. I appreciate it."

"It was my pleasure. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll have you out in no time."
He smiled pleasantly but it did nothing to ease her fears. She doubted this
man would be able to get her out. The Coalition had yet to come through on
any of its promises.

If she were to get out it would be up to her. She'd have to escape.

End, part 8"

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Also, Andrea gets an emergency message from her brother requesting her to
return home. How can she do that when she's behind bars?

Then: Chapter 10 "The Sky on Fire." In a special chapter of II, we get to
see Andrea's younger years, and the day that the Invid first invaded Earth.
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"2032 AD: 3 years ago.

I was 16, when the worst thing that could ever happen to a young woman,
happened to me. I lost my parents.

* * *

"So you'll never guess what I saw today?" The smooth and unusually
intolerant voice was coming from my mother, Allison. The five of us were at
the dinner table in our home in Calgary. My older brother Chris spoke up.

"What's that?"

"A Zentradi. It was just walking down the street like it owned the whole
damn town. If you ask me, making those killing machines 'shorter' at 7 feet
isn't going to do any good at all."

"Well what was he doing?" The voice came from my left. It belonged to my
twin brother Tristen. He was about 5 minutes younger than me but always
insisted he was the older one thanks to his 'maturity.' Frankly, I could
never see his claimed maturity level.

"What was he doing? He was glaring at everyone with those red eyes of his.
Sizing everyone up. I'll tell you, I wasn't the only one to cross the
street when I passed him. He probably would have killed me without a second

"I heard most of them were pretty tame now," I said foolishly. My mother
didn't believe it for a second.

"Tame, my eye. It had muscles out to here." She gestured wildly with her
hands, obviously exaggerating.

"Right," I said sarcastically. I couldn't get used to my mother talking
like that. She was one of the least racist people I knew. If someone were
to insult an Oriental or Native or Negro anywhere in her presence, they
wouldn't just get an earful but a right hook. Her attitude certainly didn't
befit her. My brother obviously saw it too and changed the subject. I
cringed when I saw in his eyes what he was about to bring up.

"So I'm joining the REF." He ate a piece of steak and swallowed casually.
My mother on the other hand nearly spit her wine out.

"I thought we already discussed that you weren't going to do anything so
rash, like joining the bloody military." She was certainly not in favor of
the idea. Her old Irish accent always began to creep out when she was mad.
Chris had brought it up a couple of weeks ago when the Robotech Masters
retreated and the decision was made to follow them back to their home

"We did, but only because you wouldn't let me out of the conversation until
I promised not to join them."

"And now you're breaking your word, eh?"

I looked to Tristen and he glanced back briefly. She was pulling every
trick in the book now. "No, I'm doing what's right. How many people died in
the war? How many friends did I lose? I'm doing what's right."

"Ye're doing what the government says is right," she said unhappily. I
looked to my dad hoping he would interfere but as usual he was silent. He
continued eating his dinner and looked as if he couldn't hear a word that
was said.

"That's a tired argument. The fleet is departing in two days and I'm going
to be with them. Period."

"That's completely unacceptable. Tell 'im, Henry." She looked to my father,
as did all of us. He calmly finished his mouthful and spoke.

"Let the boy do what he wants." A lot of people mistook my father's
attitude as uncaring, but I knew that wasn't the case. He was the most
thoughtful person I knew. When he spoke, he was always right. Not because
he was more intelligent than anyone else, but simply because he thought
about what he was going to say before he said it. I tried to mimic his
persona as often as possible but found that often times I didn't have the
willpower, or the patience.

My father's words, as expected, ended the conversation for the rest of the
night. The others finished eating and left, leaving me and my dad to take
care of the dishes. It was my turn to wash them so I let him relax at the
table as I filled up the sink.

"What do you think?" He asked.

"About the Zentradi?"

"Interesting you should focus on that one and not the REF." I already knew
about my eldest brother's plans so the conversation about the alien had
intrigued me more.

"Chris told me he was going yesterday."

"Ah." There was a long pause. "So what about the Zentradi?"

"I don't know. I didn't see him." My father smiled.

* * *

The next day passed in relative unease. It was Sunday so my mother went to
church and as usual, my dad refused to accompany her. I followed in his
footsteps and stayed home as well, although I had an ulterior motive. When
the other three members of the family were in the car and safely on route I
headed for the door myself.

"Say hi to Gary for me."

I smiled. "Dumped Gary. It's Mark now." Mark was the latest in a string of
three-week relationships. My dad knew it too and always managed to remain
one boyfriend behind. I was beginning to suspect he mentioned the old ones
on purpose to remind me how fast I was going through them.

"Say hi to Mark then."

"Will do." I gave him a kiss on the forehead and left, wearing the football
jacket that I got when my team won the provincials.

His house was nearby so I decided to walk. It was a fairly nice day even if
it was in the middle of a dry spell. There was still a little debris in the
streets thanks to a battle that had taken place nearby a few weeks ago, but
the amount was negligible. I rounded a corner and looked up. To my
surprise, A Zentradi, probably the one my mom was talking about the other
day, was on the same side of the street, nearly a block away. And he was
walking in my direction.

As my mom had claimed to have done, everyone around me crossed the street
before he got too close. I didn't see the need. As he grew closer I began
to get a little more nervous but had learned from my father to conceal it
well. When we passed each other, I felt the sleeve of my jacket gently
brush his elbow and he turned to face me.

"You." His voice was deep and booming. Intimidating to be sure. I turned to
face him and saw no intended harm in his eyes. It helped me to keep my
confidence as I looked up at him. In fact, his eyes shook slightly. Was
that gratitude? I wasn't sure. His comment confirmed my suspicion.

He was obviously referring to my apparent lack of fear, despite the fact
that I was about to wet myself. I smiled up at him. "No problem." I turned
and continued walking, but as I rounded the next corner, I found the smile
didn't disappear from my face. I was the only one with enough guts to treat
him fairly. Dad would be proud.


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