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Ranma ˝: Gencom ˝ Part 1 (no sex,morph,fd,md,mc)
by C. King ([email protected])

Nodoka Saotome had originally bought the CD in the out of place computer store as a gift for her son, Ranma. She had learnt of his interest in computers after his battle in martial arts computer programming and the growth in his skills in gaming with simple roll playing games. Taking the game home and trying it out, she noticed that it was some kind of graphical user interface that allowed one to alter a person. Which she noticed by entering her own name, bring up a perfect 3-D image of herself.

She also noticed that it seemed to be a little hentai with the different bars and text boxes for sexual commands, but it also allowed for physical changes. Deciding to try it out simply first, she typed in a command to alter her hair to a shade of pink that would be uncommon out side of an amazon tribe. The image changed to show her with pink hair, but before she could continue with her experimenting she felt a pressure in her lower body. A signal that she had to release the couple cups of tea that she had drank earlier.

Upon finishing in the bathroom, she stopped to look in a mirror to see that her hair was the same shade of pink that she had selected on the computer. Under normal circumstances, a normal woman would have been shocked to her core. Nodoka had experience with magic in her life with the fact that her son turned back and forth into her daughter with the right temperature water.

'Apparently, this is some kind of magical computer program that can actually change reality. The question is what it is that I should do with it. I would love to give this to Ranma, but he wouldn't like use it to it's full potential. He's just too shy for his own good. He has all of those lovely ladies after him and he doesn't do anything about them. I wish that I could just get him to become more manly in the romance department.' She thought to herself as she made the move to return her hair to it's normal colour.

Then it hit her, 'Of course! I can use the Gencom to change my son so that he can be as manly as he can possible be. The question is how to make him the manliest man among men?' She entered her son's name and created a back up copy for the default setting of his current state.

Working with the program, she kept it from making any permanent changes till she was finished. She also kept a back door open in case she had to fit anything. She also used hr time to make her own copy of the Gencom with a code that would allow her to alter Ranma, even if she would have been prevented in the future.

'One of the first thing I am going to have to do is to remove the fear of cats that have caused my son so many problem. I could remove the curse, but I am not sure how the magic of the springs would react to this device, so I will just allow him to change shape at will between male and female. The bar stat says that he is intelligent, just not motivated. So I'll move the motivation bar to a higher level. Also I should increase his sexual desire bar to a more manly level.' She thought as she typed the changes into the computer.

She did think that Ranma would likely try to change some of the improvements that she had made on him back to the default, so she typed, 'Ranma will know and welcome the changed that his mother has made to him using the Gencom. He will know that she did it for his own good. He will try to live up to the gift that she has given him.'

Continuing to type, "Ranma will believe in having multiple female lovers and sex partners. He will select those that he cares most about to be his wive-concubines. Ranma will desire to have children with those women that he cares most about and be the best father that he could possible be."

She moved on to the physical additions, "Ranma will be immune to all sexual diseases and can control when he makes a woman pregnant. He will be able to have multiple orgasms and control orgasms and ejaculations. He will live to make his sexual partners as happy as possible. As such he will gain much pleasure from the seduction and conversion of a women into his sexual partner." She then thought about making alterations to the fianc‚es that followed her son through his daily life, but decided that her son should be able to make the changes that he wanted with the women that he would be sharing his bed with.

Double-checking the changes that she had made with the reality-altering program, she decided to package the copy of the program that she was going to give her son. She knew that with the few enhancements that she was giving her son would lead to a happier life, for both him and herself as she would definitely get the grandchildren she always wanted. Of course, with the program copy that she would keep with herself, she would be improving her own life by making a few changes to herself and her husband. Perhaps even getting to work on a second child or more that she hadn't been able to have while he was away training. Perhaps even a true daughter rather than the magically created one that she had when Ranma changed his form with the cursed spell. Besides, she really needed to get laid.

Later that day...

"Ranma, I have a present for you that I think that you will be getting the most out of." Nodoka nodded as she passed him the wrapped up object. Ranma was curious about what it could be, since she had asked him to come over to her house in a different part of Nerima without being followed by anyone. He had some idea that something important was happing as he noticed changes in himself that he knew was his mother's touch. But she did have his best interests in mind if she did make any changes to him. He unwrapped it to reveal a computer program that he had never seen before.

"Thanks mom, but what is it?" He asked curious, trying to discover the reason for the disk. The only reason that he could think of was the fact that she had found out about his interest in certain computer games.

"It's a magical computer program that can alter reality, as you might have guessed at the enhancements that I gave you earlier today. I do so because it has a rather hentai edge that you didn't seem ready for before. But I think that you are ready now, so I will leave you to fool around with the program while I make some dinner." The thirty-year-old woman, dressed in a formal kimodo left for the kitchen. That left Ranma with the disk and a computer that his mother had left on the table.

With a flash he was at the machine, uploading the new program. Ranma had noticed that his sex drive had increased over the last few hours, which made it hard to avoid being pounded as he was surrounded by sexy ladies both with fianc‚es, their families and others who just passed him by on the streets. He now had a method for getting rid of the blue balls he had just discovered within the last 24 hours, as well as getting the control over his life that he needed.

Ranma place his name in first into the program, loading up all of his file on the screen. He then looked at the modifications that had occurred. He then tried to think of the best enhancements that he could make to himself without loosing a sense of himself. He had the urge to upload all of the martial arts that anyone in Nerima knew, but he liked learning combat moves if the training didn't involve craziness. Like trying to feed him to cats, which was why he was glad that his mother had removed that fear.

'Still it would be nice to have some more expertise with things out of martial arts. That's it!' Ranma thought as he began to type. He wrote, 'Ranma Saotome would have take to learning things non-martial arts related as much as if they were martial arts. He will also have his normal excelerated learning curve with those topics that he has with basic martial arts techniques. Ranma will also be an expert with the Gencom, holding in his head all of the information in the help screen.' He pressed the enter button and gained a surge of information about the computer that he was using.

Using his new knowledge, he started to set up a macro to be added to any girl that he could think of, as a beginning before he would decide who to use the computer tool on. He began to type, 'All women under this macro will develop a sexual attraction to Ranma Saotome as well as fall in love with him, the stated Ranma becoming their dream man. He will begin to take over their erotic fantasies during their sleep and masturbation sessions. The women under the macro will become bisexual and welcome all other beautiful girls into their bed with Ranma, the only man that they will desire. They will not be jealous of any girl showing lust or love with Ranma, only thinking of joining them in anything that would result.'

Taking a moment to continue thinking he added, 'All women under this template will develop an increase in sex drive which will cause them to have more sexual fantasy as well as masturbation sessions. They will also be more sexual towards Ranma Saotome in subtle ways so most people will not notice anything different in their actions.'

'All women in this macro will develop over a period between a couple of weeks to a couple of months, a martial arts style that best suits their personal tastes. They will be interested in the martial arts and will love to train with Ranma. They will be completely willing to share their arts with Ranma as he will be with them.' Ranma figured as he typed that having a shared interest would help the relationship.

Moving on to the physical changes that he would place on the women, he continued, 'All of the women under this macro will slowly develop over a couple of weeks into their peak physical perfection. They will skin that will not scar, with all previous scars healing over the set timeline. All blemishes will disappear over that time unless that enhance the physical appearance of women. They will have enhanced healing, immunity to all sexual diseases and illnesses, and be able to control when she can get pregnant. Their hair will be soft and silky, with a vibrant colour. Their breasts will be perky and will not sag or cause pain to them no matter the size. They will retain their physical perfect all of their lifespan.'

Ranma looked at the macro for a few moments as he tried to think of any more general additions that he should create for it before adding it to the girls that he selected or before fine tuning those girls individually. Adding just something to keep the women from using his computer without permission and to have other accept the changes in the women as normal, he named and save the template as 'Women1'. Then he stood back and thought of the women to add the command to.

First there was the question of the major fianc‚es, those being Akane, Kodachi, Shampoo and Ukyo. Of those four, he could really see three of them being members of his lover collection. He started to go over them one by one as he thought of the reasons for adding them to his own personal harem.

Akane was always cute to him in body and sometimes in personality too, but she had that violent manic side that cause him trouble. The templates bisexual aspect might stop that if he made some more modification specifically for her.

Shampoo oozed sensuality in the form a sexy body and an exotic nature, she had her own darker side that had cause him trouble. But she could also show a kind and caring side too if it didn't involve violating her worldview, so she would need fine-tuning with the rest of the amazons at the same time.

Ukyo was his friend and had that girl next door charms that gave men dirty dreams at night. She had a dark streak as well, but it wasn't as lethal most of the time as the previous two, just trying to split him up with the women that he was with at that moment. The template would fix that.

His sexual interest in those three were higher than the negatives that each one of them bought to the game, but the reverse was true with Kodachi. She was rich and beautiful, but she had a cruel personality with little kindness. She was also quite mad with a annoying laugh that was like the grinding of teeth on the metal tongs of a fork. He might be able to enjoy a single fucking of her once and while, but to keep her permanently he would have to make a major rewrite of her identity and he was just not ready for that yet.

Still, three seemed a little low for a harem that he would be creating. He would have the odd fuck with other women, even adding his harem in once and while, but he wanted at least a couple more. It was fortunate that he lived with two other lovely ladies that could be added to his love team.

Kasumi was a classical beauty, with a kind nature even while being quite oblivious to the events that occurred around him. A little wardrobe make over, a boost in sex drive and some more sexual aggression... she would be a real sex kitten.

Then there was the sexy Nabiki that had a body and mind combination that could give a man a wild ride if she wished to. She was sexual aggressive and dressed so her body could be seen, mostly to distract people in her money making deals. He didn't get along with her, but he had seen her fight for her family. Plus her brains working for him would aid him nicely.

Pulling up the template he placed in the names of the five women that would be the base of his own love clan, making sure that he got the right templates with a double check feature before he activated the template to start working over night. That left him to think of any of the odd women in his sphere that he could have sex with.

Hinako-sensei was obvious as the teacher-student relationship was a classic, and if he could keep her as an adult all of the time he would get to see her perfect body daily. Cologne as she was today was not someone that you would like to have sex with, in fact she could keep you impotent for days with those thoughts. However, with the age bar within the Gencom he could take her back to her twenties when she looked just as tasty as Shampoo.

There was also Kodachi as he had thought, as well as the Black Rose's rival Asuka. Azura had that Lolita look while being around the same age as he was. Mariko had a Kuno fetish, but she would also be a sexy lover for the occasional fuck. Also Rouge had potential in both human and Asura forms, if he wanted to get kinky. There were the friends of Akane and Nabiki, who were pretty in more simple ways. Then there was the girls from China, like the Phoenix woman Kiema or the lucky god martial artist Monlon. Depending on the range of the PC program, of course.

Daydreaming of women, Ranma turned to make specific changes to his harem members.

The next day...

Ranma woke the next morning waiting for the changes which he had created the last day to take effect. He marched down the stairs to see Kasumi in the kitchen cooking up the morning meal. He went up to her and wrapped an arm around her with his hand on her firm ass. He asked her, "How are you doing this morning, Kasumi? Need an hand with anything?"

"Nothing at the moment, Ranma-kun. But if you wait a while, you might be be able to given me a hand with something else." She said as she absent-mindedly rubbed her ass into his hand. Ranma was pleased that there was some flirting in the voice of the eldest Tendo sister. Especially when she gave him a brilliant smile and look of compassion at him.

"Well, I'll try to see to your needs later. I'll be in the dinning room looking for the rest of the girls to wake up this morning." he said as he smoothly pulled himself away from the older woman as he headed to the other room. Ranma could feel her looking at him as he left, with a slight peak back to see her trying stare without appearing it to.

He arrived to see both Nabiki and Akane arrive in the room and sit on the floor. It was interesting they had left a space between the two of them, perfect for him to fit in if he wanted to. Who was he to refuse an invitation, so he took the spot.

Akane was up and fully awake, likely getting ready for an early morning jog around the neighbourhood. She was dressed for it in her tight shorts and halter-top. A headband around her head and each of her hands, running shoes on her feet. Normally she would have run before she would have breakfast, but this morning Kasumi was making Akane's favourite morning meal. In a house with two male Saotomes, one had to be ready to eat a meal before it all disappeared.

Nabiki was different as she was not a morning person. She was dressed in a t-shirt and some sleepwear pants, as if she just rolled out of bed. Still she looked hot even if she look a little messy. Her eyes were half-closed as if not fully awake, yet giving her a hooded eyes effect. She was currently getting her caffeine from a cup of coffee she had likely brewed herself.

"Hello ladies, what's going on now?" he asked them as he waited to see what effect the commands of the macro would have on them.

"Well, I would rather be in bed at the moment. Wouldn't like to be in bed right now, Ranma-chan?" asked the girl with the pageboy hair cut. It was something on the flirty side of things, yet could be taken as teasing. It was at moments like this Akane would get the wrong idea. Yet she wasn't getting upset with Ranma flirting with her sister.

"I'm sure Ranma has better things to do then spend it in bed. Knowing him, he's going to get some more training in... or go chasing down his other fianc‚es. Things he normally does." Akane said, similar in how she would suggest he was a pervert girlhunter. Yet this time it wasn't said with malice or anger, unlike it would have normally had been delivered.

Ranma was beginning to see the modification he had been making were working, at least with the Tendo sisters. He thought, 'It's great to see Akane not getting pissed with the idea of me with other woman. She just sounds a little annoyed with the idea at the moment. Something I might have to check out on the Gencom and see if I can correct it.'

So it was quite surprising for Ranma to hear what was spoken next from Akane, "I'm going to have to have a bath after my run, so you better have a bath before I get back Ranma. As much as I know you would love to see my body nude, I would prefer to have privacy for my bath. This time."

Ranma could have sworn that Akane was flirting with him. Not impossible, yet not common due to her being hostile to him most of the time. It was surprising change of pace, the only thing which could make this worse would be their father's taking this as a cue for an upcoming marriage.

'Good thing I took care of that last night before I went to be, making sure Pops and Mr. Tendo wouldn't push the engagement forward for the current time. Their urge to get us married are currently in status.' Ranma thought as he smiled at the girls before he spoke.

"Well, there are times I would live to spend time in bed. Akane is right in the fact I would prefer a more active day instead. I will try to take my bath as soon as possible, but remember Akane it was you who walked in on my nude body when we first met." Ranma said, trying to flirt with Nabiki while teasing Akane. The later girl turned as crimson as her name as she blushed, turning her head away from Ranma.

"Well, Ranma, are you going to chase after some of the other woman in your life now? Ukyo or Shampoo? Cause I don't know of any other woman in your life right now, unless you have been keeping them secret? Have you?" asked Nabiki, trying to tease him and likely upset her sister.

"You know I don't go chasing after them, they're always chasing after me. The only time I regularly go to them is when I am hungry, since they do have restaurants. I also don't have any secret woman, because you would have found out by now. Right, Nabiki?" Ranma said turning things back to her again. The middle sister had a tendency to find information out from others with great ease.

"Right, Ranma-chan, right." She said as she sipped her coffee just as Kasumi entered the room with the morning meal. The smell brought in the two fathers and the family began to eat. With Kasumi taking the spot directly across from Ranma.

A couple of hours later...

Ranma was thinking about what he could do next today. He had seen the effect the macro had on the woman in the Tendo home. Now he was curious what effect it would have on the other woman in his life, Ukyo Kuonji and Shampoo of the Hero Women Tribe. Each a contender for his hand, women who did what they could to win his affections.

He had a perfect reason for visiting either one of them with his infamous Saotome gut, yet he was at a crossroads of sort. The question which popped up in his mind was which girl to visit first. Ukyo or Shampoo, okonomiyaki or ramen. The choice was the same as the one of the boy in the toy store. You could only pick one at a time, yet you wanted everything at once.

'Shampoo or Ukyo, Shampoo or Ukyo. I want them both,' his action gave Ranma a pause before he continued thinking, 'I'm sounding like Kuno thinking about my girl form and Akane. I'm just going to have to make a decision on which girl to visit first for lunch. Perhaps I could go to the second for an early afternoon snack.'

'Ukyo has spent most of her life dressed and acting as boy due to being left behind by Pop and me. This could mean she could be holding back a hellfire of desire for any sexual activity, due to the repression she went through. Which could make for any of the flirting to be rather hot while she shared a okonomiyaki with me. Plus those pants show off that perfect ass of hers.' Ranma thought as he thought of the young cook girl.

'Yet Shampoo is a warrior woman who is close to being an amazon. She also has a powerful drive with a large, firm rack. She was take to any flirting like she was taking to combat with an opponent. Plus the idea of taming an amazon is certainly an ego booster.' Ranma highlighted the aspects he could expect with the female fighter.

'Of course, there is a question of if the fliriting might go beyond the innocent stages and go to something more hardcore. Tricky since I suggested it would be something subtle so people wouldn't notice, yet if they don't get caught they might go further. Something to think about. Or I could go back home and see how far I can go with one of the Tendo sisters.'

'Or I could use the Gencom to try a little fling with another woman to test out my love making skills before I get with one of the girls. It might be best not to be a virgin for them, since they might fight over which one them would get my cherry.'

"So what do I do?"


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