Reba: Jake Pleases His Mom In More Ways Than One (mF,facial,anal,cream pie,inc,herm,squirt)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was late in the evening and Jake and his mom had the house all to themselves since Cheyenne, Van and Kyra were all away on a band gig Kyra was doing for the troops out of town. Jake was so excited after he found a $10 silver certificate earlier in the day that he rushed to his mother's bedroom to show her it.

Jake rushed into his mom's bedroom with an excited smile and wearing nothing but pajama bottoms as he uttered: "Mom! Look what I found!"

He stopped cold in his tracks as he stumbled upon a sight he thought he'd never see-his mother lying naked on the bed on her back and something unusual laying down in her private area and resting gently back against her lower stomach. Jake's jaw dropped as he gazed upon his naked mother and her intense MILF glow with her large breasts holding firm and plump with pink nipples that stuck straight up with stiffness and her long silky legs leading up to the uniqueness between her legs.

Jake couldn't believe his mom had a penis like his, but much bigger...

"Holy crap! My mom's a hermaphrodite!" He thought to himself silently as he heard of such things but never thought he'd actually come across such a person in real life.

Jake, being 13 and just hitting puberty with a pinch of peach fuzz across his scrotum, grew curious. He's been experimenting with his friends-kissing, oral and even anal sex with one of his closest friends, Josh. Jake knew of the tremendous feelings and orgasm brings and the fun that goes along with it, he just never thought about doing such things with his own mother until today.

Jake found his dick getting hard in his pajamas and he quickly took them off and let his 6" erection speak for itself as his heart pounded as he approached his mom's bedside in a creeping manner. He slunk himself onto the bed and glided his hands up her smooth legs and pushed them open, exposing her perfectly shaven smooth private area with the tightest looking pussy just under her balls.

Jake gripped at her shaft and lifted it, feeling its weight resist his pull as he stroked it to an incredible 12" in length. He couldn't even wrap his hand around it as it had a girth the size of the business end of a baseball bat. Jake's eyes widened in delight and surprise as he pleasured his mom in her sleep, slowly licking his way up the underside of her shaft and nibbling at the tip of her cock head.

Reba began to moan in her sleep and softly stir in the sheets as her son gave her oral. Reba woke suddenly with a screeching yipe as she rose to her elbows and stared down at her son with her cock in his mouth and him smiling at her with those cute dimples forming oin his cheeks as he inhaled with suction applying to her cock.

"Jesus! Jake! What are you doing to me!?" Reba announced with shock, knowing full well what he was doing to her.

Jake gently kissed the tip of her cock and fluttered his tongue over her pee hole and coerced pre cum from it. Reba was astounded at what her son was doing to her and how good it felt, she never had anyone play with her thing like that before and never had an orgasm through her cock neither, but now was the time...

Reba let herself fall back onto the bed and sink her head into the pillow as her hips shot up and her cock thrusted deep down her sons throat as she thrusted upward in a fucking action and pulling her son down onto her shaft. She could feel his esophagus clamp tightly around her shaft as he struggled for air and his spit coated her dick with sliminess as she bellowed a loud 'YES!"...

Jake pulled away with choking cum spewing from his mouth as he took hold of his mother's dick and jerked it with excitement and watched as long strands of hot cum flung into the air. Cum shot up nearly 4 feet in the air and stopped at its peak like gravity took hold and held it in place in suspension until finally giving way and allowing it to fall back onto Jake and his mom. Hot cum coated the boys face and hair as his mom's orgasm dwindled and her cum flowed from her cock like hot lava from a volcano, pouring over her sons hand as it gripped and finished her as he licked the cum from her cock and stomach.

Jake took his mother's hard cock and pulled it close to him, wrapping his arm around it and hugging it tightly as he blew his hot breath against its glistening state. Slowly Jake kissed and licked his way up his mothers body as she purred and let out a soft sigh of surprise as se felt her son's hard cock slide into her pussy and begin to take her.

Reba's eyes popped open with shock as her pupils dilated while Jake fucked her with slow 6" thrusts, feeling her tight pussy clamp around his shaft and grip it with warmth and wetness. Jake leaned in and teased his mom as he slowly nudged her lips with his as he continued to fuck her, coercing her lips to part so he could ease his tongue into her mouth as they stared into each others eyes.

Reba couldn't believe this was happening with her own son and how well he was at doing it, sending chills throughout her body and making her pant with ecstasy as the ridge on his cock head nailed her G-spot multiple times, forcing her to orgasm several times within just under a minute. Reba squealed and squirmed under her son as her pussy spurted her liquid hotness all over him as she felt his cock swell and explode inside of her, filling her pussy with boy cum and making it spill over onto the sheets.

Reba lifted her legs and wrapped them around her son, pulling him deep into her with a loud moan as both their orgasms came to a halt and Reba's legs spasmed while wrapped around her boy. Jake laughed with joy as did his mom under him, giving them both the opportunity to make out and work themselves into a second round of continued incest...

"Wanna try anal, mom?" Jake asked of her...

"What!? Are you crazy!? That'll hurt, Jake!" Reba stated to him, making it known that she never received anal before...

"It'll be alright, mom...I've done it before..." Jake confessed to his mom.

"What! Are you serious!? With who?" Reba asked in a dumbfounded voice...

"With Josh...He likes it and so do I...It feels good once you get use to it...If you let me do you, I'll let you do me..." Jake told his mom as he rose to his knees between her legs.

Reba lifted her head as he propped himself up against her puckered asshole and looked at her with an 'Is it OK if I do?' look on his face. Reba gave him a 'Yes' nod and he wormed his hard shaft into her ass, watching as she winced in pain and squinted her eyes shut while her stomach tightened as did her asshole.

Jake eased his well lubed cock deep into his mom's rump, letting her feel every inch deflower her backside as he cupped her breasts and began to fuck her. Reba gasped for air and balled the sheets up into her fists as her son fucked her anally for nearly 10 minutes. Her ass felt like it was on fire until he came in it, soothing it naturally with his hot cum and working it into her anal walls with his shaft as he jammed it into her hard with each throbbing orgasm.

Jake pulled from his mom's ass and watched as it gaped and his white cum oozed freely from it and onto the bed. Jake scooped as much up into his hand as he could and stroked it into his mom's hard cock, watching her pleased reaction and knowing what was coming next...

"Your turn, mom...Put yours up my butt, now." Jake begged of her.

Reba's heart pounded as her son got on all fours on the bed and she positioned herself behind him on her knees and pushed the head of her cock into his ass. Reba watched as her son's ass stretched to accommodate her girth and its mass pushing into him, Jake squinted his eyes shut and bit into the pillow as his mom plunged her entire length into him so slow she could feel every muscle in his ass clench around her hard shaft...

"You're so big, mom! GOD! It's huge in me!" Jake screamed out with his boyish just hitting puberty high pitched voice...

"I'm hurting you...I should stop..." Reba exclaimed to her son...

"No! Mom! Don't stop! I like it! Fuck me mom! Fuck my little ass!" Jake cursed to his mother.

Reba couldn't believe her ears, her son swearing like that, even she never used that type of language. But, it kinda turned her on and got her into doing something so vile and nasty that she began to take her son's ass with her giant member; allowing it to tingle inside of him as she softly stirred her fingertips along his bare back and spine as she slapped his smooth bottom.

Reba pulled from his ass and he looked oer his shoulder: "What are you doing? Don't stop now mom..." Jake pleaded with her.

Reba had new plans and stood at the foot of the bed and had him stand at its edge and squat down till his ass met her hard cock standing straight up and aiming right at his ass entrance. Reba eased herself into his rump once again till she was balls deep and hooked the palms of her hands behind his knees and lifted his legs up till she had him in an anal full nelson.

Jake was in dismay and utter delight at the new scenario his mom was introducing him to, something his friend Josh would never be strong enough to do. Reba thrusted up into his tight ass with grunts and moans each time she did so as she walked to the full length mirror and faced it so they both could watch what was happening.

Jake could now see his ass being stretched by his mom's immense girth and length and with each backward pull his ass walls stretched outward with it. As Reba pounded herself into his boy rump his hard cock sprang upward from the force and his stomach tensed up and contracted as she kissed his neck and licked the corners of his mouth from behind, still holding him in the anal full nelson and pressing him against the mirror.

Reba whispered softly into his ear from behind: "Honey! I think you're gonna...You are! You're making mama cum in your little ass! Feel it! Feel it, Jake!"

Jake's eyes widened as he felt the slimy nature of his mom's jizz fill him: "I do, mom! It's so much! You're dumping like a gallon into me! MOM! My thing! My dick! It's! Look at it!"

Reba pulled back away from the mirror and continued to fuck him and cum in him as his cock came to life and sprung upward and with each spring action an arc of cum erupted from his shaft and shot onto the mirror, dripping down the face of it.

Jake's face was red as his mom's humping came to an abrupt halt and she slowly pulled from his rear end as she still held him in the anal full nelson and watched as her semen flowed from his gaping orifice like a milky river. Reba slowly let her son down to his feet and his legs wobbled and gave out under him, making him fall to the floor where his mom pounced on him and made out with him in his pool of cum smearing into his back.

Reba now knew her son could please her in ways she never imagined and Jake knew she was willing to let him, after all she was the hottest mom in Houston and he is a cute boy who likes to ass fuck...Next time he'll fuck his mom in the ass...





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