Reba: Reba's New Sexual Awakening With Her Son's Sons Part 2 (Fbb,Anal,DP,DPP,DAP,CP,Squirt,Facial,Inc)
by Dr. Demented 666

Reba had just got a new black leather bean bag chair and sat down in it in her pajama bottoms and tight fitting white top to watch TV when her sons, Jake and Josh, came into the room and noticed her in her new piece of furniture. She sat low to the floor, only about a foot off of it and her body sunk relaxed back into the surface of the bean bag chair as her legs spread open for comfort.

For one reason or another the boys got super horny seeing their mom in this position and decided to take advantage of the situation and climbed onto her in the cushion-like chair, startling her as they began to kiss her and run their hands up under her shirt...

"God! Not again! Boys! We can't keep doing this!" Reba exclaimed between her heated tongue kisses from her sons.

"We want to, mom. We liked what happen last time and want it to happen again." Jake stated to their mom.

The boys worked her tight fitting T-shirt off of her frame and cupped her full breasts as they rubbed the erections still inside the shorts up against her as they kissed her furiously. Each boy stood up separately to take off their clothes while the other brother kept her occupied with playful tongue lashes.

Now, completely naked the boys worked on getting their mom's pajama bottoms off of her. Josh quickly pulled them down and off her legs and both were pleased to see she wasn't wearing any panties and her smooth shaven slit begged for them to fondle it. Both boys ran their tongue up the tops of eahc of her legs as she watched and pushed her legs open, meeting at her vaginal entrance at the exact same time and penetrated it.

Reba gasped and her lower back arched as Josh wagged his tongue over her erect clit protruding from its sheath as Jake plunged his tongue into her vaginal cavity while working a finger up into her rump. Within seconds, Reba was cumming, squealing loudly as he body twisted side to side as Jake lunged up her body and shoved himself into her and cumming on the first penetration.

Dizzy stars that resembled fireworks shot off in both Jake and his mom's eyes as their lips met and tongues worked into each others mouths...

"Let me have a go at her, Jake...My turn...Get up!" Josh stated impatiently as he yanked Jake off their mom and quickly got between her legs and plunged his hard cock deep into her cum filled pussy.

Jake watched his brother grind his hips in a circular fashion and then to a forward thrusting action, driving Reba insane as he took her over and over in the chair...

Jake couldn't take it anymore and found himself lining his cock up with his mom's asshole and then pushing it into her, surprising her in the process as they both DP'd her for the first time in their lives. Reba's face grew with a wide grin of delight as this experience brought her back to the good old days with her first son, Jake, and his friends-Eric and Josh.

Then Josh pulled from his mom's ass and stuffed it into her pussy along with his brother's. Reba squirmed and squealed with delight as both her boys were taking her vaginally and thrusting their rods back and forth into her like a couple of engine pistons until she blew like Moby Dick. Her powerful squirts splattered her boys shafts and legs as she screamed and her howling filled the house with ecstasy and groaning.

But her sons weren't finished yet and both withdrew from their mom's pulsing pussy and Jake inserted himself into her ass, followed shortly by his brother and both took her anally in the same fashion they did her pussy. Reba was shaking her head in a violent 'NO' fashion and squealing but still begging them for more with powerful "YES!" chants.

Josh cupped his brother's ass cheeks and opened them, pulling from his mom and inserting his shaft into his brother's ass. Jake's eyes sprang open and he broke his lip lock with his mom and let out a painful groan with teary eyes.

"What's wrong, honey?" Reba asked of her son.

"Josh! He's banging me in my butt! God! It hurts!" Jake exclaimed.

"Relax, Jake. Let your muscles down there relax and accept him...It'll get better, trust me...You two are just like your fathers...You're so fucking hot to me right now!" Reba stated to Jake and Josh.

The boys didn't catch on that their dads were actually Reba's first son, Jake, and his friend Josh. But they did get into the moment and Josh exploded into his brother's ass and Jake felt it happen! The soothing hot cum lubed his insides and he could feel the ridge of Josh's cock head massage his inner anal walls with the cum and send nerve pulses to his brain that set off his own orgasm.

Jake inseminated his mom as his brother collapsed onto Jake's back and Jake felt Josh's cock flop out of him and his cum slide down the inside of his legs. Both boys were spent and so was their mom, but relished in each others warmth and sat in the room naked, falling asleep together and dreaming of what they would do next.


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