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I decided to continue on my first Resident Evil/Tomb Raider story, but as I
got to writing this piece it got to where there was no zombies in the story
and dealt more with the characters and time travel. I really don't like
this story a whole lot, and at this point am not sure if I'll finish up the
storyline with the third and final piece.

Resident Evil/Tomb Raider: Same Name New Face (MF,oral,viol)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

A red Camaro slowed down and came to a stop in the passenger drop-off zone
of Elkington International Airport. The city of Elkington was nearly two
hundred miles from Raccoon City, but with Raccoon City now in ruins Elkington
held the closest airport.

"Here you go Lara. Not that I need to tell you this, but be careful ok?"
Leon Kennedy asked.

"After our adventure in Raccoon City a few weeks ago, you don't have to tell
me twice," Lara Croft replied.

"Ok ok. I'm just a bit concerned for you is all. You know, you are a
likable person when you're not killing people is all I'm saying."

"No Leon, those were zombies and if I recall correctly you killed quite a few

"Yeah well, so I did. The bastards were trying to kill me. Anyways, where
are you off to?"

"I'm meeting someone in Cairo in regards to the Clock of Ages. Then I'll
probably fly home to London from there. You and Sherry staying in

"No, an old friend of mine in Indianapolis owes me a favor and said that if
I ever needed a job I could join his precinct. Well Raccoon City no longer
exists so I'm currently unemployed and just for Sherry's well being I thought
it might do her some good if we just completely left the state."

"Sounds like a plan. You're a good man Leon, take care of yourself and
Sherry," Lara said leaning over kissing him on the cheek. "Thanks for the
suitcase and clothes. When I land in Paris I'll call Peters and have him
wire you money for what I owe you."

"Don't worry about it Lara," Leon said smiling before looking down at his
watch. "If you don't get a move on you'll miss your flight."

"You're too kind Leon, but I'm still sending you the money," Lara said as she
grabbed her things and stepped out of the car. "Now take care of yourself,"
she said as she closed her door and looked through the passenger window.

"You too kid," Leon responded as he shifted the car into drive and drove off.

As Lara walked inside the airport a taxicab pulled up curbside and a man
dressed in a business suit stepped out and watched Lara as she continued
through the airport terminal before she disappeared into the crowd. He then
pulled some bills from his wallet handed them to the cab driver. He then
picked up his briefcase and suitcase and walked inside the airport.

* * *

Lara cris-crossed the airport stopping at the baggage claim to get her things
and then get her passport stamped.

"What is your purpose in Egypt?" The customs agent asked.


"And how long do you plan on staying?"

"Five days."

The agent looked Lara up and down and at her belongings. He knew who she was
and he knew the reputation she brought for inevitably creating trouble, but
he decided to let her pass anyway.

"Ok then, everything's in order. Have yourself a good vacation," the man
said stamping Lara's passport and handing it back to her.

Lara picked her luggage up and headed for the escalators to go outside. At
that same moment, the man who had just previously been following her in
Elkington was now passing through customs himself.

He picked up his suitcase and briefcase and got onto the escalator. Outside
he walked to the edge of the curb and looked down both ends of the street,
before getting into a cab and heading off.

* * *

Lara went under the water one last time, before getting out of the hotel
bathtub and putting on her robe. As she walked back into the bedroom she
notice Winston Drecker sitting in a chair by the table smoking.

"Good to see you're still in good health Lara."

"Too bad we can't say the same about Thomas. Can you put the cigarette out?"

"Sure thing," Winston said as he mashed the cigarette in an ashtray. "The
last month or so has been really stressful for me, and I've started smoking
again unfortunately. Anyway, with the life we lead and the people we meet
it was bound to happen. Though as I understand it what happened in Raccoon
City was something of the unusual kind."

"That's certainly an understatement. Zombies really aren't the norm by any
standard. Thomas may have slipped past me once, but he's dead now and I'm
not. Now what do you want?" Lara asked as she rifled through her bags and
pulled out a sports bra, panties, white T-shirt, and baggy khaki pants.

"Well Lara, I've seen the error of my ways and I've decided it might be
easier to buy the Clock of Ages from you instead of stealing it."

"Normally I'd hear you're offer, but one you're an complete dumbass and two
this clock is going to a true collector of artifacts," Lara said as she
slipped her panties and bra on.

"God damn it..." Winston mumbled to himself as he reached underneath his
untucked shirt and pulled out a glock. "I really didn't want to have to do
this, but shit Lara you can be so fucking hard-headed."

"Winston don't try and play this badass shit on me it's not going to work.
You'll just end up dead like your brother."

"Harsh words for someone who's in no position to say them."

"You thieves are a dime a dozen. There have been scoundrels better than you
who have tried to screw me over and failed."

"Yes well Lara this time is different. I'm not only out to make money, I'm
out to make history, and you're going to help," Winston said as he walked to
Lara and ran his finger down her face and to her chest.

"History huh?" Lara asked planning her next move. "What exactly did you have
in mind?"

"That you'll just have to wait and see when we go meet my client," Winston
said as he slipped the right strap then the left strap of Lara's bra off and
pulled the front of it down exposing her large breasts as they jumped out and
came to a rest.

"Why can't you tell me now?" Lara asked batting her eyes as she dropped to
her knees, unbuttoned Winston's pants, and let them fall before pulling down
his underwear.

"My ass is on the line with this, though I will get a nice cash reward when
I meet up with him tomorrow, and I might be willing to give you half if you
can be nice and make me happy."

"I've already have more money than I'll ever need. I just want a name," Lara
whispered before tonguing Winston's balls and taking his dick in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm... Lara I wish... I wish I could tell you more... but I just
can't..." Winston groaned as he felt Lara's tongue continue to tickle his
cock up and down it's shaft.

Lara got off the floor climbed onto the bed spread eagle and started to slip
her finger in and out of her cunt.

"Just give me a name..." Lara whispered with lust in her eyes.

"In a moment..." Winston said as he place his gun on the room dresser drawer
and rubbed his cock up and down as he walked towards Lara.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Shit!" Winston grumbled as he quickly pulled his pants back up and looked
at the cell phone clipped to them.

While he was messing with his pants, Lara jumped from the bed and dashed to
pick up Winston's gun.

"Don't move asshole!" Lara screamed pointing the gun at Winston's head.

"You know," a voice behind Lara said as she felt a gun press to the back of
her skull, "I wouldn't think such a renowned archaeologist and adventurer as
yourself would be so easily fooled by a gun with no ammo."

"What?" was the only thing Lara could say.

"Go ahead check," the voice instructed her.

She did so and realized he was right.

"Shit!" Lara mumbled as she dropped the empty gun to the floor.

"Lara you've really misjudged me and hurt my feelings. Me and Thomas may
have been brothers, but I'm so much more smarter able then he could have ever
been," Winston said as he gave each of her breasts a squeeze and then ran his
hand down her body and between her legs.

Lara just shot Winston a dirty glance as he fondled her.

"We've no time for that," the man behind Lara said. "Which bag is the clock

"That one," Lara reluctantly revealed pointing to a burlap bag underneath the
table Winston had been sitting at earlier.

"Give it to me Winston. You Lara can get dressed."

Winston picked up the bag and handed it to the second guy. As Lara pulled
her panties and bra back up, and then put on her pants and shirt, she caught
a glance of the new guy; blond hair, sunglasses, and some sort of suit with
an emblem similar to one she had seen in Raccoon City. She then recognized
it as being S.T.A.R.S.

"Could this be Chris?" Lara thought remember what Claire had said to her. "It
can't be can it? Claire said he was in Europe."

"Good, it's still in one piece," the blond man said as he closed the bag back
up. "Well it looks like everything's going as planned."

"Great, can't wait before we master time travel tomorrow," Winston said

"Tomorrow?" The blond man asked.

"Yeah tomorrow."

"Oh well there's been a slight change of plan in that area," The man said as
he pulled his gun from his holster and pointed it at Winston.

"Uh Wesker? What's that for?"


Winston fell to the ground as a bullet entered the center of his forehead and
his head partially exploded.

"Shit!" Lara groaned as a bit of Winston's blood splattered on her arms, face
and clothes.

"The man is inept. He's no different from his brother. And you," Wesker said
turning to Lara, "you must die now. I don't need you to operate the clock
after all as I thought."

Wesker raised his gun and pointed it at Lara now. Drawing a blank as to what
to do now Lara blurted out the first thing she could think of to stall.

"You're not Chris are you?"

Wesker was a bit surprised by the question then answered. "Ah, I see you've
met Claire. She's a nice little thing isn't she? As for that sorry excuse
for a S.T.A.R.S member, the last I heard was he was running around Europe
like a dope."

"Well you heard wrong Wesker," A new male voice said from the doorway of the
room as a round clicked into place. "I'm here and ready to take your ass

"You won't shoot me Chris."

"Don't try me Wesker. I've lost my patience with you."

"Chris you will put the gun down now or you will never see you bitch sister
alive again!"


Blam! Chris fire off a shot at Wesker and it struck him in the chest.
However Wesker merely stumbled backwards a few steps.

Blam! Wesker fired a shot back at Chris striking him in the chest knocking
him into the hallway wall opposite the door before he slumped to the ground.

"Always come prepared Chris," Wesker said knocking on his bulletproof vest
with the hand holding the bag.

"Nice motto," Lara said before firing shots at Wesker one striking each hand
causing him to drop his gun and the bag containing the clock.

"Shit! Mother fucking Winston!" Wesker screamed at the pain throbbing in his
hands. "He said you would have no weapons."

"Well he is inept as you said." Lara walked over Wesker her pistol still
pointed at him and picked up the burlap bag. "Now get the fuck out of here!"

"You stupid little bitch!" Wesker screamed as he scampered for the door.
"Hey Chris, thank Lara for your sister's death! The bitch is going to die
unless I have the clock by tomorrow morning!" Wesker yelled as he darted
past Chris and quickly left the hotel.

* * *

"So you're really quitting S.T.A.R.S finally?" Claire asked her brother as
the two of them ate lunch in a cafe booth.

"Yeah I am Claire. Wesker's dead and the Umbrella Corporation is all but
dead too."

"That's good to hear. I've been constantly worried about you since you joined

"Yeah, too bad he wasn't worried about your health!" A voice cackled from
across the cafe.

"Wesker!" Chris screamed turning to look at him. "You're dead! I killed

"No you didn't Chris, but I killed your sister!" Wesker cackle back as he
raised a gun and fired single shot at Claire.

Chris turned in time to see the horrified look on Claire's face as the bullet
struck her in the forehead and her brains exited through the back of her

"You fucking bastard!" Chris screamed as he got out of the booth and charged
at Wesker.

Chris didn't get more than two steps before Wesker fired of six shots all
striking Chris in the chest killing him.

* * *

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Chris screamed waking up in a cold sweat.

"Chris! Chris! Shhhhhhhh! Calm down, it was only a nightmare," Lara said
sitting on the bed next to him with wrapping her arms around him trying to
calm him.

After a few moments of heavy breathing Chris did finally calm down and it was
then he notice a third person in the room with them. The man was bit older,
in his fifties maybe, and the room they were in was pretty bland save for a
table full of surgical tools.

"Is he going to be ok?" Lara asked the older man.

"He'll be fine. Luckily it was a clean wound that missed the heart and major

"Thanks for your help."

"As always, you're welcome Ms. Croft. It's a pleasure helping when I can."
With that the old man left the room.

"What happened? Where am I?" Chris asked still trying to get his bearings.

"You got shot by that Wesker guy and passed out. The man who was just in
here is Marco, he used to be a surgeon years ago, and he's more or less my
contact for Egypt. As for where we are, we are in an emergency shelter for
times like this. Right after Wesker left, I dragged you out to my Marco's
car and drove here. Right now the Cairo police are scouring the hotel for
us. It's got heat, air conditioning, running water for the shower and
cooking, electricity, and that's really about it. No TV or anything else
for entertainment as I usually don't come here that often. I've got a cot
in the room next door and I'll sleep there. You can stay here on the bed
and rest up. Just curious though as to how you found me and Wesker?"

"Uh..." Chris said as he took everything in. "Through my own sources I found
out about Wesker sending Thomas Drekker to steal the Clock of Ages from you.
I tracked you down to Raccoon City, but not before it was too late. I would
was going to say something to Claire, but she left for Europe before I got a
chance to and I couldn't risk losing sight of you or the clock and...
and...," Chris muttered still trying to clear the cob webs.

"You better lie down again." Lara said kissing Chris on the forehead.

"Yeah I think I will."
* * *

Lara felt the water with her hand to make sure it wasn't too hard before
stripping off her bloodied clothes and stepping into the shower pulling back
the curtain.

As she was rinsing the shampoo from her hair Lara heard the bathroom door

"Who's there?"

"Ah shit... Sorry Lara, my head's still a bit groggy. I didn't hear the
shower running."

Lara thought for a bit before responding.

"That's ok, I'll be done in a moment. Want to join me though?"

"Well she did save my life," Chris thought to himself for a moment.

Noticing his pause Lara said, "Come on Chris, I won't bite too hard."

Not sure what to make of Lara's sudden urges, Chris none the less stripped
off everything except the bandage over his wound and stepped into the shower
with Lara.

"I could just wait you know," Chris began.

"But would fun would that be?" Lara asked as she knelt in front of Chris with
the water beating on her back.

Lara took Chris' dick and ran her hand up and down its shaft until it was
large and erect.

"Niiiiiiiice. Much bigger than Winston's prick," Lara gleed as she
deep-throated Chris.

"Oh god that's good Lara," Chris moaned as she tickled his balls with her
tongue and then tickled his shaft as well. Lara continued to run her lips up
and down Chris' member until she felt the taste of precum on her tongue.

"Good now stick it in my hole," Lara demanded as she placed pushed against
the shower wall slightly bent with her pussy now exposed to Chris.

With the water now splashing down on Lara's back and butt, Chris firmly
grasped her by her hips and slowly slipped his cock inside splitting her

"Oh god Chris, that's very nice," Lara moaned with pleasure as she felt his
penis continually penetrate her box going in and out.

"I can't get too hard, my wound's sore, but I'll do what I can," Chris
responded as he gingerly increased his pace and Lara's pink walls stretched
to accommodate him.

"Fuck me hard Chris! Fuck me hard! I'm fixing to cum!" Lara moaned loudly
as she was now being split wide open by Chris' large prick and she felt it
penetrate the depths of her walls like very few ever had.

"Oh Lara! I'm fixing to cum!" Chris screamed as he ignore his chest pain
and was now pounding Lara's beaver like a jackhammer.

"Oh god!" Lara moaned as her body shook with orgasm and she started to
ejaculate on Chris.

"Oh shit! Lara!" Chris groaned as he pulled out and jacked himself off as
drops of white started to splash down on Lara's back.

Chris pulled out and as Lara turned the water off and stood up he reached
under her arms and felt up her breasts pinching the nipples. Chris then
leaned forward and kissed Lara on the neck.

"Mmm.... while I still do feel a bit groggy in the head I do feel much

"Good, that was the idea. Though I do admit to having my own reasons."

Chris and Lara then proceeded to get out and dry off. Once they were dry and
clothed they both say down at the kitchen table.

"You think Wesker really is holding Claire hostage?"

"Wesker is truly an evil bastard, he is the on responsible for the Raccoon
City incident after all, so I'm inclined to believe he is telling the truth.
However, I still think Claire is ok for now as he still needs the Clock of

"What exactly does a guy like him want with the clock?"

"He's a smart man, but right now he's also a desperate man. Before
S.T.A.R.S. ever set foot in Raccoon City, he made a clone of himself in case
his plans didn't work out. As it was reported me and Jill Valentine made it
all the way to Umbrella's underground research labs and found out what was
going on. The virus, Tyrant, everything. In a last ditch effort to stop us
Wesker unleashes the still underdeveloped Tyrant which ultimately gets out
of control and kills Wesker. Or so we thought. After we left town, I began
to hear rumors that Wesker was still alive. I started to dig a little into
him and Umbrella and that's when I learned of the clone. As far as the
clock goes you know about the powers it's supposed to possess regarding time
travel. He had the world's best scholars scouring history books and
everything they could find regarding it. And well---"

"He's cracked the code and figured out how to harness time travel?"

"Basically yes. The theory is is that there's more than one portal to be
accessed with the clock, but right now the only known one is here in Egypt at
the altar in the Gizarra Tomb."

"Ok, but why does he want to go back in time?"

"Umbrella has continually lost money and its numerous worldwide facilities
are constantly being raided and people arrested. If he goes back in time and
kills S.T.A.R.S. founder Barry Burton before it's created then the Raccoon
City incident never happens. If that doesn't happen Umbrella doesn't

"So that's it huh? I'm assuming though there's some kind of ritual or chant
involved with the clock?"

"Yes, but he's got the scholars to set up everything for him, and once active
the clock can only be shut down by the person who started it."

"Uh huh. Just out of curiosity Chris how do I know you're not working with
Wesker? You seem to know an awful lot about this."

"First off Wesker's not working alone. He has help in the form of Rebecca
Chambers, the lone survivor of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team, and before you ask yes
she can be trusted."

"She must be good then if she can get Wesker to trust her," Lara replied
still a bit unconvinced.

"She is, after she heard of Wesker's plans, she led him to the clock and kept
me informed the whole time. Tomorrow I'll finally be able to capture Wesker
and give him his just dues."

"As a friend told me once, if you're looking for revenge I'd advise you not
to do anything illegal."

"At this point it doesn't really matter."

* * *

"It's a good thing I told you to kidnap Claire, because now Chris will bring
Lara and that clock here and we can change history forever," Rebecca Chambers
said as she her right hand up and down Claire Redfield's face before kissing
her on the lips slipping her tongue inside.

After a bit Rebecca removed her lips and pulled back. She then placed her
finger to her lips as if to shush Claire.

"Be patient. Tomorrow it'll all be over," Rebecca whispered in Claire's ear.

Claire stared at Rebecca for a bit with a questionable look in her eyes and
Rebecca just nodded her head yes.

Wesker, Rebecca, and Claire were in the Gizarra Tomb altar room. Claire
was bound by some shackles to the room's wall to the right of the altar
and Rebecca was standing there next to her. Although ungagged Claire had
remained in defiant silence. In the middle of the room was a small platform
that had half a dozen steps going from the floor to the top of it. In the
middle of the platform was a large bland square block with an indention where
the clock was to sit. Between the stone block and the back wall was a rather
large open space that had nothing in it except air and the slight drop from
the platform.

"From what I've seen once the clock is set in place and the chant said, a
portal will open and I can just will myself to whenever and wherever I want
to go. After that the power will be mine alone and I can will myself to any
time or place whenever I like."

"I know you won't destroy it, but you know if you get sloppy and get killed
by Chris or Lara they'll posses the power," Rebecca said as she climbed onto
the platform behind Wesker and hugged him.

"These hands were indeed a result of surprise cause by the inept Drekker
brothers," Wesker said holding his bandaged hands out in front of him. "But
now I'm in control and it won't happen again."

"Your hands strong enough for sex? All this talk about time travel and
making history is making me horny," Rebecca said as she got in front of
Wesker kissed him slipping him tongue as well, reached down into Wesker's
back pants, and tickled his balls with her fingers.

"You know I'd love to baby, but there just isn't any place to right now."

"What about here on the altar?"

"Even in front of her?" Wesker said indicating Claire.

"Why not, she'll be dead tomorrow just like her brother and Lara."

"You're evil," Wesker said as he hoisted Rebecca up on the stone and then
stripped off his clothes.

As she sat there watching Wesker strip, Rebecca did the same revealing her
petite breasts and nubile body.

Wesker got down on his knees, spread Rebecca's legs, then spread her pussy
lips before darting his tongue inside.

"Oh that's nice..." Rebecca moaned as she laid back on the rough stone and
gave herself to Wesker oral pleasure of her.

"You like that don't you?" Wesker teased as he stuck two fingers inside
Rebecca pushing them in and out of her vagina as he licked at her clit.

"Mmmmmmmm... Oh yes..." Rebecca sighed as she began to rub her breasts
slightly pinching her nipples.

Wesker still fingering Rebecca's cunt got up, leaned over and kissed Rebecca
on the lips.

"Your pussy is nice and tight still, I'm gonna love it," Wesker teased as he
removed his fingers and started to rub his dick.

"Uh Uh. Not yet," Rebecca replied as she pushed herself up and got on the
ground on her knees in front of him.

Rebecca began tickling his balls again as she slowly took his cock into her
mouth and slowly ran her lips and tongue up and down it's shaft. Wesker then
took hold of her head and began to push down on his cock.

"Mmmmm..." Rebecca grunted as Wesker's cock continued to slap the insides of
her mouth.

"Oh god Rebecca... Let's stop with the oral and start the vaginal..." Wesker
moaned as he felt his member start to throb big time.

"Yes we should," She answered as she felt the first of Wesker's precum
dribble onto her tongue.

Rebecca climbed on the altar on all fours sticking her back end out. Wesker
then grabbed hold of her hips and slipped his dick inside. Slowly he began
pulling and pushing himself in and out of Rebecca.

"Harder Wesker!" Rebecca moaned loudly as she felt her cunt stretch with
each thrust by Wesker. Slowly but surely he quickened his was now pounding
Rebecca with some force.

"You like it hard don't you?"

"Oh fuck yes! Your dick is stretching me nicely!"

As Wesker continued to pound his prick deep into Rebecca he felt his orgasm
creeping up.

"I'm fixing to cum Rebecca! Oh God!"

"Oh yes! I'm cumming!" She screamed as her body shook with orgasm and her
juices start to flow.

"Oh God! Me too!" Wesker yelled in response as he pulled out in time to
start shooting his load all over Rebecca's back and into her hair.

After a few moments of regaining their composure Rebecca climb from the altar
and both of them started to dress. Just as Wesker place his right boot on
one of the altar to retie it he felt a round click into place and a familiar
voice speak.

"Freeze asshole." Chris said calmly.

"Ah Chris, so glad you could make it," Wesker said before turning to face
him. "And you as well Ms. Croft."

Lara just shot a cold stare at Wesker.

"Ok fine then," he responded to the stare, "I'll just speak to Chris then.
What is it that you're here for Redfield."

"Release Claire and I may let you live."

"Give me the clock and Claire may live."

"You are in no position to negotiate Wesker," Lara said sternly.

"Oh really?" Wesker asked as her removed a hidden knife from his pants and
threw it at Claire before anyone could respond.

"Chris!" was the last word Claire could gasp as the knife struck her in the
heart killing her instantaneously.

"You fucking bastard!" Chris screamed before firing off several shots wildly
at Wesker.

"Chris no!" Lara begged him as she tried to stop from firing his gun so

"Lara stop it! He killed Claire!"

"But now you've killed Rebecca..." She responded solemnly.

Chris stopped and looked to see what he had just done. Now on the ground
with a gunshot wound to the chest and one to the head, Rebecca's body was
just lying there motionless bleeding out. Wesker was no longer on the

"Smooth one Chris," Wesker said as he picked himself up off ground below the
platform. "Now I am in strong position to negotiate."

"You motherfucker..." was all Chris could mumble as the severity of the
situation dawned on him.

"Give me the god damn clock and as soon as I finish my errands S.T.A.R.S.
will never be formed, we'll never meet here, and nobody will ever die. It's
the only way now."

Seething both Lara and Chris stared down Wesker before turning to each other.

"Chris it's your call, I have no connection to this other than the Clock of

"Jesus fucking Christ! How could I let this happen?!?!? Either let him kill
Barry so that Claire and Rebecca can live, but let Umbrella go scott free, or
kill him now before he can kill Barry, but let Rebecca and Claire stay dead
because of my actions..." Chris muttered to himself.

"Well?" Wesker asked impatiently

* * *

To be continued?


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