Reba: Part 1 - Kyra's Secret Revealed (Ff,oral,F-dom,ncon)
by Jack Bruton ([email protected])

"What the hell are you doing!?!?" yelled Barbara Jean.

This is my room, and you didn't even knock!! Get out!!..Now!!" Kyra shouted
at her step-mother.

"I know what you and those three boys in your band are doing in Reba's
garage." Barbara Jean said.

Kyra snapped back at her, "We just play our music, Barbara Jean, and that is
all we do in mom's garage!! God you are so sick, Barbara Jean!!" Kyra yelled
as she slammed the door behind her.

"Don't you snap at me Kyra, you save that stuff for Reba!!! I'm the good
mother, you can tell me anything, anything...understand, Kyra??" Barbara Jean
continued as she cornered Kyra, her step-daughter, downstairs.

Kyra stammered "...Ok fine Barbara want to know a secret...a
secret that you can hold over me...and keep from mom...try this one...I like
girls!!" lowering her eyes to the floor.

A broad smile crosses Barbara Jean's face as she reaches out a hand cupping
Kyra's chin raising her face to look into her eyes. As she eyed her newly
discovered prize she said, "Strip for me...bitch!!! NOW!!!"

Blushing wildly Kyra slowly removed her clothes, until she stood there,
naked, except for her brown leather boots...trembling...biting at her lower
lip, nervously.

Smiling, hungrily, watching caressing her beautiful step-daughter with her
eyes, "Now get on your knees." Slowly bowing down, obediently,...blushing
deeper as Barbara Jean lifted her skirt. "Show me what you are good for,

Moving closer, Kyra, tenderly ran her tongue over Barbara Jean's
pussy, hearing her gasp as she came in contact with her flesh. Soon her
step-mother's fingers were curled tightly in Kyra's long red hair, holding
her tightly to her sex as she lapped and slurped pleasureing Barbara Jean,
having no choice but to obey. Knowing that she was born to be a slave,
above her her step-mother cooed and gasped and pushed her face harder
against her as she began to spasm on her step daugher's delectablly
talented tongue.


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