WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, developers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own Resident Evil or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Moira Burton (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

Resident Evil: Infection Part 9
An erotic Resident Evil fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"Trust me, I think this shit is as boring as all fuck too!" Moira Burton stated with a sigh, looking far from amused as she leaned against the table in what the BSAA scientists had said was a 'Study Room'. There was the afore mentioned table, informative (if not worrying considering their content matter about what to do to kill or avoid zombies) posters on the walls, and even a couple of shelves with books on them.

"Uh... Sorry?" Vincent Pierce offered. Clad in his usual baggy fitting attire of olive green tank top and camo-designed and coloured pants. Ever since being the only victim infected with a mysterious, sexually-driven virus his life was far from normal. Even with all the testing done and 'sample extraction sessions' he's been in, he wasn't used to anything. Even the several unlikely sexual encounters he's had with a number of stunning females who have all, as irony and/or luck would have it, have all be involved in some way with bio-terror or zombie outbreaks themselves.

The former TerraSave operative and survivor of the Sushestvovanie Island incident sighed with a roll of her eyes. Dressed in a dark jacket with a pink trimmed hood, a loose fitting T-shirt underneath with the slogan 'AS THE WORLD BURNS' on the front. Below, small and form fitting denim shorts with dark tights on her legs, topped off with boots. Overall, along with her short hair all reeked of a rebellious personality.

"Well, let's just get this fucking over with..." Moira said. "The sooner the better. I have no fucking idea why Claire said this would be a good idea to even meet you. She fucking made it out that you were some kind of hot fucking shit or something."

"Claire?" Vincent questioned for a moment. "Oh! Oh yeah, her... She ah, saw me getting into a... Ummmm... Situation."

"Situation? Sounds like some gossip there..." Burton smirked as she stepped forward. "Spill the beans! What did you do?" She demanded as she folded her arms across her perky chest. "This is gonna be way more interesting than the 'Teach him survival training' crap they want me to do with you."

"Well... Ummmm... I was, well..." He tried to find words to explain. A small smile coming across his face as he remembered one particular incident of him having finished a round of virus-enhanced sex with Sherry Birkin.

Which, as perfect timing for this situation would have it, was just enough of a reason considering the current company in the room, to make his infection appear. With a pained groan his pants burst into shreds from off his body as his dick hit full erection to a massive, far bigger than he should be size. A fat rod pointing right at the stunned female with a set of heavy balls to match, and already his member throbbing painfully to make him whine in pain as he gripped himself. More than enough of a distraction for neither one of them to hear the slight thump of what sounding like movement from the vent high above them in the ceiling.

"FUCK ME!!" Moira exclaimed as she stared at that dick. "Didn't know this was gonna be a fucking show and fucking tell class! Look at the size of that fucking thing!!" She said with clear awe. An obvious sign that this was by far the biggest cock she's ever laid eyes on in her eventful life. "Is it real?? Let me fucking get my hands on this thing..." She added, inviting herself as she moved forward, boldly getting down to her knees in front of the man she's only just met.

"Yes! I mean, yes please!" Pierce said, knowing just how badly things could turn out for him if he doesn't get female 'help' to deal with his 'problem'.

"Huh... Feels fucking real..." Burton remarked as she placed both hands onto his rod and started pumping him. Making him groan in a far more pleasurable manner right from the first stroke.

"Ye-yeah... It's ummm, kinda complicated..." Vincent tried to explain as he grunted.

"I bet!" She said with a smirk as she glanced up at him. "...Wanna just skip the whole 'class' thing and fuck? I mean, you don't look like fucking much aside from... You know, this huge fucking dick right here..."

"Yes! Yes please!" He quickly agreed with a nod, feeling the painful pulsing coming back as a simple handjob isn't near enough to 'calm' the virus inside of him.

"Geez, don't get much action? Well fuck it... Let's Chalk this up as another fucking reason for Dad to be fucking mad at me..." She said with a shrug, before spitting down onto the fat head of his cock. Her hands soon pumping away at his oversized meat before leaning in towards him. Swatting her tongue against the tip, then sliding around the top around the slit. All the while keeping both hands stroking him off to keep him moaning. "Tell you what... If you and this huge fucking prick can take a BJ? I'll let you fucking stuff me. Deal?" She rather causally, but tellingly with a playful smirk made the offer. However she didn't even give a chance to let him accept, even though from his moans he clearly would and was going to. Instead her mouth moved further down, as her lips parted. Letting that fat head slip inside before she wrapped herself around him. Groaning as she felt her lips stretching to handle such a vast size.

"Ahhhhhhh!! MMMMM... Yeah... Th-that's a good deal..." Vincent groaned with approval, and not just to that 'offer' either. His eyes glued down onto the gorgeous face of the young bio-terror fighter as she slurped on the crown of his tool. Her soft palms still running up and down his member while he got to feel that hot, damp oral hole sucking on his fat bell-end. "MMMMM... Ahhhhhh FUCK!! Shit... Fuck that's nice..." He said as those lovely lips rubbed against the head of his cock, with the brief flick of her tongue adding to the pleasure. It was quite clear she was no novice in this particular sex act. Never missing a beat as she double teamed his rod with pumping hands and her mouth sucking away at the tip with the slight rock of her head towards his meat.

"Mmmmmphhhh!! Mmmmm... Hmmmmphhhhh..." Now it was her turn to do some groaning, even as muffled as her cry was. Sensing that this sort of easy pace wasn't going to cut it, she moved her short haired head down more onto his rod. Immediately getting a desired effect of making him moan clearer as more of his inches passed into her soothing mouth. Switching her grip so just one hand captured his cock to stroke him as the other rested on his thigh for support. Allowing her to slowly but surely bob along the upper part of his cock. Saliva starting to get applied onto that virus-enhanced cock as she steadily sucked him.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh... Fucking Hell... MMMMM!!" The man getting this red hot BJ moaned his approval and appreciation as he continued to stare down as her facial features smoothly slid back and forth along his fuck-stick. Seeing now the saliva start to coat him from the repeated motion and loving the feeling of those soft lips gliding over his tool. "Ahhhhh... MMMM!! Shit!! Not to... Uhhhhh! Ruin the mood... But I will have to... MMMM... get to the actual fucking sometime soon..." He stated, knowing himself about the unusual cure for his 'condition' even though for most men some oral action like this would be satisfying enough. His cock being taken in and out of her mouth in smooth and steady fashion. Her spit starting to seep past her lips and drip off of his manhood as she slurps and groans around his size.

"Mmmmmphhh... Kkkkhhhhyyyy mmmmhhhhrrrr-ffffkkkkkrrrrr!! Mmmmm!" She swore around the cock she was blowing, casting a narrow-eyed glare up at the man she'd only just met but was now sucking off. Misunderstanding his words as a challenge, now both hands went onto his thighs. Showing what she was made off as she pushed her face sharply down into his cock to make him loudly groan out. "GAHHHHHH!! HHHHHHLLLLKKKK!!" Her eyes went wide as in fact she took the biggest dick she's ever handled in her life far too deeply than she could handle. Gagging like a pornstar from a throat-fuck scene as her nose was just an inch away from touching his crotch. Forcing her back upward to the more comfortable sucking zone of the upper half of his length. Before defiantly attempting to swallow him down only to choke again, sending saliva splattering down further onto his member.

"GHHHHLLLKK!!" Moira lifted her mouth all the up and off of his dick, gasping for a moment before looking up with a rather pissed off expression. "OK mother-fucker! So you can take a fucking blowie! Big deal!" She snapped with a fired-up tone as she stood up. "But don't expect me to do all the fucking work here, fat dick!" Moira added as she turned and walked towards the table in the 'Study Room'.

"Uhhhh... Oh kay?" Vincent offered, not understanding the misunderstanding that was going on but feeling the throbbing discomfort returning he quickly followed after her.

"Fucking right it's OK, fuck-head!" Burton said as she gripped her denim shorts, pulling them downward to reveal her nicely rounded ass covered by the tights she wore. Showing off clearly that the rebellious beauty wasn't wearing any underwear underneath the tights either. "Well?? Gonna fucking stare? Or are you going to shove that fucking massive prick into my slot??" She said as she bent over onto the table, sticking that cute butt out at him. Her words sounding a half-demand, half-challenge to the man she barely knows but it rather willing to let fuck her.

"Fuck yes! I mean, uhhhh... Sounds like a plan!" Pierce agreed as he came forward, considering his options for 'entry' before feeling the throbbing returned. Hastily he reached down, gripping her tights and with a sharp tug ended up tearing a hole in them. Leaving her gasping with surprise as almost too conveniently the hole was perfect for accessing that tight, shaved snatch of hers.

"Hope you're gonna pay for a new pair of tho-OOOOOOOOHH!! Mmmmmm!!" Her snapping words over her shoulder back at him were cut off when he pushed that big dick into her snatch. The insertion alone enough to make her rock forward against the furniture with a moan long before he was half into her. The pleasure and her cries kept coming as he eased back out of her tightness before pushing firmly back in to work a little more of his fat manhood into her hole. "MMMMM... Guess... Ahhhhh! Guess I got plenty more at home though..." She mumbled as she watched his hips shift back and forth towards her sexy, lean body as she felt that massive dick moving into her twat. Forcing those pussy walls to accept the invasion of the biggest cock she's ever taken in her life, and perhaps thankful her previous 'lubing up' from her saliva coating his dick has helped with the smooth motion.

"MMMM!! FUCK... Ahhhhh... Mmmmm yeah..." The virus-infected man groaned as he pumped his dick briskly in and out of the tight pussy of the former TerraSave agent in front of him. His hands gripping her hips just on the edge of the dark tights she's wearing as he pumps away into her snatch with every intention of soon enough being completely inside this stunning female. "Mmmmm... If I could pay... Ahhhhh! I would... I think I'm being paid while... UHHHH!! Being stuck in here..." He pondered out loud, but his moans soon brought him back to focusing on the important task. Calming down the infection within him by fucking this fine, snug and starting to dampen pussy he's already deep inside of. Groaning with each in and out thrust he delivers into the similarly shamelessly moaning out stunner he's getting to bang.

"AHHHHHH... You're getting paid?? Ha! MMMMM!! That means... Mmmmm... You're being paid to fuck me right now!" She flashed a big grin as if striking a major win. Even as she lets out another moan as the big cock drives deep into her snatch from behind. Keeping her rocking back and forth against the table she's being fucked over and all the while still wearing every piece of her clothing with just her shorts pulled down beneath her getting stuffed snatch. "Mmmmmm! That makes you... MMMMM!! My man-whore right fucking now! Ahhhhh!! A paid for... UHHHH!! Fucking gigolo!" She said with a laugh, before moaning again as even with her rebellious attitude it's clear she's more than just enjoying taking this huge man-meat into her love tunnel. Shown by her continuous moaning and how she's still gazing back to watch him take her from behind. Feeling that huge dick going bareback into her snatch to fill her up and make her pleasurably stretch quite unlike any time before in her already eventual life.

"I... MMMMM... I don't think... That's not really what... AHHHH FUCK!!" The man with a sexually-driven virus within attempted to explain his predicament - if he doesn't fuck enough he will die - but ends up giving up for the moment. Again having to concentrate on sliding his dick in and out of her wet and tight slot just as she'd demanded. His balls now starting to bounce off of her skin each time he thrusts forward into her pussy as he goes all in. "AHHHHH... Never... UHHHH!! Thought of it t-that way... MMMMM!! Before... But it's not re-really... MMMM!!" He tries again to speak but fails as his own moans cut him off. Not that either of them are complaining as he keeps on pumping in and out of the groaning beauty bent over in front of him. His crotch starting to smack into her tights covered backside as he thrusts into her snatch thanks to the hole in that garment he'd torn open when this position first got started.

"MMMM!! It so fucking is!! AHHHH!! You're my... UHHHH!! Fucking man-whore tonight!" The daughter of the legendary S.T.A.R.S. team member grinned as she groaned with delight. Now actually pushing her butt back against the incoming thrusts, making the slap of her body connecting with his that much more sinfully loud as he got stuffed full by this oversized dick. "MMMMM!! Yeah... Oh yeah!! MMMMM FUCK!! Fuck me good whore! Fuck me!!" She demanded with a moan, getting a little too into things despite having only just met the man currently balls deep inside her today. Gasping with each in or out movement into her twat as her tightness stayed clamped around that fat pole when it drove deep forward into her slick folds before smoothly and sharply drawing half the way back before the motion repeated over and over again.

"AHHHHH... Don't get me wrong here... MMMMM..." Pierce said as he pulled out of her wet pussy with a groan. "But this kinda weird right now... I mean aside from you know, my 'condition' and all..." He tried to explain, referring to her words about him from just before.

"Hey shit-head! Who the fuck told you to fucking take a break?!?" Moira snapped, pushing herself off from the table to stand up and grab him by the top. "Don't fucking pussy out on me now bitch!" She grinned, catching him by surprise as she used the grip to shove him down onto his back onto the table.

"I uh... Oh fuck..." Vincent said, watching as his newest fuck-buddy climbed up onto the table and over his crotch. "I'm gonna get it, aren't I?" He stated the obvious as she mounted him.

"Damn fucking right you are!" Burton grinned again as she reached down, lining up his dick with her snatch through the hole in her tights. "Not until you make your Sugar-Momma cum nice and fucking hard over this... Mmmmm... Fat fucking cock of yours!" She stated as she started to lower herself down to take him back inside herself.

"MMMM!! Su-sugar what now?? AHHHHH..." He tried to question, not knowing that term showing his inexperience prior to his infection of sex in general. Thankfully the focus for the still clothed beauty on top of his isn't his words, but his meaty fuck-stick as she dropped down all the way until her butt was resting against his thighs. "MMMMM... Never mind... MMMMM FUCK!" He smartly reasoned, watching as the short haired stunner placed her hands on his chest for support as she began to shift back and forth onto his rod. Easily getting them both moaning out loudly and without any sign of shame as moved up to around the halfway point on his cock before sharply moving back all the way.

"MMMM!! Oh FUCK!! MMMMM!! Yeah... Like that huh? Huh??" The big grin stayed on the gorgeous face of the Sushestvovanie Island incident survivor. Loving things in more ways than just one as she gave the biggest cock she's ever gotten to handle a nice, smooth and swift ride. The slap of skin hitting skin sounding out each time she rocked back to take his fat cock deeply inside her wet twat. "UHHHH!! Just... MMMMM!! Do me fucking favour... And warm me before... UHHHHH!! You bust a nut... Can't have you finishing inside me, can we?" She added with a flick of her tongue and a saucy look to match. She was clearly enjoying being in control of things. Calling the shots as she moved her fine, petite frame back and forth onto his rod as if they've been lovers for years. Not fully understanding his situation, or actually much caring since her focus was clearly on getting off herself and using this massive tool to get a seemingly long overdue orgasm.

"MMMM... No problem! AHHHH.. For sure... MMMMM SHIT!! Can't let that happen!" The lucky (in some ways, considering his 'condition') man underneath the former TerraSave operative agreed. Knowing himself the dangers if his plentiful load was shot into a female. However he knew from his unlikely past experiences with several women since getting infected that to 'calm' the virus will take still some more red hot action like this before it's all said and done. "Some real, uh bad things... MMMMM!! AHHHHH... Could go down if t-that... MMMM!! Happened..." He stated before letting out a groan of approval as she once more pushed her shapely backside back to take his dick right up into her still tight but now quite wet pussy. More than happy to let her take the lead and work herself back and forth over his enhanced rod. Staring down between her legs to catch glimpses of his cock vanishing between her folds into that very pleasurable hole.

"MMMM!! No fucking shit Sherlock! AHHHHH... FUCK! Fuck that cock's good! MMMM!!" The short haired beauty moaned out, still showing some of her rebellious nature despite her clear, loud and shameless moans of enjoyment of this sudden fuck with a man she barely knows. Her fingers slightly gripping the top he's wearing as she shifts herself back again and again onto his rod to deeply impale herself onto the biggest cock she's ever, and will likely ever, fuck in her life. "UHHHH!! OH FUCK!! MMMM... Can't have my hot ass... AHHHHH... Getting knocked up now, can we?? MMMMM..." She said with another lusty grin, shaking her head just a bit to more her hair away from out of her eyes. Showing no intentions of stopping, even as sweat starts to form and roll down her forehead and cheeks, as she kept her riding motion going smoothly and swiftly. The sharp smack of her body connecting off of the man she's on top of sounding out to mix with both their moans every time she rammed back to take his big dick balls deep into herself.

"AHHHHH!! That's... UHHHHH!! Not what I was... MMMM FUCK!! MMMMM..." Yet again his attempts to speak were silenced by sinful pleasure. Loving how her wet vaginal walls were gripping his infection-enhanced dick as she expertly rode him. He could easily thrust upward to meet her motion but in another show of his inexperience just laid back and let her near bounce away on his rod. "AHHHHH... Never mind! My life... UHHHH!! Is fucking weird enough as it is! MMMMM..." He said, stating the obvious and then some. Moaning again each time she shifted her snatch right back to take his cock in to the hilt. Her snatch still nicely tight even after the repeated stuffing she's made herself take by riding this huge, fat cock. Leaving his member with a more than generous covering of her juices to further show how much she's been loving this filthy action.

"MMMM... FUCK!!" Burton gasps out as she brings herself to a stop on his cock. Using her hands to tug at her top as the forming sweat is making it stick to her body a little. "You... You know how to fucking fuck, don't you stud?" She said with a laugh and a grin before she started to dismount him.

"Uhhhh... It's kinda complicated..." Vincent tried to explain. Knowing full well that both his sexual 'skill' and size of dick is because of the virus within him.

"Bullshit! Nothing fucking complicated about that big fucking fuck-stick between your legs!" Moira stated as she moved down off the table completely, moving over to the nearest wall and standing with her back against it. "Now get the FUCK over her, and FUCK me... With the big FUCKING cock until I can't FUCKING walk mother-FUCKER!!" She said, saying those curse words with all the subtlety of an explosion from a rocket going off. With a lusty grin and stare to match.

"...OK!" Pierce wisely agreed, scrambling off the table and quickly heading over to the needy beauty.

Upon arrival, the horny to put it mildly beauty leapt up to wrap her legs and arms around this man she barely knows but has already blown and given a ride to so far. Now, after a slight stumble on his part, her back is against the wall as she's getting lowered back down onto that massive dick. Both of them moaning as he fills up all the way to the hilt and grabs her waist for good measure. Just as she secures her tights-covered legs around his midsection he starts putting his hips to work, much to her loudly moaning delight. Almost a glaze over her eyes as she stares upward for a moment, before lustfully with a glare at the man pumping the biggest cock she's ever had firmly in and out of her needy snatch.

"UHHHHH!! YES!! OH FUCK!! Holy... Mother of!! MMMMM FUUUUUCKK!!" The short haired stunner moaned out as she took the exact fucking she was after. Hard and swift, with more than enough force to make her jolt against the wall she was willingly pinned up against, but feeling no friction due to all the clothing she still had on as she took his massive shaft. "MMMM!! Fucking YES!! MMMM!! Fucking ram me!! AHHHHH!! Wreck my... UHHHH!! FUCKING PUSSY!! MMMM!!" She gasped out like she was reading straight off of a porno script. Yet was taking the kind of stuffing that even a veteran XXX-rated film starlet would struggle to last up until this point. Her soaking wet snatch still pleasurably snug around the thickness being worked in and out of her. That lovely, lean body made to bounce on this pumping rod each time he fired off a thrust straight up into her.

"MMMMM!! Oh FUCK!! AHHHHH... MMMMM SHIT!!" The infected male groaned out as the sweat started to form on his frame, but nowhere near the levels of the stunner he's banging. Able to stare down and watch his enhanced size vanish right up into her love tunnel before sharply reappearing. Just for him to repeat the pounding motion again and again just as she'd demanded, but not just for the sake of pleasure either. "UHHHH!!! Awwwwwww FUCK!! MMMMM..." He grunted as he kept his hips pumping away smoothly and quickly. A pace that without the effects of the virus within him he would never have been able to pull off. He's wisely making the most of it, keeping his cock sliding back and forth upward into the dripping wet pussy of the woman clinging onto him while she groans away in delight.

"FUCK!! MMMMM!! OH FUCK... FUCK!! AHHHHH!! YESSSSSSSS AHHHHHH OOOOOOOH!!" The former TerraSave agent almost squealed out in delight. A downright filthy look on her pretty, sweat-covered face and burning lust in her eyes as if she needed this fuck like her life depended on it. Ironic considering the needs, in more ways than one, of the guy balls deep in her pussy and making her be so wild in a state of desire as she moans with every deep thrust she takes. "MMMM!! Don't... AHHHH!! DON'T FUCKING STOP YOU... MMMMM!! HUNG FUCKING FUCKER!! AHHHHHH!!" She yelled out. Her clothing sticking to her body from all the sweat and similarly strands of her short hair clinging to her forehead and cheeks as she jolts upward sharply each time his cock ploughs upward past her folds. A dirty squelching sound being heard any time that meaty rod either rams up or slides back out a few inches from her dripping twat.

"UHHHHH... No... MMMMM!! Problem!! AHHHHH..." He gasps out his reply while his hips do all the work. Making sure his manhood stuffs her full again and again with swift thrusts, accompanied by the slap of his skin connecting off of her clothed body when he drives another balls deep pump into that wet pussy. "MMMMM... OH SHIT... AHHHHHH MMMMM..." It's only now that he's beginning to feel that long awaited, far removed from painful throbbing starting from his cock. A sign that he's almost 'calmed' the infection inside himself for now. Yet he's not completely finished with this stunning, horny babe just yet. Making sure to enjoy another round of hard and deep pumps up into her snatch for good measure.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHH FUCK!! C-CUMMING!! GONNA... I'M GONNA! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOH MMMMMM..." Moira was the one now trying to warn as her eyes rolled upward, mouth hanging open and moans pouring out as he body tensed up along with her snatch clamping around the cock thrusting into her. A hard and long orgasm to match her high state of lust courtesy of the virus-enhanced dick balls deep in her soaking twat that left her shivering almost as she was impaled on that fat rod. "UHHHHH!! UHHHHHH... MMMMMM... AHHHHHH... AHHHHH!!" She groaned and almost panted for air as she rode out waves of pleasure quite unlike anything she's felt before. If not for the wall she was being fucked against no doubt she might have fallen over backwards off of the cock she was leaving soaked from her pussy juices. Further coating that pole as it pumps away but in mercifully a gradually slower and less forceful pace than what had brought her to such a sexual high.

"UHHHHH!! Think... OH FUCK... Think I'm gonna... MMMMM... Blow soon!" Vincent stated as he pulled his pulsing dick out of her well fucked snatch.

"Mmmmmm..." Worn out by the intense fuck she'd just taken, Burton offered no resistance as she was set down on the ground. But so tired by the sexual action that she ends up slumping down against the wall. Sitting on the floor as she looks up through her short hair as she watches him stroke off at a furious pace. "Bet you've... Got a real fucking big... Load for me to..."

Her words would come back to haunt her as one of the other effects of the infection made its presence known. A big, thick blast of cum shooting out of his cock and splattering all across her face and into her short hair to stain through it. Making Burton gasp and in turn making matters worse (or better, all things considered) as the next creamy blast hit that open mouth to leave her gagging as quickly her mouth was filled up to overflowing point. Spunk drooling down her chin, neck and staining the already sweat-soaked top she was wearing. The man unload just stood and moaned as she stroked out shot after massive shot of jizz, leaving spunk dripping off and through her hair. Along with staining her clothing from jacket, tights and even down onto her boots, with some even having splashed off her body altogether onto the wall and floor around her. Let alone the vast amount of cum now dripping off her gorgeous face.

After a few more pumps and a groan, Pierce finally let go of his cock as it softened down to its usual, unimpressive and 'calmed' (for now) size. Allowing him to step back and look over the massive mess of cum that was all across her and the surrounding area she was slumped against the wall at. "Ummmmm... So, maybe we'll uh... Talk survival another time?"

"Ahhhhhh... Ahhhhhh..." Moira gasped as she stayed seated. Looking as if she actually was now stuck to the wall she was against. "Pl... Please... Ahhhhhh..."

"Please? Get help? Medics??" Vincent asked with a concerned look.

"Please... Tell me you're fucking single..."

Suddenly, an overhead vent in the ceiling gave way. A sound of a woman gasping as the grate and the female in question fell with a thud onto the table, causing it to collapse from the impact. Vincent turned around and stared with a blink at the woman. Who was desperately hauling up her pants while holding what looked like a vibrator of sorts in one hand.

"...Jill?" Pierce questioned as he recognised the woman. "Wait, where you... Watching this all??" He questioned, despite the answer being rather obvious.

"Oh hey Vincent!" Jill Valentine said as she stumbled up to her feet, brushing herself off. "Fancy meeting you here! Well, that's those vents checked out! Catch you later!" She said as a completely unconvincing lie as she turned and quickly left the room. The two guards on the other side looking confused by the sight of her before the looked into the 'Study Room'.

"Subject Pierce with another 'incident'... I'll call for the clean up crew." The first guard said.

"And I'll get my wallet... Never should have taken that bet!" The second guard grumbled.

"...The fuck even is my life now?!?" Vincent yelled out loud.

* * *

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