Reba: Reba's Rape And Impregnation (bF,inc,rape,first,anal,cream pie,preg,facial)
by Dr. Demented 666

Jake had just turned 13 years of age and was quite the handsome young lad, admiring his toned figure in the mirror in his room with his rock hard abs and the hint of peach fuzz forming on his testicles as he caressed them and made himself hard. He never experienced an erection before but the sudden appearance of one intrigued him deeply as he played with it and mesmerized at his facial expressions in the mirror and thinking of sexual things he never thought of before.

One thought that came to mind and surprised him was his mother, Reba. He loved her greatly and now it seemed in more ways than one as he thought of her sexually. This was mainly prompted by the fact that his sister's husband, Van, came home drunk one day and climbed into the bed of Jake's mom; not knowing it was her. After finding out he quickly left the room and it became the talk of the household for quite some time and people kept referring to Reba's body as that of a 20 year old, even though she was much older but still very hot.

Jake wondered of his mom and what she would look like without any clothes on, something he never contemplated before as the lustful thoughts twinkled in his mind. But how could he act on his new feelings, his mom would surely never go along with his plans and indulge him in such acts...

A few days later Jake stumbled upon his sister's stash of prescription sleeping meds she left out on the kitchen counter. "Take one just before bed", it read...An idea arose in Jake's dirty little mind and he slipped 5 into his mother's coffee after grinding them up. He watched as his mom came into the kitchen and drank what was left in her cup and headed upstairs to her bedroom where she fell sound asleep. Jake waited at least an hour before heading up to her room.

Jake crept into her bedroom and shut the door behind him and locking it. His heart pounded as he approached his mom lying in a deep slumber face down on the bed and a huge erection thrbbing in his shorts...

"Mom? Are you awake? Mom?(Jake shakes her with force)"...

Reba didn't wake, indicating the pills did their thing and Jake stood there by his mother's bedside wondering what to do next. He admired her in her tight jeans and bare feet with her white top with green arm bands as he stood in his shorts with no shoes or socks and a red and white number 7 shirt on. Jake quickly skimmed out of his clothes and his 5" cock was jumping with excitement as he went to his mom and rolled her over, lifting her shirt off of her frame and then working at the clasp on her bra.

It took him a while but the rewards were worth the frustration as he lifted the bra and exposed his mom's firm melons, her stiff light brown nipples and plump breasts held firm; even in her relaxed state lying on her back. He gazed over her toned stomach and delicate naval until his eyes took hold onto her private area-what he really wanted to see underneath it all...

Jake undid her jeans and pulled them down her silky smooth legs and off her body. He then slid his hands up the insides of his mom's legs, taking in her warmth and smoothness as he approached her cotton undies. Jake grasped his mom's undies at their elastic waist band and tugged them down off her hips and down her legs, his eyes widening with delight as he exposed his mom's splendor between her legs...

Reba had a well groomed red muff that glistened with wetness as her son reached in with a hand and ran his fingers through her coarse yet soft pubes and watched as they popped up between his fingers. Her warmth and tender feeling was really getting him turned on and he began to rub the underside of his cock against her smooth legs and working to other parts of his mom's body.

Reba lied in her slumber not knowing what her own son was doing to her as he worked himself up her stomach and in between her tits with his cock, straddling her cleavage and pushing her titts together and tit fucking her with joy as he stared down at her gorgeous face...

"I wonder..." Jake thought to himself.

What he was wondering was what it would feel like with his dick in his mom's mouth. He pushed down on her chin and her mouth opened for him to put his dick into it. Jake felt his cock skim across his mom's wet tongue and into the back of her throat, he then began to pump his hips in a grinding fashion until an unusual and surprising feeling came over him...

His body jolted and he gasped with heavy breaths uncontrollably as his hips jolted and his cock throbbed in a new way. His dick sprang out of his mom's motuh and he watched as it sprayed white liquid into her mouth and on her face. Load after strand-like load coated his mom's face until his orgasm dwindled to a few last pounces of his cock as it came to rest on his mom's cheek.

Jake stared down at his mess: "Is that my stuff? I didn't know it could feel so good..." Jake said to himself in reference to his sperm and orgasmic delight.

Jake decided to go down on his mom and lick her pussy, something he talked about with his friends in school on what they always wanted to do with girls. He buried his face into her muff and her red pubes tickled his face as his tongue wormed its way into her wet womb, tasting her strawberry-like flavor as he fluttered it about.. Jake parted his mom's pussy lips and exposed her pink inner vaginal walls and forced her white clit from its hiding spot in its sheath.

Jake mesmerized over how his mom's insides looked at all the hidden treasures he would find, but the best hidden treasure was the feeling she would provide upon his cock entry...

Jake got up and knelt between his mom's legs and slowly rubbed his cock against her soft pubes, then lined the tip of it up with her vaginal entrance and pushed firmly; watching it disappear into her until he was balls deep. He couldn't believe the tight gripping sensation his mom's pussy was providing along with her hot wetness slicking his cock with natural lubricant as he pumped his cock back and forth into her.

Jake laid down on top of his mom and began to kiss her as he fucked her, tasting his own cum and lapping up her saliva as his tongue fluttered about in her mouth. The orgasmic feeling was coming about again and Jake groaned on top of his mom as he gave forceful thrusts with each shot of cum emitting from his cock, making his mom and the bed under him rock with each thrust. Too bad she was so out of it, a little more coherence on her part would've made things a bit more receptive...

But Jake got off and enjoyed dumping his load into his mom's pussy, feeling her inner womb become slick with his white mess and coat his own cock with foam-like precision as it remained in her. Jake got back up to his knees, feeling the cool room air envelope his body that was entwined into his mother's body heat and he pulled himself from her pussy.

Jake watched as his cum slowly ran from his mom's womb and onto the sheets, trickling down over her ass crack and teasing him to do something he never thought of before-ANAL!

Jake turned his mom onto her side and lifted her hot leg up and over his shoulder as he pushed his hard cock into his mom's tight ass. Her ass opened and swallowed his cock whole as he clenched his arms around his mom's leg in a hugging manner as he fucked his own mom anally. Reba's tight ass stretched outward with each backward pull of her son's cock and than collapsed back inward like a black hole sucking in with each inward thrust.

Jake's cum from his mom's pussy provided a natural lubricant and let him glide back and forth in her ass with tremendous pleasure as he held onto her leg and kissing it just behind her knee until he exploded inside of her anal cavity with violent thrusts of his hips.

Jake pulled from his mom's ass and his cum followed like a river overflowing its banks. Jake got dressed and cleaned his mom up and carefully redressed her after his incestual rape. Jake wen to his room with a throbbing heart and dizzy ramifications running through his mind if his mom would find out...

She would find out, but not right away. Reba woke the next day after her son had her without noticing or realizing what had transpired, the sleeping pills worked so well that her body was in such a relaxed state that her son's rape was never apparent, nor could it be felt in one way or another what he did to her. But as the months went on and she started to get morning sickness and her stomach grew large, she began to wonder what was going on and went to the doctor who informed her she was pregnant.

Reba was shocked as she knew she hadn't had sex with anyone and that left her curious. She had a DNA test done and the results came back...Results that would stun her and leave her speechless as they determined the baby's father could only be a blood relative-Which left Jake as the only viable alternative.

Needless to say, Jake's and his mom's lives would never be he same as she broke the news to him as becoming a father at age 13 with his own mom but to the fact she now knew he raped her when she was passed out. The rest of the family would never find out and only went under the assumption Reba had a fling at one time and got knocked up as the result with someone they never met...





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