NOTE: This story is strictly for ADULTS ONLY! It is not intended for
children, greedy lawyers, angry feminists, religious zealots, or any
combination thereof. This story is meant only as pure fantasy and not meant
to advocate any sort of antisocial behavior in any way. All of the characters
belong to Mainframe Entertainment and I'm pretty sure most people understand
that my stories are purely fan fiction and are not meant to harm Mainframe
(who I have a great deal of respect for). My stories take place in an
alternate Mainframe timeline.

Contains: Parody, NC, Dickgirls, Titfucking, Lesbian sex, Double Penetration,
WS, Fisting, Anal, Domination/Humiliation.

Reboot 2: Shake, Shake, Shake...Shake, Shake, Shake...Shake Your Boot Disk.
by Superjizz

Entering the next level of the game, Dot found herself in what was an exact
replica of Bob's apartment. She knew it wasn't the real thing but everything
was precisely the same. She noticed one of the `plug & play' devices on the
table and picked it up, inquisitively. She admired herself in the vid-screen
and walked over to a web cam, setting the `plug & play' on a lamp stand. She
wore a black bikini that was form fitting and did little to conceal her
gorgeous body. Slowly Dot removed the garment and tossed it aside, doing a
slow and sultry strip tease while humming the "Alpha Numeric" song she sang
for her little brother at his party many cycles ago.

Suddenly there was a voice from the doorway, " it, baby."

Standing there in the entrance was Andraia, brushing her long blue silky hair
aside, and staring at Dot with a mischievous look on her face. Andraia was
completely nude and her massive boobs jutted out majestically, two massive
twin orbs topped with thick pink nipples. Hanging between Andraia's sexy
athletic thighs was a huge, smooth, hairless, semi-erect cock and balls.
Andraia sauntered into the room, her huge penis swaying as she approached

"H-hello Andraia," Dot stammered, feeling a little embarrassed to be caught
unawares. "I didn't hear you come in."

"I thought I'd just drop by since I was in the neighborhood..." Andraia
smiled nonchalantly, sliding her hand over the swell of Dot's ass. "...and
FUCK you good and hard!" Andraia emphasized her remark by roughly grabbing
Dot's butt and kneading it lasciviously.

Taken by surprise, Dot gasped but didn't move. She allowed Andraia to
continue groping her ass and even widened her stance a little to give Andraia
better access.

"You know what we have to do to win this game, don't you Dot?" Andraia
breathed, blowing into Dot's ear.

"Yes." Dot replied, her mouth dry.

"Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Because I have been through too
many close calls in the game cubes to risk holding anything back. I'm going
to push you pretty hard, Dot, even if you are Matrix's sister." Andraia
asked, rubbing Dot's perfect butt.

"Do it." Dot groaned, groping her own melon-heavy tits.

"Alright, Dot, let's get it on." Andraia replied, turning Dot around and
firmly embracing her. Andraia's lips pressed against Dot's and her tongue
slid into the older woman's mouth. Andraia's huge tits mashed solidly against
Dot's massive mammaries as both women embraced.

"Mmmmmmhhhhh..." Dot moaned into Andraia's mouth, her hands sliding over
Andraia's wide hips and groping the girl's perfect ass. Andraia's huge cock
pressed up against Dot's crotch and belly and the sensation alone was nearly
enough to make Dot cum.

"Hhhhmmmhhh..." Andraia moaned back, plundering Dot's mouth with her tongue.
She tilted her head sideways and placed her hands firmly on Dot's slightly
tilted head. Their tongues dueled as they passionately kissed each other,
lost in a tempestuous sea of raw lust.

"I need to get my hands on those tits." Andraia said as she broke off the wet
kiss and began firmly groping and squeezing Dot's ample mammaries.

"Oohhhhh..." Dot moaned as her huge breast orbs were mauled by the kneading
hands of her brother's HER lover, too.

"I want to suck your tits Dot." Andraia rasped, pressing her mouth against
Dot's huge boob. Andraia licked first one big tit, and then the other,
lolling her tongue all over Dot's amble bosoms.

"Suck on them, Andraia...ohhhh...yesss" Dot swooned.

Andraia slowly brought her lips to one big thick nipple and chewed on it,
then the other, teasing Dot and making her yelp in pleasure and mild pain.
Then Andraia pressed her mouth against Dot's big boob and sucked as much of
the woman's titflesh into her mouth as she could. Andraia's cheeks hollowed
out around the huge breast as she sucked noisily. She then alternated and
sucked on the other boob, also chewing and tugging on the nipple with her
teeth. Andraia never stopped groping and squeezing Dot's big tits the entire
time and worked her boobs over very thoroughly for quite a while.

Finally, when Dot was squirming on the edge of an orgasm, Andraia stopped and
got on her knees, in a crouching position, in front of Dot. Andraia could
smell the strong aroma of Dot's well-lubricated sex and the scent was
intoxicating. Dot's pussy was pure perfection. Big firm puffy pussy lips, a
large clit knob, and completely smooth with no hair. Dot's pubic mound bulged
slightly and was nearly identical to Andraia's own pussy except for the green
coloration of Dot's skin.

"Spread your legs a little bit more." Andraia husked, "I want to suck some

Dot, standing facing Andraia, spread her legs slightly further apart. She was
so excited that she was breathing hard, making her big tits rise and fall
quite enticingly.

"You ever had your pussy licked out by another girl, Dot?" Andraia smirked.

"N-no." Dot answered, barely able to speak. She was so turned on by the idea
of not just having a lesbian experience.but with her little brother's
girlfriend! It was so...kinky!

"Hhmhhmmhhmmhhhmm..." Andraia moaned as she slowly dragged her tongue over
Dot's bulging pussy mound. Andraia licked Dot's pussy with the flat expanse
of her tongue, like a dog, licking it all over. Andraia toyed with Dot's big
sensitive clit button and sucked on it momentarily before resuming licking
the woman's wet mound. Andraia teased her tongue into the slit between Dot's
pussy lips but never penetrated deeply. She licked from the base of Dot's
pussy to the top, parting the lips with her tongue as she went.

"Aauuoooohhh..." Dot groaned, feeling her impending climax. "Lick me...suck

Andraia slid her tongue deeply into Dot's pussy, relishing the taste and the
older woman's accompanying moans of ecstasy. Andraia reached down and pumped
her huge cock in her right hand, while sliding her left over the expanse of
her left boob.

"I'm cumming!" Dot groaned, placing her hands on Andraia's head.

Andraia continued to lick Dot's pussy and probe it's inner walls with her
tongue. Andraia kept sucking and tonguing Dot's pussy all the while Dot
climaxed. When Dot's orgasm finally subsided. Andraia scooted around behind
Dot and began caressing her sexy ass.

"Look at that gorgeous butt! I've got to get my tongue deep in that ass. You
ever had another girl lick your ass Dot?" Andraia remarked, groping Dot's
soft round buttocks. Before Dot could reply, Andraia pressed her face between
Dot's ass cheeks and slid her tongue into Dot's tight smooth anus.

"Ohh!" Dot gasped, feeling Andraia's tongue probing her ass.

Andraia continuously kneaded and massaged Dot's big buns as she tongued her
ass. Often, Andraia would slap one of Dot's big buttocks with the palm of her
hand while reaming her.

"Oohhhh...yyyeeeaaahhhh...get your tongue up my butt, Andraia...get it in
there deeper...uunnhhh...that feels so good." Dot moaned.

Andraia continued to tongue and knead Dot's ass for several more moments
before pulling away and standing up.

"Do you want to win this game, Dot?" Andraia asked, an edge in her voice.

"Y-yes." Dot replied, surprised at Andraia's stern tone of voice.

"Then get down on your knees and suck my she-dick, you cunt!" Andraia
exclaimed. "We're not going to beat the User unless we get a whole lot
nastier and I have no problem with getting nasty..just ask your brother."

Dot gave Andraia a surprised look upon hearing this, but did as she asked.
Dot got on her knees before Andraia and stared at the massive penis jutting
out spectacularly from between Andraia's shapely thighs. The size of
Andraia's organ was absolutely incredible! It was as long as Dot's forearm
and slightly thicker! The huge head of Andraia's cock was about the size of
Dot's clenched fist and the smooth balls that hung beneath Andraia's cock
were large and undoubtedly capable of churning out vast amounts of sperm...
more than would normally be possible.

"Suck it, bitch!" Andraia ordered, slapping Dot's face with the huge meaty

Dot had to open her mouth wide around the head of Andraia's colossal penis
and just barely managed to get her lips around it. Dot moaned as she took the
head of Andraia's cock into her mouth, further stimulating the giant penis.

"All the way, Dot. Go down on me, you slut!" Andraia commanded, grabbing
Dot's head firmly and lunging forward. About half of Andraia's giant cock was
now lodged down Dot's throat.

"AAWWLLGGHH!!!" Dot choked as the massive cock invaded her throat, filling it
completely. Dot's eyes watered uncontrollably and her jaw ached.

"I said all the way, Dot!" Andraia exclaimed, pulling back slightly and then
thrusting forward again, hard. This time Andraia managed to force the entire
length of her cock down Dot's throat.

"UUAAAWWWRRLLGH!" Dot gagged, great ropes of saliva hanging from the corners
of her mouth and from her chin. Dot's nose was firmly pressed up against
Andraia's sweaty belly and Dot nearly swooned from the powerful aroma of
Andraia's strong sex. Dot's wildly convulsing throat squeezed and released
Andraia's hulking member over and over as her natural gag reflex thoroughly
worked over the big dick.

"Oohhhh...yesss..." Andraia whispered, enjoying the sensations Dot's tight
squeezing throat provided. She pulled out halfway and then fucked her cock
back in. "You're going to be my suck-bitch, Dot. All you're good for is
sucking cock, you worthless whore! Everybody all across mainframe is going
to be watching you suck my cock, Dot! They're all going to watch me take
you...make you my personal slut! That's what you are, Dot, a total slut!"

Dot felt both shame and sexual excitement at being debased for the second
time. She couldn't deny wanting to be Andraia's slut. She wanted to please
her brother's girlfriend in every way. She wanted to be raped by Andraia and
used like a cheap whore. It was a side of her that she seldom admitted to
herself before but was coming to terms with now. To deny it would be

Dot sucked hard on Andraia's cock on every out stroke, her cheeks hollowing
out around the big dick. Her suctioning mouth made wet, slobbering, sucking
sounds as she took deep hard pulls on Andraia's massive cock.

"Uuaaahhh...yeah! SUCK that cock, Dot! Ahhhh...yeah! Suck it, slut! Uhhh...
yesss. That's the way, you dick-sucking whore! Yeah! That's the way I like
it, cunt! Uhhhh...hhhuuhh! Suck that cock! Ohhh...yeahh.suck me." Andraia

Dot was eager to obey and gazed up at Andraia's face the entire time she
orally serviced her huge cock.

"Suck my balls, slut." Andraia commanded, looking down into Dot's submissive
eyes. Andraia released Dot's head and began caressing her own enormous bosom.

Dot complied, releasing Andraia's huge cock from her mouth. A thick slimy
strand of saliva hung between Dot's mouth to the big penis, connecting the
two. Dot took Andraia's thick cock in her right fist, unable to wrap her
hand all the way around the huge stalk and began pumping Andraia's dick as
she sucked on first one big testicle, then the other. Andraia's balls were
huge and Dot sucked on them voraciously, gently tugging them with her
suctioning mouth and playing with them with her tongue. Dot never stopped
staring up at Andraia as she sucked on her balls and pumped her cock.

"Ahhhhh...yeeaahhh...that's it Dot, you nasty slut. Suck those balls.
Ooohh...yeaaahhh. Suck me, Dot." Andraia rasped.

Dot slid her long tongue along the underside of Andraia's cock several times,
bathing it in saliva. She flicked her tongue into the piss slit and wiggled
it around. Dot then stuck out her tongue and slapped it over and over with
Andraia's big cock, moaning the entire time and staring up into her eyes.

With renewed zeal, Dot resumed sucking on Andraia's huge cock. Dot's head
bobbed up and down on the massive pole as she took it from tip to base with
every lunge. Twisting her head this way and that, Dot provided Andraia with
maximum pleasure. Ropy globs of saliva hung from Dot's chin as she sucked
the giant-sized cock, never slowing her relentless rhythm.

"Ahhhh...yeaahhh...that's it, you suck-whore! I want to fill your mouth with
my cum. I want to pump my sticky seed down your throat, Dot! Uuhhhh...yesss!
Come on, you suck-bitch! Ohhh...any minute now." Andraia gasped.

Dot went to work on Andraia, nearly choking herself on the long thick cock.
Dot's gagging and sucking sounds turned Andraia on even more and, coupled
with Dot's expert oral skills, quickly sent her over the edge. "OHHH! I'M
CUMMING!" Andraia yelled, as her climax erupted. She jammed her cock all the
way down Dot's throat and held it there as she grunted loudly.

"Uuhhmmllghhfff!" Dot glugged as a big glob of sperm shot down her throat,
followed in rapid succession by more. Andraia's pulsing cock pumped quarts of
cum down Dot's tight gullet and both women groaned in lust.

Andraia continued climaxing for quite some time and soon filled Dot's belly
full of cum. She pulled her big cock out of Dot's throat until just the head
was in Dot's mouth. Dot obligingly sucked on the cum-squirting cockhead, her
cheeks hollowing out around the big knob.

"Mmmmhhh...Mmmp...Mmmmhhh" Dot moaned, sucking on the big tip of Andraia's
cock and staring up into her face.

Andraia pulled her cock out of Dot's mouth and slapped the saliva-and-cum
covered penis against Dot's face. Where Andraia was squirting quarts of semen
before, now she was squirting pints, her climax ebbing but still very much in

"UUNGH! Alright, whore, open your mouth wide and don't swallow until I tell
you. Uuhhnn! You're my...uuhhn. sperm-bitch, Dot, and that's how I'm going
to...hhhnngh...treat you. Aaaauuhhggh! Everyone all over Mainframe is going
to see what a...uuhhng...cum-swilling slut you are, Dot. Aaauuhh! You may
have been a prissy good girl before but...uunnnhhh. you're a worthless
suck-whore now, Dot, and that's going to be your new role. Uuaanngh! A
cock-sucking sperm-bitch." Andraia exclaimed. She accentuated her remarks by
rubbing her sperm-spurting cock all over Dot's face, smearing it with huge
globs of cum until Dot's face was completely covered in thick layers of

Andraia then placed the pointed the tip of her cock at Dot's mouth and jacked
off, sending thick ropes of jism blasting into Dot's open mouth, quickly
filling it to the brim with thick gooey sperm.

"Swallow it, slut." Andraia commanded, spitting in Dot's face contemptuously.

Dot's throat bobbed and her gulp was audible as she swallowed hard. Her belly
was already packed full of spunk and she felt somewhat nauseous. However,
Andraia didn't let up and shot another series of cum loads into Dot's mouth
filling it again.

"Swallow." Andraia ordered, after filling Dot's mouth to the brim with thick
whitish cum.

Dot complied, barely able to get the second mouthful down. Andraia aimed her
cumshots at Dot's big tits while Dot swallowed.

Andraia then placed the head of her cock just inside Dot's mouth and shot
another series of cum squirts into it, but it was evident this was nearly the
end of her orgasm.

"Don't swallow, hold the cum in your mouth." Andraia commanded. She knelt
down in front of Dot and slid her tongue into Dot's mouth, scooping up a big
glob of sperm. Andraia swallowed her own cum from Dot's mouth and then went
in for more, lugging the thick gobs out with her tongue. After doing this for
a while, she pressed her mouth against Dot's and kissed her passionately,
sucking out her own sperm.

"Mmmmhhh." Andraia moaned into Dot's mouth, sucking and probing with her
tongue until there was nothing but the smallest traces of cum left. She then
licked Dot's face clean of spunk, dragging her tongue all over Dot's
spunk-soaked features.

By the time Dot's face was licked clean, Andraia was ready for more. Her dick
was fully erect and well-lubricated with Dot's saliva.

"Lay down on the floor and spread your legs, whore." Andraia ordered.

Dot laid on her back beside Bob's sofa and coffee table. She spread her sexy
legs, exposing her smooth puffy pussy.

"Oh yeah! Just look at that pussy!" Andraia remarked, staring at Dot's
exquisite sex. "I wonder how many times you and Bob have `interfaced' here
in his apartment? Well, this isn't `really' his apartment, but you get the
idea. I wonder if he's watching this right now? He should be back from his
mission by now. I wonder if he's upset or turned on by seeing you like this?
You think he's going to get off on seeing you get nailed by your brother's

Dot's worried expression clearly showed that she had doubts. "I...don't...I
mean.I'm not." Dot stammered unable to answer.

"Well, you know what I think?" Andraia added, getting on her knees between
Dot's splayed legs and rubbing her dickhead up against Dot's soft pussy lips.
"I think Bob and Ray are both banging Mouse while they're watching us. I
think they are as turned on as everyone else all over Mainframe. You're the
biggest slut in the entire system, Dot. I'm sure by now this is being
transmitted in some form all over the net as either text files or pictures.
Say goodbye to your former respectful image, Dot, you're nothing but a nasty
fuck whore now."

"Andraia...I-I'm not...I'm not sure I can do this." Dot replied, apprehension
in her voice.

"Well, it's too late to go back now, Dot. You're my fuck-bitch now. I'm going
to screw you within an inch of your life, slut!" Andraia exclaimed, slapping
Dot's pussy mound with her huge cock. The wet `splat, splat, splat' sounds of
Andraia's cock slapping up against Dot's pussy were quite audible. Andraia
then rubbed her cock up and down the slit of Dot's pussy, parting her lips

"Uuhhhhnnn." Dot moaned, unable to deny the pleasure. She tried to deny her
lust but couldn't. She wanted to be fucked by another her brother's
girlfriend. She wanted Andraia to take her roughly, forcefully, brutally...
and that seemed to be exactly what was going to happen from the look in
Andraia's eyes.

"I'm gonna make you my BITCH, Dot! You're going to be my screw-whore! I'm
going to rape you senseless, you stupid bitch! Everyone's going to be
watching you get screwed over good and hard, Dot!" Andraia threatened,
between clenched teeth. She brushed her long blue hair aside and positioned
the big knob-like head of her cock at the entrance of Dot's pussy and slammed
into her with one hard thrust.

"OOWWW!" Dot cried out in pain.

Andraia managed to get three-quarters of her cock into Dot and would have
gotten all the way in if it weren't for Dot's tight cervix. Undaunted,
Andraia pulled back slightly and jabbed again.

"AAAOOWW!! Stop! IT HURTS!" Dot screamed, her pussy throbbing with pain as
Andraia battered away at her cervix.

"Take it, bitch!" Andraia grunted, slamming forward again. Andraia's constant
attacks slowly began to painfully widen Dot's tiny cervical opening. Finally,
there was a soft `pop,' and Andraia's cockhead entered Dot's womb, stretching
it wide and causing unimaginable agony to Dot.

"UUUAAAAOOOOOHHH!!!" Dot screamed, her whole body blazing with pain as her
womb was impaled. The intense pain led to a weird combination of agony and
ecstasy as Dot climaxed wildly and repeatedly.

"YYEEAAAHHHH!" Andraia yelled, victoriously, as she began to really hammer
Dot's pussy, fucking her with hard vicious jabs.

For quite some time, Andraia savagely fucked Dot. Dot's screams eventually
turned into loud groans as she slowly acclimated herself to Andraia's cock.
Andraia grunted and occasionally uttered some nasty talk at Dot as she
pounded into her. The sound of flesh slapping hard against flesh filled the
room and the strong aroma of raw sex was everywhere.

"!" Andraia yelled. She gritted her teeth and gazed intensely
into Dot's eyes. Andraia's expression was one of fury and animalistic lust,
her sexy features taking on a savage countenance. "UUNNHHG!!!"

The cumshots were so powerful and copious that they were slightly audible.
`Splurg, splurt, splorg, splorrr, splurt, splurg, splorg,' The jets of cum
geysered forcefully into Dot's sensitive womb, filling it completely, and
squirted back out of her pussy around Andraia's cock.

"OH! OW! UH! OH! AH! OW!" Dot gasped, as Andraia's powerful cum jets stung
her sensitive womb.

Andraia finally pulled out and shot the rest of her load all over Dot's wet
pussy mound, covering it totally in a gooey morass of spunk. There was an
audible `splat, splat, splat,' as Andraia slapped Dot's puffy cum-coated
pussy with her cock. Andraia pushed her cock up into Dot's pussy a few more
times, riding out her orgasm to the very last.

" THAT was a good fuck!" Andraia remarked, getting up off
of Dot and scooting Bob's coffee table and chair out of the way to give more
room. "That's exactly what you're good for Dot...a nice tight screw. But I'm
ready for something even tighter now and I think you know what I want."

"You must be crazy!" Dot exclaimed. "You almost killed me with that monster!
You can't possibly think there's any way something that big and long is ever
going to fit in my."

"Then I'll MAKE it fit!" Andraia retorted. "Either way, Dot, that sexy ass of
yours is going to get screwed!" Andraia pushed Dot down onto her hands and
knees, in the standard doggy-style position, and quickly got up behind her.

"Andraia...STOP! No!" Dot protested, but it was all for show. She was
thoroughly excited by the idea of being forcibly sodomized by Andraia and
knew this would help win the game. Dot pretended to struggle and acted
afraid, but didn't make it too difficult for Andraia to have her way.

"Mmhhh...yeeaahh...Look at that perfect butt!" Andraia groaned, rubbing her
cock back and forth between Dot's cheeks, teasing the tiny hole with the head
of her dick. "If you thought it hurt when I fucked you then you're really
going to scream when I rape your ass! Everyone all over Mainframe is going to
see you get humiliated when you're fucked in the ass by another woman, Dot!
Everyone's going to know beyond any doubt what a total whore you are!"

"Nnnooooo..." Dot groaned in anguish as Andraia verbally degraded her.

Andraia pushed hard and just barely managed to jam the head of her cock into
Dot's tight anus.

"OOWW!" Dot screamed at the painful intrusion, her rectum stretched wide.

Andraia grunted as she lunged forward, sharply, spearing half of her cock up
Dot's ass in one stroke. Two more powerful thrusts and she was all the way to
the hilt in Dot's ass.

"AAAAAHHG!!!" Dot screamed, her eyes wide and a look of panic on her face.

Andraia began roughly fucking Dot's ass with quick hard strokes, slamming
into Dot with unspeakable brutality. Andraia's tits wobbled as she lunged
into Dot again and again, her gorgeous female body an instrument of pure

"Aaauuhh...Yeah! Your butt's so tight, Dot! Uungh! Feels sooo good! Ahhh! I'm
going to fuck your sexy ass HARD, you stupid stuck-up slut!" Andraia yelled,
really powering into Dot's rectum with brutal force.

at the top of her lungs as she was mercilessly sodomized by Andraia.

"How does it feel having another girl raping your tight ass, Dot?" Andraia
panted, shoving her cock in and out of Dot's perfect butt.

expression of complete agony on her beautiful face.

"Well, get used to it, slut, because this is your entire world now!" Andraia
replied, never slowing her relentless pace.

POW! POW! POW! POW! The sound of flesh colliding with flesh accompanied Dot's
screams and gasps. Andraia grunted loudly from her strenuous efforts and
fucked Dot hard and fast for quite a while before finally reaching her

"Oohhhh! I'm...cumming!" Andraia moaned.

Splurt! Splurg! Splurg! Splurg! Dot felt Andraia's pulsing cock shoot thick
jets of cum up into her ass and reached down between her legs and spanked her
pussy mound.

Andraia kept fucking Dot's butt as she flooded her ass with gallons of cum.
Andraia seemed to have a nearly inexhaustible supply of cum and just kept on
shooting and shooting. Dot rubbed her clit knob and made herself climax as
Andraia rode out her orgasm until she had shot her entire load.

Andraia slapped Dot's sexy round butt with her cock, enjoying watching the
perfect ass globes bounce and jiggle. By the time Andraia was finished, Dot's
ass was glistening with gooey cum.

"Ahhh...that was absolutely incredible!" Andraia remarked, slumping onto
Bob's sofa, her huge semi-erect cock hanging heavily between her shapely
thighs. "I wonder why the game didn't stop. I can't believe we didn't beat
the user."

"Oh you can believe it. He must be a really perverted guy if he's still ahead
of us in the game." Dot replied, standing up, her nude green body shiny with
a sheen of sweat and cum. "We can't get to the next level yet until we beat

"But how?" Andraia inquired, her big boobs rising and falling as she panted
for breath after her extreme exertions. "I gave it my best shot, literally,
and I'm out of ideas."

"Well, we tried it your way, now let's see if a change of roles will help.
Click off your Plug-n-play, Andraia." Dot replied, picking up the other
plug-n-play from Bob's lamp stand. Andraia complied and suddenly her cock
vanished and she had her sexy smooth pussy again. Dot smirked as she clicked
on her plug-n-play and instantly her pussy was changed into a huge cock and
balls. Dot's cock was green, the same shade as the rest of her body, and the
monster was just as big and long as Andraia's cock was.

"Okay, bitch, get down on your knees where you belong and suck my dick!" Dot

Andraia had never heard Dot talk this way and it left her a little surprised
but she complied with Dot's command, nevertheless. Getting on her knees in
front of Dot, Andraia licked the massive green penis as she rubbed her wet

"Awwwhhmmm...mmmhhhh..." Andraia moaned, slathering Dot's huge erection with
her wet tongue.

"Uuhhh...yeah, suck me you spunk-bitch! Suck my cock!" Dot groaned.

Andraia still couldn't believe her ears. Dot had always been so prim and
proper...but now she sounded like a total slut. As she opened her mouth
around Dot's big cockhead, Andraia fingered herself with one hand and groped
her tit with the other. Andraia slowly went down on Dot's entire cock, not
stopping until she was finally at the base.

"Guaaa-GGHAAAGH! Glouurrg! G-G-GLAAAHG! Gluuaa-GLAAGH! UUAAAWWLGH!" Andraia
choked, her nose pressed firmly against Dot's belly and her wide-open mouth
dripping with drool. Her throat was stretched wide and Andraia was barely
able to breathe. Tears rolled down Andraia's cheeks as she stared up into
Dot's eyes.

Oh yeah...your throat feels so wet...I bet you love
sucking cock, don't you Andraia? I bet you're a total cock-sucking whore."
Dot remarked, pushing her cock in and out of Andraia's throat.

Andraia's natural gag reflex caused her throat to milk Dot's big cock, as
she constantly made gagging and choking sounds. She never stopped stroking
herself and began to feel her orgasm steadily building. Andraia sucked hard
on every outstroke, her cheeks hollowing out around Dot's cock every time
Dot pulled back. Soon Andraia's choking sounds were matched by her wet
sucking sounds.

"Mmmhhh...I bet you never thought you'd be sucking your lover's big sister,
did you Andraia? Well, you're my suck-slut now, and I'm going to pump my seed
into your belly any minute, whore, so keep sucking! Ahhh...yyyyeahhh...just
like that!" Dot loudly moaned.

Andraia continued to bob her head back and forth on Dot's cock, sucking her
like crazy. Andraia didn't use her hands on Dot's cock, she used only her
mouth and she was quite skilled as it turned out. Dot gave a loud groan and
Andraia knew that she was close. Tweaking her own clit, Andraia could feel
her own orgasm peaking and she sucked Dot's cock even harder.

"Gonna...gonna...CUM! UUUAAAAHHH!!!" Dot yelled, blasting her cum straight
down Andraia's throat. Andraia's belly quickly was filled completely with
thick sperm and still Dot continued to shoot off.

"Mmmmhh...mmhwaaahhh...Aawwhhmmm...hmmmpp..." Andraia moaned, releasing her
tit and taking hold of Dot's cock, rubbing the pulsing organ all over her
face. Andraia stuck out her tongue, her mouth wide open, and coated it with
sperm. Smearing her face Dot's cum-covered dick, Andraia then lifted Dot's
big cock and sucked on her big balls. Andraia climaxed as well and vigorously
pumped her finger into her tight pussy, riding her orgasm out completely.

"Uuooohhh...that's it, you cum-slut." Dot moaned, her eyes half-lidded as she
licked her lips slowly.

Andraia then got on the sofa, sitting facing Dot, and rubbed Dot's spurting
cockhead all over her big tits, soaking both melons in creamy jism. "How
about a titty-fuck to finish off your orgasm, Dot?" Andraia gasped, rubbing
Dot's dickhead against one thick nipple.

" slut...I want to get my dick deep between those big tits of yours
and cover them in cum!" Dot answered, pressing her cock into Andraia's ample

Andraia pressed her tits together, trapping Dot's cock and Dot began fucking.
Dot's cock continued to squirt as she fucked the softness of Andraia's
cleavage. When Dot's climax was finally over Andraia's tits and face were
soaked in slimy spunk.

When Dot pulled her cock away from Andraia's tits she climbed on top of her
and gave her a wet passionate kiss, exploring Andraia's mouth with her
plundering tongue. Andraia moaned softly into Dot's mouth as their tongues
intertwined. Dot tasted her own spunk and greedily sucked it out of Andraia's
mouth. Not fully satisfied, Dot proceeded to lick Andraia's face clean, and
given the amount of sperm dripping from it, it took a while. Then Dot moved
down to Andraia's tits, licking them clean as well. Dot sucked on Andraia's
big nipples, chewing on them and tugging on them with her teeth.

"Uuuaanngh!" Andraia moaned, arching her back and dipping her hand between
her legs and rubbing her pussy mound.

Dot gave the other nipple the same treatment and then stood up, her huge cock
fully erect and bobbing slightly.

"Lay down on the coffee table, Andraia, I think it's about time you got
screwed." Dot remarked, pumping her cock in her fist.

Andraia complied, laying down on Bob's coffee table and spreading her legs
wide. "Fuck me Dot. Give it to me hard. Take me like the whore I am." Andraia
urged Dot on, but it was virtually unnecessary given the sight of Andraia's
gorgeous nude body splayed out in full view.

Dot slapped Andraia's pussy mound with her big dick and then slid her
cockhead up and down Andraia's puffy pussy slit, making her moan. "You want
to get fucked? Well then how's THIS?" Dot remarked as she slammed into
Andraia all the way, her dick penetrating Andraia's cervix and popping into
her tight womb.

"AAAUUUUUOOOWWW!!!" Andraia screamed, writhing under Dot's savage attack.

"How do you like that, bitch? Is that hard enough for you? You want to be
split like a block of wood? You want it rough? I'll give it to you rough! I'm
going to bitch-fuck you, Andraia, and make you BEG for mercy! You're going to
be raped within an inch of your life, you damn cunt!" Dot sneered. She
hammered Andraia as she spoke, accentuating her words with brutal jabs of her
cock deep into Andraia's pelvis.

The shock of hearing Dot speak like this was dwarfed by the pain of the rape.
Andraia had never been raped, let alone by another woman! However, Dot was
relentless, a seething dynamo of brutal lust. Andraia's body jerked like a
rag doll under Dot's pounding thrusts.

"UH! OH! UH! AH! OH! OH! UH!" Andraia grunted with every jab. She was totally
impaled on Dot's cock each and every time and it felt like she was being
split in two. Dot's heavy tits pressed firmly against her own and she could
feel Dot's hard nipples. Dot licked Andraia's face and stuck her tongue into
her mouth. Andraia sucked on Dot's tongue and moaned loudly into her mouth.

On and on Dot fucked Andraia with hard quick strokes, the sound of flesh
hitting up against flesh adding to their grunts and cries.

"UUNNHH! I'M CUMMING!" Dot eventually yelled.

Splurt! Splurg! Splorrrg! The cumshots were barely audible but could actually
be heard as they shot forcefully into Andraia's womb.

"Uuuaaahhh! Gonna fill you full of spunk you bitch!" Dot gasped, her
throbbing cock shooting great slimy ropes of sperm into Andraia's pussy,
filling it completely full in seconds. The remainder of Dot's cum squished
out from the sides of Andraia's pussy as Dot continued fucking her.
Eventually, Dot pulled out and shot the rest of her load all over Andraia's
pussy, coating it in a thick layer of gooey cum.

"Uaaahhhh...yesss. That felt great! You're a good fuck, Andraia, I can tell
now what my brother saw in you. However, I want something more and I think
you know what that is, don't you?" Dot said, getting up off of Andraia, a
long strand of cum hanging off of Dot's huge cock.

"! No way!" Andraia protested, but knew that her fate was sealed.

"Ohh...yes! I'm going to fuck that sexy ass of yours!" Dot replied. "Turn
over, bitch."

"You know, Dot, I think you are really taking this too far, I mean."
Andraia's sentence was rudely interrupted as Dot took charge.

"TURN OVER! I want to see that ass!" Dot loudly ordered.

Andraia reluctantly complied, laying down on the coffee table on her stomach
and spreading her legs. Her exquisite well-rounded ass was on full display
and completely exposed. "Dot, this is so unlike you. I have never heard you
talk like this, act like this." Andraia remarked, grabbing the legs of the
coffee table, her head hanging down off the end.

"Get used to it." Dot replied as she ran her hands over the swell of
Andraia's magnificent ass. Dot groped and kneaded Andraia's buttocks, her
huge cock throbbing with desire.

"Uuhhhnnn...Dot, that feels so good...making me so horny." Andraia gasped.

"Good. How about this?" Dot added, kneeling down and licking Andraia's butt
globes and sticking her tongue up Andraia's anus.

"Oohhhhh...get your tongue deep up my ass, Dot! OH! That feels...sooooo...
gooood!" Andraia groaned.

Dot then got into position on top of Andraia, guiding her cock between
Andraia's big round buttocks. It felt almost like her titty fuck with
Andraia, and Dot enjoyed the sensation as her cockhead bumped up against
Andraia's tight little anus.

"OH! Dot, that thing's never going to fit inside my ass! There's no way!"
Andraia protested.

"Then get ready to scream, Andraia, because it's going in. I'm going to shove
my big thick cock all the way up your tight little ass, bitch." Dot replied,
jamming her cock in until the big mushroom-shape head finally popped inside
Andraia's anus.

"OOWWW!" Andraia screeched.

"UUH!" Dot grunted, lunging hard into Andraia. Dot managed to get some of her
huge cock in.

"AAAGH!" Andraia wailed. Her rectum was being stretched so wide that she
feared it would kill her.

"UUHN!" Dot jabbed viciously into Andraia's ass again, managing to get more
of her cock inside. "'re ass is SO tight! Uuhhhnnn...gotta
get my dick all the way up your tight butt! Yeah! Gonna rape your ass,
Andraia! Your ass belongs to ME, bitch!"

"UUOOOWWW!" Andraia yelled. "Please, Dot, NO MORE! IT HURTS!!!"

"Good! That only turns me on even more to hear you scream like that!
Uuuuhhngh! TAKE IT, bitch!" Dot yelled, shoving her cock in again. At this
point Dot had three-quarters of her cock jammed up Andraia's tremendously
stretched rectum and Dot's exquisite pleasure was as great as Andraia's
agonizing pain.

"NNHHAAAUUUHHHH!!!" Andraia shouted, her eyes clenched shut, tears streaming
down her face. Her expression was one of abject torment.

Dot crouched lower and whispered heavily in Andraia's ear. "You didn't think
I could be this much of a bitch, did you? Well, neither did I, but I'm going
to fucking WIN this game and I'm going to do whatever it takes.including
raping the living hell out you, Andraia. You asked me if I was ready to do
what it took to win, but are you ready to do the same? You're not just going
to be sodomized by another are going to be brutally
TAKEN, and taken hard."

"AAUUGH! D-Dot...NO! Even Matrix w-was never this r-rough!" Andraia sobbed.

"Well, maybe his big sister just needs to show him how it's done, then." Dot
hissed. "UUHHNN!" Dot slammed forward again with a mighty shove that sent her
entire cock up into Andraia's ass. Every inch was now buried in Andraia's
widely-stretched rectum and Dot's pleasure was beyond imagining.

"UUAAAAAIIIEEEEEE!!!" Andraia screamed as she was savagely impaled, her anal
passage stretched to the maximum and wracked with pain. She was dimly aware
of Dot's fingers tangling her hair and suddenly her head was jerked back as
Dot planted a big sloppy kiss on her lips, moaning into her mouth.

Dot pulled her cock halfway out and lunged into Andraia's ass again, and the
girl screamed into Dot's mouth. Dot reached down with her left hand and
grabbed Andraia's left boob, mauling it in her needy grip.

Soon Dot picked up the pace and began fucking Andraia's ass harder...
faster...with brutal punishing jabs. Dot repeatedly slapped Andraia's sexy
round flanks as she hammered away at the girl's tight hole.

BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! The sound of flesh pounding hard against
flesh was loud throughout the room, and Andraia's buttocks jiggled and
bounced from the rapid forceful impacts of Dot's vicious thrusts.

Andraia's screams and hoarse cries served to urge Dot on and soon the pair
were like a couple of rutting animals, fucking mindlessly and acting only on
primitive instinct. Dot unleashed a torrent of humiliating obscenities at
Andraia, verbally abusing her as much as she anally abused her. Andraia was
lost in a tornado of painful passion and accepted her role as Dot's
fuck-bitch. She began to inwardly thrill at being used by Dot like
seeing this previously hidden side of Dot.

Dot relentlessly hammered away at Andraia's ass, lost in her pleasure and
unaware of how much time had passed. Dot wanted to prolong her pleasure but
couldn't resist power-fucking Andraia's sexy round butt. Dot pounded
Andraia's ass for a long time and finally began to climax.

"Uuaaahhh! Yeaaaahhh! I'm gonna pump my spunk up your tight butt, Andraia!
I'm gonna sperm your ass! Uuaaahhhh...yeah!" Dot groaned, loudly. Dot's
thrusts were quick and even more forceful as she felt her cock begin to

Splurg! Splorg! Splurg! Dot's climax was audible as she blasted thick jets
of cum inside Andraia's rectum, filling it completely in the first few
spurts. Cum squished out of Andraia's ass as Dot continued to sodomize her.

"Uuaaaawwwwhhh!" Andraia moaned, feeling the massive cumshots squirting up
her butt.

Dot rode out her orgasm completely, not stopping until she had shot every
ounce of cum her balls held. It seemed to take forever, and Andraia writhed
under Dot's merciless jackhammer thrusts. When Dot's orgasms finally subsided
she pulled her cock out of Andraia's ass and slapped her butt cheeks with the
thick member, watching the well-rounded flanks jiggle erotically. Smearing
her cum all over Andraia's buns, Dot milked out every bit of her climax and
finally when she was finished she knelt behind Andraia and placed her face in
the crack of Andraia's ass. Dot placed her mouth on Andraia's cum-oozing anus
and stuck her tongue up Andraia's anus, scooping up all the cum she could,
swallowing it greedily. She then sucked out all of the gooey seed, moaning

" that was great." Dot exclaimed, stroking her tits and then wiping
the cum off her lips.

"Wow, I'll say!" Andraia enthusiastically replied, rubbing her aching ass.
"You nearly killed me with that monster...but it hurt so good."

"Well, if it's pain you like." Dot said, her voice trailing off as she pushed
Andraia so that she was bent over Bob's sofa, legs apart. Dot pressed her
fist up against Andraia's soft puffy pussy lips and pushed.

"AAUUNNGH! Dot! No!" Andraia gasped, feeling Dot's knuckles pushing hard
against her smooth pussy slit.

"Oh yeah! You are going to get fisted, Andraia, whether you like it or not...
and something tells me you're not going to enjoy it, especially when I do
THIS!" Dot exclaimed drawing back her whole arm and punching Andraia's pussy
with all her strength.

"OOOWWWW!!!" Andraia screamed out, tears streaming down her face as Dot's
fist punched deep inside her. Andraia screamed again, even louder when Dot's
knuckles slammed against her tight cervix. The pain was excruciating and
Andraia was gritting her teeth in agony.

Dot reached her free hand in around Andraia's thigh and found her big
sensitive clit knob and tweaked it, sending sparks of pleasure through
Andraia's pussy. The ecstasy was intensified by the massive pain of Dot's
plunging fist and Andraia was instantly climaxing over and over. Dot kept
shoving her fist in and out of Andraia, driving it in all the way to the
forearm and punching through to Andraia's womb, battering it savagely.

"How do you like that, bitch? You like getting another girl's fist shoved up
into your womb? You like getting my arm up inside your pussy? Huh? You're
nothing but a cheap slut, Andraia. You enjoy being fist-fucked and everyone
in Mainframe knows it now. How about I give you and extra hand?" Dot said.
Seeing that Andraia was climaxing repeatedly and would continue to do so, Dot
released Andraia's throbbing clit and balled her other hand into a fist. Dot
then pressed her fist up between the cheeks of Andraia's ass.

"How would you like to get fisted in your pussy and ass at the same time?
You're butt's all lubed up still and I think I can get in there, but it's
going to be a tight fit. I hope you have a high tolerance for pain, Andraia,
because it's going to hurt...a lot!" Dot remarked, pressing her fist up
against Andraia's anus and shoving in hard and deep. In one thrust Dot shoved
her whole forearm into Andraia's sexy ass, impaling her completely.

"NNNAAAUUUUUWWRRHH!!!" Andraia screamed, at the top of her lungs. The pain
was indeed tremendous and Dot had not been exaggerating. Andraia felt as if
she would die from the sharp stabbing pain that encompassed her pussy and
ass. She had no time to get accustomed to Dot's vaginal/anal attacks, as Dot
began pumping both fists in and out of her, alternating the strokes.

entire body wracked with pain.

"Keep screaming, slut, it's starting to really turn me on!" Dot replied,
pounding away at Andraia's pussy and ass.

For quite a while Dot fisted Andraia's pussy and ass until finally Andraia's
multiple orgasms reached a fever pitch and she clamped down hard on Dot's
arms for a few seconds and then released. Dot pulled her fists out of
Andraia's pussy and ass as Andraia slumped back to where she was resting

"Dot, you really have surprised me, I never realized." Andraia began,
catching her breath, her huge tits heaving.

"I'll be a slut or a bitch, whatever the situation requires. My reputation
has been ruined because of this game, and so has yours, so why fight it? I'm
going to do anything it takes to get ahead of the user, and I know what the
price is." Dot said. She thought about how everyone in Mainframe would look
upon her now.with expressions of lust, contempt, disgust, disrespect, and

"Well, it doesn't look like we have beaten that pervert user yet, we're still
in the game. Maybe if we both used our cocks on each other at the same
time." Andraia reached for her plug-n-play and clicked it on, her pussy
instantly becoming a huge cock once spectacular width and girth
rivaling Dot's.

"That's a start, but I think I have a better idea." Dot added. She walked
over to a console in the wall. In the console were the words: "Number of
players: 2." Dot quickly switched the number from a 2 to a 3.

In a flash, Matrix appeared in the doorway of Bob's apartment. He looked
completely surprised and was temporarily stunned.

"Wh-what's going on! I'm...I'm back to being Matrix again!" He was dressed
in his standard shirt, pants, and boots. His lover and sister, however, were
completely naked. Without a word they both reached out and hauled him into
the room and slammed the door.

"Andraia! Dot! What's happening? One minute I was watching you two on the
vid-window and the next I'm here! I don't understand, I thought the game
parameters were preset." Matrix sputtered.

"Well, Bob had a little cheat routine installed. It's of limited duration but
allows more players to participate than the game scenario would normally
allow. Since his room was copied to the last detail, so was the cheat code!"
Dot remarked, walking up behind her brother and massaging his shoulders. "It
was just a little precaution against Megabyte."

"Enough about that, let's concentrate on beating the user at this scenario."
Andraia said, peeling off Matrix's shirt.

"Mmmhhhh...these pants are soooo thin...sooo tight! Enz...sorry, Matrix,
you've got a great ass!" Dot replied, gazing at Matrix's muscular glutes.

"Let's get these pants off you, lover." Andraia replied, yanking down
Matrix's pants to his knees. His huge cock, easily the same size as Dot's and
Andraia's, bounced into full view. Andraia yanked Matrix's pants down to his
boots and ripped them the rest of the way off, impatiently. Matrix was now
standing there, buck naked, in only his combat boots, his huge thick cock
hanging out and his sexy butt plain to all to see.

"Okay, I get it now. You called me into the game scenario so that I could
help beat the user by fucking you both, right?" Matrix said, swaggering over
to Bob's fridge and popping open a cold energy shake. "Well, that's fine with
me. I'm up for anything, especially if it'll help us win."

"Well, I'm glad to hear it, lover, but there's going to be a slight change in
the plan." Andraia said, shooting a sidelong glance at Dot.

"It's going to be Andraia and I doing the fucking and you're going to be on
the receiving end." Dot remarked, matter-of-factly.

"ppffhhttt!" Energy shake particles shot out of Matrix's mouth and nose as he
spit out the shake, a look of total surprise on his face. "Now wait just a
minute." Matrix protested.

"You want to win right?" Andraia, inquired, stroking her huge cock. She
wasn't able to get her hand all the way around the massive pole.

"Well, yeah, but..." Matrix stammered.

"Then bend over and take one for the team." Andraia remarked.

"TWO for the team, actually." Dot corrected, pumping her own giant dick.

"Listen...what's worse, being nullified or being raped up the ass?" Andraia

"I'm thinking! I'm thinking!" Matrix exclaimed, his eyes wide as he stared in
disbelief at the enormous cocks his lover and sister were both sporting.

"Bzzzzt! Time's up." Dot said. "Are you up to the challenge or not?"

"Okay, okay! Just be gentle!" Matrix stammered.

"Fuck THAT!" Andraia exclaimed, a wicked smile of lust on her face. "We're
going to make you our BITCH!"

"You can start by sucking our cocks, `little brother.'" Dot added. She pushed
Matrix gently but firmly to his knees. Andraia stood at his left side, Dot at
his right, their huge cocks right in his face.

"Ummm...thanks, but, errrr...I'm really trying to cut down." Matrix
protested, pushing both cocks out of his face.

"Well that's just too bad, because you're sucking girl-dick...right NOW!"
Andraia commanded, slapping Matrix in the face with her thick cock.

"Ow! Cut it out!" Matrix exclaimed. "Okay, I'll do it, I'll do it! I honestly
think you get into these games waaay too much, Andraia."

"Comes with the territory of being a game sprite, lover." Andraia smirked.
"Now open wide and say, `aaaahhh.'"

Matrix opened his mouth wide and both Dot and Andraia crammed their cockheads
into his mouth at the same time.

"Awwwwmmmglmfhhh!" Matrix exclaimed, his mouth full.

"Oh come on, little brother, you can open wider than that." Dot remarked,
pushing her huge cock up harder against Andraia's as they both squeezed their
dicks further into Matrix's mouth.

"Aaawwlllgghh! Uhhrr...chhhhokiiieg...mhhheee!" Matrix gagged.

"Yeah!" Andraia high-fived Dot. "Come on lover, you can take more...ohhh...
yesss, feels soooo good!"

"How's it feel being a girl's suck-bitch, little brother?" Dot said. "You
like having your big sister's huge cock down your throat? You like sucking on
your girlfriend and your sister at the same time? You like being forced to
suck girl-dick?"

"Gllluuaa-aahggg!" Matrix could only respond with gags and chokes as his
throat was violated deeper and deeper by his girlfriend and sister's big
shafts. He knelt backwards and laid down onto the coffee table, his head
hanging off the end, but Dot and Andraia never let up for a second. They
pushed harder and harder, more insistent than ever. They worked at getting
both of their huge cocks down Matrix's throat and finally succeeded, though
nearly choking Matrix to death as a result.

Dot and Andraia established an alternating rhythm, one fucking in as the
other was pulling out. They kissed each other passionately as they plunged
their cocks in and out of Matrix's tight throat. Both women groped and
kneaded each other's big tits as they moaned in pleasure.

Matrix's involuntary gag reflex caused his overstuffed throat to squeeze and
contract on the invading cocks. Drool ran down his chin and his eyes bulged
as he fought the urge to panic.

"Yeaaaahhh...suck those dicks, baby." Andraia huskily breathed. "Come on,
stud, you can suck harder than that. Ohhhhhh.yeah, now that's more like it."

"Ooooohhhh...feels sooo good!" Dot gasped. "Suck me. Suck my big cock.
Uuhhh...yeah! Suck me!"

Both women pumped in and out of Matrix's tight gullet, his mouth making wet,
sucking, choking sounds. Dot and Andraia continued to grope each other's tits
and passionately kiss each other as they relentlessly humped Matrix's mouth.

Eventually they reached the point of their climaxes and both climaxed at the
same time.

"Unnnh! Gonna cum!" Andraia groaned.

"Me too!" Dot cried out.

"UUAAAHH!" Andraia yelled.

"UUUHHNN!" Dot shouted.

Great thick gooey blasts of spunk shot rapidly and forcefully straight down
Matrix's throat. He tried to swallow it all down but couldn't possibly keep
up. Andraia and Dot shoved their cocks deep down Matrix's throat and held
them there.

geysers of cum were quite audible and the creamy semen soon oozed out of the
edges of Matrix's mouth as he struggled to swallow as fast as he could.

"Swallow down all that cum, stud! Ohhhhh!" Andraia moaned.

"Yeaaaahhh...oohhhh...suck!" Dot said, almost passing out from the sheer

After filling Matrix's belly full of spunk, Dot and Andraia pulled their
spurting cocks out of his throat and aimed them at his face and wide-open
mouth. They soon filled his mouth to the brim with spunk and also covered his
face in a thick layer of sperm. Both women rubbed their cocks all over his
face, humiliating him by smearing the sticky seed all over and slapping his
face with their massive erections.

"Hold that cum in your mouth and don't swallow, little brother. I think your
girlfriend and I would like some protein." Dot remarked. She and Andraia
leaned down and licked all of the cum from Matrix's face, dipping their
tongues into his open mouth and scooping up big globs of semen. They took
turns French kissing him, sucking up all the remaining cum in his mouth until
there was just the slightest trace.

"Mmmhhhh...that was great." Dot moaned. "Now it's time for some serious anal

"I call sloppy seconds!" Andraia exclaimed. "You go first, Dot, and rape that
big stud's tight virgin ass!"

"Bend over, brother dear." Dot smirked, forcing Matrix towards the dining
table. Matrix was bent over the table and Andraia spread his legs apart.
Andraia gave a loud wolf-whistle as she admired his sexy buns.

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing THAT!" Andraia remarked.

"Go slow, sis!" Matrix pleaded.

"No way, little brother. You're going to get INVADED!" Dot exclaimed, wedging
her huge slimy cock between the cheeks of Matrix's muscular round ass. She
rubbed her big dick up and down his ass crack, teasing his anus with her
enormous cockhead.

"OW! Matrix cried out as Dot poked at his tight hole. "This is not good! NOT

"For you maybe but it feels great where I'm standing." Dot replied, pushing
in a little more.

"Hey, he has an erection! I think our big sexy stud likes being screwed up
the ass by his sister!" Andraia said to Dot. "I can't let something like that
big monster hanging between his legs get ignored."

"UUHHN!" Dot slammed forward with a savage thrust, shoving half of her long
gigantic penis up Matrix's tight rectum. The way Matrix's rectum squeezed her
cock like a fist delighted Dot but to Matrix it was sheer hellish pain.

"AAAAAHH!!!" Matrix yelled, his eyes bulging.

"Wow, Dot. It's a good thing our dicks are lubed with cum or we'd probably
kill him!" Andraia said, crouching down so that her face was right next to
Matrix's. Her huge cock hung heavily between her sexy thighs as she looked
into his eyes.

"So, lover, you want me to be your suck-bitch? You want me to suck your cock
while you're being raped up the ass?" Andraia asked. "Well, that's what I
want and there's nothing you can do about it."

"UUAAAHHGGG!" Matrix yelled, his ass filled and stretched painfully by his
sister's invading penis. It was not much different than if she had simply
shoved her fist and whole arm up his butt. Her dick was as big as her
forearm, anyway, and about as long. The big mushroom-shaped cockhead was
easily as big as her fist.

Dot laughed, wickedly, and lunged forward again, even harder. She speared her
brother's tight butt on her colossal penis and got three-quarters of the way
in. Matrix's accompanying scream was turning Dot on (Andraia as well) and Dot
slammed into Matrix's butt again, just as hard.

"DOT! Nnhhaaaauuu!! AAAWWWRRGH!" Matrix cried out. His entire rectum was
stuffed with hard cock. Dot had managed to bury every inch of her dick up his
ass and her groin was pressing firmly against his sexy cheeks. Dot held her
cock in place, licking her lips slowly and relishing the exquisite sensation.
Andraia, meanwhile, had slid under Matrix and begun licking his massive cock
and sucking his balls. She loved the way Dot's every brutal thrust made
Matrix's body jerk slightly, causing his huge heavy cock to sway and bounce
just a little. His screams of sexual torment aroused her and she immediately
began sucking his dick with obscene enthusiasm. She pumped her own cock as
she sucked on Matrix, and with her free hand she fondled her huge tits.

Dot pulled almost all the way out of her brother's ass and then slammed
forward again, impaling him completely. Dot loved fucking his ass as much as
she had enjoyed fucking Andraia's. It was so tight and gripped her dick like
a soft, but strong, fist.

Andraia began sucking hard on Matrix's cock on every outstroke. She took
deep, powerful pulls on his dick, her cheeks hollowing out around the massive
shaft. Wet sucking sounds came from her lips as she orally serviced her
lover. She established a rhythm so that she pulled back every time Dot
slammed in, then going down on Matrix each time Dot pulled out. As big and
long as Matrix's cock was, Andraia managed to deep throat the entire thing,
taking him all the way to the hilt. His dick was as big as hers and Dot's but
by now she had gotten some practice in swallowing cocks this size. She still
choked and gagged, but it was not quite so bad as before.

Dot continued to hammer Matrix's butt as Andraia sucked him off until finally
she neared her climax. Matrix was about to orgasm as well, and so was

"AAHHH! Gonna...cum!" Dot gasped, out of breath from power-fucking her little
brother for what seemed like an eternity.

Splurg! Splorg! Splurg! The cumshots were thick and gooey as they blasted up
Matrix's rectum. They filled him in seconds and the cum was soon squirting
out of his anus as Dot just ruthlessly sodomized him over and over, plunging
her cock in and out of the spunk-messy hole.

"HHHUUAAAHHH!" Matrix bellowed, climaxing as well. He shot load after load of
his gooey seed down Andraia's throat as she sucked him off. The agony of his
anal rape and the pleasure of his orgasm provided a dichotomy of intense

"G-G-GLLLOHHRRL!" Andraia gagged as her climaxing cock geysered thick ropes
of creamy spunk into the air. The slimy cum landed on her tits and belly and
dripped down slowly over her body. She continued sucking Matrix's cock as Dot
rammed into his ass repeatedly. When Andraia's full belly could contain no
more sperm, she pulled Matrix's cock out of her mouth and rubbed the spurting
shaft all over her face, coating it in his seed.

The orgasms of all three participants lasted for a long time and when every
last bit of cum had been ejaculated, and the incredible orgasms had subsided,
Dot pulled out of Matrix's ass and Andraia released his spent cock. Matrix's
thick penis was still half-erect and jerked as it tried to shoot out more
cum...but Andraia had thoroughly emptied his balls.

"Ahhhh...that was great." Dot said, stroking her own semi-erect cock. "I
think I'll grab a nice relaxing shower." She walked over to Bob's computer
console next to his bed and pressed the `clean' button. Suddenly she was
bathed in a bright glow as cleansing particles washed over her entire body.
A second later the glow was gone and Dot stretched. "Mmhhhh...that was

Suddenly an extendable mechanical arm wielding a toothbrush, shot out of the
wall and jammed the toothbrush in Dot's mouth, brushing her teeth vigorously.

"Bleaah!" Dot sputtered, spitting out the toothpaste as the arm shot back
into the wall. "Bob never did get around to getting that thing fixed. I guess
this duplicate of his apartment is no different."

"Quit playing around, Dot, we don't have time for that." Andraia replied.

"I wasn't...oh, never mind!" Dot remarked, feeling a little annoyed.

"Oohhhhhhh...somebody shoot me." Matrix groaned, his ass packed full of cum
and his entire ass dripping with slimy jism.

"You ready for round two, lover? I'm not going to be as gentle as Dot was."
Andraia retorted, getting into position behind Matrix and poking her
already-hard cock between the cheeks of his ass.

"No way! This is not happening!" Matrix feebly exclaimed, a look of worry on
his face as he bemoaned his fate. "Dot almost killed me!"

"What's the matter? Is the big, tough, survivalist, Matrix afraid of getting
some more girl-cock shoved up his sexy ass?" Andraia said. "Well, you better
get used to it, because your ass now belongs to me and I'm going to violate
you like no one ever has before. You're my bitch now, lover-boy, and I'm
going to mount you as hard as I can!"

"You know, I don't think he's been humiliated enough. Just getting raped in
the ass isn't working." Dot exclaimed, walking up in front of Matrix, her
heavy, semi-erect cock practically hitting him in the face. "You know, I'm
not the only one who needs a shower. I think Matrix could use one too...a
golden shower. And I usually like to take a good long piss after a big fuck
session like that."

"Give it to him Dot!" Andraia exclaimed, high-fiving Dot and then reaching
down to guide her cock to Matrix's sperm-dripping anus. Andraia was able to
enter her lover without as much difficulty as Dot had, but it was still a
tight fit. Not wishing to show Matrix any mercy, Andraia lunged forward with
all her strength spearing her entire cock up his ass in one single thrust.

"UUNHGGHH!" Matrix grunted as his ass was completely filled once again. The
pain was redoubled and his body jerked forward with the force of Andraia's
punishing lunge. Andraia reached forward and grabbed Matrix's hair, pulling
his head back so that he was staring upward. Contemptuously, she spit right
in his face.

Dot stood in front of Matrix and held her three-quarters erect cock in one
hand, and slowly groping her big boobs in the other. She closed her eyes for
a second and concentrated on releasing her bladder. She moaned as the first
trickle of pee dripped out of her cock-slit and then suddenly a small stream
of piss shot out and splattered all over Matrix's face.

"Aaauuuww...yeah! Uuhhn! I love fucking your tight muscular studly butt!
Uunnhhh! It's so squishy with your sister's cum, and it grips my cock like a
vice! Uuoohhh! I am just going to POUND you senseless, loverboy!" Andraia
said, slapping her hands down hard against Matrix's beefy flanks.

"AAAAAAUUHHHH!!!" Matrix yelled, his voice ragged from his prior screams. The
pain nearly made him pass out.

SSSSSSSSHHHWWWAAAAAAAAAAA! Dot's piss stream was now in full flow and she
hosed her brother's face down thoroughly. "Aaahhhhhh...yeahhhh...that feels
soooo good. I felt like I was going to burst." Dot groaned. She directed her
stream into Matrix's open mouth, filling it to the top with warm, bitter,
golden pee. Matrix swallowed as soon as his mouth was full, choking down the
acrid liquid, but Dot only filled it back up again almost instantly. Matrix
gulped and gagged on his sister's piss as she looked down at him with a
disdainful smirk on her face.

"How's it feel to be a piss-drinking, butt-fucked, stud-boy for a couple of
horny lezbo dick-chicks?" Andraia snarled. "You still want to be my boyfriend
now? You want to know what really turns me on? Well, I like to fuck as well
as be fucked and to prove my point I'm now going to slam-fuck you so hard up
the ass you won't be able to walk right for days!"

"Oohhh...yeah...screw him good and hard, Andraia. Ahhhhhh...yessss." Dot
moaned, placing her pissing cockhead directly into her brother's mouth,
dipping it into the piss already pooled there, and letting her stream
overflow his wide-open mouth. "You like drinking your sister's piss? Huh? You
like it when I piss in your face? You like it when your girlfriend violates
your ass while I watch?"

"Uuaallggh!" Matrix's only reply was a gurgling gag. He had swallowed so much
piss by now that he was feeling nauseous and sick. His belly was full of
Dot's pee and all the cum that was there before didn't help much. He stopped
fighting his own reluctance and gave up completely to Andraia and Dot's
obscene desires.

Dot directed her piss stream at Andraia and splattered her tits and face.
Andraia opened her mouth and caught the stream, swallowing the warm piss
down. She loved it and wagged her tongue at Dot, enticing her to spray her
with more. Dot complied and then redirected her piss-stream at Matrix's face

Andraia now began to pound into Matrix with all her might. It wasn't a slow
pace, but rather hard, quick, jackhammer blows that were every bit as savage
as Dot's had been, if not more so. Eventually Dot's bladder was empty, but
not until Matrix's face was soaked in pee and he was completely humiliated.
She slapped his face with her thick fleshy shaft and spit in his eye,

YOU SCREAM! YEAH! AAAH!" Andraia yelled, her long blue hair flouncing wildly
as she hammered Matrix's ass. She was true to her word, fucking Matrix like
a wild animal, pounding into him with berserk fury. There was no let-up, no
gentleness, no mercy. Andraia simply fucked Matrix with every ounce of
strength she had, and it would be best described as a scene of pure sexual
brutality. It was all lust and carnal instinct, there was no love or romance
involved in the slightest. Andraia's mind was centered on only one purpose:

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! The beefy smacks of flesh hitting
flesh filled the room as Andraia fucked Matrix's ass like a woman possessed.
"UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" Andraia grunted at every thrust, working hard
at her task as if her life depended on it.which it actually did, as well as
the lives of her friends, too.

"Suck my cock, you stupid bitch!" Dot sneered, pushing her cockhead up
against Matrix's mouth. "Suck me, little brother."

Matrix complied, his mind in a daze of pain and humiliation. As soon as he
opened his mouth, Dot suddenly shoved her cock in.hard. "Aauuhhwwlgh!" Matrix
choked, his throat suddenly filled with his sister's thick hard cockshaft.

"Yeah! Suck that cock, baby! Show your sis how `alpha-numeric' you really
are!" Dot remarked. She grabbed his head with both hands, keeping it firmly
in place, and jammed her entire penis down his throat. Matrix choked loudly,
but Dot quickly pulled out. She didn't give him time to recover, though, and
began to fuck his throat just as hard as Andraia was fucking his ass. In a
short period of time, Dot was every bit as out of control as Andraia and both
of them really let Matrix have it. They screwed his mouth and ass without
mercy and the entire room reeked of raw sex.

SUCK! YEAH! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!!!" Dot yelled. She was every bit as determined
as Andraia, and just as berserk. A far cry from her usual calm, cool,
collected self, to be sure.

"Give me your tongue, you worthless slut!" Andraia said to Dot, leaning
forward and kissing her passionately on the lips.

"MMHHHHHMMMM!" Dot moaned into Andraia's mouth. The kiss became a long, wet,
sloppy lip-lock that soon had both women exploring each other's mouths with
their slippery tongues.

Time stretched on, and both Dot and Andraia kept on fucking. Matrix was a
zombie, completely fucked, both body and mind. He reached down and jacked
off, pumping his cock furiously during his massive double rape.

Eventually, all three reached a simultaneous orgasm. Dot blasted her cum down
her brother's throat and then pulled out and filled his open mouth to the
brim with her seed. Andraia's thick sperm squirted out from the edges of
Matrix's anus as she ejaculated great ropes of spunk. Matrix's cock spurted
load after load of gooey cum onto the floor, creating a rather large pool.
There were no words spoken, just grunts and groans of ecstasy and sexual
release. After several long moments, everyone's orgasms finally subsided.
Andraia spanked Matrix's ass with her big cock, smearing her cum all over his
muscular buns. Dot wiped her cock all over Matrix's face, rubbing in all the
cum until his face was a sticky mess.

"Whew! That was great." Dot sighed. "I think we should do that more often,
game cube or no game cube."

"You'll get no argument from me." Andraia said, hugging Dot and Matrix.

"Well, just as long as you both don't kill me, I guess I can go along."
Matrix replied, cum dripping from his chin. "But we're still stuck in the
game scenario, and I haven't done any fucking, so which one of you two wants
to receive a good hard screw from yours truly?"

" first, lover." Andraia said. She clicked the plug-n-play
interface and suddenly her cock vanished and her sexy smooth pussy
reappeared. She laid down on the floor and spread her legs wide apart,
stroking her tits and giving Matrix a smolderingly sexual stare. "Get on
top of me, stud."

Matrix said nothing, letting his actions speak for him as he climbed on top
of Andraia and guided his cock to her wet pussy.

"Uhhnnn..." Andraia moaned as Matrix's big cockhead popped into her tight
cunt. He pushed in deep, stretching her vaginal passage with each powerful

Dot went to the fridge, opened an energy drink and sat nearby on Bob's sofa.
Chugging the large drink container, Dot quickly downed it all and tossed the
empty container into a recycle bin. She stroked her big thick cock as she
watched, turned on immensely by the sight before her. She stroked her right
breast with her left hand as she pumped her huge dick with her right.

"Is this turning you on, sis? Do you like watching me screw my girlfriend?"
Matrix said, looking over at Dot as he worked his entire cock into Andraia.

"Mmhhhmmm...yyyeaaahhhhh..." Dot moaned, jacking her big dick while staring
intently at the couple.

"Ow! You're right at my cervix, baby. Get it in there. I want every inch of
your big cock. Push harder. Push it right into my womb." Andraia gasped.

Matrix responded by slamming forward, his big mushroom-shaped dickhead
popping into Andraia's tight womb. The pressure of Andraia's pussy squeezing
his cock was enormous and Matrix felt like he had his dick in a vice, but it
was a pleasurable sort of discomfort.

"Aaaaaahhh!!! That's it! Now fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Andraia screamed.

Matrix pulled out nearly all the way and slammed in again, making Andraia cry
out in agony and ecstasy. He wasted no time in power-fucking his girlfriend
and soon Matrix's jabbing thrusts were driving Andraia wild.

"Uuhhn! You're pussy's so tight! Feels so good! Oh, yeah!" Matrix grunted,
hammering away at Andraia's pussy.

"Let's switch positions, I wanna be on top." Andraia said.

Matrix pulled out of Andraia and laid down on his back, spreading his legs,
and holding his dick so that it pointed up. Andraia squatted down on top of
him, facing away so she could look at Dot, and reached down, guiding Matrix's
cock to her pussy lips. She rubbed his dickhead back and forth along her
pussy slit and slapped her pussy mound with his big thick member. Then
Andraia pressed his cock into her pussy hole and went down on the shaft,
impaling herself completely.

"Uhhhhhnn!" Andraia groaned as she took every inch of Matrix's cock. She
pumped up and down along the huge shaft, staring at Dot the whole time.
Andraia's huge tits bounced as she humped and she licked her lips, wantonly.

After a while, Andraia stopped and turned to face the other way, staring into
Matrix's face. Her ass was now visible to Dot and her tits were in full view
of Matrix.

"Enough with just watching! I have to get in on this!" Dot said, getting up
off the sofa and getting into position behind Andraia. Dot guided her cock to
Andraia's pussy, trying to wedge it inside. It was nearly impossible, given
the huge size of Matrix's penis and her own, but Dot was determined.

"I hope you don't mind sharing your girlfriend's pussy with your big sister."
Dot said, still struggling to get her cockhead into the tight channel.

"OW! UH! OWW! NNGH! OW! OOOH! OWW!" Andraia exclaimed.

"Uhhnngh! Almost had it! Uhhn! Gotta get in there! Nnhh! Uuuhhngh! Gonna...
make it...FIT! UUHN!" Dot grunted, jamming her cock into the space between
Matrix's cock and Andraia's pussy lips. Dot finally got her cockhead in and
then immediately slammed forward with all her might. The pressure squeezing
Dot and Matrix's cocks was enormous and Andraia screamed out loud, her voice
filled with pain.

HURTS!!! UUUAAAHHHH!!!" Andraia screamed, as the massive cockheads of brother
and sister met in her womb. She had never had two cocks in her pussy at the
same time before and it was enough to almost drive her mad with pain. She was
orgasming repeatedly and uncontrollably as she writhed in agony, sandwiched
between her lover and his sister.

Dot and Matrix began fucking Andraia hard and fast. Jabbing into her with
deep strokes, their big dicks pressed against each other, rubbed against each
other, ground against each other. It wasn't long until they both reached a
monumental climax and they ejaculated at exactly the same time, flooding
Andraia's pussy, and coating each other's cocks, with cum. The thick spunk
oozed out of Andraia's pussy but still they continued to fuck her until their
orgasms had completely subsided, which took quite a while longer. Dot pulled
out of Andraia easily, as her cock was now only partially erect, and then
Andraia rolled off of Matrix, lying there contentedly.

"Mmhhhmmm...that was incredible." Andraia sighed. "You two make a good team."

"Yeah, that's what Bob always said, but I don't think he ever meant it quite
this way." Matrix replied.

Thinking about Bob brought Dot out of her relaxed state. The game scenario
was still running and they had to beat the user if she was ever going to see
Bob again. She couldn't let him down by losing, it was just not an option!
Reaching down, she disengaged the plug-n-play and instantly her dick changed
into a pussy.

"Well, this is one determined user we're up against, so we'd better get back
into action again if we're going to win." Dot remarked, stroking Matrix's
cock gently. "I need a good hard screwing, as you said before."

"You mind climbing on top of me then, sis? I don't think I can move after
that last sex session." Matrix replied, wearily.

"Sure. All you have to do is stay hard, I'll do all the rest." Dot said. As
she jacked her brother's sperm-covered dick she did not have very long to
wait.his dick was fully erect in no time.

Dot got up and stood over Matrix's cock, squatting down slowly as she
reached down to take his cock in one hand, guiding it to her smooth pussy.
Meanwhile, Andraia had clicked on her plug-n-play again and her huge cock
hung heavily between her legs as she surveyed the scene in front of her.

"Uuhhhnnn!" Dot groaned, going all the way down on her brother. Her pussy was
stretched wide around the monstrous organ and when the head of the shaft
bumped up against her cervix Dot let out a loud gasp.

"UUUAAAHHHH!!!" Dot screamed, impaling herself completely on her brother's
cock, the huge bulbous head punching through her cervix and slamming against
the roof of her womb.

"Suck on this, Dot!" Andraia said, shoving her cock into Dot's mouth.

"MMMGGLLOOAAARRLLL!!!" Dot gagged as Andraia shoved her cock all the way in.
As Andraia pulled out, Dot took a deep hard sucking pull on the massive

>Ssssmuck!< Andraia pulled her cock all the way out of Dot's suctioning
mouth, resulting in a wet sucking sound. A rope of saliva still connected
Dot's lips to Andraia's cock for a few moments before Andraia slapped Dot's
face with the huge dick.

"Now your turn, lover." Andraia remarked, moving to Matrix's head and
straddling his face. She stuck her huge cock in his mouth and forced it in,
nearly choking him to death. Andraia was not going to patiently wait for him
to get it all down, in four hard thrusts, her entire penis was buried
completely down his throat. Facing Dot, Andraia kissed her wetly and
passionately, darting her tongue into Dot's mouth and tasting her own sex

Dot continued to pump up and down on Matrix's cock as Andraia fucked his
mouth. Both women kissed enthusiastically as they humped away.

"UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" Dot grunted as she rhythmically bounced on
Matrix's cock. Her huge tits bounced fetchingly and Andraia gave them a few
slaps and licks.

"UUUAAWWW...YYEEAAAHHH!!!" Dot climaxed first this time, and it was a
multiple orgasm that just kept going and going.

"SUCK MY COCK! HHUAHH! GONNA CUM!" Andraia yelled, the next to climax. She
spurted great ropey globs of cum down Matrix's throat and soon pulled out
and used her cock to smear his face with the sticky goo. As soon as her
climax was over, Andraia scrambled to her feet and got up behind Dot.

"Okay, Dot, here's where you get some double penetration!" Andraia exclaimed,
wedging her sperm-covered cock into Dot's ass. Dot bent way over, her tits
flattening out against her brother's chest, her face right next to his.

"Drive it in deep and hard, Andraia. Take me as rough as you want." Dot
gasped, looking back at Andraia for a moment and then turning her head back
toward her brother and kissing him fiercely on the mouth. She could taste
Andraia's sperm and savored the salty tangy flavor and the thick texture.

Andraia needed little encouragement. After the head of her cock popped into
Dot's tight anus, Andraia gave a loud grunt as she rammed her entire cock up
Dot's ass in one brutal thrust. "UUAAAHHH!!! YEEAAAHHH!!! TAKE IT ALL...YOU

"AAAAWWWWHHH!!!" Dot yelled, her voice wracked with pain. She was now impaled
at the same time by her brother and his girlfriend. Her pussy and ass were
stretched to the limit and her intense pain eclipsed her pleasure by far.
However, she could not deny being excited at being taken so completely and hurt like hell but was also oddly liberating. She gave
herself completely to them, she was their willing slut.

Andraia could feel her boyfriend's cock pressing against hers through the
membrane between Dot's pussy and ass. The sensation excited all three
participants equally and both Andraia and Matrix began humping into Dot with
renewed fervor. Matrix seemed to get his second wind and really let Dot have
it good and hard. Andraia was fucking Dot's ass like a woman possessed and
giving her exactly the sort of rough treatment she'd asked for. Brutally
sodomizing Dot was Andraia's top goal and she focused on it with
single-minded determination. The tightness of Dot's ass was doubly so with
Matrix's cock jammed up her pussy and Andraia became even rougher with Dot
than she had been when she fucked her ass before.

"AAAAAHHH!" Dot yelled, as orgasm after orgasm rocketed through her. She lost
control of her bladder and piss shot out of her piss hole while she was fully
impaled by Matrix. She covered her brother's cock in pee and he could feel
the warm gushing jet bathe his penis.

"Go ahead, sis. Piss all over me. I'm just gonna fuck you harder!" Matrix
said. He never stopped fucking her pissing pussy and once or twice pulled out
of her cunt and slapped her piss-squirting pussy with his cock a few times
before shoving it all the way back in. By the time Dot's bladder was empty,
her brother's crotch was soaked in piss and there was a huge puddle on the
floor. She was still experiencing multiple orgasms and gasping, grunting,
and screaming as much as ever before.

Andraia just kept on hammering away at Dot's gorgeous tight ass, grunting
like a wild lust-crazed animal. Her huge tits wobbling and bouncing as she
pounded Dot's ass, Andraia ruthlessly butt-fucked Dot, not slowing down for
a single moment or showing any signs of fatigue.

Dot's screams were a constant reminder of how much pain she was in, as well
as pleasure. Her body was rocked by the bone-jarring impacts of Andraia's
extremely vicious jabbing thrusts. Matrix was humping into Dot's pussy, as
well, but couldn't match Andraia's brutality.

Eventually, just when Dot was about to pass out from the constant intensity
of pleasure and pain, Matrix gritted his teeth and shot his load deep up into
Dot's womb. Simultaneously, Andraia shot a huge spurt of cum into Dot's ass.

SPLURG! SPLORG! SPLURG! SPLURG! Their ejaculations were so powerful that they
were practically audible. Dot's pussy and ass were both packed full of cum
and thick jism was squirting out of both orifices as Andraia and Matrix just
kept on fucking.

It wasn't until a good while later that Matrix and Andraia finished
climaxing. Dot's pussy and ass was a morass of sticky gooey cum, and so were
the crotches of Andraia and Matrix. Andraia pulled her cock out of Dot,
slapped her ass with the jerking slimy penis, and slumped down into a sitting
position next to the sofa. She disengaged her plug-n-play and her pussy
suddenly appeared again. Dot rolled off of Matrix and laid on her side next
to the coffee table. Matrix sat up and looked around. The room was beginning
to waver, as if it was fading in and out.

"Look! I think we actually are now tied with the user! Quick! We have to beat!" Matrix cried out.

"Eat me out, baby brother! Get your tongue up inside my pussy and suck out
your own sticky cum, you sister-licking stud!" Dot said, splaying her legs
wider apart, placing her hand on her knee and resting her head on her free

"And while he's doing that, you can eat ME out, Dot!" Andraia said, moving up
beside Dot's face and kneeling next to her.

Matrix placed his lips directly on his sister's pussy lips and began licking
and sucking noisily on her smooth, slimy pussy. He delved his tongue deep
between her pussy lips, scooping up big globs of his own spunk and swallowing
them down. He reached down with one hand and grabbed the base of his cock and
began jacking off as he orally serviced his big sister.

Dot moaned as her brother stuck his tongue in her piss-hole, tasting some of
her pee. Andraia pressed her pelvis against Dot's head, and as soon as Dot
opened her mouth on Andraia's pussy Andraia let loose a big jet of golden
pee. A big stream of piss shot into Dot's mouth and she gulped it all down,
sticking her tongue into the stream.

"Uuhhhnnn..." Andraia groaned, tossing her head back and closing her eyes as
she released her full bladder.

Dot continued to suck and lick Andraia's pissing pussy, acrid warm pee
scalding her throat as it went down. Andraia's piss squirted all over Dot's
face until it was glistening, and Dot only seemed more and more aroused.

Matrix rubbed Dot's sensitive clit as he sucked, licked, and explored the
depths of her cum-filled pussy with his tongue. Soon Dot reached another
climax and so did Andraia. Matrix, pumping his big cock in his fist soon
caught up with them and all three experienced an intense orgasm that seemed
to cause the room to glow. The room was filled with bright strobing light
and suddenly there was an image.blurry at first but soon coming into view.

"Wooo-hooo! We did it, we beat the user!" Matrix yelled. To Dot, for a moment
he sounded like his younger self, Enzo, and she smiled a bit.

"Hey, it looks like the next level is coming up!" Andraia exclaimed,

Dot squinted as she saw "LEVEL THREE" appear and suddenly Matrix and Andraia
were gone. Dot was alone in some sort of S&M dungeon and there were chains,
whips, and leather restraints everywhere. She was fully refreshed, but Dot
still wondered if she could meet this new, more sinister-looking challenge.

"Reboot!" Dot said, pressing her icon. Suddenly she was wearing a spiked
leather collar with a large metal ring hanging from the front. She wore black
leather boots that came almost up to her knees. Her large round breasts were
bare and her vagina and ass were poorly concealed by a tight-fitting black
g-string bikini. Dot looked at the bracers on her wrists, noticing that the
metal bracers were more like manacles than anything else. On closer
examination, she saw metal rings at the ankles of her boots as well. Dot
immediately felt a sexual thrill and rubbed her crotch through the thin
fabric of her bikini.

"Andraia! Matrix! Are you here?" Dot cried out, her voice echoing through the

"Oh, I don't think they can hear you." A familiar voice spoke from a hallway
nearby. Dot saw a shadow on the wall...the silhouette was unmistakable, as
was the cackling laugh that soon followed.

"Hexadecimal!" Dot gasped.



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