Reba: Reba And Jake's 'Coming Out' (bFF,inc,oral,anal,trans,bukkake,cream pie)
by Dr. Demented 666

So Van just got a chewing out from Reba because he made a joke about his agent, Sadie, being gay and said that Reba was 'Super Gay'. Everyone had left after things had settled down and Reba and Sadie came to terms and actually decided on a date with each other despite Reba confessing she really wasn't gay.

Sadie came over dressed in a tight black dress with no shoulder straps, allowing it to hug her melons tight and show off her deep cleavage as the bottom of the dress was so short it barely covered her ass cheeks; showing off her long legs and black knee-high boots. Reba was impressed at what she seen and really took in Sadie's overall beauty and silky short black hair...

"We're just having dinner here at my place, Sadie...What's with getting all dolled-up like that for?" Reba asked.

"Welllll...I was hoping to kinda turn you on and maybe make out with you..." Sadie confessed.

Reba was shocked and didn't know what to say as Sadie approached her and leaned in for their first kiss. Reba hesitantly let the process happen and experienced her first ever girl-girl kiss, sending chills up her spine and giving her goosebumps as her stomach knotted up with desire.

Reba found herself kissing Sadie back, lashing her tongue furiously into her mouth and making out like she would a man as Sadie slid her hand up under Reba's shirt and cupped her right breast and feeling Reba had no bra on. Sadie broke their kiss and smiled at Reba, gazing into her beautiful blue eyes as she stroked her red hair that curled up as it reached Reba's shoulders...

"Wanna go upstairs where it's more private?" Sadie asked.

Reba quickly took Sadie by the hand and led her up to Reba's bedroom where Sadie stripped naked. Reba's jaw dropped as she gazed at Sadie's beauty and something different-a cock! Sadie smiled at Reba's surprise and confessed, "I'm transitioning to being a woman and this dick and balls are all that's left of my old self."

Sadie went to Reba and placed Reba's hand over her 8" erection and stroked Reba's hand over it for her. Reba couldn't believe its size and rigid texture from the veins popping out on it...

"Go ahead, suck it." Sadie told Reba as she pushed Reba down to her knees.

Reba, despite being in her 40's and having 3 kids, never performed oral on anyone before. But now she had the chance and stretched her mouth around Sadie's shaft and took a few inches in, stopping about half way and applying some suction as her wet tongue rolled around Sadie's cock. Sadie was enjoying the pleasure this gorgeous mother was giving her and then she blurted out, "JESUS! REBA! YOUR SON!"

Reba popped Sadie out of her mouth and looked over to the door to see her 12 year old son, Jake, standing there watching what his Mom was doing to Sadie. He, too, was curious of Sadie's appendage between her legs and asked the question, "I thought only boys had a wiener?" Sadie smiled and explained to him as she did to his Mom earlier.

"Wanna try this?" Sadie said after her explanation and referring to what his Mom was doing to her just a little while ago.

"Sure..." Jake said with enthusiasm and his Mom was totally shocked at what was happening as her son came to them and got on his knees next to his Mom and put Sadie in his mouth as much as he could...

"Ohhh, ok...Well, I guess that'll work, too..." Sadie said, referring to the fact she was expecting him to drop his pants and let his Mom and her suck on him; instead he's the one sucking her dick.

Jake stared up at Sadie with his adorable smile and dimpled cheeks that pulled inward from the suction he was apply as he wet her cock with his tongue and spit. Reba watched in utter dismay as her son performed oral on Sadie and apparently liking what he was doing.

Sadie pulled her cock out of his mouth and took Reba's hand. "Jerk me off, Reba...Make me cum all over your son's face!" Sadie stated.

Reba stroked Sadie's cock, aiming at her son's face and watching the streams of cum spurt onto his cute face.

"Fuck yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Look at that!"

Reba looked up at Sadie, smiling in dismay.

"Go ahead, you know you want to...Lick it off of him...But don't swallow it..." Sadie said to Reba.

Reba turned her son's cum-soaked face towards her and began to lick the cum off his face with her tongue, holding it in her mouth as Sadie said, "Open your mouth, Jake...Good...Now stick your tongue out and hold it there with your mouth open..."

Jake held his mouth open with his tongue hanging out and curved down towards his chin as his Mom leaned over him and spit Sadie's cum into his mouth. Jake could feel the slimy mess glide down his tongue and into the back of his mouth. Reba then slid her tongue down the middle of her sons tongue and closed her lips around his, giving him his first ever French kiss as he swallowed Sadie's cum...

"That's so fucking hot-Mother and son! Here, lets try something else now...Both of you stand up and take off all your clothes." Sadie ordered, watching as they did so.

Reba's large breasts stood out firm with no sag and her magnificently smooth legs teased Sadie's eyes as they followed them up to Reba's perfectly groomed red snatch. Her attention shifted to Jake and his boyish good looks, with his jet black hair and hairless frame and peach-fuzzed balls; even his Mom liked what she saw since she hasn't seen him naked in quite some time, certainly not with a 5" erection staring back at her.

Sadie stood behind Jake and hoisted him up and placed him on his Mom while she stood in front of him: "Hook your legs around your Mom, Jake..." Sadie said.

Jake wrapped his smooth legs around his Mom's waist and she cupped both her hands around his ass cheeks as she stood, holding her son in a standing embrace as they began to kiss and Jake's hard cock rubbed against his Mom's stomach. Sadie nuzzled Jake's earlobe playfully with her tongue and teeth as she stood behind him and rubbed her hard cock against his rump.

Sadie then took Jake by the waist and spun him around in midair so he and his Mom were in a standing 69. Reba began to suck on her son's cock as she held him up as she stood while Sadie plunged her tongue into his tight little ass. Jake squealed with delight as his ass felt the wet sensation of Sadie's tongue flailing about inside of him as his Mom sucked him off while holding him up in a suspended 69. Jake began to twirl his tongue over his Mom's pubes and played with her pussy slit, flicking his tongue into her wet pussy for the first time and tasting her sweet insides for the first time.

"Ok, time for something new..." Sadie said as she undid Reba's arms from her son and let Jake slide down to the floor upside down until he was in a handstand. Sadie placed Reba's hands at Jake's ankles and had her hold his legs open in a V-position as she slapped her hard cock at his asshole.

"What are you gonna do to my son?" Reba asked in dismay.

"Watch...Watch as I fuck his cute ass..." Sadie replied as she sunk her long dick into the boy balls deep and making him cry out...

"OUUUUCHHHH! SHE'S IN MY BUTT, MOM! SHE'S TEARING IT! IT'S REALLY BIG! MOM! MOMMMMMMEEEE!" Jake screamed as his ass was reamed by Sadie as he remained in his upside down handstand.

Sadie took his ankles and held his legs open and fucked him as his Mom drpped to her knees and put him in her mouth, sucking him off as Sadie took his ass with force, making him sob and whimper with puppy-like yipes and whines, until-suddenly...He came...Filling his Mom's mouth with his hot cum until she choked and pulled away, splashing his cum onto his Mom's face as Sadie unloaded into his ass.

Sadie groaned with delight and flung her head back over her shoulders as she inseminated the young boy's ass, her throbbing shaft riddling his inner ass walls with quake-like spasms and forcing Jake to enjoy his ass stretching fuck. Finally Sadie finished and pulled from Jake's ass, leaving him gaping and watching as her cum spilled from it and ran down his back.

Sadie let go of his ankles and let him right him self to a kneeling position where her and his Mom gazed at his teary eyes and panting stomach. Sadie took Reba and pushed her back on the bed, getting between her legs and plunging her hard cock deep in Reba's pussy. Jake watched as Sadie made love to his Mom, fucking her as their tongues lashed and the bed rocked, making Jake's cock rock hard and wanting to try the same with his Mom.

He got his wish as Sadie noticed his horniness out the corner of her eye and pulled herself off of Reba.

"Go ahead, Jake...I see you want to...Go ahead...Fuck your Mom...Fuck her and cum inside of her..." Sadie instructed devilishly.

Reba watched in utter dismay as her boy got atop her and pushed himself into her pussy, making her eyes roll back in their sockets and her tits heave upward as he began to pump his hips and fuck his own Mom. Jake relished the feeling of his Mom's wet pussy clamping tightly around his shaft and the flooding of her vaginal juices starting to squirt on him as she moaned and squealed from him giving her an orgasm as she felt his dick spasm inside of her.

Jake came inside his own Mom, pumping his hips forcefully with each cum shot into her. As Jake stopped he kissed his Mom in a 'Thank you' manner as he withdrew form her. Sadie laid at Reba's side on her back and commanded Reba get on top of her and fuck her. Reba rolled over and straddled the beautiful Sadie, lowering her pussy onto Sadie's cock until she was fully seated into Reba's pussy, descending onto Sadie and making love to her...

Sadie tongue kissed Reba while their eyes were shut and Reba fucked her, at the same time Sadie motioned with her hand for Jake to come join the action. Jake got behind his Mom in a doggy-style position and Sadie spread Reba's ass cheeks with both her hands, Jake now knew what Sadie wanted him to do.

Jake took his hard cock and pushed it firmly into his Mother's ass until he was balls deep, making his Mom break her kiss with Sadie and yell out: "GOD! MY ASS! YOUR IN MY ASS, JAKE!"

Jake took great pleasure in giving his Mom her first ever ass fuck as Sadie pumped her hips upward into Reba from underneath, giving Reba her first ever DP...

"Turn around Reba...Let me have your ass, now..." Sadie said.

Jake pulled out of his Mom and watched as she spun around into a reverse cowgirl and sunk her ass down onto Sadie's erection, then lying back so her back was on Sadie's stomach. Jake moved back in and put himself into his Mom's pussy, fucking her along with Sadie in this new DP position and watching his Mom's stomach rise and lower from heavy breathing and moans of pleasure.

"I'm gonna fill your ass with my cum, Reba! Want it! Do you want it!?" Sadie asked...

"YES! I REALLY DO! CUM IN ME! SHIT! HOLY SHIT! YOU'RE MAKING ME CUMMMMMM!" Reba replied as Sadie spent her full load into Reba's ass.

Jake was so turned on by his Mother's rant and screaming that he pulled out of her and shot up to her breasts where he straddled her chest and began to tit fuck her as Sadie pushed her melons around Jake's dick. Her soft and warm skin teasing his dick into an orgasm, making him spray his cum into the base of his Mom's neck and finally onto both her and Sadie's faces, watching as they gobbled and licked it off each other in a heated frenzy...

They all now knew that 'Coming out of the closet' meant so much more for all of them and gave them experiences they'll never forget, along with future get togethers they would certainly look forward to.


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