Reba: Jake's Halloween Delight With Cheyenne (bF,inc,first,facial,anal,cream pie,squirt)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was Halloween and Jake played a dirty trick on his mom by scaring her that Van had killed off a lover of Cheyenne's and stuffed him in a trunk of a car, but Reba loved the joke overall and was impressed with her son's prank. But, Jake was impressed with his sister's getup for Halloween in her French maids outfit and her stunning figure as she strutted around the house with her athletic legs teasing through her black nylons leading all the way up to her rump that was barely covered by her mini skirt.

Jake was in heat like a dog from his sister and had a bulge growing in his pants by the second, he massaged it and tried to make it go away-his first ever boner that is. He almost succeeded until his sister came through the door and pranced around the living room again. Jake was in awe over how stunning she was and couldn't get over the fact he was drooling over his own sister...

"Watcha look'n at Jake?" Cheyenne asked of her 12 year old brother.

"Uhhhhhh, you must be mistaken...."Jake stammered out.

"About what?" Cheyenne asked with curiosity.

Jake didn't know what to do as his sister gazed over him and noticed the swelling in his pants...

"Oooooooooh Jakey...My my my...What have we got here?" His sister stated as she reached down and grazed her hand over his erection in his pants."

Jake pulled back quickly and pulled his shirt dwon over the lump as his sister smiled at him...

"Stop it, Cheyenne...You made this happen in the first place!" Jake confessed.

"Really? How?" Cheyenne wondered.

"Well, look at you and them legs of yours...Can you blame me?" Jake stated.

Cheyenne looked down at her stunning legs and smiled as she now knew what her brother was turned on over, her own model-like figure...

"You mean me? Jakey, I never knew you felt that way about me." Cheyenne said.

"Wellllll, I didn't...Not like that anyway, but since you put on that getup I haven't been able to think of anything else...I mean, your legs!" Jake stated while still covering his boner.

"You like em don't you? Wanna touch them?" Cheyenne stated as she lifted one leg and propped her foot on the living room coffee table.

Jake's jaw dropped and he found himself going to his sister as she seduced him with her leg propped up and waiing to be touched. Jake glided the palm of his hand onto her knee and then just behind it, stirring up her inner thigh all the way to her crotch where she let out a loud gasp and shut her eyes as her brother's hand made its way to her private area. Jake was so into what he was doing that he didn't know he reached his sister's pussy.

"Jake! You're making me wet!" Cheyenne panted heavily as her brother continued his fondling of her between her legs.

"You're not wearing any underwear?!" Jake blurted out, now realizing he was groping his sister's pussy.

Cheyenne smiled and reached down, whipping out her brother's dick in quick action and surprising him by stroking his 5" dick. Jake stared down at his sister stroking him and quickly went to gliding the underside of his sensitive dick against the sheerness of her nylon. Cheyenne loved the fact her brother was humping her leg and let him as he massaged her pussy and clit through her nylon.

Soon, both were cooing and sighing with great pleasure as a few quick jolts from Jake's hips indicated his first orgasm that shot white strands of cum up his sister's leg and coating the black nylon that covered her leg. Cheyenne jolted as well as squirted through the fabric of her nylon into her brother's hand.

Jake pulled his hand from his sister's crotch and looked at it covered in her orgasm...

"Cheyenne! You peed in my hand!" Jake stated as her orgasm dripped from his fingers and slid down her inner leg.

Cheyenne smiled at her brother: "No I didn't baby, that's my orgasm you gave me...Just like you did on my leg except mine isn't white and sticky like yours...Want me to make that happen again for you?"

Jake nodded a profound 'Yes' to hi sis and watched as she slid to her knees and pulled him into her mouth and sucked on his cock. His dick became coated with saliva as she massaged his prepubescent balls until his hips jolted again and he let out soft puppy-like yelps as his cum blasted onto her face.

Jake couldn't believe the sight as long white strands of his cum draped across his sisters face and blasted through her hair. Cheyenne giggled and stroked her brother's shaft, pulling every last drop of jizz from his shaft and gobbled it up like a milkshake.

"I can't believe you took that stuff in you mouth...Doesn't it taste funny?" Jake stated with a look of disgust on his face.

Cheyenne stood and placed the palm of her hand behind her brothers head and pulled him to her where her lips met his and she slid her tongue into his mouth, Frenching him and letting him taste his own cum. Kinda candy flavored like the Skittles he ate earlier, Jake began to relish in what his sister tasted and now he too. They both swapped his cum back and forth and Cheyenne let him lick it off of her face like a dog lapping up water form a bowl.

"C'mon, Jakey...Lets go upstairs and finish this." Cheyenne stated as she took her brother by the hand and led him up to her bedroom as he struggled to keep his pants up as they remained unzipped and open.

Jake had no idea what his sister had in store for him but soon would as she got on the bed on her back still in her French maids outfit and opened her legs.

"Tear open my crotch, Jake...Tear it open and lick my pussy, baby." Cheyenne begged of her brother.

Jake went to do just that when she abruptly stopped him: "Wait! Take off all your clothes first..." Cheyenne asked of her brother.

Jake took off all his clothes and let his sister see his 12 year old boy figure in all its glory with his tanned frame and jet black hair swooshed to the side as he strutted to the bed with his hard dick swaying. Jake got on his knees between his sister's legs and glided his hands down the insides of them till he reached her crotch and grasped at the nylon there, tearing it open with a loud ripping sound and observing her perfectly smooth pussy glistening from her wetness.

Jake petted her pussy with playfulness before diving face first into it and making her gasp and arch her back from the pleasure her brother was giving her. Cheyenne took the back of his head and pulled him into her pussy while wrapping her legs around his shoulders and thrusting upward while screaming...


Jake got a face full of his sister's orgasm as squirt after squirt blasted him like water balloons breaking on his face. Cheyenne's orgasm subsided and her legs slid to her brother's side, allowing him to get up to his knees and letting her see his body drip with her orgasm...

"That felt great, Jake...Your turn to cum, now...Put it in me, Jake..." Cheyenne begged of her brother...

"What? In your vagina? Are you serious!?" Her brother asked with uncertainty.

"Yeah, baby...Do it...Put that dick in your sister's pussy and fuck me honey...Fuck me! FUCK ME, JAKE!" Cheyenne stated with loud profanity.

Jake slid closer to his sister and propped the underside of his cock against her wet vaginal entrance and slid it back and forth against her slit, teasing her and himself at the same time without entering her...

"IN ME, JAKE! PUT IT IN ME! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Cheyenne begged of her brother.

Cheyenne gasped and her jaw dropped with her eyes springing open and pupils dilating upon her brothers tingling entry into her wet pussy. Jake marveled at how hot and wet his sister's pussy was and how it clenched to his cock and massaged it as he worked it back and forth into her. Jake found himself laying forward until he was fully atop his still clothed sister except for her ripped open crotch area.

Jake nuzzled his lips against his sister and teased her into a tonguing as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around her naked brother, allowing him to fuck her deeply while panting against her neck between tongue lashes. The bed rocked and Cheyenne balled the sheets up into her fists as her brother stated with a high pitched voice: "My thing! Cheyenne! It's throbbing again!"

"I know, Jakey! I can feel it filling me up! GOD! So much cum!" Cheyenne replied.

Cheyenne's legs twitched with orgasmic delight as they remained wrapped around her brother and they orgasmed together. Cheyenne unleashed a fury of squirts onto him as he filled her with his boy cum, the two passionately kissing like lovers while Jake's hips slowly finished grinding as he finished inside of his sister...

The two were quickly interrupted: "Cheyenne?! Jake!? I'm home from the grocery store! Come help me get these groceries inside!" Aloud motherly voice came from down stairs as their mom, Reba, had arrived back from the store with their sister, Kyra.

Jake got dressed and Cheyenne changed into something else and the two went down stairs to help their mom, knowing full well they both just had sex and probably smelled like it, too. Jake was happy as can be now that he lost his virginity and Cheyenne was just as happy that she took it from him, but the two wouldn't end it there and it started all over again the very next morning just before Jake was to head off to school.

Jake came down stairs early in the morning and Kyra had already left with their mom. There in the kitchen was Cheyenne standing in front of the sink in a black ruffled mini skirt that showed off her gorgeous legs all the way up to her ass that barely was covered by it. Jake was stunned at how his sister was dressed in her skirt and tight top that showed off her large tits that obviously had no bra supporting them. Not that they needed support but that her nipples were so hard they shown through the fabric with ease.

"I know how much you like my legs so I thought I'd throw this on for you...You like?" Cheyenne stated and asked of her younger brother.

"Wow! Do I! Wait, did mom see you like this?" He asked of his sis.

"No, not yet...But I'll be changed before she gets back...Besides, I'm in my twenties and should be able to dress how I want...But for now, looks like you're up and ready to pick up where we left off last night, I can't let you go to school looking like that..." Cheyenne said, referring to the boner in his pants.

Cheyenne bent over the counter and lifted her skirt, revealing she had no panties on. Jake immediately went to his sister and got on his knees, gliding his hands up the backside of her legs followed swiftly by his tongue until her reached her pussy. He flicked his tongue into her pussy and then her ass as he pried open her ass cheeks.

Cheyenne let out a loud squeal followed with a soft coo: "No ones ever licked my ass before, Jake...Wanna fuck it?"

"Are you serious? You mean, put my thing in you butt?" Jake asked as he pulled his tongue from her puckered ass.

"Yeah, why not? I always wanted to try anal..." Cheyenne replied.

Jake rose to his feet swiftly and dropped his pants to the floor as he slapped his hard cock against his sisters bottom before pushing it deep into her rump. Cheyenne groaned and grasped at the edge of the table as her brother took her anal cherry for the first time. Jake's slow thrusting turned into fast, deep thrusts that made his sister bounce forward against the table counter with each of his fucks into her.

Cheyenne's flood gates opened as she screamed in orgasm, her long spurts showered the floor under them and trickled down her inner legs as Jake finished in her with loud grunts with each hard thrust and cum shot into her. Jake pulled from his sister and stood back in awe, watching the gape he left behind pulses and emit white cum that slowly slid down the back of her leg. Jake found himself dropping to his knees yet again and licking his cum off the back of Cheyenne's leg as it made its way down it. Slowly he licked his way up to her gape and flicked his tongue playfully into the swelling his cock left burning.

His tongue was like a soothing element that tickled her just fucked ass and made Cheyenne squirt yet again all over the counter, floor and Jake....

A car door slammed outside and they knew their mom got back early. Jake jumped to his feet and pulled up his pants as him and Cheyenne quickly ran upstairs to change into something more presentable and for Jake-something drier...

"Cheyenne! Jake! What's this mess on the floor out here in the kitchen!?" Reba shouted up to them.

Cheyenne and Jake came down stairs and out into the kitchen where they could see Cheyenne's squirting mess all over the floor along with Jake's white cum mixed in with it...

"We had a problem...We bumped into each other and spilled milk and water all over and had to go up and get changed..." Jake came up with the answer pretty quick...

"Well, get this mess cleaned up before you leave for school..." Reba told them.

Jake and Cheyenne cleaned up their orgasms from the floor as they smiled at each other knwoing what really happened and giggled about it...Until the next time...





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