WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, developers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Mia Winters

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

Resident Evil: Infection Part 7
An erotic Resident Evil fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Ada Wong was many things. Even more to the select few who knew of her existence. Spy. Traitor. Hero. Villain. Bio-terrorist. Ally of bio-terror fighters. Hell, she'd even not that long ago had to deal with an obsessed man who had attempted to 'clone' her with overall disastrous consequences. Yet no matter how she tried to get away from all things bio-terror or Umbrella related, she kept coming back to it. Whether it was loose ends, new leads, or even a certain special agent she had more than a casual interest it. Her life was certainly far from boring.

Which is exactly when she came into possession of footage of a 'viral strain' unlike anything ever seen before? Did it seem like a trap? That a USB Stick would so easily be passed along to her asking for so little in return. Of course. Which is why she simply stole it instead of actually doing the deal as offered. She was sure they'd appreciate the explosive surprise once they discovered their stick was no longer in their possession.

Her high heels clicked on the floor of her current Safe House of operations as she approached the desk. Taking a seat to turn towards her laptop computer. "Well then BSAA... Let's see what Miss Valentine and her friends have been up to..." Ada thought to herself out loud as she applied the memory stick to the computer.

After a number of safety and virus checks, one could never be too careful after all, the file folder loaded up. One single video file was all it contained, but footage of quite some length from the running time. The thumbnail seemed to show the interior of a cafeteria seemingly within an army base. A BSAA base Wong assumed from first look. Then again, why just assume when she could see for herself? Which is why she clicked to play, and then sat back in her chair. Crossing one leg over the over as the video started to play...

* * *

"Hey! Do you mind if I sit here?" The voice of Mia Winters asked as she held a cafeteria tray with what in BSAA ration terms can be described as a 'meal',

"...Huh?" Vincent Pierce, the man currently being held by the BSAA as he undergoes tests and eventual treatment for the unusual sexually-driven infection within him, finally snaps out of his thoughts. "Oh yeah, sure!" He says, looking up with a nod to her. "Not like, uh, there's anyone else here reserved for that seat." He notes.

The food from the BSAA, in Vincent's opinion, sucked. Guess they don't cater to five star quality for the troops around here. Or maybe the food staff were mad they have to keep some aside for when he had to dine on his own in case of his 'condition' sparking up. Whatever the case, the grub here made him crave even the grease-burgers from the joint down the corner from where he used to work. Before the night that led to his current state that is.

"You uh, new around here?" Pierce asked as the woman with long, dark hair sat opposite him. She was clad in a plain, strapless top that was perfect for her petite frame and perky tits, and slightly baggy pants. Not too dissimilar from the standard issue almost clothing that he had on himself which the BSAA issued him for his stay here. "Oh, sorry. I'm uh, I'm Vincent."

"Nice to meet you Vincent. I'm Mia, and yes I am!" Winters said with a nod and a friendly smile. "Myself and my husband actually... He's not here at the moment though." She stated, sounding a little sad about that latter point. "We've not been here long. We were transferred... Well, maybe dumped off after being rescued from... Uh, an incident we were both caught up in..." She added, being deliberately vague. Perhaps not wanting to immediately point out how that 'incident' was not only one she was heavily involved in for years, but partially responsible for.

"Sounds rough." Pierce said, missing her vagueness completely while he glanced down to poke at the 'vegetable' portion of his meal with a fork. "They keeping you two separate or something?"

"Something like that..." Mia said with a sigh, brushing her long hair back. "I don't know why... I was cured of my infection! Maybe they think it came back? Or Ethan got infected somehow... I swear I heard one of those scientists say something about seeing what I'd be like with the 'prime test subject' too..." She added, casting a look over him. "Hmmmm... Test subject..." She remarked. Piecing two and two together as she checked over the man opposite her.

"Yep, that does sound rough." Vincent stated, once again only paying half-attention as he poked at his meal once again. "Heh. Bet your infection isn't half as bad as mine." He stated, finally looking up at her to give her a nod and a smile.

"You don't look infected..." Winters noted as she looked over him. "Kind of cute, in a dorky way. But not infected." She teased with a small smirk. Being far from innocent herself, she knew how to work her way around a situation (as long as it doesn't involve mind controlling and infecting bio-weapons).

"Uhhhhh... Thanks?" Vincent questioned, rather thrown by the sudden compliment from a married woman he's only just met. "But uh, you don't want to know about my problem. It's ah, kinda personal anyway..." He said, sliding his tray to the side.

"Awwwwww, but we were just getting started!" Mia said, turning on the charm. "What, worried you'd make my man upset or something if he saw us talking?" She moved a hand forward, placing it on top of his in order to stop him from moving away. "He's a big boy... He's seen say more than that... But how about you? Are you a... Big. Boy?" She almost purred, giving a flirty smirk and a raised eyebrow as she planned to charm her way into getting information out of this inexperienced looking to her man.

What she got instead was the shock of her life when with a loud groan the man's pants ripped away from his body. A massive, overly sized and already pulsing cock now standing proud and pointing at her as Pierce stood up in shock and discomfort. His chair kicked away while his prick was directed straight at the woman who had caused that arousal to create this situation.

"FUCK!" Vincent hissed as he gripped his dick. "Well, you wanted to see what my infection was..." He said in a tone that would have been sarcastic if not for the pain rippling through him.

"Holy shit!!" Mia gasped, standing up to stare down at the biggest cock she's ever seen in her life. "What kind of fucking infection is that?? Sex-aid injections??" She questioned before glancing around at the usually for this BSAA base empty looking room. "...Is that real?" She asked, before deciding to investigate herself. Shoving her meal tray right off the table with a clatter as she climbed up onto it.

"Wait, what?" He started to ask himself, but soon let out a sigh of relief when the female opposite took a hold of his member. Giving him a testing pump for good measure as she sized him up.
"Fuck! This... Oh wow!" She marvelled as she looked him over. "Geez... Why couldn't I have gotten mixed up with a virus like this instead of that little bitch..." She mused to herself as she stroked off a man that not only does she barely know, but certainly isn't even married to. "Fuck... You're way bigger than even my husband is..."

"Ahhhhh... Are... Are you just gonna s-stroke me?" Vincent asked, starting to hiss again as he knows himself that just a handjob won't quite be enough to 'cure' his condition if his past experiences are any indication.

"...Fuck it. I've already got so much to apologise to Ethan for already..." Mia reasoned, firmly gripping that oversized cock so she could jerk him off with a quick round of pumps. "Just chalk up another on the board for me to make up to him for..." She added, glancing up at the man she was making groan with her stroking hand. Using the other to shift herself forward closer towards that mighty length that she already was finding hard to rip her gaze away from. That only continued on as she positioned herself close up to that tool. Another brief look up before back to that rod. Sticking her tongue out to brush over the crown and make him gasp out his approval again, even as stimulated enough (for now) by her hand work over him.

"Mmmmmmphh..." She rather easily gave in to the sudden lust brought on by seeing the biggest cock in her life - including bigger than her actual husband. Moving in closer, her lips soon wrapped around the fat crown of this dick of the man not only is she not married to, but only just met. Now he's moaning between her soft lips as she pushes forward, taking a couple inches inside. "Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhhh..." She stared up, her hand still stroking off the rest of his length as her mouth started to travel the route over the upper part of his shaft. Her impressively glossy, long black hair already swaying as her head starts shafting back and forth. Her own groans bouncing off his dick as she takes in in and out of her starved-of-action oral hole. From the quick way she gets into the motion to blow him, she seems ready to make up for lost time even if it means cheating on her husband to get it.

"Ahhhhhh shit! Mmmmmm!! Fuck... Lucky fucking husband..." Vincent moaned out, watching the pretty face of the beauty laying on the cafeteria table in front of him smoothly sliding towards and then away from his cock. Letting him feel how wonderfully soothing and pleasurably damp her mouth is. An indication that, even with a several year break from performing this particular sexual act, she has plenty of experience from how she's easily able to make him moan. "MMMMM... I mean... Ahhhh, I can keep a s-secret... If you don't want... Mmmm! Him to know..." He adds, but even with the attempt to feel 'guilty' about having to be sucked off by another man's wife to save his own life he can't quite hide the pleasure he's feeling. Moaning out each time she either pushes forward onto his virus-effected cock. Or sliding almost all the way back until just the bell-end is inside before she repeats the action with a groan of her own.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Hmmmmmm... Hhhhhlllkkkk!!" Caught up in her own desires, Mia paid no attention to the words of the lucky (in some ways considering his infected condition) man she's sucking off. Her hands now gripped the edge of the table she was laying on. Allowing her to bob her head freely and deeply along the massive piece of man meat her saliva was slowly dripping down. "Mmmmm... HHHHLLKKKK!! GAHHHHHHH!! Mmmmmmphhh!!" She started to gag as she took that prick in far deeper than she'd ever handled when blowing someone before. Her eyes going wide as that large cock-head connected with the back of her hungry mouth. Yet she didn't stop, continuing to slide her oral hole up and down that length. Making her spit further splatter and trickle downward every time she gagged onto him.

"MMMMM FUCK... Oh shit Mia!! MMMM..." Vincent groaned as he watched the sinful display in front of him. Moaning as he enjoyed the feeling of her lips gliding across his dick and that hot mouth taking his size in and out. Reaching down, he brushed strands of that long and surprisingly well kept hair away from her face. Only for her to grab his wrist but not in objection, but another dirty display as he moved his hand onto the back of her bobbing head. "Ahhhhhh! Damn! Guess being... Uhhhhhh! Stuck in a place like this... MMMMM!! Gets you worked up..." He incorrectly assumed about the woman he barely knows, but now is enjoying a messy, sloppy and fantastic blowjob from. Seeing her eyes start to water up from the repeated motion as she repeatedly takes that big cock in far deeper than she knows she can handle. So lusty now she doesn't care as her saliva now coats him in more than generous fashion as a result of her wild sucking work.

Delivering another slurp, she lifts her head away with a gasp. Just staring up at him as she catches her breath. "You have NO fucking idea..." Mia states bluntly, licking her lips clean before she pushes herself up from her laying position. "Three fucking years of Hell? Yeah, I'm just a little fucking worked up!" She adds as she moves around so she's still facing him, but now sitting on top of the table.

"Three years?!?" Vincent questioned with surprise. "You've been here three years??" He again incorrectly assumed. Sounding worried for how long he might be stuck in this base compared to her 'time'.

"What? Urgh, never mind!" Winters said dismissively. Clearly far more interested in getting to the fucking than her past life up until this point. As proven by her quickly pushing down her pants to show off a neatly trimmed and tight looking pussy. "Hey! Help get these off me!" She said, motioning toward her footwear.

"Oh! Right, sure." He said, snapping into reality from staring at her exposed parts as he reaches forward to undo her boots in order to take them off. That allowed her to in turn properly take off her lower clothing to leave her in just the strapless top.

"After all, you didn't think I'd be cheating on my husband and just doing all the work here, did you?" She teases with almost a 'better-than-you' tone to her voice as she smirked across at her unexpected lover. Her gaze was once again glued to his crotch. This time watching the cock still coated with her spit being positioned towards her entrance. Her eyes now going wide once again but this time at the feeling of being forced to open up. His massive size meeting the resistance of tightness and not just due to the three years of non-action from her 'enslavement'. This was by far the biggest cock she's even taken, further proven by the moans she's made to let out when just the bell-end enters into her.

"OH FUCK!! Ahhhhh... Oh, OK! Mmmmmm!! That's... Oh FUCK!!" She moaned out, eyes staying wide and watching as that big dick starts to be pushed in and out of her folds. Already her pussy clamping around his thickness but the 'lube' provided by her own saliva helping to ease off the friction as the pumping kicks off. Causing her to moan out as she grips the edge of the table with her hands. Keeping those legs spread far apart for him but out of instinct as her attention is focused down on that mighty shaft sliding gradually further into her snatch with every forward pump he delivers.

"MMMMM! Oh yeah... Mmmmm FUCK... Fucking nice! Ahhhh..." On the other hand, Pierce was moaning out for his own delightful reasons. The tight feeling all around his cock easily relieving the painful throbbing his oversized cock was feeling as a result of his infection. Not that he hadn't been enjoying the sucking action just moments before of course. Stuffing his cock into the snug twat of a gorgeous married woman however was even hotter for him in more ways than one. "Ahhhhhh... MMMMM... D-don't take this the wrong way... Ahhhhhh! But three years not getting fucked? MMMM... Has given you an amazing tight fucking pussy!" He raves between his groans, completely missing the point that the events of her life leading up to being at this BSAA centre weren't planned or intended. Not that from how he's staring down at the very snatch he's stuffing himself up into that he's too interested either in her 'eventful' to say the least life story right now. Pumping away to make sure the sexually-driven virus within him doesn't mutate into anything harmful to his existence.

"Uhhhhh! I should... MMMMM!! Fucking slap you for that! Ahhhhhhh!" She snaps, mad at his clueless to her situation nature, but moaning out as she can't deny the pleasure she's getting. Her love tunnel getting filled up far beyond levels she's ever gotten before, even from her own husband. Her vaginal walls forced to accept the filthy invasion as she takes another man's cock deeply inside herself again and again. "MMMM... Count yourself... Ahhhhh FUCK! Fucking lucky you have... Ahhhhhh! Suck a big fucking cock!!" She adds with a hiss as she glares for a moment at the man she's letting fuck her tight and now dampening box. Not seemingly figuring out herself that by doing so she's helping him with his 'condition'. She's caught up in her own pent up desires and frustrations as soon enough her eyes once again lock onto his fat and large cock. Moaning as she watches it push deep forward into her snatch before smoothly pulling back out to repeat the motion.

"MMMMM... It's not exactly... AHHHHH... Completely lucky actually..." He tries to explain between his firm and nicely timed thrusts. Each pump punctuated with a groan escaping them both as they fuck within the confines of the eating area of the base. He has a hold of her legs as he pumps away into her snatch, as the beauty he's nailing keeps herself spread eagle and in place with her own hands still gripping the table she's being fucked on. "Mmmmmmm SHIT... Actually, never mind about... UHHHHH! About all that... This is way more interesting... And fucking hot!" He reasons as he wisely for once keeps his attention on the matter at hand. Thrusting his virus-enhanced cock in and out of the tight, wet pussy of the woman married to another man in front of him. Easily making them both moan out no matter if he's driving forward into her passage or pulling a couple inches out of her in order to repeat the action.

"MMMMM... Hot? One way... Ahhhhhh! One way of looking at it..." Mia says with a questioning raise of an eyebrow. It's not long before she's moaning again however as she takes another deep pump into her snatch that makes that somewhat harsh look soften. "OK, OK! Mmmmm... Pull out. You've fucking proved... Ahhhhhh! Proved your point now..."

"Proven?" Vincent is the one wondering what the deal is now, but does as asked. Slowly withdrawing from her folds with a groan. "Didn't know this was a competition..." He comments as he steps back.

"It isn't... If it was though? I'd sure win..." Winters states with a cocky smirk. "What I mean is you proved that you don't just have size. You can use it too. Now let me have a turn on you and we'll see if you can handle what I can do."

"Sure sounds like a competition now..." Pierce points out. With a shrug he follows the orders, moving up onto the top of the cafeteria table so he can lay down lengthwise on it. His fat and long cock, now with a covering of her juices over him, standing upright and ready for more desperately needed action as he starts to hiss as his dick starts to pulse from the break in the sex.

"Any objections?" She now questioned, but with the kind of smirk that showed she already knew the answer, as she moved over now, swinging a leg over him so she can mount his crotch. Reaching down she gripped the length to line it up with her snatch once again. Firmly she rocked back, making them both moan out as she showed her intent by pushed back so she could stuff herself full with all that man-meat. "MMMM... Thought not! Now let me... UHHHHH! Fuck three fucking years of bad fucking memories out of me!" She snapped as she tossed that glossy black hair back. Planting her hands on his still, similar to herself, top-covered chest, she started to rock herself back and forth onto his cock. Moaning again as she slid his member deeply into her wet box before shifting forward to pull just a few inches out from herself before soon repeating the motion.

"MMMMM... Yeah... I'm just gonna... AHHHHH FUCK... Let you do your thing..." The man taking this ride wisely agreed. Hands at his sides, just watching and letting her take control as she rocked her slim and sexy body back and forth on his cock. Making them both moan out whenever she dished out a forward or back shift of her hips to take that virus-effected cock inside herself. It allowed him to just lay back and watch her go to work. Seeing a brief glimpse of his member as she moved but feeling every moment of him being deep within her still tight but now more than noticeably wet twat.

"MMMMM FUCK... Oh yeah... MMMMM!! Holy fuck... FUCK!!" She gasped out, paying no attention to the strands of her long dark hair that were falling out of place as she kept this firm and focused ride going. She only let a couple of inches of his size slide out of her when she rocked forward. Ensuring that not only could she repeat the rocking action swiftly, but she remained nicely stuffed full with that fat cock as the fucking went on. "AHHHHH... Even fucking bigger... OH FUCK!! MMMMM... Than my fucking husband!! MMMMM..." She admitted with a long moan as she closed her eyes. Shamelessly admitting to cheating on her husband but lovely every moment of a far longer and thicker cock of another man being deep within her love tunnel. She isn't exactly holding back either, as the sweat starts to form across her frame from the effort she's putting in. Making her top start to stick to her upper body and perky tits.

"AHHHHH... Uhhhhhhh, thanks? MMMMM... AHHHHH FUCK!!" Knowing full well that the current far bigger than he's usually be size of his cock, let alone his ability to take such a fiery ride, is because of the virus within him? Pierce isn't quite sure how to take her statement about the man she's married to. He is wise enough however to keep taking the sliding of her snug, damp pussy along his rod that she's dishing out. Expertly making him moan out in such smooth fashion that it looks second nature to her. Certainly not appearing like she's had a three-year break from any kind of sexual activity. His constant moans, and how the fucking is keeping at bay the painful side-effect of the infection, show he's certainly grateful for her more than making up for her own 'lost time'.

"OH FUUUUUUUUCK... AHHHHHH FUCK!! Mmmmmmmm... MMMM!!" For the first time in years Mia is being 'possessed' by something far from dangerous and insane. The burning lust making her rock herself back and forth on top of a man she barely knows but has already blown and been fucked fucked by. Now she's working her hot, moist snatch up and down over his big cock to keep them both moaning out as if they've been lovers for months instead of the short time they've actually known once another. The cries of delight escaping them both show they're shameless happy with that fact. Those moans accompanied by the slap of her ass connecting with his thighs each time she shifts backward to take his dick as deep as she can fit into her needy pussy.

"MMMMM... You like that, huh?" Mia asks as she comes to a sudden stop on his cock. Her voice dripping with desire to make it sound right out of a porn script. "You fucking like that??"

"Ahhhhhh... Fuck yeah I do!" Vincent grins back. "...You uh, want to do another position or something?"

"Mmmmmm... Fuck yeah I do..." Winters says, using his words now as she dismounts him effortlessly. She then moves into the clear position she wants, laying on her front on the cafeteria table but this time with her ass sticking out off the edge. Legs spread and feet planted on the ground. "Fuck me. NOW!" She says with a tone now that, accompanied by the shouting volume of her words, shows it's an order and not a request.

"Yes ma'am!" Pierce wisely and quickly agrees, scrambling as moves off the table, and around into position behind her. Gripping his cock so he can shove himself back into that snatch just as she'd demanded.

"OH FUCK!! OH YEAHHHHH MMMMMM!!" The moans were soon pouring out of the still semi-clothed beauty as she jolted forward, her top-covered tits brushing against the surface of the table she's bending over. The reason for the movement forward was the man behind her giving her what she'd asked for - every inch of that big, fat cock into her snatch with a single hard thrust. "OH FUCK... OH FUCK!! Oh YEAH! MMMM! Like that... UHHHHH!! Like I'm... UHHHH!! A bad fucking girl!!" Her cries kept coming as he got to work on that wet snatch. Thrust after thrust to make her rock back and forth against his forceful motion. The slap of his crotch connecting off of her cutely rounded ass now ringing out to mix in the air with their moans. The pace more than enough to make her head tilt back in delight from the long overdue fucking she's getting, even if it's from a man that she isn't married to.

Perhaps just thinking she's caught up in the moment more than anything else, the lucky (in some ways) man behind her just focuses on the job at hand. His hands have a firm grip of her waist to keep her in place enough for a smooth entry all the way forward into her love tunnel. Only pulling a couple inches back so he can soon race back in to the hilt. Groaning at the still snug feeling of her wet vaginal walls all around his fat member. Even with the enhanced sexual ability the infection inside him has granted, he's showing the effects of keeping this kind of pace up not to mention satisfying a beautiful woman denied of any action for three years. Drops of sweat trickling down his facial features and off onto his top as he pumps his shaft briskly in and out of her snatch.

"MMMM!! AHHHHHH SHIT... Pull... UHHHH!! Pull my FUCKING hair you MOTHER FUCKER!!" She yells out, casting an intense stare back over her shoulder through strands of hair that are sticking to her pretty face. To say she's caught up in the moment is putting it mildly, moaning loudly and without shame with every thrust she willingly takes from this man she barely knows. The look and lusty tone of her voice soon got him doing as asked, as he reached forward to grab a big handful of that shining, long black hair in order to tug it. "AHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK... MMMMMMM YESSSSSS... Like... UHHHHHH!! A bad... BAD... FUCKING... GIRL!!!" The woman who had barely survived under the 'influence' of a bio-weapon she'd been tasked with 'babysitting' was now under the deep control of intense desire. Her eyes looking upward to the roof of the cafeteria and her mouth hanging open as her head was made to tilt back from the pulling done to her hair. Groaning with every thrust she took that made her jolt forward, but pulled back thanks to that hold on her long dark locks by the man pumping away into her pussy.

"Three years... AHHHHHHH... Must really leave a woman... MMMMM... Really worked up!" Vincent incorrectly assumes, again, about the woman he's pounding away balls deep into. The smack of his body connecting with hers sounding out again and again each time her thrusts into that soaking wet twat. He's certainly rolling with being in the somewhat 'dominate' position here of pulling the hair of the beauty he's banging from behind. Even if he's been bossed around to do that by said horny female. He's just happy to have another, as unlikely as it sounds considering his condition and his current surrounding, willing female happy to be a fuck-buddy. Even if she's more concerned with her own pleasure than helping prevent a rather nasty early demise as a result of letting his infection mutate.

"OH FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK YESSSS... BAD GIRL... BAD! AHHHHHH FUCK!! FUCKING GIRL MMMMMM!!" She gasps out as the sweat drips lewdly from off her nose and chin. Arms slumped on the table she's being fucked over and only being held up at this point by the grip on her hair keeping her head tilted back. It's no surprise then that soon this wild and hard pace sends the formerly infected in a far different way beauty over the edge into a hard, leg trembling orgasm. "AHHHHHHH... AHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCK!! MMMMMMMM..." Mia Winters moans out as she cums. Her pussy managing to clamp around the fat cock belonging to a man who is certainly not her husband. Yet has driven her to a sexual peak quite unlike anything she's felt before, and certainly would never with her own man. She gets to feel every intense moment of it as the man behind her keeps on driving deep in and out of her soaking hole as she cums, and all the while keeping her hair pulled to treat her like the 'bad girl' (in more ways than one) that she truly is.

"AHHHHHHH... Feels like... MMMMMM SHIT!! Someone needed that..." He states the obvious, and his words being ironic as he needs this kind of sexual activity to pacify the virus within himself. Right now though he's enjoying a few more pumps all the way forward into the marries beauty bent over in front of him. Finally letting go of her hair to leave her slumped forward on the table that's supposed to be used for eating, and not for fucking a horny stunner over. The pleasurable throbbing that his cock is starting to do is telling him otherwise however as he pulls out with a groan from that well stuffed to say the least hole. Leaving him to grip his member and start to rapidly stroke himself off without even a specific target in mind.

"UHHHHHH!! AHHHHHHH... AHHHHHH MMMMM..." He lets out a deep grunt before his cock throbs one last time before finally sweet release hits. The first thick blast of spunk shooting out far not just into that long, glossy black hair of Mia's, but over the front so that it hits the top of her forehead. The next shot hitting the back of her head having a slimy knock-on effect that sends spunk slowly dripping down her face to make her further groan out with closed eyes. While the unnaturally large for a normal man size of load has completely matted and wrecked her hair, her top covering her upper back also gets stained no doubt beyond any cleaning. The warm spunk just blasting out of his cock to splatter into the material, seeping through to make her shiver and pooling down the sides and around her worn out body.

Finally after the last drops are pumped out onto her lower back above that nicely rounded butt, Vincent lets go of his now spent and back to a normal, far from impressive size. "Fuck..." Was all that he could come up with, and really needed to say, as he looked at the freshly fucked mess he'd made. "Guess we both... Ahhhh, we both needed that..." He offered as he took at seat at the table next to the still exhausted beauty laying in cum and with spunk all over her back and hair.
"Bad girl..." She mumbled, eyes still shut as the jizz dripping down her face slowly travelled across her cheeks. "Such... Such a bad girl..." Mia added before her head slumped down with a dirty squelch onto the table she's been fucked on. Fucked extremely well if the lazy smile on her face is any indication.

* * *

Switching off the monitor, Ada Wong uncrossed her legs with a sigh as she placed a finger beneath her chin.

"This... This requires some further investigation." Ada stated after viewing such 'interesting' to say the least footage of a most unusual fuck. "...And some planning." She added with a smirk. "After all... I am going to be breaking into a BSAA base after all..." She said, glancing down at herself. Noticing how rock hard and poking through her shirt her nipples were as a result of seeing that 'virus' in action.

She hoped they didn't cure that young man any time soon. At least, not until she got a chance to 'sample' him first...

* * *

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