This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Same warning goes here that I gave for the first Dark Night story.

Resident Evil: Dark Night Part 2 - Girls' Night Out
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Sherry Birkin was keeping busy playing video games on one of her father's
computers in his underground lab that lay below Raccoon City City Hall. She
was clueless as to the carnage pilfering through the streets above, and all
she knew was that she heard a loud booming noise while she was sitting at
home watching TV. She and her mother, Annette, quickly walked through the
underground passage way that led from their home to her father William's

Life was anything, but ordinary for Sherry. Two weeks ago her mother withdrew
her from school, and she was no longer allowed to go outside to play or even
to have her friends come over. Sherry got on the phone once to call best bud
Sara, but her mother screamed at her when she saw her on the phone. Before
tonight Sherry couldn't even say for sure how her parents got food into the
house since she never saw them leave through the front door anymore, but she
was a respectful and mindful child and never questioned or disobeyed them.

As crazy and unusual as life was sometimes, tonight was far different than
any other that Sherry could remember. First there was the loud explosion she
heard. When she asked her mother what that sound was she was told to hush and
that they were going to visit father's lab. Annette led Sherry down into the
house's basement where a secret door underneath a pile of boxes was opened
and led into a tunnel that Sherry had never seen before. It was at least ten
minutes of walking before Sherry and her mother came to a ladder that led up.
Annette was the first to climb since a door at the top had to be opened.

On the other side of the door Sherry was surprised and a little frightened to
see her mother withdraw a pistol she was hiding in her labcoat. Sherry knew
her parents were scientists working for a company called Umbrella, but that's
all she knew. Within the last month she noticed that her father was gone
almost all the time and her mother was gone quite a bit as well. Sherry many
times was left to baby-sit and feed herself, and although she was only twelve
she was confident about being able to take care of herself. It was something
her parents drilled into her. Lately though she had become worried about her
parents because the few times she did seem them they seemed very nervous and
anxious and started to look very unkept.

Sherry watched nervously as Annette loaded her pistol and the two of them
huddled together closely in the small room. Annette jumped at every little
sound and Sherry held her hands over her ears waiting for the gun to go off,
but it never did. There were several minutes of nervous twitching by Annette,
but she calmed down and after fifteen minutes of waiting the door to the
small room was opened and William entered.

"Daddy!" Sherry shouted running and hugging her father.

"Hiya sweetheart, how're you and mommy doing?" William asked picking up his
daughter and kissing her on the cheek.

"Mom's acting all nervous right now, but we're ok."

"Sherry's exaggerating. I'm fine, but we heard the explosion. What's going
on?" Annette asked as she kissed her husband.

"We should have left Raccoon City weeks ago before it was infested with
zombies. The mansion's been destroyed, and who knows what's loose now,"
William explained as they walked down a dark damp corridor towards his lab.

"Zombies?" Sherry said nervously. "So it is true! That's why you wouldn't
let me watch the news!"

"Don't worry about it honey. The zombies are far away so they can't get to
us. We're leaving the city tonight, so you have nothing to worry about,"
William assured his daughter. "Why don't you go play on the computer?" He
watched as Sherry sat down at a computer terminal and began to play a pinball

"Who knows how bad it is up there? How are we getting out?" Annette asked.

"I'm going to call Chief Irons now. I talked to him last week and he said
that when and if we needed help to call him. He'd send some officers down to
assist us."

"How do we know he's not dead already or working for Umbrella? Up until the
breakout they were hounding you for your work. Irons could be working for

"Trust me hon. Chief Irons is working for himself. If he's doing anything
with Umbrella it's for his own personal gain and not theirs. Besides, if
there is anyone to worry about it's that woman who's been snooping around
the city for the last month."

"You mean Ada Wong? Is she still here?"

"I saw her wandering around the mansion earlier tonight through one of my
security cameras. Not that I'm worried, but if she got out of the mansion
before it exploded and she had any files on her, she could drag us all

"Even if she did escape the mansion the town's over run by zombies. There's
no way for her to get out alive."

"Hang this around Sherry's neck while I call Irons," William said handing
Annette a red pendant. Annette walked to where her daughter played games on
the computer while William flipped open his cell phone to call the chief of

"Irons here."

"This is Birkin. We're taking you up on your offer."

"What offer?"

"What do you mean what offer? You told me if we needed your help to call and
you'd help us. In case you haven't notice this town is overrun by zombies
and that loud boom you heard? It was the god damn mansion blowing up so who
knows what else is loose."

"Look William I'd really like to help you, but all of my officers are dead
and I'm here alone. You should have left when you had the chance."

"I had no choice! Umbrella's been hounding me to get the virus finished!"

"And I let you and Umbrella set up your labs here in town! Now I won't even
get to spend the money I made!"

William heard a phone slam down on the other end and the line went dead. He
gathered up some papers and cushioned test tubes and stuck them in a large
briefcase. He retrieved a shotgun that was hanging on a wall and removed a
box of ammo that was sitting in a desk drawer.

"What's going on?" Annette asked concerned.

"There's been a slight change in plans, so we'll have to get to the car
ourselves. There's an underground parking ground for City Hall near here.
I've had a car kept in there just in case."

"But there are zombies everywhere! We can't fight them all!"

"Look Annette they may or may not have made it all the way down into the
garage yet. There's a chance they haven't yet so the guns may not be
necessary. You've got your pistol, and there's another in the desk where
you're at now with some extra ammunition. Just get it out and--"

Without warning the main door to the lab burst open and three armed and
camoflauaged men entered. William immediately recognized them as part of
Umbrella's special ops team.

"What do you people want?!?" William screamed at the gunmen.

"Give us the samples and the info," one of them answered stepping forward.

"Forget it! You're damn company wouldn't leave me alone to work on my
research and now even when the city is overrun by your god damn creations
you still have the gall to ask for my work!"

"Give us the virus and the information now Mr. Birkin. This is your final

"Annette, get Sherry and leave now."

"NO! I'm going to stay with you!"

"No Annette, take Sherry and leave!"

Without warning the three gunmen opened fire on William. He fell to the
floor knocking his briefcase open.

"NO! WILLIAM!" Annette screamed running to her fallen husband's side. "You

The gunman who had stepped forward and did all the talking rummaged through
the contents of the briefcase before putting everything back in and closing

"We've got what we need, let's go!" He called out. The Umbrella agents left
without anymore words leaving Annette crying and grieving as her husband
died in her arms. Sherry stood away several feet with shock written all over

"Mama, is daddy going to be alright?"

"Sherry, go to the police station. You'll be safe there. When I fix up dad
we'll met you there."


"Just go Sherry!"

Sherry hesitated for a moment then ran towards the same hidden passageway
that she had just come through earlier. William shakily reached into his
labcoat pocket and pulled out a capped syringe.

"Leave me here Annette. I'll be alright. Take care of Sherry, she's in
danger," William puffed as he injected the clear contents of the syringe
into his arm.

"I sent her to the police station. She'll be ok."

"No she won't... And neither will you if you don't leave me now..."

William's body started to violently convulse and shake. His mouth opened wide
as a screeching yell escaped. His body started to mutant and transform into
something very grotesque and muscular. As her husband's body changed Annette
started to fear for her life, knowing nothing about the mutation happening to
her husband. She got to her feet and ran in the same direction that Sherry
had gone looking back to watch as William's now deformed body sat up and
climbed to it's feet.

"Oh my god, he's turned himself into Tyrant!" Annette's heart sank as she
realized what William had just done.

Sherry's quickness was all that saved her from becoming dinner for the slow
lumbering zombies as she emerged from her house and made her way through back
alley ways of the city trying to get to the police department. She found the
station locked but a nearby window was open. With a running start she jumped
up grabbing onto the ledge and pulled herself inside. The station was empty
for the most part except for a few zombies, and Sherry easily avoided those
running past them.

Sherry wandered aimlessly through out the station trying to find any kind of
help, but there was none. She was becoming very scared and unsure of what to
do next. She was about to turn around and run when she spotted a door on the
second floor with a nameplate that read Chief Irons. That being a name Sherry
sort of remembered her parents talking about she slowly opened the door and
peeked inside.

Sherry's eyes opened wide in awe as she saw the Chief stroking the golden
hair of a female lying on his desk and was talking to her. The female wasn't
talking back nor was she moving. Sherry spotted the large red spot on the
girl's white dress and knew what it was.

"Why don't you come in already and shut the door?"

"Aaah!" Sherry jumped as Irons suddenly spoke to her without so much as even
moving his attention away from the dead girl.

"Hurry up Sherry or you'll let the zombies in and we'll be eaten."

"How do you know my name?" Sherry asked timidly shutting the door slowly
walking towards Chief Irons who sat behind his desk. Chief Irons pushed the
body off his desk and turned his attention toward the living girl.

"I know all about you. You're father and I are very close friends. Although
I take partial blame for the mess the city is in it's his research that led
to everyone turning into zombies and eating each other."

"You're a liar! My daddy would never do that!"

"Whether you think I am or not I don't care. It doesn't mean anything right
now. Though I'm curious as to why you've come here all by yourself. If you're
parents really loved you you'd all be gone by now."

"Some guys broke into my father's lab and shot him and took his briefcase."

"I'd figured they do it before now, but they got what they wanted."

"Please you've got to come with me and help my father! He's dying!"

"Not if I know him like I think I do. Tell me Sherry, did your father put
anything in the briefcase before it was taken?"

"I think he put some papers and some sort of tubes in it."

"Then it's as I thought."

"Please come help my dad!"

"I can't Sherry, but I can give you something to give him that'll make him
feel all better," Irons said opening a desk drawer.

"What is it?" She asked walking to his side.

Without warning Chief Irons grabbed Sherry by the neck and slammed her back
hard into his desk. He ripped off her white top exposing her braless flat
chest and tore away the blue skirt and white panties she wore. Her red
pendant fell to the floor. He slapped her once and quickly dropped his pants
and underwear. Sherry's eyes bugged out as Chief Iron's seven-inch dick
sprung and flopped around under its own girth.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? STOP IT!" Sherry screamed.

With a firm grip still around Sherry's neck Irons straddled her small body
and forced his prick into her face. She refused to open her mouth and Irons
slapped her again. Sherry cried out and tears were already starting to build
up in her eyes. She closed her mouth when Irons tried to force his prick into
it, and he slapped both sides of her face simultaneously.

As Sherry's mouth opened when she cried out, Iron's grabbed a handful of the
little girl's hair and jammed his member into her mouth. Sherry gagged as
the bulbous head of Iron's cock pressed down into her throat. Irons began
to forcefully plunge his dick in and out of Sherry's mouth. She choked and
gagged and started to hyperventilate and not taking in enough air. Laughing
hysterically pulled out of Sherry's mouth as tears swelled up in her eyes
and ran down her cheeks.

"Why... Why are you doing this to me?" Sherry asked balling.

"Shut up you little cunt! We're all going to die in this god-forsaken town,
so what does it matter?"

Irons slapped the girl again leaving his handprint on her face. Sherry's lips
quivered and tears of agony were streamed down her face, but she did not say
a word. Not until she felt Chief Irons' tongue spread her slit apart and
slither inside.

"Oh my god no! What're you doing? Please stop!"

Sherry's cries for mercy went unanswered as the Chief continued to suck on
her bare pussy. Her whimpers turned into full-blown screams of terror as she
felt fingers protrude into her private area. Sherry had only used that area
to pee with and as the fingers flickered in and out her privates experienced
something foreign and it scared her.

"NO! NO! Please don't!" Sherry screamed at the ever-increasing pace of the
man's finger speed. Chief Irons pulled his fingers out of Sherry's pussy and
slapped her yet again, before shoving them down into her mouth.

"Suck my fingers clean! Do it you little bitch or I'll kill you!" Irons
screamed maniacally at the top of his lugs. "Your daddy is dead and your slut
mother probably is too!" He pulled his fingers from Sherry's mouth and dried
them off with her hair. "You'll soon be joining them!"

Standing straight up with an erection protruding Chief Irons dragged Sherry's
body towards him by the ankles. She kicked and screamed at the vile man and
the act he was about to perform. Sherry watched the news before. She was no
moron and knew what he was about to do. Her attention was diverted to the
pain in her stomach caused by Irons fist that just punched it. Then as that
pain subsided another formed.

Sherry cried screaming in misery as the Chief thrust his seven-inch prick
deep into her little body. The breaking of her hymen with the lack of any
gentleness or preparation shot pain to all reaches of Sherry's body. She
began to cry hysterically, though Chief Irons seemed to pay no attention to
the sounds she made.

He seemed content with a maniacal smile and look in his eye with just forcing
his cock as deep into Sherry as possible. Nevermind the fact that he was
almost reaching into her womb with his size and that she was in agony. The
sweet feel of her tight pussy around his shaft and his balls slapping against
her ass was all he cared about. Irons always thought that Sherry was a cute
girl, but never had the chance to act on it. Now with the town overrun by
monsters and everyone dead, he took great joy in stealing the girl's

With one last push into Sherry's tiny opening Irons grunted as he ejaculated
sending his semen into the girl. Sherry was screaming and crying to no end
and Irons slumped over her body in relieved exhaustion.

As he stood up a demonic smile formed over his face. Irons flipped Sherry
onto her stomach and spread her ass cheeks apart pushing his face in. Sherry
began screaming again as he began to tongue her asshole. Chief Irons laughed
and played with Sherry pushing a finger into her anus down to the knuckle.

"You think it hurt before when I raped your pussy, your ass is going to hurt
a whole lot more!" The Chief placed his cock head at the entrance of Sherry's
butt and listened to her scream in anticipation when he teased her by rubbing
his prick up and down her butthole.

"Please don't! Please stop!" Sherry begged in vain.

"Let me think about it... Um... No."

"Listen to the girl and stop," a familiar voice said. Chief Irons looked up
at the doorway and recognized the blue S.T.A.R.S. uniform.

"Valentine! I thought you were dead!" Irons roared pulling up his pants.

"No, but the others are. Wesker did his job, so he deserves all the thanks,
though I don't think he's in any shape to received your congratulations."

"What're you talking about? I had nothing to do with Wesker!"

"Oh... Well my head just won't be as clear when I kill you then." Jill said
removing her pistol from its holster.

"Kill me?" Irons laughed. "We're all going to die anyways! This town is over
run by zombies if you haven't noticed!"

"I've done ok for myself, I just don't want you to become one of them. It'd
be an insult to the undead everywhere."

Jill shot Chief Irons once in the shoulder and he fell backwards into his
chair screaming in pain. She took some handcuffs from a drawer in the Chief's
desk and handcuffed his arms behind the chair.

"You stupid bitch! You shot me!"

"Shut up!" Jill screamed punching Irons in the face. She turned her attention
to Sherry who was still lying on the desk and whimpering as her eyes switched
back and forth between the Chief and Jill. "Are you ok? What's your name?"

"Who... Who are you?" Sherry asked slowly sitting up on the desk.

"My name's Jill. What's yours?"

"I'm... I'm Sherry. Some men shot my daddy and I came here to get some help,
but he..." Sherry covered her eyes with her hands as she started to cry. Jill
looked around and found Sherry's clothes picking them up off the floor. She
handed them back to Sherry who dressed.

"Here are your clothes Sherry. The Chief is sorry he hurt you. Aren't you
Chief Irons?"

"Fuck you Valentine and fuck the girl! Her father is responsible for this
mess! He couldn't control the god damn virus he created!"

Sherry hopped off the desk and started tugging at Jill's shirt.

"Let's go Jill, we have to save my mom and dad!"

"We will in a minute. Tell me something Sherry, how does this man make you
feel?" Jill asked as she cut off Chief Irons' shirt with her knife.

"What do you mean?"

"Standing here now and looking at him, how are feeling? Happy, sad, angry,

"I'm scared of him Jill... He raped me and... He said he'd kill me..."
Sherry confessed as tears started filling up in her eyes.

"How do you know about rape?"

"I've heard about it on the news. My parents didn't want me watching it, but
when they were gone I did what I wanted."

"Give me a break!"

"Shut up Irons!" Jill roared rearing back and punching him square in the

"Jill no!" Sherry screamed.

"What's wrong Sherry?"

"He'll try to kill us if you keep hitting him."

"No he won't because he's not going to get away. He's a very bad man, and he
deserves to be punished."

"What're those red spots on your clothes?"

"Those are other bad people that I had to kill tonight."

"You've killed people???"

"Only the bad ones who deserved it Sherry."

"Wait a second. Wesker didn't blow up the mansion did he? You killed the
rest of your team and blew it up yourself didn't you?" Chief Irons blurted

"Won't you fucking listen?? I said shut up!" Jill shouted picking up a
paperweight off Irons' desk and striking him in the head with it. Irons
slumped into his chair unconscious.

"Are you going to kill Chief Irons' too?" Sherry asked.

"No, you are."

"Me?!? I... I can't!"

"Why not?"

"Because I can't. Mom and dad always said violence wasn't the answer. Besides
I'm only twelve... I just can't..."

"Ironic," Jill muttered. "Listen Sherry age doesn't matter. Irons raped and
almost killed you even though you're only twelve right?"


"You have to fight back and kill him Sherry. He's a perverted and devious
man. I doubt he'd be able to get out of the city alive, but if he did he
could do the same thing he did to you to another girl. He-- What's this?"
Jill said noticing the red pendant on the floor.

"My pendant! It was a gift from my parents, it's the most important thing I

"What's this inside?"

"I don't know. My mother had it before she put it around my neck tonight."

Jill turned the pendant over in her hands and found a tiny button next to
where the chained connected to it. The pendant flipped open seemingly without
a hinge and Jill removed a tiny vile from it. It had a tiny screw cap and
appeared to contain the same green liquid that Wesker had injected her with.

"I know what this is. It's medicine. Drink it," Jill said opening the vile
and handing it to Sherry.

"Why didn't my mom say anything about it?" Sherry asked before swallowing
the green stuff.

"I'm not sure, maybe they didn't want the Chief to steal it from you. How do
you feel?"

"I don't know. My body burns and my head hurts a bit."

At that moment Irons moaned and cursed as he regained consciousness.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Chief Irons yelled enraged.

"Tsk, tsk. Still the same belligerent fool," Jill smirked.

"Jill give me your knife," Sherry said calmly taking the knife from her.

"Sherry what're you doing?"

"Like you said, from what I saw coming here, I doubt he'll get out alive,
but I'm making sure Chief Irons doesn't do this to any one else."

"Sherry what're you doing? What'll your father and mother think?" Irons said
trying to sound tough as Sherry stared him down coldly wielding the large

"My father is dead thanks to you, and may God bless my mother where ever she

Chief Irons screamed emphatically as Sherry plunged the knife into his belly.
As she had seen done before on t.v. nature shows Sherry began to saw through
his torso from his belly to his neck. Irons passed out from the sight of
blood squirting and spilling from his body as he was cut open.

Jill recognized the look on Sherry's face as one she had had when she killed
Rebecca. Sherry was almost completely emotionless and undaunted by Irons'
blood splashing onto her as she made two cuts to the sides of Irons' body
from the ends of the initial cut. Nor was she bothered by Chief Irons'
innards spilling out onto the floor due the lack of a solid wall of flesh.

Jill would have given anything to hear the Chief scream, but for Sherry's
first kill it was impressive she thought. Suddenly Sherry dropped the knife
and fell to the floor clutching her head. Jill recognized this too, but
didn't know what to do when Sherry passed out.

"Ooooh... Jill... My head hurts..." Sherry moaned squirming on the floor. For
once since the injection Jill was filled with something other than a thirst
for death.

"Shh... Don't worry Sherry. The pain will go away soon. It's happened to me
too," Jill reassured Sherry kneeling next to her.

"Oh my god. What the hell happened here?"

Jill put away her knife and unholstered her pistol standing and pointing it
in the direction of the voice.

"Who the hell are you? ANSWER ME!"

"Whoa! Calm down! I've been fighting zombies all night. I'm just glad I
finally found some humans."

"Who are you I said."

"My name's Claire Redfield. I'm here looking for my brother."

"Your brother? He wouldn't be Chris would he?"

"Yes he is! You must be Jill, he's told me about you a few times when we've

Sherry slowly stood up with her hand to her forehead still acting a bit

"I wish I could stay and chat, but I'm on my way out. The chief tried to rape
Sherry, and things got a little messy. You best be leaving Raccoon City too."

"Do you know where my brother is?"

"God damn stupid bitch! Leave the town already! Do you really want me to kill
you!" The voices inside Sherry's head start to rage and storm as she stared
at Claire. The young girl became confused and couldn't understand why she had
this urge to hurt Claire, but she liked it and it was easily taking over her

"I know where he is!" Sherry suddenly exclaimed. "I thought he was a zombie
so I ran here for help, but I saw him in my father's lab."

"Are you sure?" Jill asked.

"Yes I'm sure, I saw the S.T.A.R.S. uniform he was wearing. I'm positive it
was him," Sherry said winking at Jill.

"Great then let's go find him and get out of this town!"

With the weapons that Claire and Jill were armed with getting back to the
Birkin's house was an easy enough task for the three. Not that it was all
that difficult Sherry noticed since the zombies almost seemed to go out of
their way to keep away from the humans. Even the undead dogs they came
across neither barked nor growled. Back at her house Sherry led Jill and
Claire through the tunnel and up the ladder to the small room where she and
her mother had waited for her father earlier that night.

As the three reached the top of the ladder a single gunshot could be heard.
Flashes of her humanity momentarily re-entered Sherry's mind and she took
off running to the lab. Her feet screeched to a halt when she came upon an
ugly scene. Annette was on the floor dead with a single gunshot to the head.
A man dressed in an R.C.P.D. uniform stood over the body holding a smoking

"Mother!" Sherry screamed running to the side of Annette's dead body. She
leaned over her mother's body clutching it as she started crying.

"What the hell did you kill her mother for?" Jill growled pointing her gun
at the man.

"Jill calm down!" Claire pleaded. "It's Leon! He's with the police
department! He's a good guy, I'm sure he had a reason!"

"What did you kill my mother for?!?" Sherry screamed turning her attention
to Leon. She got up and started to pound on him, but he quickly moved away.

"What did you kill her for?!?" Jill asked again.

"The crazy bitch bit me! She was screaming about me stealing her husband's

"So she wasn't a zombie?"

"I don't know! She was trying to kill me though!"

"NO!" Claire screamed as Jill fired two shots at Leon. One struck him in the
leg and the other in the shoulder. Leon fell to the floor cursing.

Jill turned and punched Claire square on the nose breaking it and knocking
her to her ass.

"Sherry come here!" Jill beckoned. "You ever see one of these used before?"
She asked handing Sherry her gun.


"Good. If Claire moves an inch shoot her!"

"But I want to shoot Leon instead! He killed my mother!"

"We'll get to him in time, but for now just watch Claire."


Like she had done to Chief Irons, Jill used Leon's own handcuff's to sit him
in a chair and handcuff him to it. She then took her knife and skewered his
left eye with it and listening to him scream as she pulled it out. Jill
pulled the eyeball off the tip of the blade and dropped it onto the floor
squishing it under her foot.

"You still have one good eye so enjoy the show," Jill smiled kissing Leon on
the cheek as he continued to mutter and grimace in pain.

"Jill how about we take them back to my house? There's more room to play with
there," Sherry asked smiling.

"Hmm... I think you're right," Jill replied. "Keep watching Claire for the

Jill walked back towards Leon and uncuffed him from the chair. As soon as
his hands were free Leon got up swinging at Jill, but she was easily able
to dodge the punch. She returned the favor with two quick punches to his
stomach. As he bent over out of air Jill picked up the chair Leon was just
sitting in and smashed across his back shattering it. Leon slumped to the
ground in a heap and Jill sat on his right arm pinning it to the ground.

"Don't you ever try to hit a lady again!" Jill growled as she snapped back
each finger on Leon's right hand breaking them.

"OH SHIT! YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Leon screamed his hand throbbing in pain.

"Why don't you guys cut the macho bullshit out? It doesn't do you any good,"
Jill calmly said flipping Leon's hand over onto its backside and stabbing
him in the palm piercing the tip of the blade into the floor.

"What the hell is wrong with you? This is insane!" Claire screamed. She cried
out when Sherry pulled the trigger and a bullet struck her in the leg.

"She moved!" Sherry quickly blurted.

"I know I know. I just can't understand why people do things after you've
warned them not to. Now get to your fucking feet Leon!"

With his good hand Leon managed to push himself up into a sitting position
and used a nearby desk to help him stand up. Jill, Sherry, Claire, and
Leon made their way the underground passage that lead to Sherry's house.
Traversing the ladders proved to be a bit difficult for both Claire and Leon,
but after a bit everyone managed climb up into the basement of the house.

Leon was handcuffed to the headboard of the bed in Sherry's bedroom. Claire
was taken into the master bedroom room where Jill cut up the bed sheets and
tied Claire's arms and legs to the posts of the four corners of the bed. Jill
used her knife to cut away Claire's clothes

"Why are you doing this to me? What's wrong with you?" Claire cried as Jill
and Sherry looked at her emotionless.

"She's crying quite a bit don't you think Sherry?" Jill asked.

"Yes I do Jill, and as my daddy said to my mother once while he was drunk,
if you're going to cry then let me give you something to cry about."

Sherry climbed onto the bed and slid near Claire's leg that she shot. She
poked the wound and examined it. Claire screamed as Sherry forced her index
and middle fingers into the wound swirling them around looking for the

"Shut up Claire, I've seen this on t.v. many times. If you want us to help
you then you're going to have to be quiet," Sherry then punched her fist into
the gunshot wound tearing it wide open shoving her hand all the way in. The
room and indeed the house filled with Claire's unnerving screams as Sherry's
small fingers and hand scoured the insides of her leg for the bullet.

"Sherry look at the other side of Claire's leg," Jill interrupted.


"Because I think the shot might have been a clean one. In one side and out
the other." Sherry removed her bloody hand and lifted up Claire's leg high
enough to look.

"You're right Jill. I guess I was looking for nothing."

"Please stop! Please... Why are you doing this?" Claire pleaded tears forming
in her eyes.

"Why do anything?" Jill replied climbing onto the bed softly kissing Claire
on the lips as she straddled her stomach. "This is fun and it turns me on.
You're a good looking girl, but you talk too much."

Claire screamed bloody murder as Jill brought the knife to her face. Her body
throbbed violently and Claire couldn't do anything, but scream silently as
Jill's blade sliced through both of her cheeks. With one hand on her upper
jaw and the other on the lower jaw Jill violently pried Claire's mouth apart
to give her enough room to slide her hand and knife into Claire's mouth and
cut out her tongue. Blood squirted from Claire's mouth splattering onto
Jill's already stained uniform.

"You see the mess you made?" Jill asked sarcastically pointing to the new
bloodstains. "Now I know you're thinking that my uniform was already stained,
but that's not the point. Hey Sherry, help me with something. There were
three evils. One was speak no evil, what were the other two?"

Jill got no response, but heard enthusiastic moans behind her. She turned
around and saw Sherry eating out Claire.

"Sherry!" Jill shouted.

"What?" She replied looking up at Jill annoyed.

"Where the hell did you learn that?"

"I walked in on daddy watching dirty movies once. Watching you cut out Jill's
tongue made me feel all weird inside, and I couldn't help myself."

"Ok fine, but help me with something. There's speak no evil and two others.
What are they?"

"See no evil and hear no evil. My father used to be a big fan of that

"Thanks kid, now get back to what you were doing." Jill smiled widely
watching Sherry's tongue start to slither up and down Claire's pussy again.
She then turned her attention back to Claire. "Now that you've seen the mess
you made on my uniform, I'm going to have to punish you."

Claire's eyes grew to the size of half-dollars at the realization of what
Jill's statement meant and at the fact that knife was inching closer and
closer to her eyes. Had Claire still had a tongue the scream she would have
let out may have been as horrific if not worse than the one she let out when
Jill first brought the knife to her face or when Sherry managed to force her
entire hand into her leg. But having no tongue Claire was the only one to
fully realize the pain and agony she was going through as Jill violently
jabbed her knife into each of Claire's eyes before plucking them out.

Mute and now blind Claire could feel a combination of puss and blood and
other nasty material flow from her wounds. She could also hear Jill taunt
and laugh at her. Perhaps almost as disgusting as Jill's disfigurement of
Claire's face, Claire could feel Jill inch back towards her face and hear
her tell Sherry to get undressed and climb on the bed.

If not for her lack of sight and intense facial pain Claire would have seen
how Jill took great pleasure in watching Sherry strip then propped her legs
over her shoulders with Sherry's head in Claire's lap. Having found a young
and upcoming psychopath to go on killing sprees with her Jill excitedly ate
out Sherry's bald pussy. The taste of a fresh young girl in her mouth
delighted Jill.

Even though she had no reason to question her lust for torture and death
Sherry was still confused about the feelings in her body that made her want
to lick Claire's privates while Jill licked hers. All Sherry knew was that
as blood had spilled from Claire's body and screams of agony escaped her
mouth her body was rushed with a sensation that she had never felt before
and her current position was helping feed that energy.

Being a fat slovenly ignorant man Chief Irons Jill decided he had done such
a piss poor job of stimulating Sherry's lovehole, even if it was rape, that
she decided to give Sherry a taste of a new pleasure that was second only to
that of inflicting pain. Jill carefully slid two fingers into Sherry's pussy
as she continued to tongue her clit and cuntal lips.

Sherry let out small gentle moans as Jill carefully and skillfully tickled
her sex. Her body burned once again though not for the violent reasons. She
tried desperately to concentrate on eating out Claire's pussy, but her lack
of reason to pleasure Claire and Jill's skill and enthusiasm was too much
for Sherry. For the first time in her life her pussy ached and her body
trembled as a rush of excitement pulsed through her body.

Jill could sense Sherry's edginess and more than the pleasures of killing or
sex Jill wanted Sherry to experience both simultaneously. She lowered Sherry
to the bed and handed her the knife. They switched places and as Sherry
looked at Claire's disfigured and bloodied face her pussy suddenly came to
life at Jill's touch.

"Sherry, my dear, Claire's listened to us be together, she needs to be
punished don't you think?" Jill cooed.

"Indeed..." Sherry moaned as Jill's tongue tickled her twat.

The feelings of excitement caused by the stimulus of Jill's tongue and the
growing thirst for blood caused Sherry to almost lose it. She saw Claire's
head twitch violently as she cut through the skin and detached the left ear.
Sherry began to moan louder and whinier as Jill's fingers began to lurch
deep into her tiny pussy. Then in a sudden frenzy of orgasm Sherry sliced
Claire's right ear as her pussy moistened and sloshed all over Jill's face.

As her body continue to shudder Sherry's eyes burned red with rage. The look
on her face was enough to scare even the most hardened of people. Claire's
silent horror blew up in her head and drove her off the deep end as Sherry
brought the edge of the blade across her face over and over again. There were
so many cuts and wounds that were leaking blood that one would think a bear
mauled Claire's face. As her orgasm subsided Sherry took notice of her handy
work while wiping the blood from her face with her arm. Claire's face was a
mutilated mess of flesh and blood and it made Sherry smiled widely. Jill
looked over Sherry's shoulder and smiled too.

"Nice work Sherry."


"As much as I like watching you play with her, the poor girl is still alive
and we have one other issue to put to rest," Jill said finding a faint pulse
in Claire's neck. Sherry slit Claire's throat and she and Jill watched and
waited as Claire bled out.

Then when the bed was stained red and Claire was dead Sherry and Jill left
the master bedroom and walked to Sherry's room. Leon's eye widened in a mix
of confusion and terror as a nude and bloody Sherry walked into the room
followed by Jill.

"What's going on?" Leon muttered.

In silence Jill uncuffed Leon long enough for Sherry to remove the bed sheets
and cut them into strips with the knife. Then like they had done with Claire
they tied Leon's arms and legs to the four posts of the bed and Jill stripped
him of his clothes. Sherry's eyes widened as Leon's cock swayed freely and
Jill took notice of this.

"See something you like?" Jill asked.

"My god that's big. That's why it hurt so much when Chief Irons stuck it in

"No it hurt because he raped you. Men who rape women have no fucking clue
how to pleasure them. Men in general have no clue, but that's a lesson for
another time. Leon though... he knows how to make a woman feel good. Don't
you Leon?"

"What the hell are you talking about? What the fuck do you want from me?"

"You killed my mother!" Sherry screamed jumping on top of Leon choking him.

"Sherry! Sherry! Not yet!" Jill grunted pulling her off of Leon. "Calm down!"

"I'm sorry Jill... It's just..."

"I know Sherry, men aren't always the brightest, but sometimes they come in
handy. Just do what I say, and you'll have as much fun with Leon as you did
with Claire."

"What about you? You haven't even taken your clothes off yet."

"I've had more than enough fun to last for awhile. Besides I like watching
you learn."

"What do you want me to do?"

"First take Leon's penis into your hand and slowly rub it up and down."

"Like this?" Sherry asked doing what Jill told her without question. The
small girl's hands were gently stroking Leon's cock making it hard.

"Jesus Christ! Stop it! She's not even fucking twelve yet!" Leon shouted as
Sherry continued to jerk him off.

"Yes I am!" Sherry retorted.

"This is your only warning," Jill growled getting into Leon's face. "Shut

Leon then spit into Jill's face and she became enraged. Without a second
though Jill inflicted the same pain onto Leon that she had Claire. She sliced
open his cheeks then cut his tongue. As Leon let out a gargled cry of pain
Jill sneered at him.

"You're all god damn morons!" Jill mumbled throwing Leon's tongue onto the
floor. She was pleasantly surprised though when she turned and saw that
Sherry had taken initiative and apparently copying the dirty movies her
father watched began to suck on the little amount of Leon's prick that she
could get into her mouth. "That's a good girl Sherry."

"As for you Leon, you've put me in a bad mood. I've dealt with morons all
night, and you're the end of the line so you're going to bare the brunt of
my frustrations," Jill calmly said turning her attention back to Leon.

Jill's knife was a combat knife and not one made for skinning. So it was
clumsy going when she decided to copy a scene from a movie she had seen and
skinned Leon's face. His mouth was open wide and he would definitely have
been screaming if he still had a tongue as Jill carved off the layer of skin
that was his face. As her head continue to bob up and down on a small portion
of Leon's dick Sherry looked up with glee as she watched Jill cut Leon up and
blood spilled from the wounds.

Leon had no control of his cock as the twelve year old slid her tongue up
and down it's shaft as he was too busy dealing with the pain that Jill was
inflicting on him. Like Claire he had his own silent terror to deal with.
Missing an eye, his tongue, and his face Leon's head became a pit of pain
and despair. With a handful of his hair in her hands Jill began to scalp
Leon from back to front. Jill laughed and giggled as she pulled off Leon's
scalp after cutting it free.

She turned and showed it to Sherry who returned the smile as she decided to
mount Leon. Jill handed the knife to Sherry nodding her head slightly then
turned her attention to Leon's left hand. She snapped his left index finger
back and he writhed in pain as it was broken. Jill then moved onto the middle
finger and did the same creating more violent thrashing from Leon.

Sherry watched Jill break Leon's fingers one by one and following the pornos
she caught her father watching she began to drive herself up and down on
Leon's cock. Whether Leon was aware of it or not having a tight, warm, moist
box around his prick excited it and each time Sherry ground herself into his
hips it expanded and became more sensitive. Sherry began to run the blade of
the knife along Leon's belly as she continue to ride him while watching Jill
dig her fingers into the muscle and cartilage that was in Leon's face.

Faster and harder Sherry rode Leon's dick as Jill ripped the muscle from his
face bit by bit, pieces of flesh and blood flying through the air. Sherry's
hands yearned for blood and she gave into her impulse and started stabbing
the knife into Leon's stomach. His body lurched and thrashed wildly as the
pain surged through it before slowly shutting down.

With two bloody hands inside of Leon's belly holding her up, Sherry continued
to bounce and hug Leon's cock with her tight pussy. Sherry failed to notice,
or perhaps she didn't care, that Leon had died from his massive wounds as she
continued to fuck him. Jill stood idly by watching her with delight. Bloody
with bits of flesh and muscle Jill took Sherry's face in her hands and kissed
her passionately on the lips. Jill could feel Sherry's body vibrate with her
second orgasm and felt her tongue penetrate her mouth. Sherry was a fast
learner and quickly impressing Jill.

"What now?" Sherry asked as their faces broke apart and her orgasm slowly

"Let's get cleaned up and head out of town. There's a small town not a
hundred miles from here that have a lot of good ripe people for the taking."

Jill and Sherry took a quick shower together lovingly cleaning each other's
body off. Sherry took a new set of clothes from her closet and Jill put on
some of Annette's clothes though they were a bit big.

With no trouble from the zombies Jill and Sherry found an abandoned car that
still ran a few blocks from Sherry's house. They got in and as they drove
through town to get to the interstate they came to a sudden stop at highway
entrance ramp. Right in the middle of the road was a trashed car and
something that looked very much like the Tyrant that Jill had recently
killed. The night was dark, but nearby highway lights shone down on an Asian
woman being held up in the air with one hand by the Tyrant slowly being
choked to death. The woman fired several shots from a handgun into Tyrant's
head temporarily stunning it causing it to drop her to the road.

"Are we going to save her?" Sherry asked.

"I don't see why not, she could be lots of fun," Jill smiled.

The car screeched to a halt next to the woman who was on one knee. Tyrant was
shaking the cobwebs from its head and was fixing to be ready for the kill.

"Get in!" Jill shouted out the window. The woman jumped into the car through
the back left passenger side door and it sped off leaving Tyrant in its dust.

"Thanks for your help! I thought I was dead!" The woman exclaimed breathing

"Yeah well we're just glad to find another survivor in this town. My name's
Jill and this is Sherry, nice to meet you."

"Hi," Sherry said smiling widely.

"My name's Ada Wong. I came here looking for my boyfriend and found myself
in this mess. Thanks again for your help!"

"No problem. Just relax and get some sleep if you can. We've got a drive
before we reach the next town."


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