Reba: Jake's Family Experience (b-solo,bf,bF,inc,oral,anal,first,squirt,bukkake,voy)
by Dr. Demented 666

15 year old Kyra had just got back from her canceled soccer game and went upstairs and undressed in the bathroom. She left on only her blue and white striped panties, knee high blue socks and changed into a tight fitting top that hugged her large teen breasts; in fact, it barely covered them. Kyra just loved how it covered only half of her tits and let the lower half of them show along with her toned stomach, it was one of her shirts from years ago.

Kyra went to her bedroom and upon entering it she stopped with shock as she seen her little 11 year old brother, Jake, standing by her dresser with a pair of her panties around his hard cock and using them to masturbate with. She gazed at his boyish figure and how he had such a smooth looking frame with no hair anywhere except the black hair on his head. Kyra found herself growing wet as she watched her brother get off on her personal belongings, knowing he must be thinking of her sexually...

"JAKE!" Kyra shouted, scaring her brother and making him take notice of her.

Jake's eyes sprang open and he saw his sister standing there and exposing more of herself than she ever has before to him. He loved the way she looked as he stared at parts of her body he never seen in such detail before...

"You like using my panties like that, don't you?" Kyra asked of her brother as he stood there naked and red in the face with her undies over his erection.

"Wanna see what it feels like with your thing in my panties while I'm wearing them?" Kyra said playfully.

Jake quickly nodded 'Yes' as his heart pounded and a tense feeling came over him in his stomach, like the feeling you get when you know you're doing something wrong. Jake came to his sister and she pulled her panties off his 5" erection and pressed her body against his, slowly tucking his cock into the undies she was wearing and grinding her hips as she watched his joyful expressions...

"Feels good, right?" Kyra asked of her brother as they both stared down at his bulge working back and forth under the fabric of her panties.

Jake again nodded a 'Yes' as he was speechless at the wet sensation of her pubes tickling his dick as her panties pulled him tight to her pussy as she pumped her hips in a humping action...

"Wanna feel something even better?" Kyra asked of her brother.

"Sure...I mean, I guess..." Jake said with excitement, but trying to not show it.

He watched as his sister leaned in and began to kiss him, giving him a tingling sensation as her tongue worked into his mouth and he could taste the juicy fruit gum flavor as her tongue worked over his. Jake quickly pulled back...

"What was that!" He asked.

"A French kiss...You like?" His sister replied.

Jake smiled and began to kiss his sister back as she broke their lip lock and licked her way down his torso until on her knees where she lifted off her top and exposed her large melons and puffy nipples to him. Kyra took her brother and put him in her mouth, playing with his thing with her tongue and nibbling playfully at his cock head. Within seconds Jake started to have his first orgasm, cumming his hot jizz into his sister's mouth as she stroked him off.

Kyra pushed his cum out the corner of her mouth and let it slide down her neck and onto her right breast, pulling her brother out of her mouth and letting him finish on her face. Cum splashed across her cheek and onto her forehead, than a shot shot over her shoulder and into her wavy red hair that hung to mid-back.

Jake stared down at the mess he made: "Sorry, Kyra...I...I didn't know I would...I mean...It's never happened before..." Jake confessed.

"Shhhh! It's ok, Jakey...It's suppose to happen... But you really do make a mess." Kyra said with a smile as she rose to her feet.

Kyra slid out of her panties and exposed her red bush to her brother for the first time as she went and laid on the bed on her back with her legs spread and arched up at the knees as she petted her fur mound.

"Come here, Jake...Lick me right here..." His sister asked of him.

"What? Are you gonna pee on me, Kyra?" Jake asked as if his sis was playing a joke on him.

"No, It's called oral sex...You just lick me with your tongue down here and make me feel good. You can also use your fingers..." Kyra giggled.

Jake went to his sister on the bed and went down on her, playing with her pubic mound and working his index finger into her pussy as he flicked his tongue over her bulbous clit. Kyra moaned with delight as her brother worked her over with his mouth until her hips sprang up and she let out a squeal as she orgasmed. Jake shot up to his knees with surprise as he watched his sister's arched torso sink back down to the bed and she motioned for him to get on top of her.

Jake laid across his sister and watched as she reached down between her legs and took his cock in hand, lining him up to her vaginal entrance and saying, "Push, Jake...Take me...Take my virginity..."

Jake pushed himself into his sister and felt her tightness stretch around his shaft as it became coated with her juices that flooded his privates. Jake slowly pumped his hips back and forth while he kissed Kyra.

"When you feel like you're gonna cum again, pull out...We're not using any protection..." Kyra instructed her brother.

It didn't take long as Jake sprang up and his cock popped out of Kyra's pussy and shot cum all over her stomach and into her red pubic muff. Kyra rubbed his cum into her skin with her hands and he watched as her breasts glistened from his sticky glaze being rubbed into them. Jake took his thing and pushed it against his sister's asshole, wanting to try her back there since he always admired her rear.

"NO! Not there! Get away, Jake! I had enough for the night!" His sister said as she pushed him away, not allowing him to have her anally.

Jake headed off to his room frustrated how things ended when he passed his Mom's bedroom and the door was cracked slightly opened. Jake caught a glimpse of his Mom lying on her bed on her back sleeping, apparently naked since her tits were in full view and one of her legs hung out from under the covers and bent at the knee; he could clearly see she had no panties on.

Jake got that uneasy feeling in his stomach you get when you're doing something wrong as he entered her room and slowly pulled the covers down and off her legs, exposing her naked splendor and a lovely red thicket of pubic hair. His Mom was beautiful and he seen her for the first time in all her naked glory.

Jake climbed into bed with her, careful not to wake her and licked his way down her inner leg till he got to her pussy. Slowly Jake parted her pussy lips and pushed his tongue into her, she was so sweet with a scent of raspberry as he licked her and listened to her begin to moan and touch her breasts in a playful way.

Reba woke suddenly and lifted her head to see her son down between her legs with his tongue darting all over inside her pussy as his finger entered her and did a come-hither motion, sending shock waves throughout her body and making her slam her legs tightly to either side of her son's face as she squirted in his mouth.

Jake quickly pulled away thinking she peed on him, but realized it didn't taste or smell like pee and was clear in color as his Mom said: "Jake! I can't believe you just did that to me! You made me orgasm, honey!" His Mom stated.

Jake smiled and went down and started to lick her around her naval, up her stomach and breasts; stopping at her right nipple and biting it while pulling up with his head. Jake let go of her nipple and watched as it snapped back into place atop her tit, he licked his way up her neck, chin and to her lips where they looked into each others eyes as Jake dry-humped his Mom's muff as he began to kiss her.

Reba couldn't believe her son was doing this to her but his seduction got the better of her as she slid her tongue into his mouth the same time he entered her pussy with his cock, fucking her with heated passion as she moaned with delight and hooked her legs around the backs of his legs...

"Mom! You're gonna make my thing throb!" Jake whispered into her ear.

"Not in me, honey...Pull out!" She exclaimed, watching as her son withdrew and not really knowing if he had sperm at such a young age.

Jake went up to his Mom's face and unloaded on her, covering her cheeks and mouth with his gooey mess as his stomach contracted and he gasped for air. Reba squealed as her son dropped his hot loads on her since she never had a facial before, but her son was giving her one since he loved how it looked on Kyra.

Jake took his cock and scooped up his cum with its tip and underside and pushed it into his Mom's mouth, watching as she sucked his dick clean while gently caressing his hairless nut sac. Jake pulled out of his Mom's mouth and decided to try with her what Kyra wouldn't let him do to her earlier. Jake got down to kneeling between his Mom's legs and pushing his cock head firmly against her asshole, Reba lifted her head and stared at him with disbelief...

"Can I, Mom? Can I try it back there with you?" Jake asked of his Mom.

He got his answer as Reba reached down with both hands and cupped her ass cheeks, prying them open as she lifted her legs and folded them back against her. Jake eased himself into his Mom's tight ass until he was balls deep and his Mom's eyes began to water.

Reba opened her legs and let Jake down on her as he ass fucked her, wrapping her legs around his waist and feeling his thrusts burn her inner ass walls. She kissed him passionately as he popped his Mom's ass cherry and his cock beginning to pulse inside her. Jake's hot cum filled her ass and lubed his shaft as it continued to pound her as she screamed: "I'M CUMMMMMING! JAKE, I'M CUMMMMING! YOU'RE MAKING YOUR MOM CUMMMM, HONEY!"

Reba squirted all over her son's lower body as his thrusts came to an end in her and her legs sliding down his sides as her orgasm subsided as well. The two kissed for another 10 minutes as Jake remained in his Mom and his erection shrinking back to normal size inside of her and eventually popping out, followed by his creamy ooze soaking the sheets under them.

Jake now knew he could count on not only Kyra, but his Mom as well whenever he gets the urge to get off again; maybe next time it can be with both of them at the same time.


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