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Ramna 1/2: Breaking of Ranma (Mf,ncon,humil,exhib)
by Dagger

Ranma never liked rainy days. Well, you simply have to hate rain when even slight contact with the cold water turns you into girl. All because of that cursed Chinese lake. Aware of that, Ranma already turned himself into girl before leaving the Tendo Dojo and dressed girl school uniform. Running fast, she jumped into the city bus that was just about to leave bus stop. But for a martial artist it wasn't a problem to reach and sneak inside. Sadly, the rain was so intensive that she was already wet.

With weather like that, it was no surprise that the bus was crowded as hell. Ranma blushed furiously, pushing through the crowd and feeling her body rubbing against the others. Finally, she found some space, enough to stand and not being squeezed between other people. She promised herself that when she'll reach the school, she'll turn back into guy. This female body was very uncomfortable in such places. She could already feel a lustful gazes of some men. "Idiots," she thought, "they're aren't aware that I'm a boy actually." There were times when Ranma liked acting like a girl, just to confuse some people. But it wasn't one of these times.

Bus was moving slowly at first, but started to ride faster eventually. Driver wanted to keep the timing, despite bad weather. Suddenly, he had to slow down quickly. Ranma managed to grab hand grip before she stumbled into the adult man dressed into black suit. He looked down at her. Ranma muttered, "I'm sorry," but then she noticed as the man licked his lips, looking at her cute face and her sexy body, dressed in the soaking wet school uniform. Ranma turned back to him instantly, moving so fast that man could almost see her round ass under the school, pleated skirt.

Ranma held the hand grip. She hated this curse. It was utterly humiliating when men looked at her like that. She was a boy, no matter if she was turning into girl occasionally. But in such moments she had to fight the urge of saying something like "All men are perverts." It'd be so Akane-like. His would-be fiancee saw all the males as a stupid, perverted animals. Ranma focused on the view outside the window, watching the morning Tokyo in the rain and forgetting about everything else.

Suddenly she almost jumped. She felt the obtrusive touch of the palm that slipped under her white, wet blouse and grasp her right boob. Her eyes went wide, as she felt someone fondles her breasts. She was about to turn back, but crowd went even greater and she could barely move. She could cry for help, but... there might be someone that knew her. Maybe even one of the Tendo sisters. She could imagine what would happened if the story that she was molested, will spread in the school. None will look at Ranma as a man again. She bit her lips, trying to keep calm and silent, hoping that none will notice what's going on. Maybe he'll let her go after a minute or two? Happosai groped her breasts few times in the past, she learned to endure it.

Ranma blushed, as she felt man's breath on her neck, while his fingers squeezing her perky breast. She gritted her teeth when the molester tweaked her nipple to hardness. "Go away, leave me alone," she muttered silently. But the man ignored her silent pleas. Instead, his other hand moved under her skirt, fondling Ranma's womanhood through her panties.

She was in hell. In her head, Ranma was thinking about most cruel and painful ways she'll kill this bastard. It was getting definitely way too far. Despite her effort, a single whimper left her lips as man's fingers danced under her skirt. This fart though that Ranma was really a girl! Maybe if she'll tell him the truth, he'll withdraw?

"I'm a boy!" she hissed, hoping that he'll hear this - only he and none around.

"You're poor liar, baby," he purred in her left ear in answer, "I can feel a nice, wet pussy here."

Ranma was doing her best to keep her balance. Her fingers were clenched on the grip above her. She stood, starring out the window, trying to look perfectly fine, when the stranger's tongue licked her ear, caressed her breasts and stroked her pussy though her cotton panties.

Shame and humiliation overpowered Ranma when she felt juices dripping from between her thighs. She was doing her best to keep calm, but she couldn't stop moans. Then she noticed something that made her heart beat even faster. The fat guy standing near held a cell phone. At first she thought that he was talking or mailing, but she understood that he was doing something else. He was recording her and the molester!

She'd ran at this bastard and took this cell phone, but she couldn't make a move. A molester twisted her nipple painfully while he pulled her panties down. Ranma trembled when she felt his fingers touching her where none ever did. His finger brushed against her wet womanhood, causing another moan. Then, to her shock and surprise, he pushed his index finger inside her.

It was worst than anything before. Ranma already decided that she'll break all of his bones, one after another, very slowly, enjoying his cries. But not now. In her current state she couldn't do much. She couldn't even stop her body responding to his actions. It was like her body was acting by itself, against her will. Her pelvis began flexing to the moves of the finger. Man slipped it deeper inside her, causing more juice dripping down her legs.

His tongue was sliding on her neck, leaving wet trail of the saliva on her skin. Ranma moaned helplessly, while the guy right in front of her was recording her torment. She could imagine how stupid she looked. Single tear run down her cheek. Damn, she was a boy! A martial artist! It was so humiliating...

Her pussy was completely wet now. A man took her free, right hand and pulled it behind her. Ranma gasped, feeling her fingers touching something warm... She couldn't be mistaken, she was holding man's hard dick.

Her first idea was to crush it in her hand, enjoying the cries of pain of her tormentor. It'd be a best punishment for such perverted bastard. But then she understood that if she'd do it, all the crowd around will understand what happened. And someone probably will spread the rumor that Ranma was molested in the bus. Guys in the school will be joking about it all the time, girls as well. And he won't be able to look at Akane again. So, with disgust and contempt, Ranma wrapped her fingers round man's dick.

"Very good, I knew you will like it, slut," he whispered to redhead's ear. Being called slut was like a needle driven into her. Ranma gripped her teeth when man moved his slick tongue into her ear, while she was stroking his warm, hard cock. Her cheeks were red from shame and embarrassment as she was giving a handjob to he man she already hated more than anyone else. There was a bunch of people she hated, some she'd call an enemies, but this man... He already earned her sworn, eternal hate. With every stoke on his manhood Ranma thought about most cruel ways of ending his miserable life.

Ranma could feel the glassy eye of the cell phone's camera pointed at her as she stroked stranger's dick. She could guess that this bastard will use this movie as a masturbation stuff. He probably already wanted her to jerk his cock as well. He was surly already hard now. She shook her head, trying to her rid of such ideas of her mind. It was getting crazy! She was a boy, she couldn't think of the other man's cocks! It was disgusting!

The molester finished playing with her ear and pulled her hand from his cock. She breathed with relief, thinking that when she'll be at school, she'll spend an hour at last, washing this hand clean. But the pause was short and then she felt the stranger's cock touching the entrance of her wet pussy.

Ranma's eyes went really wide. No, it was impossible, he couldn't just fuck her here, not with all these people around. Someone will surly notice, not only this fat bastard with a cellphone! She was about to forget about anything she thought before, even about the risk of being exposed as a victim of the molestation. She needed to escape and beat this creep senseless. Yes, enough of this...

And then man pushed, forcing his big, veiny cock into her tight pussy.

It was something she never felt before. She was nailed on her cock like an insect in the glass case, pinned to the piece of paper and immobilized. With this one, deep move he stole all her strength, all her power. She was numb. Shock of being penetrated as a woman was too big for Ranma. It wasn't bad dream. She really had a cock inside her. This man... he made her... a woman?

As a martial artist, Ranma was able to endure any pain. So when here virginity was taken, it wasn't much painful. But it was like something else breaking inside her. Her pride, her self confidence - this one thrust shattered Ranma's masculinity into pieces, like a rock breaking the glass.

Ranma whimpered as her body rocked with each thrust. Long, hard dick was moving like a ram, crushing the fortress of her masculinity, of her will power. Drool run down her chin as she clung to her grip, keeping herself upright as she was fucked by the man behind her.

Molester closed his palms on her both mammaries as she fucked the beautiful redhead, not even slightly aware of her thoughts. Guy in front of them recorded every second of Ranma's humiliation, focusing on redhead's blushing face, her anguished expression as she was screwed hard by the huge dick. He recorded her breasts peeking out from under her drenched blouse.

The molester twisted her nipples as he fucker her helpless redhead. Ranma's pussy clenched tightly around his dick, milking it and giving it a warm welcome, while the man was pushing himself deeper into Ranma's womb. He humped faster and faster and Ranma could barely try to not moan. She had a feeling that all the people around are listening to her moans. But the crowd was noisy enough, so none noticed her.

Thousands of thoughts were running through the Ranma's head. What will happened to her? Will she ever be able to be a man again? Will she ever be able to feel like a man? This man is raping her! She heard a lot that when man fucks the woman, he actually claims her as his trophy. Her pride as the unbeatable martial artist was crushed into pieces when she actually understood that she was taken by this man without even much resistance. She should fight, defend herself, but instead, she let him do what he wanted with her. She was so helpless, so pathetic, so weak...

Ranma kept her eyes shut when molester fucked her wet pussy. She had her long legs spread wide, keeping her balance. Man fucked her so strong that she'd probably knock her off the feet, so she had to held the hand grip above her with both hands. She just begged it to stop, to take this warm, big thing out of her. It was like having huge, burning metal pole inside. Molester kept playing with her breasts, holding her like his property. Finally, with one strong thrust he came, shooting his warm load inside her pussy.

His sperm, mixed with her juiced, dripped down her thighs. Molester finally released her aching breasts and turned her to him. Ranma's face was anguished and covered with tears. He came inside her... it was like being marked as his property. She sobbed as the molester kissed her. She had no strength to defend herself when he forced his tongue inside her mouth, making her to return the kiss, despite her hate and disgust. The kiss was long, she could remember him saying something, but everything went blurry for her.

She had no idea how long it took, but when she finally regained some composure, she stood in the crowd and there was no sight of this man around. She turned back and found that the fat guy that recorded the rape, was gone as well. It was almost like a dream - but a semen and cum on her tights were too real to be a just a dream, as well her the unfamiliar feeling of the emptiness between her legs.

For the whole day Ranma was doing his best to act normally. He turned back into man as soon as possible. But when he returned home, he closed himself in his room, thinking of what happened. Could he really call himself a man again after that?

Buzzing of the cellphone broke his thoughts. He noticed the message incoming. The sender was unknown. Opening the message, he was shocked when he saw the picture of himself in the female's body, surly taken right after the rape. There was a text there too:

"Hello, my cockslut. Thanks for sharing your number with me. Are you hot for me? Answer me. NOW!"

Ranma was shocked. He knew his number? But how? Maybe it was right after the rape? His first idea was to not answer this horrible message, but something inside her told him to do it. With trembling fingers, Ranma wrote "Yes" and sent the message. Moment later the answer came.

"Very good. You know how to listen to your master, slut. Let's take a ride tomorrow again. Wear the most frilly panties you have and NO BRA. Do you understand? Reply as my slut. NOW!"

Ramna fought with an urge to throw the phone out, but then he finally managed to write "Your slut understands, master. Most frilly panties and no bra."

Answer came quickly:

"Remember slut, you are prohibited to touch yourself, no matter how hot and horny the thoughts about my cock are making you. Now, send me the photo of your pussy. NOW!"

Ranma jumped out of his room, stormed into the bathroom, filled the glass with cold water and returned to his room before anyone of the Tendo family noticed. He poured the water onto him and moment later the redhead beauty stood there. But then she noticed that another message came.

"I said NOW, slut. You can't make your master wait. As for punishment, I want a photo of your pussy with a 'Master's cumdump' written above. And don't make me wait any longer, slut."

Ranma, with a trembling fingers, quickly undressed herself. She took a marker and wrote "Master's cumdump" above the red patch of the pussy hair. She took a photo and send it back. She blushed with embarrassment, looking at her pussy with a humiliating writing above.

It took a little longer before another message came. Ranma hoped it will never came, but finally, the cell phone made a sound. Ranma looked at the screen. It was another message with attachment. She opened it and disgust crossed her face. It was a photo of big, veiny cock.

"Here's your reward, slut, it's you master's dick, the same one that tamed you. I know it makes your pussy warm and wet, but you have to wait for tomorrow. Now I want you to write me how much you want this cock, slut. And make it convincing. NOW!"

Ashamed redhead looked at the big cock on the screen of her cellphone, as she typed an answer: "Master, your slut's mouth is already full of drool because of the picture of your cock. My nipples are all stiff and my pussy is wet when I
look at it."

Everything inside her was resisting against sending this humiliating confession, but she knew that she was in his power. She clicked "send," hoping it will be the last message. She was wrong.

"Rather decent confession, slut, but since you're an airhead, I know I can't expect sophisticated tongue from you. Keep this writing above your fuckhole, I want to see it tomorrow personally. Sweet dreams about my big cock, slut."

Ranma sighed with relief. She put the cell phone away. He said he's gonna meet her tomorrow. And he'll do it to her again, probably. His big cock will...

Ranma gasped. Why he was thinking about himself as a girl. He was a boy! Damn, he was even thinking about this jerk's dick. She walked down the kitchen silently and poured some hot water on herself, to turn back into boy again. Returning to his room, he went to sleep. But it wasn't easy to sleep while wondering about what's gonna happened tomorrow.


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