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Starring: Claire Redfield

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

Resident Evil: Infection Part 10
An erotic Resident Evil fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Being stuck in a secret underground BSAA facility while testing was done on a potential cure for the sexually charged virus within him meant life was currently often boring for Vincent Pierce. Aside from the unlikely but very pleasurable experiences he's had with women both 'casually' and for the purpose of 'sample collection'. There was only so many bio-terror reports he could read, and while getting to watch TV and hear the radio was fun for a while, he'd much rather be gaming or surfing online. Or at least, doing those activities freely without massive blockage to sites and services that could 'create a breach of information'.

So it left Vincent as he currently was. Laying on his bed in the living quarters that the BSAA had provided him during his time here under their protection. Staring up at the ceiling wondering when, if ever he'd finally escape this place and be cured once and for all. Shuddering at the thought that maybe one day the infection would spring up when there wasn't a means to 'calm' him about, and he'd end up with an exploded cock or some grizzly form of death.

A sudden knock on the door brought a welcome distraction from his boredom. "Come in!" He yelled out. Swinging his legs in the cameo style baggy pants across to sit on the edge of the bed before he adjusted his olive green top at the neck. As he stood up. Not that it didn't stop BSAA Operatives or scientists from just coming in before when he told them not to.

The door opened up and stepping in was a woman he'd met briefly before, but never properly met. Certainly never looking quite like this. Claire Redfield, the TerraSave Operative clad in an attire very like, if not identical, to those she wore during bio-terrror outbreaks several years ago. A red jacket with an angel graphic on the back with the words 'Made in Heaven' above it. Tiny denim booty shorts and cowgirl-like boots below. Underneath both the jacket and shorts were parts of a custom cut black skinsuit, hugging to her curves and making both her nicely sized breasts and juicy ass more attractive than they'd usually be anyway. All topped off with her bright auburn hair being styled in a sexy ponytail.

The outfit had an instant effect as he stared at the red hot sight before him. The infection flaring up to make a massive erection burst from Vincent's pants as his rock hard cock showed itself in all its virus-enhanced glory. Already throbbing and craving action at a far longer and thicker size than he'd usually possess normally.

"Well then! No point wasting time with the excuse I came up with to get you up for this..." Claire said with a grin as she looked over his dick. "I'll make this quick kid..." She stated as she stepped into the room. "I've seen you fuck some of my friends, and even people I've mentored. But you know what they say, right? Seeing is believing... But I want to see if you're the real deal."

"I, uhhhh... Yeah?" He agreed, stunned by all of this but wisely (perhaps out of dirty instinct) going along with it.

"That easy huh?" Redfield smirked as she stepped towards him, not exactly hiding her own approval as she keeps glancing at his huge dick as she approaches. "Works fine with me. I've been doing this for too long to dance around getting to the point. But I'll warn you, I'm not going to be as easy as Moria or Sherry were to please."

"W-Well, to be fair... I don't think it's a good idea if we don't fuck right now!" Pierce stated, feeling the painful throbbing in his cock starting to appear.

"Fuck? Oh we will, but not before I test this overblown thing out first..." She said, slipping herself down to her knees and taking a hold of his cock. The first pump making him groan with approval and relief already before she properly pumped him a couple of times.

"It's about time I found out what you can handle..." Claire smirked as she leaned in. Going right to work as she takes his dick between her lips, wrapping them around his thickness and making him moan just from the first touch. Her fingerless gloved hand stroked the shaft slowly while her mouth focused on the upper part with a loud slurp. Staring up with a sultry look as she sucked on his bell-end. The odd slap of the tongue delivered to to him for good measure, clearly still testing what he - or more accurately his massive cock - can handle from her mouth.

"MMMM... Feel free to... Ahhhhh... Test all you want to..." Vincent wisely said, his hands gripping the desk behind him for support to keep himself standing. His eyes locked onto the stunning female on her knees in front of him. Watching her lips start to slide downward to take more of those virus-enhanced inches within before smoothly sliding back upward. "Ahhhhh!! MMMM! Fuck!! Damn that's good..." He groaned, loving the warmth and wetness provided by her mouth as the auburn-haired beauty slowly bobbed along his shaft. A glimpse of her skill from how easily she's working over a fat pole like his as her saliva starts to be applied onto his length. Not even missing a beat when she uses the free hand to brush loose strands to the side and out of her line of sight.

"Mmmmmphh!! Mmmmm... Hmmmm.." The Raccoon City Incident survivor groaned around the dick she was taking in and out of her oral hole. Still using the hand to pump over the lower part but as her mouth moves further down her grip changes to hold the base with a couple fingers. Staring up with a sly smirk around his meat once in a while in response to his moans from that skilled oral work. "Mmmmm... MMMMPHHH.. HHHHLLLKKKK!!" In fact, taking him in so deep that it hits the back of her mouth, making her gag sinfully around the biggest cock she's ever taken on in her extremely eventful life. Yet that seems to be the point as even when she gags the next time she still keeps the slurping motion going. Intent on fucking her own mouth with this meaty rod.

"MMMMM SHIT!! H-holy... MMMM FUCK!!" The lucky man getting to take this groans out, head tilted back in delight as this swift oral assault on his oversized member. A kind of pace that would easily render many a normal, red blooded man into an early finish. He can thank the sex driven virus within him that he can handle this wild blowjob. "Fucking Hell Claire!! MMMMM... That's... MMMMM!! FUCK..." He tries to form words, but just ends up being cut off by his own moans. Making himself look back down to see the saliva now coating his pole when his inches reappear from between her lips, only to vanish back into that groaning and gagging hole. A sight made even hotter by the lusty look being shot back at him from the stunning babe with her face deep down on his rod.

"HHHHHLLLKK!! GAHHHHH!! HHHRRRRKKKK!!" Bob after deep bob of her head, her ponytail swaying about from the effort put behind the sucking action. Fighting through the discomfort of forcing that thick cock down her own throat that's already left her eyes watering up. Saliva drooling past her lips to drip down her chin and off of the cock she's 'testing' to splash down onto her skinsuit-covered chest. "MMMMPHHH... GAAAAHHHH!! GAHHHHHH-HHHLLLLKK!!" Another raspy choke as she pushes her stunning face right down onto his pole. Deep throating more like a veteran pornstar than bio-terrorism fighter as keeps pressed right into his crotch. Saliva splattering over him as she gags with keeping every fat inch within her mouth. The black tears of her make-up being ruined rolling down her cheeks but those eyes still showing the intense desire to stuff her throat full with all this man-meat.

Eventually though she has to lift herself up and off from him with a loud gasp. Spitting down onto the pole she was choking herself on for good measure. "Fuck!!" Claire exclaimed, catching her breath for a moment before she smirked up at him. "OK kid, you handled that... Now let's see what you can do..." She said as a challenge as she stood up from the floor.

"I uh... Yeah, sure! Yeah!" Vincent quickly agreed. Still lacking real confidence with the ladies despite what he'd just been through, never mind the previous unlikely sexual partners he's had thanks to his 'infection'.

She just smirked, reaching down to unbutton, then slide down her denim shorts down her legs. The lower part of her skinsuit showing clearly she's not got underwear on underneath from the outline of her pussy clearly visible. "Well? You just going to stand there?" Redfield teased as she stepped out of the shorts. Helping herself to a seat on the edge of his bed as she spread her legs apart for a far from subtle suggestion.

"S-sure!" Pierce said as he quickly moved over. Standing between her legs as he looked down. "Uhhhhh... Should I slide these down, or..." He questioned, seeing the lack of entry provided by the lower clothing still on her.

With a sigh and a roll of her eyes, she helped the younger man get with the programme. Reaching down herself to grip the skinsuit at her crotch, a sharp tug tearing the material at the crotch to provide a handy gap to access that slick looking pussy.

"That works!" Pierce says with a smile, missing the clear questioning look from the woman in front of him. Thankfully for her he doesn't waste time, lining his cock up with her entrance as he pushes forward with a groan.

"MMMM... Oh FUCK!! Mmmmm..." Redfield moaned, her smile returning now once she felt that massive length starting to make her tight folds stretch to accommodate this new invasion. Already shifting back slightly as she sits when he thrusts into her. Keeping herself propped up in position with her arms stretched back behind her. "Ahhhhh... At least your dick... MMMMM!! Isn't going to disappoint me it seems..." She teases again, a glance up at him before focusing down to watch the dick she'd just had balls deep in her mouth now sliding in and out of her twat. Easily making her moan openly even at this steady and firm pace from him, and helped made nice and smooth thanks to all her saliva that's coating his fuck-stick.

"Huh?? H-hey! I'm... AHHHHH!! Trying my best here! MMMMM..." Pierce said defensively before letting out a groan of delight. Loving how nicely tight her wet vaginal walls were staying around his dick as he fed it deeper into the TerraSave member. His hands holding her thighs while he uses steady back and forth motions of the hips to work his dick into that love-tunnel. "You try and... MMMM FUCK! Keep your cool with some... AHHHHH... Freaky sex-virus in you!" He said almost in a whine before he moaned. Insults aside, those pumps were keeping them both moaning out no matter if he was pushing in or withdrawing a few inches out of her. Starting now to turn up the pace a bit with some more force behind his motion with the increased speed to match.

"MMMMM... Sorry kid... Ahhhhhh! You ain't winning any best personality awards any day soon... MMMM!!" She smirks, continuing to play with the man pumping her full with dick despite how clearly good it's making her feel. Reaching down to unfasten her jacket fully, her breasts able to bounce freely within her dark skinsuit over her upper body. An extra visual treat to encourage the younger man to drive his fat cock into her needy pussy even more than he currently is. "MMMM... Come on kid! Ahhhhhh... Or am I going to have to find... MMMM!! Some guards around to give me a good time?" She threatened but with a naughty smile that anyone else would easily tell is just her way to get him to show it's not just a big cock he has, but he can use it too. Moaning as she looks again to see his pole sliding with ease back and forth into her wet twat, a sight making her bite down on her bottom lip to further show how much she's 'secretly' loving this.

"W-what?? No! MMMMM..." He gasps, falling for the trap hook line and sinker with a worried look before he groans. "Wait, I can f-fuck you!! MMMM.. Let me... AHHHHH..." He tries to adjust his grip but ends up slipping on his footing. Falling forwards with a grunt and taking Claire with him to pin her to the bed but with her ass just hanging off the edge. Both groaning as the sudden movement left him balls deep within her tight snatch, just as her legs betrayed her by wrapping around him. "MMMM... That works!" He says with a groan, going with in and getting his cock moving again with a round of swift pumps that leaves his balls smacking off of her every time he drives down into her box. His eyes going wide with a pervy grin as he looks down to see her sizeable breasts shaking as her body jolts back firmly in response to his thrusts.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Oh yeah!! MMMMM!! Fucking finally Vincent!!" The auburn-haired beauty groans out in both pleasure and relief at this sudden increase in pace. Having clearly seen many times what he (and the virus-enhanced dick now driving deep into herself) can do to some of her fellow survivors and friends. Now she's getting that cock all to herself, and getting it right up to the hilt into her moist snatch. Her hands briefly wiping strands of hair away from her face before they clamp onto his arms as he takes her. "Yeah!! MMMMM... You like this, huh? Like... AHHHHH FUCK... Fucking any fucking woman you come across??" She says in a filthy tone, licking her lips for good measure as she groans out. Making sure he can't go anywhere just yet until she's enjoyed more of this heavier pace that it seems she's been after all along.

"It's... Awwwww FUCK!! MMMM... It ain't like that!" He claims between moans, grunting as he keeps up the rhythm to dip his pole in and out of her snug snatch. Knowing he has to keep on fucking to 'calm' the infection within him. No better way to do that by stuffing full the beautiful woman who has survived bio-terror incidents like Raccoon City and Sushestvovanie Island. "It's just... MMMM!! Shit is just crazy these days!! AHHHHH SHIT!!" He says in a major understatement considering his life since this virus both gifted him and cursed him. He's more than making the most of it right now. His swift and firm pumps making the stunner below him moan out when he drives every fat inch into her pussy. His large ball sack smacking off the skin exposed by the hole in the skinsuit she still has on down there.

"MMMM!! Show me... FUCK!! AHHHH... Fucking show me what you've... UHHHH!! Got kid!" The woman wearing the 'Made in Heaven' jacket acting and moaning out in a very sinful fashion, and with a smile that shows she's loving every moment of it now. Her hands stroking over his arms as she gets taken, and keeping those long legs around his waist to ensure it's quick pumps driven in and out of her wet hole. "MMMMM... Yeah!! UHHHH!! Fuck me Vincent! MMMM!! Like you did... AHHHHH... All those other sluts!!" She demands, even though she's getting just that with pump after balls deep pump sent into her slick lower lips again and again. Caring not for how dirty it looks for her to be practically fully clothed with just a hole torn in the lower part of her skinsuit to allow this sexual action to go on.

"MMMMM... Heh! Guess someone's... AHHHHH!! Finally enjoying themselves now!" Vincent allowed himself to grin as he finally noticed the obvious going on underneath him.

"Mmmmm... Someone's got an attitude now, huh?" Claire smirked, finally unwrapping her legs from around him. "We'll fucking see about that!" She said, before rather easily catching him off guard by pushing him off with her boots to send him tumbling to the floor.

"Owwwww!" He whined, trying to get up but finding himself rolled onto his back as Redfield climbed on top of him.

"Man up kid!" She said with a smirk, turning so her back was facing him as she shifted to mount his crotch. "MMMMM... Let me show you... FUCK! What a real woman can do with a big... FUCKING... Cock like this!" She said between moans as she lowered her snatch all the way down onto his dick.

"MMMM!! Hey! You're... AHHHHH! The one who came here in the first place!" He notes before he moans, finding it hard to focus on anything other than the awesome feeling of his cock once again being buried within that hot and wet snatch of the older woman. Seeing the outline of her backside through the tight skinsuit as it jiggles when she starts to raise and lower herself onto his member. "AHHHH SHIT... You... MMMMM FUCK... Trying to prove something here??" He questions, but with a tone (and the moans along with it) to show he doesn't exactly mind the answer. As long as it keeps the pleasure coming, and in turn helping to 'subdue' the effects of the lust-driven virus inside of him? He'll happily, and wisely, let her do whatever she wants to that oversized dick.

"MMMMM... Prove yourself kid... AHHHHH FUCK!!" She glances back over her shoulder, sending her auburn ponytail flying as she casts the lusty look to the man she's mounted on top off. Bouncing herself with ease and speed on his dick to stuff herself full with his man-meat each time gravity brings her sharply down into his crotch. "AHHHHH... Show me... MMMM SHIT!! Show me you didn't get... UHHHH!! Fucking lucky with those other sluts..." She adds between moans. Looking further removed from the respected bio-terrorism fighter she's known as and more like a cock-craving whore with every moan and movement on his dick she delivers. A sight made even more clear by how she's still completely clothed up top, with just boots and skinsuit bottoms on down below. That hole she ripped herself at her crotch the access allowing her to fuck that massive length with her dripping wet snatch.

Once again missing the point, Pierce decides the best course of action is just to lay back and let this stunning beauty have her way with his dick. Her smooth rising and falling motion easily making them both moan loudly and without any shame at all. The sharp smack of her pussy meeting his crotch ringing out each time she gets the help of gravity to drop down onto him and fill up that still snug twat with every inch of his fuck-stick. His eyes shifting from up to her face to check if she's looking back but only seeing that bouncing ponytail. So he moves his line of sight down, over the angel design on the back of her 'Made in Heaven' jacket she still has on, and down to the main event. Watching her juicy ass jiggling as she rides his cock, and catching glimpses of his dick appearing out of her when she lifts up before she makes it vanish up within herself with the next sudden drop down she delivers.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Fuck yeah... AHHHHH... Come on! MMMM..." The woman who has survived multiple bio-terror incidents over the years now looks more suited for a porn set than any battle against zombies. Moaning out as she briskly works her curvy and still clothed body up and down on the huge dick of the younger man underneath her. Drops of sweat now rolling down her cheeks from the effort she's putting into dishing out this wild ride. "AHHHHH SHIT!! Mmmmm... You're... MMMM FUCK... Starting to convince me now kid..." She admits, a sign that she can't deny how good it feels to be filled up to the max with the biggest cock she's ever, and may ever fuck in all her life. Her own hands sliding up onto her breasts, groping them through the skinsuit top she has on under her open jacket. Even able to pinch at her rock hard nipples poking through them to increase the pleasure she feels.

"AHHHHH... Uhhhh, glad to help? MMMMM!! I guess?? AHHHHH..." He offers, still unsure of what to make of her 'intentions' but more than damn well sure that it feels amazing to have that soaking wet and nicely tight snatch still working him over. Every straight down shift or lift up for a few inches making him moan out like the two of them have been fuck-buddies for years. Rather than the actual first time sexual meeting that they're taking a part in. Turning his living quarters into their own sexual den as she drops herself again and again onto his cock. Showing that he, or more accurately the infection within him, can handle plenty of what the clearly experienced beauty can dish out.

"MMMM... Oh, you're gonna fucking help me all right!" Claire announced, groaning as she suddenly shifted forward and all the way off of his dick with a groan. "Get up, and get over here!" She said with a sexy snap as she walked back to his bed, getting up onto it and into the classic hands and knees position.

"Hell. Yeah!" Vincent wisely answered, scrambling up to his feet before he rushes across to her. Moving up behind and lining his dick back up with her snatch once again.

"Geez, at least try and not act so desper-AAAAAAAAAH FUUUUCKK!!" Redfield tried to tease again, but was cut off when he didn't just penetrate her. He went balls deep into her with the first hard pump.

"MMMMM!! Not so what?? AHHHHH... Sorry, I didn't quite catch that one... MMMM FUCK!!" He apologised, not catching the fact that it was his own pumping motion that was causing her to now near scream out in delight. His pace into her swift and hard, making his crotch crash into her skinsuit covered backside over and over. Her booty rippling from the impact and the slap of skin hitting skin sounding out as his balls smack off of her from that hole in her bottoms. His hands gripped her waist for a bit of support, but finding that the beauty he was ramming in and out of was already pushing back against his thrusts. Making going all in with his virus-enhanced dick look effortless and most of all making them both moan out loudly in sinful delight.

"AWWWWWW FUCK!! FUCK YES!! MMMMM FUUUUUUCKK!! AHHHH!!" The auburn-haired stunner gasped out, her fingerless gloved hands gripping two deep handfuls of the bedsheets she was on. Rocking herself back and forth into the thrusts driving into her dripping wet slot. A motion helped by the fact she jolts forward anyway when that cock goes balls deep into her still needy even after all this time snatch. "OOOOOOOOH SHIT!! MMMM!! FUCK!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!" She loudly groans, able to look back with a truly filthy stare at the man working his huge, albeit infection-enhanced, cock in and out of her pussy. A look alone that shows she wants even more than this already hard and fast pace. Her breasts bouncing within her skinsuit top in time with the rest of her body. Sweat forming all across the exposed parts of her stunning body to further show that any 'doubts' she's had about him are well and truly crushed.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Damn that's... AHHHHH!! So good! MMMM..." The lucky (in some ways rather than others) man moans the obvious as he keeps his hips working in machine-like fashion. His heavy balls slapping off her skin and the bottom of that dripping snatch every time he goes in to the hilt into the latest unlikely fuck-buddy he's found himself with. "AHHHHH... MMMM SHIT!! Hey... Let me try something..." He says, an idea sparking in him as he gets caught up in the moment. Reaching forward and taking a hold of the long ponytail of the TerraSave operative in front of him. Getting a firm grip and giving a tug that instantly makes her groan out in delight. So he keeps a hold of her, and keeps on driving his cock back and forth into her pussy for good measure as he pulls on that sexy, bright hair of hers.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCKING... FUUUUUUCKK AHHHHH!!" The body of the Raccoon City Incident survivor shudders in pleasure at this new kinky turn of events. Her eyes looking glazed over as she moans out and sweats drips off of her nose as she's almost used now rather than just fucked. Still working almost just out of instinct to keep shifting her frame back against the hard pumps driving her clearly wild - just as she'd been looking for all along. "UHHHH!! FUUCK.. AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMMM OOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCK!!" Her moans keep pouring out as she takes thrust after balls deep pump into her snatch. The pain of the hair pulling and her head being forced back like she's a cheap slut barely registering with her as the pleasure overwhelms her. Arms already looking like they are buckling, so that grip of the hair actually keeping her in place to take this doggy style banging that she won't ever likely forget.

"MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! Guess... AHHHHH!! Guess that did the trick!" Vincent said with a grin. Quite rightly proud of himself as he feels Claire starting to cum all around his cock. That snatch tightening to make him groan deeply too as her juices start to flow out over his still pumping shaft. Ensuring she rides out every intense to say the least moment of this fuck. Still holding onto that hair with just enough roughness to take the pleasure up to a level that even with a cock of this big size wouldn't manage alone. It has done the job and then some, leaving a wide smile and an almost blank stare of the sweat-soaked face of the woman he's brought to orgasm. Now not able to shift back against his pumps herself, but still taking the pounding as her moans turn to grunts as she returns back to Earth from the 'Made in Heaven' heights of her sexual peak.

"UHHHHH... SHIT!! Time to... MMMM!! Fucking blow!" Vincent warmed, rather too conveniently but very timely. Able to give her one more pump before he pulled out of her well fucked to say the least pussy. Letting go of her hair so he can start to stroke off his pulsing cock.
"Mmmmm... Oh fuck!" Claire groaned as she slumped down onto her front onto his bed. Turning her face so she can look back at him jerking off. "Give me a second kid... I want to su-HHHHHLLLLKK!!"

Sadly whatever plan she had was cut off when she discovered one of the other side-effects of his 'infection'. A massive and thick wad of cum firing far further than any normal man could manage out from his cock. High across all the way across her hair, face and into her mouth to make her gag. The next blasts coating further into her auburn coloured hair and her neck, sending spunk dripping down more into her face as she groans and swallows down some out of reflex. The next few strokes splattering over her back, covering the angel of her 'Made in Heaven' jacket to stain it perhaps beyond cleaning out by regular means. Just enough left in his tank to spray over her lower back and across her skinsuit covered backside with the final couple of pumps with his hands.

"Uhhhhhhh..." Claire groaned out, almost sealed in place onto the bedsheets she's laying on as the cum drips down her sides from off her back. "Yeah... Mmmmmm... You p-proved yourself kid..." She said with a hint of lust, trying to lift her head up but with all the spunk through her hair she gives up, slumping down with a sigh and a big smile.

"Guess I did..." Vincent said, wiping sweat off his forehead as he climbs off the bed. His cock now returning to its normal, far from impressive size now the virus has been 'satisfied'. "...Wait, what was I trying to prove again?"

Just as he was about to question her motives, a sound to the side caught his attention. Peering through the doorway into his room, BSAA Operative Rebecca Chambers was looking in. Biting down on her bottom lip as she looked in, and seemingly had been for quite some time with how it seemed one of her arms was furiously working over herself out of his line of sight.

"Ummmm... I'll... Ahhhhh!" Rebecca moaned. "Get a clean-up crew... And see about getting you a new room for tonight!" She stated, groaning again before she shifted away from view.

"That'd... Be neat." Pierce offered, scratching his head in confusion before he looked back at the exhausted beauty on his bed. "I'm sure as Hell not sleeping in that mess." He unhelpfully offered. Wondering for a moment just how long this unlikely life of his will keep going on for. Even if the sex is still amazing like that was.

* * *

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