Reba: Kyra Discovers Herself-And MuchMore (bF,FF,bFFF,inc,anal,cream pie,facial,herm,dp,dap)
by Dr. Demented 666

Kyra hit 15 years old and was quite the young beauty with her long red wavy hair hanging down to mid back and her breasts as large as her Mom's and older sister's, only one problem-she was confused about life and who she truly was being a hermaphrodite with a vagina and penis. She wondered where she fit in and who she should date-boy or girl-or did it matter.

As Kyra thought of this matter in her room and sobbed over her identity, her older sister, Cheyenne, came into the room and stood next to her younger sister and caressed the side of her face and stroked her hair...

"What's the matter Kyra?" Cheyenne asked.

"I don't know who I am...How I fit in..." Kyra sobbed with tears running down her face.

"You're talking about your little dilemma down below, right?" Cheyenne asked of her.

Kyra nodded a 'Yes' as Cheyenne smiled as she reached down and cupped Kyra's crotch...

"It's ok, I'll help you find your answer." Cheyenne stated.

"What are you doing!? You're my sister!" Kyra blurted out with a surprise reaction to Cheyenne's aggressive approach to her.

"Shhhh....Let yourself go....That's it...It's getting hard already....I knew you had it in you..." Cheyenne stated as she continued to rub Kyra's cock into an erection through her pants.

Kyra stood dumbfounded at what her sister was doing to her and was shocked when Cheyenne lifed her white cashmere top off of her frame and exposed her huge torpedo-like tits to her. Cheyenne's breasts were large and firm and her nipples stuck straight out with erect desire as she lifted Kyra's top off of her body as well...

"Holy shit, Kyra! They're as big as mine! And Mom's!" Cheyenne exclaimed with joy as she leaned in and suckled Kyra's nipples and slowly licked her way down Kyra's pretty stomach and circled her tongue into Kyra's naval while undoing Kyra's camo pants, pulling them down and off her teen legs.

Kyra stood in dismay as her sister rubbed her hard shaft through her black cotton panties and playfully bit at it with her teeth...

"Lets have a look at this puppy..." Cheyenne stated with excitement as she lowered Kyra's panties and Kyra's hard cock popped out and smacked Cheyenne in the face.

Cheyenne smiled and scooped up the 7" erection into her mouth with no hands and bobbed her head back and forth on it, sucking it and making Kyra moan and sigh from her first oral-with her own sister!

Kyra relished the new sensation provided by Cheyenne and her body twitched and jolted with sparkling tingles throughout her spine...

"Cheyenne! STOP!" Kyra whined with delight...

Cheyenne broke her lip lock momentarily: "Ahhhhhh, am I gonna make my little sis cum? Do it...DO IT ALL OVER MY FACE!" Cheyenne replied as she went back to sucking Kyra's hard cock.

Kyra couldn't control herself and had the most powerful and only ogasm to date of her life, exploding into Cheyenne's mouth and making her sister pull away with choking reflexes and finishing on her face, neck and breasts as giggles chirped from Kyra's gyrating frame...

"Wow! What a mess, Kyra! Hope You have more left in you 'cause I want you to fuck me!" Cheyenne exclaimed with excitement as she stood and slid her grey ruffled skirt down her amazing legs along with her panties, exposing the most perfect blond bush trimmed neatly and glistening with wetness as she laid back on the bed on her back and opened her legs...

"What are you waiting for? Mount me!" Cheyenne begged of Kyra.

Kyra smiled and strolled over to her sister on the bed and positioned herself between Cheyenne's legs, propping her hard cock up against Cheyenne's vaginal entrance and slipping it into her pussy. Cheyenne shut her eyes as fireworks went off under her eyelids as she arched her back and took in her sister's hermaphroditic feature, feeling its full length and girth penetrate her and begin to take her with forceful back and forth thrusting.

Cheyenne moaned with pleasure and pulled her sister down onto her body and began to French her as Kyra took her again and again in bed. A few moments later Kyra felt a point slide across her own vaginal entrance from behind and she quickly looked over her shoulders to see her younger 12 year old brother, Jake, kneeling behind her doggy-style and totally naked; rubbing the tip of his own cock against her smooth vaginal slit...

"Fuck!" Kyra blurted out.

Cheyenne opened her eyes as Kyra came to a halt inside of her..."What's wrong, Kyra?" Cheyenne asked.

"Jake! He's here! He's trying to enter me!" Kyra stated.

Cheyenne lifted her head to look over Kyra's shoulders and caught a glimpse of Jake's prepubescent body and a coy smile across his face as he continued to rub the tip of his thing over Kyra's vaginal slit as she remained inside Cheyenne's pussy.

"Put it in her, Jakey...Fuck Kyra...Fuck her like she's fucking me! Pop he cherry and yours at the same time!" Cheyenne suggested with a heated voice.

Jake smiled as he firmly pushed himself into Kyra's wet puss and felt her tightness encompass around his shaft. Kyra squealed as her younger brother took her virginity and marveled in the fact he lost his at the same time as he slowly inched his 5" wood back and forth in her as she started to pump herself once again into her sister.

Cheyenne gasped as she felt her sister spurt hard shots of cum into her loins, filling her as she heard Jake belt out the chirpiest puppy-like yelps of orgasmic delight she had ever heard as he exploded deep into Kyra's pussy. Kyra felt her brother's orgasm in her and she let out heavy breaths as she tried to control herself but squirts emitted from her pussy and showered her brother's shaft as Cheyenne did the same to Kyra's...All 3 were cumming at the same time and couldn't stop until their bodies gave out.

Jake pulled from his sister and collapsed at Cheyenne's and Kyra's side as Kyra remained in Cheyenne and made out with her as boy cum seeped from her womb and down over her shaft and into Cheyenne's ass crack...

"Ohhhh my God!" Kyra and Cheyenne heard Jake blurt out in a high pitched voice, making them break their kiss and look over to see the most astounding thing yet...Their Mom, Reba, getting into bed and completely naked!

Reba's body was amazing for being a mother of 3 and a grandmother as well. Her breast were firm with no sag to them and nipples just as hard as Cheyenne's and her body was smoking hot to rival even that of Cheyenne's; especially with the fact she had a well groomed bush that glowed bright red showing that she was a true red head.

Reba in fact was watching nearly the entire time with disbelief but found herself attracted to the fact her children loved each other in a way that never should be and was pulled into the scene against her better judgment. Reba went down on her son and took his thing into her mouth and sucked the vaginal juices of Kyra that mixed with his own cum off of him until he was fully erect once more, at that point she slid herself up her son's body and in one motion slipped his cock into her pussy the same time she slipped her tongue into his mouth.

Jake just received his first ever French kiss-from his own Mom! Reba bounced her hips up and down on the boy under her who is her son and fucked him in front of a stunned Kyra and Cheyenne...

"Fuck her, Kyra! Fuck Mom, too!" Cheyenne instructed of her sister.

"Jake's in her now, though...I can't..." Kyra replied.

"Her ass is open for the taking! DO IT!" Cheyenne whispered into Kyra's ear.

Kyra's eyes lit up as she pulled from Cheyenne's pussy and got behind her Mom doggy-style and firmly pushed her hard cock into her Mom's rump, making her Mom scream in horror from her first ever anal penetration.

Reba's asshole stretched and the walls pulled backward with each pull of Kyra's cock as Kyra felt the intense squeezing of her Mom's asshole around her hard shaft as she punched it into her Mom's ass with force as Jake thrusted upward into his Mom as Well. Their Mom screamed from the DP given to her by her daughter and son at the same time, fucking her until she nearly passed out from the orgasm they stirred up inside of her...

Her squirts spurted with force onto her son's shaft as he spurted his own orgasm into her pussy as his sister did the same in her ass, filling her with their white gold until she couldn't hold the stuff in any longer; spilling it from both her holes passed her childrens' cocks.

Reba felt Kyra pull from her ass and the pulsing gape it left behind as she pulled herself off of Jake and watched as a long strand of cum still attached Jake to his Mom. The more she lifted herself off of him the longer the cum strand stretched, pulling from her vaginal slit and ends of her pubes to the tip of his cock for nearly 2 feet until it finally broke free and fell onto his upper legs...


"Cheyenne! She told me to!" Kyra replied.

"What goes around, comes around...Her turn now...Take her, Kyra...Take her hot ass!" Their Mom stated.

Kyra's eyes lit up as worry appeared in Cheyenne's eyes as her sister got between her legs as their Mom pried open Cheyenne's buns and spit a long strand of saliva onto Cheyenne's asshole. Kyra massaged it into Cheyenne's ass with the tip of her dick before finally inching her hard shaft into Cheyenne's ass. Cheyenne had a strained look on her face as it turned red under pressure as her sister took her anally.

Kyra marveled in the tightness of Cheyenne's as as Jake looked on with wonder and amazement...

"She's so fucking tight, Mom! Just like you!" Kyra stated with excitement as she rocked her sister's body with forceful thrusts, making her squeal and get all teary-eyed.

"What are you waiting for, Jake? Kyra's ass is open for you!" Reba told her son.

Jake lit up with delight and got behind his sister and pushed her down onto Cheyenne as his Mom guided him into Kyra's ass. Kyra squealed in unison with her sister as they both became anally impaled. Their asses stretched to accommodate cocks that shouldn't be there until Jake came prematurely and filled Kyra's ass.

Kyra could feel his cum spill from her gape as he pulled from her and it slide down her shaft and lube it as it pushed back and forth into Cheyenne's ass. Cheyenne marveled in the slippery new sensation as Kyra took her over and over anally. But Jake wasn't done yet as her somehow forced himself into Cheyenne's ass for a double anal penetration with his sister to his other sister.

Reba's eyes lit up as she watched her eldest daughter get fucked in the ass by both her son and her youngest daughter at the same time...

"MY ASS! MY FUCKING ASS! THEY'RE RIPPING IT UP! SHIT! FUCK! FUCKING-A! WHAT! WHAT'S HAPPENING! MY ASS! MOM! IT'S! IT'S SPLITTING LIKE AN ATOM!" Cheyenne screamed as her rump lit on fire as both Kyra and Jake exploded inside of her, giving her a cum enema.

"On 3, Jake, we pull out...Ready? 1...2...3...NOW!" Kyra instructed her brother.

They both pulled out at the same same and watched Cheyenne writhe on the bed as her body twitched and her ass gape pulsed as cum spilled from it like a flood followed by the longest squirt ever as Cheyenne lifted her hips off of the bed followed by what looked like Niagara Falls in reverse, her hard squirt shooting up into the air nearly 5 feet and spraying all over Jake, Kyra and their Mom.

Cheyenne's whole body quivered as it lowered to the bed and her gorgeous legs glistened with her squirt juices as she passed out. Kyra laid at her sister's left side as their Mom laid at her right side, both resting the sides of their faces against Cheyenne's as Jake laid across the front of her model-like body on her; all falling alseep and dreaming of what just transpired and would transpire once they awoke...But that's another story.


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