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WARNING: This story has graphic nudity and sex between fictional child
cartoon characters.


Recess (b/g+,fdom,pedo)
by Xastro (The Maker Of Twisted Lemons)

T.J. The Servant


T.J.: Ah Recess, nothing better in life, How about some kick ball guys?

Spinelli: Sounds good.

Mikey: Yeah.

Gus: Let's go.

Vince: This time I'm going to top my last score.

T.J. and all his friends ran off to play their usual game of kickball.

Meanwhile in their clubhouse, the Ashley's relaxed in their usual elegance.

Ashley A: I'm thirsty, Ashley D get me a drink.

Ashley D: Get it yourself.

Ashley A: No reason to get snippy, I need someone to get me a drink and
you're it.

Ashley D: I don't get drinks.

Ashley A: Well it's time you did.

Just as Ashley A and Ashley D were about to butt heads Ashley C interrupted

Ashley C: Girls, Girls I have a solution to our problem.

Ashley A: Put Ashley D in chains.

Ashley D: How about we wrap Ashley A in tape.

Ashley C: No, No we find a servant.

Ashley A: Great idea, but who?

Ashley C: Let's check our blackmail file.

They opened the file and spread the half a dozen or so files in the middle of
the room.

Ashley D: What are we looking for?

Ashley A: A servant, get with it Ashley D.

After a few minutes Ashley A finally found what they had all hoped for.

Ashley A: T.J. Detwiler

Ashley D: What do we have on him?

Ashley C: Two weeks ago he was walking by me from school by himself and he
dropped his bag. It opened and out popped a teddy bear; it had the words Mr.
Cuddles on its chest. He looked at me embarrassed and asked me to not tell

Ashley A: Perfect

The Ashley's quickly ran out of their clubhouse to find their servant. They
found him playing kickball on the other side of the playground.

Spinelli: What do you want?

Ashley A: Calm down; want to talk to T.J.

Vince: Why?

T.J. Hold on guys, okay girls what do want?

Ashley C: You to be our servant

T.J. and his friends looked at the Ashley's with disbelief.

T.J. and Friends: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

T.J.: You're all crazy if you think I would do that.

Ashley C: No, we didn't think you would, Cuddles

Suddenly T.J. stopped laughing and his eyes grew very wide. He looked at his
friends who had also stopped laughing.

T.J.: I will be your servant.

T.J.'s friends could not believe what they were hearing; T.J. was going to do

Gus: What are you talking about T.J.?

Spinelli: Yeah TJ these are the Ashley's.

Mikey: Why T.J. Why?

T.J.: I'll see you guys later.

Ashley D: Come along Servant.

T.J. (Sigh) Yes Ma'am.

T.J. followed the girls as his friends watched their buddy dragged off to his

Gretchen: I can't believe T.J. has gone with them.

Mikey: Perhaps we will soon find out why.

Arriving at the Ashley's Clubhouse; Ashley A gives T.J. a butler jacket to

T.J.: What am I supposed to do with this?

Ashley C: Wear it; you are our servant.

T.J. reluctantly puts on the jacket as the girls revel in their victory.

Ashley D: Get me a drink Detwiler.

T.J.: Yes Ma'am.

Ashley A: I think we all need a back rub.

T.J.: Yes Ma'am

After what seemed like forever for T.J. Ashley C had a wicked thought.

Ashley C: Detwiler go over there and clean; we need to talk.

T.J.: Yes Ma'am

T.J. walked over to one side of the clubhouse tried to clean what he knew how

Ashley C: Girls, It is time to take this to a new level.

Ashley A: What do you mean Ashley C?

Ashley C: Just watch, Detwiler come here.

T.J.: Yes Ma'am.

Ashley C: Good news Detwiler, you do not have to wear that jacket anymore.

T.J.: Oh good.

T.J. quickly threw off the jacket that made him feel like a servant.

T.J.: Can I go?

Ashley C: You are still our servant.

T.J.: What, but you said.

Ashley C: Forget that, take off your clothes.

T.J. What! No way.

Ashley D: Maybe we should talk to everyone about a certain bear.

T.J. No please not that.

Ashley A: Then do it

T.J. didn't know what to do, if he did not do what they told him to do, they
would tell everyone about his teddy bear. If he did do it, he would have to
be naked in front of them and that would be embarrassing. He decided to do
what he thought was his only option.

T.J. Yes Ma'am, I'll do it

Ashley D: Let the show begin.

T.J. took off his shirt first and then he undid his shoes and threw them to
the side. Next he took off his socks and threw them on his shoes. Then he
took off his pants and he noticed that it was unusually warm in the

T.J.: It's warm in here.

Ashley C: We have a heater, keep going Detwiler.

T.J. stood in the middle of the room in his underwear with all the girl's
eyes on him.

T.J.: Can't you reconsider?

Ashley A: No, keep going.

T.J. looked at their faces, they were not going to change their mind.
Hesitantly he pulled down his underwear and revealed to the girls his small
penis, which was fully erect.

Ashley C: Hmm, very nice.

T. J. tried to hide his penis but the girls had other plans.

Ashley A: Detwiler have you ever played with yourself?

T.J.: I'm not answering that.

Ashley D: What would your teddy bear think of that.

T.J.: Yes I have played with myself.

Ashley C: Do it now.

T.J.: Yes Ma'am.

T. J. wrapped his hand around his dick and started to pump it as the Ashley's

Ashley A: Mmmm, I have an idea.

Ashley C: What?

While T.J. masturbated the girls whispered to one another. After a minute or
so He found out what was going on.

Ashley: C: Stop playing with yourself and come here.

T.J. stopped masturbating and walked over to Ashley C. She lifted her dress
to reveal to him that she was not wearing panties. He could not believe that
this was happening to him.

Ashley C: Care for a taste.

T.J.: Oh Yes Ma'am

T.J. dipped his mouth into Ashley C's pussy; he gently licked the delicate
folds as she let out a moan.

Ashley C: Ohhh, yes.

T.J. looked up from his light snack to see all The Ashley's had gotten

Ashley A: You will service us all Detwiler.

T.J.: Oh, yes ma'am.

The girls watched and waited as T.J. sunk his tongue into her sex. He brushed
his tongue over her clitoral hood; he nibbled at her pussy lips, which made
her writhe all over the floor.

Ashley C: Please Detwiler, take me.

T.J. knew it was time to move onto the next step; he moved up her body
covering it in kisses. He directed his stiff member into her moist hole and
started to pump.

T.J.: Oh, yeah, oh, oh!

Ashley C: Yes, yes, yes, yes!

The other Ashley's decided that watching was not enough. They moved closer
to the action and felt all over T.J. and Ashley C's bodies as they fucked

Ashley A had seen enough she wanted it to be her turn, as T.J. banged Ashley
C; she pulled him right off her and onto his back.

Ashley A: Get to work Detwiler.

She placed her cunt right over him and forced it onto his waiting mouth. T.J.
not being stupid slid his tongue into her pussy and let it slide around as
Ashley A moaned and rubbed her nipples.

Ashley C: Hey, I'm done yet.

Ashley C grabbed T.J.'s penis and slowly rubbed it up and down as he nibbled
on Ashley's A's clit. Ashley C positioned her pussy right over T.J.'s penis,
she slowly slid herself down onto his dick and pistoned up and down on it.

T.J.: What the...

Ashley D: What do we do Ashley B?

Ashley B: Improvise.

With that comment she forced Ashley D onto her back and slid her finger into
her warmth depths.

Ashley D: Ohhh

Meanwhile T.J. was busy pleasuring both Ashley A and Ashley C. He fucked
Ashley A's brains out while Ashley C sucked him off.

T.J.: Oh yeah, I love this.

After A few minutes he shot load after load of cum into Ashley A and she fell
off him satisfied.

Ashley A: Good job Detwiler.

Seeing that his dick was free the other Ashley's jumped at him. T.J. lay
there while all these girls jostled for his cock.

Finally he felt someone slid onto his dick, it was Ashley D. T.J. was
confused as to how she got from his mouth to his dick. As soon as she started
pumping he didn't care what happened.

He stopped her motion and picked her up so that he was on top. One of his
hands made it's way to the nipples. He slowly brushed his fingers over her
chest so that she could feel every stroke. She let out a moan.

Ashley D: Ohh. Feels sooo good

The other girls just sat and watched and waited as their manservant worked
one of them over.

T.J pulled out of her. He found the nub between her legs and gently teased
it, then he pulled back, then he repeated his motions sending her into a
swirl of emotions. His other hand gently continued to stroke her young
undeveloped breasts.

Ashley C decided to get in on the action she placed her hand around T.J's
young penis and gently rubbed it. T.J. who was busy with Ashley D, just
groaned at every stroke of his dick. Ashley C threw all caution to the wind
and pushed his cock into her mouth. She plunged up and down on his erection
and let her tongue slide all over it while sucking him off. He pulled himself
out of her mouth because he had other ideas. Ashley C sat beside the others
disappointed but ready for her turn.

T.J. buried his member deep into Ashley D's belly as he lunged hard into her
he saw the looks of awe from the other girls. All too soon for both of them
he shot his cum into her.

T.J. laid back exhausted, he looked at all the naked flesh before him barely
able to get a word out.

T.J.: Whoa, what's come over you girls?

Ashley D: If you come everyday like a good servant and you shall be rewarded,

T.J.: Okay.

Ashley D: Good.

Ashley C: You are not leaving until I get my screwing.

T.J.: But, I'm all done.

T.J. looked at the determined face of Ashley C and saw that he indeed was not

Ashley C: Relax Detwiler, All I want is a good fuck. Just lay down and I will
do the work.

T.J. did as he was told and Ashley C sat on his dick and let it slide into
her waiting pussy. She bounced up and down on him while her cohorts watched.
He placed his hands on her sides to steady her. T.J. could once again feel
his dick explode and shoot a very satisfying load of sperm into her belly.

Ashley C: Now you're done.

Ashley A: See you tomorrow Detwiler.

T.J.: Yes ma'am.

T.J. got dressed and walked back to the school as his friends converged
around him.

Spinelli: Don't worry buddy, we won't let those Ashley's keep you for their

Mikey: We shall you free.

Vince: Those Ashley's think they are so great.

Gus: We'll show them.

T.J. just walked with a great big smile on his face when the obvious hit him.

T.J.: Listen Guys, I have to do this.

Spinelli: No, TJ you don't.

T.J. turned to Spinelli and looked her straight in the eye.

T.J.: Yes, I do, and don't any of you do anything to stop it, okay.

His friends looked at him confused, they knew that T.J. decided to do
something, he was going to do it no matter who was going to stop him.

Spinelli: Okay, we won't.

T.J. walked on to the school thinking about his duties for tomorrow and
hoping that it comes very soon as he left his friends standing behind him
stunned by his demand.

The End


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