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Additionally, in many ways this story is a joint effort. (although I hate
admitting it cause RPG stories written in novel form generally suck), it
does in fact come from an RPG me and my friend played (although the RPG had
much less graphic sex in it). Regardless, many of the characters and
situations are his creation and I wanted to give him credit.

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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 5 - A Brief Interlude
(MF,FF,FFF,F-mast,cream pie,anal,voy)
by Invid Writer

"Andrea looked at her cards. 'Damn,' she thought. 'King high.' She waited
as the others gathered around the picnic table lowered their hands. Looks
like she had the worst set. She sighed and moved her hands down to her
waist. She gripped the bottom of her tank top tightly and lifted it over
her head.

"Well I guess I'm off to a good start," she said as she tossed the shirt
behind her. Her naked breasts giggled slightly as she did so.

Ed had requested a days rest since the group had been on the road for nearly
two weeks. They were at a roadside rest stop anyway so Andrea didn't see the
harm, and frankly thought the same herself so she easily agreed to the idea.

The next thought had belonged to Kitty. They were sitting around eating
breakfast when she suggested they play a game of strip poker. Andrea
surprised herself by agreeing to play rather quickly. After all, she'd
never played that particular version of poker before. Everyone else eagerly
embraced the idea as well (minus Bob of course). Bob decided to take a trip
to the ocean with her coyote instead. They had been driving next to the giant
body of water for a few days now but had yet to pay it a visit.

Kitty dealt the next hand of cards and Andrea looked at the results. She
tried to keep the poker face on as she replaced two cards in her hand. She
ended up with a pair of twos. She sighed as she lay them down on the table.
As expected, she had lost again. Two losses in two hands. "What is this,
rigged or something?"

Irene quickly responded. "Mmm, I hope so."

As usual, Irene stared unwaveringly at Andrea's breasts as the other woman
frowned and bent over to take off her boots. She then tossed them behind
her to go with the shirt.

Andrea took a moment to look around the table. There wasn't much eye candy
as far as she was concerned. But Ed on the other hand, must be having a
great time. It was Irene, Kitty, Jewel and herself for the women. Only Ed
for the guys and frankly (unlike his female companions), he wasn't much of
a looker.

Andrea didn't care much though as she pulled up a high straight. "No new
cards," she said with a smile. To Ed's dismay, he was the loser this round
and he took off his T-shirt.

The game went on like this for some time until everyone but Irene wore only
his or her pants. Irene still had yet to be defeated.

"Am I doing good?" She asked, as her next hand forced Andrea to discard her
last garment. She stood up from the table and hooked her thumbs in the waist
of her pants. In one motion, she pulled them down and off her bared feet. She
then tossed the clothing behind her to join the rest of the pile. She sat
back down again.

"Yeah I'd say you're doing okay." Andrea turned to Kitty. "So what now?"

"Now, if you lose again you have to do whatever the winner says." Kitty
smiled widely at the idea. As did Ed.

"I see," Andrea said hesitantly. She was debating whether or not she should
back out while she was ahead. But the debate was ended for her as she found
new cards in front of her. Three of a kind. Well she definitely wouldn't
lose this round.

Irene placed her cards on the table. "All red, I win again." She smiled
happily and Andrea was about to concede the victory when Jewel spoke up.

"You have two suits there. That's not a flush."

"Two suits?" Irene asked.

"Yeah. Hearts and Diamonds. It's only a flush if you have all hearts or all

"Oh." She looked back at her cards. "Then I have a ten."

"Well, I guess she can lose," Kitty said relieved.

"Guess so," Ed added. "Looks like it's your turn, Irene."

Irene frowned. "But I only have one pair of clothing."

"That's a shame," joked Jewel.

Irene put up no real fuss however as she opened up the top of her skintight
body suit and peeled it off. Even Andrea watched intently as Irene twisted
her hips out of the tight clothing and pulled it off her long toned legs.

Kitty shifted in her seat and crossed her legs in an obvious attempt to
keep her arousal in check. After an eternity, Irene finally finished and
sat back down, butt naked. Jewel dealt the next hand.

This time it was she who lost and she eagerly discarded her pants. Ed was
next and finally Kitty lost the next round. She smiled at Andrea before
pulling off her pants and chucking them at the other woman. Andrea adeptly
ducked out of the way and let them fall on top of her own discarded clothing.

"Well, isn't this interesting," Jewel said as she looked at everyone's naked
state. "We're all even again."

"So it would seem," said Kitty.

"Disappointed?" Asked Andrea.

"No, not at all." Jewel said as she dealt the next hand. "Quite the opposite
in fact."

Andrea sensed a little more hesitation though, now that the stakes had been
raised. She sighed in relieve after looking at her two pair. She didn't have
to worry much this hand.

Ed smiled as he lay down his straight. "So who's the victim?" He asked,

It turned out to be Irene as she put down her ace high. "I guess it's me,"
she said with a smile. "So what do I do now?"

Ed thought about it for a while. "Hang on, I want to make it a good one.
It's not every day I get to tell the sexiest woman I've ever met what to
do." He turned to the rest of the table. "No offense to you guys of course."

"Oh no, I agree," Jewel said.

Irene squirmed slightly while Ed thought about it. "Okay, I've got it," he
said. "I want you to get up on the table and masturbate in front of

Irene thought about it for a moment. "For how long?"

"Until you cum," Ed said, simply.

"Okay," Irene said fairly happily and climbed up on the table. She got on
all fours and paused like that to let every get a good look at her curved
ass, her skinny waist and her large firm breasts hanging between her arms.

She then sat back on the back of her thighs and grabbed her tits. Gently,
she rubbed them with flat palms before pressing her hands harder into them.
She pinched her nipples and let out a surprised, "Ooo," as she felt the
sudden pleasure her touch brought.

Across the table, Andrea saw the two other women grow more squeamish. Their
nipples started to get hard with arousal. Meanwhile, Ed was obviously
growing erect.

Irene repositioned herself so she was laying on her back with her legs
spread. Her crotch was aimed directly at Andrea. Irene obviously wanted her
to have a clear view of the action and she wasted no time as she silently
plunged two fingers into her pussy.

Irene slowly worked the fingers in and out. Her hips gyrated slowly with
the motion. After a few more minutes, Andrea began to hear a quiet squishing
sound emanating from Irene's nether lips. The sound raised in volume as Irene
began to moan quietly to herself.

A small collection of Irene's white pre-cum collected at the opening to her
sex. The liquid started to froth up at Irene's continuous movements of her
fingers. She moaned more loudly as the frothy liquid got rubbed into her
fingers and swollen lower lips.

She gasped while simultaneously inserting her two fingers all the way inside.

Then, she came. Andrea saw her pussy contract tightly around her fingers.
Meanwhile, a slightly clearer, but thicker liquid oozed slowly around her
digits and flowed down towards her ass.

She moaned loudly once more and withdrew her fingers from her pussy. She
sat up straight and Andrea looked from her breasts to her flat stomach, now
coated slightly in sweat. Irene stared directly at Andrea as she spoke.
"Want a taste?" She asked, holding her two sticky fingers out. Some of her
cum was stringing across the two slightly parted digits in an upside down

Jewel spoke up after Andrea's hesitation. "Well I can't speak for Andrea,
but I'd love one." Irene smiled at Andrea's still stupefied expression and
turned to Jewel. The other woman eagerly took Irene's fingers into her
mouth and cleaned them off. "Mmm, delicious," she said as she sucked on
them one last time.

"Thanks," Irene said and then went back to her old seat beside Andrea. She
leaned over and spoke quietly. "Did you like it?"

Andrea turned back to look at Irene. "Well it was different, I'll give you

Irene smiled. "I think you liked it," she said as she reached over and
pinched Andrea's rock hard nipples.

"Hey, hey, cut that out you two," Kitty said, noticing the pinch. "Not
unless the winner tells you too." And with that, she dealt another hand.

Andrea looked at her cards. 4,5,6,7 and another 4. She could give up the
low pair for a shot at the straight. She decided it was worth the risk and
put down the second 4. "One card," she said to Kitty. Andrea picked up the
new card hesitantly. Her gambit had not paid off. She picked up a 2.
"Damn," she said.

"That good, eh?" Kitty said as she lay down her hand winning three kings.

"That good," Andrea repeated, showing her terrible hand.

"Ha," Kitty smiled intensely. "You're mine this round."

"What are you going to do?" Andrea asked nervously. She felt butterfly's in
her stomach.

"Don't you mean, what are you going to do?" Andrea blushed but Kitty went
on. "Let's see. You see that sign post over there?" Kitty was referring to
the obvious rest stop sign sitting on top of about a five-foot metal pole.
It was only a few feet away from the picnic table. One would have to be
blind not to notice it.

Andrea nodded hesitantly.

"I want you to do your own little erotic dance routine. And I want you to
finish by using the pole to get yourself off." Andrea stared back wide
eyed. "Come on," Kitty persisted. "I've never seen such a hot girl do
anything like that before."

Andrea appreciated the compliment but continued to think it over. This game
was getting pretty serious now. Kitty looked back at her asking politely
with her eyes. "Why not, right?" Andrea said the words but inside she was
nervous as hell. Kitty moved to sit on the edge of the tabletop so she
would have the best view and Andrea began to walk towards Kitty, sexily.
She wriggled her hips as she walked forward and stopped just before the
other woman.

Andrea figured if she was going to do this she might as well make it a hell
of a show. She knelt down and pressed her tongue to Kitty's belly button.
She then dragged her wet organ up the center of Kitty's body, taking a
little extra time as she passed the sternum between the other woman's small
breasts. She continued upwards, dragging her tongue along her neck until
eventually she pulled away at her chin. Kelly had closed her eyes and moved
her chin forward when Andrea broke contact, trying to extend it a little

Andrea moved away, disappointing Kitty. She walked backward keeping eye
contact with her chief audience member. Andrea still couldn't believe she
was doing this, but she continued to tell herself that it was just a game.
She tried to treat it as such as she gently backed into the pole and swung
around it smoothly. She had had a good amount of gymnastics training and it
showed through the fluidity of her movements.

Still keeping Kitty's eye, she wrapped her legs around the pole tightly and
pressed the rest of her body against it. Despite the heat outdoors, the
smooth metal still felt cold on her cheek, between her breasts and her
legs. Andrea thrusted her hips forward slowly a few times. Kitty watched
intently as Andrea humped the post.

After a few more thrusts of her hips she decided the tease was over and
went back to the dancing. Kitty continued to watch lustfully. Meanwhile,
from across the table, Jewel watched Kitty's lustful expression jealously.

Andrea did a few more spins around the signpost and reached to the top of
the sign, forcing her breasts to point higher in the air. She used her
momentum to jump into the air and wrap her legs tightly, once more, against
the pole. But this time her hips and crotch were just below the sign
itself, nearly five feet off the ground.

Gently, she relaxed her grip and let herself slowly slide down the pole.
She could feel the delightful sensation of the cold metal sliding against
her clit. She stuck her legs out in front of her as she neared the ground
so that the heels of her feet were touching the grass far in front of her.
Her ass ended only a few inches from the ground. Her hands, straight above
her on the pole held nearly all of her weight.

Andrea began to hump the pole slowly. Her hips moved from the three inches
off the ground to about a foot higher. Then she relaxed and let her hips
come back down again, fully extending her arms once more. She repeated the
process, gradually getting faster and faster until each motion was
practically a pull up. She felt her arousal grow and stopped holding back
her moans. However, even her moans developed and grew into primal sounding
grunts as she got closer to orgasm.

Kitty sat up straight as Andrea finally came loudly. She was clutching the
pole tightly as her orgasm took her. She used all her strength to hold
herself tightly against the post throughout the length of her orgasm. She
finally caught her breath and slowed her breathing. She pulled away from
the metal and noticed a trail of liquid flowing down the pole as she went
back to the table and sat down. She was still flushed bright red.

"Wow," Kitty said. "That was really hot."

"Thanks," Andrea said sheepishly. "So next hand?"

The results of the next hand gave a close win to Irene and a clear loss for
Kitty. She waited patiently for instructions. Irene took practically no
time to decide as she blurted out her orders. "Lick all of Andrea's cum off
the pole." Irene smiled to herself at the dirty suggestion. She obviously
liked the idea.

Kitty got up almost eagerly, looking forward to finding out what Andrea
tasted like. She bent down at the pole and touched her tongue to the metal
where Andrea had just orgasmed. Kitty could immediately taste the steel but
also tasted the stronger flavor that Andrea had left behind.

She licked up that area of the post a few times and once she made sure she
had got it all, she went back to the table. She was all smiles. Irene only
smiled and immediately dealt the next hand.

"I only have four cards," Jewel said.

"Yeah, me too," Ed quickly added.

"Oh, sorry." Irene gave them their last cards and everyone looked at their

"Well, well, well," Ed said as he lay down the cards, not waiting for the
others. "Lookee here." He had four 3's. That was actually the first time
Andrea had ever seen a four of a kind.

Kitty was next to place down her pathetic hand and it was clear she would
be the loser once more. Ed knew what he wanted to ask.

"I want you to sit on my lap with my cock all the way in your ass until the
hand after this next one is dealt."

Kitty hesitated. "Can we do something else? I haven't had anything bigger
than a finger in there for a long time."

"Well, I guess we'll just have to be careful then. Don't worry, we'll take
it slow."

"What about lubrication?" She asked.

Ed shook his head negatively. "I like it better without. But don't worry,
we'll go slow. It'll be just as good."

Kitty sighed gently and stood up. She proceeded over to Ed and straddled
him so that her back was against his chest.

Andrea looked at Kitty as she lowered herself on him slowly. If the size of
her slender hips and waist were any indication it would be an extremely
tight fit.

Kitty's eyes went wide as she felt the tip of his penis press against her
rear hole. She took a deep breath and while holding it, lowered her waist
about an inch, thus plunging the head of his cock inside her. She let her
breath out and paused there for a few moments. Jewel seemed to be enjoying
this almost as much as Ed. "How does it feel?" She asked casually.

"Really tight," Kitty said through clenched teeth. She slowly began to
lower herself once more. After about 30 seconds she stopped again. Ed was
about halfway inside her now. She breathed deeply and caught her breath. "I
don't think I can do this Ed."

"Sure you can, just keep breathing." Ed put his palms on her thighs and
gently applied downward pressure. Kelly took the hint and let him move her
down more. At this point her rectum was clenching and unclenching
regularly, as if trying to force the foreign object out. Ed closed his eyes
and held her where she was. He was enjoying the sensation a great deal. She
now had about five of his seven inches inside her.

Suddenly, Ed tightened his grip on her legs and put all his muscle into
forcing her down the last two inches. "Aaaahh." She said surprised at the
sudden entry and quick burst of pain that came with it. "Oh God." Kitty
moaned as she felt her buttocks mush tightly against his thighs. It was so
deep inside her that she had a sudden urge to throw up, but held back the
feeling. Her muscles began working overtime, subconsciously trying to push
Ed's dick out of her. Her rectum failed to make any progress except to
further stimulate him.

Additionally, Kitty began grinding her hips around trying to find the most
comfortable spot. Unfortunately, she couldn't find one so she continued to
regularly twitch her hips back and forth.

Andrea spoke up. "Okay, your deal Ed."

"Oh, right," he said and slowly picked up the cards. He took a slow time
dealing as well, trying to make his turn last as long as possible. He was
sweating now from holding back his orgasm.

The winner of this hand was Jewel, and the loser, Irene. Jewel took some
time to think and Andrea was sure she was trying to think of something that
would take a long time so as to prolong Kitty's discomfort. Her idea came
to her. "Irene, I want you to make me cum."

"Oh, that's easy," Irene said before Jewel had a chance to finish.

"Well there's a trick to it," Jewel clarified. "You can use any part of
your body, but you're only aloud to use my breasts to get me off.

"Oh," Irene said. "Well, I guess that's a little harder." Kitty sighed
softly, realizing that it would take a long time for Jewel to orgasm by
breasts alone. She was in for the long haul. She felt a cramp start in her
stomach but mentally tried to force it away.

Andrea moved, to give the two more room and Irene started by laying Jewel
down on the table. "Put your hands way above your head and hold them there
the whole time, 'kay?" Jewel nodded and did as she was told.

Irene next moved her own crotch over Jewel's breasts. Slowly she lowered
her sex and began to rub her pussy over the other woman's breasts. Andrea
figured that Irene was simply trying to turn Jewel on with this method and
it seemed to be working. But Irene easily got caught up in the feelings she
was receiving in her own pussy and increased the intensity of her rubbing.

Irene was now lost in the sex. After about ten more minutes of rubbing her
pussy all over Jewel's large shapely tits, Irene was ready to explode. Jewel
however was no closer to orgasm. That fact didn't stop Irene from cuming
extremely hard. She opened her mouth and moaned loudly as her second batch
of warm cum today exited her pussy and smeared itself against Jewels chest.
Jewel smiled happily as she realized her plan was working excellently.

Eventually, Irene came down from her high and got off Jewel. "Oh, I'm
sorry. I was supposed to make you cum." She giggled to herself. "I'll get
back to work."

"No rush," Jewel replied, but Irene ignored the comment and got right back
to it. She lowered her full lips to press against one of Jewel's cum
covered breasts and began kissing her expertly. Her lips were soon glossy
with her own juices and she continued to lap at Jewel's two large orbs.

"You know what feels really great?" Irene asked.

"What?" Sighed Jewel. She was enjoying the feel of Irene's lips.

"This." Irene bit down gently on Jewel's right nipple, then holding it
carefully between her teeth she pulled upward, extending the center of
Jewel's tit a few inches further away from her body.

Jewel moaned and struggled to keep her hands above her head as Irene did
the same to the other one. At this point, Jewel was trying to catch her
breath but Irene didn't give her the chance. She placed her hands on each
round orb and squeezed, massaging them. All the while, she continued to
nibble at Jewel's flesh.

Andrea could see Jewel's flat but un-toned stomach moving up and down quickly
as her lungs tried desperately to bring in more air.

Irene continued the procedure for at least another 20 minutes, never giving
Jewel a chance to rest. She began gasping with each breath. Meanwhile,
Kitty's discomfort had returned and she was finally unable to fight off the
cramp in her stomach. She resumed twisting her hips around, but with more
force. Andrea thought she looked quite sexy with her back arched and her
stomach thrust out as she wiggled around slowly. Unbeknownst to both of them,
this was having quite the effect on Ed.

Jewel began to buck beneath Irene's tongue as her orgasm grew imminent. At
the last second, Jewel arched her back as far as she could and actually
ejaculated her cum outwards onto Irene's thigh which was interspersed between
Jewel's. "Oh, yes... Oh, Yes... Don't stop." Jewel moaned again and Irene
continued the stimulation until Jewel finally came down from orgasm a few
long minutes later. "Wow," she said as Irene climbed off. "You really are as
good as you look."

Andrea had never seen a woman ejaculate like that before and was surprised at
the intensity of it. She looked at Irene's leg, which was completely covered
in the stuff. Irene didn't care however as she sat back in her seat, simply
allowing the liquid to trail down her calf. Andrea watched as it moved down
her leg and collected around the heel of her foot.

Elsewhere, Kitty was getting very uncomfortable and squirmed intensely one
last time. That sent Ed over the edge and he came deep inside her ass. Andrea
thought she saw a look of disgust on Kitty's face but it quickly vanished for
a smile.

"Well, next deal," Jewel said after returning to her seat. Kitty slowly got
off of Ed with a wet popping sound but her ass was still gaping open. A small
amount of Ed's semen had found it's way out and was trickling around her
butt. She ignored it and sat back down beside Jewel. "My deal I guess, huh?"
Jewel said as she dealt the cards.

The round saw Ed the victor once again and Andrea found herself with a losing
pair of fives. She worried about what Ed might ask her to do.

"Hmm," Ed said happily. "I was hoping it would be you."

"Oh?" Andrea asked carefully. She was sure she would not want to do whatever
Ed had in mind.

"Kitty, get on hands and knees on the table." Kitty eagerly obliged. She
found herself even more attracted to Andrea than she was before and hoped
Ed would make her do something to her. "Alright." Ed said after she had
taken the position. His cum was still dripping slowly out of her ass and
collecting around her pussy when he spoke. "I want you to clean up all that
cum of mine. There's nothing like a good tongue bath after anal sex, right
Kitty? So I'm told anyway."

Andrea was about to turn down the request and leave, but for some reason
she allowed herself to think it over. She wasn't sure why, but there was a
certain look in everyone's eyes that urged her to go through with it. And
the request did come from Ed. Despite his actions lately, she still had a
desire to please him.

Andrea climbed onto the table behind Kitty and Kitty whispered something that
only Andrea could hear. "I'm sorry." But despite feeling sorry for Andrea,
Kitty still desperately wanted it. Her nipples hardened once more as she
anticipated Andrea's slimy tongue.

Andrea had obviously never done anything like this before. She decided to get
right to it and put her tongue as far inside kitty's stretched hole as she
could manage. She was surprised at the sudden taste and gagged as it hit her
throat. Kitty turned back to look at her. "Start slow. Work up to that."
Andrea had already withdrawn her mouth and she nodded.

Getting back to work, she pressed her tongue against Kitty's slit and licked
upward, cleaning off the cum that had dripped down. With no where to spit,
Andrea swallowed the small amount and felt it cling to the inside of her
throat, slowly dribbling down.

Now that the exterior was cleaned up, Andrea licked around the sides of
Kitty's still gaping ass hole. She swallowed again and then returned her
tongue to work. She decided to press her slick muscle into Kitty once more
and let her tongue slowly drift inside Kitty's ass. Kitty moaned softly as
she felt Andrea's soft organ sooth the inside walls of her ass.

Andrea lapped at the hole cautiously. She was becoming a little more used to
it but still had to hold back the urge to gag. She withdrew her tongue and
swallowed another load of jizz. It seemed Ed had cum a great deal once again.
She looked back to Ed, her mouth and chin were slimy with cum. "I can't get
any more. It's in too deep."

Ed was not discouraged. "Well dig some out with your finger. The rest just
keep working on. It'll drip out."

"But that could be a good hour." Ed simply pointed back to Kitty's rump.
Andrea gave up the fight and carefully inserted her finger as far as it
would go inside Kitty. She moved the first knuckle 90 degrees, causing the
tip of her finger to rub against Kitty's rectum. She moaned in pleasure
again. Andrea now used her finger as a scoop, trying to get it all out of
her saliva soaked hole. Each load she scooped up, she quickly lapped up
with her tongue.

When her finger stopped getting results, Andrea lay down on her back and
guided Kitty to sit on her face. Andrea's nose was pressed hard into the
other woman's crotch and her tongue continued to explore Kitty's ass.

This went on for about thirty minutes. She was getting quite used to the
taste and found she didn't mind it so much any more. Finally, Andrea thought
she had gotten all of it and moved Kitty off. Her stomach felt full and she
went to wipe her slimy face, but Ed lifted a hand. "Whoa there, leave it like
that." Andrea shrugged indifferently and waited for Ed to deal once more.

Jewel was the clear victor this time. Andrea found it ironic that the more
dominant personalities also won the majority of the rounds. This time, Irene

Jewel turned to Irene and spoke. "You seem to have a bit of a crush on Andrea

Irene looked up excitedly. "Are you going to let me have sex with her?"

Jewel smiled. "No, I'll let Andrea decide that later. But for now, I think
we'd all like to see a good make out session. You and Andrea can go at it
for fifteen minutes. No touching her pussy though."

Irene smiled and looked to Andrea as if to confirm that she was allowed.
Andrea's gaze was encouraging and Irene moved over to sit on Andrea's lap.
She pressed her body hard into the other woman. Andrea felt her large
breasts mash into her own, flattening them as much as possible. Irene put
her arms around Andrea tightly and placed her hands on her buttocks. She
squeezed as she laid a huge French kiss on the other woman. Andrea could
only return the gesture.

Irene's tongue was extremely dominant. It explored Andrea's mouth as if it
was her own, licking her teeth, her gums and her tongue. When Andrea felt
Irene's hot tongue on her own, she shoved back, trying to return the kiss.
Their tongues flattened together between locked lips and Irene squeezed
Andrea's ass hard. Andrea let out a high pitch moan through their kiss and
flinched slightly at the pleasure Irene's hands were bringing. She tried to
take a slightly more involved role and wrapped her arms around Irene's
shapely back. She flattened her hands against Irene's lower back and moved
them along her skin, exploring the smooth shapely muscles as they flexed
beneath the skin.

She tried to shove her tongue into Irene's mouth, but Irene had obviously
started playing a sort of game. Each time Andrea would try to find a new
route, Irene's tongue would block it, keeping it flattened against Andrea's.
Andrea realized she needed a distraction to win this round and thought of
what had just worked well on her. She quickly lowered her hands to Irene's
ass and squeezed the cheeks. Irene let out her own yelp and Andrea shoved
her tongue through. Irene, still playing the game, tried to get her own
tongue in front of Andrea's to move it back out again, but Andrea would have
nothing of the sort. She continued to press on and explore Irene's mouth.
She found the nerve endings behind Irene's lower teeth and the underside of
her tongue. Andrea stroked up and down Irene's saliva coated organ,
stimulating it as much as possible.

Irene used her grip on Andrea's ass to lift her up and lay her down on the
table. She kept their lips locked the whole way and rested her body weight
on Andrea's, feeling the warmth of her skin. Andrea loved the soft feeling
of their breasts pressing together hard as their tongues continued their
dance. Finally, Irene pulled her lips away. A small string of Ed's cum that
Andrea had got from Kitty connected their lower lips for the few inches
that they were apart. Andrea was surprised at how good a kisser Irene was.
"Does it feel good?" Irene said.

In response, Andrea lifted her head up and kissed her once more. She was on
the bottom now which meant Irene's saliva flowed freely into her mouth, but
Andrea didn't care. She swallowed it as if it were her own and continued
the tongue battle for another few minutes.

Irene moved her hands from Andrea's ass and pressed them firmly against
her hips. She then drug her hands up Andrea's body until they reached her
breasts and she lifted her weight off Andrea. Andrea moaned loudly into
Irene as Irene grabbed Andrea's breasts and rubbed hard. Normally Andrea
wouldn't like the rough treatment but in her current horny state it felt
incredible. She arched her back, trying to offer more of her breasts to
Irene as they continued to lock lips.

Andrea was breathing loudly through her nose as the kiss lasted for longer.
She was having trouble getting in the necessary oxygen and had to pull
Irene off her face. Again, cum and saliva strung between their lower lips
until Irene was about half a foot away. The string broke and fell back to
Andrea's engorged lips. "I need to catch my breath," she said.

Irene nodded but had no such needs herself. She lowered her lips to Andrea's
collarbone and began to lick gently, using only the tip of her tongue. Andrea
moaned again. Irene continued this for a few minutes, moving on to Andrea's
neck and then to her chin and nose, licking off the cum that was left behind
on Andrea's face. She then licked down Andrea's nose, and slipped her tongue
straight into Andrea's mouth. Andrea rolled over so she was on top of Irene
and kissed into her again. She could taste the cum that Irene had pulled off
her face, but at this point she welcomed the flavor. She moved Irene's hands
back to her ass and mashed her breasts into Irene's once more. They kissed
intensely for a while longer until Jewel made a sound.

"Uh hum. Times up kids." Andrea kissed into Irene hard one more time and
then bit on her lower lip as she pulled away, as if she could take Irene's
lip with her. Eventually it was fully stretched out and Andrea briefly
sucked it into her mouth before letting it go. She sat up, still straddling

"Fifteen minutes already, huh?"

Jewel looked at her and smiled. "Yep. Looks like you enjoyed yourself."

Andrea got off Irene and moved back to the bench. "She's a great kisser."

"Mmm, so are you," Irene said as she got up and took her own seat. They were
both extremely horny after their kissing and crossed their legs to try and
dull the heat between them.

Jewel spoke up. "So I was thinking this should be our last hand. What do you
guys think?"

The general consensus was to agree. In fact only Irene wanted to go on but
she gave into everyone else's thoughts. "Well in that case, I think we should
make this a special one," Jewel said.

"What do you have in mind," asked Andrea skeptically.

"I think we should have the top two people, choose what the losing two people
do. No limits, and it'll be something more intense than what we've done so
far. Whoever is in the middle just gets to sit back and watch. What do you
guys think?"

"I think it's a great idea," Ed said.

"Me too," Irene chimed in.

"I guess that'd be okay," Kitty said.

Andrea decided to cave into the pressure. "Yeah, okay."

Jewel smiled and dealt the hand. "FUCK," Kitty said loudly after exchanging
three cards with the dealer. "Well I guess I lose," she said tossing her
cards on the table. She had a king high.

Andrea sighed. A pair of two's and a pair of eight's. She should be okay.
Jewel was next to lay down her hand. She had a straight. Ed went next with
a flush. Andrea looked to Irene. Concern that she may not be in the clear
after all set in. Irene put down a pair of three's and she sighed. But then
she followed it up with another pair of aces and Andrea grunted. She and
Kitty were the losers. And they'd do whatever Ed and Jewel came up with.
'This was going to be brutal,' Andrea thought.

Jewel smiled widely. "We'll be right back," she said and took Ed with her
out of ear shot.

Andrea and Kitty looked at each other nervously. Although inside, Kitty was
secretly thankful that Andrea was the one she'd be doing it with. Whatever
they could come up with couldn't be that bad if Andrea was naked beside her.

Eventually, Ed and Jewel came back. "So do you two want to hear it now? Or
when we arrive in the next town?"

Kitty looked back. "Now. What do you say Andrea?"

Andrea nodded nervously. "Okay then," Jewel said. "We decided we'll give
you two your privacy for part of it. I'll let Ed explain the main part of
it. Ed?"

"Right, well basically, when we get to the next town, you two are to find a
bar during peak hours. Once there, you'll have to invite everyone into a
hotel room with you two and let them all fuck each of you once." Andrea and
Kitty both stared at each other wide eyed. This one would be pretty intense.
Ed continued. "There's more. When each person is finished they have to
ejaculate somewhere on your body, not inside. Then, once everyone has had
their turn, you two have to clean each other up with your tongues, and
swallow it all."

Andrea interrupted. "Whoa, whoa..."

Ed continued. "There's still more. Once you two are clean again, you'll let
them each do you as many more times as they want."

"And that's all huh?" Andrea said sarcastically.

"Oh heavens no," Jewel spoke. "At that point, you two will walk back to our
hotel room, naked. Anyone you pass on the street that asks for a go will get
it. When you two eventually make it back we'll have one final surprise for
you. But we'll save that for when you get to the hotel room. But rest
assured, we'll be there from that point on."

"Although, we've agreed that we're not going to actually have sex with either
of you two. We're just observers," Ed clarified.

Andrea's head reeled. Could they really be serious with all this? "Of course,
that could change if you two don't do exactly as you're told," Jewel added.

"So basically you just want the two of us in the middle of a giant
fuck-fest." Kitty said plainly.

"Basically," Jewel said with a mischievous smile.

"Well then..." Kitty felt vaguely betrayed by their decision. She had noticed
Jewel looking jealous when she watched Andrea. Maybe this was her way at
getting back at them. She wouldn't let her. "Sounds like fun. Don't you think
so Andrea?"

"Oh yeah," she said sarcastically. "It'll be a bang up good time." Andrea got
up from the table and tried not to think of her heavy arousal, or what was to
come at the next town. "I'm going to hit the beach. I'll catch up with you
all later.

"Can I walk with you?" Kitty said quickly.

"Sure, why not?" Kitty quickly got up and grabbed her clothes. Andrea didn't
even bother with hers. The beech was a short walk, and she could come back
for them. When Kitty realized Andrea wasn't taking hers, she decided to leave
her own behind and jogged to catch up with Andrea.

The two got a good distance away from the others and Kitty spoke. "Sorry
about what they made you do."

"Ah, it's all just a game right? No big deal."

Kitty smiled to herself. "It didn't look like you were treating that last
part with Irene like a game."

"Well that was..." She thought about it. "That was different. Amazing, but
different." The two were silent as they walked on. The sun was particularly
warm today and it felt good on Andrea's back. "Is it just me, or has everyone
but Bob been hitting on me lately?"

Kitty smiled to herself. She felt a pang of nervousness at that. Obviously
Andrea had noticed her feelings to at least some extent. "Jewel certainly
hasn't. She's well..." She hesitated and blushed. "She's jealous of a bit of
a crush I've got on you."

"A bit of a crush, huh?" Andrea looked to Kitty and she blushed deeper.

"Yeah. I should apologize too because that's probably the reason they picked
what they did."


"She can be a bit vengeful sometimes."

"Hmm," Andrea looked to Kitty seriously. "She doesn't sound like a great

"Maybe not, but she's all I've got, right? We've all got to have somebody to
hang out with. Besides, she's even more horny than I am normally so she's
always there to let it out on."

Andrea knew all about horny. Since her make out session with Irene her head
had been swimming. "Yeah. I guess that's something."

Andrea spotted the ocean up ahead. No sign of Bob or the coyote though. They
must have moved to a different spot. Andrea and kitty stepped out onto the
sandy beach. The sand here was cool, and slightly damp. The tide must be
going out. Kitty fell behind slightly and stared at Andrea's silky smooth
back, rear and legs. She was amazed at how attracted to Andrea she felt right
now. "Andrea?"

Andrea turned to face Kitty but all she saw was a blur of motion. The next
thing she knew she was laying on her stomach with Kitty on top of her,
pressing her soft lips into her neck. "Please, tell me you want this," Kitty
said, letting her lips hover only millimeters from Andrea's ear. She stuck
her tongue out and let it caress the exterior of Andrea's ear, running along
its length. Andrea felt a shiver go through her body and her level of arousal
actually increased. It seemed Kitty had found an erogenous zone that Andrea
herself didn't even know about. Kitty saw the effect she was having on Andrea
and licked more, getting closer to Andrea's ear lobe. She took the bottom of
her ear between her teeth and caressed it with her tongue. Andrea shivered
again and rolled Kitty off of her roughly. Kitty landed on her back and
Andrea got to hands and knees. The damp sand clung to her body and Kitty got
attracted to her even more. But Kitty frowned as she mistook Andrea's earlier
shove to mean that she didn't want to continue. She was proven wrong as
Andrea lay her body down on top of Kitty's. The sand roughly scratched
against their chests and stomachs. It was almost painful, but neither cared.
They were too caught up in each other now. Andrea wiped the sand off her lips
and lowered them down to meet Kitty's.

What had come over her? Even after the incident with Keri, Andrea still
thought herself completely straight. She realized she had some more thinking
to do on the matter however as she pressed her lips against the other
woman's. Kitty moaned into the kiss and rolled Andrea over so she was on top.
Andrea felt the sand cling to her back now as she wrapped her legs around
Kitty's waist. She moved her hands roughly down Kitty's back and pressed them
hard against her buttocks. Andrea began to smell the scent of arousal, coming
from both Kitty and herself. She realized now that Kitty was the only one
whom didn't orgasm during the poker game. No wonder she wanted this so badly.
She had been surrounded by sex for hours without any release.

Kitty alternated her legs between Andrea's and began to hump her thigh hard.
The grains of sand felt rough and slightly painful against her swollen pussy
lips but she humped on, welcoming any form of sex at this point. Andrea felt
Kitty's own rough thigh press into her crotch and began to hump back,
pressing her lower lips into Kitty's thigh as they kissed longingly.

It didn't take long for Kitty to cum with a quiet scream. She bit down on
Andrea's upper lip as she continued to orgasm. She wrapped her legs tightly
around Andrea's thigh and continued to hump, gently, squeezing her butt each
time she made the short thrust. As Kitty came down from orgasm she rubbed her
chest against Andrea's slowly, letting the grains of sand roughly simulate
their breasts. She lifted her lips off of Andrea's.

"You're not done already are you?" Andrea asked.

"Laying on top of you, I don't think I'll ever be done." She smiled and put
her tongue back to work in Andrea's ear. The first touch caused her to buck
her hips sharply into Kitty.

"Wow, that's good," Andrea said. "Don't stop."

Kitty obliged willingly and continued her assault on Andrea's ear. She began
to use her teeth and Andrea squirmed wildly beneath her. Kitty moved a hand
down Andrea's body and placed a finger into her pussy roughly. Andrea gasped
and bucked her hips again. She twisted her waist as she did so, as if trying
to plunge the finger in deeper. "More," was all she could say.

Kitty briefly withdrew the finger and replaced it with two. She moved them
in and out quickly and Andrea approached orgasm. Her pussy let out squishing
sounds as Kitty buried her fingers and began to rub the inside of Andrea's
body with the tips. "Ungh," Andrea moaned as she felt a third finger go in.
She was filled pretty tight now and willfully clenched her cunt around the
digits inside her, trying to increase the stimulation. Her ab's clenched
tightly and showed her musculature clearly through the sand clinging to her
sweaty skin. Kitty moved her mouth away from Andrea's ear and got up. She sat
up and brought the other woman with her. Then she withdrew her sticky fingers
and turned Andrea around on her lap so that Andrea's back was against Kitty's
chest. She then reached back around Andrea's waist and continued to finger
her pussy, once again inserting the three sticky fingers.

Grains of sand found their way into Andrea's crotch and began to rub against
her insides. She bent forward at the rough feeling now registering a little
pain but Kitty moved with her, leaning forward as well to keep their skin
pressed together. Andrea moaned again loudly, barely stopping for breath each
time she gasped. Her breathing was nearly double speed as Kitty continued the
rough treatment Andrea was getting. Kitty took her other hand and slipped it
between their bodies. Andrea thought she was going to masturbate herself but
instead felt the fingertip press up against her anus. She was about to speak
but instead gasped a deep lung full of air as Kitty pushed the finger all the
way inside. Andrea suddenly moved from her hunched forward position at the
touch. She flung her back backwards, arching it widely at the penetration in
her ass.

The sudden movement forced Kitty backwards and into the sand roughly. "Umph,"
she moaned out loud as she hit the ground hard. Andrea's shoulders were
pressing into her breasts holding her in the laying down position while her
two hands continued to stimulate her friend. Andrea bucked again and writhed
around on Kitty's body. Her arms moved randomly as if trying to grab on to
something that wasn't there. Meanwhile, she spread her legs more and curled
her toes into the sandy beach.

Kitty pulled the finger out of Andrea's ass for the first time and Andrea
moaned as she felt it leave, but the action was misleading. Once again, Kitty
jammed it into Andrea's hole hard causing her to arch her back again roughly.
The force of her shoulders on Kitty's breasts dug her whole body into the
sand a little more each time she pumped her finger in and out of Andrea's

Again, Andrea was feeling a queer sensation in her stomach but decided she
actually liked the feeling. It combined well with the stimulation she was
still receiving from her pussy. By now she was sweating so much that strands
of her sandy hair clung to her forehead. Kitty dug her palm into Andrea's
pubic hair as she continued to thrust the fingers in and out. She then jammed
her thumb against Andrea's clit and rubbed it roughly. Andrea twisted again,
almost trying to escape because the feeling was too intense. She thrusted her
chest out again, displaying her tanned rib cage and flat stomach to the sky.

Kitty lifted her head up slightly and touched her tongue to Andrea's ear once
more as softly as she could. Andrea let her head fall back and stretched her
neck out along with her chest. Her nipples felt so hard they were painful and
she orgasmed strongly. Her pussy and ass froze around Kitty's fingers, trying
to suck them inside further. They pulsed around the digits for a few minutes
before finally becoming slack again. Kitty removed the fingers from Andrea's
pussy and ass. The three fingers out of her sex were completely coated in
thick cum. Kitty rubbed her hand off on Andrea's breasts, causing her nipples
to shine slightly between the grains of sand. "Wow," Andrea said, not even
noticing where Kitty and rubbed her hand clean. "Wow."

She continued to inhale deeply as she attempted to catch her breath. Her
chest heaved in and out from the heavy physical activity.

"You're not done already are you?" Kitty said, throwing the question back at
Andrea with a mischievous smile.

"Mmm," Andrea said as she felt her holes finally close. Cum was still
dripping out of her pussy and down to her ass. "Not 'till you are."

Kitty smiled and rolled Andrea off of her. She climbed over top of her and
straddled her smooth stomach.

"How do you get such amazing muscles?" Kitty asked looking down at the other
woman. "They're perfect. Defined but not bulging everywhere."

"I don't know," Andrea said hazily. "I exercise every day. Other than that
I guess I'm just lucky."

"You've got the best body I've ever seen," Kitty said honestly.

"Nah. Irene's way prettier than I am."

Kitty shook her head. "Irene's a Barbie doll. But you... You're real, and
you're... you're just perfect."

"You know, you're not so bad yourself," Andrea said trying to return the

Kitty looked down at her body. "Thanks. I wish I had bigger breasts though."
Andrea gazed at them carefully. They would have been a larger A cup most
likely. She reached up and stroked one with her fingertips lightly. The move
brought the nipple to attention immediately.

"I don't know," Andrea said moving her hand to grasp the one she just
stroked. "They feel nice. And you never need to worry about them sagging.
And besides, they fit your body frame perfectly."

"Yeah, I guess that's true," Kitty said conceding the argument. "So, are you
ready for round two?"

Andrea smiled. "How about rounds two through five?" Kitty smiled back and
leaned down once more. She kissed Andrea strongly.

* * *

Andrea and Kitty were on their fifth or sixth's orgasm. They had moved into
the water and were standing waist deep in the warm ocean. Their legs were
interlocked and the two were rubbing their pussies against each other. The
water not only decreased the friction but also forced them to take it
slower. They were both getting aroused again quickly as they pressed their
breasts together strongly. Kitty, whom was slightly taller had her chin on
Andrea's shoulder and was breathing down her neck softly. Andrea's head was
in between Kitty's sand covered breasts. She also let her hot breath out
over Kitty. They both had closed their eyes and were enjoying the slow
approach to orgasm.

(Author's note: You have just reached page 100 of Invid Invasion! I had no
idea I could write a hundred pages in under a month, while simultaneously
working on other projects, but hey, there we are. I just wanted to say
thank-you to all the readers that have stuck with me this far! Hopefully
you'll be with me for another hundred or even a thousand! Thanks again!
[And don't you guys dare forget to mail me :) ] I'll drop ya'll another
line when we see page 500 if I ever get that far! Now, back to the story.)

For some reason, Kitty opened her eyes and looked out to the shore. She had
to blink strongly to confirm what she saw. A man was sitting on a horse. He
had stopped the animal and was looking out at the water where the two were
making love. Kitty didn't want to stop though and the man appeared to be no
threat so she closed her eyes once more. She didn't want to risk telling
Andrea and ruining the mood.

A good twenty minutes later, the man was still there and the two lovers
were slowly getting closer to climax. Every time they felt close, the water
surrounding them would ease off the feeling making the next time orgasm
approached even that much more intense. Andrea continued to press her head
into Kitty's breasts hard as they ground their crotches together. Kitty
loved the feeling of Andrea pressed so close against her in such an intimate
fashion. It felt almost like they were slow dancing. She was beginning to
think that her crush on Andrea may be slightly more than that.

Kitty felt Andrea's throat vibrate against her chest as she grunted loudly,
her orgasm finally hitting her. The emotional consequences of knowing how
much Andrea was enjoying herself caused Kitty to reach her own peak. She
moaned as well as she felt the warmness between Andrea's thighs increase.

Andrea still loved the feel of her cheek pressed firmly into Kitty's breast.
She could feel the nipple press into her skin. She also felt Kitty shiver
strongly as she came. Andrea soon realized that she was doing the same and
clutched Kitty tighter. She slipped a hand into the water and jammed her
finger into the other woman's still loose ass hole.

Kitty moaned again louder this time at the sudden unexpected feeling during
her orgasm. Her shaking increased as Andrea continued to ruthlessly jam her
finger in further and further. Eventually she couldn't get it in any more
so she used it, along with the oceans naturally buoyancy to lift Kitty
completely off the ground. Her shivering continued as she realized that
Andrea's finger up her ass was the only thing holding her off the sand
floor. She wrapped her arms around Andrea's neck and continued to moan
regularly as her orgasm refused to stop.

The two women were no longer touching pussies however so Kitty wrapped her
legs around Andrea's waist and ground her crotch into her stomach, just
above the water line. Andrea continued to shove in the finger. She continued
to nuzzle her face into Kitty's sweaty chest and Kitty flushed completely
red with the continuing orgasm.

Eventually the feeling subsided and she calmed down. She relaxed her thighs
grip of Andrea's waist and moved her chest away from Andrea's face. "Andrea?"
she said as if she was going to follow it up with something.

"Yeah?" Andrea replied.

"Your finger is still in my ass. And my feet can't touch the ground."

"Is that so?" Andrea smiled.

"It is. Do you suppose you're going to take it out anytime soon?"

"I don't know, do you want me to?"

"Hell no," Kitty said quickly. "I hope you never have to take it out."

Andrea found Kitty's quick response rather funny and began to laugh. The
feeling was contagious and Kitty joined in. Her small breasts giggled as
she continued to chuckle. The laughter eventually subsided and Kitty
lowered her legs from around Andrea. Her butt cheeks clenched around
Andrea's hand as she closed her legs. Andrea was back to supporting her
weight with just her finger and the water's assistance. A short while
later, she lowered Kitty back down, but kept her finger inside.


"Um hmm?"

"Try not to be too shocked but some guy has been watching us from the shore."

"What?" Andrea's eyes immediately moved towards the man on horseback and
she withdrew her finger from Kitty's ass with lightning speed. The quick
withdrawal caused Kitty to fall backwards and into the water. She splashed
her way back to her feet again. "Sorry," Andrea said to her. "Why didn't
you tell me about him earlier?"

"I didn't want to ruin the moment," Kitty said honestly.

Andrea sighed; realizing there was nothing she could do about it now. "Let's
go see what he wants."

"Probably just a free show," Kitty answered with a smile. The two women
walked back towards the shore and approached the man on horseback. He was a
native by the looks of him. Long black hair tied in a ponytail. He wore no
shirt and had an animal skin loin cloth. He was extremely well muscled and
he reminded Andrea of a character she had read about as a child. Tarzan,
was the name she thought. This man would stand nearly seven feet tall.

"Can we help you?" Andrea asked him rather casually. She noted he was not
staring at their bodies. He was careful to maintain eye contact with her.

"I'm sorry, I was planning to take a swim. I didn't expect anyone to be here
and was just, rather surprised. I normally wouldn't stay and watch like that
but I have to admit, I'd never seen two women… well, you know." Andrea
blushed and he continued. "My name is Rolling Thunder. But my friends just
call me Thunder for short."

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Andrea." She extended a hand. "This is Kitty."
Kitty shook his hand as well.

"A most unusual name," he said to Kitty.

"I could say the same for you," she retorted back, trying to be friendly.

"Quite true I suppose. This is my horse, Jasper." He paused and gestured to
a sack tied to the horse behind him. "If you're interested I have some meat
we could cook for lunch. I have enough to share."

"Of course," Andrea said. She certainly wouldn't mind spending time with
this guy. He was gorgeous. Kitty seemed almost as eager and Andrea caught
her staring at his chest almost as much as hers.

A short while later, Thunder had started a fire. "So, tell me about
yourselves." He had a curious charm to him that Andrea found hard to
resist. He seemed extremely non-judgmental.

"Well I used to be a mercenary," Andrea said. "I did it for a year or two
but didn't like a lot of the stuff people would pay me to do so I quit that.
I've just been roaming around the countryside since. Ass broke, but helping
out here and there."

"Ah, most noble of you," he said honestly. "The world needs more people like
you." He looked to Kitty. "And yourself?"

"Oh, umm... not much to tell really. I've been travelling around too but I
guess haven't made much of a difference." She smiled nervously. "I bet I've
got more money than Andrea though," she joked.

Thunder laughed at her nervous humor. Obviously she didn't want to admit to
her day job, Andrea thought. "Myself, I have traveled around with my horse
for some time now. I imagine my story is much the same as you Andrea."

Andrea smiled and he put some smoked meat on the fire. "Except I have a
mode of transportation that goes a little faster."

"Hah, quite true. But I wouldn't give up Jasper for anything. He's been a
loyal friend." Thunder accidentally glanced down at the woman's breasts. "Do
you two often run around naked?"

"Not often enough," Kitty said, nudging Andrea as if trying to drop a hint.
Andrea got the message and blushed slightly.

"Our clothes are a short walk from here. We knew we were going to the beach
and didn't expect anyone to be around. Sorry about that."

"Oh no, don't be sorry," Thunder said. "Quite the opposite. I haven't seen
women as attractive as you two are for some time.

"Do you travel around here often?" Kitty asked, changing the subject.

"Oh yes, I love Mexico. I know the countryside quite well."

The wheels in Andrea's head began to turn. They knew they were headed south
but had no idea of anything more then that. I guide could be useful and she
certainly hadn't met many guys that looked like him. "Maybe you'd like to
come with us a while. We don't know the area. We could use someone to show
us around."

Thunder thought for a moment. "A most generous offer, but I imagine I'd only
slow you down. I'm sure you wouldn't want to travel at the speed of my horse,
fast though he may be."

"I don't know, we're not in a rush to get anywhere."

"Hmm, perhaps its worth considering then. There are others with you?"

Andrea nodded. "Four others."

"Ha. Well if they're all as beautiful as you two then I dare not say no."

Andrea smiled. "Well the other women certainly are."

"In that case," he said, extending his hand for another shake. "You have
yourselves a new companion. Hopefully I can be of some use."

"Oh, I'm sure you will be," Andrea said plainly.

The three continued to chat easily for a good hour before he finally stood
up. The sun was beginning to lower. "I had best take my horse off the beach
for a meal. Is your group camped at the rest stop down the road?"

Andrea nodded.

"Excellent. I'll meet you there later tonight. Have a nice evening."

"You too," Kitty and Andrea said in tandem.

Thunder easily mounted his horse and rode off.

"Wow," Andrea said, obviously talking about his figure.

"I've seen better," Kitty replied looking Andrea over.

"I don't know, he's pretty amazing."

She shrugged. "I never liked the Indian look much myself."

Andrea looked to Kitty skeptically. "How could you not?"

Kitty smiled. "I prefer attractive young female's like yourself." She leaned
in close and kissed Andrea softly on the mouth. "They're much more fun," she
said as she parted from the kiss only briefly.

"Don't tell me you still want more," Andrea said astonished.

"Mmm, with you I'll never say no."

"I may hold you to that," Andrea said as Kitty pressed on Andrea's shoulders
to lay her on the sand. Kitty put her hand to Andrea's pussy. Andrea
immediately squirmed beneath the touch. "Oh god, I'm so sore."

Kitty laughed. "Take Ed's cock up your ass for an hour. Than you can complain
about being sore."

"Point taken." Kitty kissed Andrea again on the mouth.

"You're so beautiful I don't even know what to do with you," Kitty said

"I can think of a few things," Andrea said, becoming more aroused.

"Maybe I'll just stick with the basics."

Andrea was about to ask what she meant by that when Kitty moved her head to
Andrea's crotch and licked along her landing strip of pubic hair. Andrea felt
the warmness of her tongue and instinctively parted her legs. "You never get
enough do you."

Kitty licked at Andrea's slit. "I've never done this properly with you
before." Kitty swung her body around so she was laying on top of Andrea with
her own pussy pressing against Andrea's face. She continued to probe Andrea's
sex with her tongue. Andrea extended her smooth legs and wrapped them gently
around Kitty's head. She inhaled Kitty's scent and stuck her own tongue out
to taste her lover.

"Wow," Andrea said surprised.

"What?" Kitty said in between kisses to Andrea's nether lips.

"I've never tasted you before." Andrea paused. "Well, the once when I was
licking up Ed's cum but I couldn't taste you, just it, you know?"

"Mm, hmm," was all Kitty could say as she nuzzled her lips into Andrea's
lower set.

"It's just... It's really good. The only other girl I tasted wasn't like

Kitty moved her lips away from Andrea's crotch. "Then quit talking and start
tasting," Kitty said playfully.

Andrea smiled and looked at Kitty's pussy. She was obviously very turned on.
All her talking must have been an annoyance. Andrea did her best to please
the other woman. She placed her hands on Kitty's butt and pressed down hard,
forcing Kitty's labia to smear open on her cheek, right beside her mouth. She
used her hands to reposition Kitty so the other woman's cunt was pressing
hard into her mouth. She then slowly extended her tongue and began to lick

Kitty tasted sweet, like honey almost, except not as strong. She pressed her
tongue in deeper trying to get a stronger taste. She buried her nose into
Kitty's ass crack as she pulled her butt down harder against her face.

As Andrea's tongue bath of Kitty's pussy went on Andrea felt her own cunt
continuously stimulated. She wrapped her legs tighter around Kitty's head
forcing her to stay pressed tightly into her crotch. Even if Kitty wanted
to, she probably wouldn't be able to get out of Andrea's grip.

Her hands on Kitty's ass were still holding it tightly against her mouth.
White marks in the shape of fingers appeared where she was gripping but
Andrea continued to hold her tightly, eagerly lapping at her sex, getting
her tongue in as deep as possible each time. Kitty got wetter and Andrea
shoved her tongue in again. A glob of thick liquid leaked out of her hole
and Andrea eagerly sucked it into her mouth and swallowed. It didn't stick
to her throat as much as guys' cum did and she found it much nicer that
way. Kitty began to moan into Andrea. She pulled her head away briefly
which pressed her breasts even harder against Andrea's stomach.

"Stick a finger in my ass," Kitty said. "It makes it feel so much better
when I cum."

Andrea either didn't hear or decided to disobey. She continued lapping
eagerly and Kitty moaned louder. Andrea's thighs forced the woman's face
back to her own pussy. She moaned into Andrea's sex, causing shivers to
travel through her body. Andrea felt Kitty's muscles start to clamp more
tightly around her tongue and realized that she must be close to orgasm.
Quickly, she withdrew her tongue, eliciting a needy moan from Kitty.

Andrea then used her grip on Kitty's ass to shove her down her body
slightly. She lifted her head up and stuck her tongue deeply into Kitty's
rear entrance. Andrea tasted the slightly gross flavor once again, but
somehow it didn't seem that bad surrounded by the after taste of Kitty's
pre cum. Kitty still hadn't quite been pushed over the edge so Andrea
pulled her thighs into her strongly and shoved her lips hard around Kitty's
puckered hole. This allowed her to move her wet organ even deeper inside
the other woman. Kitty came, hard.

Kitty's rectum clamped down so hard it actually forced Andrea's tongue to
stay deep inside her throughout the orgasm. Her body continued to shake as
she came and her pussy was directly over Andrea's neck and collarbone.
Kitty's juices freely flowed down to the bottom of her cut pubic hair and
dripped onto the base of Andrea's neck. Andrea felt each drop of warm
liquid as it hit her skin. She could feel it land around her collarbone and
at the swell of her breasts. She wiggled her tongue inside Kitty, which
only sent more moans and more droplets of cum onto her chest. Andrea was so
turned on by what was happening she barely noticed her own orgasm.

Her body tensed and she wrapped her legs inhumanly tight around Kitty's
downward facing head. Kitty kept her mouth to Andrea's cunt but was too
busy gasping in pleasure to swallow the liquid that Andrea gave her.
Instead, the cum coated her face until finally finding the tip of her nose
and dripping off onto the sand.

Meanwhile, Kitty had finally finished her orgasm and released Andrea's
tongue from her grasp. Andrea slowly withdrew the wet organ and licked at
Kitty's slit, relishing in the taste once more. Kitty sat up and playfully
ground her hips into Andrea's face, letting the remnants of her juices coat
the other woman's chin. She then got up and turned around so she was
straddling Andrea's waist, making eye contact. Andrea's cum dribbled down
Kitty's chin and formed a thin line as it dripped off the end of it. "You
know you taste pretty damn good yourself," Kitty said, as Andrea watched
her own cum drip slowly down off her chin to collect with the rest of the
line. It was hanging a good 8 inches form Kitty's chin now.

"You sure look like you enjoyed it," Andrea said smiling.

"Mmm… Want a taste?"

Andrea laughed nervously. "No, thank-y... Her speech was interrupted as Kitty
quickly lowered her mouth and stuck her cum coated tongue inside Andrea's.
The string of liquid from her chin connected to Andrea's own, linking the
two. Andrea gagged at the taste of her own fluids. She had mentally convinced
herself that it was terrible and hence had a tougher time accepting the
flavor. It was not too different from Kitty's though, she realized through
her short dry cough. Kitty simply took the opportunity to stick her tongue in
further. Andrea could feel the stringy liquid connecting between their two
tongues inside her mouth. It dripped off of Kitty's and onto her own, forcing
her to taste it. Eventually Kitty withdrew herself and moved her face away
from Andrea's. The string connecting their chins was still there as well as a
few new ones connecting both their upper and lower lips to each other.

"It's deliciously slimy isn't it?" Kitty said.

Andrea was still appalled. "I don't like it."

Kitty smiled and stuck her tongue back into Andrea's mouth for another deep
kiss. She pulled it out as Andrea gagged lightly into her once more. "Hmm,
we'll have to work on that. When I'm through with you you'll love it." The
strings were still connecting their faces and Andrea used her hand to wipe
them off.

"I doubt it."

"We'll see," Kitty said and she sat up more fully. "We should probably head
back to camp so we can tell them about Thunder huh?"

Andrea nodded. "Yeah I guess so. Six times will just have to do you today."

Kitty smiled and laughed. "Don't get your hopes up. We still have your tent
once the others get to sleep."

Andrea smiled back. "Wow, you are unquenchable." Kitty only gave her a
naughty smile.

* * *

Andrea and Kitty arrived back at camp fully dressed. The others were all
there, gathered around the fire. Her coyote eagerly sat up and hobbled over
to her, wagging it's tail. Andrea gave it a pet behind the ears and moved
over to the fire to sit down and eat with the others. Kitty kept beside her
the whole time. "We're going to have someone else coming along with us,"
Andrea said getting right to the point.

Bob looked concerned. He probably didn't like most of the company so far.
"W... Who is he?"

"He's a native. His name is Thunder. He knows the area so I thought it would
be wise to bring him with us."

"Oh, v... very well then."

"There is one problem though..."

"Oh?" Asked Jewel.

"He's got a horse, so we have to move really slow."

"B... but we're not going anywhere sp... specific right? So it shouldn't

"Right," Andrea responded.

"So where is he?" Ed asked skeptically.

"He was feeding his horse or something. I don't know. He said he'd be by

"Uh huh..." A horse snorted from somewhere out of sight. "I guess that's him
huh?" Ed said.

"Guess so," Andrea said standing up. She walked over in the direction of the
noise and Thunder came slowly down the rest stop road. The coyote followed
Andrea and looked up at the horse cautiously. "Hi," she said to Thunder

"Hello Andrea." He dismounted his horse and simply left it to roam free.
"These are your companions I'm guessing?" The coyote was growling at him
quietly. He noticed and bent down to the animal. "A pet?" He said, looking
up at Andrea.

"Sort of," Andrea said. "I saved her life I guess. She's hung around since."

"Ah, I see. Does she have a name?" The coyote continued to growl. Thunder
approached it as he would anyone else and put a hand out.

"No. It felt wrong to name her somehow."

"Hmm," he said. "Well you have to call her something." He reached his hand
out further.

"Careful," Andrea warned. The coyote snapped at him and he quickly withdrew
his hand. Quickly, and painlessly, Thunder grabbed the coyote's mouth and
used his other hand to grab the loose skin of its neck. Andrea was about to
protect the animal when she realized that he wasn't hurting it. Thunder
pinned the animal to the ground gently and held her there. The animal stopped
growling and Thunder released his hand from its snout. "You do this to a lot
of animals?"

Thunder smiled. "Only ones I wish to be friends with." Andrea didn't quite
understand but as Thunder let the animal up she began to. The coyote's mood
had completely changed; obviously realizing that Thunder would be in charge
over it. It stood up and wagged it's tail lightly as it moved over and
nuzzled Thunder's hand.

"Wow," Andrea said astonished. "That's amazing."

"No. I simply knew why the animal was growling. It wasn't mad, it just saw
a new addition to the pack. It wanted to establish me as the submissive one.
It's quite simple really."

Andrea was even more impressed with the man now. The coyote seemed to be
almost as attached to him as it was to Andrea. She led him back to the fire
and ran through the introductions. She got to Bob last and Thunder seemed
to take an immediate liking to him. "The group doctor, eh?" he said.

"Th… that's right."

"Well I don't know if you're interested but I know a few herbal medicine
tricks that you may not know."

"Really? That would be excellent." Andrea noticed how quickly his stutter
had disappeared at his excitement. "Perhaps you could show me one or two
tonight. A... After you settle in of course."

"Of course." Thunder moved over to speak with Andrea. "So should I set up
camp here with the rest of you? Or find my own space?"

"Here, of course," Andrea clarified.

"Very well then. I think I will show Bob a few things and go to bed early.
I will see you in the morning."

Andrea nodded. "I'll make breakfast."

"That sounds great," Thunder said. He then turned and walked away from camp
with Bob, already in an intense conversation. Andrea's tent was still set
up from the night before so she went in. Irene had been spending the nights
with her and had her sleeping bag laid out beside Andrea's. Andrea undressed
and propped herself up on her pillow, still above the covers. She decided to
catch up on her reading and grabbed a book out of her bag. Whenever she could
she traded books in towns to keep herself entertained during the nights she
couldn't sleep. Or travel. She was about midway through the current novel. It
was a political story about King Arthur that she found quite interesting.

After about two hours of reading she heard someone taping on the tents
canvass outside. "Come in," she said and she rolled off of her stomach so
she could see them. It was Irene.

"Hi," Irene said as she looked at Andrea's body.

"Hi," Andrea responded and went back to her book. Irene sat down and stared
at the other woman for a while.

Irene opened her mouth, then closed it again with a slight pop, deciding not
to speak. Andrea noticed. "What is it?" She put the book away sensing this
was going to be a longer conversation.

"Well um… I was talking with Kitty and she said you two had sex almost all

Andrea felt slightly betrayed, not that she had expected Kitty to keep it a
secret. "She said that?"

"Mm hmm. And I thought you didn't want to do it with me because I was a girl,
but now I know you've done it with her… So I was wondering why we couldn't
make love too."

"Make love?" Andrea said skeptically. She had never thought of it that way
with another woman.

"Uh huh."

Andrea took a moment to think. "I guess it's because of what you used to do
to people after."

"Oh. Well I don't do that anymore, I promise. And besides, you enjoyed
kissing at the pocker game today right?"

"It's poker."

"Oh. Well, poker then. You had fun though right?"

"I guess so. But…"

Irene went on. "Cause I talked with Kitty some more and she said that the
three of us could do it together if you were uncomfortable with just me."

"She said that too?" Irene nodded.

"So what do you think?"

Andrea paused for a long time then rolled completely onto her back. "We don't
need her," she said to Irene.

"Huh?" Irene said before Andrea grabbed her by the hips and pulled her on
top of her. Andrea kissed her intensely as if trying to restore some of the
passion the two had experienced earlier, during the game. It didn't take
much work once Irene began to kiss back. Andrea was amazed at how fast she
shed her clothing. Before she knew it, Irene was pressing her naked breasts
and hips into her own. Andrea moaned as Irene scissored their legs and
pushed her pussy into Andrea's.

Andrea's breathing increased but she was still a little nervous about the
possible aftermath. Irene noticed it. "If it would make you feel better you
could tie me up," she said sexily. "I wouldn't mind."

Andrea found herself oddly considering the suggestion but her mind was made
up for her when Irene offered her the pant leg of her suit. Andrea grabbed
it and tightly tied Irene's wrists together above her head. She then tied
that to one of the tent poles. She was sure Irene would easily be able to
pull the pole out of the ground but if she did so the rest of the tent would
collapse. Probably not the best way to make an attack. Andrea was content
with this and lowered her lips to meet with Irene's once more.

After a long kiss, Andrea sat up and leaned forward only slightly as she
pressed her hands into Irene's large breasts. Irene moaned softly and shoved
her chest out to meet Andrea. "I've been waiting for this a long time," Irene
said. "Don't tease me."

Andrea smiled and nodded. She pressed her pussy into Irene's and began to rub
back and force, creating a very pleasant amount of friction. The two girls
began to sweat as Andrea continued to thrust back and forth. Irene stared at
Andrea's stomach as her abs clenched and loosened with each thrust. She could
only imagine Andrea's butt cheeks doing the same. Irene took a deep breath
and came to an orgasm at the same time as a second knock on the tent. Irene
had wrapped a leg around Andrea's waist tightly while she came and she
realized that escape would not be easy for a few minutes. Irene continued to
buck her hips against Andrea, taken with her orgasm. "Who is it?" Andrea
asked cautiously.

"It's me," came Kitty's soft voice. "You two didn't start without me did
you?" Kitty didn't wait for Andrea to invite her in. She simply moved the
zipper up on the tent and came in, quickly closing it behind her. Irene was
still shaking in orgasm. Her smooth right leg was wrapped around Andrea's
waist tightly rubbing against the skin. "Now that's a sexy sight," Kitty
said smiling at Andrea's embarrassed face. "Is there room enough for three
in here?" She pulled off her T-shirt quickly and revealed her small firm
breasts. Andrea loved them. They seemed cute and very attractive somehow.

"Well since you're already here," Andrea said. "You may as well join in. But
I've never been with two people like this."

"You'll love it, I promise. Besides, you could use an extra pair of hands on
you. Irene can't use hers by the looks of it." Irene was just finishing up
her orgasm as Kitty moved her pants down her long legs and stepped out of
them. Andrea felt Irene's hot liquid press against the lips of her pussy. She
started to thrust again, not giving Irene long to rest.

Meanwhile, Kitty moved around behind her and pressed her own crotch to the
top of Andrea's spine. She moved her pussy down Andrea's body, using the
ridges of Andrea's bone to stimulate herself. She eventually arrived at the
crack of her ass and pressed her crotch against the other woman hard. She
couldn't press in enough for any stimulation but seemed to enjoy the motion
anyway. She began moving in tandem with Andrea's thrusts into Irene.

Andrea felt Kitty's smaller breasts press hard into her shoulder blades and
shuddered at the sensation as Kitty reached around and fondled Andrea's
chest. Andrea wanted to feel her body sandwiched between the two so she lay
down on top of Irene. She pressed her breasts into the other woman, despite
Kitty's hands in the way and moaned as she felt the warmth of another
person's skin on nearly every part of her body. Kitty reached with her mouth
and kissed at Andrea's neck. Andrea moaned but began humping into Irene much
more fiercely. This position wasn't as good for stimulation but Andrea didn't
care. It made her feel closer to the other woman.

Andrea reached her arms behind her and grabbed Kitty's ass cheeks. She pulled
at them, separating the cheeks and exposing her ass and pussy to the cool
night air. Kitty gasped into Andrea's neck and continued her pleasureless
humping into Andrea. Andrea grew sweatier, sandwiched between the two warm
bodied women. Her skin grew slick and they used it to their advantage. They
let their breasts slide up and down her body as Andrea's humping motion
carried them up and down.

Andrea kissed Irene again hard and Kitty continued the assault on her neck.
She loved the feeling of two mouths on her and wondered why she had not tried
this sooner. She moaned into Irene's mouth as her orgasm came over her. Kitty
squeezed her breasts harder at that exact moment but the action only caused
her pussy to twitch more vigorously. Irene came once more and the two
exchanged fluids between both sets of lips.

"Anyone notice I'm kind of being left out here?" Kitty said as she rubbed her
breasts harder against Andrea's back.

"Hey, don't blame me," Andrea said. "You're the late arriver."

"Well I'd hate to think there's not enough of you to go around."

"Oh, there's enough," Irene said. "Can you untie my hands though? I want to

Kitty saw no reason not to and quickly untied the knot holding Irene in
place. She used her new freedom to lift Andrea off her body and turn her over
onto her back. Andrea didn't protest and merely hoped that Irene had in fact
stepped away from her older ways.

Irene lowered Andrea down her body slightly so Andrea's head rested between
her heaving breasts. Andrea's hair splayed out over the rest of Irene's
chest. Irene then took her hands and placed them on Andrea's chest. She began
to rub slowly and Andrea parted her legs by instinct for Kitty to see. Irene
then wrapped her silky smooth legs tightly around Andrea's waist and held the
other woman's lower back against her pussy. "The lower half is all yours,"
Irene said to Kitty.

Kitty only smiled and looked down at Andrea's soaked and gooey pussy, thanks
to Irene and her own climaxes. Kitty sat down at Andrea's feet and grabbed a
foot in one hand. Slowly, she rubbed Andrea's big toe against her crotch to
get her wet. Andrea was looking down at Kitty blissfully as Irene continued
to expertly massage her breasts. Slowly, Kitty pressed Andrea's toe inside
her and left it there only for a moment. She smiled at Andrea's gaze and
moved up her body, dragging her crotch along Andrea's right leg.

She then pressed her crotch against Andrea's as Andrea had done to Irene
earlier. Andrea felt her own slippery lips slide across Kitty's own dryer
set. Suddenly, Kitty thrusted into Andrea. The motion caused Andrea to yelp
as her over sensitive pussy was caressed by Kitty's. A few more thrusts and
Andrea was cuming yet again. But this time, no one cut her any slack. Kitty
continued to thrust mercilessly into Andrea and Irene continued the
relentless massage of her breasts. Andrea quickly came again. The process
repeated itself again as Kitty's hands found their way to Andrea's ass and
squeezed there, mimicking the massage on her breasts. The four hands over
her skin felt amazing and she flailed her arms around wildly as she
whimpered each time that Kitty thrust her hips against her. Finally, Kitty
orgasmed loudly and let her body collapse onto Andrea's.

Andrea was once again sandwiched between the two gorgeous women. Kitty kissed
her gently and spoke. "Who says sloppy seconds is no fun." Andrea smiled at
the joke but Irene didn't understand.

"People say that?"

"Never mind," Kitty said. She lay there for a while and let her body move up
and down with Andrea's breathing. "How do you feel about a little anal sex?"
She asked her cautiously.

Andrea wasn't sure. "I still don't enjoy it that much."

"Hmm," Kitty said. "Well Irene and I had an idea and we both think you'd like

Andrea looked over her shoulder to Irene. She only nodded. "Well, I guess so
then," Andrea said, still not sure what to expect.

"Don't worry, you'll love it I promise," Kitty said, getting up. "Sit on
Irene's face."

Andrea liked the plan so far. She did so, and faced the back wall of the
tent. Kitty spoke again. "No, no. So you're facing me."

"Oh," Andrea said and turned around. This exposed her pussy above Irene's
face but dug her ass into the other woman's mouth. Irene opened her mouth
and extended her tongue into Andrea's nether hole. "Ooooh," Andrea said
feeling it slip inside softly. Kitty bent down so she was pressed against
Irene and set her own mouth to Andrea's cunt. She extended her tongue as
well and Andrea felt both their slimy muscles enter into separate holes of
her body. Her back stiffened and she splayed her fingers into Kitty's hair,
urging her to continue.

The two women continued to lick at Andrea's two holes. Andrea could only
twitch and turn her body each time one of them changed speeds or angles.
She began to moan loudly. Kitty moved her hands to Andrea's hips where as
Irene put hers straight above her to massage her chest once more. Andrea
ground her hips into them more tightly, guided by Kitty's hands. It didn't
take long for her to orgasm once again. Kitty stopped licking her but
pressed her lips tightly into Andrea's crotch. Then, while Irene continued
to tongue her rear hole, Kitty sat up and pressed her lips into Andrea's.
She had a full mouthful of her cum. Andrea quickly spit the liquid out and
let it drip down her chin. Kitty was unfazed and continued to French kiss
Andrea. "I'm still going to get you to like it."

Once most of the flavor was gone from her mouth she returned the kiss and
arched her back suddenly as Irene's tonguing brought her to yet another
orgasm. She pressed her flat stomach into Kitty's and quaked all over. She
withdrew her tongue from Kitty's mouth and gasped for air. "Wow," Andrea

"Oh that was just the warm up," Kitty clarified.

Andrea went bug eyed as Kitty led her to lie on Irene once more. Andrea found
herself on her stomach again, kissing at Irene's neck. She was hesitant to
kiss her directly, knowing where her tongue had just been. Kitty disappeared
out of Andrea's sight briefly and came back wearing the same strap-on Andrea
had seen her use on Jewel. "Now comes the real fun," Kitty said, positioning
herself behind Andrea.

Andrea felt the cold plastic on her rear entrance and worried slightly. She
gritted her teeth as Kitty shoved the dildo fully into Andrea's saliva slick
hole. It went in easily and Kitty immediately began moving in and out, not
giving her a chance to adjust to the feeling. Andrea moaned in pain. Kitty
lifted one of Andrea's legs and positioned it on the outside of Irene's. This
pushed their pussies together again and each time Kitty shoved into Andrea's
ass, Andrea not only felt the dull ache but also the shiver of pleasure as
her clit rubbed against Irene's. Again Kitty pressed her nipples into
Andrea's back as she pressed the dildo harder and more frequently into her
lover. Kitty bit down on Andrea's neck and Andrea orgasmed once more. She
moaned loudly into Irene's breast but the two women didn't stop. They
continued to hump and shove against her for what felt like hours. Andrea had
cum countless times and was completely drained. She was soaked in sweat from
the added body heat of the two wo men around her and felt light headed, as
if she would pass out. Her arms moved limply with each of Kitty's thrusts.

"Stop, stop," she said weakly after more than an hour of the constant
pumping in and out of her raw hole. Her pussy felt worn and no liquid came
out anymore when she came. Kitty shoved inside her once more and stopped
moving. She let her body rest against Andrea's back.

"Had enough?" She said, almost as tired as Andrea. They were so sweaty they
had to consciously keep themselves from slipping right off each other.

"God no, but I can't take anymore. I'm going to pass out."

Kitty mercifully withdrew the dildo from Andrea's ass and placed it aside in
the tent. Andrea felt her hole slowly close. The two women rolled Andrea onto
her back and unzipped one sleeping bag completely. Using it as a cover the
two cuddled up to her. She felt their heads rest on each of her breasts and
they each had a hand on her heaving stomach. Slowly, she caught up to her
breathing and it slowed. She drifted off to sleep as Irene and Kitty talked
to each other.

End, part 5.

Next: We're introduced to a new menace. The Coalition. Also, someone will
be leaving the group, but who? Expect lots of action and adventure next
chapter. Also, Andrea and Kitty follow up on their poker game loss.


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