Reba: Kyra Loves Her Brother And Her Mom (bFf,inc,oral,anal,herm)
by Dr. Demented 666

Reba was sitting downstairs in a white tank top and tan shorts reading a magazine when she heard strange sounds coming from the back yard. She got up and strolled out here bare foot and the sounds got louder as she approached Jake's tree house. They were coming from within it, so she climbed the ladder and looked through the door to find her 12 year old son, Jake, lying on the bunk on his back completely naked and squealing like a little girl.

The cause of his squeals was his 15 year old sister, Kyra, pumping her hips in a humping action as she knelt between her brother's legs on the bunk. Reba knew what Kyra was doing to her brother but couldn't believe it, she knew Kyra was a hermaphrodite but never expected her to be having incest with Jake.

Reba quickly came into the tree house and pulled Kyra out of Jake...

"What are you two doing!? You're brother and sister for God sake! How could you!?" Reba scolded them as she looked over Kyra's naked body and her full breasts with plump nipples and pale white skin and wavy red back-length hair. Then she looked down at her son lying on his back with his jet black hair mussed up and smooth prepubescent frame with a 5" erection lying back on his lower stomach.

"But he likes it, Mom...And I do to..." Kyra stated.

"Yeh, I really do, Mom! I do like Kyra doing this to me!" Jake blurted out.

"But it's so wrong...Stop that..." Reba said with her southern accent as she watched Kyra stroke her brother's peach-fuzzed balls with her fingertips...

"Don't be so stuffy, Mom. Why don't you join us." Kyra suggested.

"What!? I can't...We can't..." Reba replied.

"C'mon, Mom...Pleeeease...I always wanted to with you..." Jake begged of his Mom.

"Really?" His Mom asked with amazement.

"Well yeah, look at you...You're hot." Jake assured his Mom, admiring the fact she was his Mom and also a grandmother but still had the body of a 20 year old.

She was kind of taken aback by what she heard as she bit her lower lip and contemplated the offer mad to her by her children. Reba softly smiled and shrugged her shoulders: "What the heck, might as well keep it in the family."

Jake and Kyra watched as their Mom took off her white top and let her large breasts flop out in full view and her red hair dangle onto her shoulders as she undid her shorts and slid them along with her panties down to the floor and stepped out of them. Kyra and Jake both admired her fiery-red bush that wasn't overgrown but was quite thick at its center where her pussy slit is.

Reba went to her son's side and knelt by him as she watched Kyra slide back into his backside, watching with wonder as his asshole pulled outward with each backward pull of Kyra's 7" cock...

"Play with his thing, Mom...He really likes that...But watch out, he makes a mess." Kyra stated.

Reba reached down and took hold of her son and began to stroke his hard shaft as his sister ass fucked him. In an instant he was blowing his cum all over Kyra's stomach and rolling over his Mom's fingers as she jerked him off to completion.

"Wow! That's a lot, Jake!" Reba said in reference to how much cum he shot all over.

Reba leaned down and began to lick his stuff off of Kyra's nipples and stomach and this sent Kyra into orgasm mode, making her pull out of Jake and jerk off onto him; shooting her load clear way across his stomach and into his open mouth. Jake pushed her cum out of his mouth with his tongue and let it slide down the side of his face and chin...

"You're turn, Mom." Kyra said softly with a smile, watching as their Mom took Jake's place lying on her back on the bunk. Kyra wasted no time in plunging her hard cock into her Mom's pussy, feeling the flood of her warm juices and the tightness of her vaginal walls clamp around her shaft..

"EASY! SLOW, KYRA! It's been so long for me since I had sex!" Reba begged.

Kyra slowly fucked her Mom and made her moan with delight as Jake played with his Mom's pubes as he fed her his dick to suck on. Reba got a mouthful of post-cum from her son and soon her pussy was being filled by Kyra. The pulses were intense inside of her as she felt the warm ooze coat her insides.

Kyra slowly pulled out of her Mom and her cock sprang up with a sticky strand of cum stuck to its tip and the other end of cum stuck to their Mom's pubes. The cum strand was a good foot long and thick, but Jake licked his way down his Mother's stomach and over her pubes; breaking the cum strand with his face and slurping it up off his Mom's pussy.

Reba squirmed with delight as her son flicked his tongue about in her cum -coated pussy, squirting onto his face with powerful shots of her vaginal fluids, coating his face with strawberry perfumed essence as she lifted the mid section of her body off the bed in an arch...

"It's Jake's turn, Mom." Kyra said, watching as her brother got between their Mom's legs and slide into her for his first real pussy. Jake fucked his Mom with utter delight, watching as her tits swayed under him and her blue eyes glossed over with water; he had to have her more.

Jake laid down on his Mom and began to tongue kiss her and stare into her eyes as he did this while fucking her. He could tell she was really into him as her legs lifted and wrapped around him. Jake took his Mom again and again until she began to emit soft chirps of orgasmic pleasure as her pussy strengthened its grip around Jake's cock and then released with a flood of her fluids following.

"I'm gonna cum, Mom! You're gonna make me cum!" Jake shouted...

"Not yet! WAIT!" Kyra shouted as she pulled him off their Mom...

"Why'd you stop me? It was feeling so good!" Jake cried out with confusion.

"You'll get to cum, but lets do it together..." Kyra said as she took her Mom's leg and propped it up over her shoulder while twisting their Mom onto her side.

Kyra slowly sunk her cock into their Mom's ass and motioned for Jake to put himself back into their mom's pussy. Jake straddle his Mom's leg that wasn't over Kyra's shoulder and put himself back into his Mom. Now both Kyra and Jake were fucking their Mom's holes, DP-ing her and giving her her first ever anal experience...

"MY ASS! YOU'RE FUCKING ME IN MY ASS! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! SHIT! MY PUSSY! MY ASS! FUUUUUUCK!" Their Mom screamed as she clung to the blankets under her and bit the pillow. Jake began to cum, filling his Mom's pussy as Kyra withdrew from her and and went up to her Mom's face where she splashed load after hot load onto her.

Reba was surprised by the flood of cum landing on and in her, making her cum on last time herself all over her son. Jake pulled out and stared at his mess pour out of his Mom's pussy while his sister finished on her face, coating her face with thick strands of white goo. Both Kyra and Jake laid at their Mom's side and playfully licked the cum off her face, cum-swapping it with their Mom as they both fingered Reba's wet pussy.

They all faded off to sleep, wondering when the next time would be for them to take advantage of Jake's tree house-now more like a brothel.


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