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Ramna 1/2: Taming The Redhead (Mf,ncon,humil)
by Dagger

Ranma moaned wantonly as the big man behind her pounded her wet cut. Ranma and the construction worker had been fucking for hours in the hotel bed. The tangled sheets beneath the nude redhead were soaked in sweat and semen as the fat man clutched her hips while working on her her hot slit.

Ranma's redhaired head bobbed until the man grabbed a handful of her tresses. Her head lifted as she drooled, bucking on hands and knees as her pussy was roughly fucked by the fat stranger. And despite the fact that she was boy turned into girl, she loved every second of that.

The muscle man leaned over the moaning redhead to catch hold of both of Ranma's beautiful, round breasts. As he milked rouglhy both of her tits, he gnawed the nape of her neck, his big nose nuzzling Ranma's mane.

The bucking beauty arched her spine when the construction worker brought her to the beautiful, strong orgasm again. As her sexy body shuddered in multiple climax, Ranma went back to where she first met the stranger...

Ranma was riding the late bus home. It was another rainy day. She hated these days, since because of the rain she had to stay in her girl's body all the time, wore woman's clothes and stuff. It wasn't cool at all, she never liked the way guys looked at her. Ranma was straight, of course. But she found that when she's in the girl's body for a long time, she starts to think just like a girl. Straight girl, to be precise. She's been looking at the men in the way she'd never do as a boy. It was making her feel strange.

She's been thinking about it right when the big man boarded. He immediately noticed the beautiful red haired girl sitting in the back and made his way down the narrow aisle to the bench where Ranma was sitting.

"Hey, baby. You look lonely back here," smiled the man who was wearing sweat stained construction overalls. The man's sweat smell was strong as he dropped down heavily on the bench seat beside Ranma, his massive frame pressed Ranma against the side of the bus as it lurched back into motion.

Ranma did her best to ignore him, but it wasn't easy. She hated that feeling, since her body was clearly reacting on this man. Her best idea was to yell at him "Get out, you moron, I'm a boy!" but something prevented her from doing so. It was like this guy's manly aura was overwhelming, making her feel small and weak. Normally Ranma would have no problem with beating this guy to the pulp with just a single finger, if only she'd return to the boy's body. But there was no hot water around. She just hoped he'll leave if she'd ignore him.

But the man had other plans. It didn't take long for him to reach for Ranma. He rested his large hand on redhead's thigh first, then slowly slipped his hand between Ranma's long legs.

"I can make you feel read good, baby," purred the man as he leaned into Ranna, his breath hot in her ear.

Ranma almost jumped, feeling man's hands on her. She was about to slap him really hard but right in the moment she want to yell, her eyes met his gaze. Shiver went down her spine, she never felt anything like this. Big man's gaze was so... dominating. She felt like all her strength leaves her. Angry as she was, she found that she can't fight this man. It was something totally new for her.

Ranma fidgeted but kept quiet as the man stroked inside her smooth inner thighs, caressing her limbs on his way to Ranma's crotch. She tried to keep control over her body, but she was losing this battle. Redhead looked around for the escape, but it was like the man kept her close to him, making her unable to run away from him... and from the unwanted yet intensive pleasure.

She wasn't sure if she could cry for help. What would happened if anyone who'd knew about her curse would find out that she was molested and had to call for help. Ranma couldn't imagine bigger humiliation. None would threat him seriously after that.

Ranma moaned softly before she bit down on her quivering lower lip. She closed her eyes as she felt the man reach into her panties, slowly stroking up and down her pussy. None ever touched her there. She tried to keep her legs to together, but man make her spread them with ease.

"No... not there..." she said with a shy, girly voice.

"Right there, babe" he said, making her tremble when his index finger touched the front of her panties. "Right into the spot"

"This is so wrong... I can't... get wet because of the man's touch" thoughts run down her head. But she couldn't lie to her own body. She was getting horny. "No, no, no... I'm a boy, I'm a boy, I'm a boy" she repeated inside her head, but nothing could help.

"I'm gonna make you real wet, honey," whispered the man before poking his tongue into Ranma's left ear. Her cheeks went red as he did so since her ears were always very sensitive. It wasn't helping at all when felt rough fingers rub her twitching vulva. She was really aroused as hell. And she couldn't help it The fact that it was man's deed, was devastating for Ranma's psyche. She could never believe that she'd simply accept being groped and molested by a man. But from the other hand, she never felt that submissive... and femine.

"Mmmmmmm..." A soft groan escaped Ranma's mouth when the construction worker wiggled his fat index finger into her moist hole. Slowly the stiff digit worked its way into Ranma's love hole, giving her more of the unwanted pleasure.

"Bet you want to fuck real bad now, slut," grinned the man as he breathed on Ranma's ear again before lowering down to her neck and licking. It was like he knew exactly where to attack. His every action was making her more aroused and less resistant. Ranma's round breasts were heaving inside her shirt, her nipples poking up through the fabric.

"Pleasssse..." she said, her eyes wet. "Pleassse.... stoppp..."

"Stop? But your body says otherwise" he grinned. Ranma's thighs spread apart for the stranger as he fingered her moist womanhood. Ranma's pussy juices were soaking her panties as she squirmed on the bus seat, her left hand clutching the back of the bench in front of her, her right pressed against the bus window to her side.

"No... no morre..." she purred, but man was deaf for her pleas. She knew she could not fight it anymore. Perspiration beaded Ranma's forehead as she bucked gently in her seat, her hips rocking as she humped the two thick digits now stabbing inside her wet sex. It was so wrong yet so good. Her cheeks were red like a bricks. The strange man masturbated her in the bus. This fact was crushing Ranma's manliness like a hammer crushes egg.

"I..I'm gonna cum!" she whispered just before her splayed thighs shivered and hot honey gushed from her crotch. Ranma's fragile manliness was crushed into million pieces as the intensive orgasm rocked her body and soul.

The construction worker's fingers made wet sounds as they continued plunging into Ranma's slit. Cum spilled down both of redhead's thighs, forming a pool on the bus bench under Ranma's ass.

The construction worker finally tugged his fingers out of Ranma's cunt. He licked his fingers, then he reached with his right hand, grabbing hold of the back of Ranma's head before shoving her flushed, perspiring face into his bulged crotch.

The big man opened his fly with his left hand and brought out his rock hard penis.

"You know what to please the daddy, babe?" growled the fat man.

Ranma's eyes went wide with shock and disbelief. She was looking at the big cock with amazement. It was so big, much bigger than Ranma's in the male form. She knew what he wanted, but the idea of taking cock into her mouth was repulsing.

Man notice that she's hesitating and simply made Ranma to bow down. She was about to say something, to call him to stop and let her go. But right when she opened her mouth, the big penis filled it.

"Ghhmphmmm!!" was all she could say.

"Now, suck your daddy, slut" he said. His voice and his grip made her shiver. There was some kind of unspoken threat in his voice. No matter how repulsive it was to have male's cock in her mouth, Ranma found that she can't resist this big man. The fact that he kept calling her "slut" was making everything eve worse. She sobbed ad moaned and as she began sucking on the stranger's penis, letting the swollen shaft slide further and further down her throat.

"That's a good slut," murmured the man, shoving his boner between Ranma's lips.
As the bus went down the busy city street, Ranma's head bobbed as she slurped deeply on the big man's big member. Ranma ran her tongue all over the veined rod, then she briefly sucked on the burly man's balls before returning to his cock and licking the urethra before she resumed sucking the fat man's dick.

The fact that he made her suck his cock was even more painful for Ranma's manliness. She already felt completely femine and serving this big, fat man was like a completely natural for her. She could not imagine resisting him in any way, even when she was calling "slut".

The construction worker reached under the cock sucking redhead to squeeze her breasts through her shirt. Ranma moaned with her mouth full of cock as she felt strong hands knead her tits.

The big man climaxed just before they reached the next stop. Rama's full lips were tight around the worker's penis as he came into her mouth. She had no other choice but to drink all his warm cum, his salty sperm squirting down her throat.

Ranma was about to cry of what happened to her. She was forced to kiss the man before, but it was accidental and against her will. She was asked out by the guys, groped and so, but for the entire time she was feeling a man. She never ever submitted to any of these humiliating actions. And now, she gave head to the big, fat man. And he made her drink his sperm.

Ranma just hoped that this horror is over. She wasn't sure if she'll be ever able to feel manly after of what happened to her today. The taste of man's cock was inside her mouth.

"Did you like it?" asked the man, looking into her eyes. His cold gaze was making her strength melting again. She was literally afraid of saying something that might anger him.

"Yes..." she whispered.

"Yes...what?" he asked again with bit harsh tone. Shiver run down her spine.

"Yes, I liked it... daddy" she quickly corrected herself.

"What's your name?"

"Ranma" she said, before even thinking twice.

"Well, Ranma" he embraced her with his big hand. "Wanna go out with me? I know a nice hotel not so far from here"

Everything in Ranma's head was calling to say "No", to break man's grip and run away. But man's voice, eyes, even his smell were overpowering her completely. When he put his hand on her leg, she knew she lost again.

"Yes... daddy" she said, gulping.
"That's my slut" said the big man just before the bus stopped.

Fat man guided the Ranma to her love hotel. He held her for the entire time, keeping the redhead close to him. When they entered the room, Ranma went to wash herself. When she returned, she just hoped there'll be not a sign of big man there. She just hoped it to be a nothing but a bad dream. But he was still there, sitting on the corner of the bed.

With a gesture, he made Ranma approach him. She sat on his lap as he brought her closer and begun kissing the trembling redhead. Her breasts rubbed against his torso as his tongue continued exploring her mouth. Ranma moaned, feeling his hands groping her body. When he finally broke the kiss, he started to strip her naked. Ranma offered no resistance, letting the stranger undress her, till she was completely nude.

"Damn, babe, you're a hottest girl I have seen" he said and shoved her on the big bed.

Ranma sat on the bad as the construction worker removed his sweaty coveralls. She trembled, aware of what's about to happened. This fat man was about to fuck her, to take her virginity. She could say "I'm a boy" as many times as she liked, but the truth was that she did nothing to stop him. He groped and molested her, she gave him a blowjob, they even kissed like a lovers. She looked at the door one last time, wondering about escaping of this place. But in the same moment the man climbed onto the bed and spread her long, slim legs. Smiling, he mounted her and thrust his cock hard into her gaping gash. As his cock penetrated her, last, tiny, remaining pieces of the Ranma's manliness were definitely destroyed, just like her virginity. All she could say was "Ohh yesss, daaaddy!".

The construction worker and Ranma fucked for the rest of the evening and long night. Ranma let the big man penetrate every orifice, she took his big dick in her mouth, her pussy, and her tight pink asshole. She moaned as he fucked her, shooting his loads inside her wet holes. Bed and her body were drenched in semen by night's end. The long session of fucking and sucking ended with the big man riding Ranma's round ass, slapping her bouncing buttocks till they burned cherry red as he reamed the sobbing redhead who rocked on splayed hands and knees beneath him.

The rectum reaming stranger fingered Ranma's moist pussy as he humped between her bouncing buttocks. She arched her bare back, hiking her rump high for the big man to savage with his hard prick.

Holding onto Ranma's shoulders, the fat man pounded the naked redhead's asshole till he came and blasted Ranma's ass with his sperm. He tugged his thick dick out of Ranma's sphincter and shot his load all over her gleaming booty and lower back.

When the sticky shower of sperm ended, Ranma turned around and lay on her back under the big man's dick. Semen splashed onto Ranma's face as she licked the knob hovering above her, then she took the rounded prick tip between her red lips and sucked the lspunk out of her lover's spent shaft.

She knew she was lost as man and there was no turning back for her. When they were done and she dressed back, construction worker patted her head.

"Gimme you number, babe" he said and she did what he said. In return he gave her his.

"Gotta call you later, Ranma" he said, leaving. Ranma returned home, wondering of what just happened. She still had strange, new feeling of emptiness in her ass and pussy. She could feel the taste of his cock in her mouth. She was close to the Tendo Dojo when her phone rang. There was a message. She opened it and made a big eyes when she saw the photo of her licking semi flaccid cock. There were hearts all over her head and the writing "My sperm drinker Ranma-chan". Phone almost fell off her hands. She never noticed that the man took this photo. How many of them he made?

Just like an answer to her question, she received one more message. This time it was her photo again, laying naked on the bed with a comment saying "Getting ready to have sex with a Daddy". She was shocked but in the same time she realized that her nipples are getting harder again...

She returned home, avoiding anyone, just going right into her room, to turn back into boy and forget of what just happened. She deleted the photos and was about to block the address they were sent from, when suddenly, phone rang again. It was a call this time. Ranma wanted to block it, but something made her to answer the call.

"Hello slut" she heard well known, dominating voice of the construction worker's. It paralyzed her completely. After a moment of silence, she heard a voice calling her again. With a shy, girly tone she answered:

"Yes, daddy?"

The End


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