Reba: Reba And Jake's Intimate Encounter (bF,inc,cream pie,facial,first,squirt)
by Dr. Demented 666

Reba had just got back home around 10 PM from her girls night out with Cheyenne and Barbara Jean and decided to call it a night and headed upstairs to say goodnight to Jake. Reba waltzed into her 13 year old son's room and caught him getting ready for bed himself, totally naked and just about to put on his pajama bottoms as they were still in his hand...

"Jeez, Mom! A little privacy!" Jake blurted out as he tried to cover his package and became red in the face.

Reba was sort of startled herself as she hadn't seen her son naked in years but was quite impressed as to how he's grown since the last time she seen him that way. Gazing over her son's cute natural state and a shadow of puberty beginning on his scrotum but still not a trace of hair on his chest or legs made her flutter her eyes while stating: "Please, I've seen it before..."

Jake noticed his mom noticing him and he took note of her goddess-like figure that evening in her white cocktail dress that hugged her perfect frame with bare shoulders and deep cleavage being shown off along with her larger than normal breasts being shown off thanks to the tight fitting dress that also showed off at least 90% of her luscious legs. Jake never seen his mom like his before since she never dressed that way, but with her peachy skin tone reflecting nicely with her dress and shapely figure enticing him into his first ever erection got his head spinning.

Jake went to his mom with his growing boner that now reached its full length of 5" and pressed himself against her, surprising her with his unusual seductive move as he pressed her back against the wall and began to pleasure himself by humping her smooth leg. The underside of Jake's cock never felt anything so good as his mother's warm leg and smooth texture teased him into a heated and horny state...

"Jake! Stop! What are you doing to me!?" His mom stated to him, knowing full well what he was doing but didn't dare say it aloud as it would make it truly real and just not right.

Jake couldn't stop, he continued his horny humping of his mother's smooth leg like a puppy on a human would, nestling his head into her breast and beginning to lick his way up her neck until their lips met and he coerced his tongue into her mouth. Reba shut her eyes and twirled her tongue recklessly over her sons and as soon as their tongues met...Jake exploded on her leg!

Both their eyes sprang open and they both looked down to witness Jake's first orgasm. Thick strands of white liquid spurted from his pee hole and was smeared into her leg as Jake continued to grind his hips in a humping fashion while emitting soft orgasmic chirps with his boyish voice until he was fully spent on his mom.

Jake looked up to witness the most dumbfounded look on his mother...

"What did you just do to me?" Reba asked...Again, knowing full well what he did but just asking the question anyway since she didn't know what else to say and really did nothing to stop it.

"That felt so good, mom...It never happened to me before...Get on the bed, let me make you feel good, now." Jake stated.

"What?" Reba replied.

"Yeah, I wanna try what a friend of mine said he did to a girl in our class...She seemed to like it." Jake stated.

Curious as to what her son was talking about, Reba decided to play along for the time being. She got on the bed on her back and her naked son quickly followed and slid his hands down the outsides of her legs and pushed her dress up over her hips and took hold of her white laced panties and tugged them down and off of her. Jake then pushed open her legs at her knees and took in her motherly beauty.

Jake never seen a woman's vagina before, and certainly not his own mother's. But, the natural and perfectly trimmed nature of what was right in front of him and teasing him with her red pubes that glistened with beads of her horny moisture was all too much. Jake began to kiss his way down the inside of the leg he just got through riding with his dick and lapped up his own cum with his tongue, licking it along her inner leg until reaching her pussy that he playfully pried open with his hands and plunged his tongue into her pink inner cavity.

Reba's head sunk into the pillow and she cooed with loud moans and a huge smile came over her face as her son's tongue found its mark and made her orgasm. Reba's legs shut tight to either side of Jake's face and she thrusted upward and long, powerful squirts showered her son as her body writhed side to side and her legs began to twitch.

As her orgasm diminished her legs opened and Jake positioned himself over his mom in a missionary till they were face to face and he gazed into her deep blue watery eyes...

"Wow, mom! My friend said he made that girl orgasm but he didn't say she squirted on him like you...Look at me, I'm soaked! Did it feel good, though?" Jake stated with his jet black hair dripping her orgasm and pushed back with wetness.

"Honey! You have no idea what you just did for me...I've never squirted before..." Reba replied as he son's cock began to brush against her fur mound...

"Do you want ti in you? I wanna feel it in you, mom...Can I?" Jake stated.

Reba nodded a profound 'Yes' to him and reached down and guided him into her. Jake watched as his cock pierced his mom's pussy and sunk fully into her and making him gasp from an unknown feeling he was experiencing for the first time...

"Mom! Your so wet and it's gripping at my thing and playing with it like...Like I don't know what...Oh my gosh, mom! Feel it in you?" Jake confessed with a hushed boyish voice.

"I do! I really do, honey...I can't believe this...My own son...Screwing me!?" Reba blurted out and surprising Jake with what he just realized himself...

"That's so hot, mom...Talk to me dirty...Tell me what you want..." Jake begged of her.

"I want you! I want your sex, Jake! Fuck me! FUCK ME, HONEY! FUCK MY PUSSY AND MAKE ME CUM AGAIN! YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSSS!" Reba screamed as she began to orgasm yet again and squirt alll over her son's cock while wrapping her legs around his waist.

Reba's cussing started Jake's orgasm up again...

"Mom! It's happening again! My thing! It's throbbing again...I'm dong it in you! Feel it!?" Jake panted onto her face as he squinted with each pulse of his cock and hard thrusts into her...

"I do, baby! I REALLY DO! GOD! IT'S SO MUCH! YOU'RE FILLING ME UP, JAKE!" Reba screamed in ecstasy as her son filled her with his orgasm as his thrusts slowed to a halt and he remained in her and passionately kissed her.

Reba and her son swapped tongues for nearly 10 minutes before Cheyenne came back home and interrupted their love session. Jake jumped up and off his mom with his cock popping out of her and letting his orgasm slide down her inner leg as she stood and rushed to the bathroom to get cleaned up and fix her mussed up hair that Jake took hold of while he fucked her.

Reba and Jake discovered their true meaning for each other as to not just be mother and son but lovers and eventually husband and wife, but that was a ways off and in the meantime they would discover themselves even more than they could ever imagine...





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