Reba: More Rain For Jake (bF,inc,anal,facial,squirt)
by Dr. Demented 666

Eleven year old Jake was lying on the sofa in the living room when his mom, Reba, walked in and asked him: "Watcha watching, Jake?"

"The Weather Channel...More rain for Brazil." He replied.

"I've got more rain for you, honey..." She replied back.

Jake didn't notice her attire at first but when he looked over at her after her response he seen she was only dressed with a button up top on and no panties, she obviously was ready to have another sexual episode with her boy. Jake realized when she stated 'More rain for you' she meant she was gonna squirt all over him like she's done so many times before. But this time was a little different as he stared at his mother's crotch...

"You shaved herself smooth, mom!" Jake stated with a smile.

"You noticed...I wanted a new look...Now it's bare down there just like you. You like?" She stated and asked of him.

Jake nodded a 'Yes' as he still lied on his back on the sofa in his red and white top and jeans with white socks on. Reba got on her knees up by her son's head and began to seduce him with playful licks on his lips and then plunging her tongue into his mouth. Jake quickly reciprocated the favor and lashed his tongue over his mother's, tasting the caramel coffee she must have just had.

Reba pulled her son's shirt up to his arm pits and exposed his hairless chest, licking her way down it as her son did the same to her while unbuttoning her top and sliding it off of her. Reba twirled her tongue into his naval as did he her while she undid his pants and pushed them and his briefs all the way down to his ankles.

Jake felt his mother scoop his hard cock up into her mouth and begin her oral on him as he tenderly swiped his wet tongue over his mother's smooth shaven snatch and teased her into soft purrs and muffled 'Mmmmm Hmmmmm's' with his dick in her mouth.

It didn't take long for Jake to cum, spraying his wads onto his mother's face as she hugged his cock and puled it tight against her face, feeling it pulse on her and spray the hot mess onto her face and in her hair. Reba's legs jolted and her body quivered as she began to orgasm, showering her son's face with powerful orgasmic squirts.

Reba slid up to her knees and straddled her son's cock with her back facing him. Reba lifted herself up and Jake did the same with his dick and watched as she sunk herself onto it. Jake's eyes widened as he witnessed the spreading of his mother's pussy lips in full detail and her pink inner walls snug tightly against his shaft and lube it with her wetness-a detail he never seen before with her pubes always there.

Reba bounced up and down on his cock as she cupped her breasts and shut her eyes, taking in the tremendous feeling her son was giving her as she fucked him...

"Mom! You're making me cum again! God! It's happening again so soon in you!" Jake blurted out.

Reba could feel her son explode inside of her and a huge grin came over her face as her humping came to a slow and soft halt on her son's shaft...

"Put it in your butt, mom. You know I like doing you back there." Jake stated as he cupped his mom's hot ass.

Reba lifted herself off of her son's shaft as Jake held his hard cock straight up and watched his cum drop from his mother's snatch onto his shaft and then down over his bare testicles. His mom slowly lowered herself onto her son's dick until it was fully seated into her ass, then she laid back so her back was against his stomach and she draped an arm over his head.

Reba turned her head and kissed her son who thrusted upward into his mom's ass and butt fucked her as he kissed her and swiped his tongue over her armpit area playfully while reaching down her fron and massaging her bare pussy rapidly. Reba cooed and squealed like a little girl as she orasmed yet again, her powerful squirts shooting into the air several feet and over the arm of the sofa and onto the hardwood floor.

It was really raining in the living room as Jake made his mom cum over and over several more times before filling her ass with his boy semen. Droplets of her orgasm dropped back onto her body and glazed it with spots that were noticeable from the dry to wet areas on her. Jake and his mom tenderly kissed as she purred to him: "Lets go up to my room now and finish there."

Jake agreed and sprang up as she got off of him and removed his clothes totally and followed her up to her bedroom. Reba got on the bed on her back and Jake was quick to follow and get between her legs and cram his hard cock deep into her ass once more. Reba's legs shot open wide as her son fucked her fast in her ass as she masturbated in front of him by rapidly rubbing her clit and squealing.

Jake reached down and inserted a finger into his mom's bare pussy and fingered her fast while fucking her ass. Reba's body shook with hard orgasms as her squirts shot all over her son and into the air, soaking the bed like a bucket of water spilled onto it as her spurting squirts shot up and over her son's shoulders.

Jake pulled from his mom's ass, leaving her still squirting as he shot up to her face and coated it with his cum. Reba gobbed it up and swallowed it as she took his full length into her mouth and sucked herself off of him while staring up at him as he smiled down at her and his body jolted from her playful tongue lashes on his cock.

Luckily, they just got through before Kyra and Cheyenne got back home and were able to clean up Reba's obvious mess all over the living room and her bedroom. But, it wasn't going to be the last time they did this to each other and made plans to go camping together each weekend, giving Jake a whole week to save up his cum for some great facials with his mom.





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