DISCLAIMER-REAL WORLD and ROAD RULES are owned and copyrighted by MTV and
Bunim/Murray Productions. This is a purely fictious story not to be read if
you are under 18. Otherwise, enjoy. (Note-I find girls farting amusing so
there will be such in my tales, if nobody objects.)

Real World: Tonya's Torment (FF,BDSM)
by Neil Burns ([email protected])

It was a gorgeous sunny day in Chicago and the spacious apartment near
Andersonville was empty except for Tonya, who was reclining on the sofa and
on the telephone with her boyfriend Justin. Since the show REAL WORLD
CHICAGO started, the Walla Walla native had shown no interest in interacting
with the other housemates. The other roommates had driven to Saint Louis to
visit Kyle's parents so Tonya had the place to herself and could "dish" on
them without fear. One of her favorite targets was Anessa, the 19-year-old
mulatto lesbian who enjoyed parading around nude. The two of them had nearly
come to blows on several occassions.

"She's such an inconsiderate bitch," Tonya sneered cattily. "I mean, nobody
wants to see your tits flopping about, Anessa. Put some clothes on."

At that moment, the "inconsiderate bitch" entered, wearing a white tanktop
and denim shorts. She had removed her flipflops and walked into the room
barefoot, yet Tonya was too engrossed in her conversation with Justin to
even notice. Anessa's face twisted into a scowl as she listened to her
roommate roasting her. Keep talking, girlfriend. You're gonna pay for this.
An evil smile grew as she looked into the two bags she was carrying. She
tiptoed past Tonya who did not even glance up as she changed targets and was
attacking the so-called-relationship between Keri and Kyle.

"It's so fucking pathetic. Keri wants him, but he isn't interested. Hello.
Get a clue."

Unbekownst to Tonya, Anessa came up behind her and slid a hard plastic hood
over her head and locked it in the back. She then pressed a button and
bluish gas hissed in and enveloped Tonya's face. The blonde immediately
passed out, dropping the telephone to the floor. Anessa picked it up and
held it to her ear while stroking Tonya's hair and pulling out a red
footless Spandex catsuit turned inside out with two vibrators sticking out.

"Hello, Justin?" Anessa purred sweetly. "Can Tonya call you back later? She
is kind of busy right now."

The lesbian looked at the girl lying on the floor at her feet and gave her a
slight kick.

"Talk shit about me, will you? Time to put a stop to this."

Two hours later, Tonya woke up and found herself standing in the middle of
the room dressed in the red catsuit tied up with black cord. She tried to
talk and found that she was gagged. She had also noticed that her crotch and
ass felt plugged up. What the hell is going on here? Suddenly, she felt a
heard a soft buzzing and felt her crotch and ass begin to slowly vibrate.
VIBRATORS?! Who the hell did this! I'll kill them! A familiar giggle caught
her attention and she turned her head, seeing Anessa dressed in a black
latex catsuit with red platform heels and a riding crop in her left hand.
Anessa waltzed up and caressed Tonya's blonde tresses while licking her,
following it up with a viscious slap across the face. She then began
stroking Tonya's face with the crop.

"Talk shit about me, will you?" Anessa cooed. "You don't have any guts, do
you. You don't have the guts to tell us to our face you have a problem with
us for whatever reason."

Tonya tried to protest, but the tape over her mouth prevented her from
talking. Anessa groped Tonya's ass with one hand and her left breast with
the other and began to alternately kiss and lick her face.

RAAAAAAAAAAAPPPOORRRFF!! A loud fart sounded and a noxious odor burned the
blonde's nose as Anessa not-so-gently bit Tonya's ear. Two more long rippers
assaulted Tonya as she groaned in agony. "YOU BITCH! THAT REEKS!" Anessa
laughed nonchalantly as she bit Tonya's breast.

"Doesn't that smell good?" she purred. "I had a whole lot of Mexican food
before I came back. Prepare to suffer because we have the whole weekend
ahead of us."

Anessa's hand pressed against Tonya's crotch and the attached vibrator began
to increase in intensity inside Tonya's vaginal wall, causing her to groan
louder. The lesbian reached behind and pressed against Tonya's ass crack and
the vibrator there also began ton spin faster. She then cupped the blonde's
face in her hands and kissed her nose.

"I really like you, girlfriend. But, you don't give me a chance. You don't
give anyone a chance. You would rather isolate yourself away from everybody
and talk on the phone with Justin."

Suddenly, the crop in Anessa's hand flicked and slapped against Tonya's
Spandex- covered ass, causing a yelp of pain and leaving a slash on her
bottom. Three more followed as Anessa's gassy ass ripped three more squeaky
boofs. Anessa stroked the side of Tonya's crotch as tears began running down
her cheek.

"Don't give me that," Anessa sneered. "You love it and you know it. Miss
I'm-Too-Busy-Talking-With-My-Boyfriend-To-Give-A-Shit-About-Anyone-Else. You
want to talk to Justin, why the fuck don't you just stay in fucking Walla
Walla then?"

Tonya's muffled reply failed to move the lesbian as she leaped onto the
blonde's shoulders, locking her legs in a head scissors, and forcing Tonya
to her knees while falling back sitting on the couch. RAAAAPPPPPORRT!!

Twin blasts assaulted Tonya's nose and burned her eyes and Anessa began to
not-so-playfully whip Tonya with the crop while ripping toxic bombs and
alternating the vibrators' intensity against the blonde's crotch and ass.
Tonya did not know what was worse. Being struck by the riding crop. Anessa's
smelly gas and her squeezing Tony'a head like an orange. Or her vagina and
bottom being assaulted by phallic-shaped objects inserted in them. Slowly
then faster than slowly and on and on. What kind of a sick bitch was Anessa?
Since when was she into S&M? After a half hour, her catsuit was torn and her
back laced with welts. Anessa forced Tonya to the ground and lay on top of
her, ripping the top part of the catsuit off revealing two lovely globes.
Fondling and squeezing them hard, she licked the blonde's face and bit her
ear hard. Yanking off the duct tape she rammed her lips against Tonya's and
held them. Suddenly, she bit on Tonya's lower lip and held on until she felt
blood then released her grip, gagging the blonde before she could protest.

"Now," Anessa cooed, slapping Tonya not-so-gently. "Are you going to talk
anymore shit about me or the others?"

Tonya could not answer, but her muffled whimper seemed to indicate she would
not and begged the lesbian to stop. However, the mulatto's grin grew wider
as she played with Tonya'a golden locks. With a wide grin, Anessa walked
over to the telephone and picked it up. An hour or two later, several lesbian
dominatrixes Anessa befriended, including her current girlfriend Domino, came
over and a nude Tonya, fitted with a bit/bridle and saddle was forced to play
pony slave for the afternoon and part of the evening. To make it worse, the
dominatrixes were also the gassiest so she also had to suffer the humiliation
of smelling their farts as she crawled around carrying them on her back.

Later that night, Anessa slept sweetly, her nude body lying on Tonya tied to
the bed, dreaming of further delicious torments for her roommate during the



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