WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, developers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own Resident Evil or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Rachel Foley (Resident Evil: Revelations)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, Anal.

Resident Evil: Infection Part 11
An erotic Resident Evil fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"Well, this day has sucked..." Vincent Pierce mumbled to himself as he slipped into the covers of his bed, inside his living quarters of the secret BSAA base he was having to call home. Today marked the first, perhaps long overdue, attempt at administering a cure for his sexually-driven infection within his body. Of course, he didn't feel anything out of the ordinary after taking the injection and the 'test' for him to see if he was still effected - showing him porno images - didn't exactly spark any results. Not when there were a troop of armed guards pointing guns at him in case his infection sparked up.

So they decided to monitor the situation for now, and see what happened if anything tomorrow for his next scheduled 'sample extraction' day of his jizz for testing on. As that anime said - he'd leave tomorrow's problems to tomorrow's him. Still, at least he didn't feel any of those so-called 'potential side-effects' he might experience. Goodness knows what might end up happening to him if they just stuck any old junk inside of him. Turning his back to the rest of his room as he closed his eyes, looking for a night of good slumber.

* * *

A loud clang woke up Vincent, making him sit up bolt upright in the bed he was in. Key word - bed. A bed, but not his. Certainly not in his living quarters.

It resembled more like the bunk beds for crew mates on a stereotypical ship. A look to the nearest door - metal with a porthole window - further confirmed that. He was not where he was supposed to be. "The... The fuck??" He questioned, cautiously getting out from the bed, still in his 'night clothes' of a plain white shirt and olive green baggy pants. Glancing around this room, he stepped towards the door, pushing the handle down and wincing at the loud clang it made as it opened the lock.

Stepping out, he glanced down both ways. A cold looking, metal corridor of a ship's interior with a railing along the wall. A porthole window allowing him to peer out, but seeing only what appeared to be dark water beyond. If he was in a ship, he was below deck that's for sure. But having no idea where this ship was, or even what kinds of ship was very worrying. How the Hell did he wind up here anyway in the first place? He was just sleeping in his bed what felt like seconds ago...

"Rachel! On the scene!!!"

"AAAAAAAAA!!!" Vincent screamed at the sudden voice, backing up against the wall and staring with fear for a moment. Leg raised up in a feeble attempt at self-defence. That defence soon lowering as his eyes went from wide in panic to wide and staring at who he saw.

Standing in front of him was a curvaceous female clad in a full body wetsuit, with an air-tank on her back and weapon holsters on her leg and hip for Combat Knife and handgun respectively. Plus an item satchel on her other hip. The attire of the Federal Bioterrorism Commission Agent was skin tight, doing nothing to hide her wide hips and thick, juicy ass. The front zip lowered to show off deep, stunning cleavage from her huge breasts. However, curiously only part of her face was able to be seen. Her long blonde hair covering most of it apart from her nose, mouth and the lower left side of her face.

"Target acquired!" Rachel Foley announced with a big smile. "Don't worry Vincent! I'm here to help you!"

"H-help me??" He questioned, still very confused about this all. "Who are... Where are... Huh??"

"Oh silly!" She giggled, placing her hands on her hips. "Don't worry about all those dumb questions. It's my mission here to help you, and solve that problem of yours!"

"Problem? W-wait... Do you..." He started to question. Before that 'problem' made itself known.

His pants ripping off his body as his erection burst out, rock hard and already throbbing at an oversized length. The effects of a mysterious, sexually-driven infection within his body that requires him to be pleasured to ample satisfaction in order to be calmed down. If not? Then certain, painful and most likely cock-exploding death would follow for him.

"Yay!" Rachel almost sang in an air-headed tone as she dropped down to her knees in front of him. "Now we can get this going!"

"Ahhhhh fuck!" Pierce groaned as she took a hold of his dick in her gloved hand. "How... Hang on! How did you know... Who are you?!?"

"I told you! Rachel! On the scene!" Foley stated with a nod. "Now that you're big and hard, it's my mission to make you, like, not big and hard any more!"

"Ahhhh... I guess... I mean... Oh fuck..." He hissed as his dick throbbed again. "If it's not a problem... I'm really gonna need this damn thing taken care of now!"

"This big old thing? No problem!" Rachel stated, smiling as she pumped the oversized dick in her gloved grasp again. "Not when Rachel's on the scene!" She said brightly, before promptly taking that shaft into her mouth. Letting her full lips seal around the thickness to make him sigh with approval. Almost too easily getting into the swing of things in this unexpected encounter. Sliding her blonde haired head downward to nearly meet her hand before lifting back up with a muffled groan of her own. Already double teaming this huge prick with her palm jerking off the lower half as her mouth handles the upper part.

"Mmmmm!! FUCK..." He gasped out, just watching the busty blonde working over his cock. Already feeling her saliva starting to be applied across his length as she strokes and sucks away on his member. Despite a part of him knowing how bizarre it is to suddenly be blown in a strange location, let alone but a stunning woman he's never met before, he's wise to just go with the flow. "Ahhhhh shit!! MMMM... I'm not... Ahhhhh... Going to argue with that..." Not just for his own health if the infection within him isn't satisfied enough, but to keep enjoying this blowjob as Rachel's mouth continues sliding up and down on him with a smooth ease despite his size and thickness.

Slurping away, the FBC agent pushed down further onto this cock that seemingly is the target of her personal mission. Switching the position of her hand to lift off from him completely, resting on his legs instead as she puts a little more force into the motion her head is doing on him. The occasional flick of the tongue against his rod making him further moan as her saliva starts to seep past her plump lips. Due to her hair masking most of her face there's no telling is she's staring up at the man she's blowing, but clearly from her repeating bobbing on his member she's focused on getting him off.

"Awwwwww FUCK!! Mmmm!! Ho-ly shit! Mmmmm..." Vincent moaned out his compliments, staring down to watch his dick vanish up inside her accommodating and very talented mouth. Her saliva dripping down to his crotch and balls, and she's paying no mind to how her spit is falling from that shaft to stain her own chin and her deep cleavage. "Where ever the fuck I wound up... AHHHHH... I'm sure fucking glad you showed up!" He added with a groan. Her squatting position both showing off her tits, and causing her thick ass to stick as well. Her long blonde hair swaying in time with the bobbing motion she's delivering, yet somehow never once falling out of place across her face while she sucks away. An oral performance more suited of a pornstar than a government agent.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Hmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm..." Her groans muffled by the big cock she was taking down into her throat. Her lips pressing against his body with her chin resting at his swollen balls as she impressively deep throated every fat inch of his virus-enhanced cock. Never letting out a gag for a moment as she kept her head down into his crotch. More than giving him the chance to moan out in delight from the feeling of her damp oral hole all around his length. "Mmmmm... Mmmmphhhh!!" With ease, she lifted all the way upward and off of him completely with sexy and loud 'pop' sound. Smiling up at him as her gloved hands soon stroked all that spit all over his inches for good measure. Allowing her to catch some long overdue air in the process.

"OK! That's good for a start!" Rachel announced as she let go of his cock. Her hand going onto her leg to take out the Combat Knife from its holster.

"Woah! H-hey!" Vincent stuttered, backing off as he sees her pulling out the blade and in fright stumbles back, landing on his ass on the metal floor of this ship corridor. "I-I was going to ask if you wanted action too! Honest!" He claimed, making a rash and wrong assumption about the situation.

Foley just giggled with a wag of the finger on her free hand. "Silly! Just stay riiiiiiiiiiight there and enjoy the show!" She said in a rather air-headed tone. Instantly contrasted by the controlled way she used the knife on her wetsuit. Skilfully cutting a hole right at the crotch, with a sharp tear exposing her completely shaved and already damp looking pussy.

"That's... Yeah, that's a nice show..." Pierce half mumbled as he stared, so paying no attention to how she then carelessly dropped the knife down to the floor by his side.

"I know, right! But it gets better!" She said and proved it by her next move. Coming forward and taking advantage of his seated position to drop down onto his lap to keep him down. A quick reach under to line that cock up with her entrance, before she slid herself down with a groan to take those inches, steal dripping with her own saliva, right up inside herself. "Mmmmm! Feels better too, right!" She giggled before letting out a groan. Grinding herself down against his crotch as she adjusted to the feeling of her tight tunnel being filled up more than just nicely with his oversized member. With wasn't long though before she got to work. Hands on his shoulders as she began to bounce up and down on his shaft.

"MMMM!! Oh shit... Ye-yeah... Feels... Oh FUCK!! MMMM..." He said between moans, more than saying enough without the words that he was enjoying the feeling of her snatch all around his rod. His eyes however wide and staring at her massive chest, barely staying contained in her unzipped wetsuit and even more so now as those breasts jiggled away as she rode his dick. His head nodding in time and eyes following the bounces of her chest like he was being hypnotised by that rack. Not quite able to thrust back against her motion, let alone put his hands onto her, but still moaning his approval as she worked her wet hole up and down over his manhood.

"Oh yeah! MMMMM! You're a big boy, aren't you Vincent? MMMM!" She moaned herself with a smile. The sharp slapping sound as her skin connected off of his ringing out each time she dropped all the way down on his member. Once again showing her sexual skills as she's able to take him in balls deep over and over again. Her wet pussy raising up to the mid-way mark on his inches before shifting right back down to stuff herself full with his man-meat. "AHHHHH... Nice and big! But don't worry! MMMMM... I'll make sure to make you feel... AHHHHH... Really good too!" She vowed, seemingly not forgetting her mission amongst this naughty action she's more than willingly doing to this man in order to 'calm' the sexually-driven virus within him. The tilt of her head towards him indicating she's looking right at him as she moans and talks, but the way her hair obscures her eyes making it impossible to tell for sure.

Not that right now this lucky, in some ways at least considering his infection, man was interesting in anything other than her huge jiggling tits. Still staring right at them, drooling at the plentiful sight as he moans out from her riding work on his length. No doubt the sight of that chest bouncing away like this would alone be enough to make many a red-blooded man shoot their load right away. While such a snug and soaking twat would be a test to survive in for even the most seasoned porn star. He can thank in a way the virus that's causing both his far bigger than usual size of cock that he's able to take this kind of expert ride from a woman with a body that would completely be out of his league in any normal circumstance.

"MMMM!! Oooooooh, you want some of these huh?" Foley giggled again, seeing the staring being done by the man she's on top of. "You should have asked silly!" She stated before wrapping her arms around the back of his head. Causing him to gasp before he then groaned when his face got smothered by her mountains. The feeling of his muffled moans and facial features rubbing against her mounds making her purr with approval between her own cries from taking his dick in and out of herself. "Mmmmm... The boys back at base... AHHHH!! Called these girls Big Hooker Tits... Aren't you lucky to get to play with them?" She teased as she made him motorboat her breasts. Shaking them against his face as she bounced away on his rod. Letting out a light sigh as he tried to kiss and lick at her chest pressed against him. A losing battle, but considering the position he was in? He was sure a winner getting to be smothered by this huge titties.

"Whoops! Got a little... MMMM! Carried away there!" She laughed again, releasing her grip from around his head. Allowing him to pull back and gasp for air, even with the rather drunk-looking grin on his face from the smothering.

"Yeah, s-sure... Just gimmie a sec..." Vincent said, blinking as he drew in deep breaths to try and recover.

"No way Mister! No time for breaks!" Rachel playfully scolded him. Dismounting his cock so she could quickly bring him up to his feet. "Not on an important mission like this!" She added, reaching into the items pouch on her side. Taking out a small clear bottle, popping the lid open and pouring the cool, clear liquid out onto his fat cock.

"Lube?" He identified, groaning a little as it splashed onto his dick, and then as she briskly pumped it over his length with a couple strokes of her gloved hands.

"Of course! When Rachel's on the scene, she's always prepared for a mission!" Foley claimed with a grin as she jerked him again a couple more times. She turned, facing the nearest wall of the ship corridor they were in and bending over forwards, holding onto the railing on the wall as she stuck that thick, juicy ass out towards him. Reaching back, she pushed a lube-coated finger into her own asshole. Making herself groan from the feeling as she tilted her head backward and to the side - the impression that she was looking back through her hair at him while fingering her own ass. Both putting on a show for him and preparing herself for some anal action as she delivered a firm round of finger-banging into her own snug asshole.

"You ah, always this into a mission?" Pierce questioned as he stepped forward once she removed her digit from herself. Deciding better to focus on getting more action, especially once he felt a painful throb from his virus-effected cock, he shifting into position behind her. Spreading that ass apart, showing off both her lower holes thanks to the ripped hole in the wetsuit she still wore. Tapping the crown against her tightest entrance, he let out a low groan as he pushed himself into her. Hands gripping her wide hips once he was firmly lodged between her cheeks, and making himself moan as he began to work himself in and out of that super tight rear tunnel of hers.

"MMMMM... Oh fuck yes... MMMM!! Fuck my ass baby..." The curvaceous agent encouraged, staying bent over in position for him to fuck her. Already shifting her stunning body back against his thrusts, helping him to work that fat dick deeper inside her butt. Both her hands gripping the railing so she's not even touching herself, yet clearly from her moans she's getting off on having her thick backside tapped. "AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM... Come on! Deeper! MMMM... Really fuck my ass..." She demanded as rocked back and forth against his pumps. Her huge tits finally spilling out from her zipped down front as they now deliciously swung freely in time with the motion her body was doing.

"MMMM SHIT!! Don't think... AHHHHH! I'm not trying! MMMMM FUCK!!" He stated, groaning as he stared down at the juicy backside he was getting to fuck. Seeing her thick cheeks jiggling even before his crotch was connecting with her. Showing no issue with fucking this woman he'd only just met up the ass, after getting to enjoy her other two just as pleasurable holes prior to this final, tightest one. "UHHHH!! I've kinda... MMMM!! Got my own 'mission' to take care off too you know!" He adds between his groans. Not forgetting himself that unless he 'calms' his infection through some damn good sexual action he's likely to meet an early and painful demise. From how he's currently moaning away from the feeling of being buried between her shapely rear cheeks? He's well on his way on getting that temporary 'cure' for the time being.

"MMMMM FUCK... Then fuck me! AHHHH!! Fuck me right up my... MMMM FUCK!! Up my fucking ass!!" The FBC Agent demanded, even with his dick being firmly stuffed inside her snug asshole. Not to mention that her bucking against those incoming thrusts were making sure more and more of his oversized inches were filling up that back passage of hers. Both their steamy actions ensuring they both moaned out in sinful delight as this anal action went on. "OOOOOOOH FUCK!! MMMMM... FUCK!! Why can't... AHHHHH!! Every mission be this good... And fun!! MMMM!!" She laughed with a moan, showing that despite his vast, virus-enhanced size she was only feeling pleasure from his dick pumping in and out of her backside. While her hair covered her face to mostly mask the no doubt look of shameless enjoyment, her hanging open mouth was a sure sign she was loving things as her moans poured out of her. Drops of sweat now being seen on her exposed skin from the fucking she's taking and has given so far.

"UHHHH! MMMM... You... AHHHHH FUCK! You sure you're an agent?" He questioned between grunts, noting how more suited for sexual action than any anti-bioterrorism mission she clearly appears to be. Not that from his own moans he's objecting one bit right now. Loving the feeling of her tight back passage gripping his length as he slides himself firmly in and out of her more than shapely rump. "AHHHH... Not that... MMMM!! I'm complaining of course! AHHHHH FUCK!" He managed to add before another moan cut himself off. Staring down at that jiggling booty he was enjoying. His crotch now at last starting to smack of off her partially covered backside. Just that ripped hole in her bodysuit allowing him to plunge his dick right in deep between those thick cheeks again and again.

"Hey! I'm... Ooooooooh FUCK!" Rachel gasped out, taking an extra firm thrust from him into her ass. "I'm a professional agent! Just because I... AHHHH... I need custom suits to keep my tits and ass held in, doesn't... MMMM!! Make me less an agent!" She claims with another groan.

"I believe you!" Vincent says, groaning as he pulls out of her backside. "With the crazy shit I've been through, I shouldn't question anything these days..."

"Good... Because if you didn't I'd... I'd... Ummmm..." Foley pouts for a moment, before just shrugging as she grabs him, rather easily shoving him down onto the cold metal floor of the ship corridor with a thud. "Actually, can just like, keep fucking? It's way more fun!" She decides for them, and already makes her move before he can give his answer as she moves down onto him.

"I, uh... Yeah, sure!" He wisely agrees. Watching as she mounts his crotch but facing away so that oxygen tank still on her back is facing him. Reaching back as she grips his dick again, once more lining him up with a lower hole to take him back inside her ass once more.

"MMMM FUCK! Mmmmm yeah! Way... AHHHHH! Way more fucking fun!" She moaned out with a grin as she got right to work bouncing her thick backside on his dick. Taking him smoothly and swiftly in and out of her rump. The slap of her rounded cheeks smacking off of his body ringing out every time dropped that ass all the way down onto him. "Oooooooooh FUCK!! MMMM!! So... AHHHHH SHIT!! So fucking big!! MMMM!!" She lustfully called out as she fucked his big cock with her huge backside. The turned position of her head making it look like she was gazing back at him as she rode him, but her blonde hair still covering most of her face hiding that. Regardless, it was the pleasure being felt by being once again deep within her juicy rump that was making him moan as he laid back and took this ride.

"AHHHHH FUCK! MMMMM..." More than happy to let the busty FBC Agent do all the work for him, he just watched that stunning ass ripple away with each rising and lowering movement she delivered onto his shaft. Only reinforcing that opinion that with a body like hers and the skills to fuck, she was far more suited for a porn studio shoot than on any special mission. "Sweet fuck that's... MMMM SHIT! So good!!" He grunted out as he now started to sweat. Reaching up to cup and squeeze her butt cheeks through her wetsuit as she shifted up and down on him. Still just the hole she'd cut in that attire being the access to her still tight back passage. Actually making this unexpected sexual encounter all the more hotter that she's down to fuck while basically still fully clothed. Just her tits freed from the low front zip as bounce away in time with her riding action.

"UHHHHH!! Yeah! MMMMM!! Just... AHHHH FUCK!! A little more baby!" She gasped out, mouth open to let her moans pour out as the sweat dripped off her nose. Her hands gripping onto her shaking tits as she started to more wildly ride the cock stuffed deep between her thick butt cheeks. Clearly highly aroused, even without actually touching her own snatch in this position. "MMMMM!! Gonna... OH YES!! AH FUCK!! Gonna cum soon baby! OH FUCK YES!!" She gleefully moaned out. Her fingers easily digging into the more than ample flesh of her chest, that still jiggled away even as she held them. Back behind, her booty doing similar sexy rippling every time she dropped down and took every inch of his fat and long cock into her ass that she could handle.

Even though this action is supposed to be intended to provide relief for the moment from the dangerous but sexually-charged infection within him, Pierce isn't stupid enough to stop a stunning babe from enjoying a deep ride on his shaft. Having been almost hypnotised by her boobs earlier on, now he's watching intently her juicy rump bouncing up and down again and again on his member. Another lazy but wide smile on his face as he moans. His cock lodged right up into her still snug even after this repeated anal action back passage. Only a few inches of himself being seen when she lifts up before dropping straight down with a purpose to almost go balls deep with him like a well practised whore.

"AHHHHHH AWWWWWWW FUUUUUUCKKKK!!" Rachel squealed out, mouth hanging open and her tongue shamefully sticking out as the pleasure overwhelmed her. To such a degree that she didn't just cum, but actually squirted juices out from her already dripping snatch. Spraying the floor and wall opposite with juices of the ship corridor they've been fucking in. A mess being left here far from her concerns as even while orgasming she keeps riding the cock underneath her with her juicy ass. Although at a more slower and far from smooth pace than she'd been using before. Groaning as she gave her own tits a final deep grope before settling down on his dick for a long grind as her pussy finished spraying out fluids.

"...Woah..." Vincent said, blinking at what he'd just witnessed. "Huh. Thought that only happened in pornos..." He mumbled, before groaning as the woman who'd been fucking herself on his cock dismounted him.

"We're not done!" She announced with a big smile, impressively having the energy and strength to haul him up to his feet. "Not while this big cock needs to be emptied!" Rachel added, as she dropped down to her knees in front of him.

"Oh fuck yeah..." Now it was his turn to grin as he watched her capture his rod between her huge tits. Making him moan deeply even before she'd squeezed her mounds around his oversized dick. Once she did, she got right to business with a swift round of pumps. Showing no issue with pleasuring a cock that's just come from straight out of her ass with her magnificently large chest. "AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM..." He groaned, watching his cock vanish between her mounds as she worked them back and forth over him. Barely the crown being seen when she lowered them down, and easily making a vanishing act happen by lifting her orbs upward. The smooth fashion of her action showing this was far from the first time servicing a dick with her breasts before.

"Mmmmm yeah... Gonna milk you dry baby!" She giggled as she kept a firm hold of her tits. Fucking his cock skilfully with her boobs, using more than enough force to make her chest jiggle within her grip as she worked him over. The shine of sweat across her rack making the action look as good as it felt, and from his long and deep moans it felt fantastic and then some. "Mmmm... Don't hold back baby... I wanna get fucking soaked in your fucking cum!" She demanded, pulling lines right out of a dirty skin flick as she gave him a tit-fuck to remember. Unable to help herself as she leaned over her cleavage so she could spit onto the head of his prick when it popped up for a moment. A smirk cast across at the man this still horny blonde was pleasuring with her mighty rack.

"UHHHHH! Ahhhhhh FUCK!! MMMM..." He grunted, working his hips up himself into her tits. A slap of his crotch hitting the underside of her breasts now accompanying his moans as he banged the breasts being worked against and over his member. Feeling now the far more pleasurable throbbing feeling building in his manhood to show their work to 'ease' his infection has worked. "OH FUCK... Here... UHHHH!! SHIT!! Here it comes!" He warned between moans. His eyes locked down onto her mounds as they shake, hardly contained at all within her hands as she slides them smoothly up and down his thrusting rod. Even causing her to moan a little as her mounds get fucked by the man she's taken in each of her holes during the course of this sexual 'mission'.

All it takes is a couple pumps and thrusts more from them both before he hits that peak of his own. The first blast of his spunk shooting high and right into Rachel's blonde hair that covers her face, making her groan as the next shot further lands into her hair to leave it wrecked already. Getting to see the side-effect of the infection that gives him the sort of bukkake-level amount of spunk more expected from several men as his cock keeps letting loose thick and creamy jizz. Not just into her hair and exposed part of her face, but landing back down to coat her big tits as she works them over the shaft to properly squeeze every last drop out of him. Even at the expense of leaving her a total cum-drenched mess as jizz drips from out of her hair and off her tits.

"Fuck..." Vincent sighs as he steps back, his cock now limp, spent and at a far smaller size than he'd been moment between between her mounds. "That... That was something else..."

"I did it!" Rachel gleefully says, grinning as spunk drips from her lips and cheek. "Yay! That's what you get when I'm on the scene!"

"Guess... Guess so!" Pierce says with a smile of his own. "I mean, not just the you know, sex... I still don't know where the Hell I am..."

"Oh silly, you don't need to worry about that!" Foley said as she stood up, causing spunk to fall off her with loud splashes onto the floor. "After all, you aren't done yet!"

"...What, what do you..." He starts to question before the sound of a metal ship cabin door being knocked off its hinges made him whip around.

"IS IT MY TURN WITH HIM NOW?!?" A twisted version of Rachel's voice was heard down the corridor. A mangled, clawed hand appearing around from the doorway as what looked like a blood soaked, mutated version of Rachel Foley staggered out of the corridor. "TASTY MORSEL! FOR ME!!!" The Ooze Rachel, its head tilting back in bizarre, infected fashion as some Ooze tentacle popped out from her, pointing in Vincent's direction.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Vincent screamed in terror as the creature made a charge towards him.

* * *

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Vincent screamed in terror as he sat up bolt upright in his bed.

Eye widen open, a sweat across his face and chest heaving as he took in air. Staring at the wall across from him in the dim light provided by the electronic clock in the room. Slowly focusing on the poster of sorts adorned on the wall of a mugshot photo of Jessica Sherawat that she had signed and demanded he accept after their prior encounter. Blinking, he looked around him in confusion while still taking in air.

"...Nightmare." He reasoned, seeing that he was in the more familiar surroundings of his living quarters than the ship he'd been in.

He lifted the covers off his bed. Not even a form of morning wood, never mind a wet dream to be seen. Yet it had seemed so real... Well, they did they there'd been some side effects potentially from that drug. He frowned as he swung his legs around, sitting on the edge of the bed. How long would this go on for? Being stuck in this base, getting experimented on and now having to test drugs that could clearly end up making him experience goodness knows what.

However, as he sat and thought for a moment, a matter than seemed far more important to him popped into his head. How long was it before breakfast? He glanced up at the clock in his room. "...Damn it!" He cursed. He had quite a few hours to sleep off before then. And unlikely to have such a 'vivid' dream (or nightmare?) like that.

Well, at least for tonight...

* * *

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