Reba: Jake's Pussy (mm,anal,facial,cream pie,first,preg,herm)
by Dr. Demented 666

Jake hit the tender age of 13 and was going through very early stages of puberty when he found himself getting wet right there in class in his middle school. Jake realized he was different than other boys in a way only he and his immediate family knew. He was one of the few people in the world that could say he had all the outward appearances of a boy but was born with a pussy instead of a cock and balls.

Jake massaged himself through his pants and his hand was soaked from his gushing orgasm as he panted heavily there at his desk and the whole class turned and stared at the virginal boy getting off in front of them. When Jake opened his eyes he turned red in the face as the girls had their jaws dropped wide and the boys were giggling at him and what just happened.

The teacher excused him from class and Jake went home totally embarrassed. After a few hours came a ring from the doorbell and Jake went and answered the door. There standing was one of his closest friends, Eric. Eric was Jake's age and was quite handsome, resembling most a young Max Charles at age 13 from the TV series: 'The Strain'.

Jake was surprised to see Eric and was hesitant to invite him in after what happened in school, but Eric pushed himself through the door and shut it behind them; reaching out and pulling Jake to him and slamming his tongue into Jake's mouth and kissing him. Jake was shocked at his friends advance and pushed him away...

"What are you doing? God! Your tongue was in my mouth!" Jake uttered out with bluntness as he wiped his friends saliva from his lips and face...

"Jeez, Jake...I thought maybe you'd like to try whatever it was you were thinking about in school that made you have an orgasm...Yeaahhh, I know and seen what you did in class...Man, your pants were all wet, I bet they were full of cum..." Eric stated.

"Wellll, actually...There's something you don't know about me..." Jake tried to explain...

"What ever it is...I don't care...I just want to do you...I mean, you're really kinda cute for a boy...Would you like to try with me?" Eric asked of his young friend.

Jake thought a moment and realized he may never get to sexually experiment with someone again due to his unique circumstances, even if it was with another boy. Jake shook his head 'Yes' and Eric smiled as they headed up to Jake's room with pounding hearts and a boner coming to life in Eric's pants as he was led into Jake's bedroom by hand.

Once in his room Jake turned and watched as Eric took off his clothes and exposed his toned stomach, hairless chest and legs and armpits, and a 6" hard cock sticking straight out at him with peach fuzzed balls under it. Jake was impressed as the boy stood there with an innocent smile as he stated: "Your turn...Take 'em off, Jake..."

Jake turned and took his clothes off until he stood butt naked facing away from Eric. Eric gazed over Jake's naked back and bare bottom that was shut tighter than Fort Knox...

"Turn around Jake, let me see your front." Eric demanded of him.

Jake turned and Eric's jaw dropped as he took in his friend's youthful appearance as his body was just as smooth as his own but without a cock...

"Damn, Jake! I had no idea you were a girl!" Eric exclaimed.

"I'm not, I'm a boy...Except for the fact I have a vagina, I mean." Jake replied.

"No, it's ok...I like what I see." Erci stated as he went to Jake and began to swipe the tip of his cock head against Jake's smooth vaginal slit and they both watched as Eric's pre-cum began to smear against Jake and glaze his virginal entrance.

Eric leaned in and the two began to make out as Eric cupped his hands around Jake's ass cheeks and dry humped his cock against the front of Jake's legs as their tongues swished around into each others mouths...

"Suck it, Jake...Go down on me and put it in your mouth." Eric suggested to his new lover after breaking their lip lock momentarily.

Jake found himself sinking to his knees and putting his friends hard cock into his mouth as he looked up at Eric and enjoyed the joyous facial expressions Eric was providing in reaction to the oral he was now receiving. Jake's cheeks began to show their dimples as he sucked inward and his tongued flicked over Eric's cock in his mouth.

Eric's hips jolted with sudden urgency and his cock sprang out of Jake's mouth mid orgasm and spraying his face with bouncing-arching cum shots as Eric's cock sprang upward with each throb and emitted long loads of cum onto Jake's face.

Eric took his shaft and pushed his cum into Jake's mouth and had Jake suck it off of it, enjoying Jake's slurping action and feeling his hard cock slide down the back of Jake's throat and making him choke on it. Eric pulled from Jake's mouth and had him go lie on the bed where he quickly followed and pushed open Jake's smooth legs. Jake lifted his head off the pillow and watched Eric lick his way down the inside of Jake's smooth inner legs until he reached Jake's pussy, prying it open with both his hands and swiping his tongue into it.

Jake's head fell back deep into the pillow and his back arched as he felt a sensation like no other, Eric's tongue lashing in him and fluttering about and nailing his inner vaginal walls in all their erogenous zones. Jake's stomach tightened and his inner legs slammed shut tightly against his friends face as Jake's hips bucked upward hard in a humping fashion as he emitted loud chirps of orgasmic pleasure with a high voice screaming: "YESSSS! GOD! YESSSS!"

Jake's pussy sprayed his hot orgasmic liquid all over Eric and soaked the sheets under them as Jake lowered his body back down to the bed and let the few final orgasmic spurts trickle to an arching stream like out of a drinking fountain, to which Eric turned his head and drank it just like from a drinking fountain.

Eric licked his way up Jake's stomach until they were face to face and Eric was grinding his hips and humping his hard cock against Jake's virginal pussy...

"I wanna put it in you so bad..." Eric exclaimed...

"I wanna feel it in me..." Jake replied.

Eric reached down and guided himself slowly into Jake's pussy, feeling the strong grip of Jake's vaginal walls clamping tightly around his shaft and the vaginal fluids lubing the hard shft as it pumped back and forth into Jake. Jake grasped his hands around Eric's wrists as Eric hovered over Jake in a push up position, pumping his cock into Jake and taking his virginity while making him squeal like a little girl.

"My pussy! You're taking it, Eric...Ow! Ow! Sssssss! It hurts! OUCH! GOD!" Jake screeched as his hymen broke and blood coated Eric's hard cock as it began to cum in Jake. Jake could feel the hot boy cum pour into him and provide a new type of lubrication and easing the burning he was previously feeling.

Eric passionately kissed Jake and pulled from Jake's pussy and forced his hard cock up Jake's tight ass...ake

"FUCK! MY ASS! FUCjK!" Jake screamed with profanity he never used before...

"I'm fucking your ass, alright! Man! You're really tight back there! Relax a little, Jake, let me do my thing..." Eric exclaimed.

Jake relaxed his tension and could feel the swelling cock push and pull back and forth inside of him, coercing Jake to wrap his legs around his lover and make out with him as Eric took Jake over and over anally until cumming once more inside of Jake. Jake's legs dropped to the boys sides and Eric pulled from Jake, rolling over to Jake's side and staring up at the ceiling with a dizzy smile.

Jake rolled over onto his side and draped a leg over Eric's as the to cuddled in bed reminiscing over what just happened. But what really happened was Jake ended up pregnant and having a baby 4 years younger than his oldest sister, Cheyenne, did at 17 years old. The whole family was stunned and had some real explaining to do in the neighborhood that year...





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