Reba: Jake's Birthday Sleepover (bbbF,inc,oral,anal,dp,dpp,slash)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was Jake's 12'th birthday and he decided to have some of his friends sleepover after his party. They were Eric and Josh, both the same age as Jake and quite cute with their boyish good looks. Eric actually was a spitting image of the Eric from Jurassic Park 3 and Josh most resembled a young Dominic Scott Kay.

So it was later on in the evening and the boys were up in Jake's room when his mother, Reba, happened by and caught the scene of her life out the corner of her eye since the door was cracked open a few inches. Reba peered into Jake's room and her jaw dropped as she witnessed her son on his knees naked and sucking Eric's hard cock while Josh rubbed his up against the side of Jake's face as they both stood over Jake naked.

Jake nibbled at Eric's cock, raking his teeth gently over his cock head and flicking his tongue over his piss hole while softly pulling his fingertips over Eric's peach fuzzed sac. The boy's bodies shimmered in the room light as they barely were going through puberty and had no hair under their arms, on their legs, and just the hint of peach fuzz growth on their sacs.

Suddenly Eric convulsed and his cock shot upward with a long strand of cum spurting from its end and landing on Jake's face. Jake gobbled the boy's semen as his face got coated with cum and it started running down his neck while Josh shoved Eric out of the way. "My turn!" Josh panted, wanting Jake to make him cum as well. Jake was ready to oblige until his Mom burst into the room with just a white button-up top and panties. It's all she was wearing since she was on her way the the bathroom before stumbling on the boy's little sexcapade.

"Stop that! Stop it this instant!" Reba shouted as she stood there in Jake's doorway. Jake stood up off the floor and all the boy's faces had a hint of an 'Uh oh' look. But Eric had an idea and took Josh over to Reba and grabbed her by her arms and held her firmly.

"What are you doing?" Reba asked with disbelief.

"C'mon, Jake...Take your Mom's shirt off." Eric ordered.

A smile came over Jake's face as he approached his squirming Mom and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Just as he was opening it to expose her breasts she whimpered, "Noooooo, Jake...This is wrong, I'm your mother." But Jake opened her shirt and slid it off her body as Eric and Josh leaned in and began to lick her erect nipples and rubbing their shafts against the side's of her legs, smearing Eric's post-cum and Josh's pre-cum onto her legs.

"Let's see if your Mom is a true red head, take her panties off, Jake."

Reba rolled her eyes and let out a soft 'God' as her son tugged her panties down her legs to the floor and caressed her soft, red pubic mound with the tip of his dick; soaking her pubes in his pre-cum juice. Jake leaned in and slowly nudged his Mom's lips with his and sunk his tongue into her mouth, making her eyes spring open with surprise as Eric whispered in her ear: "You like the taste of my cum in your son's mouth, don't you?"

To Reba's surprise, she did. She really started to give into her forced incest and the sexual advances from the 12 year old boys. Jake broke his lip lock with his Mom and pulled away, taking Josh by the hand and leading him to Jake's bed. Jake got on the bed and laid on his back with his legs spread and arched at the knees while Josh lubed his cock with vaseline.

"Watch this, Reba. Jake really likes having Josh do this to him." Eric softly uttered in her ear as he stood behind her and slid his dick between her legs in a humping action without entering her and cupping her breasts from behind.

Reba grew wet and horny as Josh went down on Jake for a few minutes and sucked him hard, then knelt between his legs and slowly inched his cock into Jake's asshole. Reba's eyes widened as she watched her son's rectum swell and stretch outward with each backward pull of Josh's meat stick. Jake winced with each shove into him and let out puppy-like yelps as he balled the sheets up in his fists. Josh laid across Jake and began to French him as Jake hooked his legs around Josh's waist.

"Wanna join in the fun?" Eric asked Reba, who nodded 'Yes'. They both approached the bed and Eric got on one side of Jake and pushed Josh up off of him. Josh remained in Jake's ass as Eric motioned for Reba to get atop her son in a 69 position. She did and just before she put her son in her mouth, she said, "God! I can't believe I'm doing this." But she did. As soon as she put Jake in her mouth Jake's tongue swiped over her pussy slit and made her moans sound muffled with her mouth full of her son's cock.

Eric got behind Reba doggy style and slowly inched his 5" erection into Reba's pussy. Jake watched with enthusiasm as his mother's pussy squirted on Eric's cock while Josh fucked away inside Jake's ass. Eric began to explode inside of Reba, filling her pussy with his cum and throbbing against her inner vaginal walls.

"You're making me cum! I'm cumming! GOD! I'm CUMMMMMMMING!" Reba screamed as Eric pulled out of her and his cum poured out of her and into Jake's mouth where it filled and streamed out and down his neck and the sides of his face. This made Jake cum and his wad blew all over the side of his mother's face and onto her forehead. Josh pulled out and jerked off onto Reba, cumming in her hair and onto her back.

Reba gathered her wits and slowly rose to her knees where Eric led her to hover over her son's hard cock that rested back on his stomach. Eric stood and came around to the front of Reba, pushing his cock into her mouth so she could taste herself on him. Josh went around to her backside and knelt behind her while straddling Jake's stomach.

Eric then laid down on his stomach in front of Reba and took Jake in his mouth between her legs. The locks of Eric's hair tickled her inner legs and pussy as he bobbed his head while sucking Jake hard. Eric took Jake's cock and pushed it from his mouth into Jake's mother's pussy, making her gasp as her son penetrated her for the first time. Eric licked his way up the front of Reba's body until they were face to face.

Reba felt Josh rake his fingers down her back, moving his cum along with them and then inserting a finger into her ass. Her eyes popped open wide, "Not there....Nooooo! Stop!" Reba cried out.

"It's ok, you can take it if your son could." Eric reassured her. Reba had a worried look on her face as Josh popped th head of his cock into her ass and then sunk it fully into her. Her mouth opened wide and she gasped as her eyes teared up. Eric pressed his cock up against the base of Jake's and slid his cock into Reba's pussy along with her son. All 3 of the boys were now fucking her.

"SHIT! FUCK! I can't believe this...All 3 of you are inside me...FUCKING ME! AT THE SAME TIME! FUCK! YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN! FUUUUUUUCK!" Reba Screamed as she orgasmed not once, not twice, but three times in succession as the boys filled both her holes with their cum. Their intense throbbing inside her and the pressure building as they stretched her to new proportions.

Eric and Josh pulled out at the same time and Reba lifted herself up off of her son's cock, the cum pouring out of her and covering Jake's lower stomach and his private area. Reba collapsed on the bed at Jake's side and Eric laid on her with his head in her cleavage as Jsoh laid at Jake's side and draped a leg over Jake as he rested his head on Jake's chest. All 4 fell asleep in this position and dreamed of what was sure to 'cum' in the future.


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