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Ranma ˝: Control Shampoo Part 4 (mf,oral,MD,FD)
by C. King ([email protected])

Shampoo had decided to give the events of the last day or so some time to take root. It was quite fortunate she had some help in getting more information of what was occurring in the Tendo home as well as in the local high school. So she just continued with the way she had lived her life before the Damiyo's Path.

The things she noticed was the effect she was having on Ranma. He tended to turn his attention to her if he was convinced no one was looking, his eyes filled with sexual interest in her if she was reading him right. She jumped on to him after getting off her bike, he made sure to gently let her down and his complaints were a bit softer.

'I wished airen wouldn't reject he, but I know he would be in layers of shit if he didn't even take token resistance to my flirting.' she thought to herself, yet still feeling victory in her reach as she continued to plan for her marriage to the one she loved.

'Hentai girl had been in an especially bad mood for the last few days when ever I see her. Nabiki said she had been this way at home and school as well. Seems Ranma is not allowing her to get away with many of her temper tantrums as he use to. Instead of allowing her to hit him, he has been dodging her swings and punches. Which makes sense since airen was good enough to always beats me and even able to beat great grandmother from time to time. The only way Hentai Girl could hit him is if he let her.' she thought as she grinned at the image of her major rival suffering some misery.

'Airen has gotten into trouble with Stupid Panda and Crying Man for making Angry Girl mad. Nabiki is trying to help out as a favour to me and Kasumi is too too nice to let Ranma just get in trouble. Just means Shampoo will have to work hard to make up to airen when he comes around to my charms.' She then began to get the mix of romantic fantasies of dating and marriage mixed with dirty nasty sex thoughts.

'Airen has been treating Spatula Girl the same as he always have. I think I wasn't too far off by making him think of her as sister, he seems to be treating her less like a fianc‚e these days. Yet Okonomiyaki Girl seems to be plotting something to get airen to look to her as his bride. I will have to fix this... something more to add to my list.' she thought as she wrote in her diary.

'The best way to neutralize my rivals is to get them to go after other boys instead of my airen. Yet whom should they date?' she asked herself, as she put the book back in its secret location and headed for the kitchen.

She had to brew the tea for the next session with Ranma, the one which she had arrange for today. She had also prepared some tools to aid in the enchantment of her husband. The most important of which was a tape recorder which she was going to educate her beloved with she reinforced it with some positive stimulation.

She had also remembered the idea she had with giving Ranma a taste for her own special private blend of juices. She would also be use pleasurable reinforcement to cause him to think fondly of the taste of her own body. She was also thinking of giving him token, which he could use to remind himself of her.

'But that would have to happen after I make the Tendo home less hostile to myself or anything linked with me. Especially if it is linked with Ranma or his sex drive. Which means I will have to work on Panda and Old Man to make them less hostile as well.' thought Shampoo as she mixed the blends for the tea out of ingredients she had hidden.

'Good thing I managed to trick Mousse into going to the other side of the city to collect some of the more common herbs needed for the tea. All it took was for me to say these stores have the best selection of herbs for my teas and cooking for him to head over there. It is pleasing for him to fetch the tools I will need to gain a husband and get away from him.' she thought as she grounded the herbs.

Then a wonderfully wicked idea crossed her mind as she continued to handle the herbs she needed. It was simple, 'I need a way to get Mousse off my back and remove Akane from trying to marry my husband. Yet there is a way I could do both of those tasks at the same time. If this one could convince the both of them to become more interest in each other then Ranma and Shampoo. It seems so perfect.'

'It's not that Akane or Mousse are bad people, in fact they would make great friends. Mousse would make a great husband and Akane, a great wife. It's just that I have a difference of opinion of who they should be with, yet I have to be careful with this. I don't need for them to be unhappy in their relationship.' It gave her more thought for the future. Careful work she had to manage, she just hoped she was smart enough to work it out.

Soon the brew was made and she set the tea in the kettle in a silken cloth she was using to hold back the tea leaves. The leaves didn't effect the results of the treatment, so she left them out to make the tea easier to drink. She would also make sure that none of the tea was left after the session with Ranma, so any chance anyone else could be effect by it would be zero.

'Of course, this time I is going to have Ranma drink whole mixture. This way he will be in a deeper trace then before and the instruction will fall further in his mind.' she thought as she pulled out the thermos she used before. She had washed it three times in hot and soapy water and at least once in bleach, as more precautions to prevent contamination for herself or anyone else.

Later that day...

Ranma was waiting the woods for Shampoo, his mind drifting to the dream he had been having in the last couple of days. Dream which he was starting to really enjoy, even if it couldn't ever happen in real life. He knew, "If I was ta show too much interest in one of the girls the other girls would kill me, then there's the others. Akane's father and my father would be over me ta show all of the attention ta her, and the other guys would attack more going after Shampoo or slighting their girl.'

'Part of the reason I don't do anything is all of the trouble, which would happen. Especially if it would cause the girls to cry, seems I turn ta mush in the face of crying girls. Sometimes I just wish there was a magic way ta fix everything... then I remember everything magic has done ta me.' Ranma thought as he frowned at the options he had. He did want to solve everything and get on with his life, but it would take more then he had now.

'Especially with my mother holding a contract where I promised to kill myself if she thought me unmanly. Hard when I have a curse where I turn inta a woman half the time. Another factor which adds to my dating troubles, who would want to marry a half-man, half-woman?' He thought as he heard the sound of someone walking into the clearing he had been waiting. Soon the purple haired beauty was with him, holding the tea, which would help him with his cat fears.

"Ranma want to get start too too quickly? Shampoo bring fear gone tea, but this time Ranma must drink all tea and not one cup." Shampoo said as she bounced up to him holding the cure to the foolishness of his father.

"Yeah, I want to get the my fear of pussy gone as soon as possible. But I thought we could spend some time talking to each other after I go through the treatment." he was smiling as she was looking at her. He opened the thermos and started to chug it down. Once he was finished he looked at her and started to get a little sleepy, a side effect she told him of the cure. So he waited for her to continue and slowly sat down on the ground.

On the other side of the treatment...

Shampoo was looking at the power of the mind-altering tea in action as Ranma slipped into the highly suggestible state of mind. She had developed the plans of action she was going to take for awaking the passion she had wished from her husband as well as the fulfilling love of her beloved. She pulled out the portable digital music player she had bought for the purpose, placing the earbuds into each one of Ranma's ears so he could hear the recorded file. The volume was loud enough for someone to hear the voice clearly while keeping their attention on the message.

'The plan is too, too simple. I merely have to get him to listen to the message on the player, one which I have recorded ahead of time so I can have my mouth free for another task. While he is in the relaxed state of listening to my voice, I will begin to play with his cock with my mouth. A short time after this begins, Ranma will be directed to start to eat my pussy out why I am tasting his own sexual rod. This has a few great bonuses then my previous method. One it allows me to associate pleasure in Ranma's mind with the sound of my voice, with the programming I leave in his mind and with the taste of my pussy juices.' went the mind of Shampoo as she moved Ranma into a laying down position. She moved so she was on her hands and knees in the reverse direction then her Airen.

Making sure she had a comfortable position, which was aided by hidden kneepads as well as the hand guards she had put on after Ranma was out of it, she clicked on the digital machine. She had lowered Ranma's pants and undergarments before she had him laying down, as she wanted to see the cock she had been wanting for the longest time. It was longer then average without getting into a freakish long situation. Shampoo knew, 'What good is super long cock if most of it doesn't make it into a pussy? Ranma's cock is just long enough to have a good fit for my pussy without hurting or annoying it. Also a good length for swallowing, or if I feel dirty ramming up my ass. Then there is the tit jobs I can perform for him, without having too much of him hanging out of my cleavage. It's width is good as well, no way it's going to be unpleasant yet it is wide enough to make my cunt or butt tingle with sensation.'

Shampoo knew her limits, as while she may have kept herself a virgin to men until she and Ranma consummated the marriage, she had been experimenting with other methods to release her sexual urges. Before the tournament where she had met Ranma she had been known to have the occasional pussy party with her fellow warriors where she had learned to pleasure herself and other women. It was also from some of the older warriors, many with husbands or other male lovers in their lives, she had learned how to please a man. The training had consisted of many practice sessions with vegetables and other objects to test her many holes and other body parts till she could understand the exact ancient Chinese secrets, which kept outsider husbands with their Hero Women wives. Other wise a village elder would be needed to keep the man who could beat the woman he had married from escaping her.

'No, what Shampoo needs to do is show husband what good a Hero Woman wife can be at the things she needs to do. Later, I will show him how good I am with my fighting skills as we spar with each other. Then there will be the secret dates we will be going on. But know I will be teaching him how good I am at being a lover for my man.' was the amazon's thoughts as she began to play with the hardening rod within Ranma's pants.

Her fingers went to work stroking up and down the soft underside of Ranma's cock as she tried to tease it into a more rigid shape. While one of her hands was doing this, her other one was massaging the tender balls. One false move could cause damage or pain to her lover, which was to be avoided at all cost. Yet the tickling of the cock's smooth skin and the soft rubbing and even gentle pinching of the ball sack was having the desired effect on the young teenaged man. His cock was starting to rise up from a flaccid state like a hose filling with water.

As it hit a halfway mark, Shampoo began her oral assault on the stick. Her lips kissed and circled the cut lid of the prick. It was a sign of the erotic as she had heard from those same warrior wives of the looks of their husband's peni, she only come to know about circumcised cocks from her time in Japan. Mainly through erotic romantic manga, with a few of them bordering on the hentai. Still, good educational material for when she and Ranma made their love physical.

It was when she started to kiss and touch the cock with her lips, the second phase of the programming began to begin with Ranma being made to believe he was having a sexual dream of Shampoo. She would be sucking off his cock in a blowjob, yet he needed to make her feel as good as he was feeling to be a truly generous and manly lover. He needed to suck out her pussy and taste the sweet honey, which was locked inside the cannel. Ranma seemed to have taken this as a challenge as he began to trade pleasure with pleasure. His tongue circled her cunt, as if he was looking for the way into it. Perhaps a sign of in experience, but this was not a bad thing when he was being chased by so many women. Shampoo might have been more worried about him having more sexual experience.

Ranma just stuck his tongue into her hole, without thinking to much about what it was he was trying to do. He seemed to be stumbling with where in the long narrow channel to place his tongue, making Shampoo wish for a moment she would speak to him so as to guide him to her most delightful of inner spots. Yet she would loose the tool in her mouth and the chance to condition Ranma with what to do right. She would just have to guide him with her body, like she had expected she would have to do. The digital message had also had Ranma pay attention to her body's movements and her other physical clues to if she was enjoying what he was doing. Trying to use his ability to learn a martial arts technique in a short period of time to have him learn sexual technique as fast.

Meanwhile while he slept...

The tape was playing in the background, continuing the transformation of Ranma Saotome. In his head was the image of Shampoo sucking off his cock while he was licking her pussy. It kept reminding him, 'To pay attention to Shampoo's body and voice, to sense when he did something she enjoyed and continue with that. To kept trying new things to find out new things she loved him to do.'

The voice in the back of his mind also touched on other topics as well. One was the fear of cats he was trying to get rid of, 'Ranma continue to loose fear of cat. No get scared or scream when near cat. No fear cat, pretend to be scared of cat to get advantage with rivals. Ranma will like cats. Ranma will like Shampoo cat, Ranma will love Shampoo cat because it Shampoo. Ranma will continue with treatments for cat fear until Shampoo tell him he cured.'

His mouth of too full of Shampoo's cunt to repeat back the commandments, but they echo in his mind. Shampoo continued with her neutralizing the woman's rivals. It entered and ran through his mind, 'Ranma have no interest in Kodachi at all. Akane and Ukyo no good for wife. They like sisters, like family. No think of as sexual women, just friends and family. Sex with them is wrong, icky bad. You try to convince them to be friends without making them no like Ranma. Shampoo will help you too.'

Shampoo's voice then continued with her own case in the matter, 'Ranma continue to fall in love with Shampoo, to lust after Shampoo's too too sexy body. When Ranma masturbate or have sexy dream it be of Shampoo. Ranma love Shampoo's too too cute and sexy voice, too too sexy scent. Shampoo have perfect body for Ranma. Long pretty legs, tight and strong ass and too too bouncy and firm breasts. Ranma become boob man, and Shampoo's boobs too too perfect for Ranma. So soft and bouncy.'

Shampoo seemed to be trying to make it easier for her and her alone to take Ranma as Akane and Ukyo had the smallest of all the breasts within the group which had followed Ranma. Ranma and Shampoo herself were the top two of the group with regard with tit mass. She continued with this line of mesmerizing by having Ranma gain an attraction to colours of red and purple, the shade of the amazon's eyes and hair respectively. Colours which were not common with the people of Japan, or even with anyone else outside the Hero Women Tribes.

Using this particular time she began to mention scent and taste, "Ranma love smell of Shampoo. Shampoo's natural scent drive Ranma wild, while Shampoo's perfumes and other smells make Ranma remember Shampoo's natural scent and continue to go wild. Ranma will taste Shampoo's pussy juice. This taste like Shampoo's body. Taste like sweetest candy, like desert one not get enough of. Ranma will always want more of Shampoo's taste."

'Ranma feel pleasure whenever thinking of Shampoo, pleasure like one Shampoo is giving now. Ranma will desire Shampoo all time. Ranma will want to act on feelings, will want to become Shampoo's airen. Will want to share martial arts with Shampoo as Shampoo share amazon art with him. Ranma want to take Shampoo on dates. Dates like movies or dancing or dinner, of course secret first so no big fight happens. Over time Ranma want to marry Shampoo, to get Shampoo a ring. Also want to fulfill marriage by making love with Shampoo.' Shampoo continued as he began to actually taste the sweet honey hidden in her honey pot. It didn't matter what it really taste because in Ranma's mind it was the most delicious thing he had ever had.

The message continue with the same things over and over again, with minor cases of differences which still spoke to the same thing as he had been hearing. He could feel his cock getting pressure in it and in the balls within the sack being played with by the fingers of his new love interest. Lips which were all so sensitive were moving the flesh on his cock in unbelievable ways, especially enhanced by the hypnotic words within the voices he heard in the back of his mind. Slow tongue teasing as it flickered in and out of the woman's mouth to stimulate his cock.

It was a matter of time before he would release the pressure and the fluid, which were being held with his cock, yet there was the voice again. They were telling him, 'To hold back coming as long as can before letting it out, to help please woman so she can come too,' He tried to please the voice and held back till he could not resist the slightly pleasant pain of the pressure. Then he came with a sense of force before he was drained, with the words in the ears sinking deeper and deeper in his mind. Deeper and deeper in his subconscious and becoming part of the building blocks of his mind.


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