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Ranma : Control Shampoo Part 2 (no sex)
by C. King ([email protected])

Ranma was feeling good about himself, especially the fact he didn't have to worry about his greatest fear. No longer would he have to run in terror from a cute fluffy kitten, humiliation filling him, as he looked so silly. Now he could walk proud, all thanks to Champoo and her treatment. It was worth the time they spent together if this could keep him from ever falling into the nekoken ever again. The gains of the martial arts style did not out way the loss of sanity.

Ranma thoughts turned back to the purple hair woman in his life and was still surprised at the fact he hadn't realized how cute and sexy she was. He thought about it, "I have always admitted she had a beautiful body with sexy breasts, legs and ass. Her face is cute with those pouty lips, button noise, bright eyes and mane of purple hair. I guess it just hasn't hit me all at once before. There is also the fact that we have something in common with martial arts, me with my Saotome School of Anything Goes and she with her Amazon style martial arts."

As he thought about Shampoo, other women began to force themselves into his thoughts. Those being the three other contenders for his hand... and the rest of his body. Kodachi, Ukyo and Akane. Or those were the opinion of many of the others who he had to deal with in life. In his mind only three out of the four could even hope to compete for his heart, since even with her physical beauty it was the who inner person who repulsed Ranma from Kodachi.

'In many ways it's like dealing with a female version of her brother, each as warped in their brains and souls. She wants ta kiss me as a guy and kill me as a girl, the reverse of her brother. Even if I was interested in her, I would have to deal with her creepy kin. Yuck, just give me a way to end it with their clan.' Ranma knew that he would never be interested in Kodachi as she was now, and even with therapy it would be dicey as well.

'Ukyo is another problem. She cute, I have ta admit, it's still like she's my old best buddy from grade school. I still see her as the non-sexual friend I go to in time of need. Yet I just can't end it with her because all of the troubles I caused her, or more exactly my pops caused her. If there was only a way to find her a boyfriend her clan would like better then me. A boyfriend she could love more then she likes me, like someone who could go inta the restaurant business with her like she dreams of.' With the thoughts most of his suitors in his mind that left Akane and Shampoo.

'Akane... can be very cute when she wants ta be and has a great smile. Still I have ta deal with her problems like her anger and jealousy issues, and then there is her cooking. I am just getting sick of her getting me into painful situations just because she thinks I'm being a pervert or being a jerk. Like leaving me to the swim team when they thought it was me, not the old pervert, who stole their panties just because she thought I was spending too much time with Ukyo.' Ranma remember it well, not because it was yesterday, but because he still had lumps on his head.

'Her cooking is improving with time, she is starting ta make a bland curry which doesn't taste as rancid as her other dishes. Nothing as good as Kasumi, Ukyo or the Amazons... but something that can be eaten with other trouble. I just wished there was a way to teach her ta control her emotions and help her learn ta cook at that same time.' It was like lightning when the idea hit him. So much so he had to look up in the sky looking for clouds.

'If Shampoo's method can cure me from having ta run from cats, perhaps I can use it ta make Akane a little nicer. Course, Akane wouldn't let Shampoo do it ta her and she wouldn't let me do it ta her either, but maybe Shampoo could teach Kasumi and she can do it to her sister.' The idea of a calmer, better cooking Akane did look like an improvement. Still he was wondering if the relationship between him and Akane wasn't changing the more time they spent together, morphing into something less romantic and more brotherly.

Once again his mind turned to Shampoo and he thought over the reasons he wasn't chasing her as much as she was chasing him. A few reasons still kept coming up, 'Fact of the matter is, I'm not sure I want ta go back ta China ta live out my life. Visiting it would be fun every once and a while would be fun, it might also help with my training if I can find some of those rare masters hidden in the countryside. But Japan is my homeland and I'm not sure that I want to leave it. Plus there is the things Hiroshi and Daisuke says Amazons do, like keeping men for breeding stalk. Or doing all of the fighting while then men keep house.'

'I'm still not sure what they said is true. Sure the old ghoul and Shampoo are powerful fighters like those two said, there's Mousse to deal with and his Hidden Weapon style. That style looks like a cheap magic trick, yet what I see from trying it myself is it needs a lot of training with a person's ki. Training one's ki ta hold the little pockets needs an excess of ki, which course means you have ta training your body physically ta hold dat ki.' Ranma had to express a lack of understanding of the kind of village Shampoo had come from, especially since he only knew what he did from one visit and the Amazons who followed him to Japan.

'I could learn more about it when I go back ta Shampoo for more of my treatments. I still need at least five more of those before my fears are gone for good. Still it will be nice ta get ta see Shampoo without worrying about being attack by anyone else or being force on a date or something else.' Ranma thought as he finally arrived at the Tendo home and Dojo.

Back at the Nekohaten...

Shampoo was going over the events of the day in her mind and was regretting missing a chance to deepen the connection between herself and her beloved in his mind. She remembered, 'Shampoo should have masturbated herself so she could get her juices on her hand and then offered it to Shampoo's airen. Let him smell those juices and then taste them so they could be on his mind always. Still Shampoo has a chance to make sure that happens the next time we meet for the special 'treatment' for Ranma's fear of cats. So Shampoo's plans are going without a hitch so far, but I have to be prepared for any kind of trouble which could pop up when I'm not looking.'

The major danger was the twin pains in the neck of Nabiki Tando and Sasuke the Kuno family ninja. Each one of them was a master of gathering information on the lives of those involved with Ranma Saotome. The question would have to be which one of the two would be the major threat to her own plans, which was a simple answer as the Tendo daughter had a power of manipulating all of the players of the game. Sasuke himself was afraid of her as she could convince any member of the Kuno family that the ninja wasn't performing his duties well.

'So Shampoo has to get mercenary girl on her side as soon as possible so Shampoo can get to Ranma without being interrupted. Besides, if Shampoo has sneaky girl on her side Shampoo can use her to convince pervert girl not to chase airen.' Shampoo thought, using the little nicknames she had for the Tendo girls rather then their names due to her current dislike of the two girls. Shampoo still had a major obstacle to overcome if she was to win the next phase of her plans.

'How is Shampoo going to 'convince' sneaky girl to help Shampoo get married to beloved and convince sister to give up Ranma? It's true that sneaky girl takes advantage of her sister for her own profit, yet they are still family and they stick up for each other. Shampoo would have to find way to convince sneaky girl it would be best for her family if Ranma married Shampoo and didn't honour their engagement. Yet Shampoo doesn't want sneaky girl hating Ranma or it might cause problems for Shampoo.' Shampoo lay on her bed in thought, knowing she would not be disturbed as she had told everyone she was meditation on her situation.

She turned to a secret loose floorboard under her bed where she hid some of her most prized possessions from Mousse and her Great Grandmother, which currently held the Daimyo's Path. She pulled out the book and began to read more of the other methods of maintaining control over those in one's court who could cause the leader the most trouble. Included in those pages were ways to maintain the loyalty of one's servants.

She sorted through the options she had for the control of servants and come across one which might work with managing the Tendo sister. It was a few simple pressure points on the head, which would make a person love and admire the purse who used the technique. It would also bring complete loyalty to the master who used the method, which was what Shampoo was looking for most. Once the trick was used, she would have a spy within the Tendo home, which could help her catch her husband's attention and distract the main threats to her marital happiness.

'The real issue now is trying to get alone with the mercenary girl so Shampoo could conduct business with the woman. The most useful option is to create a meeting with her for information about Shampoo's airen. It would make the idea of being alone with sneaky girl easier to swallow for sneaky girl, then Shampoo can strike like cobra and bring sneaky girl under Shampoo's control.' Shampoo began to make plans for the middle Tendo sister, one where she would have an ally in the enemies' camp in case she needed it.

As well she also made plans for Ranma's next treatment, one where she would encourage her husband to think more fondly about her. Shampoo thought to herself, ' Shampoo took it slowly with airen, Shampoo just gave him a hand job to imprint a positive image in his mind when thinking about Shampoo and the thoughts given to him. If Shampoo was to get sneaky girl under her control, Shampoo might be to go farther with her airen. Shampoo will let airen use his lips on Shampoo's precious treasure so he can get a taste and smell of Shampoo's juices. Imprinting the smell and taste in his mind and making him think of wife more. Making him want his wife more as well, till Ranma come to Shampoo.'

The purple haired amazon knew she had to plan things out carefully since it was still possible for her husband to slip from her control. She wanted to gain a little control over her life, yet she didn't want to become a tyrant born of corruption. The only thing she wanted was for her husband to love her as much as she desired him. Which was why she was focusing on just a few selective changes for him.

'Shampoo wants her husband to love and lust for his wife, to want Shampoo more then any other women he might come across. Airen must also loose fear of cats if Shampoo is to have a happy marriage. Even if great grandmother is able to remove the curse Shampoo is under, it would only make airen stronger and happier in the long run. The only real other issue Shampoo see might be a problem for her marriage is the fact airen doesn't like to fight girls, he doesn't treat them like real opponents but thinks of them like china dolls. Shampoo wants an airen who would spar with his wife, teach Shampoo his martial arts as she teaches him hers.' The outline of a plan is coming together as she thought of what she wanted to do with her husband.

'Shampoo does know what Shampoo doesn't want to do with husband. Shampoo doesn't want her husband to be a slave to Shampoo, always agreeing with wife even if he doesn't agree with what Shampoo is saying. Arguments might not be a happy thing to live through; it can make a person stronger over time. Plus great grandmother always says that make up sex is some of the best sex one can have, which is not possible if husband always agreeing with wife.' She thought as she made a note of what she didn't want in her man. Ranma might be a little rough around the edges and hard to live with, it was those qualities and more which cause her to fall in love with him.

She moved on to the side plans, which would have to occur, while she was having her main plan move forward. She would have to make sure her husband parents would accept her as their daughter-in-law, convince the Tendo patriarch to at least delay the engagement pact for a generation, and making sure that her rivals were interested in other men and not her husband. She knew the male rivals whom Ranma faced could easily be beaten by the young martial artist even if it took some extra training to perfect. So many options, so little time.

Within the same building....

Cologne had been sensing something major was going on with her great granddaughter, likely another plan to gain the attention of her husband. So the old woman was using one of the few family treasures she kept to herself to spy on the events, which were occurring. Reviewing what had been going on in the last couple of days with her kin's life, she was shocked and a little amused.

'Apparently, these Japanese have a method of keeping control over people who might cause them trouble. We of the Joketsuzoku have similar methods in our records, yet only the wisest among us are allowed access with those kind of training. This happenstance will be a major test of Shampoo's character, whether she can keep self-control over the methods she is using or loose herself in power. An excellent test of her potential as a future matriarch.' Cologne thought as she thought back to the test she had been using.

As one of the major leaders of the tribe, she knew many mind manipulation techniques, but was careful in their use. The simple tricks of the red thread of fate and hypnotic mushrooms were no match for the techniques of true control. She had used very few methods of influence on getting the husband to accept his responsibilities, as this was a test of her great granddaughter's ability to face adversity. No she had a tool for removing the obstacles she was facing without the need for bloodshed.

'It's times like this I wished I could read minds and learn just what it is my great granddaughter is planning with this Daimyo's Path. I can only watch and wait to see if she makes a mistake, which will require my help in correcting. She is on a good track with gaining the attention of the man she wants, making him think positively of her while making him think of the other girls in a less romantic life. Add to this the use of sexual pleasure on his mind as she gave him the instruction and it should create a strong bond in his mind involving her and pleasure.' Cologne knew the plan was a bit raw in it's development, yet it had the ability to grow stronger.

'If I was Shampoo, I was thinking about other obstacles like her female rivals. Making them unattractive to son-in-law is the first step; it still will not prevent the three of them from trying to regain the eye of son-in-law. Unless they were not interested in gaining that eye back, instead desiring the eye of another male. Then there is the marriage agreement between the Tendos and Saotomes, which also brings up the acceptance of the in-laws. She has likely thought about those angles as well. What she might be missing is the threat in the form of her own background.' Cologne focused on the one major threat left to Shampoo.

'Mousse is likely not going to accept the relationship between Shampoo and son-in-law, no matter what. Unless his mind was changed and he become less interested in Shampoo, perhaps looking to another women instead. Otherwise he is going to continue getting his ass kicked by my great granddaughter and my future great grandson. I'll see how Shampoo handles this threat for now, while I move on to the second problem brought about by the tribe. The distance of his and her homelands, between China and Japan.' Cologne knew the distance might be the one thing, which might ruin the relationship.

'Yet even this fly in the ointment might be avoid by the laws of the Joketsuzoka, since there are rare laws within the tribe for settling out of the village. It is the main reason there are a number of neighbouring villages of the same tribe in the area, with a few tribe members moving out due to different reasons. Each village having their own matriarch or even a rare patriarch who form the counsel of the Tribe of Hero Women. Of course, allowing for a village to be made in Japan might be a tough transition and would need the reviewing of many laws within the new country... yet the happiest of my family is the most important thing I can think about.' Cologne knew she had to make some very vital letters to her sisters and brother within the counsel.

Letters which would allow for the formation of a tribe within the alien country with it's own variants of the laws, which also tended to happen with the villages within Japan. It might be hard to convince the other elders to go along with this idea, but the idea of refuge away from a possible hostile communist government would make it possible to win the fight. The fact there were a number of combat styles in just their neighbourhood, as well as rare mystical treasures which have not been seen by the tribe of hero women would also make it possible to get the authority she needed to get a new village set up here in Nerima.

The birds she kept as messengers as well as a method of transportation were bouncing in their cages with activity. They knew she was going to use them for some purpose. Taking pieces of paper, she started to scribe the letters, which would hold her request. Making the copies she needed by hand as she could personalize each letter to better gain each elder's agreement. Once finished, she took out the birds as she attached the letters. Speaking the command words, the birds flew to their destinations.


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