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Ranma ˝: Control Shampoo Part 6 (no sex)
by C. King ([email protected])

Ranma had been sneaking around for the last hour to make sure no one was able to see where he was going when he left the Tendo home, looking for the place which he wanted to go yet would spell his own doom if he was caught here. The fact for a while it had been rival home turf meant this would be a most tricky case of travel plans. The fact it was also the home of the woman he had come to love was the factor which made him head to the room which his Shampoo-chan slept at night. Which was why he was treading lightly across the floorboards as to avoid the squeaks of the rare weakened wood.

The sudden feeling of giving of the plank below him made him pull his foot back with all of effort. He stared at the wood as he noticed something odd about it which he couldn't place him finger, or toe in this case, on. Testing it a few times he noticed that it seemed to have some ability to be pulled out, which made him wonder what it was under it. It also caused him to wonder other things.

'I shouldn't be surprised there would be hidden panels and loose planks in the restaurant, this is Cologne's home. With all of the treasures she might have brought here from her village in China and given the past effect of the treasures I have seen, it would make sense for her ta have hiding holes all throughout her own house. Yet it could also be a place which Shampoo has hidden something given that Mousse is around all the time. So the question for me is should I look at it or not.' thought the sex-changer as he looked at the hiding place. Given Ranma past curious nature on other things, it was highly respective of him to avoid the hollow for the few minutes he did.

Checking for traps and other clues this place had been stumbled upon, he then pulled out the object which was dominating the space. An object which turned out to be a book which was called the Damiyo's Path. He thumbed his way through the book and noticed it was a tome about the ways to get someone married to someone else, mostly by mind manipulating powers. This made him ask himself, 'Is this book Shampoo's or Cologne?'

Ranma brushed it off as Cologne's more likely, yet it also made him think on his own life. Or to be more exact the lack of control he had on his own personal life and a less-than-nice idea did come through his mind. It made him think of his own possible use of the techniques in the book to gain some control over issues for his own benefit.

'It should be possible for me to master a few of these tricks from the book. Get a few of the fianc‚es to switch from Ranma based romance to something else, maybe not as great as me but it would let me go after the woman I want. As well as making sure I can let them go gently and not have ta worry about them going berserker crazy.' thought the black haired boy as his mind slipped into something else.

Images of being able to... adjust Shampoo to bring out her better qualities. He began to think as a sly smile crossed his face, 'Like her wearing a teeny, tiny bikini or developing a specialized school of cooking combat arts. Maybe getting her interested in the same thing as I am like martial arts shows as well as the occasional video game. Even better, having her dress up as some of the characters from the shows and stuff. Shampoo in a Mai Shiranui costume, an especially tight Mai Shiranui costume, would definitely make for a warm night.'

So he used some skills to master the memorizing the few passages from the books which looked most helpful for him to use, those which he had trouble memorizing he used a few slips of spare paper in Shampoo's room to write down helpful notes on the segments he was having problems with. Fortunately for him, he had a few pockets to stuff the notes in when he left the room. Making sure he had all of the vital details in either his head or his pocket, he moved to place the book back into the spot which he had taken it from. Which it made him return to the mission at hand, his idea had been to take a keepsake of Shampoo's for when he was staying at the Tendo home.

'Yet with these abilities from the book, I should be able ta use my charms ta convince her ta give me a keepsake herself. So the best move is ta get out of here while I can.' thought the young man as he replaced the board and the traps to detect removal of the book. He then used his quiet, ninja like martial arts to slip out of the bedroom and out to the streets.


Shampoo had just left the home of her mother-in-law after at least an hour of suckling at the woman's breasts while the digital recording played with its endorsement of Shampoo. Her questions on if the treatment she had given her future mother a more rosy view of the purple haired amazon were floating in the younger woman's as the older one was brought out the trance.

'Shampoo was too too happy when Ranma's mother was so filled with smiles when she saw Shampoo. She told Shampoo how pretty Shampoo was and how good a daughter-in-law Shampoo would make. New mother also give Shampoo tips on how to be a better wife to airen, even giving tips on what airen seems to like best.' thought the young woman as she headed back to the Nekohaten for a time to rest. She still had some other plans to develop even with the successes she had experienced so far, especially with the success she had so far since it could all go down so easily.

'Shampoo solved the problem of winning Ranma's heart with her treatments, which will cause him to want Shampoo above all others. Keeping an eye on those treatments even with the date and the training put in as well. Shampoo has a spy in the Tendo home which will make it much easier to manage Pervert Girl and stupid fathers. Since Merc... Nabiki is the one to feed all of the information to all Ranma's fianc‚es and his rivals. Controlling the flow of information to enemies and allies does allow one to have a powerful position in any battle or conflict.' Shampoo then turned to her current win, which had the possibility to be huge for her.

'All fianc‚es know that Ranma's mother is powerful figure in family. Ranma loves and respect his mother plus would do almost anything to make her happy. Genma loves his wife but he also fears this woman with her inability to use a sword, even with her amazing ability to accidentally throw it at a man's treasures, as well as her bring up the seppuku contract at any moment for his life. Even if she has accepted Ranma as too too manly, Genma scared that she would change her mind and call him to die. Both of these reasons make her key since the fianc‚e who gained her blessing would get better approval from Ranma, as well as force Genma to go along with their engagement above the one he favours.'

'This benefited Pervert Girl for the longest time, but now Shampoo has the better hand in the game. Shampoo could 'convince' Ranma to marry without blessing and even reject Saotome name, yet why go through hassle of no blessing when Shampoo can use 'persuasion' to convince Ranma's mother for permission. Now only stupid panda stand in Shampoo's way in Shampoo's new family. Shampoo must plan for 'moving' panda into Shampoo's corner.'

She had reached her home and rushed to her room as she took out the Damiyo's Path and her journal. She reviewed the notes she had made on her future actions, bring out the major and minor problems she now faced and had to resolve. There were the Tendos other then Nabiki, but with special attention to Akane and her father. Those two might be the hardest to deal with.

'Also Shampoo has to look at Spatula Girl and Crazy Girl, since they want Shampoo's airen as well. Ranma was convinced to think of first as just a friend or even a non-sexual sister, the second as a crazy loon who no make a good bride. Way to take care of the Spatula girl is to make her see airen as brother-friend instead of lover-husband, too too good for Shampoo as well since it can make her Shampoo's ally. Would also be best if Shampoo found boytoy for Spatula girl, to take mind off of airen.'

'Crazy Girl too too much trouble, since Shampoo is not sure if mind techniques would work on crazy person. Mind unstable may cause problems in bending. Shampoo is going to have to read all of book as possible to find way without making Crazy Girl even more crazy. No want to make situation even worse then is now.' thought the woman as she moved from the female problems to the male issues around her.

'Mousse is too too much a big problem. Other rivals jump at chance for Ranma to leave their girl for Shampoo, men like Ryoga too too much help in getting Shampoo to chapel if Akane is left behind. Mousse wants Shampoo as airen, so would want Ranma to be with any other girl. Mousse not great Ranma's change in heart with all of the joy as Shampoo, more likely filled with unstoppable rage instead. So Mousse have to be taken out first...

Easy way would be make Mousse to stop loving Shampoo, but given behavior of idiot no one would believe it. Must find replacement girl from Shampoo. Shampoo have three girls at least which can help Mousse with his broken heart. Crazy Girl, Spatula Girl and Pervert Girl. Get two problems out of way at once.

But if have Mousse love Pervert Girl, will have problem with Pig Boy and Stick Boy to begin with. Both boys too too much love Pervert Girl and fight to get her from Airen. Must think of how to stop those two when only one Pervert Girl exists.

Stick Boy is too too crazy like his sister, Crazy Ribbon Girl. If Shampoo try to bend mind, it no might work. Maybe already too too bent, so Shampoo has to be prepared. Is problem Shampoo must face as both Ribbon Girl and Stick Boy will either attack or date airen, depending on body. Must remove if Shampoo to live happily ever after with airen. Who is crazy enough to go with crazy ones?

Pig boy is easier. Either go with Pervert Girl or with Spatula Girl given two of them have worked together against Airen and Pervert Girl. No hate Pig Boy enough to stick him with Ribbon Girl, maybe Mousse but not Pig Boy. Would only not give Mousse to her, to avoid clear genetic mental sickness into Hero Women Tribes,' worked out the amazon as she made some mental match ups and connections within her head.


Ranma had returned home and took the time to transcribe all her could remember with the book he had found at the Nekohaten. The choices in techniques were ones which he could easily remember, those with connection to martial arts with special connections to one he already knew. Or as Ranma thought when he looked at it, "I might screw up a love potion or a love spell, but I can't screw up a love kata or a love ki technique."

'Obviously with all of the martial arts I have master and the moves which use ki I have learnt, learning some more would not be much of a stretch. Not all of them are great for me, like that one similar to the Martial Arts Hairdressing style Shampoo used on Akane. Little bit too girlie for me, something which would likely make my mother upset. She would likely want some kind of love control groping techniques instead, or something peeping based.

I still got a good couple of techniques in multiple areas. Some suggestion skills which I can use to convince Shamchan ta look at things my way sometimes. Or I can use those same techniques to gain the help of those who would stand between me and the woman I love. Which are going to be a huge number of people given all of the webbing surrounding us.

A few skills to be used to add some all-natural bonuses ta her body, for both her and me. I could use some options ta modify my body, both sexes, for me and Shampoo-chan's wants. Not as obvious, but something ta work on,' continued Ranma as he wrote down things in his poor handwriting. He replaced some... 'dangerous' words. Things like love or sex, which would give him a death sentence to many men and women if it got out.

'Ryoga, Mousse and Kuno alone would think I have been doing this all along with the girls. They would hunt me ta the ends of the earth to make sure that both my heads are separated from my body. Then they would use the same techniques themselves ta make the girls their slaves. Well, Kuno and Mousse might. Ryoga might have more honour then ta use it on an unwilling girl.

Akane, Kodachi and maybe Ukyo would think I have been using this ta string them along. Likely leading to me getting my just punishment for cheating on all of them. This won't stop them from trying ta use the techniques against me so I would be their perfect husband before I can do anything against them.

Still there's those only partly connected to my romantic life. If Mr. Tendo or Pops get their hands on this and thought it would make me marry Akane faster, they would fight tooth and claw to get it so they could program both of us. Another scary thought is the idea of Nabiki using this on me. When she had the engagement, she basically whored me out ta who ever could pay her. I can see her turning me and every wealth man in the city into her loving, fanning admirers. Even making golddiggers turn green with envy at her successes.

If they can master the kata and ki skills, not likely but possible. I have ta make sure this can not be found or understood easy. So what am I going ta do?' thought Ranma as he tried to find the best hiding place he could for the little notebook he had just created.

A location he would have to use would be somewhere no one would be looking for them or looking for something of his, so the Tendo home might not be the best place for the notebook. Somewhere the normal chaotic crew which surrounded him wouldn't be, like a spot in the woods or his mother's house if he could keep his pops from finding it.

'For now, I'll just have ta find a temporary place for it for now. I also have ta think what to do next? I knew I wanna plan a date with Shampoo-chan as soon as I can, but I have to make sure it won't get busted or I get smashed when I get back ta the Tendo's place. So I'm gonna need someone to block all of the gang from following me with Shamchan. Nabiki would be the best bet ta use for this, but if I screw it up I will be paying it out of my own ass. Piece by piece of my flesh till she's had enough, then she's sell me out to the girls and rivals.

I need someone who is as powerful or able to control Nabiki. Not her father, that for sure. I don't think she has a lotta respect for him. Not for Akane or my Pops either. She might respect my mother, but mom is not around enough ta keep control of the situation. The only one who Nabiki listens to is... Kasumi. She's the only one anyone in the house anyone listens ta, even if it's not for very long or very hard.

The fact is Kasumi has interacted with the whole mess with me, sorta mellowing out with all of the household chores and ignoring the craziness. If she did get involved, it's likely everyone would try to do more of what she wants. Especially if she's around the house or in the area. She is also the control in the Tendo house. So if I was ta get her on my side, it would be easier ta go on dates with Shamchan.

I got a few methods which I can use ta make suggestions ta get her ta help me. I have ta find a time when I can get alone with Kasumi ta do this without being suspected of being a pervert, since many of the moves do have that Happosai like touch. Yet another person ta keep out of my notebook. Kami help us if the old man was ta get his hands on mind altering love or lust martial arts and ki moves.' Ranma had to stop for a moment to shiver in fear at the image of Happi with the notebook. Followed by images of "Ranko", Akane, Shampoo, Ukyo, Kodachi and even Nabiki and Kasumi all in tight sexy underwear worshipping the old pervert as a sex god. It was an image which was going to grant him nightmares for the rest of his life, and caused a bit of rage at the thought of Shampoo in Happi's hands. As well as desire at Shampoo in sexy underwear.

'So I have a plan for blocking all of the tag-a-longs for the dates, I need to come up with ideas for a date. Which I have little to no idea since all of my dates have been painful or bad. I can't ask for help since I would get smashed! So where the heck am I going ta get good date advice?

Oh yeah, Kasumi could help with this too once I get her on my side. Until then I can use the time to spar and teach Shamchan my martial arts, help her to perfect an Anything Goes Saotome style. While at the same time making it her own with the Amazon martial arts she knows, mixing the two of them together. It's part of the style of the school each person makes Anything Goes their own, since what works form someone doesn't work for someone else. It is also part of the school to know the other styles, but what might be best for a male form is not best for a female form. I should know with all of the experience I have had with both of them.

So I have a major job ta do when I can, so I can get a date with Shampoo-chan as soon as possible. Once I can get Kasumi to help me, I can move on to getting rid of the extra women in my life. Plus all of the idiots wanting ta kick my ass for taking 'their' girlfriend, not that I can take them all at once with ease. It's just that I got better things to do these days. Let'em make a challenge so I can get it done faster and get on with my life, rather then have ta fight every minute of my life against mostly weak opponents.

Then there's Akane and my folks ta take care of if I wanna get out from under this engagement. Not like I don't like the Tendos, but I don't want to marry any of Mr. Tendo's daughters now. I have someone... different in mind. Why don't we just move the whole thing onta our kids as long as they wanna. There are more ways ta unite the whole schools things rather then get two people to marry each other.

Better read this stuff over so I know what the heck I'm going to do. If I screw up Kasumi, I'm not going ta get my butt kicked by her. I am getting my butt kicked by Akane followed by Mr. Tendo and then I'll have what ever is left over sold by Nabiki in the market place. I have ta make sure I get this right the first time I do it or I'm going ta wish I was dead. I have ta have a plan and not a badly made one if I am going to get the girl I want,' with this Ranma opened up the notebook, beginning to pick and choose the moves he would need to win this fight. 'Cause Ranma Saotome didn't lose, not even in Love.


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