Reba: Jake's Unexpected Lesson From Cheyenne And His Mom (bFF,inc,first,anal,squirt,facial)
by Dr. Demented 666

Jake was very excited that he was going to his sister's college with her since the campus was allowing attendants to bring family with them to view college life first hand. Cheyenne thought it would be fun to take her younger 12 year old brother along to allow him to see what he might have to do when he gets older enough to go to college himself.

Cheyenne always dressed sexy and that day was no different with her wearing a tight white top that hugged her large breast and had short sleeves to it with a golden eagle necklace. She had on a short black skirt with a ruffled base to it and it barely covered her ass cheeks, showing off her long sultry legs in her high heels and golden ankle bracelet.

Upon arrival at Cheyenne's college she guided him to her first class of the day-Biology. She had no idea what was in store for her and Jake didn't know either, but they found out quickly that the days theme for class was sexual reproduction. Jake's eyes widened with delight as he realized he was gonna get his first ever glimpse into an area his mother has never had 'The Talk' with him yet. Cheyenne was embarrassed about what was to take place as the lights dimmed to darkness and the video began.

Jake watched in great anticipation as the screen produced and x-ray like image of a woman's vagina being penetrated and inseminated by a man's penis. An erection formed in Jake's pants as he witnessed for the first time such a thing and experienced his first ever boner. Cheyenne noticed her brother's bulge with utter disbelief as she looked over at him smiling at the screen.

But suddenly, Cheyenne found herself reaching down between her legs and fondling her smooth shaven pussy and making it wet. Cheyenne shut her eyes and fingered herself right there in class, letting out soft coos and slight moans of pleasure. Her eyes popped open with disbelief as she felt the warm hand of her brother sitting next to her in the back of the class slide down her inner leg, reaching her pussy and gliding his fingers over her wet hole.

Instantly she let out soft, controlled chirps of orgasmic pleasure as she squirted her orgasm into her brother's hand. Jake smiled as his boner pounded hard in his pants, wanting an escape. Jake quickly pulled his hand from under his sister's skirt as the lights came back on and noticed her beat red in the face and panting heavily. The floor under them was soaked and his hand dripped with her orgasm as he dried it by wiping it on his pants.

As the bell rang Cheyenne jumped to her feet and took Jake's hand that he had under her skirt and led him to an unused room down the hall where she quickly yanked her panties off and climbed on the table, lying on it on her back and commanding her brother to mount her...

"Put it in me, Jakey...Just like you seen in the video...I wanna feel it so bad! I can't believe you made me cum right there in class....Welllllll....It's your turn, now." Cheyenne stated.

Jake couldn't believe his ears, but he quickly got into what his sister wanted and pulled his pants down to his ankles and got between her legs with his hard cock jumping and popping at her vaginal entrance. Cheyenne reached down and guided him into her and watched as his 5" dick slid into her fully.

Cheyenne gasped and Jake rolled his eyes with an 'I can't believe it feels like this?' look on his face. Jake pumped his hips in a humping fashion slowly, feeling every gripping inch of his sister's pussy, her hot wetness soaking his shaft and her soft panting and warm breath against the side of his face as she playfully darted her tongue into his mouth and twirled it around his.

In seconds Jake was cumming and filling his sister's pussy, making her cum yet again and squirt all over his cock and upper legs. Jake broke his lip lock with his sister and got up to his knees where he withdrew from her and Cheyenne lifted her head to witness her brother's insemination pour from her pussy like a horse came in her...

"Holy fuck! Jake! That's a whole lot of cum! Look at it all!" Cheyenne blurted out as it pooled onto the wooden surface of the table.

Jake smiled in awe as he now knew what sex was like and his sister let him experience her body in a way a brother never should. But Cheyenne put her panties back on after wiping her pussy dry with some paper towels and Jake tugged up his pants and briefs and as they left the room Cheyenne stated: "Wait till we get home, we're really gonna have some fun then...Damn, Jake...I didn't know you had it in you to be like that with me...Hell! I can't believe I dd it with you myself..."

Jake was super horny and couldn't wait to get home to experience more of what his sister had in store for him and hoped he would get to see her fully naked. Once up in Jake's room he wasn't disappointed as Cheyenne took all of her clothes off and exposed her perfect naked body for her brother to see in full detail. Her luscious legs leading up to her perfect smooth shaven pussy and camel toe vaginal lips, then her toned stomach and large rack with no sag to it and her pert nipples standing erect and stiff as goosebumps on her body made her arm hairs stand on end.

Cheyenne swooshed her long wavy blond hair over her shoulders: "Your turn, Jake...Lets see you naked."

Jake watched his sister with a coy look as she smiled back at him, anticipating what she might get a look at and already knowing what some of his lower half looks like. Jake tugged his top up over his upper body and off of him and then pulled his socks off, proceeding next to unzip his pants and let them drop to the floor and leaving him in just a pair of black briefs. Cheyenne gazed over his boyish physique and youthful good looks with obviously no hair forming yet on his legs, chest or underarms.

"Everything, Jake...Lets see your package..." Cheyenne begged of her brother, growing wetter by the second down below and feeling her wetness trickle down the inside of her legs.

Jake took his briefs by their elastic waist band and pulled them down and off of him and stood upright with a boner pointing straight at Cheyenne. Cheyenne marveled at her brother's innocent features, including a scrotum pulled tightly up to his testicles and just baring a slight shadow of puberty. His cock bulged with veins riddling its side and along the top of it and she watched as he took it in hand and stroked it right in front of her.

Cheyenne took his cock like a leash and led him to the bed where she got on it on her back and spread her legs for him to get between. Jake climbed onto the bed and positioned himself between his sister's legs just as he did at the college and began to slide his cock between his sister's vaginal lips, watching as her camel toe wrapped around his shaft and hugged it snugly.

"Don't be shy, but it in me Jakey..." Cheyenne stated.

She watched as her brother sunk himself into her fully until his tight nut sac reached her pussy; quickly pulling him down onto her and coercing her tongue playfully into his Skittle flavored mouth with begging him: "Fuck me, baby...Fuck your sister into orgasm..."

Jake pumped his hips slowly in a humping action as his sister gazed with glossy eyes into his and slowly felt her first orgasm of the night coming on...

"Cheyenne!? Jake!? What in the Hell are you two doing!? Jesus! Stop that right this second! Your brother and sister for God's sake!" A stern voice came from the doorway.

Cheyenne and Jake looked over to see their mother, Reba, standing there with a disgusted look of anger on her face.

Cheyenne quickly hooked her legs around Jake's waist as he went to get off of her: "No! Don't stop! Keep fucking me, Jake! Fuck me! Make me cum!"

Reba couldn't believe her ears-and eyes, as Jake did as his sister begged of him. He wanted to still get off as bad as she did, even if their mom was in the room; they were already doing it so they might as well finish.

Reba watched as her son slowly humped himself into his sister with her legs around his waist and Frenching him like heated lovers. Reba found herself gently touching her erogenous zones and wandering closer to the bed until she was seated on it at her children's sides. As Jake and Cheyenne bodies mingled and twirked with sexual excitement, Reba reached out with a trembling hand to touch her son's smooth back. As her fingertips reached his skin, she yanked her hand back quickly with uneasy tension; then reaching out again and placing it firmly onto her son's back and feeling his warmth as he took his sister.

Reba found herself gliding her hand down her son's naked back in a sensual and playful manner, reaching where Cheyenne's legs were wrapped around her brother and then glided her hand down the front of Cheyenne's leg and across the side of her stomach. Reba reached Cheyenne's breast and circled her finger around Cheyenne's stiff nipple as it pressed against her brother's chest while he fucked her.

Reba's eyes widened as she heard her son let out soft moans as his eyes squinted shut and he panted heavily atop his sister. Cheyenne's legs unhooked from her brother but remained lifted in midair and twitched with orgasmic delight. Cheyenne screamed with pleasure as her and her brother's bodies jolted in orgasm as he filled her with his cum and she squirted all over his dick.

Cheyenne slowly lowered her legs and lifted herself to her elbows in a reclined state and watched as her brother rose to his knees and slowly pulled from her pussy. Reba couldn't believe her eyes as she gazed over her daughter's young body and her hairless vagina, something Reba never considered doing to herself. Reba was in dismay as Jake withdrew fully form his sister and his hard cock smacked back against his stomach and a flood of cum poured from his sister's pussy.

"Look at it all, mom! Damn, my little brother really can fill me up....Get down there and lick that stuff out of me." Cheyenne commanded of her brother, wondering if he would actually do it or not.

Reba's face cringed with disgust as she watched her son go down on his sister and plunge his tongue deep into her freshly cream pied pussy until her camel toe lips wrapped around the side of his face. Cheyenne dropped down to the pillow and arched her hips, orgasming yet again and squirting all over her brother's face.

Jake rose to his knees with his mouth shut and a smile as cheyenne turned and rested on her side facing their mom.

"Kiss her, Jake. Kiss mom. Show her how good you are with that mouth of yours." Cheyenne ordered her younger brother.

Jake inched himself closer to his uneasy mother still sitting on the bed and not believing what was about to happen but remained there frozen and unable to physically pull herself away form him. Jake leaned in and pressed his lips against his mother's while staring into her watery eyes that slowly shut as their lips met, but sprang back open in horror as his tongue moved into her mouth; pushing along with it the mouthful of cum and vaginal fluid he held in it from lapping it up out of Cheyenne's pussy.

White cum slid down Reba's chin from the corners of her mouth and then down her neck wher the fabric of her shirt stopped it...

"That's so fucking hot!" Cheyenne exclaimed as she took her mom's hand and wrapped it Around Jake's cock as he knelt beside her and making her stroke him.

"Feel how wet it is, mom? That's all me...Well, and some of Jake's stuff, too." Cheyenne stated.

Jake broke his lip lock with his mom and she took her hand and wiped the cum from her face and neck with a disgusted look on her face.

"Strip, mom...Let Jake have some of you, now...Let him see how hot of a body you really got." Cheyenne told her mom.

Reba shook her head in a 'No' fashion, but was helped to her feet by Cheyenne her started to take her clothes off for her. Reba wrestled against Cheyenne momentarily but slowly began to give in with an eye roll of 'I can't believe this is happening to me'.

First off was Reba's white long sleeve top, exposing her full breast that didn't need a bra but had one anyway since she never wanted anyone to stare at them bouncing around underneath her shirt. Cheyenne unsnapped the white silk bra from behind and eased it off her mother's shoulders and exposing her hard nipples to Jake for the first time and how firm her tits really were.

As Jake reached out and cupped his mother's breasts, Cheyenne proceeded to unzip her mother's tight fitting jeans from behind and then pull them down to her ankles, where she lifted each of her mom's legs until they were out of them. Only a pair of blue and white speckled cotton panties remained on their mom and a pair of black socks.

"Jake, take the honor in taking off mom's panties." Cheyenne told her brother.

Jake was all to quick to drop to his knees and tug them down her legs until they were off of her, exposing her full naked body and it's peachy skin tone and a perfectly formed red pubic mound that came to a soft peak at its center and wasn't at all overgrown.

Jake playfully twirled his fingers into his mother's pubic mound and startling her with a tongue lash that made her quickly jolt back away from him with a loud 'NO' squeal.

Cheyenne smiled and led her mom to the bed and had her lie on it her back where Cheyenne just was with her brother.

"God! It's all wet!" Reba exclaimed, referring to the soaked sheets with boy cum and girl squirts.

Reba laid back on her back and Jake got between her legs just as he did his sister, propping his shaft against his mom's pubes and twirling it about in them. Cheyenne smiled and twirled her fingertips over their mom's hard nipples as Jake sunk himself into their mom. Reba groaned and arched her upper back, making her head sink back into the pillow with a huge vein popping out on her neck.

As soon as Jake entered his mom a huge explosion of vaginal fluid shot from her pussy and spurted all over Jake. It's like he popped a water balloon upon entering her and her body flailed with orgasmic delight sh hasn't felt in years and it was all from her son and daughter.

"Kiss her, Cheyenne...Kiss her like I did." Jake asked of his sister, wanting to see his first ever lesbian make out session, and it would be between his sister and mom!

Cheyenne leaned in for a kiss but Reba turned her head away, but Cheyenne pulled it back by placing her index and middle fingers on her mother's chin and pulling it towards her. Cheyenne slid her tongue into her mom's mouth as Jake began to hump away inside his mom, watching as their tongues twirled excitedly over each others.

Cheyenne licked her way down her mother's body until the side her face was nestled into Reba's pubic mound like a pillow. Cheyenne smiled as she looked up at her brother fucking their mom...

"Let me taste her on you...Feed me that dick from mom's pussy." Cheyenne asked of her brother.

Slowly Jake pulled from his mom's pussy, watching as his cock glistened in the room light from the vaginal fluids soaking it. When it was finally all the way out of his mom it dripped thick vaginal liquid from it like it was soaked in karo corn syrup or something. Jake took his dick and fed it to his sister, listening as she slurped the substance off of it and watching as he pushed it back into their mom's wet pussy.

Jake did this several more times until Cheyenne got up and pushed him down onto their mom...

"Make love to her...Fuck her and make her feel what I felt." Cheyenne told her brother.

Jake laid down across his moms warm body and felt her hot breath against his face as he pumped his shaft back and forth in her, taking her and making her feel like a sexual being she never was before. Reba's widened and her pupils dilated as her son kissed and licked his way into her mouth, feeling her lift her legs and wrap them around him just as his sister did not too long ago.

In seconds, Jake was squinting his eyes shut that quickly sprang open as he felt his sister's finger work its way past his smooth ass cheeks and into his asshole, giving him several 'Come-hither' motions inside of him...

"You like that, don't you Jake?" Cheyenne asked of him.


Reba was utterly surprised at her son's orgasm and how it filled her to the point it was overflowing and gushing back out her pussy passed his cock that remained in her and fucking her.

"I DO! JESUS! I DO! JAKE! HOLY SHIT! YOU'RE CUMMING IN ME! IT'S SO MUCH, HONEY! YOU'RE DICK! IT'S BANGING AGAINST MY INSIDES SO HARD! GOD! MY CLIT! YOU'RE GIVING ME AN ORGASM, JAKE! KEEP IT UP! KEEP DOING ME! FUCK ME! I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMING!" Reba screamed as she clamped her legs tightly around her son's waist and dug her fingertips into his back and left claw marks.

Finally, the two stopped cumming and Jake once again rose to his knees after his mom released her leg lock and lifted and positioned herself just as Cheyenne did on her elbows, watching as her son pulled from her freshly fucked pussy.

Reba couldn't believe her eyes as Cheyenne reached down and pried open her mom's vaginal lips for everyone to see the wet inner walls that were suppose to be a dark pink color but were instead an opaque white from Jake's cum that slid out of her like a river flow.

Cheyenne pushed her mom back down onto the mattress and climbed atop of her in a 69 position and looked back over her shoulder with a smile to her brother...

"In my ass, Jake...Fuck me in my backdoor and let mom have a birds eye view of it."

Jake couldn't believe his ears but was more than willing as he propped the head of his cock against his sister's puckered ass as their mom lay underneath her and watching with Cheyenne's cunt wagging at her mom's mouth. Jake pushed his dick into his sister's ass and she jolted forward with a loud yipe from her first ever anal penetration, but settled back for Jake to reenter her until he was fully seated into her rump.

Reba watched as her daughter was plowed anally by her brother, again and again Jake pushed his full length back and forth into his sister and listened as she groaned and howled as their mom swiped her tongue over Cheyenne's pussy and pushing her tongue deep into Cheyenne.

Cheyenne cooed and then a huge gasp came over her face with widened eyes as her brother gave her powerful thrusts as he came deep into her ass, filling her with his load and then pulling slowly from her ass and watching as his cum poured from it.

Reba opened her mouth and pressed it against Cheyenne's pussy with her tongue wagging at Cheyenne's vaginal entrance as the cum made its way down Cheyenne's vaginal crevice and into Reba's mouth. Reba's mouth overflowed and cum flowed out of it and down either side of her face, glazing it white with her son's semen.

Cheyenne jumped up quickly and grabbed her mother's arms and began to pull her around and off the foot of the bed...

"Cheyenne! What are you doing!?" Reba exclaimed with disarray.

Cheyenne didn't say a word as she positioned her mom so she was off the bed and her shoulders were pinned to the floor and her ass even with the top of the bed at its foot. Cheyenne took her mom's legs and pulled them all the way back to Reba's shoulders and pushed them open wide like a butterfly, exposing her mother's womanhood to Jake for him to mesmerize in.

"Take her, Jake. Mount her...Stand over her and pile drive that dick of yours into her ass." Cheyenne exclaimed as she knelt over her mom with her bald pussy grinding into her mom's forehead as she reached over and pried open her mom's vaginal lips.

Jake maneuvered himself over his mom so he was standing over her reclined state and aiming his hard cock straight down at her anal entrance. Reba watched as her son lowered himself enough until his cock head was seated against her asshole and she had a stunned look on her face...

"I can't believe you're gonna do this to me, Jake..." Reba whimpered.

Jake slowly squatted enough to allow the weight of his body to seat his dick into his mother's ass, taking note of her painful expressions and cringing twitches as his dick split her ass for its first ever anal penetration. Reba groaned and veins popped out on her neck and forehead as she strained to accept her son's multiple thrusts into her ass.

Cheyenne smiled with glee and grew heated as she ground her bare pussy into her mom's red hair on her head while still prying open her mom's pussy for Jake to view as he fucked her anally. Cheyenne took her finger and borked it against her mom's clit protruding from its sheath and made her jolt with convulsions as she orgasmed.

Reba's orgasm mad Cheyenne orgasm and then Jake as well. Reba's squirt looked like an upside down waterfall as it shot several times into the air and then dropped down onto herself, Jake and Cheyenne; leaving streaks of orgasmic fluid on them and vaginal droplets that shimmered in the room light and she squealed and clenched to her daughter's legs.

Cheyenne showered her mom with her own powerful squirts that immersed Reba in a warm bath of vaginal fluid that stuck to her like a gooey slime and drenched her hair. Jake followed suit by pulling from his mom's ass and pushing the underside of his cock against her spurting pussy and using her soft pubes to get off with...

Jake came with a long cum shot that shot from his dick across his mom's body and onto her face and into her mouth without even breaking, maintaining a long arch until it finally separated from his dick and dropped onto his mom, followed by several shorter cum shots that showered her lower stomach and covered her red pubes in semen.

Cheyenne got off her mom and Jake removed himself from atop his mom, allowing her to finally get to a seated position where she commented: "Shit! I never had sex like that in my life! I can't believe you two!"

But, Reba knew that this was just the beginning and that Jake learned of such things from going to school with Cheyenne; so how could she rebuke such a revelation that they all cum to enjoy-even if it was incest...





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