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Reba: Kyra Comes Out Of The Closet (Mf,f-mast,voy)
by Jeff Paw ([email protected])

Kyra tried to be quiet in the cupboard but it was so hard to rub your pussy
and look through the hole. She had hoped to watch her sis and Van have sex
but for some reason her sister wasn't home but Van had pulled out a magazine
from underneath the bed and had pulled out his cock. Kyra has seen a couple
in magazines and sometimes on cams on Internet but never one this close. It
looked funny but she couldn't keep her eyes off it and the more he looked
the bigger it got. She had heard from her girlfriends that thy got real big
but she had never seen one this big. Even though she remembered when her dad
used to read to her only a couple years before she had notice how he looked
down her blouse and she could feel it get hard underneath her. She now knew
why Cheyenne had fucked him and got pregnant by him.

She imagined Van fucking her and was rubbing herself real fast when she lost
balance and fell out of the cupboard. Van looked over and saw Kyra and he
moved off the bed and walked to her and grabbed her hand and lifted her up
to her feet. Kyra didn't know what to say and just stood there, neither
looking down yet but both knowing that from waist down there was nothing on
either of them. Van still had her hand and moved it down and onto his cock,
"Is this what you wanted to see?"

Kyra looked down and smiled at her hand being on his cock. "I'm sorry, its
just I wanted to see how it's done and I thought you and Cheyenne would be
doing it," said Kyra.

"Well she isn't here, but if you want to learn just start moving your hand
back and forth," Van said.

Kyra started to masturbate his cock and couldn't keep her eyes off it and got
back down onto her knees and then moved forward and started to lick the tip
of his cock. "Is this how Cheyenne does it," Kyra asked.

"Take more in. Yeah, that's it Kyra; you are a good cocksucker," Van said.

Kyra smiled to herself and concentrated on the cock in her mouth, she thought
when she did this it would be disgusting but it felt so, so right. Because
Van had been pulling for a while he already had the urge to cum. Instead of
warning her he just shot his first load of cum into her mouth. Kyra was
shocked at first and gagged a bit but started swallowing while she sucked so
she didn't choke. When Van stopped cumming she took his cock out of her mouth
and stood back up.

"You did so well for your first time," and leaned in to kiss.

"You want to kiss me, even though I have just had your cum in there?"

"Yeah," and Van moved in and started to kiss her, first slowly but then

Van while kissing her started to move her back towards the bed and moved her
down until he was on top of her kissing her. He could feel himself getting
hard but he knew he had to do something first and started to kiss down her
face and to her neck and undid the first button and started to kiss further
down, undoing the buttons as he went.

Van then grabbed each side of the blouse and rip the rest of the buttons off,
this excited Kyra and her breathing started getting more excited. She watched
her breasts expand and she thought she would burst out of her bra. Van moved
his hands behind her back and undid the clasp and he pulled it off and threw
it across the room. Van looked down at his sister in law and admired her
body, he hadn't really noticed how well developed she had become.

Van moved down and licked around her nipple and then put his mouth on her
nipple and started to suck on them. He moved down from her breasts and kissed
down her stomach until he was above her pussy, she had a fine red fluff of
hair and he used his fingers to open her up and then started to lick inside
her pussy. 'MMMM!' he thought as he started to lick her, making sure he was
rubbing her pussy the way he knew a girl liked and he could tell she liked it
because she was becoming wet and the way she was moaning. He wasn't going to
wait until she orgasmed because he knew he didn't have enough time, he needed
and wanted to be in her but he knew he had to do in such a way that she would
keep it a secret and keep coming back for more.

When he thought she was wet enough he then slowly kissed back her body until
he was at her sweet lips again and she tasted herself on his tongue and this
drove her wild. Kyra could feel his cock between her legs and she started to
get scared, she hadn't thought it would get to this, even though secretly she
had fantasised about him for last 3 years.

Van moved his hand down and opened her pussy lips and moved his cock his cock
to her entrance and start to thrust in, he knew it would take a while to get
his whole cock in, but he knew from her sister, his wife when he finally did
that she would be wild with lust. Even though she could feel same pain she
was also thinking about being fucked and this was a more primal thought in
her head and was pushing her ass of the bed so she could get more into
He was about 4 inches in when he felt her hymen and he looked at her and she
nodded and with one final thrust he broke her hymen and his cock was fully
inside her. Kyra couldn't believe how much pain there was but she couldn't
believe that she had fit this cock inside her. Kyra moved her legs around
and she locked her legs behind his and looked up at him and told him to fuck
her. Van didn't need to hear anything more and started to move his cock in
and out of her, Kyra was moaning into his ear, telling him to fuck her like
a slut. He remembered back to when he had taken Cheyenne virginity and how
she used to be like this, cock hungry. Ever since she had given birth their
sex life hadn't been the same and he started to fuck Kyra like there was no

Kyra could feel the orgasm building and yelled at Van to cum in her. He
didn't need much more and he soon started to thrust fully inside her and let
his cum explode deep into her womb. Kyra used her pussy muscles to squeeze
the rest of the cum out of his cock. Van lifted off her and lay beside her.

"Are you ok?" Van asked.

"Yes, that was hot. Do you want to again?" Kyra enquired.

"You mean now? I do, but Cheyenne is do home," Van said.

Kyra moved off the bed and grabbed her blouse and went to cupboard and
grabbed her skirt and panties and went to door. Looking around at him, "Maybe
next time you can take my last virginity." She turned shaking her ass as she
walked out of room.

It wasn't long until Cheyenne came into the room and sat down and noticed a
bra that wasn't hers on the floor. "What have you been doing? That isn't my
bra!" she screamed.

"Kyra was in here before getting clothes to wash. I guess she dropped it."

"I'm sorry baby you know I get jealous when I think girls from school and you
but its ok, your all mine in this house."

"Yes baby, all yours," replied Van as he smiled.

The End


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