Reba: Reba Meets Bridgette With Just The One Digit (FF,Herm,Anal,Facial,Squirt,CP,Preg,Fist,DP)
by Dr. Demented 666

So Reba negotiated a $20,000 off asking price from the owner, Bridgette, who was Cheyenne's rival back in high school. Cheyenne was thrilled at the price her mom got for her but Reba got an unusual phone call from Bridgette shortly after the negotiation saying she had a new proposal that she thought Reba couldn't refuse.

So, Reba headed over to Bridgette's home and Bridgette answered the door in her tight fitting outfit and black nylons that showed off her gorgeous legs. Reba entered the house and sat on the sofa next to Bridgette who sat right beside her.

"So, what's this new proposal you have to offer us on the home. I thought we struck a deal?" Reba asked of the young woman.

"We did, and it still stands. Buuuuttt...I kinda have a new one for you, one I think you might like once you get all the details." Bridgette replied.

"OK, I'm listening." Reba replied with her southern accent.

"Well, I'm prepared to offer another $10,000 off on top of the $20,000 I already gave you." Bridgette stated.

Reba about fell over: "Another $10,000? What's the catch?" Reba asked with curiosity.

"No catch, not really anyway...You can take it or leave it and the $20,000 is still a go...But...Here's my offer for the other $10,000..." Bridgette stated as she leaned in and sunk her tongue into Reba's mouth and swirled it about in a horny way.

Reba quickly pulled away with surprise...

"Bridgette! I'm not gay! And you're my daughter's age! I don't think this is an appropriate business proposal!" Reba sternly stated.

Bridgette stood and replied with anger: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE NOT GAY?! EVERYONE'S GAY! Besides, I have a little more to sweeten the deal."

Reba watched in dismay as Bridgette turned so her back was facing Reba and unzipped the back of her dress and let it slide to the floor, exposing the fact she wasn't wearing a bra or panties, but showed she definitely had a nice back and derriere, since she was an derrieress instructor. Bridgette's long blck hair dangled all the way down to mid back and she spun around in her black nylons that showed off her long legs and had a black laced pattern at their very top just under her ass cleavage.

Reba thought to herself as she spun: "What a slut! No panties or bra!"

Then, Reba got an eyeful as Bridgette was only inches from her face with a 10" erection facing her and a perfectly smooth shaven private area...

"SHIT! WHAT THE HELL!" Reba gasped as she slithered back onto the sofa further.

"This is my proposal...Let me fuck you for the extra $10,000 off and we all can be happy. I mean, look at you, you're so fucking hot that I had to try. And, this is the reason Cheyenne called me 'Bridgette with just one digit'. She was just pissed that I let her suck my dick and then got her pregnant after fucking her." Bridgette confessed.

"What! You're my grand daughter's father? Mother? I mean...God, this is so confusing...I thought Van was..." Reba mumbled out in disbelief.

"Van was what, the daddy! Please, he doesn't have what it takes in the sperm department if you know what I mean. So, Cheyenne naturally hooked him into being the father and left me out in the cold." Bridgette replied in a revengeful tone.

Reba just couldn't get it out of her head all these new revelations but got shaken out of her daze as Bridgette began to wipe her cock against Reba's face and through her silky red hair. Reba shook her head in a 'No' fashion and side to side to avoid it while raising her hands to block Bridgette's advances.

"Open...Oooooppppennnn..." Bridgette demanded while bunching Reba's hair up into her hand and pulling Reba onto her shaft and forcing it into her mouth.

Reba began to choke as Bridgette face fucked her in a standing position as Reba sat on the sofa with the palms of her hands against the front of Bridgette's legs. Bridgette flung her head back over her shoulders and gasped as she began to orgasm. She could hear Reba whimper with muffled screams as her cum filled Reba's mouth.

Reba finally was able to push herself free and Bridgette finished all over Reba's face, neck, tits and even in her hair.

"GOD! STOP! IT'S SO GROSS!" Reba begged of the young woman cumming on her.

Reba felt violated as she looked up at Bridgette who was still twitching in a standing position from her orgasm as Reba began to wipe the cum from her face with the back of her hand and flick it off of her hand onto the floor with disgust.

"Oh, come on...You can't tell me that's the first time someone came on your face and in your mouth." Bridgette stated to her.

"Well, yeah...It was...I don't think we should..." Reba began to say, abruptly stopped by Bridgette who pushed the hot MILF back and tore open her shirt and pulled it from her body along with her bra. Reba gasped and squealed at the violent advances of Bridgette who quickly got Reba's shoes, socks, and panties off of her within seconds.

Bridgette stepped back momentarily to take in the womanly beauty of Reba, gazing over her perfect body with full breasts and hard nipples and toned stomach...And then, Reba's perfectly trimmed red bush that twinkled with moistness as her vaginal droplets clung to the ends of her pubes and reflected off the room light. Bridgette was in heaven and couldn't hold back any longer, diving right into Reba's muff.

Reba squirmed and pushed at the top of Bridgette's head as she fluttered her tongue about in Reba's pussy and made her squeal. Then, unexpectedly, Bridgette rose to her knees and left Reba panting heavily...

"No no no...This just won't do." Bridgette exclaimed.

"What? What's wrong?' Reba asked all teary eyed with ecstasy.

"Your pussy...I mean, it's nice and all, but those pubes...They just get in the way...Wait here..." Bridgette stated as she got up and wandered off to the bathroom and came back with some clippers, a lady razor and shaving cream and a towel.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle. We won't need water with this cream." Bridgette assured Reba as she began to clip away at her red bush until she got it down to a prickly patch and then lubed her private area up with the shaving cream and raked the razor over the area until she was totally smooth, wiping her dry with the towel and leaving her with a strawberry essence down below.

Reba gazed down at her new prepubescent look, something she hasn't seen on herself since 11 years old. Reba could see her pussy trickle with moistness as Bridgette began to play with her and flutter her tongue over Reba's smooth snatch and fondle her clit with joy. In seconds, Bridgette had a finger in Reba and then two and then three and then-A whole hand.

Reba cringed and gasped and squirmed as Bridgette worked her hand wrist deep, then mid arm length deep, and then damn near elbow deep. Reba groaned loudly and then exploded, forcing her orgasm past Bridgette's forearm and all over her breast. Bridgette giggled with multiple 'YES'S' as Reba quivered and shook from her orgasm as Bridgette ripped her arm and hand from Reba's loins and let her orgasm splash violently from her womb.

Nothing has ever been that far into Reba's womb before, with the exception of her kids before they were born. Then, Bridgette tenderly licked her way up Reba's toned stomach that rose and collapsed with heavy breaths until she reached Reba's lips, pecking at them with hers and coercing them open with a penetrating tongue kiss.

Bridgette broke her lip lock with Reba long enough to look down between her legs and tease Reba with her shaft that split Reba's vaginal lips before entering her fully. Reba grasped at Bridgette's large breasts and then wrapped her hands behind Bridgette's head and pulled her onto herself. Reba slammed her tongue into the hot woman's mouth as she took Reba again and again with her bulging hard on.

Reba found herself nearing orgasm again and screamed: "I'm cumming! Shit! I can' believe this! You're making me cum again, Bridgette!"

"Fuck yeah, Baby! That's it! Cum for me! Just like your daughter did! Squirt! Squirt all over me!" Bridgette moaned back to her.

Reba felt Bridgette cum inside of her and the hot cum pulses that filled her sent shivers up her spine and electric orgasmic impulses to her mind via nerve endings that throbbed with delight. Reba hooked her legs around Bridgette and pulled her deep into her pussy as Bridgette expelled the last of her semen into Reba.

Bridgette pushed herself up and off of Reba as their orgasms dwindled and her cock popped out of Reba mid squirt and cum shot, allowing both to see Reba squirt softly into the air with an arching squirt as Bridgette's cock flopped out of her, still hard but shooitng the last of her loads onto Reba's stomach.

"That was fucking awesome, Reba! Now, lets try something else." Bridgette stated as she guided Reba to the foot of the bed and had her kneel at its foot on the floor with her stomach draped onto the bed itself.

Reba stared at the head board of the bed wondering what Bridgette had in store for her and then she felt a vibration enter her pussy nearly 8". Reba's eyes widened with wonder as the vibrations reverberated throughout her inner vaginal cavity and began to work back and forth in her in a timed manner.

Reba looked back over her shoulder to see a machine on the floor with a vibrator attached to the end of it and working her over mechanically. Bridgette laid across Reba's bare back and began to grind her hard shaft into Reba's warm skin, working it down Reba's spine to her ass crack and then aiming it at its mark and plunging it into Reba's ass.

Reba screamed from her first anal penetration and balled the sheets up in the palms of her hands as Bridgette took her anally as the machine took her vaginally, giving her her first ever DP experience. Slowly the pain subsided as Bridgette took her lover slowly in the ass and cranked up the machine to full blast until it was like a reciprocating saw hammering away in her.

Reba screamed and howled in the bedroom as her pussy and ass swelled and pulsed like never before, giving her a dual vaginal-anal orgasm, making her squirt onto the toy as Bridgette pulled from Reba's ass and covered her back in white cum. Bridgette slowly cranked the machine down until it came to a halt inside of Reba and she began to massage her cum into Reba's back as her cock dripped semen from its tip into Reba's ass crack.

Reba laid on her stomach and let Bridgette do what she wanted, purring and cooing from what just transpired as Bridgette laid across Reba's back and whispered into her ear: "That was worth all $10,000, don't you think?"

Reba smiled and laughed along with Bridgette and the two parted ways until a few months later when Reba came knocking on Bridgette's new house just down the street. Bridgette opened the door to a pregnant Reba standing there in a new type of glow. Bridgette gasped at the sight of the baby bump and Reba walked in with command.

"You may have left my daughter out to hang and stuck Van with your other baby, but not this time. This time you're gonna be a parent to this child and damn well like it." Reba stated.

"Reba, I have no intention of bailing out on you. In fact, why don't we get married? Imagine the look on Cheyenne's face when she finds out I'm also the father of her mother's baby after fathering her own baby all them years ago in high school? Holy shit! The thought of it alone is making me horny! I guess I'm kinda like a father, mother, aunt-who knows what else---all rolled into one." Bridgette told Reba.

Reba kinda smiled at the whole idea and the two agreed that so much detail didn't need be told to the whole family and that Cheyenne, Bridgette and Reba would actually be the only three who knew everything eventually. Reba would just declare herself a lesbian, but only the three of them would know the truth...


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