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Revolution: The Fall Of Charlie Part 1 (no sex)
by DulceAvril ([email protected])

After what Randall had done, they were all still very perplexed by all that had happened. Charlie spent time with her mother in her grandfather's house, but she could not stay there. She needed a goal, a direction or something to make her even temporarily forget everything that had happened.

She decided to separate from her mother, Miles, and Aaron and hunting Monroe whom she believed to be the guilty of everything that was happening.

After a few months searching for Monroe she finally had a clue of it. She was going to one of the towns that were hit by the bomb.

But something was different. The more Charlie walked into that city, the more she could feel something different. Something was changing inside her. At first it seemed just a bad feeling, but the more she walked through that forest towards your destination more she could feel her body acting strange. She felt like she was shivering, but it was not cold there. Her body began to sweat considerably, but there was not much sun with the trees covering everything. Charlie thought it might be starting to get sick, but she did not want to stop and rest knowing that this would give more time for Monroe go for another place.

Charlie fought against the reactions of her body and walked even more inside that forest. Each step forward and she could feel the sensations continually increasing in her body. Her mouth was dry and now her breasts were very sensitive. So sensitive that she had to adjust the crossbow so he did not touch her boobs over the blouse.

The worst was that now her mind began to play tricks on her. For months the only thing going on in the head of Charlie was to finding Monroe and get her revenge. Now for some reason her head was beginning to formulate disconnected thoughts about Jason and other guys she had known before.

She did not understand why she was thinking about that now. Why the image of a shirtless boy was now walking through her head when she clearly had something else to worry about?

If was not enough her body going through this mix of emotions, her mind now also decided to play with it. It was as if she was slowly losing control over herself.

Far from any town or village, she spotted this little creek. Charlie knew she could take some time to find a city, then she thought it would be a good idea. taking a bath in that creek and try to calm the heat she felt inside of her. Her body was sweating and she knew it was not because of the sun.

As she was coming down and getting closer to the creek, she can see a person sitting in the tree next to the creek. It was apparently a man of 50 years or more. It was a white old man, with gray hair and a beard greater than normal. His clothes were dirty and as Charlie got closer she could see what the man was doing. He was sat beneath the tree, with his pants down, with the hand in his penis. The old man was jerking off on the riverbank..

He soon saw Charlie approaching and stopping when saw what he was doing. He smiled and continued the act, oblivious to the presence of the girl. In fact her presence cheered him even more. Now he had something visual there to help with the masturbation.

Charlie remained standing there unresponsive. At other times she would have gone after see what this man was doing and follow your way no matter what. But something was wrong with her. Her body was weird all the way and now the sight of this man, the feeling intensified even more.

She did not find it dirty or disgusting. In fact she think that scene very horny. At least her body think that way and she can feel a new wave of heat go through her skin. Her pussy was wet and she did not know why. Standing there, she began to imagine having sex with that unattractive man. Charlie tried to avoid those thoughts but she dont was able to do that.

Charlie looked at the man and inside of her she knew that what she's thinking was very wrong. But she was consumed by a desire stronger than her, for something that she would not be able to control. Charlie wanted to feel that man touching her, feel him inside of her. That girl that only had done regular sex, was now trapped in thoughts so dirty she could not even know how they got into her head.

Charlie felt as if her blood was getting hotter and hotter. Her body reacted to something that was not nearly horny. The thought that this was wrong was increasingly getting smaller against all that her body was feeling. She could not take the eyes of this man jerking off.

Standing there staring at it for so long, call the old man attention. He realize that girl's interest in what he was doing.

The old man would never try anything with that girl, armed with a crossbow. He knows at least he would have his ass kicked or end up dead. But realizing the size of the girl interest in his act, he can not keep herself.

"Did you enjoy the view, slut?" Asked the old man.

Charlie returned to reality. That man was talking to her. It was all real. She actually stood there watching this man jerking off. That old man, who was not the least bit attractive.

She had no control over their actions. It was as if she were a spectator within your own body. Even if she did not agree with has happened now, she could not prevent her body to react that way.

"I... I just wanted to wash my face." Charlie spoke, stammering.

Seeing the girl's submissive reaction to him calling her names, did the old man gain even more confidence.

"And what's stopping you? Move that white ass over here and wash your face. Or are you waiting the creek go until you." Replied the old man.

"Is that ... Is that you are ..."

"I will not stop my masturbation because one bitch wants to wet her face. If you want to, move your white ass over here and do your stuff, but if you're expecting me to go stop what I'm doing, you wasting your time." The old man spoke with authority.

Charlie wanted to go there, but she knew deep down that it was not by the water. She wanted to see it more closely. She wanted to see the cock of the man more closely.

She was walking with the head bowed. The legs still trembling, toward the creek. She could just going further and wash her face away from that man. But she was just walking to the portion of the creek, where he was close. That was the green signal for the old that this girl wanted more than just washing your face.

The old man had now stopped the jerking. He didn't want cum now, because in your head something could happen to him there. He waited for the girl to pass in front of him and raised his hand touching the girl's ass.

Charlie got a fright and gave a little jump forward, but that not stopped the old man, who again put his hand on girl's butt. He placed his hand on the back of Charlie and could feel her ass under her jeans.

Charlie froze. She did not know what to do. She wondered what was happening to her. A small part of her still wanted to beat that old man, but apparently this small part no longer controlled her own body and her reactions. The part that now "controlled" Charlie, wanted that the old continue what he was doing.

It was a battle that was going on inside her, but it was quite clear that the rational part of Charlie was losing, and the desire and lust were dominating the girl.

Seeing that his risky move had worked and that girl had given no sign of resistance against what he was doing, gave more confidence to the the old man. He now rubbed the butt of Charlie, passing his hand across the length, feeling the shape. He did it for awhile and then slapped Charlie's ass.

"You have a perfect ass, slut. Neither too big nor too small. Plump, the way i like it. How old are you, slut?" Asked the old man giving another slap on Charlie's ass

"My name is Charlie" Charlie replied, ignoring the question of the old man, and trying with all their might to keep some self respect in that situation.

"I did not ask your name. I'll call you slut and for me and that's enough. Your name does not concern me. Answer me what I asked. And try to show a little respect for a old men, call me sir.

That answer broke the last defense of Charlie. Her body was even more excited with that statement of domination that old man she had just met had given her.

"Sorry. I... I'm 20 years old, sir." Charlie replied, without knowing exactly why she was apologizing to a person who had just offend her.

"So much better. This behavior of badass girl does not work with me. I barely know you slut, but I can see you for who you really are." Say the old man, putting his hands on Charlie's legs.

Charlie stared at the man's cock standing there. Hard as a rock and pointing in her direction. It was 6 or 7 inches, and Charlie's body wanted him.

Seeing the interest of the girl, and the reaction of her body, the old man began to devise a plan in his mind to fuck this girl. He did not want to do something forced, he wanted her to deliver to him gladly. Just the thought of this beautiful 20 year old girl having sex with him of her own pleasure, left him in a state of madness. He needed her and he would risk all their chips to get it.

"You come here to wash your face, right? So why are you standing here, looking at me? Go ahead." Said the old man.

Charlie felt a little rejected, but decided to do what she came to do in first place on this creek.

She put the crossbow and the arrows down and went into the creek. When Charlie took the first step, the old wicked man stretched out his leg in front of her, making her fall on the creek, wetting all her jacket and shirt and leaving her pants a little wet.

Luckily the creek was not shallow, and she was not hurt. The forced bath did Charlie lose a bit of horny and regain a bit of reality. She lifted and looked at the man.

"Why did you do that?" Charlie asked with a certain attitude.

"What I did, slut?" Asked the old man.

"You know what I'm talking about. You made me fall in the creek." Charlie spoke.

The old man pulled his pants down and stood up slowly, facing of Charlie. It was time to risk it again.

The girl was all wet, dripping quite, and somewhat she was even more hot than before. The old man slapped the girl's face. It was not a hard slap, but it was enough to draw the attention of Charlie.

"Firstly, lower your voice, I told you that I no gonna tolerate that kind of attitude with me. Secondly, you've stumbled on my feet and fell into the creek. I did not have any guilt. Actually, I'm the victim here since I was sitting quiet here and you hit my foot and splashed water all over me. You should apologize, dumb slut.

All the control and attitude that Charlie had recovered were broken by the words and by the slap on her face. She lowered her head and took her hand to her cheek like a helpless girl. Now she felt she had to apologize to the old man. It was clear that he had knocked Charlie on purpose, but in her head she felt like she had actually stumbled on the foot of the old man and had to apologized to him for having screaming like this.

"I ... I'm sorry. I should not have spoken that way with you." Charlie said timidly with her head down.

The old man moved closer to her and raised Charlie's chin with his finger, making her look straight in his brown eyes. Then he hugged her leaving Charlie completely confused.

"Alright slut. I forgive you. I know that you are not a bad girl, you just need to learn some manners and will become a special girl." The old man spoke with a more gentle voice in the ear of the girl, still hugging her.

For Charlie was impossible to not feel confused by the sudden change in the behavior of the old man, but somehow she felt happy for her apologies have been accepted. But soon her attention moved to another detail. With the old man hugging her, she could feel his hard cock touching her. This made her even more horny.

The old man ended the hug and kissed her lightly on the cheek. On the same side where he had given the slap.

He put his hands upon the girl's shoulder and looked into her eyes again.

"You seem tired. There is no village near and with those wet clothes you can get sick. I live in a house close of here. I do not have much food. In fact I went out to try to hunt something, but I was tired and decided to sit down for a bit. Is very difficult for a old man like me hunt something, but I do my best and I think you should come with me. I can share the little that I have and you help me find something to eat tomorrow.

Charlie did not understand why this old man lives alone in a such isolated place, where the food options were scarce. But she had to agree that she was tired and hungry, but still her mind with a little reason wondered if that was the right choice.

"I do not know. I need to go in a place and I cant take too long." Charlie answered.

"Once you have yelled at me and accused me unjustly, I think the least you could do was help this old man to get some food tomorrow. C'mon there, we can put those clothes to dry, for you do not get sick.

She did not know how, but this old man had the power to leave her feeling guilty. Since that conversation started Charlie felt indebted to the old man. The way he talked to her and how her body was reacting recently was the perfect combination for a disaster that Charlie already had in mind that would happen.

"Alright. I'm going with you.

The old man smiled seeing that everything was going as planned. The old man pick up his pants he'd left on the floor, along with the crossbow and the arrows of Charlie.

"Unfortunately I can not be carrying weight. Problems of my age." The old man spoke, handing the crossbow, the arrows and his pants to Charlie hold and carry.

"But you will not gonna wear that?" Charlie asked surprise, noting that now she was holding the pants of the man in the hand and there he was naked from the waist down with his cock swung from one side to another.

"No. I like to stay that way. Come on slut, you need to dry your clothes. Let's go." The old man spoke, pulling Charlie to his side, and holding her arm as he walked with her to the hut.


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