Reba: Reba Stumbles Onto Cheyenne And Jake's Secret (bFF,Herm,Anal,DP,DPP,Facial,Squirt,CP,Inc)
by Dr. Demented 666

Reba had just got back from work late that night at about 10:30 PM and decided to wash clothes, figuring everyone was already in bed and she could actually get something done. Reba took off all her clothes and bunched them up in her arms and headed to the laundry room. Reba opened the door and came to a dead halt in the entry with the most stunned look on her face.

There she stood watching the most disturbing scene she has ever witnessed and it was between her 12 year old son, Jake, and his older sister, Cheyenne. Cheyenne was in the middle of what was an orgasm as she bellowed to her little brother who was on his knees naked and sucking her dick. Jake discovered his sister's unique hermaphroditic features years ago and the two have been frolicking sexually ever since.

"JAKE! YES! FUCKING A! YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM, BABY! KEEP SUCKING IT, HONEY! I'M GONNA CUM ALL OVER THAT CUTE FACE OF YOURS!" Cheyenne screamed with her eyes shut and her body twitching in orgasmic delight as she stood over him naked.

Cum shot from her cock and filled Jake's mouth. Jake pulled her form his mouth and swallowed her load as he jerked the rest of her orgasm off onto his face as he looked up at her with a smile. Reba dropped the clothes she was holding in horror and Cheyenne and Jake looked over to see their mom standing there in all her naked glory. Both Cheyenne and Jake smiled at the beauty awaiting them at the doorway and Jake stood as Cheyenne went to her mom and pushed her against the wall.

Reba let out a surprised squeal from the forcefulness of Cheyenne and how she began to rub her hard cock up against Reba's smooth leg, feeling her mother's warmth and smearing post cum against her. Jake came to his mother's other side as she stood there speechless and sort of struggling to break Cheyenne's grip. Jake began to rub his hard 5" dick against his mom as his sister also did, both humping both of her legs on the sides and making her roll her eyes in a 'I can't believe this is happening' way.

Reba looked down and stared at her son's prepubescent private area and Cheyenne's smooth shaven privates that matched her own...

"Look how hard you got Jake , mom. And look, Jake...Look at mom's pussy...She's totally bare down there, just like us...Touch it..." Cheyenne stated to his mom and Jake.

Jake slowly guided his hand down the front of his mom's stomach and cupped it in her crotch, inching his finger into her and making her legs buckle and almost give way under her as her pussy flooded his hand. Jake and Cheyenne began to suckle each of their mom's hard nipples and Cheyenne stated: "Kiss her, Jake."

Jake lifted his head and leaned in and coerced his mom's lips open with his tongue that he slithered into her mouth. Reba found herself in a helpless seduction by her kids that seemed to enhance her sensuality in a way it's never been before. Jake and his mom twirled their tongues over each others and Reba unwittingly lapped up the cum of Cheyenne that remained in his mouth and on his face...

"You like the taste of my cum in his mouth, don't you?" Cheyenne asked of her mom.

Reba's eyes sprang open, realizing she was actually swallowing her daughter's cum. Reba couldn't believe it but she actually did like it, considering she never had anyone cum in her mouth or on her face before.

"Here, mom. Bend over this chair and lets have some fun." Cheyenne told her mom.

Reba bent over a chair in the room so her feet were still on the floor and her waist was at the top of the chair and she was bent forward. Cheyenne balled her mom's red hair up in her hands and fed her her cock as Jake sunk to his knees behind his mom and sort of pushed open her legs so she had a wider stance.

Reba purred with Cheyenne's cock in her mouth as she felt her son run his wet tongue up the back of her leg, starting just behind her knee and stopping at her vaginal crevice where he swiped it over her pussy slit and then up into her.

"Want mom to suck on yours, Jake?" Cheyenne asked of her brother.

Jake wasted no time in jumping to his feet and rushing over to the chair where he stood up on it. Cheyenne took his place on her knees and licking their mom's pussy as Reba stood up tall and put her son in her mouth. Jake cherished the feeling of his own mom giving him intimate oral; not holding back he exploded in her mouth.

Reba choked and pulled away as Jake continued to press his hard dick against his mom's face and hump it as he exploded onto her. Loads of white cum stuck to her cheek, chin, lips and eventually a long strand dangled a good 6" from her chin. Reba gushed into Cheyenne's mouth as her son came on her face, letting Cheyenne lap up her mother's juices.

"Wow, Jake. You really made mom wet from what you did on her." Cheyenne stated.

"C'mon, lets take this into the living room." Cheyenne stated.

They all went into the living room and Jake sat onto the sofa in a seated position with his back against the back of the sofa. Cheyenne had their mom get on the sofa and straddle Jake's face with one leg draped up and onto the sofa's back and her other leg footed firmly on the sofa seat cushion. Cheyenne the stood up on the sofa behind her mom and plunged her hard cock into her mom as Jake licked her wet pussy at the same time.

Reba moaned in ecstasy as Cheyenne fucked her for the first time, feeling her immense 9" dick plunging back and forth into her and then the sudden purge of hot cum filling her. Hard throbs from Cheyenne's cock nailed Reba's inner vaginal walls as the cum filled her and lubed Cheyenne's shaft inside of her. Slowly Cheyenne pulled from her mom and watched as her cum drained from her mom's pussy and right into Jake's mouth that was open and wrapped around his mom's vaginal entrance as his tongue fluttered about inside of her now vacant hole.

White streams of cum slithered out of Jake's mouth as it filled and ran down both sides of his neck. Reba quivered from a near orgasm and was quickly pushed down onto her son by Cheyenne who lifted his cock as his mom straddled his waist at this point and put him inside of her. Reba was face to face with her son and staring at the white messy cum on his face as she began to fuck him, leaning in and tonguing him and lapping the sperm up off of his face.

Suddenly, Reba felt an intense pressure as Cheyenne forced herself into her mom's pussy along with Jake's cock. Reba couldn't believe the feeling of two dicks in her pussy at the same time, rubbing against each other and the ridges of both cock heads stretching and massaging her inner vaginal cavity like never before.

Then Jake let out soft puppy-like whines as he thrusted upward into his mom, cumming inside of her and making her and Cheyenne feel his hard orgasm.

"That's it Jake, fill mom up with that hot cum. Holy shit, mom! Feel his hard dick throbbing in you? I can! FUCK! THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT!" Cheyenne screamed as her brother's orgasm lubed up both their shafts inside of their mom.

Cheyenne pulled from her mom's pussy, leaving Jake still in it and then she shoved her cock into her mom's ass. Reba squinted in pain at first and squeezed the back of the sofa with intense pressure as her daughter began to ass fuck her as she fucked her son under her. Reba was loving every last dual thrust into both of her holes at the same time, again and again and again-until...

It happened-her first ever dual anal-vaginal orgasm. Nerve endings in Reba's pussy and ass began to fire in rapid succession, sending electrical stimuli to her brain that overwhelmed her senses as the orgasmic stimuli neared and then met simultaneously as one inside of her. Reba screamed as she squirted all over Jake's nether region and her pussy and ass got so tight that neither Cheyenne nor Jake could move their cocks inside of their mom until she released her orgasmic vice-like grip.


Finally her orgasm subsided and Cheyenne could free her cock from her mom's ass, pulling from it and watching her gape gasp for air. Cheyenne pulled her mom off of Jake and had Jake get on the floor and put himself into a headstand with his legs outstretched into a midair split so he looked like a human T...

"I'm gonna show you what Jake and I like to do. Why don't you get down there and suck him off while I nail his hot little ass." Cheyenne told her mom.

Reba couldn't believe what was about to happen but was also curious as to the new position she was about to witness first hand. Reba went to her knees in front of her son and began to suck his hard dick, still fresh with her vaginal orgasm as Cheyenne caressed his hairless legs with her fingertips just after lubing her shaft with lip balm.

"I love your legs, Jake. They're so feminine with no hair on them." Cheyenne told her younger brother.

Then, Cheyenne took her cock and pushed it into Jake's tight rump and sunk it all the way in, listening to his welcoming squeals as she did so. Reba continued to suck her son's cock as her eyes widened in marvel as she watched Cheyenne ass fuck her brother-Reba's son! Everyone could hear the snapping and crackling of Cheyenne's cock well lubed with lip balm as it worked back and forth inside of Jake's ass, mesmerizing everyone as Jake's ass clamped tightly around Cheyenne's dick...


Cheyenne pulled from her brother's ass and lifted his legs from a split and making him become positioned into a straight head stand as she pumped her cock between his smooth inner legs. Cheyenne's cock pumped out the fronts of his legs and purged hot cum onto Reba's face and into her red hair as Jake came as well, filling her mouth with his hot semen.

As Jake and Cheyenne finally finished, Cheyenne let go of her brother's legs and let him fall to the floor and get on his knees next to his mom where Cheyenne sunk to her knees and the three cum swapped for nearly 10 minutes; their tongues overlapping and slurping hot cum up off of Reba's face and swallowing it until all that was left was the glossy residue on all their faces.

Reba now knew she shared something special with Cheyenne and Jake, thankful she stumbled onto their demented secret and able to join in; relishing in the thought of future happenings.


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