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Additionally, in many ways this story is a joint effort. (although I hate
admitting it cause RPG stories written in novel form generally suck), it
does in fact come from an RPG me and my friend played (although the RPG had
much less graphic sex in it). Regardless, many of the characters and
situations are his creation and I wanted to give him credit.

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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 3 - And It Begins
by Invid Writer

Andrea stood over a now still Pepsi, her mouth agape. She had shot him in
the forehead, killing him instantly. And as his still body rose to its
feet, she knew it shouldn't be possible. "You killed me Andrea... What did I
ever do to you, except profess my love?"

Andrea woke with a start. The event had occurred two days ago and each night
since then she'd had the nightmare. Keri had moved into Bob's room not saying
two words to her since she shot him. It was obvious Keri was not going to
forgive easily. Pepsi, despite his faults had been her friend. Although
Andrea had tried to explain the events leading up to her firing the weapon,
they never seemed to come out as something that would justify such extreme

Bob had been understanding, but Ed had been the most help. She looked across
the room to see him still sleeping soundly on the couch. He had refused to
leave her alone since Keri had moved his body off the street.

She sat up, startled as a knock came at her door. She had been a little jumpy
since the incident and the arrival of this person had been no exception. Who
could possibly be at her door this early in the morning?

Grabbing a bathrobe she had noticed in the bathroom a day earlier she
answered the door, still tying the robe closed around her. The visitor was
Keri. "Hey," she said.

"Hey," came Andrea's response as she opened the door further to allow her
inside. "You're going back to Salt Lake pretty soon, eh?"

Keri nodded. "I wanted to talk to you before I left." She paused, thinking.
"Are you coming back with us?"

Andrea shook her head lightly. "I've never done good staying in one place
for too long."

Keri nodded again. "Well, I just wanted to say that I at least understand
what happened and if... If you want to visit me next time you were in town,
that would be fine."

Andrea brightened slightly and gave Keri a warm hug. "Thanks for
understanding," she said as they parted.

"You're welcome. Oh, and Andrea? Come to Salt Lake again soon okay?" She
smiled at her and left through the door, closing it behind her.

Andrea was immensely satisfied that Keri had forgiven her. It made the guilt
of Pepsi's death much easier to bare. But a life in Salt Lake was certainly
not for her. She needed the open road.

Andrea decided to grab a shower before Ed woke up so she dropped the robe
and headed into the bathroom, leaving the door open behind her. By the time
she had finished, Ed had not come in or knocked and Andrea found herself
surprisingly disappointed.

As she walked into the main room still naked, she found Ed sitting on the

"Mornin'" he said without looking directly at her. He had found a way to
become accustomed to her constant nakedness… Not look at her.

"Good morning." She walked over to her pile of clothes resting on the floor
by the bed. Although she preferred the lack of garments she would much
rather have him looking at least in her general direction when they had a
conversation. She got dressed.

"So when are we headin' off today?"

"Probably an hour or so. Enough time to grab some breakfast."

"Ah'm glad to hear that. This place has great food. An' they're still givin'
it to us free right?"

Andrea laughed. "They sure are."

"Great. You wanna head down and get some grub then?"


Ed stood up and walked to the door. He spoke as he held it open for her.
"So uh... Where are we goin'?"

Andrea gave him a quizzical look. "Breakfast."

"No, no. Ah mean after that. Where are we travellin' to?

"Oh," she passed by the door and he followed her out. "Beats me. South I
think." Maybe head to Mexico and South America.

"Sounds like quite the trip."

"Probably. But I've never been to South America."

"Well it sounds good t' me. Do you know if Bob is comin'?" Ed made a side
comment to himself. "That guy has no backbone."

Andrea decided to ignore the last comment. "I don't know. I presume he's
going back with Keri."

An interrupting cough came from behind them and Andrea turned, to see Bob
catching up to them.

"I uh... Actually... I w... was thinking maybe I could go with you? If th...
If that's okay that is.

"Of course it's okay. You heard we're going south?"

"Y… Yes I did. It sounds like fun." He grinned largely and the trio began
walking downstairs again. Ed was obviously somewhat embarrassed realizing
that Bob had probably heard his earlier comment, but neither said anything
about it.

Breakfast was uneventful and an hour later, Andrea was getting onto her
cyclone, with Bob climbing on behind her. The Las Vegas sun was hot and it
beat down on Andrea, causing her to stuff her riding armor in her bag.

"D... Don't go too fast. I don't have a... a helmet." Andrea smiled as she
accelerated quickly, causing the front tire to rise slightly. Bob hanging
on for dear life only amused her further. Eventually she reached full speed
and calmed down her driving for his sake. "That... That was fun." He said
with a quiet laugh to himself.

* * *

It was the nightmare again. A dead Pepsi was standing, a hole in his head.
"You killed me Andrea... What did I ever do to you, except profess my love?"

Andrea responded even though she knew on some basic level that this was only
a dream. "It was an accident. I was aiming for your leg."

"You can't lie to me Andrea. I saw you point the gun. You weren't worried
about where you were shooting."


"Do you realize this is the second time you've shot first and asked questions
later in as many days? I thought you wanted to be a diplomat?"

"No! I've heard enough." She raised her gun to point at him once more as
Pepsi began to approach.

"What are you going to do? Shoot me again?" He spoke the words with a
fierceness she didn't expect. "I'm all ready dead, Andrea." Pepsi reached
out with his hand and grabbed her gun.

"NO!" Andrea awoke in a cold sweat, abruptly moving into a siting position.
The scream woke up Ed who was sleeping beside her within the tent.

"Andrea, are you okay?" She obviously was not.

"I killed him Ed. I just... shot him and killed him.

"Ah know." Ed reached over and gave her a hug. Andrea buried herself into his
shoulder, finally letting it out. She began to sob and Ed remained silent.
This was hardly his area of expertise.

A short while later, Andrea moved herself away from him; her tears had dried
up. "I'm sorry. I don't... I don't like to cry.

"Ha. Ah don' think anyone does. But it sure makes things easier sometimes
don't it?"



"I want you."

Ed's eyes went wide with the request. "Ah... Ah don' know if that would be
appropriate right now... "'Sides... What if Bob heard us?"

"Then he hears us," she said as she pulled herself out of the sleeping bag.

"Ah don't know. Ah think..." He was interrupted as Andrea pressed her lips
into his. Ed's senses were overwhelmed. He hadn't expected her to have such
a profound influence on him.

As Andrea kissed deeper, everything slowly began to slip her mind as
unimportant. What mattered was that he fucked her. It would make her forget
her dream. It would let her be close to him. That's all she cared about.

Briefly, she broke the kiss to lift his shirt up. He was overweight, with a
bit of a gut, but she didn't care. She pressed herself into him hard as she
resumed the kiss.

Ed could feel the tightness of her muscles against his stomach. He's never
had such an attractive woman want him and he couldn't stop himself from going
forward. He would curse himself later. But for now, all that mattered was the

Andrea slipped her tongue into his mouth feeling it brush past his.
Straddling him, she could feel his erection through his pants and immediately
had a need to have it inside her. What had come over her? She was hornier
than after her bout with Keri the other night. Perhaps it was just to get the
nightmare out of her mind. Either way, she unzipped his sleeping bag enough
so that she could climb in and she pulled his pants down to his knees,
mounting him inside the sleeping bag before he could protest.

She felt his semi-hard cock grow immediately stiff after entering inside her.
Moving slowly up and down with only his tip inside her she allowed herself to
get wet. Shortly after she moved her hips down to press into his, forcing him
all the way inside. He was the perfect size Andrea realized, filling her up
but still taking all of him to do it. She ground her clit into his stomach as
she wrapped her legs around him.

Ed lay his arms at his sides and moaned at the feeling. Andrea leaned down,
kissing him deeply again as she continued to move her hips up and down on top
of his member. She grabbed his arms and placed his hands on her bare ass.
Then wrapped her arms around him squishing her breasts against his chest. The
two began to sweat quicker then normal with the warm sleeping bag wrapped
around them from the waste down. Andrea continued to kiss him deeply as he
worked up the courage to massage her buttocks with his hands gently.

Andrea finally stopped the kiss and the two gasped for air as they continued
pounding into each other. Andrea felt him pulse inside her and silently
willed him to hold off his orgasm. She didn't want this to end so quickly.
But despite her efforts, Ed pushed himself deep into her using his hands on
her ass and came hard, filling her with his seed. Suddenly, Andrea thought
of Keri and the strawberries but quickly pushed the thought away. She decided
not to pull herself off of Ed. Instead, she pulled the sleeping bag up to
cover the both of them and closed her eyes with her head on his chest.

It was obvious he wasn't going to be ready for round two for a while. Andrea
would have to live with her overactive hormones for a while longer. And with
that thought, she drifted off to sleep again.

Later that night Andrea awoke to something growing inside her pussy. Ed's
cock was still inside her and growing. As she opened her eyes it appeared
he was having a rather sexual dream. She didn't have the heart to wake him
however so she lay her head back down on his chest and let herself relax,
enjoying the feeling of slowly being filled up. About ten minutes later,
she felt him soften again, and drifted off to sleep.

The same thing happened another few times over the course of the evening but
she didn't mind. She rather enjoyed it actually. It felt nice.

That morning, Andrea awoke one final time to Ed's cock growing hard inside
her. He was awake this time, having just woken up. He looked sheepish but was
afraid to disturb her by pulling out. "Uh... sorry."

"Mmmm," she said with her head still on his chest. "Don't be sorry. It feels
good." She pressed her lips to his chest and gave him a kiss before she
propped herself up on her elbows. One on either side of him. She looked into
his eyes and was amused by the embarrassed expression.

"Maybe uh... Ah mean do you think we should get up?"

"I think you've been keeping me turned on all night," she said, pressing her
hips into him, pressing him all the way inside her once more. Ed let his head
fall back and closed his eyes as one more time, Andrea began to grind her
crotch into his. She rotated her hips around, enjoying the sensation of her
clit pressing into his pubic hair. Unfortunately, that was all she wrote as
Ed came, once more filling her with cum. Andrea hid a look of disappointment.
'He may be a great guy but he's horrible in bed,' Andrea thought to herself.
'How did he ever survive in that gang?'

Ed waited only a moment before wiggling out of the sleeping bag and fishing
his pants out from the bottom of the bag. He started to get dressed as Andrea
lay on her stomach, looking up at him. "Oh, no." He said.


"What if Ah got you pregnant?"

Andrea smiled reassuringly "It's the middle of my period. I can't get
pregnant right now."

"Oh... Well then." He pulled his shirt on and sat down on the tented ground.
"Ah guess everythin's just hunky-dory."


"It's somethin' my Ma used t' say."

Andrea smiled. "You mind if I ask you a question?"

"Sure," he said unsuspectingly.

"How many women have you been with?"

Ed became slightly nervous but not nearly as much as Andrea had anticipated.
He must have been getting more comfortable with her. He thought for a moment.
"Ah reckon about twenty."

'Twenty?' Andrea thought. "Well how about outside of 'gang activities?'"

"Ah guess it would just be you then. Ah haven't had much time for a
girlfriend y' see."

"Well, I'll show you a few tricks tonight," Andrea said with a smile as she
climbed out of the sleeping bag and moved to her clothes.

"Uh, all right."

Andrea dressed and exited the tent with Ed. She began to collapse the tent,
folding it back up again. It took her only minutes to complete the whole

Bob was awake and had all ready (mostly) collapsed his tent. It lay in a pile
on the ground. Obviously he had had trouble finishing the job. "You need a
hand with that?" Asked Andrea.

"Th... That would be m... most appreciated. I'm afraid my medicinal skills
d... don't quite help in tent folding."

"Well come on over and I'll show you." Bob watched intently as Andrea folded
the tent expertly placing it back into its case. Ed began to get rather
impatient with boredom and got oh his motorcycle.

"Are ya'll about done?"

"We'll be another few minutes yet Ed."

"Well Ah'm gonna get goin'. You can catch up right?"


Ed anxiously took off on his bike, leaving the two to finish with the tent.
"He uh... He seems a… aggravated today."

"Yes he does," Andrea said confused. He hadn't shown any sign of that earlier
in the day.

"S... So if you d... don't mind my asking... Y... You two are uh... going out

"Beats me," she said with a smile. "You know how these things go."

"A... Actually, I d... don't." He smiled nervously and quickly changed the
subject. "Well I th... think I've got this tent thing down n... now."

"You ready to go then?" Asked Andrea picking up the tent bag and throwing
it over her shoulder.

"A... Always." Andrea decided it was getting far too hot for her riding armor
today, so she stuffed it in her bag and mounted the cyclone. Bob got on the
bike behind her and held on to her waste tightly, fearing another quick
acceleration. He wasn't disappointed as Andrea took off at full speed.

By they time Andrea had caught up to Ed, she felt the strong heat of the
desert growing worse. She pulled up beside him and spoke loudly over the
roar of his motorcycle. "It's too hot on the road. Let's pull over and
travel tonight."

A sweating Ed nodded and the two pulled over at an old rest stop where a few
trees had been planted around a small pond. It was late morning now and the
sun was beating down hard. Andrea shut off her bike and Ed did the same.
"I... It sure is a hot one," said Bob as he wiped some sweat from his brow.
He went for his canteen and took a swig of water.

Andrea walked away from the two towards the pond and dipped a hand in,
tasting the water. "This is no good to drink" she told the others as she
spat it out.

Unfortunately the Invid attack had left much of the land (and incidentally
the water) irradiated to a minor degree. That in combination with the
pollution of the previous years made much of the natural water undrinkable.

As Andrea sat down in the shade, she heard a faint sound coming from the
distance. She looked over and saw an Invid scout, heading in their rough
direction. "Two in as many weeks," she said to the others as she moved over
to her bike and put her riding armor on.

Andrea waited before mounting her bike however, hoping that it would be far
enough away not to be a problem. As it approached, her hope turned true as it
came to pass them nearly a mile to the South, showing no signs it had seen
them. Andrea took off her riding armor and went back to her spot in the

"I... Is everything okay?" Asked Bob.

"Yep. It passed way South of here. It's no threat."

"Ah, good."

Andrea laid down in the grass. An hour passed in boredom during which Bob
tried to start several conversations with Ed, quickly getting shot down every
time he tried.

Andrea casually looked over to the horizon seeing another Invid scout
following the same course of the other. As it got closer Andrea spotted a
second, larger ship just behind it. "W... What does that m... mean?"

"It means we're travelin' during the day after all," said Ed concerned.

"No," said Andrea. "It means you two are staying here." Andrea walked off in
the direction the Invid were headed.

"D... Don't you want your b... bike?"

"Too bulky. I'm just going to look. I'll be back soon."

Ten minutes later saw Andrea soaked with sweat and nearing the top of a large
sandy cliff. She was climbing the nearly vertical face, staining her white
shirt in sand and sweat. As she reached the top, she found a sight that
scared the hell out of her. It was an Invid hive. Standing nearly twenty
stories tall, it was a huge dome planted on the desert's surface. A few
different ships were coming and going. Andrea quickly went back down the hill
again. 5 minutes later she was back at camp lifting up the cyclone's seat to
reveal a storage compartment.

"What's goin' on?" Asked Ed as Andrea pulled out a small rectangular device
and closed the compartment.

"I'm going to do something."

"D... do what? Are there m... more of them there?"

"You might say that." Andrea began to walk away, in the direction of the
hive. Her gun was still on her belt. She slipped the device into her pocket.

"Andrea," Ed said. "It's too dangerous. We should move on."

Andrea turned abruptly "How many people lost their parents when the Invid
showed up huh? Or their kids..."

"A lot. Ah know."

"And how many people are in their work camps right now? Or being experimented

"Now that's just a rumor."

"Yeah, well so was them looking human."

"Gosh darn-it, if you won't listen, than just be careful alright?"

"I'm always careful."

"You know how to work that thing?" Ed said, pointing to the device she put
in her pocket.

"Of course."

Andrea moved off in the direction of the Invid. Ed sat down and sighed.
"Wh... What was that?" Bob asked.

"It's called a Limput mine. It works on a timer. They're kinda like mini
nuclear explosions when they go off. Dangerous stuff."

"Oh my."

Andrea continued on, allowing their voices to drift away until she couldn't
hear them at all. It shouldn't be too dangerous she thought. She had a plan.
As long as they were reasonable, she could ask to talk to someone important.
The Invid couldn't recognize a rifle from a hamburger so sneaking in the mine
should be no problem. As long as they were reasonable, she justified.

* * *

Once again, Andrea found herself climbing over the top of the cliff. She
realized she was still extremely thirsty and grabbed the canteen off her
belt. She unscrewed the top and took a long drink of the warm water.
Feeling better, she brushed some of the sand off her tank top and pants and
began walking towards the large ominous dome up ahead. She was careful to
stay in clear sight the whole time so her coming wouldn't be a surprise.

She saw an Invid scout ship exit out of the roof and head her way. Suddenly
she felt a pinch of nervousness as the ship grew closer and lower to the
ground. There was nothing she could do to defend herself. This had better

Andrea fought the urge to run as the large scout ship landed steadily on
unsteady legs beside her. It said nothing but awkwardly walked with her
towards the hive.

"You speak English?" Andrea asked. There was no response so she continued
walking towards the door.

Shortly she arrived, noting two guards dressed in power armor. They seemed
to be some sort of cross between humans and the ones in the scout ship.
They had long skinny faces, concealed within their helmets. Their bodies
were insanely thin. There was no way a human could fit in that.

"What do you want?" One asked. The scout ship left and Andrea fought to hide
her fear once more.

"I guess you speak English." Andrea said as she calmed herself.

"What do you want?"

"Right to the point, I guess."

"What do you want?"

'Damn' she thought. 'Not very talkative.' "I want to meet with whoever is
in charge." Her words came out unevenly. Hopefully they would mistake her
lie for general nervousness.

"That seems unlikely."

"It's the truth. At least ask."

The guard stood in silence for a moment then spoke up once again. "The
Brain will meet you."

"The Brain?"

"Yes." Andrea figured she wouldn't get any more than that so didn't bother
pursuing the subject. Suddenly, a hole opened in the hive wall beside her.

Andrea gulped and went inside. The Invid followed through beside her and
the 'door' closed behind them. "Remove all extremities."


"Remove all extremities. No Human is allowed in the hive with anything that
has been processed or is inorganic."

"Others have been in the hives?"

"Remove all extremities." Andrea sighed, pausing. "Remove all extremities,"
the Invid repeated as it pointed its energy cannon at her. Now that was
some motivation. The cannon would vaporize her instantly and she suspected
the Invid would not mind pulling the trigger. Andrea quickly took her boots
off and undressed, leaving her gun, knife and the more important mine still
in her clothing. "Remove all extremities," it said one more time as it
pointed to her watch.

"I want this stuff back when I leave." Said Andrea as she added her watch
to the pile. The Invid didn't respond. Instead it moved towards the wall
opposite from the one they entered. It opened as the last one did and
Andrea reluctantly followed.

She entered through the door, which led into a long hall. Andrea realized it
was hot as hell in the hive as she was escorted down the passage. Obviously,
whatever material the walls were made of conducted heat from outdoors. She
began to sweat. It was like being in an oven. The creature turned. "You're

Did they know that little about Humans? "It's sweat. It happens when people
get hot," Andrea replied with little patience.

Suddenly, Andrea felt the temperature drop. It was at a comfortable level in
seconds. This place was more amazing than it looked. After a long walk she
was led into a small cylindrical room. She felt gravity increase and a few
moments later it opened again to reveal a large room.

"Was that an elevator?"

The Invid cocked its head sideways slightly, like a puppy that didn't quite
understand. "Did we just go up?"

"Yes. The Brain is in there. Enter." Cautiously Andrea left the tube and went
into a large open room. It was hot again in here. Immediately, she noticed a
rather sweet flowery smell. The tube behind her disappeared and Andrea turned
around, nearly jumping out of her skin. There, in a large pool of the green
gel that leaked from the ships, was literally a giant brain. It was huge,
probably 40 feet across. Six guards wearing power armor similar to the one
that escorted her up stood around the pool.

Their armor reminded Andrea of her nakedness. She felt powerless.

"Why have you come?" Andrea heard painfully inside her head. The thing was
talking telepathically.

"I wanted to talk." Andrea felt a stab of apprehension. If it can talk in
her mind can it find out her true intentions?

"Talk." Came the excessively loud voice, once more in her head.

"Fine, fine. But can you talk quieter?"

"Yes," replied the Brain. It was much more reasonable now. There was no pain
when it spoke.

"I wanted to know why you all have come here. We've all ready been invaded
twice in the last 20 years. Why once more?"

"We had no other option. Our planet was lost."

"But you attacked us. Why not just ask?"

"Judgement and Revenge."

"Judgement? Revenge?" That made no sense to Andrea. Humans had done nothing
to them before the attack. She wasn't even sure Humans had heard of them,
before the attack.

"Judgement. Revenge. Pity. Salvation."

"You're not making any sense."

"Because you are not listening."

Andrea began to grow frustrated, but concealed it well. She was starting to
become accustomed to the Brain's voice in her head.

"I still don't see why you started a war."

"War is your way. We understand this."

"No. Peace is. We always strive for peace."

"And you always reap war. War is what we gave you."

Andrea tried to bring reason to the debate. "That's circular logic."

"Yes. It is."

Andrea sighed. "Will you leave?"

"To leave is death. To stay is life. Which would you choose?"

Andrea hesitated. "Life."

"As we did. We will remain. You will leave. You destroy this planet. We
will save it."

"You're the ones who irradiated everything when you showed up!"

"Wrong. It was your defense that poisoned the land. We are allowing it to
repair itself. Even your reason for meeting me is that of destruction. You
destroy everything."

"That's not my reason for coming. Not anymore."

"Perhaps." There was a long pause. "We are done. You will follow him."
Instinctively, Andrea turned to one of the guards and he walked forward,
opening up the transport tube once more. Andrea realized there was no point
in arguing and stepped into the small room. The guard moved in behind her
and suddenly, she felt light, as if falling. The tube opened once more
leading into a different hallway than the one she came through.

"Where are we going?"

"You will see." A short walk later, they reached a point in the wall that
once again opened for them. "Enter." He said forcefully. Andrea did as she
was told and the wall quickly closed behind her, the guard still on the
other side. She sighed as she looked at her new surroundings.

The room was empty, cylindrical and fairly large. It was also just as hot
as everywhere else. Apparently they had forgotten to cool it for her.
Patiently, she sat down on the soft material that was the floor and waited.

Andrea wasn't kept long. After ten or twenty minutes, an attractive looking
man of about 20 entered through one of the walls/doors. He had blond hair,
blue eyes, tanned skin and more importantly, a large cup of water. Andrea
stood up, feeling suddenly exposed as she realized she was still naked and
this man was not. He was most likely an Invid she thought, looking at his
one piece, skin-tight body suit. It was black.

"Here." He handed the cup to her. Andrea had a quick drink, and began to
feel more refreshed. She wasn't particularly thirsty yet, but she knew in
this heat she would be shortly.

"So why am I still here?"

"You're not going to introduce yourself?" He said with what Andrea suspected
was a forced smile.

"Andrea." She said, extending her hand to shake. The man returned the

"I'm called Cliff."

"So why am I still here, Cliff?"

"They want to run a few tests. I wouldn't worry about it."

"Uh huh." Andrea was skeptical. "And you're here because?"

"Because I like to look over the new people," he said taking a lingering
look over her shiny body.

Andrea took another drink, trying to ignore his gaze but suddenly, something
felt strange. She felt weak. She sat back down roughly, unable to stand.
Slowly, she managed to speak. "What did you do?" There was no response.

Andrea felt all the strength go out of her and she let herself collapse
completely to the ground, dropping what remained of the water. Then, despite
her weakened state she felt her pussy begin to get wet.

"I included a few things with the water," he said with rather a lot of pride.
"The first is a simple aphrodisiac. You're obviously feeling the effects." He
smiled. "The second took some work. It's a muscle relaxant but in about half
an hour or so it'll change polarities so to speak, becoming a stimulant. I've
found it most enjoyable." He stripped off his body suit and leant close to
her face. Andrea tried to speak but found even her jaw and tongue was unable
to move. He grabbed her breast lightly and rolled it with his palm. Andrea
let out a guttural moan of pleasure. "It feels good doesn't it?"

He continued his massage of her breast as he positioned himself over top of
her. Andrea could feel his erection against her belly. He was a good size,
she was sure of that. She was also sure that she wanted him to proceed, more
than anything. Her mind was focused on one thing. Sex. And her inability to
move was a terrible kind of torture. She was unable to influence the actions
that she craved. She felt his stiffness rub against her belly, moving back
and forth a few times as Cliff continued the pleasant rubbing of her chest.

Then, suddenly, he entered all the way into her sex with one thrust. It was
a comfortable sensation she thought as he pumped in and out of her slowly.
She couldn't clamp down on him and she couldn't meet his thrusts. It was
almost like having a massage. But a horrible thought flittered through her
mind. 'If she couldn't clamp down on him, did that mean she couldn't cum?'

Her body continued to sweat profusely as Cliff's pumping went on. She felt
herself get warmer as she was carried helplessly through the motions.

Cliff moved her arms up above her head, unnecessarily holding them there.
Her breasts moved up and down effortlessly as he continued on. Cliff pressed
himself against her and licked her neck gently. He then placed kisses across
her collarbone. Andrea was getting more and more turned on when she realized
that her theory was in fact correct. She wasn't going to be able to cum. She
silently hated him for that, but the feeling quickly faded as he pressed
himself deeply inside her and came, releasing his seed.

"Hmm." He said with a smile. "You're not very good at this you know." Cliff
of course knew she couldn't respond so instead planted a kiss on her mouth,
pressing against her lips hard. Her mouth was all ready open due to the slack
muscles and Cliff put his tongue inside her, tasting her. He withdrew. "It's
only been about ten minutes. What do you suppose I should do for the next
twenty." Cliff sat up and admired her lax body. "Hmm... I have an idea."

Cliff pulled out of her pussy, his member still hard even though he had just
cum. Andrea figured that must be a side effect of their super strength. Maybe
they had extraordinary endurance too.

Cliff picked her slippery body up and sat her roughly on his lap with her
back to him. Her head collapsed backwards onto his shoulder. "Just like a
rag doll," he mused to himself. Andrea on the other hand, didn't care. She
only wanted him to stop talking and enter her once more. She desperately
wanted an orgasm.

Cliff lifted her slightly off his lap. 'Good,' Andrea thought. 'Maybe now
he'll go on.' Andrea felt him move his hips to line himself up. But a surge
of fear went through her when she realized he wasn't lining up for her pussy.
He was way to far back to do that. She felt the tip of his cock against her
ass hole. She had never done anal sex in the past because she had never
thought it would be enjoyable. But before Andrea could even try to protest,
cliff released her, letting her full weight come back down onto his lap,
sending his cock deep into her rectum.

"Mmm. This is your first time isn't it?" He said when Andrea let out a
surprisingly loud moan. He was all the way inside her rear end. Her stomach
felt as if it had turned upside down from the intrusion, but surprisingly,
she wasn't in any pain. It just felt... strange. She mentally thanked the
muscle relaxant. That must have been the key. It left her loose enough that
he could enter without any threat of damage. Cliff picked her up again and
lowered her, getting a good motion going. She could feel her rectum forcibly
expanding each time he entered her. It felt good.

Cliff continued effortlessly lifting her up and down. Her muscular arms
flailed randomly with each thrust. Her head was still tilted back and she
felt wet kisses placed on her neck as he continued to lift her up and down.
Andrea moaned again, wishing she could orgasm. She knew she was getting
closer but couldn't quite make it over the last ridge to enjoy the pleasure
it always brought.

After a while of this Andrea presumed he got tired of lifting her. Staying
deep in her butt, he moved her so she was lying down on her stomach and
continued his pumping into her ass. "This is way better than earlier," he
said. "It's tight, even with the relaxant. I could stay in here all day."
Andrea had to admit to herself that at this point, she hoped he would.

His motions caused her breasts to grind into the soft floor, stimulating
them each time he moved in or out. Andrea began to drool out of her open
mouth, not even able to close it but Cliff hadn't seemed to notice.

She felt him go in slightly deeper thanks to the new position and could
feel his thighs coming down on her buttocks each time he thrust inside her.
This went on for what seemed like an eternity, when Cliff picked her up
once more and sat her on his lap as he did earlier. "It's almost time. This
part always gets me off." He said as he just let her rest on his lap, his
cock still deep in her rear end. The heat was beginning to get to her and
she felt lightheaded. Cliff wrapped his arms tightly around her placing his
hands on her stomach.

'Almost time?' She thought. 'Almost time for what?'

As if in answer to her question, Andrea felt every muscle in her body
suddenly tighten and flex, almost like a mini seizure. Her back snapped
back and arched tensely. The up side however, is that she immediately came.
Or so she thought at first. She quickly realized that her pussy wouldn't
'un-clamp' and it felt as if she was paused in mid orgasm. The pleasure of
the act was there. But not the pleasure of the release.

She also realized there was a sudden blinding pain in her ass as it clamped
tightly around Cliff's member. She felt him orgasm immediately, ejaculating
deep into her. She could feel his sperm, now in both holes, move inside her
as her tense muscles tried to force it all out.

Andrea continued desperately trying to force her orgasm, but it never came.
It continued to hold, just at the moment before release. Cliff reached his
arms upward and pressed his hands over her breasts once more, rubbing her
chest. The act only intensified the feeling she had in her loins, but still,
she had no release. As the tenseness of her muscles continued and her orgasm
held itself on pause, Andrea began to shake.

First it was a light shudder originating at her crotch, but it grew as she
continued to desperately try and force her orgasm to complete itself. Cliff
held her tightly against his body and as she continued to buck her hips she
lifted on and off his cock, forcing him in and out of her impossibly tight
ass. Andrea was suddenly grateful for the excessive heat because the sweat
at least provided sufficient lubrication. She wished he would pull out but
it never happened. After only a short time, he came once more, this time
holding her down, not allowing her bucking to dislodge her.

Cliff lay down from his current position, bringing Andrea with him, so they
were both on their back with her on top. He allowed her hips to buck again
and simply closed his eyes, enjoying the pleasant sensation.

Andrea sweated even more profusely than before. She was sure she would fast
become dehydrated if this continued. Sweat was pooling on her body,
collecting at her collarbone, between her breasts and her bellybutton. She
could still feel herself involuntarily move up and down on Cliff's still
hard cock, sending rivers of pain through her midsection. But she now
noticed that the pain was not alone. Due to her still paused orgasm, she
couldn't help but feel pleasure with it. It created a strange effect on her
but she didn't have the time to analyze it as Cliff came once more. It had
only been a couple of minutes since his last orgasm.

It was at this point that Andrea began to feel the cramp in her stomach and
the tightness in her lungs. The heavy effort her body was putting out began
to take its toll.

Meanwhile, Cliff rested his hands under his head and continued to relax. He
wrapped his legs around hers to make sure she didn't buck herself off him
and simply lay there, feeling orgasm approach once more. God he loved doing
this to the Humans.

The trend went on for another half an hour or so. Andrea was still bucking,
paused in mid-orgasm. Her teeth and lips were clenched as she still felt
the now dulled pain in her rear. Cliff had cum another four or five times
and Andrea knew she was completely full with his sperm. She didn't care.
She still wanted more. The aphrodisiac hadn't worn off and her state of
constant near orgasm left her feeling incomplete. She wanted to finish it
despite her near exhaustion. The constant tension of her muscles had her
feeling even more tired than after her most intense work out sessions.

Cliff finally began to grow tired, from the constant stimulation. He lifted
her hips up, pulling his member swiftly out of her rear. Andrea would have
liked to feel herself relax at the lack of the unwelcome cock but still found
herself unable to stop twitching and bucking on the ground. Cliff stood up,
his dick finally looking only about half stiff and admired Andrea's body.

She was sweating so much it looked like she had just turned the shower off.
"You humans don't react well to the heat do you?" He said with pride. "Or
is it the constant activity?" He reached down and groped her right breast.

"Ungh," Andrea moaned through a closed mouth. Her flat stomach was incredibly
tight thanks to the stimulant. Even more so with her back arched. She was
really only touching the ground with her shoulders and butt. Cliff let his
eyes roam over her body, looking at her firm, toned legs, then moving back
across her strong stomach. His eyes then found her relatively average sized
but beautiful breasts. He stopped to watch them giggle slightly as she
continued to twitch her body. He moved on, looking at her well-defined
shoulders and arms and ending with her slender, smooth feminine face. Long
brown hair, splayed out along the ground underneath it.

"Well let's have one final go shall we?" Cliff put a leg on either side of
her midsection and moved down so he was kneeling across her chest. "I've
always found this to be particularly degrading," he said as he pressed her
sweat soaked breasts around his semi-hard cock. "Irene has so much more
chest to do this with," he continued to himself as he tried to mush her
slippery breasts together. "I hear you're the one who named her?"

'Irene?' Thought Andrea. 'She's here?'

Cliff finally got a grip and a motion going and his member quickly hardened
once more while he pressed her breasts around it. Andrea's back was still
arched and she was still twitching which meant although he had a slightly
more erotic view their was a little more effort involved in his actions.
Cliff happily took the trade off however and enjoyed her struggle to cum as
he pumped faster. Her sweat kept everything incredibly slippery and it
didn't take long for him to near climax. Knowing he was about to cum, he
decided to extend her humiliation a little further.

Quickly, he moved himself to her mouth and opened her lips. Her teeth were
clenched down from the stimulant but he still managed to fit the tip of his
cock into the side of her mouth in-between her lips and teeth.

A second passed and Cliff came hard, coating her teeth and filling the side
of her mouth with his cum. As he finished, Andrea knew his seed had made its
way to her tongue by the sudden bitter taste in her mouth. What was worse,
was when she realized that the taste would not be going away any time soon.
In her current state she was unable to swallow or spit it out. It would stay
in her mouth until the drug wore off.

Cliff stood up and looked at her one more time before he walked over to his
clothing and put on his one-piece body suit. Meanwhile, Andrea continued to
twitch on the ground. She was sure her heartbeat was off the scale. "Oh, by
the way... We found your two buddies hiding out at that rest stop. They
shouldn't have ran your cyclone. We can detect that you know." He smiled.

He had certainly gotten to her with that last string of comments. Ed and Bob
were captured? That didn't' bode well at all. "You'll be glad to know that
one of them didn't appear to be of much physical use to us and that's all we
were looking for. We just left him behind."

'Which one?' She thought. Andrea felt her will strengthen. She forced her
body to stop shaking and opened her mouth. "Whish one?" she managed to get
out, surprising her captor.

"You spoke? Impressive. It was the big one that we took. I don't know what
you call him."

That was obviously Ed. She felt rage build up inside her and slowly, got to
her feet. Her muscles were still clenched uncontrollably but she managed to
work them just enough to stand her up. She wasn't sure how long she could
stay that way however. Cliff's eyes opened with surprise. "Don' hurt em."
She choked out. Cliff's cum dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin.

"You realize you look absolutely ridiculous right now?"

"Don' hurt him." She said with more force.

"That's not my decision I'm afraid." Suddenly, a piece of the wall opened up
showing a small cupboard filled with two pitchers of water. "The stimulant
will wear off in about another 10 minutes. I assure you that water over there
is quite pure." He paused and the door opened for him. "I'm afraid I have to
leave now. Things to do. You were a good lay though. Maybe I'll come back
later. But with what I heard they're doing to you? Hm... Maybe not."

He left through the door and it closed behind him. Andrea allowed herself to
fall stiffly to the ground after his exit. She continued to fight her body
for another ten minutes. Occasionally she would fail sending herself into a
torrent of shaking but she would gain control of herself again and minimize
it once more.

Finally, the drug war off and Andrea screamed as she came harder than she
ever had before. Between her cramped stomach and her sore ass, the orgasm
was not her most pleasurable but at this point Andrea wanted the release
more than anything. Her muscles all relaxed as quickly as they had tensed
more than an hour ago. She felt her own cum, mixed with some of Cliff's
flow steadily out of her pussy. Her ass also relaxed allowing the combined
torrent of Cliff's multiple loads to slowly be released, smearing her rear
with cum.

Andrea felt like hell. Fortunately, the aphrodisiac wore off as quickly as
the stimulant and she found herself repulsed with the idea of any more sex.
She coughed as Cliff's sperm got stuck in her throat. The disgusting taste
of it was still with her.

Andrea slowly sat up and nearly cried out from the pain in her ass. What had
he done to her? She wondered. Slowly and awkwardly she crawled her way over
to the cupboard and quickly poured the first pitcher of water over her body,
cooling herself down and washing away some of the sweat. She then grabbed the
second one and drank quickly, if not to replenish all the water she had lost,
than to wash the awful taste out of her mouth. She downed half of the pitcher
than finally realized how weak she was. Her muscles had just received the
ultimate work out for the last hour. Weakly, she went as limp as when she had
first drunk the drugged water and despite her protests, drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Andrea awoke. She realized she was still naked, although cleaned up and tied
down to a table with straps. Her mind was foggy, as if she had been drugged.
She looked to her side, seeing what she presumed was an Invid, holding a
scalpel of some sort. She drifted off again.

Again, Andrea awoke. It was as if she was dreaming. She had no feeling below
the waist and this time noticed an animal carcass on the far side of the
room. She drifted off once more.

* * *

Andrea opened her eyes a final time. She was no longer tied and was in a room
similar to the one earlier, lying on her side. She still had no feeling below
the waist and looked down, trying to determine the problem.

Andrea fainted.

* * *

Andrea came around one more time and forced herself to accept the current
situation. She would not be weak. Slowly, she forced herself to look down
once more, getting an ugly feeling in the pit of her stomach. She felt

Her legs and hips were gone, replaced by a four-legged animal's body. They
surgically grafted another animal to her! Instinctively, she knew how to
stand and tried her best to calmly survey the situation. Her heart was
racing. She couldn't keep her thoughts straight. The Invid had turned her
into a centaur. Her rage was building.

Somehow they had connected the nerve endings, allowing her full motion with
the animal body. Andrea continued to feel queasy but was forced to lift
herself upright as a large door opened up at the wall. A huge wolf entered
through the opening, it's mouth full of foam. What were they doing to her?
It wasn't enough that they changed her body, but now they have to threaten
her with some vicious animal? Andrea had had enough.

She took her rage out on the creature in front of her, instinctively kicking
it with her new and powerful hind legs. The move unbalanced her and she fell
over, landing with a thump. But the damage was done. The wolf's neck was

"What did you do?" She shouted, hoping the Invid could hear her.

"We made you better," came the Brain's voice in her head. "You should thank

"No! Turn me back. I don't want it."

"Why would you not want to be better?"

"Not like this. It's cruel." Andrea felt tears try to break out but she held
them back.

"But look how easily you killed the animal. A predator of each of your
combined bodies."

"No." The doors opened once more and two more wolfs entered into the room.
Andrea felt afraid, as her anger slipped away.

"You will kill these two as well. I will prove your superiority."

"No. I won't do it." One of the wolfs circled around her as the other lunged
at her, biting into her hind leg. She felt nothing. At least there was no
pain. "I won't play your damn game. I won't play it. Change me back."

The other wolf lunged at her, this time it's teeth went towards her normal
stomach. But before it reached her, the animal went limp and collapsed to
the ground. The other wolf similarly dropped. "What's going on? What are
you doing?" Andrea asked, still concerned.

"Stepping backwards." Came the reply. She blacked out.

* * *

Andrea came to in another circular room. She was lying on the ground and
quickly looked down. Her legs were back. There wasn't even a scar. But her
thought paused as she noticed she no longer had any body hair. Her pubic
hair was gone. Her leg hair... Her arm hair... She touched her head, then
frantically moved her fingers to her eyebrows. No hair.

"It was real," came the Brain's response to her unasked question.

Andrea shuddered at the response and felt her stomach turn once more. She
couldn't hold back anymore and she threw up at the thought of what had just
happened with her body. Despite the heat, she felt cold. Suddenly, she
thought of Ed. "Where is he?"

"Look closer." Andrea was confused by the comment but looked around the room
more carefully. She spotted Ed's naked, hairless figure at the far side of
the room. How had she missed him the first time she wondered. She put the
thought out of her mind as she rushed over to him. The first thing she
noticed is that he wasn't breathing. She checked for a pulse. His body was

"He's dead."

"Yes. His experiment was not successful. He did not accept the transition."

"Bring him back then," she said desperately.

"It is not that simple."

Andrea stood up, looking towards the roof. "But it's that simple to kill
him? No. You did this, you fix it."

"You do not know what you ask."

"I don't care," Andrea yelled. "Bring him back." The door opened and one of
the Invid's that wore power armor entered. It picked up Ed's body.

"You will wait here. We will fix him."

"Damn right you will." Andrea sat down, trying to let her anger fade.

As she regained her senses and calmed herself, she pressed her hands to her
hips trying to find a seam where they had operated. To her relief she still
found none.

As Andrea began to get comfortable the door opened once more and Irene stood
on the other side. She entered rather nervously. Andrea immediately got to
her feet, prepared for a fight. "What are you doing here?" Andrea asked

Irene was wearing the same style of bodysuit as Cliff's. It was all black and
hugged her frame tightly with no noticeable zipper or buttons. "I'm sorry I
tried to kill your friend." She hung her head. She seemed genuinely sad.
Andrea wasn't fooled for a second.

"Oh are you?" Irene nodded weakly, still looking down.

"I uh... I was hoping we could be friends."

"So I shoot you in the chest and you want to be friends?"

"Uh huh," she said, looking up at Andrea. "The bullet didn't hurt much. I'm
fine now, wanna see?" Irene moved her hands to the collar of her clothing
and began to pull. A seam appeared and the material separated.

"No, that's fine."

"Oh." She reluctantly fastened her clothing once more and sat down. "Don't
you think I'm pretty?"

"That's not the point."

"So you do think I'm pretty?"

"Sure, whatever." Irene's mood quickly improved and she stood up once more.

"So, how come you were so upset I tried to kill her?" Andrea opened her eyes
at the ridiculousness of the question.


"So, how come..." Andrea interrupted her.

"Yeah, I heard." Andrea paused, thinking. "Why was I so upset?" Irene nodded.
"Because she'd be dead! Gone. Not coming back. I wouldn't get to spend time
with her anymore."

"Don't be silly," came Irene's naïve response. "Of course she'd come back."

Andrea was confused. "And how's that?"

"Well... Everyone comes back after they die. They just go into a new body.
It's not like she wouldn't remember you."


"What?" Irene said meekly, not understanding.

"Do you mean Invid get reincarnated if they die?"

"Well yeah. Don't Humans?"

Andrea stared, stupefied. How could she be so ignorant? "No."

"No?" Her hands went to her mouth. "Oh my God... You mean I just... Erased,
all those people?" Andrea nodded seriously. "Oh my God... I... I just thought
it was fun. I'm sorry, I thought they'd be fine. Oh my God... I'm sorry, I'm
sorry, I'm sorry." Irene began to cry and before Andrea could react, she
wrapped her arms around her neck and pressed her head into Andrea's shoulder,
wetting it with tears.

Andrea stood with her hands at her side. This was hardly the type of person
she would want to comfort. Irene continued to apologize, constantly repeating
the words, "I'm sorry."

Eventually Andrea relented and put her arms around Irene to at least get her
to stop crying. Irene took it as a sign she was welcome and wrapped herself
tightly around Andrea, hugging her tightly. She also lowered her head,
pressing it up to Andrea's breast. Andrea became uncomfortable but didn't try
to pull away. She didn't want to aggravate the woman. A few minutes later,
the tears stopped but she left her head on Andrea's breast.

"Andrea?" Irene asked tentatively.


"Can I travel with you?" She lifted her head up to look Andrea in the eyes.

"What? Why?"

"Because I did something terrible and I want to fix it. You can show me how

"It's not something you can fix, Irene. It's done."

"But… But I want to fix it."

"You can't." Andrea saw her eyes tear up again.

"Well you can at least help make it better right?"


"You'll show me. Please? Please?" Andrea paused, thinking.


"No?" She said with a sniff.

"No. I don't trust you. You can't travel with us."

"But… I'll let you hold the gun always. You can just shoot me if I do
something you don't like!" Irene seemed particularly happy with this
suggestion. Like it would somehow convince Andrea to let her come with.



"NO!" Andrea said it with force this time, no longer caring if she maddened
her. Irene let go of Andrea and a tear rolled down her cheek again.

"What if I was sorry that we experimented on you. Then could I come?"

'What was she a child?' Andrea thought. "No. I'm not changing my answer. You
can't come."

Irene sniffed again. "Oh."

As if on cue, the door opened once more and the power armor guard stood on
the other side, with Ed standing behind him. It had worked. Andrea's face
brightened and she rushed past Irene to give him a large hug. "You're okay!"

"Yeah. I guess I'm fine," he said.

"Your accent..."

"Yeah. It's gone. Pretty neat, eh? I never liked it much." They continued
to hug. One of Ed's hands reached down and rested on her butt cheek. Andrea
was surprised at his sign of affection but said nothing. They parted and
Andrea turned to the power armored guard.

"Can we go now?" She asked.

The guard nodded and began walking away. Andrea wrapped an arm around Ed and
followed after the guard, leaving Irene alone in the room as the door closed
behind them. A short walk later and the three arrived at the front
entranceway. Andrea's clothes were not where she left them.

"Can I have my stuff back?"

The guard shook his head negatively and pointed towards the wall. It opened,
revealing the outdoors.

"You said I would get it back."

Again, the guard pointed towards the exit. Ed spoke, taking an aggressive
posture. "Give her back her damn stuff you lousy son of a..."

"Ed... Ed stop." Andrea grabbed his arm before he did something stupid like
try to attack the armored creature. "It's fine." Still holding his arm, she
led him out the doorway.

As she stepped outside onto the desert sand, she quickly realized it was
burning her feet. Ed noticed a similar sensation but all hope of going back
into the hive was gone as the door shut behind them. Seeing no other choice,
Andrea sucked it up and let her feet adjust.

"Damn sand," Ed said as he tried to keep one foot off the ground to cool it

"Let's just get back to camp okay?" Andrea said.

Ed nodded in approvement and the two walked back towards the cliff, she had
to climb to get to the hive in the first place. Andrea decided to try and
lighten the mood. "So you like the new due?" she said placing a hand on her
bald head.

"Damn Invid. What did they have to go and do that for anyway?" Ed said
angrily. But his eyes wandered down to her hairless crotch. "But I do like
it in other areas. How come you don't always shave there?"

Andrea was surprised at Ed's sudden forwardness about sexuality but answered
the question nonetheless. "It's hard enough to keep my legs and armpits done.
It's just too much work."

Ed nodded but Andrea sensed he disapproved. The two got to the cliff.

"Great," Ed said. "How do we get down this fucking thing?"

"We climb." Andrea couldn't help but notice how much he had changed. It
wasn't at all what she had expected.

"Well... I guess I'll go first." He swung his legs around and carefully
started to descend, being extra careful where he stepped, since he still had
bare feet. Fortunately, the cliff face was mostly sand and nothing sharp.
Andrea noticed Ed became distracted once she started the descent above him.
He was staring up between her legs whenever he got a chance.

"Focus on the wall, Ed," she said matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm focused." The two descended further and about ten feet from
the ground, Ed looked up again, focusing on her for too long. He lost his
footing and fell.

"ED!" Andrea rushed down the rest of the wall.

"Shit!" Came his only response as he sat up. "I'm fine."

Andrea jumped the last few feet and landed easily on the ground. Ed looked
at her again noticing that the cliffs sand had stuck to her sweat soaked
body. They were both covered in it. "So how much further is camp?"

"It's only about a ten minute walk from here."

"Good. I'm starting to hate the desert."

The two walked in silence the rest of the way.

The two travelers arrived at the rest stop to find Bob pointing one of
Andrea's spare guns in their direction nervously. "S... Stop right where you
a... are."

"It's us Bob," Andrea said.

"Yeah. Put the damn gun down."

Bob did as he was told and ran over to the two. It looked as if he was about
to hug Andrea before he realized she was naked and he stopped. Andrea however
had no such hesitations and hugged him strongly. Ed looked on jealously.

"W... Well uh, I'm... I'm glad you're okay."

"They didn't do anything to you did they?"

"N... No. They just came in a ship and took E... Ed there.

Andrea nodded and Ed moved over to his bag. "I'm gonna get dressed," he said
as he pulled out a spare change of clothes.

"You got anything extra in there?"

"Not anymore since those bastards took my other pair. Sorry." Andrea frowned
and looked over to Bob.

"D... Don't look at me. My bag only has m... medicine in it." Andrea's frown
intensified. That meant all she had was her riding armor and on a day like
this that would be hotter than the Invid hive. She'd probably pass out.

"Well then," she said as she moved over to the shade and sat down.

"Umm... A... Andrea?" Bob was obviously hesitant.


"I... I'm sorry but uh... Th... They took the cyclone and th… the a...

"WHAT?" Andrea stood up and moved over to where it used to rest.

"I uh... I think your b... bag was on it too."

"Shit," was all she could think to say. "So what do we have?"

"W... we have Ed's bike... a... and my medicinal supplies. A... And
whatever's in Ed's bag." He paused. "O... Oh yeah. A... And your gun." He
pointed to the spot where he placed it on the ground.


"Y... yeah. So uh… W… What now?"

"I don't know." Andrea put her hand to hear forehead. She felt her hairless
eyebrows and got even more stressed. "We'll wait until tonight and then
figure it out."

"O... of course."

* * *

Eventually nightfall arrived and Ed set up his tent. He moved over towards
Andrea and sat down beside her. She was still naked but the sand that stuck
to her body had mostly been brushed off. "I was thinking… I got a
protoculture cell in my bag over there that the Invid didn't grab. Maybe I
should ride ahead to the nearest town and grab a few supplies for us. Like
water and food. I can come back with it and then we'll go from there."
Andrea nodded and Ed moved his head down to kiss her hard on the mouth. He
placed a hand on her breast and squeezed roughly. "You're really hot, you
know that?"

Andrea pulled away. "What has gotten into you?"

"I'm just being the man I always wanted to be. You worried you can't take

Andrea got frustrated. "I'm worried I can't take all this attitude."

Ed stood up angrily and moved over to his bike. "Whatever. I'm going to go
get our crap. You two can start walking to meet me part way."

Andrea frowned. His new attitude was one she certainly didn't appreciate.
Bob moved over to her. "S… So should we start walking?"

"No. It's going to get too cold. And I have nothing to wear. We'll have to
walk first thing in the morning and then again at the end of the day." Ed's
motorcycle roared off.

"W... Well, I'm going to g...get some sleep then. I'll see you in the m...

Andrea nodded and Bob went into the one remaining tent. Andrea decided it
best to clear her head however and thought about the day's events.

She had met with a giant brain. Then moved into a room where she was drugged
and raped. After that, she became part animal (she shuddered at the thought)
and then met with Irene again who didn't even know what death was. They
killed Ed and replaced him with this uncaring asshole and to top it off left
her naked in the desert.

Right then and there, Andrea made a decision.

She was going to force the Invid to leave Earth.

End, part 3

Next: Andrea meets a group of humans that have been horribly mutated by the
Invid. Also, Andrea makes a decision regarding Ed. And adding insult to
injury, Irene, Everyone's favorite Invid makes another appearance.


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