Rifleman: Mark's First Time - In More Ways Then One (bbF,zoo,anal,cream pie,first,slash)
by Dr. Demented 666

Mark's pa was out of town on a business trip for the government and he was left in the care of Miss Milly, a pretty young woman and owner of the local grocery store with a slender frame and brunette hair and shapely curves that showed her womanly splendor.

Mark was on his own back at the ranch and Milly would stop in from time to time to check on him while his pa was away. Of course with his pa out of town Mark wanted to have some fun and invited his friend Eric over for a sleepover one night. Eric was Mark's age of 12 years old and a cute boy to equal that of Mark, only with brown hair instead of Mark's black.

Later that night they got ready for bed and were about to slip into their night apparel when both boys caught the first glimpse of each other naked in the bedroom. Eric was first to take in Mark's wonder as his boyhood sat in a limp state and his prepubescent frame glowed in the soft room light of the lantern...

"What are you looking at?" Mark asked of Eric in a boyish voice as he stood there naked and watching as Eric's cock grew in length to a full 5" erection.

"You! You dope!" Eric replied as he approached Mark till his wood struck Mark's and made it come to life.

Mark was backed against the wall by his best friend as Eric reached down and took Mark in his hand and stroked his friend's cock to rigid stiffness. Mark couldn't believe what was happening as he never had a boner before and it was being done by his friend-- and a boy at that!

"Stop, Eric...We shouldn't be doing this..." Mark quivered with a soft voice as Eric leaned in and licked his way up Mark's neck and chin and than kissed him; slipping his tongue into Mark's mouth.

Mark's eyes opened wide with surprise as he hesitantly reciprocated what Eric was doing to him and began to stroke Eric's cock and vigorously maneuvering his tongue into Eric's mouth as he fell into the heat of the moment. Eric sunk to his knees and looked up at his young lover and swiped Mark's cock against his face and neck and ran his tongue up along the underside of it, putting Mark wholly in his mouth and sucking him off as he gaxed up into Mark's glossed-over eyes and relishing in the pleasure he was surely giving the boy.

In an instant Mark's abs contracting and he let out a heavy breath as his hips jolted in reaction to his first ever orgasm and white cum blew into Eric's mouth. Eric choked and pulled away as Mark finished on his cute face with his cock bouncing upward from each throb and a cum shot to follow. Mark stared down at the white strands he dropped on his friends face who used Mark's cock to swipe them off of him and gobble the cum up off of Mark's cock...

"That never happened to me before...Where did you learn to do that?" Mark stated.

"No where really...I mean...I just think of what I'd like to try and fantasize about it while I play with myself..." Eric said.

"What!? You play with yourself!? Your thing, I mean!?" Mark asked curiously.

"Well, yeah...Haven't you ever?" Eric replied.

"No! Never! This is a first for me!" Mark said with a high pitched voice as Eric stood with a cum-smeared smile...

"Good...Do me now...Show me what you've learned.." Eric told Mark.

Mark hesitantly fell to his knees and Eric swiped the underside of his cock over Mark's face and lips and pushed the tip of it against Mark's mouth.

"Open up, put it in your mouth." Eric asked of his friend.

Mark slowly and reluctantly opened his mouth and felt the hard length slide into it, making him gag at first until he got the hang of sucking and breathing at the same time; once he did it was all pleasure for Eric. Eric convulsed with delight as his cock spurted his hot white liquid into Mark's mouth, making him choke and pull away. Eric took hold of his cock and jerked it off onto Mark's face as Mark shut his eyes and took Eric's loads, tasting their bland flavor and feeling the slimy texture drizzle down his neck and onto his chest.

"That stuff's pretty hot...It kinda burned my mouth at first!" Mark exclaimed.

Eric had Mark stand and he led him to the bed by hand where Eric knelt on the mattress on hands and knees and motioned for Mark to get behind him.

"what do you want me to do?" Mark asked of Eric curiously.

"Put it in me." Eric said.

"Put what in you?" Mark again asked with curiosity.

"Your thing...Put your dick in my but and hump me." Eric stated.

"Uhhhh, won't that hurt?" Mark asked him.

"Just go slow and I'll let you know." Eric instructed.

Mark began to wipe the underside of his cock over Eric's smooth ass cheeks, teasing his prick into a rigid state before easing it into Eric's ass. Eric jolted forward with a high pitched yelp as Mark inched further into his rump. Eric squinted his eyes shut as he took Mark's full length and relished in the feeling of his ass swelling from the mass pushing on his inner anal walls.

Mark cupped Eric's ass cheeks as he pumped his cock back and forth into Eric's ass and mesmerized over the sensation it was providing to him with the pressure of a hand-like grip surrounding his member and squeezing it in a massaging manner. In an instant Mark felt his cock pressurize and than explode into Eric's ass, making Eric coo with joy as his ass filled with jizz and Mark with each final thrust giving a deep boyish grunt.

Eric felt Mark pull from his and and the sensation of the cool room air tantalizing his burning gape as Mark's cum slowly oozed from it and dripped onto the sheets under them. Eric spun around and pushed Mark onto his back and pried open his legs...

"My turn...I can't wait to feel my thing in your butt!" Eric said ecstatically.

Eric dipped his cock into the cum on the sheets and used it as pre-lube to enter Mark's puckered ass. Mark felt the sharp pierce of Eric's cock upon initial entry and than the sudden pressure as he shoved it into him fully. Mark winced and his stomach tightened as Eric's prepubescent frame laid across Mark's and the two mingle tongues as Eric took his new lover.

Eric reached down Mark's side with his hand and guided Mark's leg up and over Eric's waist and Mark followed suit with his other legs, wrapping them both around Eric as he started to fuck Mark vigorously; making Mark moan using high notes like a girl. Suddenly, Marks eyes opened wide with surprise as he felt Eric's cock pulsing inside of him; the hard dick of Eric spitting cum shots deep into Mark's ass as Eric's cock head ridge massaged over Mark's inner anal walls and teased him into an assgasm.

Mark's ass quivered and spasmed around Eric's shaft and even Eric was taken aback by what was happening as Mark's ass continued to clamp and release for nearly a minute as he shook under Eric and his eyes rolled back into his head and turned white.

Eric pulled himself from Mark and the two drifted off to sleep. It was the next morning that they were startled awake by a loud voice from the doorway...


The boys awoke still naked and in a cuddling embrace to see Milly standing there with a dumbfounded look on her face. They were speechless and knew she figured out what they did last night.

"This is what you do when your father's out of town and I'm not here to watch you? Mark, I'm surprised at you...I didn't know you were like that?" Milly stated.

"Well, I'm not....Wasn't, I mean...Until...Until Eric...We just...You know?" Mark stammered out in reply.

"Oh I do...All too well, I know...So last night was your first time, sex I mean?' Milly asked of them.

"Yeah, for both of us..." Mark stated.

"How would you two like to do a girl?" Milly asked with a smile as she took in their boyish naked good looks sitting there on the bed.

They both looked at each other and than back at Milly with a huge grin on their faces and she took that as a profound 'YES' and removed her dress. They watched in awe as she exposed herself to them, stripping until her naked splendor filled the room with perfumed aroma and her pony tailed hair hung mid back and her long legs led up to her brunette muff that glistened at their pubic ends with her wetness.

Milly went to the bed and pushed Mark onto his back and climbed atop him, lowering her pussy onto his cock she held up straight and felt his erectness enter her fully. Milly tossed her head backward over her shoulders with excitement and a smile as she was penetrated by the 12 year old as Eric got behind her and began to rub his cock against her back side while kissing her neck.

Eric pushed Milly forward atop Mark and watched as she softly kissed him as she rode his hard shaft. Eric took his cock and plunged it into her ass, making her squeal with delight from her first ever DP. Milly couldn't believe both boys were in her at once but most of all the sensation her pussy and ass experienced as they both came in her in unison.

Milly's body spasmed as both her pussy and ass did at the same time, giving her a dual anal-vaginal orgasm as her squirts showered onto Mark under her. As the boys orgasms came to an end so did hers, allowing them to pull out of her and letting her collapse onto the bed and pass out from the most intense orgasm ever.

The boys decided to go out back and get washed up a bit before dressing. As they turned the corner they noticed two horses standing in front of the barn corralled and in a weird state of their own. Both had huge erections that hung a good couple feet below their under frames. The cocks were huge and rigid with stiff vein-popped skin that marbled with pink and white areas up their lengths. They both took in the horse's shiny coats and muscled figures as they stood there, the one horse being an all black stallion and the other a brown and white painted mustang.

"Look at the size of them!" Eric exclaimed.

"I know, kinda puts us to shame..." Mark replied.

"I'm game if you two are..." A wmanly voice said from behind.

The boys turned to see Milly standing there naked with a smile and knowing what they were thinking about. She took them by the hand and led them to the beasts where she and the boys dropped to their knees and ran their hands up the length of the horse's cocks. Milly had the stallion all to herself as the boys worked over the mustang.

The mustang reacted with a stomp of its hoof and a loud neigh as Mark's and Eric's hands glided over its softball sized cock head and worked up and down its shaft. Eric's arm reached all the way up the horse's length until his hand cupped the animals balls where he gently massaged them as the two flicked their tongue over its cock head.

The mustang reacted with a forceful blow of it cock which sprang upward and emitted long shots of cum onto the boys faces and torsos...

"WOW! Look at that! You two really are gifted with dicks, aren't you?" Milly stated as she watched the horse cum all over the boys before her.

Milly dragged a bale of hay over and under the stallion and laid on it on her back so she was under the beast in a missionary position, lifting both her legs up and placing the bottoms of her feet against the top fronts of each of the horse's back legs...

"Help me, boys....Help me get him in me..." Milly asked of them.

Eric and Mark rushed to her beckoning and they both took the stallions cock, guiding it down to her pussy where it felt the tip of its cock head brush against her soft pubic mound. The beast thrusted...Milly screamed...The boys jaws dropped...18 inches of horse cock plunged into Milly in one thrust and it took her with tremendous force, making her whole body rock with each thrust as the boys licked her nipples and massaged her stomach that bulged outward from the deep penetration of horse cock.

The horse let out a loud neigh and the boys watched as Milly's pussy spurted horse cum passed the large shaft that remained in her. As the beast finished it backed off of her and her pussy slowly dwindled back to normal size before expelling what seemed like a gallon of cum along with soft orgasmic pulses from Milly's pussy.

"I wanna try that!" Mark blurted out to both Eric and Milly's surprise.

Eric was game as well but Milly figured she better prep them first, having them lay across the bale of hay with their knees on the ground and stomachs on the bales. She took the bucket of freshly churned butter and coated both her hands and arms with the slippery substance and inched each of her hands into the boys rectums.

Eric and Mark squinted and squirmed as they each felt her sink both her hands into them and ball them into fists, then further inching her arms into them until almost elbow deep. Sharp tingles went up the boys spines as she twisted her hands about in them and pumped her arms in a fucking motion until she was sure they were ready.

She had Eric rest on one bale of hay while Mark did so on the other, both with knees on the ground and stomach on the hay bales. Milly than guided each horse to its respective boy and let their huge cocks drape across the boys backs. The horses began to thrust with vigor until finding the anal entry it was looking for.

Mark and Eric screamed out in tandem as their horse sunk itself into them nearly 20 inches. The horses thrusted and the boys bodies remained stationary due to the bales of hay blocking them from moving forward. Saliva dripped from the boys' mouths as their asses were stretched beyond belief until Eric's horse began to cum, filling the boys ass totally full of horse semen.

As the horse pulled from Eric's ass Eric passed out under the release of pressure from his anal cavity and Milly turned her attention to Mark and the stallion. The stallion entered his orgasm and pushed itself up off the ground so its front legs and hoofs were kicking in midair as Mark lifted up off the ground impaled on the horse's cock.

The stallion came in this position, filling Mark's ass with cum as he screamed being still impaled on the horse shaft and suspended in midair. The horse dropped its front legs to the ground and Mark slid off the horse shaft and collapsing in an unconscious state onto the ground with his ass gaping and spilling horse cum from it.

Milly led the horses into the barn and let the boys sleep off what just happened to them. She went and sat on the rocker on the porch, still completely naked and fulfilled and she sipped fresh lemonade from a glass. Nearly and hour later a naked Mark and Eric rounded the corner, their arms draped over each others shoulders as they were assisting each other in walking.

They were more limping and hunched over than anything as Mark stated: "I think we bit off more than we can chew. We should have stuck to our things or maybe a dogs' ."

Milly watched as they hobbled onto the porch front and she gave them each a glass of lemonade...

"I can help with that. I have a German Shepherd back at the store...But I think we need to wait till tomorrow to give you two a chance to straighten up. I bet your backsides are still aching from all that horse cock being in them and all." Milly stated with a smile and watching as the boys sat with a wince as their bottoms came to rest on the wooden chairs.

At least now they know their limitations and can count on Milly and each other for future play time and fun...


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